The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 26, 1935 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 26, 1935
Page 1
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?.\GE TWO BLYTHEVILLE. (AUK.) COURIER NEWS a A.'S First Baptist churcn imctlni; tit cliurcli, ;!:SO p.m. \Vecir.c4rtttj 1 Bridge ctuu with Mrs. tarnsworth -Blacl;. Mrs. O. H. Willey having , Ladies Bible Study of i!i<? Church of Ghiist ra tna honic,;<if 'Mrs, E. D, Enter tit- 2:30.p.ii|. , ' ' Miislo department .Woman's club meeting m- junior high school au- (iuonuin, 3 p.m. . v - L ' •mUittiuAy'S 1! VENTS Mr*. J. Louis Cherry liuvlnB Mill-Week Bri(«c cluD.-, ;.• •Mrs. )f. A. Taylor "liuviiif; tile Thursday Bridge CHID. Thursday Luncheon olnl> meeting \vitn Mrs. K. T. Kirshncr. Mis G \i Oaudili omniaiii- Ir-s, Ihuridoj Comraci- .CHID. Yorwo Wwnm'B Mu-siona!? • to- ciety meeting v.iih. Mrs. i.wcll ijiniiham, 2:GD p.m. Yarcrii W, M. o. Mieftlns 'J P. M., with Mi'a. Lo\vc-II Elmwocxl Crmewy ns;acii!l!oj. meets wiili Mrs. A. B. Holleno it 2:30 pjn. ' • Ladies ijibie cln;j of the Flvsi Mctnodtst lliuich mcel!i)i< jyiili MIA Muni Webb, 7:31) p.m. .... SATUHDAV'S KVliiVrS .'". Children of Uoiifedcrni'y havl'.ii, luncheon melting \vllli Mnrv Jean Aflllch, .1 P. M. Bits oj News • Mostly Persona!. Celebrates t'fffh ISlrllulity. Lady ftuth Hcn'ucst, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. L. N. Henbsst, was I ho gut'tt of honyj 1 ut a party givou by' li;r.mothi'r to sixteen of her little friends Saturday afteraoon, in celebration of h»r Mlih blrthdsiy. In ifce games an:l contest;; FrancM Shovs,e and Chester Caldweil jr., won prizes. J UefieshiiK-jits ol blrlhilay calK, and let cream were ssrvod, a George Washington hatchrl wai iircicntel to each little gniit ;\s u souvenir, and Mrs. w. U. Williams presented a clown favor to each child. V * & t ' I'.'E. O, to Have Tea. The P. E. O. organization wll honor the girls of this year's hijl school, sraduatin5 dass \ a ten Io b?. t'ivcn at thr home of Mrs. 8 A. Lynch Wednesday afternoon Ths moUicvi of Ihs.sf-nlor j-iJls und the lilgh school faculty will also be guests from -1 to G o'clock - To- Have- I'rojntm on •'.'••-" : - r '-.i. Public Schoul Muilc. "'.MUs Mary E;iiim> Musi will b' Jaacto of the-: pro;ram lor Ilia • mtct- ing o'. the music department of th> Woman's club Wednesday nftsr noon, 3 o'clock, at (Ii3 jmiioi 1 hisV Echcol audi'.orhiiii, when o prnsmir on public bjlioal mutfi! win IM given ;MIIICS. c. E. Orlgger, W. o. Stan- .ton and.Hals.v:'jll be hostcsr.js. ...i. und Mrs. ',\:S' Ciotidinan spent ttiii vc3):-cjul In Maniphls, They were accompanied home Hun- dn.v " night by Oscar Hnr<lav;ay is iitlciidiiix to biii>liK'«i>hero. is:> Jan.- Holliprtc-r Is . con- scinK following an ouemtlon tor appendicitis al the lilythc- ville iKisplliil. Charles Owens, of Ltixora, is a paiknt ni Cue ij(. Joseph hospital ol -Memphis. •Mr. and Mr*. K. B. Woortsoii ,1111! family Kpeiit the .wi'tk-isnd .11 Mt'iiinhls ns'guests of Mr. and Mr... Ernest Uda and family, who .ormorly lived here. Mr. und Mrs. ilodncy l t . Hiin- .Elcr hrtd us th'.'lr unusls Sunday Ail' 1 , and Mrs. V'UH! Smlili, ui •/cxter. Mo. Mr.-;. Kniilli is Mis. i3nnlstcr's sister, ' Mte Nina cleaveiiijer spent I he •vce.Wmi ns the r.iucbt 'of Mis'; >'lrg!niu Davis al, her country 'Ihehua Johnson, of flat l«xkc, •mS'tlie crait of Ann* Buchanan .or the week-end, Mra. Rodney L. Banisi-jr nnd Mit. W. Leon Sinltli hponi Saturday in Memphis. Misses Mnrfjticrllj and Ruth Mutl.ln;ws were in Memphis S.U- irduy. j Miss Julia Cnrleuin .finis nut] 31>arlK; 1'eniV w::ic ihc cm sis of rlcnds in iMcmpJiit during the vcck-c-ncl. Mrs. L. P.. fji-iscoc spent Die .'eck-end in Diriiiinshiim. Ala., us listiniiEd from ii motor trip to catt- Kcutiich.v, Including liowlliig Oreen, l/mlsvllle and Frankfort. Thsy were' ncconijianied hy their (iauuhtcr, ana Ann, who attends fchoo! at, Murray, und Ulchanl Sliibbleflelil, of Murray. While away they vlsltc<l tile old state bii:icllns, thp museum and the new 1 the birthplace of Osceola Society — Personal Olrcl* A of the MflUjodidV s«nt«d to the iocicty. .TJi'cy arc Mrs. Anderson, MIK. owcm and Mrs. bcjran's. , ' * • Mrs. p. jf. Bijctwood,' Virginia aiuekwood. D. H. Blaekwootl Jr. and Charles Paul Bluc-kwood were Os- ccolu visitors Sunday. Mrs, uiack- ivcod, Virginia and D. H.,jr. went Io Dlytheville to see Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Wilson while Charles' and I'aul remained here with their bro ther, Bill. ied Will Hold Services flere for Mrs, Laura eertices TUESDAY,. FEBRUARY 26, 'dry up.fs Moffctl by observers of Ijie-SdijUicrii Pacific : Company, Thoy_'. claim that, not only is the lake 'a natural bowl for : lho water froin tho siirrountilng country, but " "'•"•• >•-- '••-- B c fresh w ,,. over Its bed. ruui'mi services wn bo hpd a\ i 7 -"•—""""b tyuui Cobb chapel -at 10 o'clock Weflnes ' • also , llas Eev «"'!i>r8e fre day morning for Mrs, Laura Mllfci- tcr;Wrl » M ^'tered mfr 53, wife of Will Miller, who 'died Ktuirday at Flint, Mich. Mrs. Miller made her liomp here for a number of years to stale buildhiB. the birthplace of , l ''™» A o( the M/HhochU Mlt- "llllsms returned lipme Monday. Daniel Boonc and other jiolnte of * lona >'y toclsty met at the home of Rev - nnd Mrs, .Moorehoad arc in interest. IMrs. yyfred Pi|jg Monday • nfter-1 uttle lo^ 19 attend the Mission- , , , her home in. cravi'Jordsvlllc. Mrs. Boxfmfln Jiad been ihc guest ol her daughter for several days. Mrs. returned lipnii} Monday. 1 Mrs - . . nfter-, ;, Mrs. Lac Max- ilrj ' illKl hos- Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Kskrldjjc, llo ?. n y - -== - of Eldoii. Mo., and Henry Herring- '• we "' anl1 Mrs - Lfl ° Wrlglil ton, of Sault ste. Mario, Mluii,, I trsscs - ' • were weekend guesis of Mr. and | Mrs. Will Sogers was prozrnm Mrs. 'IV w. Eskrlugf. Mr. fckrldgc lender und she IjudHhe members and Mr, Hi-rrlngion arc engineers p!»y St. Patrick games, Mrs John r,r it.« n,,^,i,,,. n ,,. _, ., Brlckcy gave a readliis" in keeping t)!e l.'c survey of the Unit- c I Miss lietiueiuly visit : .-Ktufly:Given al < : : : .,.Mvintes of Ui?. woman's Ma Mo:myuuxii!;ih- of t!i: Pin,- Pr»3, toylEriiiii chuvcli, had B imichsor . .msBlln» at- 'tl)o :ci:urch jfon when the book -plnnniiir; the a Life" 1VOS yivOll. The 27-pr2i'2!it hear;] Afvs. D, C i-icL?an give ihc tlevoUonal factor the s»ven chapters of HIP. book \V<T- taken up. . . - Mrs, Stuart H. Salman revbucr l^.:c fir.4 chapters and others taklu- pt'k, 'Loiiiw oninc Hilir! B.'R. Al• 1611, Fid Sandcfur unrt G. W. Oil- JaliiiK.fy and r.ic Rrv. Mr. SHlmor v.-lio rcvbv-eci the final chaptc-- : Mrs. Sam Thonvdr, ai v .l Mr5 . 3a i. mon sans "Esaiuifvl Garden o' mi Mrs. Ciiarics BrMv AplKi-non. who 31. nntl Mr.--. i Mrt.. iliiiiiuel C. Oiveu Jni.i gottc o St. Louis to visit tor ten days. ilie acccinpanled Mfas Mel! Hurls who will return 'Iluirsday from he national hair tliestcrs ccn- '^ntiou. Aiuoiis those from this city who ttendod die Junior Hnu'a.wah 'nncc ut Hayti fjunday nvwiins; ever Mr. am! Mrs. C. E. Coulter, Ar, TOd Mrs. Walter Rosemhal Irs. Fred Goldncr of Nashville _'emi., ;UK! Mrs. Currol Myers "I ! Jidoia. Ai'k., iiuiiocsitss'is 'at Mr. .'.id Mvt. KcvcnlhaJ. Mr. and Mrs. MUK. Moyci's, linvold atenibci'c li-w Siliilrnj 1,8 ngi A[ijs irVimfi^c 'jJifiillial, ,.t), C!wil<l nnd r-oiije sni:>\r. " - '•• • • ••• • II. J. rrteiX'ii, who ha? been i-lQUfly ill at. Ponrpuld (ur (he nst live vvciil;.-:, is no !;«ttcr. l!c r.d Mrs. Peterson are al the oinr of their daii-jlitpr, Mrs. i>. ;. IJosci';. iinil family. Mr. and Ire. Jirtimlr I J 5K:raon-;uitl Mr. and 'ro /•ai'on P.-ISIVOH tuciil the 'ich-enrl there aiyj plan tci. re- uvn ihcra njjsin tonight. Virgil F.'f,h(".', \vho has bsen s;- iously ill at Houston, Ten., i-i iimc'n nipruvecl :nid lias i-alnrucd home. J.;Bo-.vmniv was ill Memphis yes- •evd:ty uttc]>dins: to liiiiiiirij, A. 1 , c. Huch'im 1 ii!i:P lijvi Sny:32T ;avo gons to Little Rcct; »» Inisl- icss conei-rnlii:; il!;- suK-s tux con- rcH'i:rj;y. Ol!icl Bishop anj ' Jjtcl; salilia are •prnditijj ths day In Memphis, at- ert States governnicnl now headquartered ut Elrton. Mrs. Fiiy Molt, Mrs. J. is. fvjrrcll and daughtiir. Ann. of Mcmplus, Charles Elklni; und daujhUr, Kara, antt Wet;. Eva ElKlns, of Wilson, were Ruests o! Mr. mid Mrs. j. H. Eiklp.s Friday. Richard Ong sjitnl, tlio weekend In Memphis. E. c. ration vlsikd his family In Newport durlnc tho weckcntl. Mr. and Mrs. .;, jj glklns ant' Mr. nnd Mrs. M. H. Lagcrwall mo- lorod to Memphis Sunday afternoon. Mr. am! Mrs. Jesse IT. Webb will novo March 1 to ihe residence adjoining the Wi'lib J-.utnbcr company at Mnin »ud the Cotton Bull rall- voad. Mr. and Mrs. Lafayette May will move at thu .same time to the adjoint'^ house. These residences ire to be redecorated both on tlie Ins'dc niifl outside. Walter Dowell Client the weckent) in Mi-mphls, ' Miss Selma M,:K;innon Jud as hi'r f.uest. lor (he weekend Hsibert Hushes, of Scnrcy, Ark. America with the St. Patrick program. Circle 13. of the Mtclhodlsi. Missionary society met at the liome of Mrs. u. N. race with, Mrs! O. W. Knight, MM. G. i,. Gldscoe and Mrs racs us hostesses. •'. Afler » shorl business meeting the members were entertained with games. • * * W. M. S, met al the home of Mrs. C. c. Bowen Monday afternoon. Circle 2, .with Mrs. j. T. fihcdcs M Khali-man, had charge of the program, wlillo circle 1 acted as hostesses. The topic of the subject for the meeting MS "Lifting the. Banner of the Cross in Our Own Und." Mines. R. H. Jones, George H. Deer W. M. Glewart. I. s.'Burton. Paii- llnc Lrace, Imogenc Pandcrcrast Walter Immamicl und Gill Mnstens took parts on the program. Mrs. idn -nicker gave as the topic' of her Bible study/ for the afternoon "A Good ncnorl ThroiiEh Fnith." Three new. members were WANTED . Evangelistic- conference Tuesday.'and- Wednesday.' Mr. and .'Mrs; Bell Butler rctunjed Monday from Hot Springs where ihey attended, the oncnlnu of the lacing season. P.'J. Thomus of Blythevllle, and Mrs, Lucilc 0. Check- ; of Loray, N. ttie Baptist parsonage by the Rev. E. II. Cole, of Osceola. The only ;Htciid.iiiit5 were Mrs. Cheek's two children. Mr. und Mr*. Thomas plan to "make their home In North Carolina, Breaks Arm While Skating her cnil years ago, The Rev. Alfred |s. .,„.,„.,„.. pastor of the First BnpUst. church will olliclatr. at the sarvici's, ln- lenncnt will be made af, Maple Grove cemetery. The Cobb Un'dpr- taklng company Is In charge of-fu- iicrul arrangements. ;. Mrs. Miller is survived' by her husband, two daughters, Mrs Nell Grubbs and Mrs. Lucy Wright of Missouri; a son, Ted Grimes and i ,„ i . »V , ««*.<.m, ami ">i u.wv^ rtu« j Uo sisters, Mrs. 3a e Dill Scoll, of Clly Drug. Store. Carmi, ill,, and Mrs. j. p. Pressley ' who lives in Kentucky. ' Lax The Bladder UMJ ,Tunl|icr Oil, isuclm'Haves, Ktc. - This .«c lest free if it falls; If Irregularity wakes yon up, flusli out. impurities and excess acids, Get uuclui leaves, juniper oil, etc., In Illlle green ttihle'ts called BU- KET15, tlie bladder lax. Works on the tlaclciov similar (o cusior oil on ths bowels, Poorly acting bladder can cause disturbed sleep, frequent desire, scanty now, Inirn- intf'.'pv backache. In four days. if not, pleased any druggist will refund your 25c. Get your ieeu- Inr Bleep and fee! "full of pep 1 '. Great Salt Lake Overcome Drought . -A<lv 135.13 ' Positive Relief For Itchy Skin Cooling and soolliIni!'H[u<. S| ;ir Ointment melts on Hie skin, H'liiljn;. tested medicines deeply into pores \viierc il quickly lulls ittli, H'ltcr, i rash, eczema, foot itch, ringworm,; etc. Moucy Lack 1C first jar fails, i Service Sta. AUK. MO. STATU J.INli Super Shell Gas ' at Missouri Prices • Frances' Sandwich Shop in connection boys. The accident occurred on the Holly street hill. Although she Is confined to her home for .several days the arm healing nicely. CCiDEK. Utah (UP)-The (.--real. Salt, Lake of Utah Is slowly over- •- comiiiB the effects of last, year's droiiBht, ~ i. It was then drnincd below any prc.vious record, exceptmg that of recordings began. Tlie rumor that the lake might. Hen's Planned Defense AGAINST Head Courier News Want Ads. //. Loosens Cough DOSES m i VtfauWmt actlOD—ailult or clUM—rcly on Filei's llmif l undTar. Don't wxlwt A eoid- .pough! It mav Ixxome «r- lous. Clot FOl.EY'S lod«T. J Tnko no othor. Moncy-baiac guamntco. At oil ifmgglnta. ''ABtubbora cnld^oTi^li PRICELESS INFORMATION ! ^ —for Ihososiitrcriui; froin lft\ STOMACH OR OTKIIIENU, UI.CEHS. POOH DICKS- I ION. AGIO MVSI'EPSIA. SODA STOMACH. «ASSI- NVSS, HEARTBURN, CON. JATION; BAD BREATH. -I'LEbSNRSS OR llF\n, -i ACHES. DUE TO EXCdSS \"li) » Alt [orarr(«n>J»-of H-lllanTi, W- J •11; AuthoiiieJ Will^iJ Ueakis 3iaK4 ' KOHINSON' DKUG CO. Phone 4« - 205 . We Deliver When Colds THREATEN If a Cold STRIKES ...VICKS VA-TRO-NOI At the first warning sneeze, stuffiness or nasal irritation, quick):., apply Vicks Vo-tro-nol—just a few drops up cadi nosttil. Its timely use helps to prevent many colds, ami to throw off colds in their early stages, ...VlCKSVAPORUB Don't experiment or take lialf-way measures. Rub on Vicks VajioRub -standby of two generations for relieving colds. Its diiect double action —by stimulation and inhalation—helps to emi a cold. ' BUIlDMSISTANCtTOCOlDS-by following Ulc simple health ruka thai arc also a part of Vicks Plan for Better Control of Colds (Full details of tins clinically tested Plan arc in each Vicka package.) . M. H. Cameron has ( TOI:C to Ful•ou. Ky.. ivh:j. s . ] !0 j s ,' 0 mlulag; , ,, vvoBer slonv H ?:t:dmon and dauclittr are now at 'owe at \n Easi Davis. Mr. yii(i Mrs. 'I'. \V, Estaldgo have "•Ar^Mn-'Fee! a Cold I" tl«j b!iiincc-s ti-ssion ii'-tsi'lH over bj- MrsVC. M. Cray, plans v'cVc inado for a party to be B iven •JTiur.v <lay cvaning.. TI,J S .,, tlll ril -,j, , )r cailecl, ths "Arkansa.s College party mul air offering l:U:en \illl b wilt to that -Es'liool which is ll lt Synociicnl school: $10,000,000 Tunnel" '•••V : Put Up to PWA . BEDFOHD, bre.'Fupi-A millior : po.'tci-a-wiie tunrel ihioush th • SL-kiyoii mouniaiur- (hat M-paniu Ores en and Callfortila • i s -(;,.- mo PCJ-al laid before \[n PWA • Tlic . luniicl." iar'-mili-j. ' Unir; voiihl handle both ntil ami iiiyh. way traffic. Three liouis would 'lit cut.from Portland-San Fnmcisc- railiKitl' lime ; ni«r one ho::t frna , :;aulGnic:c!b.' time, tomplelely clim • :.-.natins'; 'the highway lh!>t' nuke /38'-cotr!plclc fltclcs .In' a dislar.c. Df. 10 inllfe. -...•' D.UESisu slsns ot ^ cold com- en nt-eil Ilie brat of nttentioiti. Takn Thrdfonl'a IIKiik-DriiliStit !o.' avoid rouJtip;Kio:i. v Aiiuilo of .men ,i!.il wo bare foiuul lian-'woll Ulack-IJiti sight orVfi v.itlioiit slckr-nliij; effects. Keep u packasc uf Illiici;- nniusht liiiml;.-. and vo-.its.'ir. ICl J-OUI'L me u I> ln coiiillllon with n tlir. towels ilalty. 8UACK-DRAUGHT In 25 /d"A'""'u'-i-ti° I * lt cqut "''- " (ii diiconfen* of^diS" )mi ^ '$£. r.hv • .ii. JJ-,,.~ i:»._ . i . *' w GET THAT. , '"GOOD GULF : " .'GASOLINE FOR .ROWER-SPEED '. ' 'A.NP PiCK-UP WANT TO T KNOW HOW uouui 0 m •s:> ':- "T - 'r' -u't^-rxsuiouc Mb t forrutoji •-.•'• \giauiry ,<OUB« ;*'tlrim Chu, d,i „„,, .;V; ; <-f«rai.aia(.. Itttifi.Vf. " """»-• ii^ik^.5ji ! i5'^v : .V''.". f SNi|#,"^.fe:;'j'-.t.i-:Sv.V:, mrnx^m&i^^ • v- E. M. McCALL Distriljutor V X m ^ ^ X^ , ' LUCKIES USE - ,.i'.. . • ,S S' !!>HI«. i n'Uioi.*.i ;1 ... <J r«.pj*,-' " Others may disappoint. I never dp. I'm always mild, always liiu- to tsstc—bcnuiscM'ni uindc of fragrant, expensive center leaves, only. Turn your back oh top leaves. I do. They're raw bitter, siingiii";. Turn your back on bottom leaves because these coarse, sandy, grimy bottom leaves don't belong iii yoiir'smokc. Before I ;cqnsidur-it. worthy, every leal uimt be a center leaf, .mild, line-tasting, fragrant. Thai's why I'm y our best friend, LEAVES,,.CENTER LEAVES GIVE YOU THE MILDEST SMOKE :

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