The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 25, 1935 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, February 25, 1935
Page 2
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BLYTHEV1LLE COURIER NEWS rate oomuai NTWH co, O. B. BABOOCK, ; H. W. HAINXS, AdwUsluj Bole National Advertising Representatives: Artums« Dallies, toe. New yprt, CJiicajo, pttrolt, 6t Umis, Dalits. Kansas City, Memphis Published Every Afternoon Exctpl Sunday Entered as second class m»t(tr al the post omc" at BIyUieviilo, Arkansas, under acl of CoiiEress, oc- toljep 9, 1917, . : Served by (he United. Press SUBSCRIPTION KATES By carrier In tlje Cll> of BlytlieviHo, 150 per week, or $6,50 per year, In advance. By mall, wltlilii » radius o( 60 miles, $3.00 per year, J1.60 for six montlis. 85c for three juonllis; by: mill in postal zones two to six, Inclusive, $61>0 per >ear, in zones se'cri imd eight, $10.00 per year, payable In advance. Let the Legislature Hear • Jlell Brooks, secretary of Uic Chamber of Commence, was busy on the .Jong distance telephone Friday mid ; Saturday sounding out sentiment of business and civic leaders throughout the shite on the pi oiw.sed Arkansas saleij ta\. What he learned is intereslinjj. In perhaps a scoic of calls, reaching of the nnpoitant business cent- el's of the state, he found only one mau who cxpic.sscd himself in favor of d ialci (a\ Hlost t)f the rest, declined their communities strongly opposed to the proposal and ready to co-opcialc in anv piogram to combat it. Nov. men thai' Mr. .Uruoh.s reached by telephone were largely huutfliiub ui oilier ofl'iciT.s of elinin- beii) of tonuni'icu 01 similar organizations of busmen men. Tlioy cxpius- bed the point of vicv, of the clabb, which peihapb has a special i;cu- bon ioi opposing ,i .sales tax. Hut it bhould be Kept in mind that \vhi|u a halch tax •.•.oiihl mean a certain amount ot inconvenience and loss of trade to the merchants ol the state, its major buidcn •ttoulrl i.ill upon the funnels, \vagc eaineij, and salaried people of Arkansas They would be (lie o'lus to pa) llio bill And if they want to avoid this, c\lia tax; burden- it be- hoo\es them to join -\\ith the business men in letting the legislature; know how they feel about it. Huty and iht Poll Tax Law A pioiwsal to abolish the poll tax loinmemenl toi voting in Arkansas iv-ib defeated in the house of rcpre- bentativcb th}f>i ^nionnng after Kcp. Eugene Hampton, of Lee county, luul invoked the specter of a Huey Long- diet utorihip '.: ; If the poll tax icquirement is abnl- ibhcd, baid Hampton, Lo«g will im- poit "mggeis" .tiomj Louisiana and tluib cany his ticket to victory in the next Aikansas election Uiilcs,-, Huey linds himself in a position to stalk bijfgei game in JMG'it, is not impiobablc that he may lake a hand in AiKansas politics. We ;l gree with the gentleman from Marianna, moi-ecvei, that icpeal of the poll tax leinmemcnt \\omd be right, down the OUT OUR WAY BLYTHEVILUJJ, (ARK,) COUKIER NEWS alloy. Unli Mr. nvlglit have left out Hint nonsense about Loiiisimm negroes. Long is loo smart a politichin to try anything as prc|»s(crous its (hat—a ('act of wliidi Mr. Hampton is probably well itwaro. Whatever power Iliicy may be able to muster in Arkansas—ami his success in pulling over Mrs. Caraway some yours ago iwiicales that it may l«j considerable—will come from white citizens of Arkansas ami largely from that class of Hit! while citizenship that is more or less disenfranchisuil l;y the . poll tax Jaw, Intellig, 'ence in Tests The intelligence test is one of the great features of modern life. , Somc- lime.--, though, one wishes that those who use it eonW use si little more intelligence in propounding their questions. A psychinlrist "li'.sk'il" ;i Bulffilu boy recently. JI B ashed him to tell the Kiniiliirily between a .^nalK', a eo\v, and a sptii-row; the boy replied that none of Idem could lallf. Then he asked the 'boy what be 'should do when he found he was no- ing to be lati; for .school; the buy said, "Think up an excuse." Now the funny part about il is that from the psychiatrist's viewpoint, bolh of Ihese answers were wrong—although any ordinary mortal would find them prclly sensible answers lo ra- Iher peculiar ijuostioiiN. Tests \vhich p,i,ve tin: subjecl /.ems for answers as intelligent as these cannot, properly, be called intelligence tests at all. New Definition Needed The "insanity defense" in nuinler eases generally arouses a cynical smile, these-days. .Aside from Uio f;icl dial unscrupulous lawyers have loo of I en ' lioiTortcd it lo improper ends, one ];j|; trouble' with it is Unit our Js>i;;il definition of insanity is taully. In most states :i man is legally sitni-, and responsible for his ads, if he can tlisUnuuisli rijflit from \iToiig-. k IVIiai we need 1 0 realize is that emotional instability tan be worse ihan intellectual instability. A man perfectly able to tell right from wrong can nevertheless be swept oil' his feet by an emotional storm he Ciimiot control. A Los Angeles youth awaits trial for beating his hulf-sislcr almost lo death—for the amazing reason that if she were out of lh c way ho would be allowed to buy a dog he wanted. Ho seems menially normal; ilm | hj, s trouble, om; would fil | C .ss, is an emotional (|iiirk which lakes him entirely out of the class of normal folk, but which, nevertheless, may leave him perfectly ".sane" by the rigid legal definition. If ive arc satisfied with relief alone, we shall never achieve economic, reconstruction. —Senator Robert I-'. Wanner. New York. By Williams LISTEM HERE! YOU"WEVER READ" IN AMY 800k,UMUESS IT WAS A MONDAY, FEBRUARY 25, 1935 By George Clark «»S9 NEA SERVICE, IHO.' "I'm renlly mincing. TV, | (J . s( (lllx . e |]uml( | s Kt'silo iind oijfhl mi iinoihur." THIS CURIOUS WORLD ° AVERAGE LENGTH Ot- SILK IN A SINGLE. I ILKWORM I.S2.6 OF THE ScJfOTHE:R.N HEMISPHERE CAN TEXJL TIMS BY THE SOUTHERN CROSS, 1 AOSTRAUAN If) I9J5 8Y NCA SE M ICr. 1.';C. HAS A PEDIGREE WHICH GOES BACK. /SOOQOOO When tlie famous Southern Crass crosses llic meridian, ii s t nm | s ,„ an upiigliL iwsliiou, lyina due north and south. With a little careful alKCfvalion «t what Hours of the .nlghl, in (lie dilTcrcnt KCSIMHIS DIP era:;; is inclined or niirielil, it .VJrvus a,-> a rtlialilc timepiece.' iVUXT: [)„ insects grow aflcr rraeliiiiE (he ailull stage? When Skin. Turns Greenish Yellow Jaundice 3s Cause »V VK. MOKKIS HUH, Wilur, .liiunul ul Ilir Aiiicrifii-,, .McUiral Al.soriation, iiml uf Jlj- . Reiil, Uii- Ih'iillh jMiipuiiM' 'I'lK' prailiar greenish ycliu'ii ;i|>lit'anmrt: ytm jiiiiy nuliu i>n ij,.; skins of sotue ijcrsons is dur- ^ most, case:; [rj juumhce. or ;i (tr,. COloi'idloll I.I the MSSUCS ,,1 lip of 11,0 |;,,,h l;c , ( 'f "•••' liilr ' fwmiHi: ui-Kin,;;''.;„,!, , s dilimi "r'tlnnV'''" 1 !!""' "'V "'"T" 11 '" 1 "' ; '" (l *"^ i(*clions aTnu- fmii « Cjrcck worn rcK-n,,^' ",?!! ! l^'nc.y w^l't "('.Wly'^l ^un' llls»;;: j ;£™!iM;fS*;P tin: li^.iirs n,-,ii,,"...n,.' ,,."... - ' .'.. '.'"'"n lliiil. i;ri-t;i j may IK (iiasi-il hy ;i uaiistonc, by an hilhinmiuiiim rrsultinB team HII.V MIC of a milliter ol cliltm-nl iiiriTlluii.s, l> v iiirnin.s which IIIT-S "II UIC Ullc )111SS!II;I- S ;i|;,i |,y ,,.„..,. «l(c.l t:I v;iljrjiis killcfc. (| lc iii:ctN iiKiiii TODAY i:\iii; iiK.wumsott, urcitr ana '-:!, work* |n 11 >llk mill, iibe uiu IXT i:>*jr:ir-i>til brntlirr, I'UIL., »nl>|im-| tlitlr liiTulM futbcr. STHVI-: Muyjciis, ,,ho nim uurfcM (ll <llf Ullll, IIMkM Culc 10 inarr> Mm. tf/tu clclnra tElvJ&G; her Himvi'r, (•iilc Koc* •kiuliii^j breuka iltnitiKli llu>'U'c mid [« rescued by IIIUAN VVr.S'DKIIti:, ,vto«e l:i- llii-r, :nuv Jruil, Ijullt ill? mill, llrlun titm mint; fciunc nltft nvo yi'Jir* III I'iirln, rrndy (o lake hfh llllll'L- in the lilMI. VICKV -JHATUIIEH, dmiaklor i,t ii(jm:i<T •in.viciii;!!, u -co, ra | tuinin^er of Iliu uilE], KckctucM lu I'^LtilliuEc llrluti. Slic Btrca blui ^tlfli (fitlu null im furfoila. Can~ irlvitiK t.) nici-t Gnlc, .lie telU kcr il,:il »hr O'lcUr) and llrlao nvo rHKn^fd. (7nlc believe* llrlan bn« IIITH ^iniuhliii; Minnelr in lier cz- l>rti»c 1 I* devply liurl. A dnj- Inlrr. o<jm!n H ]i,,,,, c j rOB1 (lie nifir, »{ic uicctJi flrJun. Mjw i:n n.v WITH 'mi; STOIIV CUAPTliiK XXXIV |>I(I AN hurried forward. Ho siild, "I've been walling tor you. I wanted lo talk lo you, (J;ilc—" "Wliat about?" RUo waa glad to laiow Uiat her voice \vas Heady. Iio couldn't toll from tiuarin^ it that Itcr imlso SV:IB racing, thai there were Ilrca in lior leinnlca. Slio asked again, "Wlial dlil you waul lo talk lo UIQ IlUOUlV" ISrian Blooil iu Crnnl of licr, tilockliiB Uiu way. "About the other evening," lie Bald. "I want lo know what's wrong." "Tlierc's nothing wrons/' "Oil. lint tliero is'. There niusl lie. Wliy wonlilii't you Jot me conic Ijiick after I'd lakcu Vicky lioinc tlic oilier night? Yon aald [ coukl conic lo wee you. Dou't you romcinlicrV Suuilay—" "I was tircil," dale rut In quickly. She didn't want hhu to uo on. ulilu'i want 10 bo vciniii<le<l ot that Sunday aflonionn. "1 ]usl Ulrtu't want (o eoe aiiyouo." "Von'ro ouro H wasn'l any- tuiug inoie lliau that'i" "Yea. I'tii tiiirc." • "Then you'll let me conic tonight?" tlalc clioolc her head. "No," GUO said. "Nol lonighl." "But Gale—" "I'm—I'm 1101 goiiiE to lie home tonlghl," [Do girl r.'cnt on ijuiokly. "I'm sorry, but you mustn't coino." "Tomorrow?" "I don't thiulr you'tl haller come tomorrow, oillier." "Oalc!" llrlau'a liaud was on her arm. "Tlierc la EouiethliiE wroug! Something you liaven't told uie. WLiit is UV" "N'otliiiig." "But ihat'3 not true—I mean It can't be! Why won'l yon tell me ahout ii 1 ; You're not a oil like yourself today." "How ilo you know lhaU How tlo yon know what I'm really like?" "I Tlo know II. I ituow you're rot being yourself. 1 wish you'd tell uio what it ID that's made you change llko thlsi." "1 Imvcn'l changed," iihe told him calmly. "If you think no It's because you didn't know me before. Bill that's not surprising. After all, you can't Judge a iier- oon when you've only met them once or iwlco—" "lint I can Judge—I mean, oh, Cale, I don't know what's come over you! You know hew I (Ml about you. You promised Sanday—"• • •- • OJ'B couldn't stand much more ol this. She couldn't BO on listening to Brian talking 113 though cue were tbo cue at fault, pretending things wcro just as they liad been between tlioui. She said, surprising tierselt: "You keep talking about Sunday. Don't you think you'd belter forget about that?" "Do you want to forget It?" "Yea. Yea, I do. Wbeu a girl's engaged to marry a man—" "Olil" Brian's esclamatfou was sharp. He glared down at her. "Why didn't you tell me that before? Why didn't you say you wore engaged?" Tliat startled her. It wasn't wliat sue had ineatu, but It dlda't make any difference now. Cale was glad Brian thought that. Sho uald, "Wliy obould 1 Lavo told you?" "Hut I thought—" She went on recklessly, "yes, I'm engaged. I'm—I'm t'olns to bo married before long. In Juue. Jnua weddinga uro nicest, don't yon think?" It wasn't ciaclly u falsehood, Sho assured herself. Hteve had asked her lo marry him; slie could bo engaged to Steve tonight, if shu wanted to he. They could be marrlDd In June, too. Tho eame month Drlan and Vlety Thatcher were to ho married. Gala was Klad iAo .had caid II. Brian ncedu'l think ho could carry on a flhuition, iicrsuade her lo care for him mid then leavo her, broken-hearted, sbc'd t'liow him liow little she cared! Two could play at flirtation—and nho'd prove il. • llrian didn't say anything for a moment, lie stood there, bis eyes searching hers. TUcu he aaid ulowiy, "I—[ guess I u-as mistateu—about tbe whole thing. You'll let mo wish you every hnppines8?" "Thank yon." "Of course, jmw Unit I know how it la, 1 sen why you woiildu'l want mo hanging around. I'm sorry If I'bothered yon—" "It doesn't mailer," Gale lold him. Oil, but it iJIiJ mailer tcr- rlllcully! She couldn'l slaud there another moment. She nut one hand to her vhceb. iiu'shlug a wisp ot hair beneath her Hal brim. .' -f "I've cot to gel home," she said, "but 1 vain to wish you happiness, loo. 1 hope you'll tie very happy—uud I'm sure, you're going lo be. flood night." Brian stood tu the center of thn aide-walk, watching aa she hurried down the- street. * * * riiOM HENDERSON' flushed his -* chair back from the dinner table and aald, "Did you < read ahoui tho airplane that fellow : In California has Invented, Plillv" Phil shook his head. ix "Claims lie can break nil the speed records. Queer-i-.lookius contraption—" Toui ileuderson launched imo a technical discussion ot ihe now nlane. Ever since !VCtits in your slate, and irarlicii- on the investigation hy Hie iature uf the allowed nidicul- sni ol Cciiinionwfallh College ;it > and (lie so-called "sedition" bill introduced hy Mr. Oooch and pui-isctl hy (he House. Tljpisc ellorls lo suiipre^; iiiilit- n« elements In the labor movement arc contrary to ih c American traditions ol freedom of speech All or(;aiii^a- and organization. hiw ' already adcqimlely -punishes. One laws such as .wditjon^ iic.t.s ant il-s syinpadiizcrs. ' • " : ' " ''•' We trust thnt the present :«f- foi'ts of landlords and Uic politicians who bacl;: them ! to crifiplr; lahor'.s rights will ho defeated by prompt and rigorous expressions of iiood old-fashioned AincricanL'ini hy citizens of your state. Commonwealth College is li credit' lo : Ar- ions of workers should be lice kaiisi.s ;,s "u nrogrcssivc later a carry on , hci ,. . 1(fi , ;lU()11 ,„„,..,.„„„,, nuUonully known. T,,'i bid Heir movements short of tcrfcrc with its leaching or ilc . i acts otviulcnce. Tliose the | .ivitics in behalf of sharecroppers OUR BOARDING HOUSE UH: liSJ.ucs. Ordiniiiily u,,'. |.ii L . passes from Uio i;nllh"l;idd. T in ' t ',, Ihr intestines mid is iw.,-,1 ,.,.. „, ilw l;ody. 'llicre are many diflrmii ,.; Hi ., s ol jjiinnicc. Anylluii" v.ln ;. .,''.' ,,.. ... ' ^ ' • .'l"l"; ,„ poisons iikt- .•hlriioforin, arsenic and Dhospliurn-s Ol |H)i.HHllllS: ; not ..... 11, liucldir. Illf bile pasMCCS Mill l,,n ,. ,;,, ll.i. "(Im-lnr in" bile to rciltoorb into th. ,.,...,) £ u W ," toonntrii bloort is f|.-;.(ui-,,-.['i',, n" LVi'rrair U'l' lUiies ol the body, tuo "ii.i ( .j, i,,],", .[, Vv '|" ;,.;'" Pismciit is let IOIM m thr , tli ~ stvenni. " ,_,..., (|l( . rrcwi.ry Iol ,,,;,,. „, ,, 1|jch !!!-;; t ,[ || lr rvr5 mah , ., ^ , .,,,. „, „,„ ,,„-, ... „„, ,„,.„ ( ,, ,j, r ,,,„ c Hdiior'j Rot JI UK: livn ''"li.-- in- (_•,-...• | ,| H aged by iJinaiinniili'ii. ,,, 1 , I ,.. 1 .' lion, the lijiiclioti t.i| i|i. i,.,i,. . IntelIcicd with i\ud Oil' .1, j....'i Ihe bltxid. v i h'cni'! loiitis til J;HIJI.J:II- ,,,,,..),' by Dlmngcs In the Imitlk-iV;, ^ 7]"i ; body, inteiicie with tii ° ,, -,,',] _^._ woiknig ol the uicchah,-,,, ""," 'n, c ^,,.., .. „ taking, care ot blond th,f" . ^ ) iy, il,r. r'r^mrt bl11 Elioycd iinil J,), develop.;- ]„,?' •,,,, ,,,"., 'Uicn, tco, (hero ii'.jy i.'. in",!,.- t.|,aiecioppci" V i| "''' '^^ W~^~ ..""1^ hi^!:' 1 ;'- 1 , Vll |' ! he , ca4Wi v *-'^ o" d Arkl. -. ....^ .. ui. un. tiL;,^, j, i las i ocu£s j i-itici-.ji Jt!;ntlMi , WHACK IT OPEN 1 -^crAPPIN6 /XT IT A3 IF YOU'RE . cR^Cr<l^lo A. _s,3l( SOFT 'BOILE E6G ! : JJy Alicni "WE ARCHAEOLOGISTS DONT WHACK WHEN I WAS _ IN EGYPT,i OPENED OR "DISLODGED SPECIMENS. -M WITH INFINITE CA,y,t EGWj!^ - f WE KNOW MOT WHAT IS IN ( _ TO SMTP. IT WITHjy •THOUGH POUNDING.AMD THE CASE TWC&LESS Ml NO "DO Voil -THINK TMtV "PUT Tl\ IN THAT & "PUSHED TVI' IN, -0 I'lill, as a youngster 5 years ola, liad discovered his father's, tool clicst (ind the treasures therein, the two of them hail-talked over mechanical fnroiifloiis, spout hours In tlio makeshift workshop liack o£ tbe house, tinkering with this and with that. But tonight Phil did not seem Interested f/i Ihe IHMV afrplano. lie asked a Question or two, tlicn lapsed into moody silence. Gale.asked, "Would you like another cup of tea, Knthcr!" "No—yes, I believe I IVOUM. Oil, did I tell yon Stovo was liero /or n few minutes before you got home?" "What did he want 1 .'" lh<> gin asked. "I don't Uiiow. Said lio't) drop Iu later." Oule said, "It probably wasn't nnytliliig of niucli finporiimce." A lluio later, while she was splashing soapy walcr over the platca and cups and saucers iu the dlshpan her father came Into the kitchen. He was looking for bio spectacles, he suld. Gale thoughl they mi«lit |,e on the living room table. Her falb'T lounged in the doorway. "You should have- asked IMill lo help you with those dishes," belaid. "You look tired." • "I'm not," Gale assured him. "I don't mind doing them alone I'd rather." ' • » riiOJl 11ENDKUSON sail], "You've •*- boon around tlict house ton much luiely. When Steve comcn why don't you ami ho go out somewhere!" "Maybe we will." "Slcve'.'i a Ouo boy," Tom Henderson wcul on. Ho bad fouud the (Masses, waa holding them up to tho light, wiping (lie lenses. "1 know he ia, leather." "lie's sleiirty, reliable. Hot the right ideas. Stevo'll malic some- Elrl ,1 good husband." "Yes." Gale agreed. Her father didn't pay any more. It IIPII! been an effort, the girl knew, for him to say that much. But she knew what ho meant. Ho had said almost tbe same tlil'ngs before'.' Mo wauled to fr:el that Gale's future was" settled, safeguarded. Unwanted ber to many Steve. Sho didn't tlnnls more iiboul II until halt an hour later. Thero war. a knock on the living room door (lieu and Gala hurried to open it. Steve fated her. Sun said, "llellu. Gome in, won't you?" "I cau't slay," sieve lold her. "Thcre'a going to be a dance ai Parkers' tomorrow uigbt. 1 wauled . lo ask if you'd MUo lo so." Why notj Wby shouldn't sbo" go to ihe dance wllli Steve? And v.'by coiiMu'l she make up ber mind lo marry him? Thai was wluu nor father wauled. Sieve was kind and reliable and bonor-. able, lie was overythin? Urian Weslniore waa nol. Why hot— Gale said, "Yes, Steve, I'd love r to go to the dance." Tomorrow, she, lold Herself, she'd Ecltlc-'ihe" matter once autl for alt. Tomorrow sbc'd tell Slevo iliai she; would riiarry him. (To lie Continued) | would arouse national iiulisiiii- lion. To pass-a !; ;ig law aimed ul. labor would -make conflict only, more bitter. ' We trust yotir readers will lodge their protests with the I'rcsidcnl of the Senate .and the S]ital;cr or tin: I louse. •.•.'•. American Civil Liljcrtic:; UDJOJI New York City. . i • • Hairpin ?,;> years Olc) CPLLEOKA, .Trjlin. : (UP, _MJ- : ; Lewis Bryant. I;,, p. 1 D. No. a, ims worn Hie same liairpin cvcrv dav since early in 1903.

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