The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 5, 1937 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, November 5, 1937
Page 8
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PAGE EIGHT Minnesota Druggist's Case Typical of Those Under "Lillle NRAs" HY IIO.V VOIOT f»'KA Service Special C'orre.spomJrni HOCiresTUK, Minn., Nov. 5.- Gcoree T. Hlldcn admits that he made sales of u popular laundry soap and a baby food nl prices less than a 10 per cent markup over cost to him. He miy %o to jail or pay u fine as a result. In makuig such sales, the 27-ycar- old druggist, has run afoul of state "fair trade practice" laws similar I lo those now governing retail u-ade ! in 42 states, ond interstate trade j under the Mlllcr-Tydlngs act. j Hilden, who runs the"Pay Less) Drug store near the famous Mayo Clinic, admits (he sales, and snys '• "1 feel thnt after you have totight and paid for, it is yours to do with as you feel. If you want to give it away, thai Is your business, especially if you can miurove the volume of .your business at Ihe same lime—attract trade to your store. | He Knew About l.-.iw I The slate law Hilden hii.s nin up i against is one of Ihe "little NRA" l".ws Jesiitnliiig trade in many ..'talcs, aimed at eliminating "loss leaders" and cut-rate sales, hi which merchants sell certain articles _at either a loss or a very small profit to draw business ta their stoves, or especially to draw it away from comiwtltors. Minnesota's (wo -•ntr trade" laws were enacted last spring, niul provide that n merchant who sells goa:ls at less Ulan a 10 I'T cent "mnrk-un" Is Entity of a misdemeanor. Hildon knew ail nlmi|. (ho state law when he opened his new tvpe nf self-service. oil-mlB drugstore last sprins. 7i>it he went ri»ht ahead with his merclmndlsiw iiiethods. willing to go to court u-Hli his theory thai the state has no right to prevent merchants from ttilllus thuir goods nt any prices lhat suit them. Bach \veek, out of son\e 20.000 items ou his shelves, Hilden would offer about four articles til prices that were slightly above—or sometimes even a little below—co^t, State Sliimls on Law Within a few months competitors complained, and >e;;nl moves BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COUR1EB NEWS Challenges Fair Practice Act insisting that lie has n riijht lo xHI his goods at H'bnievw price he Klshcs. Geor (! e T. Hilden, above, faces 11 nulit in Minnmota coutus imdrr Ihe Mate "fair practice" act. Hilden is proprietor of a ciit-nile drugstore in Hnchcslcr, Minn., near the Mayo clinic. J: •FRIDAY, > I Heroine of Exile HORIZONTAL '. Heroine ol Longfellow's poem of (he Kama name. 9 Mother. 10 Hoof edge. )I Kimono susli. 13 Ream. 15 Tiny vegetable 10 Buddhist festival. 17 Perished, 19 Corner. 2! Weird. M Sneaky. 41 Coin sli(. 25 Athwart, 42 To slope. 27 She was one 44 Dibbles, of the French 4It To plnco Inh.ibitiirits 47 She was" expelled from .separated . from her 30 Made like u sweetheart, rainbow. .—_. 31 Descendanl of 49 Frost bile. Ham. 50 Measure of 34 To hold dear. area,. 3V Opposed to 51 Hulk, ' win. 52 Thick slice. 38 Wing. 54 Musical note. 40 Snaky fish, 55 Cuslo. Ansxvcr to Previous Puzzle Sti .Slip for him Sor many years. VERTICAL U Hbckbii-ci. 17 She was reunited with Gabriel at his • bed. 18 One who writes a diary. 20 Spherical. '22 Crowing out. 24 Part of a drama. 2fi Cravat. 27 Revi'rcnee. 28 Totaled. 29 To ventilate. 32 To eiUico. 33 To discuss. :I5 Knllmsiasni. 30 To seek lo attain. 1 Type standniYl 38 Voslmc-nls. 2 Mortifies. :i Norlheasl. 4 Aperture. 5 Herb containing ipecac. C Incline, 1 :. 7 Heroically, e Tree. 12 Within. To Stage Another Rodeo At Bailey's Park Sunday Another rodeo ami. Wild West show will be staged by Oklahoma Cm-ley's U-OHHC of cowboys nisd cowgirls at Harry Bailcyi stale line park Sunday afteniooii Among the attractions will be champion riders, broncho buyers ^ fiincy shooting, roplnij and t;nl)- I dogging by a number of star j>er- , formers Including Irish KeHey Tn |s>anloi-d. Jackie nhynliarl oUa- jlioma. Ctirlcy. Miss Pauline l.or- nirec. women's champion bucking "(«*e rider, and Dick Elackstone. (In addition if.ere will |, e bo-c and JITOW shootin B by chief Red taele, an tiidiiin war dance niul an m-clwy act by Princess Yellow Row and uiuc F:mn, ihrw vear old dantjlii).)- or C |,j,. f w] u Iforse. Head The courier NewTonl adi 39 A|) |)Uinl. •51 Mast. 42 Girdle. 4.'i Tissue. 45 Hurried. 47 Aeriform fuel. 48 Gibbon. • r >! Musical note. 53 Before Christ. find counter-moves have been going on in the courts ever since. HSltlen .admits selling the goods under the circumstances charged. His lawyer, A! IV Chrlstpffcrson of St. Paul, lakes the position tlmt Customers serve Ihemstlvcs In the p ny Less Drugstore of Rochester Minn., above, now the storm center of n suit testing the slate far practice" , nw «.,,,,,, ,.,„„„.,,. „ J(> l)cr ^ ,, m . lrk _ m) ,. nM mnlics n misdemeanor of selli) )g for n smaller profit rv precedent, if not strictly a Ic-nl precedent, nt least n moi-nl one Since NR,\ days, tbe Inclination of legislative bodies to regulute wild .restrict ratailing bus l,a,| Increasing effects on the business .as a general rule HID government " f(; of the counlvy. Hllden, tht> cut- has no right to forbid sales below I rnlc <t">Sglst. of Jiochester, Js a a. certain profit, margin. He ndinlu! svml >ol of one view of the situation that under fair trade, laws, Inelud- j The 42 state ••falr-trn ' ins an old and little-used Mir,— Robliisun-Paimaii and Mlile sota statute, the government 1ms flings acts, ami similar fc laws ' Honiersville Soi-iely - - Personal the right to forbid sales by one symbols of the"olii'oT" merchant consistently below cost if made with tlic intention of inim-in-- ur destroying it competitor. But- " ~ /"Tills action goes lo Ihe fumh-1 Jricnlats nf trade." urges Christof- lerson. "Whcihec a merchant can sell common goods lor any price no sees fit, so long as he doesn't do it maliciously. At this lime. •>vhcn prices are bcln^ raised faster wages, open and free competition is essential tor the tiralcct'lon of the buyliif. nubile." The stale, of ; 'Hip Woman's Misslonnrv Soclelv : course, stands on Hie law as written.! °< Hie Methodist church enterliln-' . Stimulates Oomjiellllon led Ihe woman's Mlssionarv Union that" kfS '" 5 S ' tlC °" " lc vicw ' ° f .-- l . 1<! 1!llp ! lsl clnlvch w111 ' " H" 1 - ! "TlK bislor)' of merchandising has shown that selling merchandise at low prices has stimulated competition rather than destroyed The view of the proponents of such "ftvirnrade" laws is contrar- that cut-rate sclllnj is bad for and Mrs. Bertha Ktusolvliw visited in Plggott Sunday. Mrs. u. E. Anderson and daugh- t'ir. Miss Knthrlnc Anderson left Sunday for Little Rock (o visit Mr nnd Mrs. Warner Bishop. Mr. and Mrs. Louie Harrison and ^ Mr. and Mrs. Maxwell AUel of Gie- j imdn. Miss., were Sunday guests of the Rev. and Mrs. Harvey Gray ,,.^r- ""'' !v "' s - b - °- Tliompson, ol Ulytlicvillc. and Mr. ami Mrs. Har- Ge'urin's Bowilng Team Wins From Harwell Club A bowling team, captained by w. O. Geiirin, defeated another headed by Jim Harwell, in match play' at StKlbiiry's Playhouse last, iiigiit. Coin-Ill's team won by the narrow margin of 50 points out of a lolnl of approximately 5.000 points. Carl Ganskc led the scorers with an i average of 200. j Read Courier News Want Ads. - SAVE MONEY ou USED TIRES ami K. M. LARKIN I'liotlc 105 . . rs. ar- rls H. Konley and sou. of Memphis were guests Friday of Mr. nml Mrs' Graves ri. KcnTey. Entries In Sunday's Matinee Races Listed V. H. Graltan. with Outlaw drlv- hig Rllla Grntlim. with Kell driving '««"« The Baptist women arrived us a bridal party at the parsonage ivilh Mrs. Harvey Gray ae.(.ln» as min- he race ons , atCe i mn e«^ the fairg ou d? 1 e, Susan Guy wH and o. o. , ° ' * "'" Presbyterian Junior Choir Plans Rehearsal The new junior choir at the First Presbyteriaii Church will have its first regular rejiearsal, lombrroiv afternoon at, 5 o'clock at the church under the direction of Mrs. Charles Bright and Miss Louise Dobyus. Seventeen boys and girls arc in the choir, which began at the week of special services held Oct. 17 to 23. competition because it lends ta eliminate competitors. A similar case testing a similar state lav is being: heard in California, and W slates have similar laws, all somewhat new and untried, so far as enforcement and legal precedents go. The enactment, of the Mlllor-Tydluss law at the latest session of Congress puts-such state laws in harmony with the antl-trusl laws, and npuiics (he principle to goods i n Interstate commerce. To Establish Precedent Thus, in the Hilden case the small-town Minnesota parly went lo Uuffln. Later llu- the home of MIS they were served a four i:o"iVrJ!B lunch. Decorations and the menl followed out a Hullcwe'en scheme wllli faces and black rats in black and orange. Fifty seven women attended. * * + Mrs. Cora Bryant, of Paragoitld | spent last week here with IHT bro-, Uier. p. p. Bryant, niul utlier rcla- 1 lives. • The Rev. Mr. O'Renr, preslcliii" ! elder of the Poplar Bluff ilUlrlci ! of the St. Louis conference, preach- fd at the Mclhortist church Sunday. Mr. and Mis. Roger Manning nut Read Courier News Waul Ads. Coughs Step Quicker ir^"!?. 1 , 1 ! 3 5?" Bh Syrup maJ^ by a nfitr 26 years' cxperlt'iicii In iiakliib' medicines, scotlics nulcklv ctpa t-xiiel vlilcsm. Tastra B0 ou. - for i-hlldroii. fuinllr l)iHtl A. A. CARSON'S, -ionia Shoes Will Wear Longer When ]{(>imiro ( | al Smith Shoe Shop ll"> South Jml Pecans Wanted WK WII.l. VAY YOU Highest Market Prices ANY QUANTITY Goldstein Hidc& Fur Co. Rear Joe Isaacs' Store Phone 2GS Blytheville, Ark. fifl Our Trices Hoforc Selling position to establish ] daughter, Mrs! T, AVOID THE 'UKSAFE' STICKER FREE ^ Testing of Hrakes. Wheel Alignment. Lights KBFORK to an anthori/ed Stale Inspeclion fw r« v.>pv ymir cnr or (rilck (««>• mak «* vnvfvrp I ^ fonse " UPn «y Von will know test' *' ' ° r " Ot " "'" 1>ass (he " r Most Modern of Testing Kquipmonl for lirakes. 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