The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 25, 1935 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, February 25, 1935
Page 3
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Chicks Double Score on 'Indians Who Real Deli Quint. '. Tli*. nijthcvilleChlekasaws, play- Ing hi Hip ivsl form they have shown ih! S jear, easily swept Shnv,)i<'c'i Jmlhiis. 11 li?,i>i; (hey deflated In utoiifoiip point, in Hie finals of Ihe .boys division of the Mississippi county Inimiaini'iil Rl CHceol.i Saturday nli'ht, 'Hip f.core was D2 ID ]fi. In the girls division Lnxoia fell teforc the'relentless ntlnck of u strong Wilton tenin nnd lost 'n to 10. Wilson b"inq crowned clinm- plon. Shawncc defeated Dell, Mississippi Comiiy Firs! Ten in 1'iirllti (Ml.vUifiviilol Aslialinintmr (jManiln) Koolilor (Hlylliuvillc) Ti|'i1.oii (lilylliovillc) l''irsl Team f'lil'lieiltOr (VVilKim) Walls (Wilson) Lyncli (l.itxora) Speck (Wilson) (.'<>r>k (Ki'i-•<•]•) All-slar luanitt H«i HOYS Knrwnrd Outer d'uiml - I'orw.w) Forwavi] 'fin/ml fliiiinl I .'ii' I cnnis Second Tpiitii Oliixoiihrill (Oscoola) I). Moslcy (Dlvlhevillii) RtolL (Liixont) IJni'ilifiloimw (M/ilu'la) . )J]nd(W<;)l By Harry Grayson Second Team Neal (Bliawneo) •lolni:«;n (Keint!]') DoiiKlfis (Wilson) Addisnn (Osronla) Myrd (l.ux(ira) line-ups llred relalnlw: their orlitlnnl Uirouiiliout Ihr.' (jump, . Dpir.s baskclcer.s appeared t nntl Hftci- playing, (in™ , -- —, winner I Imvd itntiip.'; when thcv entered In the consolation llitjlil, 25 to-n I Hie nmiipi-- u ,, ),, ut | ( . with fitnw for Ihc runner-mi title in thp hoys nee. The fndliins. ju 5t over' (! ', ci ~ 01>1 ' |l)ard (fume wilh the Chicks, were Oaeh Heilyil Schv.'arU of llic- nlso Umt ] »& P'i"<:d ahead lo lend Lnxora team lefiur-d to allow lilsj 13 "' a "<• ll »' Imlr. Lu\ora girls piny Kt'isp.r utter the | Dell came Imci; slroni' In the automallcnllj nv anted the runner- 'rxilm. if! in' 17, with Hire"' mh! 0 up position in the Btrls play, ulos Ipft to play. Tlipn o'. Speck The Chickasaws played A smart • SI " 1H ''"'' C tenter, broke loose on ft hrancl of basketball In defeating. '"Wlni? nttiick nflcr Dnuehni'iin tlie Simwnce Indians. Conch Car- Dcll ' x ' slm ' B»n«l. had none out! ney Uiille's boj.", showed unusual cn f '" lls - From then nn u w(ls Mnlinn, Ashley, Wilishl, ALLKY OOP JO UTS. OUT!' Bv Hamlinl nullity in passing win mod all our tli« tell nnd -- — the 'Shawnce I" tlicli attempted pivot play Outstanding in the Chick defense wns Kochlcr, JJlytlievlllc center, who guarded o. Hpcck, Pliattiipp's highly touled center, nn thoroughly, e<spFclnlly on the pivot play that Spetk vva-s cood for only one field RO.I! during (lie cntlio cnmc. Tho^.first qnarlt-r opened cnn- tloiisly with neither leani taklns; maiiv tlnnces. cniVfn'lly fccllni: out the (ipposition. Iliyllipvllle led M the end of the <|ii:u'ler. •! to :t. -The Chirk clfehse begun lo click in the second quarter while G Speck big Slinwncc ccnlcr. made bis first nnd only field goal to lourh oft Ihe Rhiuvnec Hold goi! scoini(; 'Hie Chicks led al thp.;lmlf. .14 to t). The gnmc> becaino rough In the third qnarlei Referee Hnvoltl D.i- MS of Memphis oiiEllng P. Speck of Shannee foi unnecessary rough-, ness. a. Speck MJmvprl inter mi the game for employing the same trctic' ; Coach Johnny pulled Shawncc'.s (jaine. O. Rneck .scored 1'J points In i\ urllllunt iK'rfoniinnre. 'I'he loiirniiincni wns an nlly .successful otip. and „ .pncl-ed house, walchcd, the finals and i-nn- ner-np Imtlltj snliirdny. iil^iii W llli nol even MmulliiB room nvalinhle for some. fans. o 1'layer II. Mo.sley. I'urtlp, f' . Kochler. c Tlplon, if lltaekwell, f n. INlo.sley, Saliba". f . Baxter, e Fir Ft Pf Tp I'liiycr . Speck. Oarcy. f Speck, Mnhnn, [• f .. WrlRlil. f inillcy, f ^u.itd ounnuy uunieii puiien R^lph. c hh Ui-st stringers nfter the Speck Woedmnn, boys had been out of play, up-' pnrently to s'ue them foiv tup lilt \\itlt Dell, coiisoladon' winner Coieli Lashc of the Chieks also sent in his second stringers In the fouilh qiinrler ' The entire Blylltevlllc team played a bends up>c of RIIIIIC, handling tlic toll smnrlly nnd HhRrminir all over Shawnee's pi- Vol play. Carpenter nnd Walls, the Wilson forwards, set loo fast n puce for Luxora and Schwartz's lassies were left.uel.iincl. Lynch and Byrd turned in good games for I.nxoi-a ,while,Carpenter and WatU v/ere puwtandiiiB for siibGUlu'tcs ^eic used, Pf T|i 1 1 '2 3 1 3 2 S I (i o n o o n o n o Player Slncy, f . rini'i'ii. f Wall, c uniigliinnn. Crawford. Klbrlilt!P, u Biivlou Service Sta. ARK. MO. STATK LINE Supcv Shell Gas at- Missouri Prices Frances' Sandwich Shop In connection •I ' II 7 lli Dfl I n o 0 0 0 i Scores 39 Poinls in Poinl . loitniev; Lcecli Second Wilh 38. Doyle Henderson won llic point tournament of the Mlythrvlllt 1 country dub yesterday wilh i (olnl of an points. Eor.h player was allowed hi. i'1'Riilar handle!).)! and was allowed poinls on 18 holes of play on the foltowiiiK basis: one (ivev par, one point; Iwo poinls. par; three poinls birdie, llvi; pnlnt.s. eaijle; 2. r > points, holc-ln-onc. Henderson with his rruulnr hnndlcap rallna of 1C on 1ft holes turned in two "enisles", regulation birdies. J. A. Leech was .second wltli 38 poinls. lie had a 1C Imndinnp. He- turned In two "eagles". C. M. Duck, who has a 11 handicap, was third with 36 point'!. .1, F. Lcnli. whn rnlcs n G ruuK'.lnnp. wus» fourlh with 115 poinl:;. Oilier scoirrs near (lie top were: R.' R Kirshncr, tl handicap, 33 points: U. s. Branson. II handicap, :u points; G. G. Ilubbard. IS linnrlicnp, .11 points; li'. li. David, II! handicap, 30 points; U. A. Lynch. (1 handicap, 30 points. A low ml fnurwinc event pro'u- iblj; will be hold next Sunday ( liood- weather • prevails*. Ulchard liclnsiiin. duu pro. said lodn'y. HKW YOniC—Present day mu- nt(.|Jr iillilctr.v nif Jlviii" 2500 yi-u; lr« late. Schools, nllileilc asiioolatlniis and clubs are Dial, far behind Ihr- lliiH- In supiiorllng football wm- rlois and Alars of track and Odd. "Tennis bums" is rlfjhl. There wns no meddlesome A A. U.'.s, Oarnr-ijie ]\)inuinllons ur cither: roi-nis of (fnvcrnlni; or In- vi'stlKnllnt! bodies, or cointnLsslon- '•is. (n Hie Cinldra Aye of Pcricli"! Had they Misled Ihoy undoiibii'd- ly would have ton lold whnc: to head in. Ah. were Ihe dnys! Wo really don'l know wlmi s|!«rts Biil^ldlxallon or IHTOTU- phnsls means. Games of the nndom conlrlbuteil a fsrcat deal to lin- iflief of tlic unemployment .slliui- tlon, too. They put repair'men on jciisj street, :.nd limilnil sculplurs ami artl.sLs im! ol (jarrefs and in[ stalled them on llrat floors liont (•or fanatics of ih c world'.* tporls center of the nrih century B. C. didn't slop al learitiK down Ihe uoiil IKISU. Thoy tore down part, of Ihe city walls. Any fair kind' of a javelin thrower was good for aX'onple'of.slatiics, ami ; conquering heroes were made famous In MjtiE nnd story. • All CllltliTeil Up vVith Sl.iture . 13r, , Floyd A. -Spencer) professor of the classics at Washington Srinnrc Collcsc. New York 'university, lold an audience how tiiel~ ancient enthusiasm lor allilctlr vie-1 thev lory was vastly move violent thai It Is tiKlay. "Then as now slur 'athlete; were subsidized, victors" In tin Olympic Games were erected in their homecoming by cheering crowds and oiitstancllny cili/c-n.' HEY, OlDNT ANY OF YOU DUMB DUgS SEE FROM WHAT DIRECTION THAT MISSILE CAME? THERE THEY ARE, MEN APTER'EM'/ QUICK, WE CAWT LET 'EM GET AWAY.' Last Time Today < MAT. & NITE—Ifh; - 3f )C j SHIKI.BY TEMPI.K and '> I.IONKI, JURRYMORfi '' in : THE LITTLE ; TWIN' : L' r'aramniini JsV WK ;,' iMusical Red i Wilh Red Nichols and His us Red I'omiies Occlieslra Carldon—'"file Cliina Shon''^ Tuesday - Weds. ! * \. . ">*'t) V.I{.JA'.ll^< Blowcd in the rellcctccl glory tlmt rcsnlleii in their b B ln B popnlnrlj dciilined as patroas of spoi-t who hud financially backed the cll.v'i. slnrs of irnch and field." .snld 1) Spencsr. "Tlic Incul pride of Greek rllv- stntc .pulriols Ipd iiian.v d pay the expenses citizen to ss o plympln and tnch , )t „ p romisjn? home town alhlelc. The runner or disc-thrower wns Riven his m- eldenlal expenses for ft M -day irnlnins period and supplied vi(h a horse or mule if (h e i;nmes «vr.- held beyond walking dlst nnce of his- city. "A star who scol . crt „ brlllinnt viclor.v in the Olympics or ill an- pllier of Hie prominent festivals that came In four-year Intervals was honored in lavish .style "To commemorate hi s triumph » statue of him ,woi|l<| |>i> set up at Olympla. for example, and un- olher In his' home, town; The ath- !cte. his family/and |,Ls coiniiiiin'lt,y h-otild all be extolled In a G low- ode sung by j-ouiiy men of lie town K-IIO went beyond the c iv nates lo escort. n,e wmirims athlete tiotne in n Iriimiph.d pro- cessicnj,' , akiiiE^II Tnu^ti for I'm l'i nm i,| ( . rs "Souictimes crowds were s mitlmsln-stlc in their welcome ihnt tore down part of the pity walls, which had 'to be rebuilt, to make way for the happy ihron" that saiij; the Greek equivalent for Trail the; Cowiucrlng H.'ro Comes' between cheers, '"flic sculptor who modeled the the pod who wrote the ode, anil the repairmen who .built Ihc city walls all were hired Ihe allilcte's proud backer. !>.v . "It was not unusual for an athlete lo win maintenance at town expenses and freedom from taxe.s for life by an outstanding victory. In oilier ways llic so-culled amateurs of the period were supported iu grant! fashion bv com- Papooses Second In munity boosters." . The Greeks knew how 'em simon-pure. Jack aiid-CniTy pyii:, a O'Diien would have tlcalh In Alhcns. to keep Curl-v " There n,, son, clcib., nnc. o,- !: a,,i- nations registered In ncrlln. The Jonesboro Whirlwinds were crowned tlistr.ict junior hij,|, basketball chhiiipions Saturday nlghl at Jonesboro. defcatinct Dly- thevillc,.50 to 8 in the finals Joneslmro defeated Shady Grove 42 lo 11 and Blythei'ille won over Cash in tlie scmi-nnab;, 35 lo 8 Blylheviltc cinched .second place vvllli a 30 lo 11 win over Shadv Grave, consolation round winner. U has been found-that, n person 20 years old will sleep nn average of 16 years. 8 months. 8 hours before he dies, an average span of life. •' Te? piirol vessels of the u. s. Coasl Guard cover a radius of from SOOO to COW) miles in thuir search 'or icebergs. FREE FARMERS BANK & TRUST CO. E. C. DENAUX VSL SALE ..Practically Entire Slock Being Sold BELOW COST 209 Ufadis'on Avenue Memphis, Tennessee NEW HOME APRIL I « 1723 Vnion Ave. ROTARY IRONER You iron teated comfortably V ou don'l have to mppTy th» prtssurc — it ii done anlo- malicaliy. You do n b«tt«r job. You can iron practically everything — tntity, quickly rcononncnlly. ES Non-rutting. tcralcli- proo f ihoo, »elf-adjuning lo .ny Ihicknei. of maltriel. Fully open-end roll. Quick-action kn>< control Inilant roll-jlop for pre.jinj «nd drying ex<r« damp ipoli Locking c««ler. to tietp lron»r • lationary. Quiel G-E molor. Pilot light hc«l Indicator. Llfl-ofT table top «t ,lio|,| extra cost. PROVE IT IN YOUR OWN HOME Ituy From Your Dealer or Arkansas-Missouri Power Co. "Al Your Service" Easy 'ii .Irnns Given free, Iwo tickets to any show' at (he Bit?.: or .Roxy with ilhc purchase of one Ion of x-CEL or / 1 ticket with the purchase of ton of X-CEL, the World's Best Coal. We give these tickets in order to Introduce X-CEL more .quickly.. Sec ad over comjes on (lie Waul Ad pase. Superior Goal & Mng. Co, • ; 'Phone 500 EDWIN DROOD CARL LAEMMLE PRESENTS A UNIVERSAL PICTURE WITH , ! CLAUDE RAINS , DOUGLASS MONTGOMERY HUTKIRANGtl- DAVID MANNERS dUNCIS LSUUJVAN. YAliKIE HOISON DiR£C7E[> BV STUART WALKER i,-. .PRODUCED BY CARllAMWtf, JR. | Parjtmoiinl News Comedy—"M'|,;,| This ' Country Needs" THE BELL SYSTEM AT A GLANCE .*MfRICAH UUPHONf J lELECRtPH CO' I bti~»#n <«4 If* ovtfh lt>* iMtitor^ii »( ih« J I opiioi Jij ea^fv-.'itt. 1 - \*Ownedh/675,000 irocJrhoUirc ) , m\m Etmnic COMPANY KU IEIEPH8NE UIOMTOMES 74 8ECIOHAI OPERATING COMPANIES Howa.nation-widfi teleplione nelwork is organized Tlie Bell System is Ing, | mt its organizalion is not complex. Tlic A.T.& parent company,Service and research organization, ami financial headquarters of the System; It owns Western Electric, wliich buys and manufacturers for Ihc System at prices about n fourth Lclow Ihc, prices of similar equipment in (ho competitiva markci. Jointly ,yiih Western, it owns Bell Lahorato- tics, \vherc science constanily seeks lictter and''ohcapc^ method^ of giving you telephone Service. ; - : It owns more than 90 per cent of the voting stock of llic 21 associated companies (of which the Southwestern Company isone) and it opcratw the long distance trunk hues linking the territories of lliese companies. Iia staff carries on for lliese companies a constant search for more economical ways lo give good telephone service. Each part of llie organization exists because thefnneiion ilperformsisesscntial lo ihc johof giving good telephone Bcrvicc at f,ii r cost to yon. SOUTHWESTERN BELL TELEPHONE COMPANY • First to be equipped with an in-lniilt Gasoline Multi-Motor foe homes willinnt electricity — and for sixteen years Maying has continued to be the leadin farm washer. • Tie Btnnlv, roomy, srp Mil-aluminum tuli; ilj f waslnnggyratator \valrraclion; ifs lULirvcJuiis rtillcr u-iicr rc- rnovi-r, an<! oilier cxcltisirc fcalnrcs .nrc nil appreciated iti lining lig farm washing*. SENSATIONAL LOW PRICES Got vour Maying now — either 511 flcctric inoilcl, or willi Ui c j lag Casolinr.. \tulti.Molor. Vfry c.isy tonna can lie ar. your M.10.J.JJ B. U. (IKK SAIJW CO., INC. MaSincc — Kritlny, Sal mria v ; '.and Sunday Only LAST TIME TODAY MAT...& NIGHT—lOc - 25c ••••• GLORIA' SWANSON nntl JOHN-.-ROLES ••.'•::• .: j n WSIGiNTHRAIR' Dtimhhell Lcltcrs No. 2 Coo Con Neivs '..Comedy—"Wa(cr Rwleo" Tues,-Wed.-Tkrs. The Sweet- ! heart of "Here j Co m es the . Navy'and the' Top Cadet of, FlirtatJonWalk' reamed to bring you [ a new romantic thrill! | ^«fei»^ MAYBE LOVC ||. GIORIA STUARf v^*i5 ^^ , .^ News m .'omcdy—"The World's Fair" R-

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