The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 14, 1933 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 14, 1933
Page 4
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PAGE FOUR BLYTHEVILLE, COUKIEfr: NEWS SATURDAY, OCTOBER U, 1933 THE BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS TILE COURIER NEWS CO.. PUBLISHERS ' 0, R. BABCOCK, Editor 'H. W, HAJNES, Advtrtiilug Manager Sole National Adrerttslng Representatives: Arkaaui Dailies, Inc., New York. Chicago, Detroit, Bt. IXKiU, Dallas, Kansas Cl!y, Little Rock. Published Every Afternoon Except Sunday. IRA, Entered as second class matltr at Ihe !>osi o.nflce at BlytlievUle, Ar- kiiisio. under act. ol Congress CX- T-i.— toter 8, 1917. Served ny Ihe TJnlle/1 Press. j . By carrier in me Cllv of Blylhcvlllo, 15c r* r »tek or SG.M per year In advance. By mall within a radius of 50 miles, $3.00 per year $1 » for sis mounts, E5c for throe months; uy mail In postal zones two W six. Inclusive, $<i.5u per year, in zones seven and eight, flO.OO iwr year, payable in aOvante. sort of 1'cnsoniiig to rJmosl every commodily you buy. iV.'iatcver else it nmy do, a rising pi'ico level at leiist, saves us from the ruinous "hargftins" we have been getting in ihi; hist couple of years. - llruce Calton. An Object Lesson On ihe, NZU) Economy A snwrl Ntw V» store Hit other day iin^cnU'd onu'ul llii- brsl ul>.ki:t lesson-; yd ilcvisuil tn show just. hmv tlif I'niHs of ;> risinu pi ice level an: lt> Ijc ri'a;n:(l. Ill :i fiill-l>ii}re III'.WS|>;'.IKT ;ulvo]'li«'- HK-nt, il printed two pictnrrs of mc'n'.s .shirt:-;. 'Fl-.c whivt- were jdoiitical in appciirunci'. in inaU'i'i.'il, in cut, Mini in. workiiiiinship. Um; of llu'in sold for 8!) ceiils; Ihi; othtr for Si. as. The 8!)-ccnl i>no was Mic shirt tlii* store had on its i-ounU'r.s at tin- stnrt of the KlimilK'r. Tin. 1 Dillt'l Will 011P thill is on sale now. The man who w\\ tl:i' col ton for I hi- 8!l-i-wil shirt, Ilio atUcrtisciiicnl puinti'd out. lust ini>iu:y on it. Ili^ cotton piclicrs jrul I'iiiiiU'd tfoods grui'crios in placo of cash will's. workers in (lie Irxllk- mills c-hangc;! the raw cotton hilo fabric u"t starvation wage's — around ?H :t week. The j, r ir's who turned the cloth into a I'mh'lu'tl sliirt j;ul a littk- bit Jess lhan that. The incu wiui oinployed Hit: wovkm in these' e.siablislinienls were not making money. And tlu> shu'e which sold the. shirt was lo.-iliK on tin' deal. I>ul., of cotii>:i\ for the purchaser. it was a bargain — of a sort. 3 V * Now' fpY'lliu $i.2ri shir I. ' The man who raised I lie cotton for it got a ilcciMit profit, on his crop. He paid his pickers in cash, not in groceries. Tlii; textile worker- who turned tile cotlun into fabric got at least ?lo a week. The girls who made the shirt jfot enough money so limy could eul decently, live decently, and put oil' the burden of feiir. respect ivr employers were able to make a prolil. Tin: store itself was able, to inakn monev on the deal. So this shirt, for all thai it cost considerably more than the first out:, also was a bargain. It !;:id no starvation wages, no child labor, no rising scale of losses woven into its fabric. H rcpre-eiited » fair break fur every one cijiici'itiwl in iU production. Tile first bargain was a built (if human misery; tin- a barj'ain Ihit pniiiiot'.'s Ihr of the wh'>!e roiintry. Y'ou could apply Labor's Responsibility Aincriciin I'Vdcrulidn »!' l.uljor em)i si'/.s's ihi 1 ti't'twiiilon.- which hits |jfi!ii put iip'ni of orH'iniiit'il lain)]- in Thai Iho NL-W l>!.';il Isn- Kivrn UIK""- i/cil labor it gvi-jil upptirtiiiiily i.-i very I'vidcnl. Ni'ViT luM'ori 1 ii:i\''.' union <>;•- Biinizi.'v.s had thiftj.'* S<I 'luifli in lluiii 1 favor. In HIM- blow, --IjtUack's thai have stood in ihcir palli fur ducado.s liavi- lircn iTiimvcil. (ln:ils llial sci'm- IM| a <x(.'iioriilion away IITIM: Iji'cii passcil SIDE GLANCES By George Clark And (Iviu'i'iil .liilui-aiii i> i'i|.fht in .•'livssinj; tilt 1 fact tha' wjili this oppor- I unify noes ;i ifival responsibility. SIITO'SS til- failuvr -if I In 1 vast NKA pvn- Krani depends in :i >;ri'a! incasnru mi the wisdom and \Nnii with wliidi luadci'.s of Ihc A. F. uf !.. an; able to mcrl it. Foi'tunalL'ly, Ihi: iiuinili'v has every ri-iiKDii for bc'lii'vint: th-it Ihusu men will nien>urc' up I" H"' l^-si. Dangerous Ground \Vhen tlio Nazi niiliishy -if justii'i' pnipnsed Ihfil le;:al sane-linn be ^ivcn tfi Hie kiliiii}/ uf pcir.iins iiflliclcd with incuraljlc disease, il l;u.:i bands on ttne uf Hit; niosl traj:ii- ami imriilcxiiiK of all niodi'i'n pi'nbleni>. Kvery doctor bus :,cen. over and over ajiain, patients wlvj looked forward to death as a relief; persons who knew thai they could no', pnssibly recover, and who were, condemned to a painful and liiiKwinj; iormtnit while they waited for their maladies lo reach a climax. And everyone who has lhoui{hl about such tragii; cases must !:iivi>" full liiul, in nt least some instances, il would be u tri'cut kindnens to hasten death's tardy footsteps. But that i.s slating only half the east'. The hideous abuses that coukl •arise under such a philo-jophy arc loo obvious lo need comment; and the religious objections lo eerlain aspects of il are. eiinally apparent. If tlie Nazis jfo IhroiiKh with Uiis proposal, they will be attempting .some- thiiiK lhat no modern society yet has had the temerity to try. har.-h wilh Mnssiilini." CliUUCH EXCSUMS lab.'. -llin:'l. >]X.Mk >art- m.'mb'-i 1 .-; *uu- ATTKiNl) CI-U:i»:il SUNDAY Coininille ough Is Nature's Way of Ejecting Harmful Secretions IIV l •Milor. MOUIIIS MSIIIIKIN • :iUul BLYTHEVILLE 10 YEARS AGO From the file* ol the Coukr - THIS CURIOUS WORLD - Sunday, on. n, ]<r>:i. No paper. .Monday. ltd. 15, i:>i:>. Jllyihpville'.-i .stellar social event i lie season, the opening dance iven by llirr Chlckasawba club, p oven announced for Wcdnos- ' uy. October -I?, Hospitality lo! !n- nlU degree y.-iii be the wnkit- ;ord of Hip Cnicfcasavvbians. Mr. and .Mir A. F. Carney i I Bnrlifkl roail celebrated llici'r j f!h wedding iinnivcrssiry lusl j J'.'iidav by Imlng (heir children, lanilchiklvcn. and meal grand- UlUrrn nice! '.iith Ilieni for thc i'-y. present were: Mr. i:ci Mrs. II. f. Williams and chil- li™ of l.illlc Rock. Mrs. J. C. jart uiid children of Gill-It''. I .li.s. Minnii. 1 Thompson and Iwo ! liildrt'ii. Mr.s. Fli/abr-ih Bark. 1 --j i:l(- and --ion. Mr. ami Mr.s. George i ;. Ornry. Mr. nmt Mrs. William j .'.•nicy, all of Blylhcville. Mr. und Mis. Ha.'.l:lns Thomson a'.d .•hi!divn of Proimsrd l.ind and li-'lr diinshlrr. Mrs. lioy Mitchell il Mifsouri an<l lu-r children. Mr. ind Mrs. J. B. Walkor and son. ilr. a'ml : Mis! Ucn Buss, .and Ibs lx>ls Join-s. MANYANIMAIS BESIDES THE. CAM6L CARRY RESERVE FAT ON THEIR. 6 ACKS, w ONLY IN A LON&, NARROW STRIP, INSTEAD OF A HUMP/ A CAR16OU MAY CARRY A 8ANO OF &AC><FAT SVE1&I-I1N& SO POUNDS. COCKftOACWGS CAN LIVE Indian's' JLirdjrs Killed WAIJSNO,' AVls. lUl'i—Lflc'idn rianibc.iii • Indians of this section ni>:rd chouyh produce in garden iiroject.s .sponsored by the Indian Service during (he .past summer! RATTLE SNAk€S ADO S=OCWv TiVO TO THf)££ "RATTLES" ANNUALLY SO/AETIMES The rings of a rattlesnake's tail ijive lillle indication of tlie reptile's age. Rarely is a snake found with more than 10 or 11 tiles. After dial number is reached, the whip-cracking rih-cl nl Irni!. and vegetables employed by! tlie tip keeps them broken oil. The new rattles srow at the from their li.nce.stni-s were- revived by: of the tall, next to the body, nstnictors. . ' n keep their lanjers lilted during I ' ,lu- ninlcr. Milhods of drying! rat KiHii.N lino: TOILST IIOII Wi:sTOA. »on nt n ~it- Tlonalrc. hna rallfn In linre Milk clrl. Hub tin* Apme In AleMtihi* In cuanrrrinn \%itli n Irxlilo ptoat ireiltT runKtTUi.tinn fnr Ilia father'* iiAitn.McA loiju'i .M:T. | Jerry. "Maybe she's psychic. Or ! is it lhat your telephone is in • good working order!" j "Lay off Claire, will ymt, Pat?" | Jerry had replied angrily. "I've Journal , UK- It <if tlir American ['.iunin;iliiMl uf II" "11 iMi'l ilu- Iir> yisu off, H's Hie corfin nil in."' Lo l\\f in iU';! I her a lilts . til - A ol Aniiilciiv U'nnis viciiUI ix: sux-ll if iluuv weren't .so tunny invc:,li(j;iU»i£ und iiciviscr.s. •— EUsworih Vinco. amateur ti-nnis elifirnp t«ini- pr«. e lab-n place in llu: lissnc.s n[ L-. ur hiny.s lo L:-'t .'-Mi-if nndi'siiabli- s.uij- .stanc-- o'.it ol Ihe breiilliini: p:'.^- inny tc a fcalher. :i rishbone. ur cliictien l>ono thai ynn n^uht I'.a-.c illT.^i'ci. lint in llu 1 va;.: nui- jority ol rasrs ii is u oilk'dion --f rhiNt ur hi[>k<'ti-{i-nni r.^.Mii' uncl iif i-'.c-rrlions IS'.ni hnvc ton-.c h-::i Hit 1 cjl;:. u-liii-Ji li:;r HH: brralliiLi 1 : KLiin.^ wliiil; i:(-t inlu Itio 'i. ;ind r;i-.i! ; [- iiillir.-.'.niKtnn:. li'.i-y .-•p:uid \vilh tlK- ininriiVA out n .'-•.•;i-litin wlir::,-' rlnrt .lliV.l^-'lLS r-llin 1 ; autl il jalcnoid.s and Tlse eiil:--.(:-.-d iiitd inllaincfl ndi-- mi;d* raiiw- llu- ihrisit lo become dry and cause llu 1 .<jri>i>plng of se- -:iL-lio;i frnsn tin- biicK nf ihc nose in'.ci ll-.f lineal. Tliis rc.sulls in m:i:t n^iaiiCL-.s in un almost ron- iliinl cn-.igii. \\hich can be con- (rullr-t! -nily by rrninv;;! of tl'.c in- Ii-rUxl iiiid swollen li^ucs. 'tin 1 eiK'ialion [u; 1 tile removal ni ad- iK:id-> i:. \ciy ,siini)le. ic- I iinivint: bin biivl Innr. and it is | practically uill-.oiii danger when slrl I* arht-i Iron i Jo Thr ot Hob : is he knr\v iu >rw York, inc lu (nke him away an, ult lt:i r li» r*, .Ion* 1« Inn Koimr farlir. O»rbar« Jtnin nill lie ill.nt caWc rrft rtinn* vlrnncers and l rt b nill be drailliMliaetf. tter t;ui-.»t« nil a»**ir1>Ht to IPFC «i(fc flarbira. . aliludtr ItMvnrJ BnS and t»e ptcad to MTiovT ihut iKe IB hurl, Joa«Vc- rr[<i% tkc ^Itcoiloas *t JIM WAR- »'|]:r,lt. n-arins a duaeioc parly Joan lake* a drive trllfc- Jim, The K.T« in M* car cirri oatftmJ'lh'ey arc nbllurd in nalk back. Ilfar- known her all my life. Isn't it natural we should have Iho same friends?" Jerry had been busy a lot lately but he always had a plausible alibi. Otlcn It v.-oilld !)•: Sara i, ; |.-. phoniug, cons-illln.? abjni sum'! iletail of her wi'dtlins [iluis^. i::ira and Bill were lo I)-: married in June. It would he a <[nki «c-i- dins but Saia would have pretty lliinss, and afterward they would move Inlo a small, attraclivo SometnilCi il would be Jciry. HD did not conic ns olti-n »:• in Joan went upstairs to s«ejthc past. When men were sure Beuny. ' "Well, old timer, how goes the. battle?" ."Pretty well. I'm,g)ad -yot'rc. back,'-Jean. : Hayc.a spod-time?" ."Oh, swell." said Joan. "That's sooil^ -How'3'Bob!" "Pine!" guess I'll Iw .-.a a ac. far- --. 3IIKR!DAr?«jidniirr» SOOH," BEDTiy said. Anotlin- way yon can control a cdiiyli t[-:iu>or.-ii!iv i:> to Inkt 1 st-oa- sen the tSire.-huld of irrilnbility of tiic n'jivoiis .s\Mo:n. ^o thai ccniih- mit in n->'. - l -o [rrfiun'.L Under tlics? i t-mcmb'T ai;iin: Iliiil the tcul Ciiliv Ol IH 1 : i-nuiih IS noL iH-illg i Hf-(!a'n\-.s .sinnnd nu! be used j iH-rniani'iitly. bin only lony cno'.igh 'In pi'irm'. Miilicrk 1 ! 1 .!. ri^L for tli-j ! .'.'.vrlln-iL; lo :.-ib:,idn rind for pr-jpcr i iiUi'iiiiini to tl'.f- cuiisalivt tumli- i lion. Ohio Lad's Pet Crow Insists on Schooling t—Oil) O'lln-n. . and hi.s -111! ,'idly [ull'iv.:. li;.- l::l rrJflclflM? her Wliarler, 'Jnaa rir- trrmUci IB FM«r» to Mrapkii r»r)r nfit luornLn wllk.JUn. .VOW GO OX : WITH TftU STORT CHAPTER XV j\,THS. WAIUNG, sitting near the window after Sunday dinner, saw the automobile drive up. "There's Joan and her young man," she said complacently. It nave her.a senao ot satisfaction to speak of this favored SOB ot fortune as "Joan's young man." Joan went into her room. She was slid the trip was behind her. U ^03 hurd to realize that only this morning she has slipped Into her clothes Thile Barbara was still sloepins soundly, with the rain wushiug against tho windows. Join had sone Into tho dark hall and knocked at the door leading into Carol's room. Carol's amnzcd oyor* liatl met liers. "I'm goln^ bsclc to Memphis wilh Jim," Joan h»d-slated OAT kept her in what she termed ' wilh riarhara." if?.~ she really touch wilh "iloh's aifair I'al came to the window and simply. - j loufccd out. "7hat Isn't Hob's "Oh. you are!" |hiin," I'.U sai-1. car." she said. "And : th»t Uo't j "a was lorcly of-you-tn ijiclude so nic gills have! Uob with Joan," imo on the party. It's bacn won-I "I wonder whore the youns'idcrful, ricaso'ilby to Mrs. Bian is," aali Mrs. Waring in a ' Ebrridan tor ro'c.- trooblefl ton?. Joan entered a Dioment later. I She toasod hor small hat askla I and crossed the room to kbs her mother. "It's sooil'lo-hc back home," Juan said. "\Vcll, that's a nica way lo he- K'.n a Elo-rrinK account.ot a tbree- ilaj- Tiait in the Uomc of. tho rich and playful!" cniil Pat. "You "I'm Urribly . sorry yon • iuu»t 60.' ]ki ,. K " S ""' \ Jh, the luv'ii hiak of lisr- 1 thai nioii"?. ppcndins it? rlcasunt thlngi while rtislikc and 'J' 0 Mlis(iictiu:i uf kn-jivins I saw. coulempt, were cxpufcrl in Iheir • n5 ' eyes. I'ickius ttr her light IMKF. J.ian hail -Kalkert down liio cir- tular stair Into thr grjy gulf lhat don't look a 1 * Ihoug'i you had iluac nnich pliying. You lonk t>s-| mrrry as tlioush you bad washed ,J dishes for a monlh." w,-\3 the hall. , ' > n z "• fy for brr "Klie'a had loo rauch pluying. Nuw flio can rest." said Mrs. \Var:if, galhcrinj up Joau'a coat and hat. Half across thff room, «ho liirnoil. ".Where is jour young man'"' mcL her luolhcr'.i blankly. "Oh, Hub:" tho said finally. "I didn't come bnck willi him, ruolhcr. He's i-oniin^' hack this afternoon *lth any li?ht, "(Joins wilh me? :-it: Not afraid ot scl 1 loan ihiukin^. "I'i. drown Ihan Klay!" '•r, mak- Tilli Mi This i-. rilh';r : Then Hie car rultinx tlircnii;!! ' Hun ft rk-tln-j :,iic coald rain and win-! Ulafkcdak, seen thruiifl) ft blur , allci:il. of fun rain. Tunic.i. Unhinson-1 Joan ii'.nl \i, ?iiin 1,111 r.i". vill-j. Walls. AutI on nnlil liio Ia-|lnro frpr-i lu-r iniu-1. 'I hf: pi mlliiir Parkway.wns rcuchcd. And | t .( jjnrliar.i Minliu; iriumiMj now back IIOBIC. ..-v\' 1 :, llvj jf LJK)Viiu; t!)-/ ir.', 1 . .-.ont ilir .viiiir (si.u !l TlKlt tlK ;-i5bt ynir.s t'vi' . Ko\v I'm Koine Htil.s'.yll. film ^rt PL--, ri" 1 -'. i'-f 'I'll-- IJir;i a: :*(i:'r liutr.v d rr. i-:-:\i-. v.-hi'-li l. •.ilul'lly illlcr il. a-.lii:-Il.v !i5 i:.:; V:::i i'.s I0l;;p:uiy |, i i-Jf Oil tlw ti,iy .^viicol. In, "iial 1 ' -vent, \\iUi him. !>'.'. a.-. 'In- yonlli joined hi.s :. niii!^ in M.c Unlijiii:,-. Hie bud «-iin:lfvr-! nhoill Hie i^ro Ills; :n; (I;M'M ivilldov . it l\ ;bi- {-liix-rcoiii «l:rr: Miss Hart Ka:. Krcp uui. fl L'.ilx>r " "irii a |n-t ->ut: in'u hi.s V l.s I'.ilUhi'd. lilal >IITOUR WAY By William* ll yovl. 1 . "I s'"jUli:ii; cn pvoir'.olftl f(>: n-i'. : .-> rn;i. lorniru in 'In on couuh (iiMj on art tunp my- ar.d .suit::, uhui Ai.v_ TM vv-NV fO nG< I' A MCHS- lM"Vv-\ Cr.LV •-•fl-lt. Cf\*\ AVI' A Of- ^bAL^OM A'->£ ^H'.^^•r^^.Hu], ho'.vi-vi-r. i 1;i-n! i Thr only Uiinu AT A-V i livjt. 10 GO IsiVO Tl-l' MOTfe. V.KJILV- "SA-/GO OoT .WG5.1 A../V4 OP •SAV.MONI . AM'V.COK n:; O !>vk'll u.i.s .si-Ill [;j; ;ilid 'jUii.l; tin- bs:U Ii5ir.t. On ar..itl:iT 11 -):i.a:ion. tlir inrd c-i:t..".xu t I. c- -s'l'.cul ti-.ioii;;h a lull u inflow, and win: lin-.'ciiy ID Mi.xx Jt.irl'j- rla.^i. "\V<j — he more." "Well, wclll" I'al mid. "This Is cheerful news. There po the family millions:" "I'al." rrirr'nvort Mrs. "JJ;>rhar;i L'oiirlncy'3 work. I fatd ' Pit shrcwiily. "Well, you can't .-.oinveto without clothe.-." "It wasirt Ih 1 ^ clolhC3; : it tras me." Joan droit[>c-l Inlo the care- rainilUr, childishly, forlorn lv. • • is. p;ivliculaih no.>t' nv iis mSECUESSES 1644 ' exponent: of peace, -France and make pCcU.t. unlcUs, f o unsure ot her rhc d.iyj tiragjerl r-n. .loan -Aa.; since 1'vo sien him." * tiionlh-" But- lhtr« Ti3| Al "' " = '•" liDlic(1 "I 1 ="• l!ll; ' l' art - v - £ic*.v careless. Joan thought. This was a new cyiilcisin. t Or it might be Jim \V:irfielil. fl who would Linvc lakcn nioro u! ' Joan's time if slie iKttl cncoiir^cC'l him. Dick TlioTnfun. slilt ik- voled, Ihoug!) Jo?n WLI-. inucli Inn honcsi lo proteml wuat she toulil never feol. called occ.isionaHy. She was steeling herself the tglcplioue *hcse ilayF. figlilhiN the Impulse lo search the crowd on tlie street for a bcluvcil facv. or to turn to tho social columns ot tire ncw?i»ai>cr lo receive a frc^li wound by refuting IJob'a m ^•i Thai girl has a mania for clothes. I Saw her in Ihe fiW'cllc.H inj-.v c.ul- 1 r-.-rlair.lT you lu thc w-iy they d-:». her ilrc;,: '.Mii.-i Harlwr^ Cmivtuey, wc'irin;; an iinv;i;;"l nioilcl of ik-lkalp ^recn. with -lia- inoud uhonlder cli|>'-- i-iui dian:ori'l hair ornainciit. Ilvr Howcrs wcra orchids uri'l Ulie.^ ol the Titley. r: n bit jKvuori. Mr. Robert Wi-t-i'i.' " ! IVl'j voice wa:i riirck.-". Or I? |.loan ka«-.v lioyr avirily I'd', wa* revi'lint: it: 111'.- dclailti. Bellini; c. vi'-ariu-i.i pi' ;i : lire in the mml. j foul am! ray nir.iii-.-li "Wi'll. I sucjs the next lime it. ill bo an aiinoiiar''iv.':it ot hrr I'.i l said SMK- woul-1 never s^e Hob a~.iin. U hart been a misltikn ever to Imagine alie could hold him wilh |".\nd won't Hut b-j suincl'jins" 1 L world full ot '.irh lo chose I Join plnn^i.-d more deeply l:i- roin—gav r careless, lovely girls to v.o':k an-1 thc d.i.w. H ii'j'. knew men's ino-nls an-I how Iiiipp.'. were at li-iul '"iso. them. Jerio toM hcrscKsuc^oald fur- S"t him. She wouH 'w.vcr asuiu I'll herself think of Uoh's teeing tray eyes. .liis : ocop voitc. Ilic of his -Icar, lilon-1 head by U TV .is nil over wil'i ':pli. He He lit tiil'irln:; -l.e;;'--:! tiajs Iff l.'o:iny. and a1r ri l shcol'-d the sii-k lie-! «hll-! In. :\:is licii-n "5 ! llinr.'J" 1.111 111'. \:;. Often i-llC «.(.- nu 1 . in III- ;..•:•! wilii :;ardon Ir.ul-, JIUMII. tii-.iliiv Ilieni ullli damp, rivb ca:i h .. Tb:^ K^cp b>l.".. IraUll^ lv. l.:no ") thin'; of thinv'. UMI '.••,-• .1, (r r . ril-l:-. On- iifl'-i!-.'.ii in .]i-.- .)„.-,., dru-,' Hir ..I:! .1, -:.,--ir^n ,.., -.rice! 3-iinc l--.>:.. f'.-r iii.nny. ii>? search k'.ri-liii; r.or iu.'i:.:':d nn- I bcraclf. "Two *C':ks.tH rlo.-ini; at - h:i-l p | lid i. at.'r r^k- bo^^^ uivkr IKT '.'fi'Jl- ahiy: I -l i. librarj. I'K cjr " Al'de^riiic. no miinr itmaDrllilJ of hsr hcifl »li-.'i> l'i« Tat aurj' Jsrry ' liappeiitJ ji{lepi{o'«« . fnng. UK tciiycncv' rbeo itnl'juiubil': lM'\k«3 ; - .in lull; louUid'' her honu >t nl-.hl tunny hb'jul ll/' »!ic lidrt lolil dyoibcll MiiE- U>1 (.'aili m-n an<J n < nr rlrma iin luO 1 . drl r.i. w ,t-l c'ji. . -I !;• .-I; •.-"! B :v!.Ml (Iv li? ConliuiiEil)

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