The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 14, 1933 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 14, 1933
Page 5
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'SATURDAY, OC'l'OliER 14 CLASSIFIED AOVEBTOING INFORMATION rate per lino for consccu- i Five average words to a line) Gateway ««"« Cinod Mtchankt-Work Prices Right iallon at Osccow. Ariromiis, .v;is , plalntitl nnd J. b. Williams, was Report ShOWS Act|Vtt)tt said I Banner Nearer "Black JacHV' Home One timo per lino •f\vo limes pev line per day .. 08c •Inix-e times per line per day .. Ooc bix times per line per day .... 05c Month rate pel' «" ne 60i: Minimum charge 60o Ads ordered for three or six times and stopped before cxplra- t.nii v.lll be cliargct'. for iho mini- 1-er of times Ire ad appeored and adjustment of bill made. All Clabbilicd Advertising copy sul-mitted by persons residing out at}': oi the city must be uccotn lanied by cath. RaU-.s may be easily computed from above table ? Hours oi nine uctwK, m l;ll; i 79 m\ rclioou and llnce o'clock in the Ju j v , tVnioon, on said day. at the ^. • ' Of Aoto Class All Kinds Instilled The Ark-Mo dumber Cc. ;oo kll-io ' WRECKER SERVICE Call us when you need a wrecker. Day and Night Service. Call S33. Shoust-LIHI'c Crfvrolel Co. I0ckll-10 ulh door of i he Court Ihc City of Illythcville. Arkun- s. offer for Mile, at public uuc- ion, lo the highest bidder, upon cr ollow'lng - lUBtcd in Mississippi County, Ai ansas, BUY NOW USEIJ CARS HIGHER No responsibility taken for more than one incorrect, in- scition ct anv clastificd ad. Advertising crrtercd for irregular insc'iilons take the one time rate. Phone 306 or .307 1930 Chevrolet Std-in 1939 Chn-roltl Coupo 1930 Ford Tudor .... 5250.00 .... S5S25.00 .... S210.0 1SUS1NESS DIRECTORY Nc^r^nd Used Fumllnrc Bought and Sold Stoves repaired—Any - make Alrin Hardy 5" W. As 20p klO-^0 "Happy days arc here „ . Drink' BUftWElSER, Wng or tied uecr. . Me 1931 Ford Tudor 5250.00 1931 Pontiae Coupe $300.09 1931 Ford Sport Coupe .... fZ45.00 19Z9 Chrysler 65 Coupe. ... $200.00 i9iip Willys-Knight Sedan $250.00 19M Ch?vrol«t Tniek S395-M Ml Chevrolet Truck' ...::. $250.00 Twenty other good used (Jars to st ect from. Never heller v>lii«-lha now. Come ip', irBpee't these cars. Open it nljlit unfll itf o'clock 1 SHOD SB-LITTLE CHEVROLET COMPANY 301 W. Walnut SI. rhone 033. c tlu-orU-s tlml tile C. |ncn |nj( , hv c|(joy „ .,..,,„,.. ' l|lp of .,. (U p j. iy . lnd „„' W0l . k> ,. ol . > to the highest bidder, upon ficlll | S ,. 0i , onc< i ,,.,. rccrl ,uii imd redit of llncc. months, "'«• C0ns i r i, e tc<i, O r Improved imd main- ing dc.icvlbcd real estate . , , 2085 ,, , , CM ro:ld5 ToWn OHeri Book The undivided one-hall ink-rest of J. b. Willliims in and to the South ICO ncrcs of the Southeast 'i and the Boulh- east 'i of Ihe Koinhwest ', of Section 22, Township 10 floi-tli. Range 11 -East. Lot No 10 ' in Block No. 7 in Davis Addition to Blyllie- ville, Arkansas. The puvchHscr ;it Mich sale will jc required to execute bond \Otli .ipproved security. mined 2,085 miles of forest roads i • and trulls alone in Montana, north- i ! em Idaho and eas,lern Washing-! ,lon, , I To Aim. ^11 they had built 01 brides; made range surveys ol I 500.MK) acres o( land; erected 178 , miles cl telephone lines and maintained KS in I It". I ] MONTHKAL iUI') — CunudlAii callle exports 10 Great Briloln-- ihc bulk of wlilcli were made from Munlrenl—will totul approxlmnlcly vein 1 , as compar- jproved security. led willi 37.8'^ heiid exported dur- amd sale will be made to satis- j l f > 10 -, s tu fy said execution for u balance "" 8 " 1L '"*- ' ' dur on said judgment. In the of $5,207.10, with interest thereon :il -six p?r cent i»r aiiunm fiom jHiuiary Dili. 1533. tlic sum of 51.7U, tax anil cosls of said es- £cution. and the costs of this sale. Thin 14lli day of October, 1933. C. H. WILSON. Sherirt, By E. B. Duvid, D. S. 932. [ Bacon and Eggs Were Marriage Breaking Point FOR SALE HOME PLACE on East Main, reasonable terms. Frank E. Tiirasiiei, day. »i HANFORD. Cal. lUPi — Ba and epqs are all liylil ill Ihein- fcl'vc's, lirtl.Ihcii's a limit (o'cvery- hing. Clint 'O. trout averred : lo- Phone '(47. Uc Typewriting and Adding Machine Kcpslflng. U. S. Blau- Ucnship, 116 E. nose. CaW-J. Registered Spencer Corsetictc Mr, J. J. Davi, Wne p lhc BKKH wi'ie are drinkine WElSliK, klpg oi bottled B«*i. 20c He sought a tuvo'ce trom ills I \vife. charging Dint E)«: served lilm nothing but bacon and eggs until h; couldn't eve:i look at them, let cat them. divorced husband she could FCRN1TUBE New anfl IJffd E. M 16C klD-2o U «. Moss Blytlicviltc's Cut Kale 10u-kll-iu Hoislcln Heifers, heavy springers Ircsh soon, from heavy milkers.! Etanton A-. Fep'pcr, Hiiftman, Ark- lip kit i S585 cable-Nelson "player piano, j 5200- 1 S155 1-3 "H. P. Uaytosi i Electric Ssiusnv;: Mill $50; 1 5351 Tenor li^njo 58 Ml S. Li somebody." (.Ml,MAN DOB1E. head coacli of Cornell University, Is known ah "Gloomy <!il" lo- calise lie almost invariably predicts .leteaV for htb team. The BOSTON 'Rt'p SOX and tlie PHILADELPHIA ATHLETICS have'each won fire world aeries. KILIMANJARO,'in British East Africa, is the highest mountain on that continent. i iHKH I" do • -ini-r !«• Imi;-lu'il Li 1 , i \\.ir. in> 1 inuir.>>. 1 --Kosui' ol tliu olil Intiuls of his „ .. ' yuuth Mill on- lii-iv. aiul llitire are LACI/EDK, Mo. IUI'1 — If t.i-11. j. |t |,, ;l st f ul ir eilltais In tills ccmily John J. Ptrshlnjr *a«ls to wrlti. 1 ' ttho W( , rc ] 1s contemporaries m lib autoblogriipl'.y ho can find lots, Uu 0| mn; . .,. hc> . wl . ro t . ltfc ;l( . jot help In his old home town. | UH , ,.,„/ivrstiniu Hveil here anrt A| J. Cnywood. wrilliiR in ilii: I.a-'cnuW help him II liu it-ally «;uHs oledo nlHde, Mys: "Wo would like j | () ,,^1 ;1 | n :a t i )00 k." very much for the general to come — ._— . here and wrllo thai slsiy <>l Us I boyhood whli-li )w «s been . Head Comie- Kew.s \Naut Aits. j----.-—T ~ Lunar It.uiibou 1 Kc|«irlrd ' AU'KRUKKN,' Wash. (UP) - A •once-in-a-llfi'tlmt" event, Gruys HwborilCi saw a lunar rainbow Olio" night recently, The rarely seen ell- ver arc, circled the southern horizon under perfect, niijiit conditions. \Vlicn 11 couple, uecoiue.i engaged in Persia, an alimony agreement is drawn up immedialely: it, takes fifed in event, the imiri'lugc ends in a divorce. Bv A hern A "DOZEN MUfi A \3&Y CW-UMGb TO SEt YOU- 1 -AW* YOU VA\DIM<3 OUT ON'EM?—--AN' NOW • YOU'RE <3O\^46 OUT W\TI-\ f\ "RDtJLfc K&NNEU, AN' A 'FACE / "FULL OF "P-USSIAN V-EV3M — TH' \~DEA'i ARE YOU ATRA1D THEY HAVE YOO TAGGED POR TVA' STATE -'I . AGORM CASTLt, WMY-MA- UNV-NA V>A MASKED BALL VB EXCEPT T-OR TIA 1 NOSE > VA1MT IT THEGRE/xV JL AT-OREST O A short, ?Uicklly Imill s'rl, rou- dlsli-ljloml luiir liuiijtiag lo licr fliouldura, holda (ho liinclleM in (iomiiiuulbl demonstrations in tho east. She Is Ann liurlak. "Red Klunio," plelured licru nf- tcr sbo led n delegation lo textile cuclc liuurlUKi! In Waslilmrluil. "HOOTS ANT> HKK IS WILLIE'S KACE RKD? By Martto REAL ESTATE ' • r\>r Quality Clcanmg '• Phone 180 ' s' HiiWa Clcancv.-, ~lTaU -Blocked Lxx>:; wiKe i^ew Jtcne 111 Unique Cieanine Service 2Sc k!0-'2U Come ir,, Hst your real estate See ivhal we have to sell E, M. Terry: Licensed Dealer, Terry-Wortriiji£loB Title Co. Btjlhevtllc Phone 611 FOR RENT 1 ^•SWINO, Alwrriations. Very Kea- Fonable. Miss Louise Crane, Phone M; 22C klO-*i UU. RATTERIKS __ Battery*& Radiator Service We guarantee you better battery or radiator work for le*s money. Any make radiator repaired or ro- cor'ed. Get our prices on new and rebuilt ba'ttertcs. call 633. Shousc-iittle Chevrolet Co. lOckll-10 FUHN1SHED Bedrponi. Call' after •I 1 o'clock, i^'.rs. Ed Hardin, 1011 UMiniit. 2lc-klO-2l| ,\[..dern 3 roo v .i furnished or unfurnished apartments, newly decorated, over K'roy Drug Co. Also store bulldiht' adjoinlni; 5^ox> Thcalrc I". Simon, 120 W. Uiivis. 0:iil T64. 27c kld-2" FRONT Aparttlicnl, (jood locplion, '•A WASH TUBBS SQUATTER'S RIGHTS! Kor Prompt Battery Service I'liunr S • Ben Clun close. to school. D14 Hcarh. St HpklO SttDOW 00«S EASV REALM GET HAD, 3t '^ OKIE OE -THOSE tlMES_ ttboai & BOAUD New I-'ord Batteries Kenlal-KcchnrEirg-Rcpairins 717 TinE ,V PA.TTEUY STATION 25c k 10-25 103^ MAIN ST. Room. Meals awl Oarage, $6.00 per week. Mrs. Sanders, phone 635-J. llp-klC WANTKD DOGS, PETS Fur Heallliy I)o;s feed JHkr's Ration fc Quick Lunch UK CO. lie klO-11 MATEEUAL Men and Won-.en lo solicit coal ord^r'i. Apply Bartnick's Coal Yd.. Railroad & f*l\ St. Phone 179 Op kU Drink the beit for the same price. HUlHVtlStK king of bottled b«r. UOcklO-20 FOUND 'K CDME. If" HC WftWT S 'tOTKS to'TdKE. N LET. .£'. WE CAMT TwE'CHSCOVtRCO IT •tHKrV THE IM'PORWT THIMG THE L^W'S OW HIS SIDE. O PIPE DOWM, CtxVC MAM, MO LET'S FORGET IT. .K SALESMAN SAM TEIE COI' IS A HELE 1 ! AK6UM6Wr WIHS, AHO THE THSEt Et-^lCi VEP:^ BUJe f [fLOSSEl VVAI.1. J'AI'KR 9in^U: :-:om lots Sl.GO •J'lUU lolls old patterns at Uc Ki'-l MAYFLOWER line 10c to 20c V c: ROBINSON LUMBER CO. T11HEK KEYS (,n line, between Fiu-inrr.s Jlniil: nntl Rnilroad. Owner may have samr by coming (o o>urirr and payin;; for iid. llxx tf Bu!pre yon r.ivo money. Ilnllroiul and Coal Yard. buy Coal—Yon can Phone 179. Corner Ar-h Sis. Bartnick's 2)c klO-'J LOST ONE NAVY BLUE KIU CJLOVE— Gauntlet Icnslh. "' Blylhcville Tursliiy. Call m. lip kl6 PHONE 1H7 BUCHANAN "ttu Huiii w Black Dili We Treat Yuu White." Oc kll-9 >Ve arc cxi-lublic ajcnb for orlg- ir.-il <;enutnc Moulcvallo Coal unil Hipsy. Arkansas Anlliriuilc :itnl Kentucky Ct«l!>. STRAYED ONC. tiROw'rTMARE MULE, 7 yra nid, weight " 800 Ibs., oflc Baj Horsi- AIulc.-l yrs. old, weight BOO IDK. Loft 11. J. Cole'b plucc OCt 81 h. REWARD. H. J. Cole, Lnxora R. F. U. I. Box 158. lip k!8 I Imuc. 137 Wonder Citv K. I. Irs' Company tto kll-'J AUTOMOTIVE I all 308—Ked's Place USE. tor Aulo ralnling lludy and Fender Scrvici 1'ornirily ^^-it PERSONAL Will -arc for children by Ihe day hour. Phone llo-J. Lorna Wll ' Uc kli - WUP.t. sToc\c,on JEST «mrtrGOES OoM'-ccvie^. LOOK U' Rt£Clf>e. , SER. MOOOi.GS' FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS VS. MILF.OKD! ton. ' ' ^ Vh'eT Cleaned, repaired, inspected Woik cuaranlcctl. W. W. Booker C,tll IM. '3i> kll-13 LARGEST K10CK I'SKI) TAHTS U'jl^ccn Memphis and SI. Louis Alii) Auto t:ia^ •- I'hmic ti!i .IACKSON AiJlU PARTS CO. :c ku-^ \Vc install gbw in your car while you wail. Call u» lor beltei- icr- . i,... phoiH- Gin. Clic\ri)kl Cu. Ittckll-lO liMr.tioi I.KOA'L NOTICES OK REAL ESTATE Nut ice is hereby given thai the midereignctl, as Sherifl of MIs- o^sippi Comity. Arkansas, by vlr I lie oi a certain nvil of execution ^sucd on OcloU-r l^th. T933. l» ihc Clerk ul Ihc Unrull Courl, ul MISMHiippi Cl'lli'.U'. ' AlkallM!-. U.S. tc^la llisliicl. up 1 . 1 !' '' certain judy- ,iu-|il liH'ly iTiKK'-il i" .-»i' t:iiurl-. In ^' niu.-e Ihrretii lx.uil- 111.4 whevcin \V"ltev E. ravloi, "i-iik CdinmiN-ioi.iT of the S.lsitc I1 Al-kau:-!"-. In cliarsi 1 of the lli|- thi of Oscc- <3O l!J TWERe A>JP SW ALL. YOU HAV£,BOVS...Pi,AV"T& AMD BE FAIR IU DO....THAT'S ALL 1 .COACH -rvie 80Y5 TVIEIR FIMW, TOSS AKP ELECTS TO. OFF.. To 8E excneo ABOOT? TU;S , 1T S Ft^WMY l ; rA'l COC'-i-SURG ' t . C:?.iSH 15 ACo-JTT-ilS SAWS... ) MIS SP.RIT VilNOA PSP5 A •,',. r-EULA \JP.THOU6H-...1HEBE3 /"-* 7VIE vnilSTUE'.! J.-,. \£S^*^ : ^ -:..•«£« I?'— —•*) I- ' >A^A .^: «g CAME ' IS OK ' lAST VEAB'S BY . A SCMKl: OF 28 l&O" ^H,\T VI1LU IT B£ AT TM£ EM3 Or TVliS GA.V-C?

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