The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 26, 1940 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 26, 1940
Page 6
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PA£E SIX RLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 26, 1940 Cavalrymen in Uncle Sam's Army Are Trained As Mounted Riflemen By MILTON BRONNER NBA Service Staff Correspondent WASHINGTON, Nov. 21. — John Q. Citizen may be^ssigned to, the cavalry by the officers if they find j he understands horses or is famil-' iar with motor lorries or other gasoline-driven vehicles. He will have a great surprise when he .learns that 'the American cavalry is 40 per cent motorized and still 60 per cent horse-mounted. American army officers still hold that-''for-broken, ground, away from roads, for charges on a disorganized enemy, for certain kinds of scouting duties and for rear guard actions, horses are superior to motor vehicles, John will; also learn that the sword and the lance have been dropped. The American cavalry- ma:) is a mounted rifleman. He is taught the first elements of drill exactly like the infantryman. Then he learns the. care of cavalry horses and ; mounted drill. He learns to fight either mounted or dismounted. His shooting practice is considerably different from that of the infantryman. He shoots at targets, made like the silhouette of a man' kneeling on the ground 01 crouching. These targets are partially concealed in the grass 01 bushes. The new cavalry has machine gun troops armed with 12 of the .30 caliber machine guns. Met attached to such a troop have gui drill and field fire. There are scou troops each with five armored cars each car carrying one of the .5 C2 liber machine guns and two o .30 caliber Then there are special weapon troops, consisting of two platoons with .50 caliber machine guns and one platoon with four 81 mm. mortars. Anti-tank troops have .six 37 mm. anti-tank guns, each hauled by a scout car. What are known as service troops have 48 cargo trucks, each of 2 : {- tons and 7S tractor-trailers which can carry eight, ebht. cavalrymen and their guns. A. completely mechanized squad- j on would have two scout car troops, ach ol 20 car.s and one of men | lountod on motorcycles. A brigade f cavalry will have six 81 mm. lortar.s, in addition to all the guns arried by the various troops and quadrons*. A cavalry division, in addition to everything else, will lave 13 12-ton tanks and an anti- ank troop armed with 12 37 mm. anti-tank guns. Monk Called Nazi Agent in U. S. IM 111 AND CITED m ADRIAN. Mich. fUP)—City Surveyor Kurt Franke, with the aid of a cat, has found a "winter" method of getting to work on time. During the summer, Frankie, the 'sleepingest man in town," had his alarm clock connected with a pail of water placed above his bed, but cold weather made this scheme unbearable. Franke's cat, which may be allergic to alarms, starts pulling his hair now whenever the clock's bell rings, and Frahxe says lie must rise in self-defense. Reports from British sources charged that the former. Duke Charles Alexander of Wuert- temberg, above, now a Benedictine monk under the name of Father Odo, would aid an imminent Nazi peace putsch as a secret Hitler agent in the U. S. Father Odo is pictured on his recent arrival in New York, where his secretory called the British charges "ridiculous." Read Courier News waul ads Cascade is lighter in body... richer in flavor...more appealing to the taste. Try Cascade ...Treat yourself TOD AY! 90 Proof • Geo. A. Dickel Distilling Co.. lnc.,U*Inglon,Ky Safeguards To FHA Act As Protection To The Borrower Work Begins On House For Herman A. Hoffman Mr. and Mrs. Herman A. Hoffman are to soon have a new residence on Missouri avenue in the block adjacent to Walker Park on the West, where a number of new houses have been erected within recent months. Work, lias already started on their •popular-priced cotttage of white colonial siding with blue-black composition roof and a concrete .screened sun porch on the East. Features of the five-room will include oak- floors, built-in Among the direct benefits derived \ cabinets in the kitchen and several by persons who finance properties inder the Federal Housing -Admin- ( «tration are general preliminary j ..uidance in home planning and pro- | ,ection against the use of inferior j materials and methods of construction. Benefits also accrue to the prospective home owner from the PHA's location requirements, com- | pliance inspections, and govern- ' ment insurance. Discussing the operation of the Federal Housing Administration recently, Administrator Stewart McDonald explained that in almost every instance the safeguards required by the FHA as protection for the agency's reserves automatically act as a protection to the borrower himself. These elements in a proposed residential project, he said, which may be acceptable for FHA mortgage . insurance are also elements that as• sure sound construction, liability, and comfort to the borrower. Guidance Is Afforded "When a person is contemplating, .the purchase or construction of a home." Mi-. McDonald continued, "preliminary guidance is available from the FHA. "In addition, when the plans for the home are presented to the FHA closets. Questions and ^^^ 'Answers EW ZEALAND'S 1940 child! for examination to determine the quality of the security offered, they ! must conform to definite property iw z-tAijAiNija iy*u «" 1Q J 5ta ndards set up by the Federal health semi-postals retain the Hous j no - Administration, and the 9 desien above^ in two values. -.c-. °n —,. ,v,,, t .f ^oof -PTTA r>nn- 1939 design above, in two values. New Zealand has issued, health stamps since 1929. * * » Hong Kong marks 100 years' of "British occupation with a series of six, for release in January. Designs will include street scene, liner and junk, university, harbor, Hong Kong bank, China Clipper and seaplane. Inscriptions will be in English and Chinese and a por- 'trait_of King George VI and commemorative :dates will be incor-i porated in each design. * * * Brazil has announced a commemorative issue honoring the 50th anniversary of the national flag. * * * The German eagle and swastika ore included in the design of 11 specifications must meet FHA construction requirements before government insurance will be allowed on the mortgage that is to finance the project. "Another specific field of activity under the insured mortgage system, which provides safeguards for home buyers, is the examination of methods of construction and building techniques used. "This examination is made on several occasions while the building Vbeing erected. Such transactions must also comply with other requirements in the rating of the property location, the borrower, and other features." Aid to Borrower The financing of a home under the FHA plan embodies many features wherein the borrower benefits Q. One half of our family is satisfied with our heating system and the other half is not. What should be expected from a heating.,system? A. A satisfactory heating system should maintain a comfortable, nearly uniform temperature in all rooms of the house during the coldest and mildest days of the heating .system. It should warm the house without creating drafts and should distribute the heat near the floor where it is felt and not at the ceiling. Such a heating system should be easy and economical to operate, clean in its operation, and durable so that low maintenance costs will be assured. \ Q. Please instruct us as to whether or not it is wise to proceed with plans for a house before selecting the property. A. You cannot intelligently de cicle on a plan .or design without knowing the conditions of the site A house on the side of a hill dictates a different layout from one built on a flat lot. Likewise a house designed for a lot having wide frontage will not work on one having a narrow frontage. If you final choioce is a corner lot thi plan of the house should be ma terially different than if it were t be built on an inside lot. Roorr arrangements should also differ de pending upon whether the lot face north, south, east, or west, so as t take advantage of the sun and pre vailing breezes. ''Shirt Front" Type Receives Adverse Rating- Simphcily Is Choice Architectural designs that are considered freakish or those characterized as hybrids are viewed by the Federal Housing Administration as containing a greater degree of risk as security for insured mortgages than those in which the architectural treatment may be expected to remain attractive to the market for sustained periods of time. The attitude of the Federal Housing Administration toward structures of the "shirt-front" type was expressed recently by FHA officials who declared that- to assure high marketability all design motifs should be in good taste, have a utility basis, or add structural value Remodel, Enlarge Studio Into Three-Room House The one-room studio owned by Mr. and Mrs. G. H. Grear on the rear of their lot at 030 West Walnut street Is being enlarged into a three room house. The colonial type cottage, which faces Seventh street, will have a living room, bedroom, kitchen anci bath when completed. Elton W. Kirby House Is Being Re-roofed The Elton W. Kirby residence. at COS Chickasawba avenue, is being reroofed. Another roof of black composition shingles is being laid. Storm Sash Combats Frost, Moisture Damage The installation of storm sash, tight enough to prevent cold air striking the inner windows, will aid in combating the formation of Win- Women's Home Ideas Are 'Down-to-Earth Who said that women aren't practical? Figures gathered in a survey of more than 10,000 club women prove that women not only know their own minds but are quite down-to- earth in their desires when it comes nd attractiveness to the general cheme. '•An elaborate use of motif and detail," an official pointed out, "the nclusion* of an unnecessary variety if materials, and straining for the picturesque cannot increase the a ting of a house by the FHA. "Use of false effects of roofing, "alse half-timber work, or the unusual handling' or combination of naterials, or materials inappropriately used in the particular case involved, usually affect the rating adversely." Simplicity, proportion, and character were described as qualities which are permanently attractive, i ter frost on window panes. Frost is formed by the condensation and freezing of moisture from the inside air upon the cold sur• faces of the window panes. Obstruction of vision is the least of the important trouble caused bj frost. More serious is the possible damage and annoyance that can be caused by melting frost. When frost melts, water runs down over the woodwork and plaster, damaging the finish on the woodwork and the wall decorations. Under the Federal Housing Administration's Modernization Creuit Plan, a home owner may obtain funds from qualified lending institutions approved by the FHA and install a tight storm sash on all the windows of the house. to their homes. Women want automatic heat, instant hot water, a downstairs lavatory, a shower, cabinets, and more cabinets. Any of these items, which the 10,000 club women feel are necessities in any home may be installed in a home with funds obtained from a qualified lending institution under the Modernization Credit Plan of the Federal Housing Administration. DANCE EVERY SAT, BLUE ROOM HOTEL NOBLE BONNIE-BUTTER STEAK SANDWICHES SERVED V&ry Setback To Relieve Monotony Monotony • in a neighborhood sometimes results from placing houses at a uniform distance from the street and at a uniform distance apart. Variation in the setback of houses from the building line adds interest to the street and contributes to the general appearance of the neighborhood, the Federal Housing Administration declares. pictorials issued for use in former \ Polish territory. Historical buildings in Cracow are pictured on 10 values. The tower and gate of; Lubin, near the German border, is reproduced on one of the series. to a great degree, Mr. McDonald said. The -long-term fully-amortized system of payment is of great convenience and protection to borrowers. Under traditional practice, •first mortgages were-for short periods and rarely exceeded 60 per cent of the appraised value. This often required expensive refinancing and costly second mortgages. Under the FHA's insured mort- Engineer Surveys Lipstick IOWA CITY, Ta. (UP)—The lipstick used by an average woman in a. single year would draw a wt „__ __ quarter-inch line 600 feet, Joel Per- [ gage system mortgages are made rell. University of Iowa engineering & " "• ~ r - — : <-^ «ni,io student, declares after a series of experiment?, "just to satisfy my curiosity." A 250-foot line could be painted with a year's supply of fingernail polish, his computations show. , CLOSE-OUT OF 1940 WALLPAPERS WILSON-GREER PAINT CO. Vf~ ' S ' ^M cciw 6.1 CD. FT. SIZE FULLY-FITTED FRIGIDAIRE ... only MODEL S-6 $119.75 Super-Powered Meter- Miser up to 90 per cent of appraised value and are paid off in equal monthly installments over periods that may be as long as 25 years. Each payment includes a part of the principal, interest, current taxes, and I'ire and other hazard insurance, as well as mortgage insurance premium. This budget method of financing, in installments similar to rent with no refinancing costs, makes home ownership available to thousands of individuals who heretofore were lampered by the requirements of the outmoded expensive first and second mortgage financing system of th'e past. 105 E. MAIN R. C. COLEMAN The Glass Man BLYTHEVILLE, ARK. JOHN BURNET'l Redecoration Effect On Interior Is Vital BRAND NEW MODEL —of the lowest price in history for a Frig Wa ire with ail these features: • Double-Easy Quickubc Trays with Automatic Tray Release and Instant Cube Release • Double-Width Dessert Tray • Frozen Food Storage • Cold Storage Tray • Big, Sliding Hydrator • Famous Cold Control • One-piece all-steel cabinet • Automatic In tenor Light • 5 -Year Protection Plan • Stainless Porcelain in food compartment and many others COM* IH AHO iff IT... EASY TfKMSf 206 W.Mwii St Appliance Co. /. W. Adams, Manager Phone The effect on the home owner of having the interior repainted or repapered is usually striking since the surface covered is that of the entire room. Few modernization jobs are so effective in altering and improving the entire character of a house. Color choice is highly important in redecorating interiors, and many highly desirable effects may be obtained by a skillful designer. The inexperienced decorator should seek advice where uncertain, for selection of colors is often tricky. Rooms that are cold and bleak in appearance should be given warm cheerful colors, and poor selection here would mean the room would have a chilly character. Wallpaper colors arc similar to ('those of paint, and in general the same rules prevail. Rooms with Southern exposure should be given cool light colors while warm shades should be given to rooms on the cold side of the house. Both painting and papering may be financed under the Modernization Credit Plan of the Federal Housing Administration. According to a recent FHA report, work of this type financed under the FHA from July 1939 through September 1940 amounted to $17,346,685. This represented 41.612 individual loans. 233 Read Courier News want ads. Tops For Beauty! Tops For Service! That's the roof you want, isn't it? One that people admire. Yet one that gives you year after year ot trouble-free protection. 1 That's just the kind we have for you ... the famous Certain-teed Shingles of fire-resisting asphalt supplied in a wide variety ot colors, blends and patterns. Let us show you samples, quote you prices and tell you about, finance plans aimed to make it more convenient for you to re-roof now. E. C. ROBINSON LUMBER CO. BLYTHEVILLE, ARK. HOUSES NEED " WINTERIZING" TOO! Lei us show you how you can make your house warm and comfortable from icy winds this winter by insulating your attic, weatherstripping windows and doors, putting up storm windows where needed, etc. These improvements are 'quickly ami. ::; ; easily .made and contribute immeasurably to your family's comfort. Besides the cost is largely offset through a saving in fuel. FHA Financing THE ARKMO LUMBER CO. Phone 40 The Good Old Days Were Grand But Thanksgiving 1940 Is More Fun! Mother used to get up at five o'clock on Thanksgiving morning to prepare the big dinner, but when Mother finally sat down to the dinner table she was practically worn out even though the meal was wonderful. Today things are easier in the kitchen, thanks to modern cooking facilities. Much of the old drudgery is missing and the service of various public utilities is responsible for a great deal of the luxury of the modern kitchen. We are glad that Blytheville mothers are spared much of the old-time drudgery because of our modern water service. BLYTHEVILLE WATER CO, Benuri ADea, Bftr. "Water It Tow C6e»pe«t Ctmmoditr

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