The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 24, 1947 · Page 13
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 13

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 24, 1947
Page 13
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THURSDAY, JU1,Y 2>I, 19-17 BLYTHBVILLB (ARK.) 1 COURIER NEWS Hissing by Japanese, Once Mark Of Respect, Goes Out of Style, Vice President of UP Observes EDITORS NOTE: The vice-i>rcs- every hundred 5'nuls nil over Tok- Klcnt and pcncvn! news inanaser yo, :\ cubbyhole with u po'leenian of the United .Pros Is on a tour, inside niul a red liylH hanging out of the Km- Eist riicl is b?iii!; given . t ront, PAGE THIRTEEN - an opiwrtunity to study the allied oeoujxdiijn at first hand. Her? !.; anther cl?sp:\.U-h from ttlW U. N. 1'ALI'STliS'K COMMISSION HY I'AIII. J. JOIIXSON United I'ri'ss StaTl CurrcKpoudniL .TOKYO. July 24. <UP> — Tli-? JapLinrso ir.vo stRpipcl liiKJihiB. It !:;>-> «cnn cut ol style, On your first. \?sit to J.ij)?.n you Icol: for this l>?c:iuf;r you liuve al- I \vav.s lieavd it described as a uni- vcm-1 iiiLSton). Now you \vi\tch and Hstctt in vain fo;- tlio rucking in of breath .Uiroueh t]>r- teeth. It wus a nv.xrki of iTSirci U ihe poUte HUUK to do. nielliry cluuv-'c-s mciy Imvc .soine- lliiir; to d'j \vith abandoning ihn oustoni. It is :; '.-tl to .have orin- •.uu'te^ •:)« a iiR'Hiod of [TC'-octUv; the othfir fellow from the strmu; ccicr of pickk'd niaislics. Tliesc wevr a conv.ron dish in the old clnyK. H trust have yi\'on off an rdor .stronger tlian u;irJic because ti'e J-»^nrp?.e inn lets of pjnlie.j l}iit tlic liissiu^ has Htopprd. Japanese Comfort The Janniefe who v.erk long hrurs in tiie .rice fioh's have irar- velous spines. From dawn to dusk they stand in water over their shoe 1 ; planting rice sltooLs. imHins! v.-eeds cr agitatlni? roots. They never sou^l for their work but t:ik^ it bending over. Tlieir upper bodies are bori^onted. You see j:eo- p'e H:rv\- heavy loads iu that position too. In the bomb-scarred lemp'c city of Kyoto an old man came down the street bent horl- •/.orlal but without a bad on his back. /The Aiiierican interpreter. -sj?oke to him and he c;unc up! perfectly erect. "The firn.tlcman wauls lo know whether you wlk bent over that way br\y«so you have a crick In yoi"- ca?k." Hie interpreter said. "Na, of ccnrse not." the old mini. .said. "It's more comfortable that way." AMVETS Get Charter WASHINGTON, Old y IM, (UI'>-- I'lvslck-nl Trum.ui ji'.s!<-u!:iy sii'.n- ('it li'i'lsl-ilion nicfklnjji Annvts ilu 1 lirsl World -War II veu-rans' cw- I'iiniratloii lo L'i' iil'flelnlly im>,;-j iii^inl by Cour.H's-;. Tlic bill iipimnvcl Amvrl.s' nritinn- nl c-lnriw iim; I::IM- tlir i- UiUl let;al slntus i'<iu:il lo Hint •>( Hie 'American Lei;iui\, Vctei-ans ot l-'.in'li'.n Wars, IJisabVil Anun-lnui li'i-s. Int., wllli pt'lncipal ntlleiv; In Norfolk. 'Hie linn prupi»rd to [>n>vide Ijuby .sllters fur Ihe younp; and ecui]wnIons for llu> cldeily. VHn-am and United Spanish War Veterans. l-'iii'iiu-cl In 11143 AmvelfS now clalm.s 123.0M incir.licrs In 1.200 po.sls In mi .10 -antes and Hawaii. The bill lor :i national clorter, :<.']]. Kriiiicls E. Wai- was passed unnnl- the House anil llic spun sored by ter, I).. I'a,. jnou.sly In djot! Htniale. NVar rxliiictloil Whix'jmiu i.ranes once, filled Llie >li' wit,]i their noisy screaming !!iultl::, but K.'day llioy stand on Ihe very Ijrink of extinction, with le.'s linn 100 birds bi'lng exliuil U present. Screu-ery House Xmulirrs Tratfu.- movrs on the left tlircir-tlicul, Japan because the Brilish were slum" here when ttin ?iTival of to iniloinobVe made road rules necessary. EM .l-iKincs? clfk'.s never numbered or pj,mscl iheir -treets and tlv-cuv.h highway ChurclKs Seek K'lrs The Jaitn]ie.-e reni-esen'ntives of three dem<-i*inalion-; — Baptist, Presl)vteri-in. M?t-hodis:t—ure pressing tlic milil-U'v povenvnent team at Hiroshima to sc 1 ]'. thesn land litjl't at the etrcetitcr of the atom- i<* b"irb l^'^.st so they can erect churches on the hisicric site. illl! beautiful Y.M.C.A. in Jerusalem, built by Americans as a monument to iiKcr-radal and inter-faith cooperation, is Ihe headquarters for die United Nations Commission sludyiiiK the Palestine problem. I 8 Guaranteed Watch >^vi.W. Repair Prompt Service Expert Workmanship USE IT AS A TRACTOR Shoe Prices to Advance, Killed in Plane Collision Manufacturers Announce Less Uublilc Than Ilerlin . .... ---„ ., Sn mnnv v.'!s have pi-own up! wil, bn n-iiic-d lor the city it loads over tlic nibble and so many bam- to, fj'-c-so are usually named for boo fences iiavc been put up that the k:ncl of n:::rc:lmnl or arli'dnj bomb ri«ma«c in Tokyo is not loo who nn-^iiuiily rrcn-ied tlm sec-I imprc.ssh'? now. L-.r-e ureas of linn si:c!i ns R'tV-jesters or silver-[ I his :-ncl other bc.mlrcd cilies cs- fmi'.1.1. .By rccic>piita\ metiiocls.t pccially llires'.iimn. loek lik- rJian- hoi:sc iminbcrina; is odd too. Re-I tv towns covered with one-story parcllcss of lo-.-ition. iho first house] huts mcsHy made of oM lu-nher. mult on Hie lilcrk is numb?r one: i Tokyo had mas'inrv than Eer- Ui? secoi-d is ninr.'icr two and sol ij n , hence less rubble. Fire was on. postman ranembois Ihe I the main destroyer here. NEW YORK. July 74. <UP> — Shoe manufacturers, who two months auo were hopeful Itial they could maintain present price levels, save up today in the face of risiiii; h-alher costs and predicted Increases of 00 cents to 51 per pair for most Fall footwear. The eslimaled average increases will bring shoe prices to levels which manufacturers say are approximately 50 iier cent abpvc OPA ceilings. numbers in his district but the stranger a.vks a cop. There is a po!i;c booth almost I'llimbcrs Tilkc Notice Generations of wearin» Kindals with straps between the bK' and second tees have made Japanese woilirr.en's feet as flexible a.s hands. '.Srme plumb- els work Ir. u clouted. They pick up wrenches, bolts, with their toe.s, If rushed, they sometimes scre-.y on nuts with their toe.s while doing other work with their hiinds. N. C., July 24. i UP) Lt. Charf-.-s D. Km'. Jr.. of lllb- binK. Mitiu., ick'iitilied toduy I'.s the illicit killed in a collision of t\vo A^uine Corsair fi-ihtc-i- ]:!;uies during', j:iaiu'n\-crs over vhi? 'At- lautic Cjean olf the North Carolina C ;:l. Wesley W. illazie:i of M'.s- L'anc'.ini; in ihe oc-enn. A Kuvy cp.wh IK.-.U. picked him aip. oatino, .parachuted to safely. l!e suffered a dislocated .shoulder Baby Sitters to Provide Service for Aged, Too RlClliV:OI\'n. Vil.. July 2-1. lUt'l —The baby-sitters went MK time today and branched out with a .-.cry- Ice for Ijulh ihe yomii; and old. The State uorpni alion Commission granted a charter to Uaby Sll- ;I; Our Kxpfi-ls ];i!c]> your \v;ilc]i nninintf ticctiraU'ly ,- ;I; "ti J and smoothly . . . your Kiilisfiiclion itnai 1 ; •* ;•; ft !«! I FUzpalrick Jewelry Store I !! lulu's (inly ;! miiuilos In open an a USE IT AS A HOBIIE POWER UNIT • Tlic-.powcr of the Wil!y?-OTfr. land "k-ep" lingiue and selective 2- anil 4-whect drive mike iha "Jcc|>" a vehicle of amazing versi- Ultty, performance and economy. GfTA Jeep POOLE MOTOR CO. Slcele, Mo. Phone SUtle 4t Large Size Carnation or SUNSHINE MAKSHMALLOW SUNSIIINK CHOCOLATE COMSTOCK NO. 2 CAN PIE APPLES O. K. I! 25 5 FOR ICK CRKAM TEN BLOW 32 FRANCO-A MKUICAN SPAGHETTI 15 I'RINCK AI.IilCUT TOBACCO W CIIUXC KIN(; CIIINKSE ' DSNIEU 59° 0\.UK '['ViMK IMF, W UNDI-VS HOT ROL . . . 8 O*. I'kg. 12 Oz. I'kf," 25 FOUI5ES' WITH A GLASS TEA 30 C ADAMS OK JACIv Sl'KAT NO. 2 CAN GRAPEFRUIT JUICE 10 FOR JELLING CERTO 25 2 PACKAGES SURE JELL 25 BORDEN'S INSTANT COFFEE 39 S O7,. JAR MAKASHINO CHERRIES 33 10—(if) WATT—TAX PAID LIGHT BULBS 12 10(1 WATT—TAX I>AH) LIGHT BULBS 17 NKSTLE'S SEMI-SWEET for cookies CHOCOLATE 25 SCOTT 1 COUNTY NO. 2 CAN PEAS & CARROTS 10 Shelled Green LIMA BEANS « Home Grown HOT PEPPERS - White or Yellow SQUASH California ORANGES Siberia PEACHES 290 /fa. Doz. Ib. 35^ 10^ Lean, Fine Flavored BACON - 690 Delicious PICNIC HAMS «. 550 Uncolorcd OlEO » 390 Best Grade SALT MEAT * 400 Franks or WEINERS Ib. 450 CITY SUPER MARKET LITTLE SUPER MKT. 109 West Main Street Phone 2668 AIR BASE Phone 2668 S )MHHO\V (he sky seems bluer and the sun shines brighter when you and this Buick are enjoying the day together. Somehow tbc sudden summer shower seems more of « lurk, less of a bother, when it's pattering on the snug shelter this tidy number throws up auloniaU- cally at your touch on a control. ••) .. Somehow autumn air is more wincy, swirling winter snows more fun when your choice is a Buick — anil u Convertible as light and all-weather- ready as this one. (•• Maybe it's because your style sense tells you these sleek lines and this rich treatment are going to stay the fairest of the automotive fair. Maybe it's because you find, in the big Fireball straight-eight under your treadle foot, an ever-eager, ever- lively conipaiiion-in-advcnturc that acknowledges no peer for life and lift and velvet-smoothness. Turio '" IICHKf J. LWOR, Mutual Nclwort. Monrfoyi and fi'ii Jl could be the rare and pleasurable steadiness given an open ear by good, solid Huick construction. 11 could be, simply, that here at last you lind si/.e and ability and smart ness and finish to match your dreams of a perfect travel mate. o All we know is that this is one of the standout favorites in a line of ears that stands out as the most wanted in America. So when good friends come to us v, asking, "Flow do I get one of those snappy Huick Convertibles?" our full and forthright answer is always the same: Sign up for one, sir — soon as you can." The sooner we have your linn order for one, the sooner you start climbing up our customer list. And we promise you: You'll mount that ladder equally fast whether or not you have a car to trade. ONLY BUICK HAS ALL THESE •A AIRfOIL HNDIRS * KUICOIL SPRINGING * HKfflALl POWCR — (torn valvc-in- head llrnighl-c^glil engines !n Iwo lilcs. * ACCURITf crtlNDER BORING * 5RENT ZONE BODr MOUNIINGS *PERMr-FIRM SfffRING — light but poiilivc conirol wllh [educed (iced tor ajjuilmcnl!. * fUH-lENGIH TORQUE-TUBE DRIVE * BROADR;M WHEELS NGS Walnut and Broadway it STfPON PARKING MAKt * fllIfWIIGHT PISTONS * DtCFfLtX SEAr CUSHIONS * CURl-AROUND BUMPEKS * NINE SMART MODUS * 10DV 8T FISHER ^ lrr«, ** Uluidilr-t. *T^h>W« M «itr* rp*t. CO. Telephone 555

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