The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 19, 1950 · Page 18
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 18

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 19, 1950
Page 18
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BMTHEVTLI.E, (ARK.) COURfER NKWS CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION tor MDMCUtl* m I Mm prr lln* J5o • MUM p*r lla« p*r d»y lo U MBQM p*r tin* p*r d»y tc Maaih p*r i!n« We C*UBt flT« «T*r*x» wordi lo tht line A4 ord*r«d, for ihre* or *u timei and > b«fon tiplr*''on will b« cntr* lh« numbtr f>f time* lh» ad 3 and adjustment ol bill mad* All CJ**ftl*led AdrtrkUlnH copy ""t>- •Ittod by p*r«ini rtMdlng rtiusid* ol MM city muil tMi Kccoinp&nled by cash B*«M may Mill? b« computed frnn ;** ftbov* table - Advertising ord«r for regular ln»*r- •toM Ufce* tn« on« |lm« Mble M* responsibility will be taken for mot* than one Incorrect Insertion of «ny eUMlflet 1 id All ad« *r» restricted lo their prope «.: -''Ifl cm lion • »>•!« ftnd type The Ctowrter New* rtxtTitf th* right io edit •r r*J*c* any art Notice Th* wife of Rev A. H. GatliLne.s acknowtpdge.i with deep appreciation your Xlnd expressions of sympathy. you beautiful Ilornl dosl^tri- Thanks to the aen»ral Baptist District find iho?c •who served In other wRya. \Vl1f. Jpnnlc OTthings Sister. TtAttte ColHns 2 Brothers. Vlrpfl! & John Gfttlilnst ant! ((irully 12|19 pk 20 Apartment for Rent New furnished 2 hprtroom house Couple only. Call 3427. 12; 19 j>k 22 :n. Call 6051 fl/trr 12.19 ck 25 2-3 room nnfur. p.m. > room furnished apartment, prt- *»# bath and entrance. Th. 2QT2. 12|19 pk 27 3 room ynf. duple*, complete hath, rtectrlc hot water heater, XUchen cab- ln«U «nd sink. Idea] Tocatlon Call Oscar Alexander, 2321 or 3470 after « O'ctoclt. 12;19 pX 22 Smill Pur. eiriclency. Clnsn in. Mra. •arry Lewis, Thour S187. 12|I8 ck tf 7 room furnished, apartment Phonp "*"• 12[I8 tf I room unrur. upt. GRS heat. 100 W Kentucky Ph 8793 12|7 tf 1 room fur. apt. Call 4Sfl4. mi N. Franklin, 12J15 pk 22 2 room furnished apartment with FtlgldAlre. oil heat. Utilities furnished l*>f West Asli. 12J15 pk 22 S .room ilnf. upt. Call 2660 or 3583. 12118 ck tf » room Unfur. »pt Call 2^60 or •••• 12[12 Ck tf Wlc« Bp«rtmpnt, private hath. faceting atoTR nn<t »\itomatlc hot water h«it«r ftimlshed. AUo has window •h»d«€. 3 cloH«ts, built In kitchen oblnetc, 3«« &. 1518 Kearn or phone *»*•- . 13 pk 20 3-rtwm furnished apartment, private bath, electric refrigerator, automatic Hot ' water lank, electrln Rtove [jO- Mfc«4 50(1 W. ChtcfcusuwbA Ph 3900 ll]2a ck If TJnfwr. 3 room npurtmml Close In he»« MS or 2595 " 11J27 tf >;room unl apt., private huth Rood fcteM&n: Ph. 332*. - pfc 12127 wimUhw! 4 room apt. Butane heat O»M'31». ' 12JI9 pit 22 fur apt i-rooinB A hath imf;nl •!••. rFfrLgemtnr 131 Ph 3373 tr. elmon . ' 10.« ck U apt 3 roomi and bath PM •quipmcni. electric rerrlRerator io*« fuml»ur« Fti 337S 8]22 ck « 1 llD*. rooma and bath Oftll 4912 » >"* 103 ck »t •-reom ke>tu>« unfur apt 2«7 Auto Supplies ' and Services ADTO AND FURNITURE LOANS ; Prompt Personal Servtca funeral Contract Purchase Corp l« aouth 5th Phon* 8803 4 1 *, c)t tl £»•'» •n4«nger yonr famllj with •lultj Ure»—BH^ LIB TIRES CH4PKAM SIRVTCB STATION M«l» * Dlvlalon Phnne Alsa I2]13 ck tl Services For e»pert ol) stova repair cleaned Ihe f.cuum war 10 years experience All work xu»rameed Ph Harrr Myers * iw ' III22 pk 12122 for F»l Television & Ka<lio Service, Can <;AKI, LONG RLYTHIOVILLK TKLEVIS10N & RADIO SKRV1CR 114'/ 2 \v. Main Ph. 3796 11-15 ck tf ft yout stove needs cleaning or repairing. Call 3391, day or night. 12.15 pk 22 Interior pud Extprlor decoratlnf;. Cmll 2:166, isk for Mr cardwell, 12|I3 pX 20 Watch and Jewelry Repair 1-O&J aerilco on Jtwelry—3-rtnjrn nn wilcfitft and clock* cj VIA run teed work don« by exyrri re pair man LTIWFAI "PAT O'BRYANT Main A Second TYPFWRITERS DON EDWARDS CO. Ill W w»!nut rtinn« 3387 Plenty of Parking Space For Sale, Misc. Frosh Country Eg;rs, Christmas Trees, Fireworks, Fresh Fruits and Candies. Raman's Sotre. Dogwood Ridge. 2 mi. S. Gl. 12-12 pk 24 Phon» 2010 to p;nce your order fni nolldny goodies -hom«[im(1e rilvlnuy ("tlge. plcip&ppla iipf;l{!» tlown cnkcj< 11127 pk 1227 CHRISTMAS' HAMSTERS Idoftl pct-i j-ou'll «n]oy nil Hie ypni O A Hllnton 14 Ml S On Hy 61 11129 pit 12,2'j ChlWs lar|?c plnno. Ifirgc rockluc horse. Phone 4MO. . 12[I« pk 21 a used cnmmnefl In Rood condition i inn .ecp 1 lined Oliver a row Irnctor-CulttTRtor Priced right .Thla ectulpniecii nil reiidy to to «o work Olln nnrrtson Implement Co tr TWO NEW PIANOS AT COST WE HAVE TWO NF.W PIANOS WITH TEN YEAR FAOTORY OUAKANTEE THAT WE WILL SKI.I, AT COST BROOKS MUSIC STORK. 107 EAST MAIN STREET. BLYTIIEVILLE TELEPHONE HIM tf City anil Cafe. Lrnchvlllei Ark !1 •'DOM 12 [u pk !|H is- house trnller. complete, S230. .1 horse out-hoard motor. $flS. 22 fluto- matlc Winchester. Jftck Hunt. I^ist Boy Court*. Apt. 3. |2|H pk 21 firey Chow pups. Femnles 530, mate 140. 4 mo, old.Ph. 593. 12J14 pit 21 A John Deer* Trnctor. 1 row cultivator. 2 botton 14" Breaker. McCormlclc nlslc. chnln harrow, nprlng tooth harrow. John Drcre trsller. AfcCormJcJc Dccrlni! irnller. metal K ri\ln trailer All n perfect condition. See Paul Rllrh next to Clear Lake Church. 1 pV IJ13 12;a pk: 1|3 ReRlstered ijeatrle pups. Make pood ets and excellent hunting does. w. H Baldwin. Box 789. Jonesboro. Ark 12 IP pk 22 Harris"' Grocery Including BtocJc t Utnrra. Immrrilntp possession. Good business location. 307 S. Franklin nh . 12|5 pk 31 YOU GET MORE FOR YOUR MONEY AT PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. 1950 Ford Custom Deluxe Konlor, hlnck finish, ham overdrive, radio, healer and sunshade. . .$1515. 1919 Chevrolet Deluxe Fleet line Coach in fine tondi- lion, has jjood healer and lires.. .$1375. 1918 Ford Super Delu.x* Tudor, black color, bath radio & heater...?9<I5. 1919 Ford Custom Club Coupe, maroon, radio & heal- 1917 Plymouth Special Deluxe Kordor, both radio and healer. . .$895. 195(1 Ford I'ickup driven only II,()()() miles, dark blue color, has good tires and heater. ..§1295. 1917 CheVrolef Pickup, radio and healer. . .$8-15. 1946 Ford I'ickup, a very clean Imtk. . .$795. 1916 Ford Pickup with slock rack, has both radio and healer. . . f(i95. 19J5 Ford Pickup...bargain-priced at just.. .$645. lompanu .l.'Mzl-^ * «* Phone 4453 ELECTROLUX When thinking nf lionse clean] U think of Elect rolnx Vacuum CJciin ami Floor Pol IK her. then cnll K. O. Tho/n [isoii, pli 6611 You'll he Kind you dirt. 12,13 pV Pun? bred cocXer pups, red *nrt vrille. Mrs. N. G. Jerome, pii. 3101. 12jia pk 25 A John Deer* Tractor, 4fi Model, A Ills Chain em, 4(V model. All equlp- tnetu. W. C. Cnnndniore, Cot Ion wood Olrl'js Bicycle, Size 20, Good JiOtia 6322 j 2lfl Real Estate Farms—City Property LOANS For Sale, Real Estate My equity In G.I. House. Will con- •ilrter Kood enr In tratle 521 S W ParJt- way Drlv«. Phonis 426fl. between 6 a-room h :RKti Call 2 room house, ^ yenrs oltl. T rjloclc .orth new high jjchool Mivyb^l *ub- llTLiton. Price £1500. Write C A HLck- mnn. I.enchvltlp, Ark. 12115 pk 22 Colonlnl lypff walnut bookcase «.... \ble. Mrs. Mitchell 63B9. I2[15 pk 112 ELECTROLUX •Cl.KANFRS-SRtc*-- Servlce, Supplier Cull for free (tcrtion- ,lit\llon Your mlti clt-ancr In^pprlrt! 'ree J R. Harris, ph. 66f)t 701 ChlcV- Run or tne mm rough lumber <le- Ivprfiri At Blythcvlkie J1t> thovixnnri harles Brtght Ptione S.lfis 12:3 pit 22 28' house trailer. $330. Pii. 925. 12,13 pk 20 New sufcs on ph. 2072. tetnis. t!0 E, Main. T U R K E Y S Home grown. Toun; and fut. Any ize On foot or rtr?s.sert ('hone 6662 B. Z HesMr \T\1 pk 27 Typewriter, girl's hlcj-rlr Ph. 2fl94. \ 12,19 pk 27 EVEN A BABY Can See These Are Bargains in USED CARS! Here Are Just A Few: \ 1936 Chevrolet 2-door Sedan. . .only S!)5! 1936 Ponliac Coupe. . .now only 5135! !9I6 Kuick in sharp condilion. . .only 5SflS: 1916 l)e Solo -l-tloor Sedan. . .yes, i'l's only $S!)5| 1949 Nash 2-door Sedan. . .just drive il...S»n5. • '51 Pontioc Now on Display I Noble Gill Ponliac, Inc. USED CAR LOT Across the Street from Ihe City Hall 5 roomi »nfl DAth Bj owntr KqiiUj Uood roc»tlon Shown nnlj hj *ppolnt. RTjVTHEVlLZA REALTY HOI.rOAY SPECIAI^—HOMES SI.500 IIP TO RIIY OR SELL. PHONE 2.194 129 pk " : "4n2 ncrps fine cotton, corn Rnd hi FK(i(i" Gravel road through Ihe [a ancT.y,'cl] drnlned. Slumtecl In the KOU- tlierh part of Mississippi County n Wilson Plenty ot houses wllh no waste land This Turin contnlns aclnnlly 452 ncres hut will deed us 132 The [irlce Ifi 465.000 which l.i [ess than Jl.'iO pie acre Purchaser to pity 425,000 rn*h. assume «. -1% lonRtlnift lonn of S26.000 with oalance to he carried hy owt Possession Jan, I. ID51 This farm Is helriK olferril at R rpdurert price and mosL rfrtAlnly 1* K qrncd Invr-'itinein nnri will compare favorpihly. from A At nnd point of production, with any $250 to S100 Ijvntl 12:1 acres, very fin* type of soil itlfn] (oration, on High way 61 South, Two nic 160 acrf fnrnis In So . 1C luteiefited see or cftll W 5 pnona 33fii W. M. BURNS Realtor Lovely 3 bedroom, 1 i/ a bath, home ,willi attached garage, on Pncan Avenue. Spacious living and dining room combination. Nice size kitchen any woman would like. Large screened back porch. Lot 70 x 160. Large KIIA loan. Price SI7.000. Well located 3-bedroom home. flO-l llearn Master bedroom 16 \- 18, large living room, nice size dining room and kitchen, screened [>ack- norch, garage, 2 outdoor storerooms, beautifully landscaped and. fenced yard. This house is in extra good condition. ?:j,- !>00 cash will handle, balance I'TIA. Properly i s vacant I'rice $11.000. JOHNNY MARR Ph. 4111 Res. Ph. 2o% 11-23 ck tf Three 40 ncro tr«c!5. good home lid barn. J7.000 One 40— hAlf cieaTfrf |4 JM 432 acrpj. 2> ? nill,s (torn «'ltsoi\ »l] In cnltlvKtlon SI50 prr «cr» !25 000 will handle All In Mlsjlsslnpl comity 160 ncrc« northMsi ot ntrnle S^ndr lo«m lund. (.-room house nnrt <-room house SI2i per »cfr «nd wotlh the money 80 acre». 3 wan »nd b»rn. All In cmtltatlon. $AO ^er Acr« . [4.0 n. on hfira any *\T.« furm from 40 acres to 1.000 ncre* Also hove *ome cutover iftnd for $25 ner ane Small down tAymentA and loni? terms on baUnce See me If yon nrc Interested In farms of any s1?e or )tind R M BKCK Ph. 3,19,1 Rlytrtertn* or RAY HECK Th 975 OsceoU Noble Gill Agency REALTORS — Cecil Earls — Oloncoe Rlrlg. ph. 68fi8 f:30 ck tt Help Wanted, Male , n 1 '" 8 .' , CnBl " concern has opening I or tnlnpci to become- Department Head.vnnd Manaecrs. We want ai!sre«- *»•» and rpupnnslble men Interested In OWprtnnllj- nnd wno nr( . ivlllln.; lo work to achieve MICCCSS Ape 26 co 35 at least high scllool education and B »-!]» rm<J children are prime requisites balnry ol s.W to start and aiiccraiful rnndldate. . , m , M t, c enrnlni? over (100 prr month In a year's lime with on. liortnnlty to R o far beyond thl! tn reply, pkase give age. education, family status and mil details of previous experience to PEHSONNEI, MANAOER P O BOX 21R8 OESOTO STATION MEMPHIS. TENN Business Opportunities rat lale or o»:ner— oiirimnallon nom toom ...d aomlnn ,,nrtot In Osrpnlt Eqiilpment lite new Oood locailnn and a four million dollar le.tlle planl I r 3 ,^ IU> Wg P">">" Sen o. write r r nide.r. 313 W Tr Ave BlTthr II.1.E REALTY. Pit 2.134 12,9 Privaie Rooms ^. oil heat B'vlllr Hnipl lt:2« pk 1 N1CW (ILKNCOK. Special rates montblv and weekly |>h. ,MGI. 12-j ck If 2 hedrootn* Men only Mrs E t Hlomeyer Ph isaa u, 3a pll u 1( , Bedroom, convenient lo nath Eleam "at «11 «• j ]A1ri „„ 33JJ 11127 p* 122, Bedroom idjolntn«i bath Ph 11:21 pk Help Wanted WANTED_s»i c , person with pane] truck or station wa^on to contact wholesale tr.-.rk ror a natlonallr knoa-n product. Box IS. I'a.ta. III. 12 19 pk 22 The avprise housewife ^-a]ks about eight nmi oiic-linl( lulled a day. TUESDAY, DECEMBER 19, Ferguson Model 48 It's Ready to Go!. . Tractors $985 John Deere B Model Good Rubber. 2 Pieces Equipment Massey-Harris Model 30 5 Piece* Equipment Ford 8-N 7 Yr Old ' 4 Pieces Equipment. 1250 '1650 See Thes« and Other Valuei Today! Jack Robinson Implement Co. Hlylheville Phone 2371 Also Your Ferguson Dealer in Osceola Lovely Brick Home On Country Club Drive OPEN SUNDAY —2 to 5 p.m. Week Days, by appointment 3 Bedrooms - 2 Baths . . . $28,000 Tills Inn-l.v Brick Home Is quality Ihrouchnut. Beautlrn! KIT- CIIKN. lifclime Geneva Cabinets ivilh all the accessories, BRKAK- FAST NOOK, nicely proportinnril DINING ROOM, spacious LIVING IIOO.M with Italian Marble fireplace. The three BB1I- KOO.MS have large cedar lineil clo.wts. Both BATHS have colored fixture* and B as wall healers. Slora»e-plus In larst flnnrcd ATTIC. CAR POUT. Marljle Kl.iBslone TEKRACF. You will hlie the spar Inns 82 x 200 (t. shady LANDSCAPED I OT Choice neighbors. Don't fall („ invDslijate Ihe sinnlincss n,,d choice materials used In construction of this home. JOHNNY MARR, Realtor Office Phone 4111 Res . Phone 2596 12-16-ck,23 Notice NOTICE LISTEN The Host Investment on to (liiy's market is a GOOD WKLI. LOCATED HOME. Quality homes are fast clis from the market. JOHNNY MARR Realtor Ph. 4111 Res. 259fi 12-18 ck 20 Have your baby> shoes presprvrtl lr virlnstlng bronze Ph «9Sfl REAL ESTATE If interested in a home or farm, see ns. \Ve have anything from n vacant lot to a nliintation. Also city and farm loans. CATES-WIGGS REALTORS 115 S. 3rd. St. Blytheville, Ark. Ph. 2751 fl-11 ck tf .1 rooms located 50a N. Finn st connectlnK bath, close In. Inquire of People living In house, or phone I E Parkhurat. No. -!17«. 1219 ck tf ATTENTION CREDIT GRANTORS m» Credll Buremi of D]fthe»lllr -.ic l-'iirnuTfl Hunk bids has oyrr 20.WW inillvldm,! ritea. »nd orrerj jou •ompieifl credit <erTlce-lnTestlc:atlorn .-cpor.a And ^ollcr.llon« Memhcr ' of Associated Credit LnrfRiis of Amerlrn Dlnl }niM-2«(iS Mr, Vcrncm Boyd mi(n. igrr. Mn Luclun Oalncv A-lMaiu Insurance Call 553 For Complete Insurance Protection W, J. Pollard Agency Planned Protection :M w A.« 51 Ot.RMCOK HOTKL BUll.DINCl Are You Relaxed? flnel Thnt> rmv w» Ilk* to %rtei you at esje in Ihe comfort nr your home We <ittnnll for po\u ftppro-Rl inir selection of Used Cat^ * M»5U Kuftr^ntCF on pnru* »[ia moor ttAcXrd in KlwAys, bj otn reputation fnr fmr dealtn? Fait price* Ensy terrnn Coina in TODAY I 1919 Ford Oiutom rordoor Stdiln 1949 SMh Club Coups J 1945 Kan;, Deluxe i »lth >il (t . and many more, all ralve* calnr* The 61 Motor Co. Yotir Kaiier-Fraxer Hcodquartert North 6th St. Phone 2142 •Wt'll M Her« TOMORROW k> Buck Up VThm W« «»j , n( j D» TODATJ" For Sale, Cars and Trucks 50 BnlcX Special for *nla by ocvner months to p»7 Plmn« 43^3 «v[tpr ft CARL PAU !n the man to se« If you'ro lookln* ror a new OI.DSMOBH.B » new CilIC true*, or A GOOD USED OAR He II give von the he.M trurta In townr You'll flnrt nlm at Horner-VVilson Motor Co. 317 Riwt Muln Phone 1055 NlRhl 1464 11:30 c)l tf W mated to Buy Right on the corner, right in the price. Dyer's grocery. 125 Lilly, corner Lilly & Ash. IfiRhest prices paid for poul- Iry and eggs. Ph 4f)70. See us hefore yon sell 12-7 pk 1-7 For Rent 2-room furn coltflge. electric kitchen Ml heal, hot ivaler. private hath 220 1'QUBHn St. , 2j ,., pk 3, Modern Cnhli.s A-. Apur~sT50~njl Weekly mien Lost Hoy CourU Fireproof nvilldlng 30«HO C S Bnoeett ph^9SI , 2;7 C J" , |7 ' * rm. house and bath. fur. M5 per lonth. water furnished. 505 N. Broadway. Cat] 4057. ; 12'ifl n |< 74 rooms, clown stairs. Screened In porch, and Inside toilet. Llshls and -atcr furnished. 55 per tvnck. 15IS W '- 12,19 pk 22 Grocery store dolnp good business Good location. Ph. 4326. 12.10 [»k 2S New 4-room house, electric, lights lose to school, on-city hus route" Ph 66:>1 - 1219 pk 27 niclg. 30X'!D on H«-y 40. 12 ml west or psrcolB. Ark., at Midway Store. Ideal place for blacksmith shop anil ase. For Information Inquire at Midway Store. Rt. 3. Osceola. 12 19 pk 27 room furnished house, electric kitchen. Adults only. Ph. 2072. 12.19 pX 27 IN TIIK CHANCERY COURT FOR THE CHICKASAWBA DISTRICT OF MISSISSIPPI COUNTV, ARKANSAS DR. WELLS S. EASTBURN, LOUISE EASTBURN AND LAPERRIN RAY TF-.ORN. A MINOR. BY ALTON THORN HIS FATHER, NEXT FRIEND AND GUARDIAN. Pltf.l V S. No. 11,511 PEARL MADSON AND SADIE EASTBURN SMITH DFTS WARNING ORDER The defendants. Pearl Madson and Sndie Eastbiirn Smith, arc warned to appear In tllla court within thirty clays and amtrcr the complaint of the plaintiff*. Dr. Wells S. Eastbiirn, Louise Eastbiirn and LaFerrln Ray Thorn. R minor, by Allon Thorn, his father, next friend and cunrdian. and upon their failure lo do so, snld complaint will be taken as confe.^t^ri. Witness my hand and seal as Clerk of (he Chancery Court of (.he Chictasawbn District of Mississippi County. Arkansas, this 11 day of December, 19SO. Harvey Morris. Cleric , By Ruth Magcc I212-19-26-I;2 Orchard Plan Dropped SRINAGAR, Kirshmlr (AP) — The state government's plan,, r or nationalizing orchards in Indian- held Kashmir has been postponed because of (he financial drain involved in paying off the owners. The government Is going ahead however. with Its program of breaking up large estimates and distributing sections lo the tillers. PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Slotk Guaranteed Best Price* Kirby Druq Stores Concrete Culvert Tit« Sltei mf U J« In, . Corrugated Metal Culvertt Slw* mf t* HI In. A«Um»il< Float CitM Concrete vSeptir Tank* Metal Septic T*nks. Sewer Tile w. KrHrrr A. H. WEBB «j II >t SI,) Pho»« 714 Lln« HOLIDAY SPECIALS 1918 CADILLAC "62" l-door Sedan, beautiful black finish, equipped with deluxe radio, while sidewall tire., deluxe healer H nd defroster. Your whole family will b« proud of Ihis car. . .only §1795. 1019 Packard 4-door Sedan, radio, healer, extra good fires, one-owner car. . .only $!I95. 1!>1S 1'l.vnioulh -l-door Sedan, healer and defrosler... 5 ii'ii. 1917 Chevrolet Kloelmaslcr -l-door Sedan, seat covers uiulerscal henters ami defroster., .only $995. ' 1937 Kord 2-door .Sedan. . .a Kood cheap cnr....f95. 1918 Chevrolet 3/.|-Ton Pickup Truck, new red paint large hot wafer healer. ; .only $895. - ' HI IS Chevrolet y,.'f on Pickup Tl . llekj rad ; h(?a) and seal covers, beautiful red finish.. .$795. <795 n " dKe l/1 ' r ° n !>it ' kl ' 1 '' ril(Iio an<1 heater...only JSH7 Internal ional 3/1-Ton Pickup Truck, healer... HHl Chevrolet'K-Ton Pickup Truck, runs good... I 9 .)" s liK|elinker 1 '/.-Ton Truck with IZ-H. h,,,lv, 700 , A >0 Ironl tires, 750 x 20 rear almost new §395 * Many More lo Choose From. EASY GMAC PAYMENT PLAN Remember, you can always get a good deal at SULLIVAN-NELSON CHEVROLET COMPANY 301 West Wilnut Ph*n« 578 TOP CAKE BAKER —Mis. Peter Witcbel. left, ol Redwood City Calif., is given a check (or S25,0(IO by (he Duchess o( Windsor (or. winning the grand prize in Ihe Pillshury national baking contest at the Waldorf-Astoria Elolel in New York. Mrs. Wuebel holds a model of the complele Genera) Electric kitchen which sh« »l»o won (or baking a prize-winning orange loaf "Kiss Me Cake." ; WE DOOD IT AGAIN! Tvn vnm, YOU i GOOD USED TRUCKS GIVE YOU Two MD CMC '/i-Ton Pickups. . .j-our choice. . .$995. One MS) GA1C 3/l-Ton I'k-kup. . .now ?nflo. One '.17 Dodge 3, l-T»n Pickup, slock rack. . .$fi<)5. One '-1.9 Chevrolet l-Ton Pickup. . .now $1015. One MG Inlernational '/,-Ton Pickup with stuck rack . . . now 5 1 15. One MS (IMC 2-Ton I.\V[J wilh S2S 5: 20 lircs. . .$895. One MG Chevrolet 2-Ton LWIi wth M ft. bed, S25 T 20 < tires. . .SIS15. One M2 (i.MC 1 !' 2 -T (m LWH with 325x20 lircs... ?163 Others To Choose From. ALSO A GOOD SELECTION OF USED C\HS SA.LE- PRICED FROM ?<!.-, ( 0 $1395. HORNER-WILSON MOTOR CO. 309 East M«!n 2056 I '

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