The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 24, 1947 · Page 12
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 12

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 24, 1947
Page 12
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PAUB TWELVE BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS THURSDAY, JULY Z>\, 19'17 iUK BLyTHBVILLR COURIER NEWS TUB COURIER NBV.S CO "'H- W HA1NE8, Pu'Ulllui JAMES U VEKHOEFF, Editor i-AOL D, HUMAN, Advertising Manager l Advertising Representatives: Co.. New York. CWcwo. Detroit. tater«l Every Afternoon tecept Sunday as second class matter at the Ppst- ArkHnsas, under act of t/on- 1811. Served by the United SUBSCRIPTION RATES: By c.rrler In the c«y ol eiythcvllle or JSr.ii torn .where carder serv ce is n any mum- payable In advance. Meditation And'^siid unto them: Go ye also into H-e vtneyara, "and whatsoever is rUjlit I will S ivc you. And'they went their way.-Malllic* 20:1. * * * A fair day's wages for a fair day's WOIK; it is as Just a demand as Governed men ever made of government.—Thomas Carlyle. mention the clause in the agreement which says the minors will work when they are "willing and able." That is not a guarantee of increased effort which the operators can depend on in scheduling prices. "The people of Uic country," says the President, "have the right to demand that their prosperity shall not hu imperiled by immediate increases in the price of coal and in the price of steel." But the President was not heard telling John L. Lewis that the people had the right to demand protection from immediate increases in the cost of producing those items. It all seems to go back to two poi 1 - sistent, prevalent notions: that there is something immoral about operating a business at a profit, and that there is no real relation between costs and prices. "You're a Little Premature, Aren't You?" Passive Obstructionism Senator- Taft, replying Ho iovmor Supreme Court Justice Uobm-ts, says t" he has not obstructed consideration ol *'• the universal training bill by Congress '• because -'we have not even liad hoar- ings in committee." • The Ohio senator may not be "obstructing" the bill. But, aa a power in -Congress, his known opposition lias not helped to speed action It would seem wise if he would at least adopt a neutral attitude for the time toing and permit the evidence, pro and con, to be presented. Again, the Wage-Price Problem There can be no quarrel with the noble purpose of President Trunnn's appeal to the coal operators and steel producers. Nobody is anxious to pay even more for the manifold products which use coal and Ktccl. Hut one illicit question Mr. Truman's economic reasoning. It is hard to tell, from the tone ol' his message, whether ho wants a delay in coal and steel \ivicc ; increases, or whether he thinks such increases are unnecessary. He says an immediate irr creaseL;''woulcl be a serious blow.' to our economy and tortile contiiuiahof of the present high level of production and employment." But how would a later increase bo absorbed with no ill efleet? It might §eeni that the added price, not the timing, is the real problem. Mr. Truman charges that "the effect of the wage settlement is badly misrepresented by the bare -statement that it amounts to an increase of about 45 cents per hour in the wages of the miners." He says that the public does not yet realize the new contract's actual : ; impact on the cost of producing coal. At the same time lie clearly implies that neither he nor the operators understand that impact, cither. So lie wants the operators to hold off until they can discover just what it is (joing to cost to mine coal. Tims it hardly seems that the settlement has been "badly misrepresented." Furthermore, there has been more • than the bare statement that the miners will get 45 cents more an hour The United Mine Workers Journal has already figured out that the agreement will raise the labor costs of coal production by 65 to G7 cents a ton, and that the cost of converting pig iron into steel will now be about 85 cents a ton more. Already coal prices have risen 50 cents to $2 a ton. Perhaps S2 a ton is too much. We don't know, although it seems Hkc.'ly that somo producers and manufacturers have used incrr;ascd labor costs to overprice their products. But it is also possible that there are , cases in which other non-labor costs are a factor in legitimate price increases. .'twere is also the matter of production'; efficiency, which results in lower cosls and lower prices. It is "emphatically ..the.obligation of these managers (operators) to secure" greater efficiency, says Mr. Truman. But this may necessitate an initial outlay of money. The President speaks of "the savings in costs which will accrue from the regularized work day and work week, and from the increased effort of workers who enjoy better wages ami greater security." But he docs i»t The American System' What we call, for want ol a more precise term, "the American System" is being asked to prove itself—perhaps us never before. Beginning wit!) the '29 criisli and the depression of the 30's | traditional undercurrent.* ol self-criticism swelled Into :orrciH. Tlinl, in itself, has been healthy, and, in the very nature of democracy, inevitable, lint with trie risi! of totalitarian systems of the right and lelt, that, torrent has been exploited^ lor purposes ulterior to Americans' own lioncst desire to set, their house In onlcr.. Today, many sincere cltl/wns find It dilUcnll, to discern between sell-criticism by loyal patriots and boring from within by subversives tm'.l native "fascists." Otiiers are unduly troubled, and wonder if the American dream, niter all, is not to be fulfilled. This makes a climate of thinking that needs vigorous correction. How can 11 be done? Certainly not by smothering sell-criticism. Certainly not by chauvinistic fine-waving, no by sugar-coated eulogies of n system everybody knows lias yet to realize Its lull promise. Denunciation of "Communists" niul "ngitntors" brings but limited and often dubious return;;. Agitators are symptoms more than caucc.v The answer, we believe, lies In getting at, and correcting the defects and inequities and in milking the good tilings better. The- American System is tnarvclously workable. But it must, be worked—worked by Americans pulling together. A few days rigo we observed editorially that , the most hopeful single ucment in today's cco- ( nomlc picture lies in a growing social-minded/ ness on the part 0"! American business—in the lact thnt businessmen are "waking up to the truth that the welfare ot no <ma Is secure unless Hie welfare of all is protected." Tills awareness goes far beyond the field of business. Many groups, from social service and civic agencies to labor unions and associations of industrialists, are pushing programs directed toward putting a more solid ami more enlightened teamwork behind the American System. To inform our readers about some of these elfoHs this newspaper Is beginning at once a series ol special articles. Thesfc will appear in the news columns. —CHRISTIAN .SCIENCE MONITOR. Senate Disapproves Disapproval To Pass Truman's Housing Plan •» lly rilKDKKHIK C. OTHMAN (United 1'iu'ss Stuff O"respondent) WASHINGTON. July 24. (UP) — I liuve spent n Ions day watching .sonic gentlcmen-in-a-hurry; Sciiu- tors "rushing" — and do not Ignore Hie quotes — to pdjourn by Saturday night. No .sweat did I notice on their brows. They were, in fad, talking along as nsui',1 with only moderate- The DOCTOR SAYS BY WILLIAM A. O'JIUIKN', M. !>• Written for NEA Service vonible cutcome tan be an- alcd in about H<) per cent of _ _ patients with painlul attacks C!U1S ~}'mount of ann-w:iv!iiK. table-pounded by <v Clet in the coronary ar- (in ,, ii;1( , floor-stomping. First thin/ lory, if modern treatment i-i lid- j t ., lew (a nir( , trilmle to Sena- ministered. Use of remedies to tor '. u c | 0(1 , lcincc) ' j was »eU)n« m- control execre.-.sivc blood clottmK tc! . cslccl j u their conversation. "•'^'ncntions" 1 • pl ' OVClU " lg fU I It turned out Hint the ISanklnR ' patients with Hardening of the Committee had vAcd '« dlsap- coronary arteries, the vessels which, prove a bill aisa|..p,ovmg P eside, supply the Heart .muscle with Wood.! Truman's scheme tc I'corganl/e his are most apt to develop a clot housm;, agencies '.ynh the U as- .thrombcsis) T.he area in the sorted flavors. If that sound con Us mrrrly the Senate's i'l ill UIH w\.ai;»; . ' i>J tv; tu i cb "' v- , lirt-rt mus-le supplier by the plug- ' plicated, M ed vessel is partin/ly destroyed.] uay of saying "ve.-.. but when healins occurs, p. scar So the'rcmcn replaces (he (injured mm:cle. Men arc more opt lo develop roronnry thre.inbosri.s than women. (follow closely, stud!'nt.;t uere on the floor trying to get the Senate to approve their disapproval of ths disapproval. rpon'.aiioous. it may bv And there was Sen. Harry I 1 , accompanied by n severe pain over Byid of Va.. the economical nom- ine hp.nrt. behind the sternum or ocrat saying null to the \vhob in 'lie ,p',t o,l the :;tomach. (idea. And there -.v:i>; Sen. Robert A. Men a-re more apt to develop, Taft. the Republican, defendm;; rTcnary thrombosis than women.j Mr\ Truman's plan. Usuallv fipnntoiieous, it may boj You'd think, uyril said, when a accr'r-l'iilcd -ry n severe pain cvr-r 1 president asks for authority to re- Ilic heart, behind the sternum or j nrgani/e 1 his hou.';:iig set-up, IVd in the pit, of tho stony.Svh. | figure out how to chop 0111. a few UsuaFv U. is nci'esnrv lo sum- i bureaus, fire a fc-.v hriulrod bureau- ion a physician to relieve the P^" 1 , crats. and save the taxpayers a ;lt- vith opiates bec-aus? ot iUs ^'"iiie dough. But \v!:::t happens? crily. I "He wants to add another jne Absolute physical and niont:u of ti lcsc bureaus on top of all the 't is indicnteci, -.uul visitorschwiM other bureaus," .Tin. Byrd said. ! restricted to a few for vovyj .. This js , lo thi n o n c\v. Time airl •rief stays. Everytlhii" should 1)C jti mc a! r a j n the pamc tiling has done to insure tho p'ltient's comfort, ond anxiety should be re- nvestigators of Bureaucracy in This Nation : ace Seemingly Endless Task, Edson Suggests BARBS BY HAL COCHRAN keep your lettuce By I'ETKIt KDSON NEA Washington Correspondent WASHINGTON. July 24. (NEA) — Norman Armour, new Assistant Sc- retary of State ami very fresh on he job. got thro'.ui to the lions his irst week In Washington by having o tnkc Secretary Marshall's weekly iress conference. He did is best by saying in the softest of •voices and gentlest of manners that he had no information on thb> question, there was nothing new on that, and so-and-so was not in his field of competence. It was nil over In a hurry with no news. On the ivny out one reporter asked another in mock seriousness, "How did you interpret that last mumble?" ENDI.KSS TASK If the new tripartite commission of congressmen, administrators ami businessmen to investigate government bureaucracy spends only one day on each unit, It will take nearly seven years to complete the job. The Investigation was called for by -\ resolution introduced by Sen. Henry Cabot Lodge, ,lr.. of Mnssn-" chusettB, nnd Congressman Clarence^ Bro*n of Ohio. The idea was to' see if more simplicity and efficiency 1 could be introduced. Comptroller General Lindsay C. Warren says the investigation will be a waste of time and effort, but nobody paid hfm any attention. As Sen. Goergc Aikcu of Vermont points out, there are now 2:170 principal offices on the federal go- vernment organisation chart. There Are TO bureaus. Kt seel ions. 128 services. 110 brandies. Mil offices and CT divisions. As a first step to standardize their operations. Senator Aiken suggests that they be renamed. He would put at the toi> level only 10 departments, those headed by cabinet oirtccrs. :;ext in relink , plemental list. A test case, will b set up on one application to ge Ihe law interpreted by the courts, then the other applications will be acted upon. The new law is much more liberal than the old, in thai it permits trademarks to contain geographical terms and surnames. Only test is that the trademark would be the independent agencies must be capable of distinguishhiK which he would call bureaus. I the applicant's goods or services. Thru in the departments and bu- I Proving violation of trademark will reaus would be divisions, branches. I be made a lot easier, too. ieved by proper explanation. 'Patient should cat f.i«htly for the first few daj'S. after which soft foods can he tnken. with pmall s'cs of milk between meals. If healing is progressing favorably after the fii-.t week, the diet tc liberalized, but the stom-achi should not, be overloaded. [ nimo STOPS FURTHER CLOTS Diciminrol, a special drut;. is of great value in stepping further development or clots in the coro- mry m.rterics. althcu,<;h it docs not, pppcr.r to have -any effect on a. clot which lias a'lreadv formed. Results to date indicate 'that a creat nil'iiy lives are being sived time happened during the last few years." Somcijody wanted to kno.v tlv; ir.sme ot the proposed new agency to guide the 13 others in charge, of housing. Sen. Ralph E. Flanders. R , VL, in charge of getting the reorganization approved, said he first understood it was to be called the National Housing Agency. "But they changed it to 'he Housing and Home Finance Agency." he said. '•Why?" demanded Sen. Harry F. Cain. n.. Wash. "I have no idea," confessed Sen. Flandors. "Well, I have," interjected Sen. Homer Ferguson, R, Mich. "They bv modern tre-iUnciit of patients want to expand. So they expand with acute attacks of coronarv first with their use of the Alpha- thrcirb-si.s. Future devd'opmen'.s. bet." may inchxie giving special remedies to .persons who suffer from difficulties in their coronary circulation to prevent the formation .sections and unity, ranking in that .order. ' THE VimvrUINT CHANGES ,-. In the Senate tax reduction dc- baie. Sen. Joseph C. O'Malloney of DIGGING FOU POKK CHOPS Another side angle on the meat -situation comes from John L Lewis' I new contract. Coal miners are said to be great pork eaters. Their new Wyqmins; quoted President Hard- Jllg'.s Kccretaiy of the Treasury Andrew W. Mellon lo the effect that | 'debt reduction, was not a bad thing for business, as some people contend Sen. Millard Tydings ol Maryland interrupted to Don't let the weeds Retting a head I The popular w;iy of reading menus these days Is looking al the prico and seeing what you can £d for il, • • • Caution and cure will keep forest fires Irom being as destructive a.s picnickers. * * * Little kills' stomachs will tic Hie first to knmv when preen apple season is with ;is again. * * * People who predicted n cool summer Fhollld be made to spend most of il hi a phone boot It. remark. In those days they used to listen to Mellon. In these days all they I *i'nnt'tp dn is cut a melon." | [^dver 7700 applications for irndc-! .marks on ™lio programs have been received by the U- S. Patent Office for i-rpstry under the new .the last Congress. The old law Was written before radio programs were common eunuch to have tillcs. tint now the various "for- tims" ami "liours" have a definite identity and trade value and they are eligible for icg'.stry on a sup- wage agreement, guaranteeing good pay for a full ycai is expected to slioot up pork consumption in the nearly halt-million families in coal mining communities. John B. Blandford. Jr., has returned to Washington alter a year in China as financial adviser tc Chiang Kai-shek, and he has cleared up a minor mystery. Before go ing to China. Blandford had bcei with TVA, Budget Bureau and th wartime Housing administration ; It was generally supposed he wn ["kicked upstairs" to China to mak way for Wilson Wyatt as Housin t^xpcditcr. The real story is Ilia Blandford had once told the Prc sidcnt that he would like a foreig assis'iuncnt some time. Truman re nicmbered that when Ihe Chin job oiKiied up. IN HOLLYWOOD SO THEY SAY RV F.RSKlNi: .IOIINSON NEA Staff C'nrrrspimilrnt HOLLYWOOD, JlJ'y 24. INK A'ter 21 years ?,s the "Chirk ble of 't-hc opera." Ezio Pir.7.i been "discovered" by the bcKTY f:<ixo,rs. T.he Rrrot icsso. tnll mid eni filled <i cigsrct holder with Ion. put in a ciRiirrt. lit it. wid he was v inst about as prised i>s Al Jolson. Th wrtn:cjli! <'.( :>.:, i:i;sc:;, -17 51 nnisUr.-hi.-.. '2'2 pairs of I v.-avts. 15 dillrrcnl :;ctx oj i mils, '11 i::':ir.^ <if beards. caiTi, 11 fiitRcr- eyb'.ow.s. seven Blalislics show that in industrial areas where smoke is prevalent, the death rate is 31 per cent higher than in areas where the air Is reasonably free from smoke.—John O. Pnsco, combustion engineer, l/misvillc. Ky. Jf we cannot apply projiosals such as tluv.e submitted by the Balkan Investigation Committee and now In the United States resolution. \ve had better tear up the Charter—onrt pack up.-Sir Alexander Cadogan. British delegate to the UN. The United Stales just can't go on year alter year increasing its shipment.-; to Ihe food importing countries.—Clinton 1>. Anderson, secretary of agriculture. » * W Our experience with the Foremen's Association of America has forced us to the conclusion that management, unions In this company are unsound in principle and unworkable in prac- tlce.-^iohn S. Burgas ) vice president. Ford Molor Co. • • • If the United States ever becomes involved in an atomic war, or in any ether kind of \var of the future, a well-trained citizenry will mean lli» difference between victory and defeat — Uobert P. Patterson, secretary of wnr. hobhy- dvscovcred .lolr.on i to Lurry Parks) in "T'nc S'ory," ivnd the si-mo bchbv- arc .liscovcrinc 53-yr-ar-oM i thank;, lo himself) in Ihe "Carnegie Hall.' The -Frank Sinai n of lnn:-h,\ir music took three p-iffs of the ci'-:a- rcl and stamped it. nut. "Doctor's orders." he Saul "I''s the ott'.v thing I do for mv voice. I can r.moke rs inanv ciaare;* as I want but only a few puffs o;f each one. It's only bud. mv rt'Ttc-r says, w'len you rn-oke "em d-.«>t lo 'lite bulls." E7.'o can afford it. Op^ra fans di.scovrred him a long liire a^r>—he lins born a Mft one'ii S'T for 21 y-ari— but nn'il now. Holly .vo=d has prii-tir.d'.y icn r rc(l him. "l( is flinnv." lie ?avs "Mv gvoatcst amhitioH—to art in !!"• miivlrs—Mas never been roMi/ril until now. It Is funny lirrnusr I am a hlc Inm." TFRKIFHJ TEST M-G-M testcri hvn in 1DI3. ^ii-,1 the lest VMS "terrific" :\:v\ that they would gci. in touch .wi'h his ac'-nls. But nothins hapoenrd. David O. Sc'znick offered him ;\ contract. "But Hie money," he fays, "was mnch loo litMr." More than one Hollywood scout has seen F.z;o ns the- if'i priest in "The Birier of Sevire." the sin'sler F.ffyptlan lush priest in "Aidn," the run-lovinr;! phllosophcy Colllne In "Li .Bolie-1 mr." the brutal murdered in "Ris-! oVttio," 'the crezy minis'rel in "Mlgnon," the Jealous lover in "La Oicconda," the romantic; "Dan But ••CiriiCL'ie lli'll." just now Vcinp: rclra-crl. .; his first ap- p-i\r:iiu:f bclnro u Ei'm ci'tncra. Ho liker, it. t<M. UP likes lo act. "Eon:c:l.u"." i'.e said. "I wotll. - ,l like (^ :i-'t in :< movie without I Miigir.2. Then I v.iv be" thanks. C . 0 : STAUS WITH n.UT.HTKII J "' ;> "' EZ1O is iiviiiLi ni jrollywond this ^'Tinnier with hi:; sercnui wife, a forir.rr Met b:illi-l daiir-i;r, their t.wo rhildri-n. .six-viv.r-o'.d Clrlia rncl thrcr-ye ir-rhl Pietri). and His 21-yM •!•-«'cl d:im-!ilcr by his first, marriage, Ciatuiia. Claudia j -st arrived in A-r.fric.u after .•^uciyin^ oi)e!.\ in I'.'dy ar.d Mii"hv jevcral 'iirporlanl rcrfiir- nl-'jiccs Ihcriv And. of all tltinss. Ezlo wi'.l. sim: "M.-pliisto" opposite her -Marsucritc" in "Faust" with the Snn Franci.scn O'^cra in Pan Fr.uu-i. <-o ;uirl Los An^e'es in Sc|:tcmb?r. It's Die first father- (CiushlPr io.nbin.ition of that caliber in fi'moit n hundred years, rirzi's nrxt fihn :ii:pe:irance will tc in "II:'hcs lii TV.Innd." scheduled for fihrnv: n:-xl year. He's billed in "C>rncKic Hall" ns "The Grc^'iest Sin"in:: Actor of His Generation." He likes word octor. "Ij^ts ol p^cn^." he s 1 .',s. "ran sing. IVit it is the iM-rsonant.y Uiat counts." fine themselves to one or two par On the contrary, '.hey will found with different partners practically every tournament. As result, before the start of the gal the partners ask a few queslio about handling certain siluatioi such as, "Do you use weak trumps or slroiirj no trumps? 1 One often hears a player another. "Do you use Blackwood? The expert usually will reply, "Only when il is obvious." The Blackwoori convention is a 'valuable asset if it is not overdone, so clcts. QUESTION: Will children out- ow soiiint .'(cross eyes)? e\VER: 111 the first onths of life n-cst infan'..s have tcnclcncv lo cress their eyes. As cy develop. thi> ciisapnears. but it pe-stels it must, be treated, as I [v j^ v { !icy wn!1 t ey do not "outgrow it" exccyt, (JI1C T),J S bousing losirg the site in one eye. 5 Years Ago In Blytheville — Mr. and Mrs. M. A. Isaacs today ceiveci word of- the marriage of liss Marguerite Huey of lake hallos. La., to Mr. Joe Felsenthal ormerly of here and now of Lake harles. Mrs. J. P. Pride, whose home was estroycd by fire Thursday morn- ig. was given a kitchen shower l>v lembers of the Womans Auxili.t;y f the First Presbyterian churc'M •esterday. Dr. and Mrs. L. S. Briscoc at- entled the Peach Festival yeslcr- lay in Forrest City. Neighbors In the Bering Strait. United States and Russian territory is nnly two -nut one-half niile.s apart. Big Diomede Lslancl bo"ongs to Russia, while "LiUle Diomcdc belongs to the United States. Truman's plan will go into effect. You .see what T mean. When these Senators fold their tents and cutty sneak away, I'm BOing to 'cm. Terribly. Silodor A None » A.K.Q 10742 4> KQ J 87 * A95 • A9765? . * 1096 Tournament — Both vul. South West North East P.TSS Pass I V Pass 2 » Pass 4 N. T. Pass 5 » Pass 6 » Pass Opening — + S 24 McKEMNEY ON BRIDGE , / o - '." , , {)/ HUtCKlCOOd i make-im tablo has bom the taCk of ll\e Mel for yoirs— an as- n> . vil.l-IAM «• McKKNNI'.Y Aiv-nira's rani Authority W"'» for SKA Service Tournan-.ent players do not con- hearts. the expert restricts ils use. When today's hand was playe the North player was Sidney Silo dor of Philadelphia. Pa . one of tl nation's outstanding players. Wi his hand some players migTH b tempted to employ ft two-bid, bi Silodor preferred to open the bl ding with one heart. When his partner bid two di inoiids. Silodor knew thai he h at least a trick and n half. If happened to have any two ac Ellodor was safe for a slam. Therefore, over two diamonds he used the Blackwood four no- trump bid, and it. was quite obvious that it must be an acc-rcquest bid. When South showed his two ares with the bid of five hrarU, Silodor bitl the small slam 1" Read Courier News Want Ads. Sen. Byrd returned to the subject, namely economy, lack of. He said so far President Truman has sent it]) the Senate three different . plans to reorc:am/:e Ihree different • segments of government. When the president started this rrorgaiiizinsj 1 there were 1,152 federal boards, four tun-cans, and agencies In Washington. ' "And all 1.152 r.till are." moaned the gentloman [rotn Virginia., "On- r to acid another tiling will, cost more; not less " Sen. TaTt said not lo be loo sure about that. He said let these i:i separate housing bureaus go their separate ways with responsibility lo nobody but the president, and all 13 will grow. He gestured with liotn hands. I don't kno.v exactly what his gesture meant, but I would say it somehow suggested a large elephant. Tnft said Mr. Truman was carrying out Congress 1 ideas. He said next year Congress must do a real job on Ihe housing problem. "And another thing." snapped Sen. Byrd. "Take this Home Owners Loan Corporation. Established during the depression to help people with their mortagcs It's still with us. And the president wants to keep it,. Why shouldn't the HOLC be liquidated? If it still has any houses on its bands, now is the time if ever there was a time to sell 'cm. 1 ' Sen. Cain said it was odd. with 13 multi-million dollar, nationwide housing bureaus in operation, how few roofs the government had managed to -put over the heads of Ihc homeless. He said he realized the; problem uas a complicated one. but. he knew of no other agencies which had sivcn the ITtxpaycr so poor a run for his money as the federal housing bureaus. And prel- ty soon the disapproval was disapproved, -17 to 38. That means Mr. Radio-Stage Star HORIZONTAL 1,6 Pictured . M Poker stakes ) 15 Captive 16 Crclan mounl G Ran 7 Woody plant. 8 Lubricates ' 9 Doctor of Holy Scripture - (aM llllr.ndlcd /.^ 12Lons! and i3 Melancholy) 10 Observe 20 Felix (ab.) MSSahomflcilyJJ^S •0, Stage whis,er nccipicn t 26 Sylvan deity 2 5Cliooscby, 2(1 Mountain pas"> . ,, lot ' •2!)Kxist 26 Philippine•M Compass poinl iR i nIu l f * 3'1 Pompons show 42 Italian city, 31 Volume 32 Dry 33 Snake ' 35 Doctrine* 37 Lariat - 40 Hawaiian ^ j pepper ' : 41 Moors . • : 45 Knock : .inGolf ternA 47 Be displeased 49 Fourth mouth : (ob.) 5(1 Toothless 52 Khc acU on the 54 Withstood 55 Strict :V VERTICAL 1 Palestine cily 2 South Ameri! can mountains 3 Kind of type 4 French article 5Onager/. ... 27 Got up 3'i Traps i 35 Small caudle 'jC Elude 38 Malayan ] i~ y rmimal ^ 39 Protective -41 Accomplish- merit •13 Require 4 i Symbol for lin 47 Rights (ab.). '18 Transposes j (ab.) 51 Symbol for ' nickel S3 Near v.

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