The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 9, 1931 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, March 9, 1931
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Served by the United Press BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NORTHRA8T ARKANSAS AND BOnTHEABT MISSOURI HOME EDITION VOL. XXVII—NO. 303 Blytbertlle Courier, Blythetllle Herald, Bijtlwvillt Dally News, Mississippi Valley Leader. SCORE ALEXANDER BLYTHKV1LLIO, ARKANSAS, MONDAY, JIAKCH 9, 11131 SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS"ROAD LAW Rogers Caldwell Arraigned In Court Norris i Lists Issues Facing Progressives Links Unemployment With High Tariff; Flays Drouth Relief as Inao'equate. EDITOR'S NOTE: A uew departure in American political liistDry may be in the nuking. A movement of tremendous significance to the future control or Congress and the 1932 presidential election Itself may be the progressive conference in Washington March II and 12. Here, In an exclusive signed article—written .especially for NBA Service and The Courier News, Senator George W. Norris of Nebraska, chairman of the conference, tells of its aims.. • • • BY SENATOR GEORGE W. NORRIS Chairman of the Progressive Conference (Copyright. 1931, NEA Service. Inc.) WASHINGTON , March 9.— At one of the most critical periods in American history, a bi-partisan group* O f progressives has called a national conference here for March H and 12 to discuss and formulate a program Jor meeting five of the most vital problems affecting the welfare and happiness of our people, i This conference, designed tc bring the-most able experts in the country; to' meet •. with -members of Congress and, public officials inspired .by non-partisan considerations as;well'as to stimulate public interest, was called to consider: 1. Unemployment .and industria 1 stabilization. 2. Public utilities. . 3. Agriculture. 4. Tariff. , 5. Return to representative government. We hope to find a definite legislative fo!iition,.-constructlve in--«v- erj'" respect, to the "problems' presented in those wide fields. Some of us thought we had various remedial measures in the Congress which has just expired. Nearly all that might be considered ITOT portaht were killed off by the Republican administration and Its completely controlled House of Representatives. In the next Congress the House will nof be controlled and it Is our hope to attract sufficient support from members in both parties and enough. support from the country at large to be able to meet the responsibilities o' a situation which finds this nation stricken by unemployment, econom ic depression, drought and agricultural distress. The Five Big Points Let me discuss briefly the. five points on our agenda: Along with an utter lack of pro. gram for handling our unprecedented unemployment and for put ting business on a basis where It might guard better against Its periodic slumps with all the human misery that they entail, we had from the administration one misleading statement after another as to the true condition—statements 'from the president himself which were contradicted by the very experts whom lie had called into consultation regarding unemployment The president, in his messages to Congress, presented an estimate o 3,500,000 unemployed. That con trasted with the assertion of Col Arthur Woods, head of his unem ployment committee, that ther were between 4,000,000 and 5,000,00 men and w o m e n unemployed Woods' statement was also shown to be an underestimate In a revle 1 of conditions in 303 cities, made b Senator LaPollette and Senato Walsh of Massachusetts and de tailed on the senate floor. Ilijfher Number Shown That survey and the survey made for the government by the Metropolitan Life Insurance Co. Indicated that the number of unemployed has been running between six and seven millions. The administration, of course, could hardly be expected to mention millions working on part time through curtailed schedules. The administration has done nothing of consequence to alleviate that terrible condition and has suggested nothing that might need th.3 future crying needs of both the workers and business Itself. It Is our purpose to propose and fight for such measures. We have known for a long time • that the administration had thrown In its tot with the public utilities giving its blessing to high rates for electricity, extortionate profits an: monopolistic control. Power Trust Blocks Shoals The president's veto of the compromise ^fuscle Shoals bill has placed the administration irrevocably on the side of private greed For 10 years now, the Power Trust (Continued on Page 5) HE MID LUKE LEI FIIEETIIILFOI Motherless Pups Gelling Start in Life on Bottle SOME OP THE NATION'S "ECONOMIS AND POLITICAL EVILS' for which the progressive conference will seek a cure are syrjnbollzed here. 1. UNEMPLOYMENT, 'as typified by this bread line photo- raphed in New York; 2. "LACK OF REPRESENTATIVE GOVERNMENT," the U. S. capital where. Senator- Norris says." the govern- Oncc Powerful Financier and Associates Indicted by Grand Jury. . NASHVILLE, Teim.. March 9. (UP)—Hogcrs Caldwell, once considered amoiiK the soulh's . most powerful- financiers, today was put under bond of $60,000 for his ap- pciirnncc to answer two Indictments returned by the ' EhvWson county grand Jury here charglnv fraudulent breach of trust and grand larceny. ' The Ir.dlcimcnts, each containing six' counts, were returned sliorllv' after noon In connection will! transactions between Hardcinnr cminty and Caldwell and Company and the Bank of Tennessee, a subsidiary. Cnldwcll was president of both concerns. Father Supplies Bond James E. Caldwell, white haired father of Rogers, came to the county clerk's office and supplied the bond. The elder Caldwell was accomianlcd by an attorney. His face showed distress but his hand was steady as he signed the bond. -Luke'Lea nnd Caldwell, both ol Nashville, and J. Basil Ramsey, of Knoxvllle. former 'president of the ment Is in the hands of "the interests"; 3. MUSCLE SHOALS, a Defunct , H .° Istotl ,,,' Un , ! 5 n ^ N - at f?" n RELIEF, typified by these hungry farmers at a Red Cross relief ala : jth'e^ojree'ThoTero'-lndreted'sat' Five puppies, survivors of a Cae- sarcan operation, which failed to save Hie life of [heir mother, a IJofloir bulldog, arc the spjcln] charges of Louis Clrcenr. who Is attempting lo ralso the pups "on the battle." Deity,- (lie seven year old bull- iloi'. f,H of Hie Edanr lloruin family, was rushed to Ur. L S. Brlsroc local veterinarian, Wednesday. The veterinarian decreed that nn op elation would be necessary in ai effoit to save the dog's life. The puppies, four males and on female, part tcnler and part bull*!L?!?."X!2 g , i i?.£ 'SSL 1 .. 0 '^ "'I- 1 « h « llm «- o^idc Represent operation but their mother lit? next morning. _ •;: ... . -, ,. "'J lunin.u ;u at-un. inn m;ii.unum Tliclr eyes still tightly closed, the for tnc iwoplc.or-hls own county puppies squirm cacti other when comes and the milk bottle Is passed m its plcscnt; , mo - t of Mls , into their basket. Greene, an cm- slssl , , cm|nt .„ Eh , _„ ci , ploye of he dnis sore lias ,l B h tm '„„., CEn , - Qf „ t nnd hopes of "rearing his family to a „,„„ ElBto f fl , . ^ ripe old age. tion in Arkansas; 5. SENATOR NORRIS, veteran progressive, who issued the call : '.for the conference. Will Start Awiual 'School Enumeration Mr. and Mrs. Monte - Sanders iave been engaged to make the annual enumeration of persons of school a°e for BIylheyllle special chool district number five, it,was.._ ; . ._. mnounced today by Cecil Shane, Wreckage Washed Ashore ban-man of the school board,-who. »i \\ \ . . *, ! asked cooperation of all residents! "Gar iNeVfburypOr.t, Mass, if.tho district to the end that the T nf i:-,,p- T raCT(v I v :ount, on which is based the dis- . inoicaies 1 ragedy. rict's allottment of state .aid, may; be as''nearly complete as" possible. ; '.NEWBORY PORT.- Mass., Mar.-9 The enumeration, which includes] »V P > — Wreckage drifting ashore all residents of the district betweenl here today-led coast guardsmen to !-e ages of 6 and 20, inclusive, will believe a large trawler had found- .tart at once, and must be com-! ered off this port in last night's ileted by March 30. Mr. and Mrs.! terrific storm, since no report of Sanders also will enumerate chU-. rescue^had been received the coast dreri under six years of age, for. guard feared all hands had gone use in making future counts of dov,'n with the ship, children of school age. Last year's enumeration showed 4.638 boys and girls of school age in the district. Coast Guard Surfman Norman Daniel. 1 Killer-of Manvj Now Safe in Lion's Den BIRMINGHAM, Ala. .' (UP)— Daniel Sims, self-styled "Daniel of the Bible and killer of many" threw a coffee shop Into a near panic with threats t«5 kill the manager and customers. The ii;gro walked into the coffee shop, shoved the night manager into a corner, and said "Daniel must kill you." . A painter sitting at the lunch counter intervened. The negro threw a chair at him. which missed • the painter and was shattered '« pieces when It s'.ruck a table. Detectives captured Daniel 2nd placed him in Jail, which •-.c cp.llel the Lion's den. Nurse Added to Staff of County Health Unit O'Brien sighted a fishing boat apparently a large trawler, plying perilously near the bar at the en-1 : Irance of the Merrimac river late'. . _ last night. In the heavy seas. the.Lf.FlOn ' Gams vo's'. in many years, it was impos-; sible to launch a boat to go to the ship's aid. I O'Brien set off several rockets to Mass Meeting; This After- j noon Appeals .for"Just . Division of Funds. . -. A resolution couched In vi«n-ou's Urnis, rondomnim Rc-p. E. E. Alexander for his failure lo obiatii'at'-';'-', lion In the house of representatives r I cm a bill to give the ChfckaJwIja :•'• district of Mlsslcrlnnl' co\inty7'a ; : fair slmre of county iilglvKiv turn.- ••:-. liack money, was adop'<?d' this aj- : / | leriioon at n meeting of about" sli- '-'' IV ritl/.ens, Including delegates '•'• from Dell and Manila. .- .- -.-,'.; The mcellii7 nlso voted to-send;"! I n petition to each member of. .the '-'v I liousc of representatives." .asking '".I tntive .A'oxiinctcr ii he persists'In'. I his refusal !o seek fair treatment'-.I . In the division of hlaluvav funds. Undar the hlthway turnback bill. ' I 11111« 11 i INPI1LPIT; urday by the federal grind Jury a Qrenvllle; Tenn.. on charges of'Vio- lating th* national bunking tows District Attorney William J.:parte 'annpunwtf <&t' Knoxyllle- todays ' ''Lea,"Vrriewspape'r' publisher;-$md Caldwell' bankrupt financier, are at Home In Nashville,- It Is understood. Ramsey Is In Jacksonville, Pla.- Ca- piases-have not been Issued'and I the formality of arrest may not bj exercised, It was understood from Carter. - - 1 Lea and Caldwell were stockhold- Senators . Attack Pen Board; Endorse Joe T. for Presidential Nominee LITTLE ROCK; tearch Pastor's Collapse at Serv- V i J An. 'L i ! ers ln 'he Flolston Union Bank and • ICC Yesterday AltnbUt- heavy borrowers through Ramsey ed to!.Overwork. 'Chftrgcs,;.by . '- Bailey. , am '' principal nnd Interest of rood" im- nrovcment" district bonds In the Osccoln district of the county."Mr, Nelson's corrective measure ...prjS-": vtdes for mv even division of the : 1 lurh uock money; between .the.tvw ;[ tlMrlcls 'of the "county. •. • • .';;<. The resolution, .us adopted ije'- clares that Mr.-Alexander,- by re-' VI fusing to aid In. the! correction of- I the Injustice done by .the. ordinal : . I mback act, makes .himself, a paf- ' ( / to the robbery of th'e • taxnaysrs"- L ' the Chlckasawba'district of M!s-.:---'| sstopl county. . . •: A".'; 1 ' 1 -' Mr. Alexander .according . . tct'j Wcknsawba . district .men wh'b r : Little Rock 'In-connection-"'. '1th thc matter, lasfweek, hos-rei" used .to permit- Senator Nelson's >ill to give the. Chlcknfawbd dte-- ; 'l rlct of. Mississippi-county ^an even - : | The Rev. E. K. Latlmer, pastor from the .bank's funds. Indicted Twice Two Indictments were returned against each of the defendants. of he First Christian church, is i cartcr sald one c resting; very well at his home to- , 0 v|olate ^ day following a .collapse wNle , the olhcr cl , two ,. preaching yesterday morning. ' - - - I he will be forced to: remain In bed for some time because of nervous exhaustion his 1 condition Is not serious. flc violations of the federal banking laws by Ramsey, aided and abetted by Caldwell and Lea. The conspiracy Indictment alle^hat on March 31. 1928, thc date on which Caldwell and bought the Knoxville Journal. The pastor had just finished ! "> administering the Lord's, sacra--^ ment ard was bejlnnlnj his morn- lLen in? sermon when he fell to the J*"- CaUwel and Ramsey entered floor unconscious. A Cobb ambu- 1nt ° * conspiracy whereby Ramsey lance removed him to his home madc R * 3S $<X> fa!M cntr >' ln thc "id consciousness t(m5 ]ater rec ° rds nnd banks credit of that amount. ReDorts of the accomplishments given as causing his Illness. Overwork end nervousness were Specifically the indictment cbarg- The niirsi is being supplied to, tal:nen a boat. Four or five cart-; the county through funds of ' ne loads of wmekngc was picked up on United States Public Health Eer- : ,,, n ,.„„„,_ Ttietc was nothing on' vice received through an emergency j tne Tre ckage to Identify the ves- appropriation by Congress re- sel J cenlly for public health and the, extension of rural health service- through southern states. Miss Moore is a graduate of St.! Vincent's hospital i» Little Rock and has had several years experience in nursing. Roscoe Crafton. team cap-] j cs that Ramsey entered in the (bank's general ledzer In the credit ! column an item of S08.000 credited Marriages Down, Thefts i tof 'I 10 J° mt •*** ' ndi y, ldufl ), accounts " _. ' IT i a and Caldwell, whereas no Up When Times Are Hard such transaction had actually lak- en place. Exnect Efforts to Extend Assembly Session ^ a J i br-rsbro • | OSCEOLA, Ark. — Will a man i It was the purpose of Ratnsey. Tbn rin'W. which will have Its'marry when he's broke? i the tnte bill alleged, to "deceive" culmination In a feed which the Not often. tho officers of the federal reserve losing team will tr|i.- e l>if winners,, will a fellow steal when he's bank, comptroller of currency and has nrn1uco<i i;ood results, accord- hungry? : agents and bank examiners. in.r to E. A. Rice, iwsl commander. : He's pretty apt to. The second offense charges wlll- wno said today .here k now good Thfre may be exceptions, butlful misapplication of $93.000 credit T«i"i n lo b»lir;vc tint in spite of records on file In'the Osceola Court: lo the bank's credit to the joint ac- ,. . . , Ptifklns that'- the 'st«w''perilteffliary was ' "grossly mismanaged" were made In the senate .today- during discussion of a* bill to appropriate $200,000, secured by a bond issue, to ehable the board having charge' of the state penitentiary, to obtain funds to discharge past due obligations. The measure passed by a vote of 22 to 0. In denouncing the issuance o bonds for such .amount Senato Ealley said, "If the penitentiary is unable to make its expenses by being afforded the best land li the state, and cultfVtn? tha land by free labor, now con this senate expect, farmers of Arkonsa to make a profit on their crops sc they can pay off these bonds?" H charged the members of the boan with mismanagement. The first rumblings In Arkansa of the presidential campaign o 1S32 were heard when the uppe chamber adopted a senate con current resolution endorsing Sen ator Joe T. Robinson as the Dem ocratlc nominee for chief exccu JVC. The Norrell bill providing tha taxes on motor vehicle fuel use for Industrial or domestic, pu- poses shall not be refunded, passe the senate by a vote of 23 to Amendments to the ori;ina! bill provided for the refunding of taxes on fuel used for the construction of county highways. _ LITTLE ROCK, March 9 (UP) — It is probable that ajsanltary ln-| t^pue the fact that the lower j spectoi . - ... i-j ,hk thc i»«fs 1931 mem-j House prove thc rule. exceed 1930's '' breaking total. A full attendance Is count of Lea and Caldwell. ector may also be provided for )]ouse of the Arkan5as legislature' ^"manrtcr Rice for tomor s county, through Uie same has held nlghl sessions for .the! rl *hts rnectin=?. at which pl urce, which will give Mississippi . st Mvml wccks p Ers i s tanl ru- tor wndlne up the members county a second inspector. . st M mors |ndh . ita , flgnt was tang , ans rship b e dto«d.n« .n- In Justice G. L. Waddell's Court] Allegations in the Indictments theft of chickens, hogs and other]were presented to the grand Jury . m ..^.^. 35 defendants charged 'with the: in Greenville last week in order to >h ni«n* f 0 * 1 J. tulT ?. wer ? trlcd ln D 6 "" 1 "! prevent the operation of the stat- bejan distrl- j ut« of limitation, which would be- effective before the grand The Red butlon of rattens the first of Jan-! and slnce Ume on)y ^ division, of .ithL^wnmty's it. the turri-b' funds,'to co'mo to 1 '* ' | vote In the house, .ami. today's-, meeting was -hurriedly arranged to ;.' onable'clllzcns'of tbe n6Hh!;rri ; part. :: of the county, to go 'on record'lii the "matter. ' " ' .-.•"'" v C. O. Smith of lilts'city and R- S.''Hudson of Manila, whoV-wero /"'] nmons those who conferred r 'sith -• Mr.'.Alexander last week, told Vof : ; Ihelr unsuccESffill efforts to • 'Wiri : " I At support for the propo".al. A;' 6. -','| Little vi"oroii5ly attacked Mr. Afexf ' antler for whit he termed therepf-; resentatlve's deliberate- betrayal :of the trust imposed hi' him by'thi: pecolc of the county. ' ; " ''"7 ' .-The resolution as adopted: foK: lows: ' - r.' ""•'..' "Be it resolved by the ' of Hie. Cl'.icknsiwbn di'trict,,';ih' ma.=s meeting" assamb'sd. . -.->\;,----. "1st. That the passage of-Sen-". atnr-Blll No. 263, now Act No. 63, :l known as the "turn-back ;blll", tiie ' effect of which was to-use revenue., collected from th? e.xtra one cent".;, pnsoline be p.lloltcd lo Mlssr; isslppl county to the pajineiit ol \ bonds ond Interest' thireon usef! for the building of reads Inline Osceola district, iwas unfair.-' and"" unjust to the clttois and ts\-T!ay-: ers of the Chickasavvba district, and was the result of a prcmedl-. tated plan of certain land owners, -. DoUticinns and bond buyers to rnb- the taxpayers of this district for the betiefl* of land ov.r^rs of jthe, Osceola district. "2nd. The fact that said bill was; permitted to pnss and become 'a. 'nw Is" much !o thc discredit of both" our senft h or and representative, : rnH. In its most charltab'a r.^pect, d'snl^yed a c?.relessn3=s nnd lack'bt" Ititerest on the part o! our said «eriotor and 'reoresenlative In -the welfare of citizens and property owners of this district. "3rd. Tin f?.ct that Sanator Nelson promntly and .willingly in-" Negro Gets Extra Food But Draws Court Fine Clevc Watklns, negro, entered a plea of giillty to A charge of obtaining food from the Red Cross under false pretenses before Justice R. L. McKnlght this morning. He was fined S25. J — The charge against the negro i trcduccd and passed through the. was preferred by J. T. Hall, In lunate a bill correcun? this outrage charge of negro relief work of the and "'" hw '- v "* h «» n™^t-the Cooler Resident Dies ^ I ^ ,^ nthe ^ in Memphis Hospital adjournment. In December, 1929 and the fol- _. (,•„„. n iwing January and Februar>-, the Dan Shell FlTlCa By I meeting "at Paris. France. In 1919. County Court Clerk's office Issued In the senate it was believed ai Et vrhich the foundation stones of. 213 marriage licenses. During the COOTER Mo—Funeral services majority favored extension of the|thc American Legion were laid. ; past three months only 79 have: were held here Sunday afternoon legislative session. The opposition I been Issued. Thc contrast is attrt-1 Dan Shell was fined $50 by a si; ' '- "-*• butcd to economic conditions Iol-ij ury ln Jus ti ce Oscar Alexander's n< Jury on Rum Charge national Red Cross here. Watklns received a food requisition for himself at the relief office and returned two days later, receiving a food of this district for Mrs J. P. Jordan. 60, who died was believed strongest in the house! n a Memphis hospital Saturday where bills and measures are piled: £-__,. Pncf-il _,-_ *-n. A *„ .nllt. fT-rt^rt an \*\-,\* In tllA HftrmBT*? rftt IIT1 nftntilPd. ^ "111* • * t-.T ftl requisition for his sister's family. Investigation revealed that the ne- jgro did not deliver the food to his sis ter's family, bat carried tt to a when she failed to rally from an, high In the. hoppers ret unhandlcd. operation. She has been a resident! • of Cooler for over thirty years and I Is survived by her husband and nine children. Services were conducted by the Rev. E. O.Stevenson and iiitermcnt was In Mt. Zion cemetery. Admit 27 to Penitentiary From Crittenden County LITTLE ROCK, March 9. (UP) —Twenty-seven prisoners, only 3 of them white men, were admitted to the state penitentiary last night from Crittenden county. Houston Secoy on Honor Roll at Arkansas U. Among tl- Blytheville students 1 thc c> °' lntv !<>» "cr- this afternoon + tnnrl(«n *Vi« tmU-apeKf /\f drVon. •> ^••"'111 W. W, Ol]3\er HI l> c Held Here for Agents P. P. Bromlett. former emp'oyo of the U. S. Poslal department, was placed under arrest and Icdsed in lowing the drouth. ne sro woman with whom he lived. | court this morning on a charge of i possession of liquor for the purpose of sale. Shell was arrested at his home near this city In a recent raid by j deputies out of Sheriff \v. W. j Shaver's office. About ten gallons TEXARKANA, Ark., March 9! of liquor was found at his home. (UP)—A crossing accident claimed Railroad Crossing Crash Claims 1 Life; 2 Hurt attending the university of Arkansas. Fayettevlllc, who made the: pcstal depflrtm( , n t. honor roll lor the first semester is Bromlett was arrested by Sheriff Houston Sccoy, son of Mr. and shaver and J. B'.edso;, a depi'tv Mrs. Tom Secoy. He Is listed with i constable, ne»r Burdette. Tlu rx- othcf honor student's In the school! act nature of the charge awinst of ending whc , rnade . three' point average or better In IS or ; one llmc by lhe the life of one person and caused' Injury to two others near here 1 uOKYO, March S (UP)—Japan lato yesterday when a south bound i was rocked early today by an ear- Cotton Belt train struck, an auto- [ thquako which dartw;ed 884 houses mobile containing two men and j at Haclnoye and Aomorl perfec- thelr wives. ! t"res on. the northern tip' of the J. L, Cobb, 35, of Klblah, couth! Island of Hor.shlu. of here, was killed Instantly. His] Fissures were opened in the more hours of college work. department I somewhere In Ohio or Indiana. brother T. C. Cobb and his wife suffered ihlnfu! injuries, while Mrs. J. L. Cobb escaped unhurt. earth and strong shocks were felt from 150 miles north of Tokyo, where many houses collapsed. WEATHER ARKANSAS—Fair and continued cold; frost and freezing tonight. "4th. That the ntlitude of Rep-' rc^entative E. E. .Alcx-indcr;" jn failing to p?.ss tlw Ml to c?n-c:t, this ri^al is condemned without, rr-.-prvo'ion. and demand Is hereby made that, as a cUben and sworx. office holder of th'.s county he demonstrate by his action whether", he is honestly attenptlng to d!s-;: charge his duty as a representative of this covnty, and feels an Interest in protecting the people of thU district in Ihelr tesal rights, or whether he Is in truth and fact' J.' Tuesday fair with rising tempera- » P«ty along with Tom R<vhvy. J. tures . i T. Coston and others in perpetrat- this crime asalmt honesty, de- omcial weather] cency and the ilshts of nfcPMPl illllps, the mln- • who have rapcatedly honored him. lures. According to the observer, Charles Phillips, Imum temperature here yesterday was 33 degrees and the maximum, MOSCOW, March 9. (UP'»—Faur« degrees, cloudy with .02 Inches | teen Menrtevlsts on trial for "In- of rain early Sunday morning and; tsrvontlontst" activities agilnst the a small amount of snow Saturday j soviet government were f"und guil- aftArnoon. On the same day a'ty today ar.d senlancsd cu vwyliT? year ago the minimum tempera-j Arisen tetms. Savon v.-crc given-ten ture was 3V degrees and the maxl-1 years In prison, four given «I^'.it mum, G3 decrees, cloudy, 'years, and three! fclven five yeait.

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