Palladium-Item from Richmond, Indiana on April 7, 1930 · Page 8
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Palladium-Item from Richmond, Indiana · Page 8

Richmond, Indiana
Issue Date:
Monday, April 7, 1930
Page 8
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I I - I .-Ui, $48,750,000 "APPORTIONED FOR HIGHWAYS WASHINGTON. April 7.-P)-"ccretary Hyde today apportioned among' the 48 states and Hawaii S4S.750.000 of the additional $50,000.-000 authorized by congress aa federal aid for highway construction in the .fiscal year beginning July 1, 1930. v Tn's supplementary appropriation Was authorized by a bill signed by President Hoover on April 4 which ' also' provided for the appropriation of $125,000,000 for each of the fiscal years. 1931, 1932 and 1933, an addition ! of, 2.'X),0O0,0OO yearly over the present ' appropriation. ! Congress provided $73,000,000 by a j , .and s?crery "vde "p; i '' ivuru liim aiituiig tilt; siatco aiiu j Hawaii on Dec. 2. 1929. i Apportionment to the states of the additional $50,000,000 for the fiscal j year of 1931 includes Illinois $2,0C7.- ; 1S7: Indiana. S 1.273.903: Kentucky. , $13,073, Jtichign. $1,406,780. DELEGATIONS Continued from Page One) the way of life we shall find it a way: "First of Truth. In our search foi the eternal truths, the verities con-j ternine: the life that now is. and the i life that is to be, concerning the creation and maintainance of all things, the relationship between man and man. and man and God, we find that revelation; in Jesus Christ. "Second of Purity. The very heart and essence of Christianity is purity; purity in motive;:, purity in "fhoug1i, purity in words, purity in o'eoclij-. 'Blessed are the pure in heext. for they shall see God." "Third of Sacrifice. Life is not all receiving: it is more giving. One truth which we can readily demon-'(trate to ourselves is, 'It is more blessed to give than to receive.' The . unselfish losing of self is the way to find fulness of life in God. , "Fourth of Service. Until our lives arc given to some worthwhile activity, vc are not truly living. Wc are existing, but the animals do that. Life to be real, to be true, to ' be abundant must be dedicated to the t;erviee of our fellowmcn. dedicated to making this world a better place . for ourselves, our fellows,' our posterity. Life is found only in following the example of him who became the servant of all. , "Fifth to God. How weak, how unstable, how fruitless our lives are without God! No true man would have his so. He must be anxious to iriaK"? nis nie abounding, and that is possible only as we find in religion the wy.-to God: the way to an understanding of him, his greatness, his mercy, his love which knows no dimensions, his fatherhood. 'I am the way no man conies to the Father but by me.1" So Jesus not only reveald to us the Father, but be leads us to the Father, to a unity of spirit with him. to a oneness which is unique because he is the. only one who can make that union with Cod complete. "I quote from a recent, message on a similar subject. To all these priceless gifts. Jesus is the Way. He is the way to them because of what he ia himself. Coming to Jesus as Saviour, uccepting him as the way, living in companionship with him as a Person, that is Christianity. The very ' heart of our life's concern should ,be to find him, know him, love him. Eeautiful way! Lovable way! Irresis-table way! Jesus the way!' " The conference opened at 2:30 o'clock, after leaders and speakers had enjoyed a luncheon meeting at the Y. M. C. A. at 12:30 o'clock. Rev. W. J. Sayers, of the Friends ' rjiurch. welcomed the visitors aftr ; a number-of fellowship songs had hsen sung. Rev. Koch's address followed. Discussion groups were scheduled for 3:30 o'clock on "Finding the Way." Dean Clyde Milner, of Earl-ham college, was in charge, assisted by E. A. Schnell, state Y worker, and other leaders. The 15 minute intermission shortly before 5 o'clock was followed by ths second session of the discussion groups. A banquet will be served at 6:1) o'clock by the ladies of the First Friends church. Included on the program will be group sinking, and a message by Dr. A. D. Bcittel, cf Earlham college. The, closing session was scheduled to get underway at 7:15 o'clock. The principal speaker will be Charles M. Woodman, of the West Richmond Friends' church, whose topic will be of timely interest. "What of It?- . Other, loaders included Rev. C. II. Jope, First Christian church: W. O. .Sate, city schools superintendent; F. G. Wood and Stanley Hamilton, of the T. M. C. A. The conference was planned by A. 11. Hines, Frank M. Cory, Lowell J. Rivir. J. O. Biswell, J. Russel Landreth, Noel Trusler, Charles Mc-Naughton, Stanley Hamilton and F. G. Wood. Coats for EASTER $11.95 I "Clever Styles" Newest Materials New Shades Specially Priced rf u$irs N Conferees Retain Higher Duties for Pottery and China WASHINGTON, April 7- (Jpi Higher duties on pottery and china ware were retained in the tariff bill today by the congressional conferees. At a two-hour morning session, the senate and house conference groups restored the house rate of 10 cents a dozen pieces and 50 percent ad Valorem on decorated, earthenware. The senate bill had provjded 55 percent I as against a present levy of 50 percent. Present duties of 60 percent, and 70 per cent, respectively, on plain and decorated chinaware not j specially provided for were retained, J but a senate amendment providing an j additional tariff of 10 cents a dozen J pieces on tableware, kitchenware and all table utensils made of chinaware j vaa agreed upon. Poisonous Drinks . Will Be Probed by Marion PrOSeCUtor j MAKIOX, Ind., April 7 (Ay) Investigation into reported sales of poisonous beverages in Marion has been promised by Harley Hardin, prosecuting attorney, following announcement by authorities of 25 or 30 cases of partial paralysis hero. The paralysis allegedly followed the drinking or ginger, Eber J. Baker, a barber who claims he is a victim of Jamaica ginger purchased from the Davis Drug company, has filed suit for $20,000 against the company. Baker alleges his hands and feet have become useless, that he is unable to work, and that employes of the druz company knew that the ginger was sold to him for beverage purposes. He asserts the ginger contained poisoning. The sale, the suit says, was made March 3, 1930. Three Act Comedy Will Be Given by Class at Eldorado ELDORADO, Ohio. April 7. "Fingerprints," a comedy in three acts, will be presented by the Lifter class of the TJ. B. Sunday school Saturday, April 12 in the K. of P. Hail here. The cast of characters follows: Hosey Hawks, fingerprint . detective, Harold Sell; Ned Thorndykc, ranch owner, Russell Miller; Jimmy Lee, his partner, Harold Eikenberry"; Roger Whitney, Jr., Robert Moses; Mrs. Roger Whitney, Sr., Roger's mother, Evelyn Duckwall; Paulette Whitney, Roger's sister, Treva Keckler; Pamina Thorndykc. Ned's daughter, Martha Spencer; Miss Amelia Thorndykc sister to N;d, Velma Kessler; Mignon Mocare, maid of the Whitney's, Dorothea Isaacson; Porcelain Purdy. Estelia Michael. Music by Monroe orchestra. Art I A morning at the Thorn-dyke ranch. Act II In the afternoon of the same day. .. Act III Same as act I a few days later. Admission, adults 25 cents; chil-dren15 cents. '. . i Missionary Society Of Hagerstown to Assemble Thursday HAGERSTOWN, Ind., April 7. The missionary society of the Congregational Christian church will meet with Mrs. Ada Thurston on Thursday afternoon. This will be a silver tea. The Missionary society of the Methodist Episcopal church will meet with Mrs. Claude Davidson on Tuesday afternoon. Italy has ordered the use of olive oil as a substitute in part for lard in the ration issued to Italian soldiers. On Display ALL 43 M. 8th The New Porcelain Tub "VOSS" 5 WASHER Free! This week only we I Tubs and Benches worth $16.00 with every new ma- , "V0SS" Copper Tub Models . . . . MONDAY TUESDAY Stage 3:00-8:30 Screen 1:30-7:00-9:45 VIRGIL E., SINER presents his "Syncopated Steppers" with Slim," "Bud," "Bob" in "My Sweet Cookie" A rollicking revue with 30 clever artists. Added Feature BOB CONN Eccentric Dancer and Comedian from RKO Circuit You will scream at the mock trial scene. On ,the Sound Screen "LINDA" with HELEN FOSTER, NOAH BEERY and WARNER BAXTER Will Rogers Says: SANTA MONICA, Calif" April 7. Tomorrow Ruth Hanna Mc-Cormick goes to the post in Illinois, a woman by birth but a politican by training. I like her. She Is not continually yapping about "the woman's angle." Women are not doing so poor in this country. We want 'a woman that will help out us men. We can't get a man in there to do it. She will be the first woman elected to sit in that "august body." the senate. Ruth won't feel at home in the senate. fe is too young; there is 40 old ladies in thero now; only difference, these don't knit. Yours, WILL, ROGERS. Passengers Sustain M inor Injuries in Louisiana. Wreck MOTIflAM C!TTV T.n Anril7 rT Southern Pacific passenger train .-so. 103, westbound from New Or leans to California, was derailed at Lake Bridge. La., about 12 miles east of here early today. Although a complete check of the passengers has not been made, persons returning from the scene of the wreck said that only a few received minor bruiseo. The accident occurred about 1:30 a. m. A rail gave way after the locomotive and two cars had passed. A chair car and one lounge car overturned. Although there were 77 passengers in the Pullmans only four received minor bruises, reports here said. Railroad officials, however, are making a complete check of the pas-sengeis to determine if any were buried under the overturned cars. Traffic cast and west of the scene of the wreck will be delayed about 12 hours. Three extra Pullmans were brought up from Lafayette, La., and the passengers on the . wrecked train were taken to Houston, Tex., where they wit be given accommodations to their destinations. 17 Persons Killed in Explosion Aboard Train in Tokyo TOKYO. April 7. (S) The railway ministry today announced that 17 persons had been killed and seven seriously injured in an explosion aboard a train in Kyushu prefecture. The explosion was officially attributed to dynamite, which was believed somehow to have become mixed in the coal used by the engine. The explosion occurred shortly after noon yesterday but earlier reports indicated it was of minor consequence. The seriousness of the blast did not become known here until today. All the dead were passengers, a majority of the 17" apparently lived for several hours after the explosion. The blast started a forest fire which burned throughout the night. April Term of Wayne Circuit Court Opened The April term of the Wayne circuit court opened Monday, Judge G. H. Hoelscher announcing the appointments for the term. John Holaday was re-appointed as stenographer, Arthur Quigley was re-named as riding bailiff and Lind-ly Swain was re-appointed to serve as bailiff. The term was opened by Sheriff Henry E. Long. Grace S. Smith, county clerk administered the oath to the newly appointed court offi cials. HOME MADE Hot Cross Buns BERYL B0YCE BAKERY Mlt Main. IMionc 2T1 THIS WEEK at St. DUNING'S STORE are including two Self-Draininz- $89 Slightly More on payments See the 1'IXME and FEATHER SANTA CLAUS N1TE FRIDAY All New Show Wednesday Daily Mats. 25c IHE K1CHMOND PALLADIUM AfsiJ False Fire Alarm Prank Will Cost Life of Fireman CHICAGO, April 7. Maybe it was a big laugh to someone, but Fireman John Connick i3 dying. Someone thought it would be lots of fun to see the fire engines yesterday. . He turned in a false alarm. There are folks like that. The great fire trucks shrieked through the streets. At an intersection the fire truck on which Connick was riding side-swiped the automobile in which the person Mho had turned in the alarm was driving away. Connick's skull was fractured and he was injured internally. Doctors said he hadn't a chance to live. Out at Mount Olivet cemetery lies the baby son born to the Connicks Friday. The little casket was taken there Saturday by the father. At St. Anne's hospital, critically ill, lies Mrs. Connick. She doesn't know her baby's dead. She doesn't know her husband's dying. Someone turned in a false alarm. Maybe it's a big laugh to him. 36 Hours of Flying Time Required for Hawks Glider Trip NEW YORK, April 7. (jP) Capt. Frank M. Hawks, holder of the east and west transcontinental speed records, enjoyed the added distinction today of being the first aviator to pilot a glider from coast to coast. Arriving exactly on schedule, he set his small red motorless plane "Eaglet" down in Van Cortlandt park at 4 p. m. yesterday to complete a flight from San Diego, Calif. Towed at the end of a 500-foot cable behind a power plane he made the transcontinental trip in six and one-half days with 36 hours of actual flying time. Stand in Rain A crowd of 15,000 stood in the rain to see the finish of the 3,000-mile glider trip. A fleet of army planes circled in formation above the park as an aerial reception committee. The last leg of the trip was made from Buffalo. N. Y., with stops at Syracuse and Albany. During the flight stops were made at night at Tuczon, Ariz.. Sweetwater, Tex., Tulsa. Okla., East St. Louis, 111., Columbus, Ohio, and' Buffalo. Noon stops were made each day. Hawks, who is an aviation executive for an oil company and lives in New York, said he made the flight to stimulate public interest in gliding. Professor at Indiana Is Summoned by Death BLOOMINGTON. Ind., April 7. 0T") A member of the department of Romance languages at Indiana university for the past 30 years, Prof. Charles Mosemiller, 63 years old, died at his home here today of paralysis. He had been in falling health for several years. GERMAN FIXERS KILLED LONDON, April 7. ff) A German plane carrying mail from Croydon to Berlin crashed at Limpsfield today at 4:15 a, m. The pilot and mechanic, its only occupants, both were killed. This night mail service had been in operation only two nights. APRIL . . . GALA ENTERTAINMENT MONTH! You'll Split Your Sides Laughing! You'll Split Your Hands Applauding! I Want to Be Happy But I Won't Be Happy, Till I Make You Happy, Too! That's the Theme! . . .That's the Spirit of . . . "NO, NO, NANETTE" Droadway's Glamorous Musical Comedy Hit! Now a First National Vitaphone Hit In Natural Colors fi With Alexander Gray Bernice Claire . Hear the Ever-Popular "I Want to Be Happy" and "Tea for Two Also "Were You Just Pretending" and "Dance of the Wooden Shoes" Talking Singing Dancing GREATEST OF ALL LAUGH PROVOKERS Six stars to keep you in laughter. A singing love team to keep you in ecstacy. Songs you'll be humming for weeks. And three hundred of the most beautiful girls in the world. ADDED AESOP'S FABLES MOVIETONE IN SOUND NEWS , ' Tues., AVecl.v Thurs. U Home of Paramount (pictures showing tonight Edmund Lowe Constance bUN - xELEGKAAI. RICHMOND, RESURFACING OF NEW PARIS PIKE BEFORE BOARD Resurfacing of the extension of the New Paris pike, west from Nineteenth street to the Middleboro pike, was before the board of public works. Monday. ' Following short consideration of this project it was referred back to the city engineer for further study. The city park department reported a project to build a wading pool in the rear section of the park, without expense to the city. The park superintendent reported J. M. Lontz had agreed to bear the cost of the construction work. The pool would be built north of the roadway near the Lincoln spring. The board 1s to investigate the possibility of the pool. Water would be supplied by the spring. City Engineer S. W. Hodgin showed members of the board a number of samples of street markers, such as are used In the city of Cincinnati. The markers would be used to show parking places and safety zones. They are small metal disks which are driven into the pavement. The board will give the purchase cf these markers careful consideration. An automatic traffic light was ordered installed at Fifteenth and North E streets, to care for con-jested traffic resulting from the International Harvester factory. Light Plant Superintendent Dan Hess announced he would install extra arc lights on South Twenty-Third street for use when special events are being held at the Athletic park. Doctors' Building In Atlanta, Georgia Destroyed by Fire ATLANTA. April 7. (IP) Sweeping upward from the elevator shaft through offices filled with expensive medical equipment and records and accounts that cannot be replaced, fire of undetermined origin last night destroyed the doctors' building on Peachtree street and for a time menaced a wide area of the city. Fire department officials tentatively fixed the damages at not less than a half million dollars. Approximately 75 doctors and dentists occupied the building. The early part of the fire was marked by a series of explosions of X-ray films which, however, did no damage beyond aiding progress of the flames. I RUN DOWN? Simpson Vegetable Compound f . . N Builds You Up I A w ! i INDIANA Stage and Screen Irish-Jewish Comedy Team at Hudson If there is anything funnier than a "Cohen and Kelly" it is another "Cohen and Kelly." The famous Irish-Jewish comedy team trooped into the Hudson theatre Sunday for a three day engagement on their fourth annual fun-making excursion. This time they appear as "The Cohens and Kellys in Scotland" and what they leave undone in the way of mirth-provocation isn't worth mentioning. George Sidney, Charlie Murray, Vera Gordon and Kate Price are together again in this latest of Uni-versal's uproarious "Cohen and Kelly" series. All are seasoned actors of stage and screen, singularly gifted for comedy portrayals. They work together like clockwork. It is no exaggeration to say there is not a dull moment in the entire picture. The laughs blend into one another so quickly that the mirth may fairly be said to be continuous. A new's reel, Oswald comedy and the exciting jungle drama "King of the Kongo," complete an exceptional program. More Talent Added To Murray Company As though his three-cylinder laugh-producers. Bud, Slim and Bob, were not enough, Virgil Siner Sunday added one more. Bob Conn, a clever eccentric dancer and comic direct from the RKO circuit, which now makes the "Syncopated Steppers" function on all four laughing cylinders which they did to the complete satisfaction of capacity nouses Sun day. The revue now playing is labeled "Sweet Cookie," and it is chock full of very funny sketches, pretty girls, songs and dances. The two black face favorites with Bob Greer shoul der all the comedy scenes with Siner SALTY says: "For Eye Service .See Dr. Timmerman TWO OPTOMETRISTS Richmond, Ind. Phone 2587 American Bank Bldg. To See Better Better See Edmunds Optometrist 10 North 9th St. m w i i - m v i MONTH OF UNUSUAL SOUND PICTURE Look What's in Store for You! All these Great Talking Hits! S. S. VAN DINE'S 'Bishop Murder Case RUTH CHATTERTON in "Sarah and Son" JOHN BOLES in The Vitaphone Special "Song of the West" RONALD COLMAN in "Condemned" CIIAS. (Buddy) ROGERS "V 17 I " The supreme achievement of the talking picture "VAGABOND KING" PARAMOUNT'S WONDER SHOW Light of Western Stars" with MARY BRIAN RICHARD ARLEN Bennett JZn ???v$" CALLED LOVE" as a very effective straight man. ana ic seemea the audiences were in one continual round of laughter. Miller Evans, another newcomer,, has a good voic, and aids in the merriment while Bob Conn stopped proceedings with his acrobatic dance. The girls of the chorus are charmingly gowned, and look like Ziegfeld caliber in their Tiller numbers, and the big plume scene which reflects the artistry- of Kate Mitchell the designer, and the beautiful dancing of Poltzel and Fuller. Warner Baxtor t;ot. i Helen Foster are on the screen in a mountain - heart interest drama, "Linda," an all-around production This program plays through Tuesday evening. Gigantic Gas Well Adds New Menace In Oklahoma Fields OKLAHOMA CITY, April 7. A gas well, estimated to be producing at a rate of 75,000,000 cubic feet a day, blew in at the edge of the city today, creating a new fire threat less than 24 hours after the wild No. 1 Mary Sudik gusher, several miles to the south, had been brought under control. Tools were thrown away when the gasser came in and the well was spurting a big column of high inflammable gas into the air. No immediate steps were taken to stop the now. T?rrH WCl';, wned fcy thc Indian IE 7 Illum,nting Oil company, which also owns the Mary Sudik, is STARTS TOMORROW A Pageant of Progress Production! with TOM MOORE BLANCHE SWEET SALLY STARR A M.GJVT. AU Talking Ticture ADDED All Talking Comedy "A Perfect Match" SOUND NEWS j Admission: Matinee 10c, 20c . Night, 10c, 25c LaSt Tonieht I HAL in "MEN ARE Showing Tonight j SKELLY ln LIKE THAT Matinee 15c Night 20c Here for the Laugh of Your Life! UNIVERSAL PICTURE EXTRA FEATURES Greatest of Jungle Dramas in thrilling sound and dialog. Educational! Exciting! Entertaining! NEWS MONDAY, APRIL 7, lt30 located a mile east of the edge of Capitol Hill, a suburb, and lies across a paved street bordering on Trosper Park. Supply houses occupy the district. Traffic lines traverse the area, which has the appearance of a .small, congested oil town. RICHMOND COMMANDERY No. 8 K. T. Meet at the Temple Tuesday 1 P. M. to attend the funeral of Sir Knight Joseph Commons. ARTHUR CURME, Commander. Elgin b ' Legionnaire j! Strap Watches ! For Men j; $19.00 to $27.50 Ed E.Wendling Jeweler 1021 Main TLAYS TL'ES, WED. What is thc Woman Racket? 'The Woman Hack, ct" is a fine talking thriller. Excitement plus! Romance galore! No problems but plenty of excitement and romance. A thumping good story you'll thoroughly enjoy! SCREEN SNAP SHOTS TODAY TUESDAY and GeaToe. SIEPMEY VERA GORDON WKATE PRICE They're together again thc world's most famous comedy troupe In thc funniest story of them alltold in a screamingly hilarious picture that has mments of drama and pathos that will give you the finest entertainment you've ever enjoyed. WALTER MILLER JACQUELINE LOGAN mm OSWALD COMEDY 6 r U

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