The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 14, 1933 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 14, 1933
Page 2
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COURtfR NEWS SATURDAY, =WEEKLY SUNDAY SCHOOL LESSON' Paul Goes to Anlioch E. Social Calendar MONDAYS EVENTS All day meeting woman's missionary society. First Melhodlsl church, al church. SI. Stephen Episcopal Ouilri, Mrs.'. • i, J. Luverly hosless. | Business n'.id Profe.sfiunal \Vo-: men's club purls'. at M«-s Minnie: Mutthews' liomc. I TUESDAY'S EVENTS ! Young MiHrons Bridge dull. Mrs. Kilty D. Jones, hostess.. ji'itv with ihe iiw. • llelitlllic. Hill ol Bits oj Neics Mosllv Personal ON AND OFF THE SCREEN M.iy Robson Wilson Society — Personal C. T. Downer ami daughter. Honita. an- guests of Mr. and Mrs. W. F;. Glllcsplc. Upon their re- ilura home Ihey will bi' acccnnpan- WEDNESDAYS EVENTS I led by Mrs. Ullle.ipie and dtmgh- Luncheon meetUK, executive! le;-. Nta Rebecca, ivhj vill visit beard Mississippi County rcdm-j in llariLsbniB ami al ParaBmild lion ol Women's clubs, at Woman's when; limy will be I'.ucM.s of Mrs. [.,,,1, ; Ciillrspic's brother. Dr. W lv Kl„ U C. Benefit bridge and look illusion p.nrtv at home of Mrs. G. S. Miss Charlinc Hobmson, who al- llanies, 2:30 l>. in. lcmis Arkansas Wale college at. Elmwuod Cemetery association Jniieiboro. is spcndnm the wecl:-l iitccliiig. '2:30 p. m. 'end v:ilh her inoliier, Mrs. Edwin Central Ward P. T. A , 3 p. m.j Kcblusim. Delphian Fine Arl.s club meet- Miss KOMI M. llarily is MKIHIHIK iirc ill Hotel Noble 10:30 a. m.. ful-'lhc vcckcnd al Coles. Tumi, lowed In president's lunchi'on. , Moss fiiyan, ul New York oily, THURSDAY'S EVFNTS | is airiviim this afternoon lor a Thursday Luncheon club. Mrs'scveial weeks visit with his moth- lio'-s I), lluphes hostess. j L;:-. Mis. K. M. Hry.iu. and diuiiih- Mr* 13 A Lynch enlerlainlm: j icr. Misr, Ellen. Knvoitli: home lie Mid-Week Drldue' club. ! v. as In Chicago, where he formcr- 'rimrsday Contract club. Mis. G .ly was employed, for a two weeks E. Keck hostess. jstay. FRIDAY'S EVENTS ' Mr:;. Hoberl Small and son, of I Musir dcpaiinicnl ef Woman's l Hifhmoiid. Va. anlvcd yesterday club at home of Mrs. H. 1'. Pad- mornhiB having accompanied Mrs Small's parents. Mr. and Mrs. H. D. FciKUSon, wlio motored up a; week ago to be with Mrs Smart '• who had been ill. Sh is now dison on Kentucky as'c.. 'J:30 i HrldRC 1'arly Is Al Woman's Club , . Aiilumn flowers alliwlively dec-j much better but will remain heiv | nralcd Ihe Woman's dub Friday I mini Tluuikstjlvirm when Mr., afternoon when Mines. J. W. Smart -vill coim: l«r her. Morse A. Conway. Olio Kwhlll-'-! Mi. and Mrs Snmucl ky and Uu.\sell Phillips enlerluin- moved cd 10 table/; wilh ; bridge parly. Colorful bowls ol ageralum and dwarf linniBS prrdominated in Ihr Hovers with the pink and T.ivrii- j, dcr shades forminc a feUinp, for: the of blue salvia and! bror,'* diilillur. 'Jhrfe !->uuc fchedcs, were emphasized in the refreshments of crab mcKt Milad. ribbon sandwich^, minis anil coffee served befuie Ihr bridge isnnic. The ^ucslfi were reminded of Ihe October holiday. Hallowe'en, by Ihe tallies of witches and pumpkins. Ail IB piece EC: of crystal glass | ware was avardcd Mrs. James B.j Clark for grit- hoiwrs. Mis. .1. A Ixweh won a traveling ic*mrlic kit Norri 1 ; today from ti2-l West Walnut sired lu 1KIO Cltlcknsawta avenue. Miss Marniire: Keek, who al-l nil-; Lmdeiiwi'od eolli'cc at SI.! Chnrles. Mu.. is al lioine for the weekend. Mvr. G K. Keck, her mollitr, nnd Miss Bunshlne Adnms motored lo New Mnclrid for her yesterday. Mr. and Mrs.C Mull MoiuiRhan ir., and duuphter, naibara, wenl lu Memphis today for several days tiny. Spurrjcui' Pullcrsun. who has 'icen in Louisville, Ky., altcndlm; (he iiiuioiuil bottlers' convention, •ivrivcil home lixlay for a briei Thirty-seven parents aue'nded the meeting of the Wilson P A. Thursday nflernoon. A plaj- Ici. 'Molhers ncviic," sponsored by Sirs. O'. Barltsdalc, was given \ by old-(a.i)ilonr<l and muorru ii-cilu'rs. Tlio attendance '.ml lo (he ;hlrd yradc. Next muiuli an addilionnl HES HKKT I'RKSHYTEKIAN CHURCH Sunday school. 9:45 a. in. Interring classes fov al! ages. Church. 1) a. in. The Rev. Wll- of Southwestern Uni- Mompriis, will ovcupy the pulpit. He hns preached here on two previous occasions and will In ing a message of interest to all Young people's meeting, Gt-15 l>. ham Orr, versllv at Kiliy vcaio on tin 1 Man 1 : and xrcen have, ealabllshoil May lie nivon the room with the most paid up members. Mrs. Charles Lane cnlerlahied the Tuesday Contract, club and wo Kiicsits, Mrs. John linodis and Mrs. s. A. lU'Kcnold. Mrs. J. II. Jraln lield high .•score. Mrs. James Bark-sdale of Mem- :hls and Mrs. E. D. Dodge of Dclcon. Texas, molhrrs of Dr. ,:ml Mrs. Oscai Barksdale, have rclnrncd lo llieir homes aflcr a ..•horl visit here. Mr. nnd Mrs. Mhrion Click oiiuounce Ihe blrlh ol a son Tuesday. Mrs. Walton Wilson and Miss Mary Wright spent Tuesday Mcmpbls. Mrs. W. 3. McAdams of Greenville, Miss.,-returned lo her home Tuesday after spending Severn months with her daughter. Mrs Harry Flowers, and Mr. Plovers. Joe Wilson Nelson has eoln! lo lial'.son Park. Masvs., to enter Bab :un liuitilute. Mrs. C. O. Williamson and Mrs •i'. !•'. Fox .shopped In Mcinplli: Wednesday. H. Cl. Traylor has reluriicu n Id. 1 - home in Louisville. Ky., afte vistliiiK friends here lor Ihe pas Mr. and Mrs. Frank Glllclt left Wednesday for Warm Spring; Cla . where Iliey will spend monlh for llie bcnclil of Mr. CJil- .-liaratli.r ai-iri;,". MiR-s sliow li yeir. at I'.'i 1 , ami aa These pit- licr' iinliiral as slie can for fxeoud higli and Mi's. Criiw- fortl Greene, who.'-c tally bore tliu words vFriduy. '.he 13Ui," wo.s presented 11 Dresden cuke plate. lsled in . . nlovm hursvH 1 mlo Hie ehar- netcr tlio plays. In thin ease ilia's Rliown below as "AppK Anniu" hi "Lady wr a. Day." anie name Iliruuglinm Ihe then llnrnabas was sent as u jnc.-sVMi;:- (iiown world. 'Hiey hud been or and counselor (o encourage 'nutidcd by Greek monarchs and tlinse who had accepted UH- I1( . w thus namrd in their honor. ! faiUi. The emerKflieles of Chrlslianilyj * ' * In the Syria Antioch l.s symbolic We do nol know a great deal of llie nature and place of Chris- i concerning Barnabas, but what wu tianlly In the world SUualed on.do_know marks him as a man of ilic gieat hies of trade between distinctive and very noble char. and «'ssl. Antioch v;as a cap-'actor. The record here is that "he ital of great prosperity and splen-. was a food man, full of the Holy dor. j Spirit and of failh." Ho had pruv- lis cyJonuaileil sirccts .strelchcd. en that by a devotion in which he for miles, and its public monn-• had consecrated all his wealth and menls and buildings were conspic-, properly lu the common good uf uou.s as the survivals of an a«c of the Christian Church. I Barnabas was among Ihe first courageously lo accept Paul when was lull' the ersuvhile persecutor had proof corruption and the licentious-; fes^cd conversion to tlie C'lui'liau ness ol it.s inhabitants was so much way. The Chrhlmas al Jerusalem a byword in Ihe ancient world nalimtlly leured and distrusted that when men would point to lire this man whom they had known moral degradation ol Rome, they as chief among their foes. Hut vcrc accustomed lo say thai "the. Bainabas had vouched for ihe Oronles had ovci-llov,-() the Tiber."'reality of his change of heart; and It .'•cems nncessary lo grasp so : now Barnabas goes in ciui's: ot much in the setting if we would Paul and. rinding him ul Tarsus, uiidci'ulaiid the place Hint Anlioch brings him lo Anlioch. occupied in Paul's religious life The Christina* in Antioch. hear-, \ie".'tln«" o'l Biiiic i'lindimicnliils 1 This Anlioch was Die capital of;-and missionary Journies. This oap-'inf of the of their felloe•(• -••Ui\ ,'vmilii" --M it llie -eho«! i Syria. U was silnaled on the river; itul of licsniious living became. Christians in Jerusalem, contrll:- I itiiiiu D , . . •• loi'oiiies, 20 inlle.s from llie sea and also, ihe new capital of a world uted liberally lo Ihcir relief, Mieri- : abotil 300 miles north of Jeriisul- movement of vilalhliif; power. : inij their Kifts through Barnabas l cm. This city is lo be distinguish-1 Here in Antioch distinctive con-'nnd Paul, who wenl, lo Jerusalem led from anoihc:- Anlioch—Anlioch I quests of the Christian faith were; Tlie men returned shortly to An- Trkl: Ado ll:l!)-M; IZiUfi The Intwnatlonal tJniforni Sun' day School Lesson for Oct. IS. JIY WM. K. fill.ROV, 1). II KdHnr of The 'fitiiBiesilhmaUst The evil thai men do lives aflcr them as well as the good they have done. Even when a man Ims been converted, the sins of his ignorance ami blindness though they may lie forgiven aic not allogelh- or wiped out In the beilousness of their consiliences! and results. Bo. though Paul had been .saved fiom Ihe error of Ills persecuting /cal and had been brouuhlinto Ihi light of the truth of Hie religion ol love and grace, the effects of the nciscciilion that he All arc cordially Invited. and others. had ' exercised against the Chris- Hans' went on. One of these effects—a valuable. II.UIUM I.I/IIIKIIAN CHIWI'H thing ill Ihe light ol Clnislian his- II. .1. Klrindtnvl. I'aslor I lory-was the scallering of llie Sunday school session, 9 A. M. i Christians from Jerusalem, fiome Mouiln" worship, 10 A. M. Sub- of Ihesc early Chrislians came lo eel: "The church—United ami] Anlioch and 11 was here, we arc Consrrualional merlin* afler the j were lirsl called "Christians." In the school. outward glory. ' = " Dili the life of the city All are invited. I-lllST BAI'TIST CHliltCU \Valmil anrt EiflitH Strrels Alfred S. Harwell. I'astor in Pisidia— which ato appears in I begun as certain Greeks or Gtn- , tioi'h ready to begin their HIM Bible school, n:45 A. M., Alym llolley. Mipei'intciident. Sermon al 11 A. M. and 1:45 M. Subject at eleven: "The Tragedy ol l.ove Refused". Evening Mibjccl: "Is Prayer Pro'IH'ablc?" B. Y. P. U.'.s, li:;n) P. M., Miss Uma Wlllielin. i|ireelor. Orclicslrn music fifteen minutes prirriliny evening service, fverctl Mcnowell. leader. W. M- S. liiccls at (he chureli nimday. '^:)0 7?'. M.. for program I and biisinc.<N. Mrs. C. W. AHlick,! leader. j Sunday si'hnnl iilflcers and lea-1 eliers iivc-t WedneKlay. 7:l!i P.| M. the life of Paul. These jo tiles responded to Christian teach- •• notable missionary journey, two Antiochs were the [ing. The report, of this came to which we shall find them well iiP 01 jo isoiu j the Church al Jerusalem, nnd launched in the next lesson. 5ISTER ' MARY'S KITCHE A New Screen Beauty ietlc's Mrs. hcallli. Henry Welch J*V SI.STKH .MAHV : NEA Service \Vrilrr I The terms "doughnm." "fried ; Prayer ;-crvieo Wednetday. 7:45! cake" and "cruller" are used inter-i M.. Harry. Vritzius, leader. | ehangeably. but tl'crc is a lechni- I Choir rehearsal Wednesday. 8:30 cal difference between them. Dough-', Mr. iiiKl Ms.-. J. Francis Hell and -on. Uubuir. D! SI. Louis, arc gueils nf Mr. and Mrs. C. J. Crane and family. Mr. ,Bell is a nephew of C. S. and Wlis:on Crane. Air ami'. Mrs. K. J'."- Hc.iloll and rn'ofhe"" of ".Mrs. "ntecl'i" Phillips!] '1"'»' hoiiAegnr.-;!. Mi.v W. . OH- whn n she i' vralinr- ! ""• « l Milwimkeo, Wis., sjient ycs- wliom the I^VUIIIIIE. ^^^ ln McmpWSiMvSi omcli ,, „ r M ,., ts ; -efl- from that city for Oklahoma Mmc5.'s. P' Moi-tin. J. Melli City, Okla.. where she will visit Brooks and James 1). Clink and j before rctiirnliif home. Miss Cora Lee CoSeman «cre host-! J- L. C.uard and Mrs. b. J-"™- rtses lo the Klliotl Klctcher chap-'. ten. accompanied by Icrry Oiiard. tor uf the United Daimhleij of I lie jot C.iriUlii-ii-vill;-. will leave lii- Hayti - Personal. Confcdcmey mtctins Tlmraiay af- mouow for En.mii!ly. H Mis. Charles Guard, who lo bi- leriiuon ul Hie Martin home, lii-jwiih ilic mother of llie two Mr. eluded in the 1C present was one dual _ cucfl, Mrs. Virginia llnynes. I " 5 ."elous.y ill. TJie Hnllowe-'cn motif was used Mr?. •'- L. Guard i.H-nt yesler- in the decorations and favors mid \™" m Memphis. an ice rciu^e vas served on Hal-! lowe'en plates. | lu the biisines.i scs-bion Mis. Hen-' dtKoii Unll was elected sccretarv. Mrs. C. E. CriL'ger anil Mrs M. Fitx-simmons wc,c eiecled deieyulcs lo the stale convention meeting ini Kutscllvllle October », -C and ^1, with Mrs. A. M. Bull and Mrs. C. H. Hall as allcrnales. Tlie pre*i- The Womun's Miuslonury Affo- (lutional nicetln>: was held u(- Hol- innd Friday v.-jlh nine churches represented. Mrs A. G. presided in Ihe aliscnee . Mrs. Cnntrell. of Cnr- «llier:,villr. /\ very intcveplinR il-inglilcr, Rctly Joe. of Canton. Miss.. hitvC returned home after fevrrul days visit wilh Ur. nuti Mrs. Oscar Rnrksdalc. John Orcer .of the U. H. S. Wr:,i. Virginia, stalioncd al- Ixis Angeles. Cal.. is the ol Mrs. Florence. Slrond. Harry Circcr of SI. Lunis jirriverl ytvsler- (iny and will accompany his. bro- li'cr lo Los Angeles. Mcsdamrs J. H. Crain. John Em.'clL* and Jol'.n Knoc-lis Crain . frmiil jThursrlny in Memphis. • - Mrs. Clay Hudsoii'nnd Mrs. K. I: Coleman visited in Blylhcville , 't'uesday. j Mr. am; Mrs. Fred Bailey of 'Memphis were she guesl.s of'Sirs Buil'v's siMcr, Mis:; Emmn' Claire Osccola Society — Personal projjriini. "Laborers With God"., '.vas prescnird. Among Ihosc wi'.o-. .lent. Mrs. James B. Clark, will uo | , A. W. Young w\is hnsless nfleriiuon lo Ihe memlH'is 11 asa s(;iie dclcp.ile as she is stale!-H-er iwo taiiie briilge i-lub and Irciiiiirer. Al this convcnlion am c ollr t . xt ,. ;l i : ,bies of uuests Itivllalion will in: extended by the, ., lcU , lii , (1 M| . s Wm nu'.e:\ and local groun to ]>M-C the ID:H meet-1 ,,,, s Ml ,,. v E!lc . u slcV ens nf l«y- 1115 in Ulylheville -hrvillr Miss Nell Tfamillon of Clark and Mrs. W. T. Sanders Hall-sum. Thursday, of Ihe J - C. Ciunmuni 'and Mr. and Mrs. y. C. Bmnclon. Jr.. returned Wednusday from Chicago anil New York. _ Eugene Thompson of Kiainc, attended from this cily were Mcs- Aik., visited in WiLson Thursday, oamrs A C.. Sanders, R. I,. Gil- i Ml 's. Kva Kerlin and riaugliter, i;cvi. U. I!. Hayes, B. Sullen. M.! r -I'' s - Earl Cross, vlsllcd in Mem- Fry. Marble nurrcss. T. F. Glllem ' l lllis Wcdnjsvday. r.nd Elev. ami Mrs. J. S. COIHIKM-I'. : — • •Ihe Woman's Missionary union McDowell Will Direct 'A the MclliodUl church met vritli Mr.-.. Lefler Wednesday af- Icriuion with 10 mrinlH'r.s anil one vksiior, Mrs. II. T. Byar.s Jr. A committee was iipixiinlrd lo work i : . rc membrrs uf thr newly orfan- tiil a program (or Hallowe'en. i OT1 l Osi-cola hlch school baud, which is bcini; dircclcd by F,. U. McDowell of Blyiheville. \Scv- P. M., Mrs. Paul Tipton. lender. The piililii: i-i invited lo allcnd :\ll .scr'-lees. I-IKST MKTHODIST (JlllRCH Slain ^nrt S'evcnth Strrrts P. Q. Itorir. Pastor Wor.'-hip and sermon, 11 A. M. nnd MO P. M. "Who Arc tl:e Lost?", subject ol morning sciiinn. 'Midnight Visitor", subject at evening hour. Church school. 9>is A. ^l. ' . Board of stewards. Monday, 7:31) P. M. This conference, year Hi 1 ;; monlh. Prayei 1 ine'ct'ins. Wednesday. 7:M P. M. Choir rehearsal. W'crimsxliiy, 8:10 P. M. Osceola School Band OSCEO1.-A. Ark. — Tfclvr Iwys up of jMesdamr's J. W. Plioclcs. D. O. oliiler, Hugh Lewis and Nell Goidicr. The I- c-ral nli-ls IU-P expected lo take the hjinl. Mrs. Obcrst the general convention mcclinr: inl- Jlallimor next month with Mrs. J.' Clark and Mrs. \v. 1.1 \| c i :1U |ii^. who is visltin<; licr aunt, were elected deirgnte.s lo^,,, '15^,, i}ui|ci: Mrs. Che.-urr W. Adams -.I-., and Mrs. J. Mcll Brooks as alternates. of Biownsville. Tciuv. liere V.r a visit with her husband v.ho cKiploved with ;hr U. S. c r; linri Mrs. Lynn Colton. Plans wciv romplelccl for l!ie'v vcluiiulc Iroin a tlni-p niiMilh'.s ber.cJH bridge and rook parly i vjr ,, ,. vi(1) )in . m(l u,,, r in l-'lorsiia. \S'edne;Htay afle.rnoori al Hie lioine -v,,., A w ] ln .. vcll . os M-inner of Mrs. G. S Barnes, the pracci" 1 " | lf ' ,^1^ ' sro| . c pl . L/(V _ M 1;i MiiUm of which will be nvd (or Ihe sld-, i> u , M . . >lon driiL loan fhuil. i> n n u (i cv Mrs. Jne «. Dillahunty was ID • " 's\i,.,,ii, nis eimrge ul Ihe projii;nn wllli'li dealt ; ., 1( . wilh a :,iutlv of snuihein in\en- ,j t , tion=. .Mrs-. Clark IXMI!" llu- Idler. ,' l:n of the pie,Kidcnl genenii. Mrs. J.L,',, W. Attains. :-r.. lold of Cyius Me--! Cormie.fe. iiivenlor of the reiiulnel Jiiacliinc. who -.vas an uncle of j Mrs. diaries Afford of this rity ; The work uf Ur. Crawford I-uu>;. i 11 soulhrrnrr wliii B»VC. Ihe lin-l' iiiiC-'-thclic. was given by Mrs. J I). Balksdale. The woik of Ur. Saiu- itel - Sfiiles. who sa\c the first ^nnjjrenc Ircatmenl ill Ihe Bailie of Murfrecs.uyn). Tern, when hi used quiniix' and ulcoholi was <lis- i-uss:eil by Mrs. Uillahuiily. Two leadings "Home", by Kduar A.j 'iue^t, and "Ma 111 An Autti" were | given by Murjorie Warren, I.AKK S1KKKT MKTIIUIIIST CH UltCll W. .1. l.rltny. 1'sslor Sunday school. H:-1S a. in Church. 10iS<l u. m. Mcmliers joining the church in the pnst ycnv will be in cliarge of this service. Uilly Oieen and Mack Murray will be ushers. OUis Rouch will nuts are. bits ol ycusl hread-dsugh j bwcolcned and Cried in deep fat. • F'ried cakes arc of tile nature 3! | "quick, bread" dough tweelcned or ; o! a cake' dough stilt enough lo ! roll and cut- in rings and fried in j deep fstt. Cruller is a Dutch word . and means twist. Since t::c dou'^h 'or crullers is Uin same as thai for ! fried cakes, Ihe shaix is llie ciis- j iguifhing feature. | There is a llieory thai- if Vinr- r' is added io t'r.c lat in which dougtnmls arc (rice! the [ally i flavor will l)e a rcall >' overcome. Add the vinegar as soon as ihe fat is put over (he lire, using 1 tablespoon vinegar lo a kclllc of fat. Bread Test The temperature cf Ihe fat is extremely important because ihv, solves the fal-cookin? problem which is responsible fov the diiesl- ibility of the fried rake. When a tlicrmomctfr is used, it should register 380 degrees Fahrenheit when thr dough is dropped In, and a temperature of 360 degrees F. should be maintained during fry- im?. For the bread lest, an inch ,il*' of bread from the soft par! g'.ies! pri/.e ar.rl Mrs nil consolation Iiuor uf tin garden depavl- Ihc O'Tulii Women's Pro- '.ics.-!ve (^lub enjiiyrd :• pirinr 'uurli in Grifler Park Weiiur.Mla\ Tiiil sprnl Ilie altevnoon in ihe ••iTd 1 - on Carscr. Luke, where tlu'y •-elected and marked for Frbru- •ly lianxilanlini:. trees v.Inch Mill •:,•' iiM-d in biMiilily II '" 11 Counlv liiKliWiiy'i. !ng will be held at the ehureli with | :1 >rt in Mrs. J. s. Milw as ho.ilcss. At lliis mceliivj olficc;-s will be Screech owls of tlie veiy .-.uu elected. species, and o! the vcrv saiue age, Mrs. Tom l.i:vls ol Hiaggadocio are often so different In color tliat and daughter. Uorothy llrent. ol' their Identity is sometimes eon- Si. Louis, were llie ^uvsls of fusing; they" can also ehaime to \!rs. iruijli Lewi., iiiui Mrs.'C. P. a different color phase without los- Well.v Friday afternoon. in is Ihcir feathers. Establishment of Side Suit Helps Lo Make Slam Contract dress, with response, by Homer Tinker, preceding llv: 15 minute sermon by tliu piistor. Epworth leagues, 6:30 and 7 1>. m. Church, 7:W p. in. Aliendmi! Iht meeliw •la;iiv:; (Jecifrey White. A. W. Yomic. •turi. .1. W Misehril, F I Tucker. .eie Mrs- :::an: rcrelary. W. K. EdriiiBlon. I... s. Jacob-.. .UH! Id-i I'oplar Corner llr ;M|{| Mr:-. 1'iea'lv lav.- moved Ui M;mil,t. .li,iiicr'-Mi>rgaii •" 1 Jnlin and liii-li.nd I'^buni. '-ilie Annfjuncenicnf. lias been made nl I ne ailencimij coller.e :ii Junc.sbjin. Mu: marriaHc of MUs Anuic Um|-|)cii! the wcrk "md wiMi 'beir MOIK;III .'Hid Ham Joiner, Iwlh oil -arcnlv Mr ami Mi .1. w. <"!•• BlyUicVil!;:. 'Ihi: Kr.v. J. Ulullord;')oiiii-. Calduell IJCifornird Ihi: .M'rvieci Ther- will lv .MIISIII;: h .•!> Ocloticr tcvciilli. ' !"iiiiida> Hfliineuu i-;\ci;-ei' i. m- vilcil IP attend llflUjanl-Wiilciirr ! V«ii::hn Hay ;'inl I). ». .I'-IHU. MlK> Kthrl Wl'Jnvr and Je.x-c )lo%gard, IXilh of ihls rllv. Mere united in marriage by Ihe Hcv. W. Ajbyrd. Mo.. Saturday C. VanbiWicr. ! ' '-onard L-nfoon was Hit- :: • • « | ., .iiiss VMan IV-rry Sund.u. CrawturJ-llarKanl • Laudua- and i>anfuid 'the man'lage nf Miss Juanila Hulisard and Key Crawfnrd. both uf Uoiriiell, occuned lieiv. The Uw.jiA:. J. l)ill orrifialed. Today's Contract Problem jVjOHTH and Soutli boli] Ilic •* li'llowitiK ranis, wiih the i-i anil Wi>[ :.lii'M-n. South i ruutr.u-l al Inur I'Mili, tin llu-ii ^h lo\\ bauds not playiiiR Ibo iirls. West iu nf di.inioiuls aTid. I" :i siiiiill heart. UK- declarer • play # K r. 1 rj .1 i o •> i ^ Solnlioa Solution to Previous Conlracl Problem i|las;-ei| and Nurlll bid liner ..;i.icli'f. I Koiilli wenl lo four .-pade.. aiirl Norlli now bid live eiiilv. -]; t ,,. u - ns \ciy valmiblc lnformati"n lor South, its it showed mm miirni of suits. i)\er liv«-elnb;. Sc'.iMi bill FIKST <'IIRISTIAN K. K. l.atimcr, Jlinist Church school. 0:45 a n Holy communion aiid 11 a. m. Veiper services. C p. m. j — cordial welcome alwajs. ; sf. STI;PHI;N The Rov. C. C. Uurke. of Mari- iinna. '.'.ill conduct :-LTv;ce.> al the ehureli at 11 u. m. (TllilSTfAN SC'li:N'CK SOCIKTV ••DOCTHfNK OF ATONKMKNT" IS Ihr .subjri 1 Of Ihe lyxsnil-Ser- moil to be. read in llu: Christian ycience service. Sunday it-aiming ut 11 o'clock. The Golden Text is. "All limits are of God. '.vim linlli rceuneiled t^ lo himself by Jesus Christ, and halh uivcn lo us the ministry ol reconciliation" ill Conn I h i a n s 5:18). Aiiunit' the citations Irtsm the Bib!e is the following, "And when he v-jis £one forth into the way llieie rame one lu'iniii'j:. am! kneeled tn liiin. and asked him Gr>od Master, what Elii-ll I di> that I may inherit elerna! life?" (NTurk ulc or Iwo longer. : Hollywood's lalc-sl finf\ is 20-yi'ar-old athlrti • Suzanne Kaarcn TT-.i: proper blendiiiR of ma- ol Brooklyn, shown here, bile's a rolli'se rjirl ;-nd got lu-r Ir.iin- tcriats u anolhcr iin|Kirlant step. .,,., . lt Philadelphia's Hedgerow theater, (lie. ,v,ii'- place that "juo- Tlioro«(j[i mixing is necessary, bu; , llccd ,, Al)n nardiln ,. care should be lakcn nol, In over- mix Ihe doiiKh. Each inurediem should lie ll'ioi'OUBMy ineorporati-d in the mixture as it is at'tlcd. bill ]irolongc<i l>caliiiL, r results in hard, tough fried cakes. A smooth, line Drained dough, firm cnnuizh net lo be loo i»rous. foaks les-, fal ' than a coarse Drained doug'o. c:iuil Speaks to Negro Pupils lie dough an hour ur iori: rollir.i; and culling. Thi.s makes I ca^y lo handle wilh the mini-, mum amount of Hour an;l niMires tender, fliilly cnkcs. llr. M. 11. Harbicon. of Hie Mcoily Ilible .-!:'.ik^ lo jjiipii^ ui i-l In-- a.-...r-inl:!y graduate; liM-lilulc.i ihe nepro seluyj; . liiday. j : five iliauioiuls Ncrlh b:il six Hv'otfunl aUcndixl vi.'.iled in Manila Sal'irdjy. I»V WM. K. Sei-retarv. Amrri'-au 't\i[Jn\ s rpnlrac! lo ri'tjlilrin .shows suit Ihul rnu lie e.s- always a *^wd ussel slum ixiiilnii'l. Von will gcn- cially liiul il difficult lo make u our llcwlcr Hulls IVifcil tiaine E1IS01T. Mich > UP > J.H (Jood rolled a perfecl aiinii' in hi- t-linn when neither you nor ,voi ilpaith'T iKtlil a cood side suit. Ko'.v- ever.!onee on the purl of I hi declarer is .•oiuelime.'- neeissiny in imlcr In cslablish a valuable deuce. 'I he foltow.'ni: i:ives an inlerrslins : Of establishing a deuce for Thi' mariiage ol Miss licvlha \Vonhlnglon and Elbcrt Lloyd, both of Gosucll, occurred in this first attempt of the wilder bowi-'tlic grand slam conlracl. Phlato fried cakes kec;> ninisl f-ir-c!, seme time aflrr making and are iji, u:ry easy to make. :•,< I'Olalo Fried Cakes ail One cup ho'. ma'-' : 'i.'<t ixiia!!^.. 1 lablei-iXKins butler. :t i-t:i;s. I l-:i eu;>s .suyur. I cup milk. -1 i-iip* Hour. G teaspoons bnkhij: jiowder : 1 Icaspcon salt. 1-2 teasjir.on vanilla, l-'l teaspoon );ralixl nulim ^ Add buller to hoi iu;«>lird |in- tatoes and beat well. Beat i'^^,s wi'.h ; .sugar and slir inlo firM mi\Ii;r-.i Mix and sill flour. s-iU. bakin ; p-v> der and iiultri'"^ and add ailn- nalely with milk lo lirst mixUir. | Arid vnnilla. Cover mixing lw.\l. nnd lei dcinjh chill for an hour or j longer. Oust moldini: Ijoard vni;' Hour and turn doujtli unta l»:n;i., Hell wilh a. (loured rolliiiB pin iiifj •S;ji-.ik;in on liie tlicuic, •'Ch:ir- '. r?r IJuiUling." lie n^med tiuth. i',:i''s!y. obedience. lovc - and d.r- .lvi-in'ss xi tr;iH* for ' ;i desirable crer nnri named lyiim. sMear- Mealin;. haired and uufor- irs-s ,is tr.-iil.^ for an undesir- rharacter. G. G. Caudill rral Insuram N. Brradna I'liiinr 7!I7 The l.e.-.-oii-Sei,,inn will also iii-| :i sll(¥l : ' b0 "' '"- "H'lr Hiu-k. Cul rlude |i;u-s.'B''s fnjiu Ihe Christian [ :">c - Kir - l.'ie BORUM'S •llanionils. fsiiilh wrnl TV pade.s iimi Norlli bid :cu-u .^ Thr I'l.iy Weol "iH-ncd wild lh- km'.- of 'irarls. nhlrli lim dfclar villi Hi-- in-r Dn-larir hs-jk iwo •oimcl.. u[ clulx> anil ilu-u ;.,| » •mall elub. Iruniiiinu in IIK c,-vii h.iml with llie (n: nf .-pailrs A small riiamiMid \uis relmncil -ind von with the kii'c. Another diamond w;is played :<ml ilrdarcr iicieiirr textbook. " Health with Key lo the Hcripllirrs."' by Mary Baker Krtdy. ."lie of v.hirh ix?ads. "Wisdom anil ftove mas 1 M-- quii'e mtiny saerlliee^ of sell lo MUi' us from sin. 'Jne vacrilie^. howcur m:»l. is ilis-iildcieni in jwy Ihe llelil "I sin. 'Hie iilonr- lllClll llMUili','' et' laliini on Die MI The Cliris-lian Ki-H-nre Kr.iclms HiKim l.s u|sen '1'iiCMlay and Friday fixim ^ lo ."i p. m. -'I r'Xini 103 Hi'the Hotel Noble. Aon with llie ai-r. '] In- jack diamonds then In.mpnl ilummy wlUi the i;in>- pf .-iiaiir; A Miwll club *v,i> leiuriird lruni|ird willi Hie Dci'liucr won Ihr ncsl lw< hoi [at and drain on rnunpled p - i- iwr. D:> not pile unc auovc U'-e other until cool. Tonwrrow'N Menu HlSfcAlU'AHT: Uakril piaiv: ••<•real, cream, p,in-bri)l|i-d slir;,| 1 H| i"i!iM. rehcaled rnlls. milk, ml!'!LUN'GHKON: Scallurx-d i.-nvn. au<[ macaroni, loasled roll--. -I'Hi'-i 1-eaeh salad, cup cakes, milk, lea IMNNHR: Ifain and .swecl pal-i- I'J p:e. upplc-cr!cry-iiut salad, jiium laploca pudding, milk, coffee. Itadlo S|KCils ' : P < U'srs | Museum Gels Musk-Ov rimin A iUI'' A i'c<l- ^N ,ind -les lecllon of. pielures ul i ricks l»lar bears has been • season. In his Ihsi name sim-ej The Hiddins; . . lasl spriiiL'. lie chose alley No. 13- Simlli. the dealer, opened the and the losinf hearl diMvuicd,! niclmrs wc:v laken M; In dumriiy with (he'ace a,id j;ick"liil)llloii in ll:c Academy of N'ai- 'of spadef. Tlie snlall club w,\s led itral Science on the IMrk'i.iv. The Rcail Courier News Want HEMOKKHOIDS ll'ilcsl eur- -il nilhDul ilic knife. Skin cancer, varii-oscd veins, (nn- sils removed noii-surgically. DKSi. NIKS and NIKS Office 514 Miin Plume "3 and scored 300. Icontraci.ln^ y ilh one spade. Wcsl, giving Ihe declarer his grand tlam. • ....and when it cnmrs to liscfl Cars (hr nnnl-ad cotumTi.i nf (he Courier N c w .s can't hr; lical. If you waul prompt results phone 30'j. Courier News Want Ads FALL SPECIAL l-'uiu' -I (Jnc 8 x (5 ia .^[K x 10 in ciisi-1 I'liis nlTrr i.s liinilnl. (let ynur unlcr in early. Beit's Art Studio I'huiH' S(l!> for 'AppuinlnWni f;

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