The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 19, 1950 · Page 19
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 19

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 19, 1950
Page 19
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TUESDAY, DECEMBER 19, 19W Our Boording House with Moj. Hoople <SOOt> News, OOR D4RSCTORS /AUTHOR l?6 Me TO OFFER * FOR YOUR HOT- POT TOEA/-"- Lucky FOR YOU THIS IS TH& CHRISTMAS SEASON —• Irt W6 A GENEROOS SUM' EGAO.-MB. R€ALLV MAD A MlUOTS.' f HhS KS A 6XP6CT6D MORE: — 8UT WHV HAGG.L& TIME OF YcTAK.BUT we Air>T SAMTA CIAU6/-' DOLLARS 1MTH\S GLOVJIHG YOLfcTtDE/ HAM8 VOO A PEM, ' A HAPPY New YEAR, MR. OUT OUR WAY R. Williams (ARK.) COURIER NEWS HES P1CKEP rr UP AWFUL QUICK/THOUGH- HS'STLRKJPW OUT AW AWFUL- LOTOF WORK; HE'LL 86 CUT AND BACK ON TW«r MAChUME hi fIVm MINUTES M HIS PAJAMAS IF WE DON'T LEAD THAT THE STIMULANTS FARM LOANS «»H Itrm Law Hat* Prvwpt CUiInt fates Wij-Ks Cu. KKAI.TOKS JMiont i7Sl orrgagt Laon Solicitor lor THE PRUDENTIAL INSUIANCE COMPANY FOR SALE Concrete eBlrerta, 12 Inch to 48 Inch, plain or reenforced. Also Concrete Building Blocks cheaper thin limber for barm, chicken rioaaes, pump houirs, tenant homes, tool shedi. We dellrcr. C»ll M for fre« estimate. OSCEOLA TILE & CULVERT CO. Phone 691 IT'S SMART . . . IT'S THRIFTY . ... IT'S PATRIOTIC . . . tt keep jour slioei , In food repair .... •• bec»«« . . GIVES EXTRA WEAR H-flLTCRS !u!TY SHO€ SHO Dr. Lindquist CHIROPRACTOR • Phone 3170 615 Chkkasnwba NU-A1D Relievet Misery For pnins In back, gas pain luri* l.utn In (OUth, achy, tired reeling and Brthritb due tn sluggish bowels. A.BollIe OWENS DRUG XXXIV J OE COLLEGE quickly brought Sergeant Eddie up-to-date on Max's plan to destroy the boatworks: "They'll jam up the power line by grounding the incoming cable. They did it once before, you know. While the lights are out, they'll cut the fence nnd walk in. They'll lake those cans of .gasoline that Max has hidden in the paint house and start so many fires that the fire department can't ihandle "em." "What can we do?" "We'll use somebody else's strength, like we did yesterday. iThe boys have scattered to their homes and are working on their families. And here's where 'Miss What's-Her-Name comes in—" "Mrs. Kngstrom, my wife," EoV die supplied. "How'd you get married." ' "Thal'd take time to explain." "I should think so. Anyhow, she's got to get that bus she drives and go to the houses where the boys used to live—tell the lathers what's going on and take 'em to the yards. One of 'em is mayor and another is yhief of police. They should be able to slop things if they gel there in lime." "Come on,' Margie Lou—this Is D-Day for you!" Eddie told Margie Lou what Joe had said as they half walked, half ran. to the bus terminal repair shop. The "repair'shop foreman'had"a boy in the service, loo, and his son, Jake Snyder, was right there •beside him, another of yesterday's casualties. "Take it away,- the foreman said. "Only we ain't through fixin' all the juice trouble yet. The'en- gine'll run all right but there's still more worn-out wiring In her somewhere. The interior lights don't work and there's a battery drain we can't locate." "We don't need lights inside as long as we've got power under the hood." Margie Lou rolled Old Ironsides out of the shop at 45 miles an hour, every window raiding. Eddie knew right where to go and at the houses where they called they round the men thrfy were looking for up and dressed, not quite sure why but ready /or something. A very little explanation was all that was necessary. Eddie checked, they were all Ihere, fathers and sons. Mayor Berglund and Chief of Police Hilton sat togelher. "I don't understand how this girl bus driver found out what's going on out at the hoatworks," the mayor said. "I should think they would have notified you, not her." "I was notified." "Who notified you?" "Now thai you ask me I can't say exactly. But 1 knew some way and was all set when she colled for me." "Say, chief, is that loose wire (hat's hanging alongside the window shooting a spark every time we hit a hump?" The chief ot police looked where the mayor pointed. "It's a spark all right." He leaned over and examined the wire carefully. "The insulation's worn oil. The }nice jumps when it swings against the steel casement. Awful old, these buses. They ought to be junked." "They will be," the mayor assured him. When the bus arrived at Ihe boatworks the entire yard was dark except for flashlights in the hands of the guards. "The power line's been cut," mullered Eddie. "We've got to hustle." • • • 'T'HE guards held them up a few minutes while the mayor and police chief gol permission to enter. The yard was jammed with workers, milling around uncertainly in the dark. No one was In the paint stor« room. But tin containers were lying rill over Ihe floor. Evidently Max and Flatface had been there and taken away what they wanted. It would have been impossible lo locate all Ihe gasoline cans if it hadn't been lhat Eddie's squad was nol hampered in any way as to movement. All over the place at once they made short work of Ibis grim treasure hunt. Each time Ihey made > find they checked back to Krfdie and Eddie, in turn, told Margie Lou where to drive. Once on the spot the older men loaded the inflammables into Ihe bus. Everything was accounted for in 20 minutes. They didn't catch up with Max or Fl.itffice, Ihough. Under cover of the blackout and in the crowd of workmen it was impossible to recognize (hem. The chief of police had phoned for squad cars and all available officers, uniformed and plainclolhes, lo come out and help search the plant. He went lo the gate with the bus and ordered Ihe guard to let Margie Lou drive through. "But don't let anybody els« leave until I say so." 'TO Margie Lou he gave a final work of praise. "Thanks a lot. young woman. Your name ought to be Pauline Revere. You'll get something 1» appreciation of tonight's work if it's only a fancy colored ribbon. When you go back to town Xindly stop at the police station and tell the officers to take charge of those cans of gasoline. They're evidence against this man Lcngel when we catch him." • • • jyjARGIE LOU left the yards with an apparently empty bu«. Naturally the guards didn't SM Eddie and a full squad of infantry who were deadheading. "We won't bother you a bit," Joe told Eddie. "It seems like • good idea to stick together. It'll be dawn In 15 minutes or so arid we'll have to report for orders to move." - "fifteen minutes!" Eddie exclaimed in dismay. He had forgotten the swift dragging current of time. "Whai'll I do aboul Margie Lou?" "Belter tell her, sergeant." (To Be Continued) x ft y I "Send F/owcrj TWj * * V » x Christmas and you'll } S fcc sure to please" g J v JPLOWERS"! Holly. Pine Cones,J ^Candles, and Floral Decorations I* Dinl 4491, place your order A now] y * Ut ower «Mrs. Baker Wilson Dial 4191:1 ' You Should Read This! Be jure jotir speedometer »« worklnn perfectly. Drive In lo T. I. Seaj Molnr Co. and Id us check It. One day service on speedometer repairs for nil cars ind trucks. T. I. Scay Motor Co. 121 Easl Main Phone 2122 "I Sell That Stuff" FUEL OIL! G. 0. POETZ OIL CO. Office and tinlk Plant _ Promisor] U nd . PHONE—2089—PHONE SHEET METAL WORK' OF ALL KINDS Custom work for gins, alfalfa mills, oilmilla. Custom Shearing up to 1/4 inch thickness. Frank Simmons Tin Shop 117 South Broadway Phone 2651 HEMORRHOIDS (PILES) Flowers for Every Occasion BLYTHEVILLE FLOWER MART OUR NfW LOCATION 1500 W. MAIN I'HONE 6002 NU-WA Laundry & Dry Cleaning Call 4474 CHRYSLER-PLYMOUTH CAR OWNERS Iking Your Car Home for Servict — And FU Sure! T. I. Seoy Motor Co. 121 East Main Phone 2T22 "Yes, we could afford to go on a nice cruise overy winter now, but why try to impress people at our age?" 0ETTCT. TAKE ANOTllER Dozen CAMC or TOose TOMATOc-;, jdMr; tu-eoeer^ HV«AM, "VWtelt.' AMOWE* MoARWftSHWtYteEMor GET THOSE Wo,-rou D FRECXIBS/ / PIR5T; . j/ ^*^\ . ' . r x**s STARTED IT, BOSS .' WHM- I -••• ANOTHER. WAR.? In llic BY AL VERMEER CARRY AWAY ALL THE NAUGHTY CHILDREN VIC Pl.INT Come (Mcnn MAYBE I SAID THE WRONG THING. HY AIICHAEI. O'MAU.EY and RAI.PH LANE aernW OUTA MEKE CSJICk: S£PDi?E WALKS IN/ LET'S SEE IP TUB s CAR IS "*• WC V WH-WHAT S SOU f>K AKBSVBT CAPTAIN EASY BY LESLIE TURNER EES SO MCE TO 56E WU r I'M WOT BOYS AGMU'I Al)t> To / MUCH Of A HAWS VOU EEM PARIS FOR. I NIGHT CIUB HE'S SUCH ADERR! ftWD OWE OF Mlttl's MOST ARPEUT ADMIRERS! I LOOK FORWARD TO EenwG HW WHEW HE RECOUERS FROIW HIS IUNESS IM EELNES5? HE LOOK HEA4.TMV mom WHEW we DROP EEN TO 5AN HEUOl , LEMEN OF VOUK-EK.- FKIEWPsHIP WITH S1K. IWW'S OPEHINS ATZE CLUB CAEEOUSEL; . BEEU ASSOCIATED Ik) THE UEMJS DE UILO UEUJTUKE, THOWE / HAUEWT «ET. X BUGS RUiVNY WHAT'S TH' IDEA O' PARKIN' THA.T 1 STKEST TRUCK. IN FRONT I REPAIRING O' MV CHRISTMAS/ TO BE PONE TREE STfliNP? 1 AT THie SPOT, GUVNOR.' NOISV LITTLE GADGET 1W RUINED.' VA VIBRATED ALL TH' NEEPLE-3 OPP MV CHRISTMAS TK&E5 LET'S NOT BE HASTY A>9OUT THIS THING, GUVNOR.' A Hie Alomcnt BY V. T. HAMLIN PROBABLY LIKE NOW SUFFOCATIO FORMEM1.L OPEN 'ER UP BOOTS AM) HBH BY KDGAR MARTIN VJHKT'S VOVTH WAV \

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