The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 14, 1933 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 14, 1933
Page 3
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S.VITUDAY. OfTOr,F:i; (AUK.) coimiEu NKWS PACT; T1TRER Memphi 'Machine Gun' Kelly's Wife •Mivils Weakness (or l-DlTOIi'S :s and : NO IK: since ihey arrc'ied if. u coiiple of \vid-s uyo. 1-nok at these clothes. the cheapest ihlngs I've u"t. Luther Ainoltl -her go-bplwen (Uio turned infotmr-r lor the gnvcrnniMiU hns. my clothes nnrt they ought (o make liim «ivo ilifi" In me. Hi 1 has treated tt;e dirty. IT'S fO!.D IS JA1I, '• It's pretly cold, too, sometime, :>:> liiis OklahOiii.i countv >M ci !!. I :i v;isi ' r " ml mv lonK " ;lir lw<:k -: ;n feeK runny, cm snon like HHS.J I always uud to vifir il kne. •;.,,; ,: ,| Miind. ], f! . NEXT WEEK at Blytheoilles Theatres npiriiTIPT P1TC Sliltil I IS ottS -f m\ f. I ill- I meat packing 1 forty years. Anti isl1 ' 1 ;1 screnm l " C'nntinuln: ' > I NIC slory of Iicr life, as told lo Hilk. o'klaliuna Xens Mall' wrili-r and MCA Servici- slalT eurrespun- ilinl, Mi*. Kiithrilm: Krlly, wife nf (irnrxf "MiKhim- dun" Kelly, Inday relates rvi-llls uf In-r i-hilil- hood. tells tin- slory ut h.-r miir- I'Ligrs, ami reveals incidents uf her IVur-ridilen life as tin- "Iff i.r a widely hunted Baiixsli-r. Tl» s i> I'"' st'ioiij and eoneludin- installment uf Mrs. Kelly's slory. * » » K.VrilEKlNF. KKU.VS OWN : STOIiV As told Ift 1.1-f Hilk, Oklahoma News'- Staff Writer anil SKA S-'rnir ; StalT Curri'Spondi-iit • (Copyright. 1933. NBA Service. Inc.); OKLAHOMA CITY.—Il steals like I've lived two or three live- 11 .] packed into my 20 yea:.;. > I was torn at Ti.p'.'lo. M.-is.. March 18, 1'JM. Everybody se'.sns lo think that I was born ai Fate, Tex., but that's my mother's birthplace. It v.ouUl take E month to ul'. all what has happened since I came into the world in that Mississippi town. Rom 1 day I'm going to write a book about, ii and sell it. lo some money to take lure o! l'«iUy "i"'l IIMV.V when lie <lid it. I r.iisrd hell about it when I saw him that •,'.T.y. lie had the pretlicsi black: hear. I never did like bio mis :iny- way_, and I tnld George so Hi 1 did thai when the law was after him. I was only with him about a week during thut whole Janet Gaynor and Warner liax- urc. to Ix 1 seen In their newest film on Sunilav when "I'addy. N'I-XI Besl Tliini;." opens ai the j Alice Biudv. Hit* Theatre, .-liintnv Duranii 1 Miss fiayiini lias whin Is report-! l-'nv Templelon rd -,i« hi 1 " «lro!i':o.ii ro!r to dale.; brilliant III-.IIK-S industry in the last g Sickness to Take i lc;ivv Toll Trench Savant Dec In res. PARIS, i domic of ley's di'i-.t.--. Coop"i'.! chVtKl ln . Moisuii. I .„..„.. -„„ DPI- A (ll'Vilsllllllli! liepy sickness-or I-\Jl•••. .is lu- calls It--Is pi-el)i. Kufi'iii- I'olley. si-!- In lli)llv*-uoil," linif. I was re.ady lo |!ivc uj) and I vantril la (;ivo up. Up norih. ^ht-ji I reuil in pupers . r ibc:it Ihorn rnoiher on llu- farm near Paradise i Any. 12). I was frantic. I wanted to come ill then and do some- thiiiB. of llroadway nnd j addition lo her well-knownj llolivwix-il will bo on parade, liittji flic is here required to j Thursday nt ihe Rllsr. 'Iliealre. lu i !• her nir'v'.v.lwind spirit. She •.••Huiiidv.iy rutue and she is irresistibly tni-i' .- . 1" and convinces of the loves and joys, the Irlumims Warner llaxlor I and h".irlbreaks uf a vaudeville aid lo be In his most nonnlur i tinnilvl whose career is irr.eud over l)ie'ifli;m"nt He is suave, handsome \i pi-iioil of fiflv vcars. a touching my I nnd ihe gentle.-',! ol lovers. 'pan-alive is interwoven in nnini,'. As Ihe inun wlio clown lo earih of his love. i-Xjjerls ui'.e. li.-'.u n-:i s|>ce-' of the ll-calrej ll,k intensely human ilramiij ^.^J ™™ e limes, li,- el.ilnn lime. MC huld.i i!;,' V.MI.S of 10:14 and will lir ,i worldwide on- sneh us has nut world In modern Al Ihe s-.,uii- up -i li(;llt lu en- willi color- The me if I'd bi-i-n tiyinis lo look uul for my^ir. Hut I didn'i Hay place:; where I couldn't l>e found. I was trying lo do something for I :jiv parents. I K'-!!y pioiiusC'd me he would' sin lender, too. if they would let one nn ihe screen. H has Wilier Con- ino]ly. slur of (he Ilroadwav stage. Hiirvev Stephens. Margaret Ltnd- «>iy. Mary McMornilc. Joseph M. Kei'rkii!!. Fiskc O'Ham. Cluire Mi> Oowell. Merle Toitenhiim. Roger dailKOivd luimaliily "An:i lour uui .i[ leu liave 11, my ' exiierim-nis have proved. " i'd by I can wrllo. 1 use: 1 , to '.vriti- siiort, sturk-s—14ve stories. NOL real life _ s:ories. but, just fiction. i T shnulil he able li> ssll the ! kind or Ijoolc I'm lliinkinif ahoul. ; A lul or tliievt-s probably would uanl tu read it, anyway. When 1 was -about 0 years old. out- famiiy moved to Cole-man. Tex. I liked ir. on thr- firm. 1 still do. Diii in;; Ihc last lev: years r would have been ylad lo go a:iy place with Kt'.ly and sctlie- down. MAKItlED W1IKS ON1.V 14 My parents iMr. and Mr.s. .1. E. Hrooks) moved to Ashi-r. Ol'.la.. when. 1 was about H years o!d. Tire re I met L. C. >Vy. the son n: the Rev. J. M. Fry. He- was only about three years older. H '-vns just one of kid love nffaits. We (tot married. About a year later, after we had moved back 10 Colcman wit'a Mamma and Daddy. Polly WKS born. Neither of us was happy. We were loo young. We were divorced. I'd rather not talk about that. He's married aeain and happy. We \verc just kids. My mother and my father were divorced, after bring married 15. years. There is another one of li.e things in life that I nover wu.s iible to understand. Alter mother married Mr. Shannon. I sent Polly to live with her at their farm near Paradise. Tex. I visited item a lot. and ha;i my baby with me in fort Worth parl of ihe lime. HUSBAND. KH.I.S SKI.F Charlie Thcrne, my second husband, was a rancher. He treated me all right, and bought me filings, but he was a terrible drinker. He would drink half a u.ilion of whisky at a lime. That's why he killed himself. He threatened to kill me. He was drunk once and had a pistol and almost scared my maid to death. I always kept a colored maid at Fort Worth. He pulled the Kitn on me and said he «as going 'l*wo of tlie irnly grtat dramatic' arli.'-ts of the time are for the lime brought together as fcreen lovers in "I Loved A Woman." which comes to the nit/ Theatre on Tuesday. They tire Eduard n. Kobinson nd Kay I-Yaneis. each of whom lany 'I hi- nur- (l. ; 'con- i->: [>•:...( t! to strong iiis I'uiiuacled un;i! iemoml. Peisons allliet- rp-, .sickness syinp;o:i:.-:, ave !!le tl.mve o; th'.- pu- is. the inpll i-xti-nds and j iii! of lemainim; j ttu- inlinence i?i tin- : cast that Fox Film has. nil si-made as the iiudience Iroin d ii.omul its two stars is lime to lime soi-s what ts i!oi:v< on the most notable over seen {upon tin: stai;e us well as behind ihe scenes Fay Ti-mpleion sings narncy FaKan dunces as of yore. There are KOrgeous AlliiTllim Hasch ballets. The dramatic climax shows five hundrL-ti daneer. 1 ! in the laryey. talkhii; picture set i-ver built. Alice llrady and Flunk Moruan play the urii;!iiul dcinclnp team, prourei'sinn from youth lo old axe in superb scores in Ihe role of the ' • young "hoofur." and Eddie Quillan c.ivcs a splendid impersonation of the grandson who teeomcs a famous Hollywood s'.in-. "SclinowJe" Uuiunte niiikcs his every aiiix'iir- |''pldcm!c ol 1918. which killed ,as bein starred separately in mice side-snUltim:. as usual, and; IW)sons than the -World W,u-. hi,- I j- pictures-in all of which they tlie romantic interludes are ably | inanity hus siilli'ied iiom this unforgettable charac- handled bv MadBu- Evans and Rns- n'Kalions. I-'ell Hsrilic. With Genevieve Tobin. they playj - -• - niiiue purLs in the amazing love. I I?resai;in',' a ncv.- deimrtin-c m rianele of "I Loved A Woman." Miss Tobin is east as the -.iiulic- ive v.'ife. of Ihe hero-tonlent, to vail a liletime lo avenge her wrongs. As the reing star. Miss Francis ilrcs Robinson, as a weal- j challense he youn^ meat packer with her | pose of ^ u own amb'ilion lo sain power. Both field for trans-ocean fliers^ The^ro- n tl!t-ir own ' ------ - screen tntertainsr.ent, "F.P.I", the new Fox presentation opens at the Hit?, next Saturday, deals with one cf the latest, developments of science. H.s locale is an island In the Atlantic, built by man as :i to nature, for the pnr- safe laiullns |Jil. thin !• conli'ait.s Miiall mid liKhl." r'Dllcy':, di^,- i-; nothlnj-. new. lie says. H" has nlveil lii.s name, decline;, to n uruup ol d:-:eil\es •i'hich now can be i'.aliie:e,i nude. 1 "From the seven plagui 1 ^ of KVypt lo V..'- so-railed Hjiiini 1 .!! flu scourge, ix-riodiciilly nnd in :llller- eni forms, aiul will conthuie to .suffer (rom it until n ciimpaiKi) silt.! :,.s that which Ls slumping out lu- tcrculosis is iiiiili'i'lakcn," lie .«ys ways arc mnncc ol the slory, It'r aiiventure around utterly ruthless in baUlins for world con- : anil intrigue all revoln ouest Strangely enough. nobliiKon I this "floating platform." i 1 ' later inspired by hatred for his • C inamorata instead of love— when he : Jill Esmonil have finds he hiniself is but one- of her ! roles in IhLs Erich Pommcr pro- many lovers. Outside of Ihe rom- ; duction. directed by Karl Hur.l ance the story reveals the domin- ; Irosn Ihe story by Waller DeiscU forces in the growth of '.lie 'and Kurt Siotlmak. . Conrad Veidt. Leslie Pcnton and featured (>ak 'I'ref Held JIan Priwnrr HUaitESDAi.i.'. H. 1. lUl'l Tony Ray, 50. o! Johnston, w he!d prisoner for liian nine j hous by an oak tree ilia:, fr-ll on i him a.s he was ehopplni: It He! .suffered serious back injuries. ' EUGENE, before her !i. Harper, »l Mnvir at 7,'j Ore. lUPi — A wrek Tfilh birthday, Mrs. .1. of Crow, cclebiated, Tiny Fish Hone Filial ilnys later died KELSO, Wash. (Ul'i — A liny an artery, fisli bone, invisible muter X-ray, re- went to a inovint; picture show for suited in the denth o! Alex AUi-.n. Ihe first time in her life • |42. He swallowed the txme un:l II •Alien il penetrated rooster was an overnight guest in , the county Jail. H wns the pet of | Joseph Perry, who had no place to I'M. Koosler Is' Jnit Illnl : leave It while he wns held In jail YPS1I.ANTI, iMli-h. lUPi —A! uw.iUliiB arraignment. I THE Your emotions gel :i terrific bm-ier Ls Ihe famous opeia star whom royalty toasted and the world Icring from many intensely dram ..tic angles in "The Past- of Mary Holmes." openiny Sunday at trie Ho>;y Theaue. Here is a drama bound lo give jour heart a twist. It's fundamental. It analv/es the strange temperament mid reveals [he lorn ;ciiil of a who has fallen Irom fame and glory—11 woman vho nourishes a inured for her •.on and then finds, when' her lestiinony has acquitted him ol murder, thai ^he loves him. Mary Holmes, known in the town ihc Goose \Vcman. drinks nnd ill-inks 10 forget that she has lost her brilliant voice and no long- Her weakness? Oul lilacs, declares Kathcfinf Kelly...And doss, [co. by the way. csperially Pek irigc.-e.. .and she likes to play solf re hcrai-bark riding, and play the piano. my parents go. It was nil his fault. believe he would have Ihey wouldn't done rharees against Arnold, bul the charges have not been pressed.) My friends outside will know i who's telliin the truth. | T can't understand Kelly. He \ didn'i have in get my parents in: trouble. ! Another ' foolish thing was to: burv that S7S.250 on my uncle's! farm near Coleman. (The uncle is j Oass Coleman. called to testify in i . Retired to an old shnck in • n .leisey suburb shr- is sunk in dirt r.r.d squalor, living in a dilapidated .o'.d house with her do,;, her :esc and her gin. There is a murder. Her son is arru.-ed. and .-he testifies agiilnsl him withoul knowinK il. Her lal- em motlier love is aroused at last', tut Ihe court will no( be ieve that she is not nishih; naturally, to the defense of hci son when she declares her testi- ir.ony is n lie— that r.he wns mere:y greedy for publicity and fame that was once the brealli of lifi lo her! Eric Linden. Helen Mac Kella i>nd Jean Arlhtir play the lc.:din% loles. to kill me. "Go ahead," I told him too. But •J i-.on he i-.ii;) :e tlnu»hi lo: j anything much of me. Afler the maid and I would have £°ne to the 1 v.ent inlo ihe kitchen, we heard | rleclrir cliair, any time, to save a shot. He had s'.u-i himself. He ; them. h\id aboul six hours. I fart of Ihe lime he was scions. I pleaded with him 10 set well, fcr my sake. "All rijiit." ne said. "I'll do it :r.v you." But he died. MONT.Y MEANT NOTHING 'i hey say Ihit I loviil luxury beauliful pos.sessions, Ihatl I \.ar too easy with money. Money] :• vrr ni.-anl ii:iythi:ig to me. O;| itnrse I liked I-) nice things.;, r ,. ntJ . il; uis m ^t:\. when I found ,--•' ' could bv J:IM as happy with- j , ]lcm Th( , v (|i(]n . t , iave . my llcccnt tllcm ' ! clothes, said they hadn't had much The Arnolds tin addition to 1 C01V j Luther, she refers to Luther's daiii-'hter! Gcraldine. 121 say they never knew me u:ilil I picked ihem up while they were hitch-hiking through Texas. That isn't true. I knov (hem before, and I'll prove il before this is over. I gave them r .hc only break 'he\'d ever had, and look what ! they did to me! Arnold had only brought me any flit They never I'.ippincss. I've had ^ In! nf ears. C'ail- >li:i.- CIKS—that's my weakness. I ' il ;! C'atlill.ic tnup:i when I , vv-li'il Keliy. ami !'ve JiH one | M \v. tnit they drjn'l know where! the trial of the Kelly about thei promise! finding of "early half the $200.000] Urschel ransom loot on his farm.) ! Maybe my uncle didn't know t-nyihiiiL 1 about il. but why did. ihey have to Ret him in trouble by putting il there? I didn'i see George for a long 1 time. When he uol back lo Texas' he found oul where "I was in San Antonio, and came there. TO CHICAGO iras goine back to Chicago, and I wasn't planning on going along. But I went. I didn'i worry about being caught But I wns desperate about , mv"mother. George didn'i seem to • worry about them catchins; him, either ishe pronounced il with a she uses ihis pronuncia- "Rome Expre.'-s," th: pictiir, which has been the sensation o untulo:: lor the past : .wo* nun'.hs has been broiiglu 10 Ameiicn b: Universal, and will be seen at Th Poxy .stintiny Tuesday. Exc'.le ment. sustained susix-nse. revohiu i.txml Ihe Ihcft of a priccl'-'ss Vai Dyck paintin? and n rnlhlcsF si,a\e .siiper-criniinul \vho romrols ice siliialion—all Iht-se abound in 1 Rome Express." Human emolions and motives Income peculiarly en- l.incled in an intimate and surprising wa\- during li:c aclion ot ihis linn, all of whivh lakes place in a twelve hour peiiod on Ihe express liain hound fiom Paris to Ku:ue. In addition lo the unusual ty]H of j Mory and setting, you will see '..wo ol the lincil .stars of me screen. : loth of them veil known in Am! c-rica. One is Esther Ralston, who ,ieturns !o lh_' talking screen in "Hum:- Express" and [he utl'.er Cuniad Veidl. ilie intein;it'.yntil I screen and sings ilar. IO-YOU; Both Old and New Subscribers May Get 'A lG-ryi;rvlcr Cadillac, which in:' Kelljs lx)iii:lii iu Cleveland.! :-'-(' f:dei-a] .lii-iu.s in tiacing' ••XfiichiiH- Gun" Kelly's aclivitie.s.i | I'm criii'.v about do^s. teo. We'. ;wl three of the cutest Pck.Cicesj i tc;.s yo'i ever biuv. ill \\'.i : rothiT Pek : ave [o his ; r!. r ,tiess. that \.TIS trailed to Denver nnd s iliroughl lo](l do^, which Bates; lo cat for days. t( ^ con ' 5 t B ntly) , "Midnight Miry." powerful crook I bought them gond clothes nnd j nlH . n .. s use j to i e \\ me. "You caama. brings a strong cast licatl- fed them. I took them . to San | have j o dic samf ti|] . c so it doesn't [ ed by Loretta Young. Uicardo Cor- Antonio. ! n \ n ^ f m ,. difference." j t-.-z, Franchol Tone. Antly D.-vinc JF.RUY IS SWELL KID" ' K<? ny promised me that if I was land Una McrM into one Meiro- lomr when he was caught tnal he i OoKhvyn-Mayer pioduction lo be vouldn'i do any shooting. That's jsl;own Friday at <\Y: lloxy Tliea- vhy he didn't fire at the iwlice- ] tro. nan in Memphis, bill they said he: u in ., .hiilliii! Mory of life in vas yellow. the upper slralu ot erookiiom. I don't Uiink h e'd have llrrd r. 0 ,- e [[ a Young is forced i;y cir- If he'd had an army of artillery with him, while I was alon?. Tlie federal agents Iried to make believe they hod identified my iiandi'iitiiiB on one of Ihe letters I took good care of OeraUlinc. their 12-year-old daughter, while ! she was with me. Jerry's a swell She told me she wanted to come vith me and live. I (old her she couldn't do that, because her parents wouldn't let her •Oh. they'll Rive me to you." she me. g] lc , lro;lts ln( . l was her cap- s. mother. But she's Just the opposite. baby. Polly has been ficm petted and pampered all her life. Everybody love." her. so they make over her all (lie time. She's just n baby. . Jerry's only 12 years old. but she n ! don't kuov: whero tliose dogs i'i'- now. I hail rhem in Chicago. Ci.r nf ihem look .second prize in ii rtoj show !here. I.IKKs IIOKSEIIACK HIDING ' -lias had some hard knocks. You Hm-lncl- tidipfi alwavs was a ' could drop her down in New York hotabv nt mine. And if 'you don't I"'-'! she'd Bet along .somehow. She ;-ellev, i O an ride, Kelly. He! knows how to take wrc of herself re\er did like- horses, and ean'l i No. I don't hold anything • •li-.r very well, but he would so! asainst her. I don't knhw whethei with n;i soim limes. !(•". hir-o \\MUU1 mil t" k'ei; ne nii'n mint 1 , and he'd yell for me ;<. slop. He afraid he'd fall i IT. ] 'ike U) plixv the piano, and I hnve a new mie ill Fort Worth. I also play go'.f. So, naturally, I never had any i rouble nbout my clothes fitting- roe. RIII I've losl 21) pounds already i;nni: uiiuManci'S to jcin a crooks. Events irnu' ul lightning i Epccd ;K lh:> gan? • t "s iiioie :mi-. bilious in ;he:r e-p.'nilions. Miss I Voun? falls in lo*e with Tone. a| AMERICAN WORLD 1 YEAR EACH Here's How •• — "— " . - » .. J.IUIX IUIJ3 III JlnMl- VSJIH that Kelly sent Urschel nnd others ; f , aUo ™ cv . from Chicago, [hrcntenuig to kill ' ihe lold Ihe officers anything that '•xi them in as in Memphis, like they said. I know she didn't Intentionally And. even il she did !I wouldn't hold it ngalnst her. HITTER AGAINST ARNOLD Arnold was the otic who treated us dirty, but maybe they had him oh the spot here with the white davrey charges against him. (The government has filed T h ll « Slavery him. SKE YOU IN IIEII." That's ridiculous, Anybody could look at my writing and then at Kelly's and know that he wrote those letters. George jnst laughed about them, hut I think he really meant the threats that he put in them. I haven't mndc any threats. They accused me of it the other doy here at the jail. One of the guards told me. "Well. I guess you're sorry now, nnd ! guess you'd rather be in Mr. Urschef's shoes than In yours I Kelly's Wlienl the gangster leader decide 1 ; to klllj Tone Uie dramatic tension mounts lo a terrific tempo. ' Farm Hand's Hunch Saved Passenger Train j CALUMET. Mich. 'DPI — Lassannn, a 30-year-old farm hand here, had a hunch recently (hat averted a serious train wreck. After a heavy rain. Lassanan I strolled down the tracks of ihc or Chicago. Milwaukee nnd St. Paul i railroad, thinking thai the road Vim simply order (ho Courier News and holii muKiizincs delivered to yntif home for twelve months—or, if you :ire lucky enough lo already lie one of our readers, simply itnlhori/v ti>- to continue delivery of lite Courier News for another 12 months in combination with the magazines, r'nr Ihe 2 magazines and Ihe Courier News you pay GO cents down and (iO cents a month to the carrier Iwv for 12 months. Simple, isn't il? Here's What Ycu Get I told him I'd rather be where bed may have been washed out. I was than in Mr. Urschtl's shoes.. He found 50-feet of faulty rail and Kelly meant whit be said | flagged down 3 passenger train when he wrote Vrsehel, 'Til «f, before It reached the damped you In h«HI" 'tracks, Liberty (Weekly) Woman's World And The Courier News I'or I'lirlher infornuilion Phone 300 and We Will Have a Carrier Hoy Pick I'p Your Offer or II You Prefer— .12 Months 12 Months 12 Months ALL THREE 60c Ilium iiayinrnl, pins monthly payments ol flOr lo the carrier for 12 mnrllis. Uso This' Coupon Prop in Mail Enclosing GOc. or Give 'l'lil< Order lo your Carrier. -nir coriiiKi: MAVS. lllyllirvillr, Ari<. I hereby agree lo subscribe to. or extend my Courier News for twelve months from this date I.IHKKTY iWrckly) WOMAN'S \VOKI.l) presMit subscription (or t and abo lor the folio wi 1 \ear 1 >car CO cents T am now paying 60 cents and acrec lo r*'y 5' mir regular earner IHT month for twelve months. I fully understand that this contract cannot be lanc.-lk-d without immediate discontinuance of Ihc masa/nw subscription.-.. -

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