The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 26, 1935 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 26, 1935
Page 2
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PAGE FOUR rag_BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS • THB OOOROER NEWB CO, PUBLISHERS 0. R. BABCOCK. Editor , R W. HAINE8. Admtlilng Itintger Sole National Advertising Representatives; rtttOMa Dallies, Ino . ( Ntw Yor!(; Chicago, *W>1^ 8t. Louis, Dallas, Kansas City, Memphis Published Every Atternoon Except Sunday Entered as second class matter at the post office at Blythevillc, An. kansas, under act of CoryjreES, Oc- lobcr J, 1817. Sened b> the United Press SUBSCRIPTION RATES By carrier in tlie City of Blylhevlllc, ICc per week, or $6.50 per .year, In advance. By mail, within a ractius of 60 miles, $3.00 per year, $1.50 for six months, gse for three months; by pitil In postal zones tvro to six, inclusive, $6.50 per year; In zones seven an<} eight, »10.00 per year, payable in advtnce, The Needs Scrip Mee is The sen]) stamp plan has produced substantial revenue for direct and work relief in Blytheville .since it was inaugurated nearly ten months ago.' Experience has shown, however, thtit it ib no pcipeliial motion machine. The response last May, when tlio program got •under way, was excellent. It held up for a time but during the summer icceipU dwindled. Then in the fall a special committee took the master in hand with good results. Now, aftei neaily two months of virtually inactivity, scrip is again to be revived. We have no doubt thai Hie public i espouse will be good. It is not that the people oC Blytlicvillc do not rcc- ojrm/e the »ee<! of ;i local'relief fund, which is gio.ittu than ever now Unit the feduial piogiam has been curtailed, tint tiic scup program has lagged. Nor ib it that the people of this city aie unwilling to co-operate to the extent (hat the scrip program asks. It is> simply that it is a little easier not to use sciip than to use it. With the constant icimmler which organiml effoit piovides we use it. Without it we grow* careless. The scrip fund treasury is now all but empty How badly does it need money' Well, for -example, there are in BIythevillc several score of persons, most of them,.elderly, who; are physical!) .incapable of earning, a living and who have no one to support them. They aie not eligible lor PERA as- Sibtante. , The scrip fund is ;thcir only hope. Attending one of. our public schools aie mote than fifty children, most of them mcmboib oi families now on relief, who fcctttom have a noon lunch. The FERA, after some delay, has ap- piovfid a project, for serving them nourishing hot lunches, provided the comnuimtj will supply the materials with which to, prepare them. The amount of money needed is not large, but it is not available and will not be until the scup fund hits been rc- plenibhul It is toi things like these, a s well as foi suppl) ing materials to keep work relief men on the FEHA payroll, that the scrip fund is needed. From both humamfaiian and practical standpoints it mciits the co-operation of all of us. OUT OUR WAY BLYTHEVILLE, (ABK.) COURIER NEWS In tht Background An 82.ycar.oM ox-diodt-enri-ier has wo» Uio annmil award of the Denver Arlists' Guild for the outstanding painting of' the year; and thereby seems to hang n little human interest storjf which doubtless has had its counterparts among artists of all times and places. For (he concluding paragraph of the announcement of this man's triumph remarked that his wife has taken in washing for the last eight years .so that her husband could paint. in allocating the credit for this man's artistic success, then, it i s pretty obvious that a goodly share ought lo go to his wife. And that is (|uite frequently the case with the wife of an artist. She never gets any particular acclaim for her husband's achievements; but in many, many cases .-he makes Jm success possible by so lightening his ordinary cares ami responsibilities that he is able lo devote himself to his art. How Students Fee/ A cross-section of opinion on the issues of war and peace has been obtained from American college and'uni- versity campuses by the Literary Di- gest—u-liost! editors apparently are not happy unless they are polling somebody about something—and the results we iiiferestiijg. 01' the 112,007 students polled, SHI per cent favored government (.'ontrol of munitions manufacture; OO.G pel- cent opposed American entrance in the League of Nations; two-thirds expressed belief that America can stay out of the next great war; and 83 per cent said they would willingly defend the country in case of invasion. It would be interesting to know how closely this rellecls the .sentiment of the country as a whole. Offhand, one might suggest that it is not very far from, it. U's a fair bet thai the average t-iti- Kcn distrusts the munition makers and the league/feels that his country ought to keep out of the next war,'and is ready to do his' bit if anyone else starts anything. I am perfectly satislled with thu ivuy our monetary policy has worked oul in the last year and I sec no occasion to change it. -Henry MorgciHhnii. Jr., secretary of Treasury. * » * •We are going to honeymoon in India, not because we're afraid of gangsters or kidnapers, but we want to escape reporters. —Mrs. Doris Duke Crumwcll. H doesn't, matter what you W ri(c into the recovery act; it's how you administer il. -Gen. Hugh S. Johnson. »' » ••* Federal control , 5 tlie most lojjlcal, cllicient, and satisfactory method oi supervising the soft coal industry. _.,\. K . Ki-nwlck, I'itlsbi.njh mine operator. By Williams MOT iw THEV HAIN'T. DOM'T fTOVER TM' 6KAVV, BOYS /HE PERGOT TO THIC^EM ir. I DON'T MIND TAKIM 1 EM OUT, OM ME—BUT NOT IK! ME, TH5 BI6 SPREAD SIDE GLANCES By George Clark TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 26, 1S)36 -• •-'••••.K^ft;-;Jf.<:.l'' ! S«R«S;«j-, ^•f^-?&^f^' : ^'-^(^§''''tr -'-k ,-,-* W^*^§I^S|^SJif^v^' ''--.'I ^J' THIS CURIOUS WORLD By William Ferguson INSECTS NEVER GROW REACHING THE ADULT STAGE. HAS THE SECOND LAEGEST MOUTH IN THE WORLD, YET EATS ONLY VEGETABLES / A FAT OCCURRING CH^O-CH, CH^H,CH 2 Only one animal in all Ihc worW-the whal-.--has a larscr mouth limn the hippoDclannis. Yet. boll! these annuals devour only snnll objects. The hippo cats rrcds anil river grussts, while d,,? v ,'l,ale feeds on Kinull cniitncuati.s. NEXT: Is ihc winter night in ibe polar regions pitch dark? Oxygen Treatment Useful in Combaltiog Many Disease? 11V UK. iMOKKI.S IISIIUKIN liililor. .lot'lrnil of the Anicric-^ti Medical r^ssorialitni. and nl llysriii, tbr llrallli Jlapifiim- Oxygoi unvc was just ;-u vuic'i- tK-y rcnic'iiy ru.shiHi in \\iu-n patients wcif: at Die point ol death. Today il i.i well (ytaijii.ii-u as a useful remedy in nuny lorins of dia-osr, and it i.s ira^nizKl lliut early use oi oxyfjt'ii may he f:ir inori: bnx.'ficliil than am at- li-iDpl lo rtt'lay i'wi appii, ,^, in i:-.Tlnin lyp.-:, oi l: ,,,'.,. u , ui , nn nmrgfiu-y cxibls. .'(•«• oxyscn ilcviccs inc.'i.Tr n- ciibal.i>r.s v.hich kcrp {iiunui.iirK iiil.uil.s in a hi.uh (ixyti'-n atmosphere. For groun-niis tiicrc ' n rc oxxgen li:nl.s, oxyscn rooint. ;, m | s|irriiil (leviires for liKatl.iii- O ..y. Ben nil a more limited :•<.:{<• In i:sc of the oxysfn (. in the oxygon in the nlr i.s kepi rcw'n ;l t otctit. n W per cent tv; i m coll . liast wllli tlie iiuriHul | a ,.; u .,.. ons stanrtrml tatil; uf ovy. n duy is rcifiilrcd. '""' It an oxyucn urn t s tt ,,, )](!, ii lunpurnry uni i •- n r , o[ iippnnilii:. ri:n I, • ,,• , oi x; t n ;i!u-:.l! i( V'' witli n rcbivaiiiina i !; , u . n i... li: t» liitioiliHT in, ii a tiite in nit 'iiu up such sjMcin. u,,. SCI) IIHLM bt uasseri u,, oud tci- lo pwvcnt too iniicir of inentotios uf u^.c ill!( i Oxygen should 1; L > U N H ! casrs ii) which bi'caiii.r • ' •• cult and in which t|,c pii"'']! ICVA from fin actual si'iii-..- till 1 . Tlib o:vw;s in ,:•" '" afujiyxfo, .sued as carton mono: idc poisoning or pnjmnonia. Tlir .iliortngr- at ;i(c wliich i'i> <:ur., with iiisKifi-K ol tin: Wrt is w-Idain jrcally IjendUcil by tic.-itmcnl with oxsgen. since this type nf fhoumje is largely due to n slowlii!; nJ circulation of the blood. On the otlur hand, oxygen may liclp custs of angina pectoris. Because in tlu-M- c,i;.rs there may he u deficient amount O f oxvi;ni in tilt: litiirl um-rl". PCIMMS tthi;:-,- attacks of an- Ml»a jwlorl;, arr' readily con- tvollcd by. KM i.r by irciitmral .with the usual trues, do not need o\venn. but t!)(,<r who have frequent mid M.VH, ntjncks ol aivina which cciiiv uii witii the ;,liBlnc3t nir.oimt of physics] C rr 01 ;. ma> . find themselves t; ruiiu- lienffltwl by All IHal is io lia knov,i) about n Jjthe value oi oN\seii tu various Uorms of dlE-rasi! i, ; , llol vcl ,.,.. iBWi lo be cMiiUivh; ii. bill' Invus- "''"jt'Xnti'Jtis ul ''' bcin;. cutritd out in IS* many ImsDUii!;. aiitl ]al>orat.orii"i ™~ ^ ^ r ^; i!1 - '-': is louiut tor IJC(;i.V lltllli TODAY GAI.I1 IIIIXDUUSON, pretty n ,,d JJ, trnrkii la u .Ilk j.iJIl. gi, e . d IUT l!)-)<-;ir-uld lirulb<r, 1'iiir" »ii|i|iorl Ihclr Invalid (alUcr ' STKVU MUi'HIIS. »liil nj.o <«>rl!» hi Hi.' mill, 11. 1,-, (;,,|,. .,' ]"" rr> . ''''"' SI ' C ljl ' la >" SivInK h c , Culu gucu •kulllIK, l/r,:,k» Iliniiilill U.* Ire 11,1,1 l» f»«cuca by mn.i.v xviiS'moiui, »iio» [„* llitr, imiv dcncl, imin , ht |u | n JlrJnti Him ciiiuc lioniu ufivr (,,-n fi-ur* In 1'nrln, rciitjj. ro Inhc lifj, Idnrr In llu- mill. e "" VICKV THATCH Bit, dnuisLl... lit ItOIIUIir TIIATCIIKII, m:7i",,,i MiilliaKfr <jr tlie uilll, bi-lie1 a c« "« vnnllvnie llrluii. slic , CCH i,|j,, irlih Hale aj,a I, fiirlg,,, <>„.! irlvlnc lu uii'tt U.ile. K|I C i^n, ,,„ MUM >!„. (Vl,.kr) ,,,ul H,| UU „" ftitinKca ID 1,0 imirrled. cnle lirllrvlnit llrl.l.i lm> |,<rBu llnlil.l,,,. lilmHCll nl tor tMicil.c, I. di!,.[.lj hurt, Slic refuse* lo «ce him S[k;vo iisks Gnle Co co lo -^ ilnnce Shf ilcrlilcn lo lell him tliv >vlll riinrr.v Mm. MHV UO OS WITH TII13 STOltV CHAI'TISU XXXV IT wna 10 o'clock and ihc dance at f/arkcru' V.-UH in full Bwlnu. Millie Satinderu, In nor red blouse, liead bout, sivayluf tllglit- ly. was puunding shrill noles of rL'lentlcsa rliytlim from Hie irat- lercd piano. Hoy 1'urdy's violin Joined In, none too steadily, but Tony iMllell's accordion was un- I'allliig. Touy lilrasolE, bobbing liko a toil, beamed at cvoryoua. Couples circled the floor, some with bends close together, scarcely moving, others whirliny and dipplny, still oLlicrs hopping gio- tciujii(.'ly. Tlie dancora sivayod uud jostled and got in each others' way, but :n;iu;igcd to got oti again. A hul who erlilcnlly A-incied hnnscIC :ia a crooncv cauKln up a shout ol musii; from llio piano, lield It fuuacl-tihapcd lo lihi lips like u inc'saphone and snug ibo words ot (iio lune Millio was play- tllC SClllCllCO. Tlie black-haired youth totter dancer than know two or three .. and never varied them. "Say, you can irk youth Bafu, eh ously for an encore. you're on expert." Tho clapping subsided, us KOI. apparently, core. The young There's street—' place "Sicct'fic I'lc— l.iltlc bit nice 1(1(1 little bit Little bit iiroutl iiiiit Mllla fcii Someone caiifht ihc megaphone an>l the crooner Hied to recapture it. There was a scnfllo. eud- IIIK In loud lungbter. Cole, dnnc- i«i- with Steve asiced, "tVuat's S<Jiii^ on?" "Nothins," Steve said. "Jus 1 . Ted l''rlshie clowning around the wily lie always docs." A couple danced toward tlieu: and the girl raised her hiimi'lrom think 1 sco went on. "If girl IjesMs rings. "Hello." Ga!c icr girl in Uer didn't know you wi Iho dunce toulgbt, didn't you tell nieV" riiil's faco was Is wwcls «-ere not ..„ „ they (should havo been, know ii myself," be coming?" 'But I did. Don't jcr?" "Musi ba mistalici boon two other fel Bh«l uud Huby ; ttiougb ibc words \Y, hirious jest. "Honest, Phil." '/j'oii'ru n scream, (bough?" Sho turn... "Isn't be just the limit? "I don't thiuk so," dale told her- "I think—" and leoS Bcr uld uot llulslJ youlh was u Stove, who simple slops Jin. Gale and clcd the floor nisic stopped. dauce!" tlie auplnt' vigor- 3ale told bim enougb. But sided. There lo be nn en- inan asked. Ins lo drink'/ QCVOS3 lllO c had halted, he room. "[ rotlior." she excuse me — " 30 m lo where •neBtly la the tuby Griffith eu, sleeveless ig green ear- neluded the erecting. "I re coining to Phil. Why flushed and is distinct ns ecu. "Uidu'l o said, "tie- the moment. me yoj were • you remeui- i. Must have Hows!" Phil joined In na ore some ui- she said. Isn't no ned to Gale nit?" girl stepped Into bin arms. Tlicy danced away together. Ruliy look' Ing back, Kiniliug, over his sboul- der. "Want to dance?" Stevo asked. Gale said, "I'd ralhor not. Don't yon tbliil! It's awfully warm in horeY is there any plat'.' whore tho air isn'l so stuffy 1 /" "Lei's take a look?" Steve SUM. Ho led the way lo a smaller room at tlie front or Ihe building, a sort of entrance. H was descried now. A single globe huni; from Uio coWns. lighting thy room rather dimly. AI one side there was a counter where occasionally, soft drinks were sold. The ivall behind It was decoraien with calendars and window cards advertising various beverages" But there wna nothing for sale tonight. Steve said. "Like Ihls better? It's cooler, anyhow." "Much better." Gale agreed. "I'll get uome chaivu — " • • • pALB stopped him. "Doii'l ^ bother." she said. "Look w can sit ffere." She. swung her- seir uu lo the broad ledge of the window. Stevo look his place- beside her. The music, coming from a dhj. tance, sounded Itss strident. Sieve, looking down at' ihc ghl hummed the melody sottlv lie said, slipping his band oveV hers. "Well, have you beeo having e good lime?" Gale nodded, smiling. They were silent a few moments. Then, Steve ivciu on, "Yoit look awfully pretty tonight] Gale. Did you know that? You're th'j prettiest clrl here." "Silly!" "But it'a Iruc. There Isn't one of them who can compare wilh yon tor looks, ts'ol one!" Now was the lime. Gale thought, to tell him what she Had made tin her mhui in *?<v *:i,« the crooner tried to recap- CUE heard someone behind'her it. Tl,n,. n „.,«,. „.,«,« „,.., O and turned. H was Steve, lie said, "liccu looking for you, Gate. Thought I'd lost you. Hello, Pliil Hello. Knby." "Heilo," Uiiby Griintli said, licr eyes on Sieve's. "I'm surprised to see you here " "Why?" Oh — jmst Kiirprised. - s surprsed mat's Ii or puniu.,-3 sl.onlder. waved. It all." U,,by flunccd do'n oi i," wus, | OS10 and a ruddy-taccd y out h too ot her lilyh-hccled grceu «a» win small, • sood-iiatHreil eyes. dal. clioii looked up asain S,c Josie was wearint- ,he hrown I wn s ! Hmiling-tbat' ' smile' £.« dress w til the new plaid collar, seemed to Indicate sue t ,e • She called out, "Wliore've you soinclhiug very which bcenv I've Ijocn looking lor yon shu >vas keeping to hereof "" OVC "" IB ' I • Mailio a a u ml c r s' lingers "Wo only came a little while ago." Gale told ber. "Some dance, isn't it?" Josie .Tinned. "Everybody's here—" Other dancers came between llieiii. scparatins tbom. Kiltie Sclianlz and licr young uiibbiuid fiasscd. looking so bnnpy umt O;ilc smiled. Katie saw her und smiled back. il.U sliiilcd to say. "Stci'c,. I Hi ink—" but a black-eyed youth wiib dark buir plastered crashed down on the battered piano kcyB onco itiore and Tony's cuuglit the melody. "Dance this had tried to say (t earlier in Vjc evening, had put il oft. But there was HO use delaying any longer. Sieve had been so patient, svaii- ing for her answer. He bud proven himself over and over again his lino qualities, his devotion. And Steva was the man sho was going to marry. Her fingers, clasped in Uis. tightened. Gale said, utmost in a whisper. "Do yon remember—?" , Almost as she spoke the last notes of tho dance lune ended and the elinnilhg feet came to a halt. There was a buzz oC voices [rom the room within, a' litizz lhat grew louder. Suddenly, a single voice rang out. shrill, high-pitched. A man's voice, angry, defiant. Galo sprang to her feet, the color gone trom her face. accordion Steve said to lluby, "Dance this Phil!" she snid OHO: with me?" ' . ' - j 1,1,1, .Henderson's voice rose I in sorry. I cau't." She -veni i asiiln froui tire room beyond on. .IrawliiiK tho words, "I'm uw- "Let 'cm try to slop mci" 1,0 fully sorry." Gale supposed it ; was I'hlt whom Ruby bad promised to dance with. ljut instead, tl sciuarely.uuid. ii n I k'y llgnrc loomed beside" liciv' K,] Vo-jc! said, -Come on. lluby," and ihc shouted. "Just let 'em try U!" Gale caught Steve's arm. "We've do something!'.' sho said. "Oh. Steve—!" WitlipiH wailing, she ran into the dance.'mil.'' (To I!c Cmiliinicil) Ohio Power Suit - Hits Constitutionality of NRA ST. CLAIRSVILLE, O. I UI')—The validity of the nntiomil recovery ict on the ground that it is in con- Hot with the constitution of the Unitsd States, was attacked in court here. "flic Ohio Pouer company filed a nit iti common picas court attempting to enjoin the city of Bnrnesvlllu, o., from proceeding istriition for improving their muni- j w: cipal waterworks plant. ; |0f In Ihc suit, tlie phiiiUilf ailus'js | that the NR<\ illcBiiHy. assumes powers which arc solely those of Congress and that the President and his administration in loaning money for various enterprises is acting illegally, unlawfully and p.gainst the constitution of the United Slates. The Ohio Power company acted ns a taxpayer or Barncsvlllc" claim- ins.' the loan was authorized as a lefni and ' cj P«b)ic'inpncy. with a loan of SIH.OOO Irom the result of misleading malicious st'ate- Fcderal Emcrqcncy Relief admin- mcntJi and declared the loan iva.- a Kharpshraltrs In Mci'l MOSCOW. (UP)-A group of givl sharpshooters at the Samoilov Factoi-y hero >vi!l • hold a shootini; match in' March agaiiisl a team or students'Of the University of Vcr- mcnt. Each ! mstitution will be represented. by ten girls. Scores wt!K :ho; flxcliamjod !:y cable. OUR I30ARDIING HOUSE One ; western bank has provided driveway with tellers eo raolor- ists can make deposits without tting out of their cars. By Ahcrn ,, f and cf vicluii t :-.-,• under \\ioiiu i-onditioiis. it is | nevrr lo br u.v.-l ( .\c c pt iinrtcr cll- irecllun uf un csptrleiicNl alleiui- ; ant. llio 5-ij i ncilcs l u ,[(-• .si telephone en- i,j c ,-cM)i(!.v ron-i ' DLL OT- THESE GROTESQUE OBJECTS/ OF ^ G/XS MASKS IF I'D SENT OVER TO AN "BOUGHT A -A TEW WAVES/I SORT WELL.LACDS LOOr<S AS

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