The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 19, 1950 · Page 12
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 12

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, May 19, 1950
Page 12
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FACE TWELVH BLYTHEVTLLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS FRIDAY, MAT 19, Missco Farmer's Hogs Spark Farm Program jr'" ~ I — ."•iv.. ,4*. By HARRY A. I1A1NKS (Courier News Staff Writer) An outstanding 4-H cl«l> member nearly ten years ago, Carlelon Stiles returned to Mississippi county from the Army In 1946 after an absence nl "three years, six mootlu and one day." (He's another young veteran trainee-farmer u'ho will enter the Arkansas Balanced Farming contest. Deadline for entries Is May 31.) Today, through fl program of diversification, lie's on his way to becoming a land-owner and has 25 acres in his name now. Has 35 Hojs Mr. Stiles' program hlncjcs largely around a hog herd which numbers some 35 head—he'll have about 50 soon. His poultry flock contains 33 hens, two roosters, 50 broilers and 100 chicks. He also has two turkeys—one Is currently settine. Majority of his hngfi are registered Durocs, but he's never entered them In contests. Of the 155 acres he's managing, Mr. Stiles has 'm in cotton, 20 In corn and beans and 58 in beans alone. Of the seven remaining acres, tsi'o are In bar(cy whJcli will be thrashed for seed, and five are planted In mixed grasses and seed and used for pasture. . Headed J'rire Group A member of, Blythcville's veter- sn training program, he headed the group which took a {125 first, prize for Us exhibit at the Northeast Arkansas District pair In 1948. Mr. and Mrs. Stiles (she's the former Miss Jonell Ladd of Holland) are the parents of tivo boys, Carleton, Jr., and Richard. His instructors feel sure he would have h»d a good chance to finish high in the Balanced Farming and Plant-To-Prosper contest, last year had he entered. His farm Is located near Yarbro. Entry blanks /or the contest may b* obtained Jrom county agent/.-; offices or from the Farmers homo Administration office In city Hall. WARNING OKDER D. SANTI nnd N. \ ANDRB01J, DBA SANTI A «nd ANDREOLI, PHfs. rj K. THE E. O. BULMAK MANUFACTURING CO., INC., and STANLEY FLORA, AGENT, Dft.s. BEN T. MAYS, CJarnlshee MISSISSIPPI COUNT? CIRCUIT COURT, CHICKASAWBA mSTKICT The defendants, E. O. Bulman Manufacturing Co., Inc.. and Stanley Rlora, Agent, are warned to appear In the Circuit Court of Mls- •taslppl County, Arkansas, Chickasawba- District, wlthtn thirty days and answer the complaint of the plaintiffs, D. Santl and N. Andreoli, dba Santl and Andreoll. Wilnss my hand, as clerk of said Top Duroc Boar Sold in Illinois G. L. Gooch, of Etowah, purchased one oj Hie lop Duroo Boars In the Watson, Worthlngton, and Bast sale at Macomb, 111., according lo word received from B. R. Evans. Secretary of the United Duroc Record Association, peoria, Illinois. Mr. Evans added thai the boar Mr, Gooch purchased was sired by Majestic Design, 1949 Illinois grand champion Duroc boar, and 50 head of Duroc boarr. and gilts sold In the sale averaged 591.00, to make il one of the belter sales of the entire nation. Chick Production Shows Decrease Artansn* hatcheries nnd dc.ilc:& placet! 199,000 broiler chicks wi'lh producers In Ihn northwest urea during the week ended May 13, according to thfc Federal-State Crop Reporting Service. This is H. decrease of 8 per cent from the preceding week. Of the total placement, 584.COO chicks were hatched In the area and 215 000 came from other states. Egps set during the week were down 6 per cent from the previous week. Hearing Delayed In Strike Case MALVERN. Ark.. May in. I/PI— Hearings for five men charged with violation of the Arkansas law forbidding violence In labor disputes have been continued unlit June 21. Municipal .Judge H. B. Means sol the new date and direclcd that the defendants — on strike against the Acme Brick Company here—remain at liberty under bond of SB.350 each. The men charged are James Colten. Charles Warner. Homer Cot- tcn, Wilburn Edwards and I. I, Null. Some 200 AFL United Bricklayers are on strike against the Acme Perls plant here. Tile defendants are accused of threatening, striking and sloninp— in separate Incidents—non-striking workmen. Colorado derives ILs name from the ruddy waters of the Colorado river when it is roily at spring flood stage. court, and the seal thereof, on this 27 riay of April, 1MO. HARVEY MORRIS, Clerk By Ruth Magee, D.C. : 4-28 5-5] 12119 ,.... ., —Courier News Pholo GAIU.fclON STILUS HOMK--Another entrant In the Arkansas Balanced Farming Contest is Carleton -SUlcs of near ^arbrr, whoso homp is pictured above. He made many Improvement., on the home last year. Soldiers Plead Innocent fro Rape CHICOI'EE, Mass.. May 19. (/!'(_ Three soldiers from We'stover air force base have plealcd Innocent to charges nf raping a 37-year-old Molyoke woman. The three were ordered held in S3.000 bail on the accusation of Mrs. Catherine Walz. who told police the trio raped her, affor offering lo drive her home In a taxicab. The defendants are Ira 1. Miller 25, of Fordyce. Ark., Bricc A Chambers. 23. of pine Bluff. Ark., and Earl w. Grimes, 23 of Louden. Tenn. Hearing was scheduled for May Round Corner Buildings Aid Utah's Adult Blind SALT LAKE CITY (;F)—A building with rounded corners nnri almost no steps has been erected for Utah's blind, it is a $3.10,000 Adult Blind center ami workshop. It was built by the state. There Is nnlv one set of steps and a railing near the top step warns those approaching. Elsewh'cre ramps connect different levels of the building. Murray B. Allen, executive secretary of the state building board and commissions, says "all rooms except one storage room arc constructed so that they minimize noise. Noise Is especially distracting to a blind person and a loud noise destroys his ernjilibrlum." Besides the rounded corners, principal doors open away from hallways and drinking fountains nnd other equipment In corridors are recessed — all nil down the chances for bumps and collisions. ^.irhc Gold Coast of West Africa is sixth among the world's gold- producing areas. JOHN DEERE FIELD CULTIVATOR CUTS CLEAN, DEEP, AND EASY • . "° cml ((> ils usefulness! I wouldn't farm wilhoul il • ' That's n lint (huusands nf salisficri owners sa.v annul lit John Deere "CC" Field and Orchard Cultivator. They like I his implement because it is a many -purpose miirhino that will handle almost any tillage job on (he farm. Ami in cnKivaliiiB colton, corn, soybeans and other row crops, His machine may be used u|> (n knee-high stage., able In pcnclralc dry, bard-packed land and kill weeds, leaving a cloddy, moist in e-hoarding mnlrh. Come in and see for yourself what n profitable machine (he John Deere Cullivalor really is. > Missco Implement Co. South Highway 61 Blythovillc Arkansas Farm Bureau to Discuss National Legislation, Issues by comity " "' In Little Rock. May 24 for a one- flay session. Tills announcement rame today from Joe C. Hardin. Grady, president of the Arkansas Farm Bureau Federation, who called the meet- Ing. Air. Hardin said ttie full purpose of the meeting was to discuss Ihe various phases of the farm bureau program as it relates to the developments In the national issues ot today. He pointed out that the meeting was parl of an educational plan of the Arkansas Parm Bureau l-o have a better Informed stale membership. He said "It is felt that the thoughts and ideas brought rmt. during the program »lll be car- • rieri back to the county members I by the president,';." i A representative of the American Farm Bureau Federation will be present lo participate in the program. Mr. Hardin said. The meeting will open at 10 a. m. and adjourn In tnld-aflcnionii. Defense Officials To Visif Japan TOKYO. May Id. Ml _ japan studied carefully today a n announcement two top United States defense officials will be here next month. The announcement said only that Defense Secretary Laws Johnson and Army oen. o m a r •- Bradley would visit Japan next month on a Far East command tour. The announcement, offered little in Ihe way of a hint as to the real purpose of the visit. But most Japanese think their visit will have an important, bearing on two major issue* in Nippon—peace and American bases here after the treaty. Continued from Page 8 use Ihe helicopters. The Marine Corps now has some Pia.secki helicopters at CJuantlco. The Marine Corps school has been using them in experimental takeolfs from baby flattops, with landings In" the quan- tico base maneuver areas. 'Copters Might Hop Over Defense* Use of the. helicopter offers certain advantages lor an invasion landing. Ships bearing the force could lie off shore—70 to 100 miles away from the objective. The helicopters could by-pass the beaches, which are always so hard fought over, and land on more, commanding positions from which they could advance. A text on this type of helicopter and assault-plane operation was prepared byq the Quantlco Marine Corps school over a year ago. It has been undergoing refinement since that time, as new experience has been gained. The maneuver Is still far from perfection, with many technical problems to be solved. Carrying auacily o! today's helicopters Is limited to six men with full equipment. What the Marine Corps wants is a machine that will cany 15 to 20 men and equipment. Today's helicopters are. or course relatively slow. They would be easy targets for modarn anil-aircraft artillery. The load limit factor does not permit the carrying of much armament or offensive fire power. Because of limited troop and space capacity, a small escort car- j rier could not be base for more j Uiun a Marine company, even if there wore 15-place helicopters a- \aliable now. Any helicopter landing would have to come in low. and It could operate only against lightly held enemy positions. In rough country, however, a helicopter operation might be of value in securing an Isolated, strategic position where small forces would count niost. An- in hand, loo. other advantage Is seen in support operations for guerrilla or partisan welfare, At any rate, the Marines seem lo think they have thU situation well NEW WAY TO RAKE HAY IN THE (,'HANCERT COURT FOR THE CHICKASAWHA DISTRICT OF MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, ARKANSAS Alice Crockett Fletcher, pltf. »•*• No. 11.282 Leonard E. Crockett, Mrs. Leonard E: Crockett, ,Ienm« Crockett Williams, Gljdyi Crockett Smith. Edith Crockett Cox, Napoleon M. Crockett, Mrs. Napoleon M. Crockett, Arthur E. Crockett, Mrs. Arthur E. Crockett, Elgermm E. Crockett, and Mrs. Eljernon E. Crochet!. J. C. Paulk, Jr., Mrs. j, c. Fatilk, Jr., Vaudine Parker McElroy, Maggie Parker. Mrs. Eliza Pope, Mrs. R. E. Edward.;, J. V. Pool. Mrs J. V. Pool. Thoma-i M. Pool, Mrs. Thomas M. Pool. Mrs. Estell Green, Mrs. Lulu Wheclly, and the heirs of H. W. Cunningham, Deceased. Who and Whose Names Arc Unknown To Plaintiff. Dfts. Warning Order Tlic defendants, Gladys Crockett Smith. Arthur E. Crockett. Mrs. i Arthur E. Crockett. Vaudlne Parker i McElroy. Maggie Parker, Mrs Elira Pope, Mrs. R, E. Edwards, J. v Pool, Mrs. J. V. Pool, Mrs F.stell Green, Mrs. Lulu Wheetly. and the heirs of H. W. Cunningham, rtc- ' ceased, who and whose names Are ; unknown to plaintiff, are named i lo appear in this court within thlr- > ly (30) days and answer the complaint of Ihe plaintiff. Alice Creek- i etl Fletcher, and upon their failure ' to do M »ald complaint will be lak- en M confessed. • Witness my hand and SPA! us Clerk of the Chancery Cotiri of ihe Chickasawba District of Mississippi County. Arkansas .this 11 day of April. 1950. Harvey Morris, Clerk <-2R[ 5-5-12-191 U&Fl SIX-BAR OFFSET MEl MAKES A BIG DIFFERENCE I be fei-guaon SMc-Drljivry Rake, is designed specifically for Iractor operation. It greatly reduces leaf-shattering fuifeKiianls tho quality and value of your bay! This rake is truly unique. New six-bar offset reel hnmltei hny gently. No pitching, kicking and tossing evon at high speeds. Inslrad, your hny is lifted gently up inii over inlo light fluffy windrows with the precious leaves turned inward. True "sidnwnrd" rnking aclion reduces the disUm-o from swath to windrow by 50 per cent. There is far tea rolling aril churning . . . no sudden jarring. Tractor-mounlrd . . . power lake-ofT driven . . . Fiiin^r lip Controlled. And it's surprisingly low in price. Jack Robinson Implement Co. Your Genuine Ferguson Dealer East Main WE BUY AND SELL USED & NEW FURNITURE PHONE 2112 GROVER'S BODY SHOP Clear Lake Avc. & Clark SI. Kxpcrl Body and Fender Repair Highest Quality Auto i'ainfinjr All Types Radiator Work liy Highly Skilled Mechanics Every ,lnb Guaranteed Owned & Operated by Grover Canada I'bnne G!)St °° Cotton Chopping 5 3 in Southeast Missouri This Season , . . Tills Is HIP MAXIMUM prire recnmmenrlftt bj- the Missouri C'otlon 1'roiluccrs Association. While we are not a price-llsinsr organization, we are vitally concerned with (lie conditions afTcclltiR (he welfare nf Ihe collon pro- iluccrs of Missouri anil the seneral agricultural economy •>( Oik area, We rimsillcr 11 extremely important- thai bolh la bur anil producers receive a square deal. ... II is nol diflicllll lo rcalirc Hie disaster Ihai will occur In merchants, banks ami oilier lending agencies if the pro- rlnrcr is nol allnwcil an inrninr: sufficient lo repay notes, mnrt- cases and oilier accounts In adililimi lo replacing machinery used. Missouri Cotton Producers Assn. Central Offices: I'orfaKCville, Mo. Tough on tiieWeatls Tender t# Crop Easy on the Operatf DEARBORN Spring Shank cum VAT TOUCH ON THl WtID«. Spring shanks CKIT h« ndjnslcd so that shovels or sweeps work at the exact spacing you v/nnt. Lels you get dose to crop row* to get the weeds. TENDER TO THl CROPS. A wide variety of row spacing and dcplh adjustments permits accurate cultivating with a minimum of damage to the plants, IAJT OX IHI OFIBATOR, Ford Traclor Hydraulie Touch Control lilts Ihe cultivator at the end of roivs {or quick, easy turns. No heavy levers to pull. Ford Tractor's accurate automotive steering and Diic- Scrvo type brakes permit shorter, easier turns. Cleaner cultivation is an outstanding advantage of Ford Farming. Com* in and *?t fM* ctiTM- rntnr. H> nrr. hrnrtVjTiBrlrr* (or ForrI Trncfora, Dr^^^r>^I^ Iiripfrmrnl.T, p<-nTiin« port*, nnd expert gervice, Russell Phillips Traclor Co. r Inc. Al,l.i;N HAKD1N, Manager Highway fil South Hlythcville RUSSELL PHILLIPS TRACTOR CO. LKACHYIU.E, AUK. J. A. DAVIS, Mgr. Buy on SROOF! ASK FOR A DEMONSTRATION CHUCKLES • from Your Purina Dealer m m m, M • • * \'M ON THE 1 ^ PURINA GROWENA TESTS SHOW UP TO 21 EXTRA FALL FEEDING HOW FOI EXTRA UU ICCST Think how much exlra profit fou'd make on pullets laying 21'eirtra (all eggs. Growena-fed pullets laid 21 more [all eggs than pullets on an inadequate ration.. Start feeding today for extra eggs. Come in for Purina Growena. L. K, Ashcraft Co. Railroad &- Cherry Ph. -I iflS

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