The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 24, 1947 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 24, 1947
Page 9
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THURSDAY, JULY 24, 1947 BLYTFIEVILLE (ARK.)' COUHIKR NEWS Albanians Snub Courier from US UN Sub-Commission Member Encounters Difficulty With Note ANN'INA. G:-ce:c, Ji<'y 24. (UP) —An Albanian border p;ilrol ycs- tcrcluy Miubbccl a courier of (.he United .Nallcilii who was carving u fonnnl request fci pel-mission to cnlor A'.bania. VTcse Quin'pcr of Peru, a inxv.ii- bcr of 'the UN' .sub-commission looking into tlie skint ion alone Hie frontier of Greece and Al- lirnila, journeyed 43 miles lo deliver n mesrace which lli» UN at,. Ij^ke Succcfs lincl informed thei Albanians wciffcl be delivered to(Inv. 'He \vns iicconipnnied bv this corresjXMKlenl, nnin terprctcr, nnrt & repic.scr.tative or the Greek Ar- «ny. Frr mere tHui an hour Quinip- er tried vainly In sol recognition while standing ?->. the Greek border. The A'lnninns turned their backs, refused to .speak lo him, and inter claimed llicy had no iiu- Ihorily .to r-ccpt the diplomatic pouch he was carrying. The tiltempt to contact tlie Albanians took place hi!/h in tlie mountains niter a Uircc-hour drive in <i 1828 PsrWird over rugged, chus-liolccl rivids through the re- pion where the Greeks and guer- il'las were fighting last week. Quimrer was escorted 'by the Grcev Ar.m.v to the border, ire stood there in the hot sun. shouting ,in French and, with the nitl of the iutxprctcr, in Albanian. The IrooDs ncrcffl the line merely stood 50 yords from a house on the border an,! stared at, nothing. The house had a big red star painted on the side, and a sign in red. "the ,popuar republic under Tito and Stalin." They Remember Ihe Yanks Who Died for Them PAGE KDHt Abuses Laid To Soviets by Member of UN Read Courier News Want Ads. PIN-WORMS New Treatment Gets Real Results Don't let ynur child suffer the torment of Tin-Worms! To.lay. thanks to a ipccial. medically recognized drug, a highly effective treatment hca been made possible. So Tvatch for the warning eignn, especially the embarrassing rectal itch. Get JAYNE'S P-W risht o»ay nml follow tbc directions. These small, euy-to-take tablets were developed after yearn of patient research in the laboratories of Dr. D. Jayne & Son to act in a Bpecial way to remove Pin-Worms. It'3 easy lo remember: P-W for Pin-Worma I Sco.cS tciy ..I l-'rujidi nil la in unlive costume bring (lowers to graves o( soldiers in icnic- I'lcleiL, SLitiiLtuuryj France, during recent cereniotiy honoring the im.'jnory ot American dead. ,l.AKK SUCCres, N. Y., July 24. i(Ul I _.- .Au;tvaliu\i re|>resciiui(lvo on the membership committee of I lie UN Security Council accused Ilie Sin-id. repre.scnt.:Ul\-o loiluy of .'irumicd distortion nnd abuses "iut mid he Wl15 ."IryliiK lo oul- Cnrsnr his senior Ciiesnrs." <-' •:. \v, a. HodKson of Australia icv.Mli'il the chnrKO nt, Husstn's Alcx-i Kiti.sllnikov utter tl.he Soviet •>'CinT.s(ii!:<t|vo iituickod Urltnlu «ml Hi.' United t5l;i| C s In a IOIIR K"ecc|i fiivorini,' Ihe ndmlsslon or Albani-i |<> the United Nnllons. Kii-silnlkov split, with Poland on tile n'K'stion ot whether (lie incvn- l>ei-sl!i(> civiiUtcft slmi^d send a letter to jAlhinua coi'comlni! her fnilure In go lo Uio Intcrnnllnnnl Court n! .ii: fi tlco Iu her Corfu chiinnel dlsnulo with ]lrlt;iln. •After defendluK iAII>iiilix nxnlnst \\'\}<i, lie v;ij,i were "f<ilse iiccusn- lions." Kntsllnlknv Implied I hut. I'.rltnin iiud /tint'Tteii oppo.-'eil iAl- b:inlii'K u.i>|i'!c»(lon for inmibrrahli: Ix-cmisi- Ihe rcunl.ry wns not In Uic .'o-rMYd Western Woe-. Jlril'i.i's v. o. Lnwfonl describwl Kr5i.siln!kn\ r '.s speech us "cle.plor- ;il>le." He Mid it. WHS "ri'Ki-p|.tflbly otfrivsive" and ii(t<ted Ihnl members n[ the cnmnilttcp bused their eonchnidus on "fi\ nn<\ not <iileh words." inner In Kchnoh still ov( i-biirden- ed with war-Incurred enrollments 'Ine niiKMirc won ii iinUioii'/.e a JS.COO.OCO <i|)|:roprlatlon. fPJie House n!so passed mm ;;ent lo the Senate legislation aiithoilz- ing tlie attorney Reneral In adjudicate \r.i iii'.s of persons of Japanese iinccstry nifainsl lite roveni- nu'iil for looser, iirlslnx out of their loreed waiilme evacuation from the West Const. Hawaii and Alaska. Claims would he limited to a maximum of $},Sl)o eaeii. Ap- rrnxlmald'y 120.CCO iicrsons of J'ip- ancestry wpio evacuated <liirhi;! the war. Head Courier News Want Ads •A "1IH.IC brolhtr": to penicillin,' o, iivrxilfied form o! gramicidin, hU' been used Buoiessfully to control bacteria, wliich Invade body »ur-' laces. Some Auto Dealers Act to Stop Speculation on Resale of Cars ATLANTA. Oa.. July 24- < Ul'J — A number of reputable iinloinnbile dealers, lighting a lucrative profiteering wave on resale or new cars, are requiring customers to si£;n eon- tracts pledging such profits to charity, it was learned today. Tlie idea, said to have oni;imt!ed here, has spread to Alabama, Ten- stand up in court. Don 11. Vance, Duick official here. company was willing to I for months, worrying; nbnui when damages recovered' from llis "e\v said his try. Any such a breach of contract raise--less court costs — would also BO to charity, he said. At Mobile. Ala., a similar crise Clint-King breach of contract Is now cd the car anyway. 'Hie next Ouy the customer returned his new car, snj'inn he hart wcivi-.l delivery from another aRCncy the same day. "I was ashamed of myself," Drennen quoted him. An Atlanta physician called the Buick aiicncy several limes a week Federal Aid to Schools Extended to June, 1948 WASHINGTON. .Itllv 21. (UP) — The House passed mill sent, to the .'ii'imte yesterday n UIM t<i conl.lnnc until June 30. 1948, federal nsslst- • *•'•••• f5"'h .,,.,...,11 VII VUIJll.ILl IS 1U1W ncssce, New York ami Texas and I in (he courts where it will be heard possibly other stales. ' next month. The Atlanta community Chest, , The Adams Motor Company there requires buyers to sign a contract pledging to offer the car back to the company if it is re-sold within six months cf delivery date. Penalty for refusing to do so is $250, but the money goefi to the agency and not charity. The company is .voint; Mrs. nuhy Summers, of Prilchartl, Ala. The Central Charity Clearing House In Atlanta, said no such funds have been received but a spokesman added that "we'll naturally be tlcligjlil- cd to receive the money." The plan is in forre here at a Iluick agenuy -alien: prospective new car buyers are required to siyn a contract that they will kick back any profits they make on of court recently their cars. Tlie money goes to the i nttirrer which agency which has a';recd---a!so in ' ' ' the contract—to send it to the Community chest. ; Atlanta legal circles speculated as to whether such a contract would OP EN I THURSDAY Diamond Roller Rink * South Highway 61 ' Weekdays ............ 7 p.m. - 11:30 p.m. Saturday Afternoon .......... 2 p.m. -5 p.m. Saturday Night ......... 7 p.m. - 11:30 p.m. Sunday Afternoon ........... 2 p.m. - 5 p.m. Adm. 40c Per Session J. D. Brooks, Owner Guy Gean, Mgr. denly chamjed ills mind and snld he didn't want It. car would ,,.ilive. Vance | Vanre said violators of the re- said. Hut when he learne:! of ihc sale aKreemenl. could lie found In tharily atirrcmrat the day before „ s |,nrt. time through an effective lo receive the ear, he stid- dealers' "underground grapevine." he overruled her declaimed the contract was against public policy and was in restraint of trade. nuiek buyers here must plednc to kick back $750 on a car re-sold ••i if bin a month of delivery or S750 less two per cent for each monlh from that date. At Birmingham, Ala., Drcnnen Motor Company demands similar contracts, requiring refund of $250 on a Chevrolet, S45D on, a Duick and I ?B!)0 on a' Cadillac If the cars arc snid during the first six months after delivery without their being offered back to the company. The money goes to charity. Nabb Drcnnen,< manager of the firm, said several prospective buyers had withdrawn deposits placed (or ears when they were asked to sign the contract. They arc not told of the arrangement until about ten days before lh c new cars are delivered, lie said. Drccnen said a customer refused to sign the statement last week. Just for a test, he said he deliver- ® Permanent) Position • Good Working Conditions * Top Wages to Qualified Man Contact CRANE-LANEY LUMBER CO. Osceola, Ark. Immediate Delivery A Gould's Automatic Water System Gives you the most for your dollar Farmers Terms Part this Fall-Part Next Fall Plan Your Own "f 7" EMPER AtuU Kitchen with... JlVlTCHEN UNITS TJ7-— =iT7 m S% TT* $% ~- — *-*m fma \v =\ i am i [ 1 i Hi provide a completely finished and painted one pSec* cabinet bas* with work lop, splash back and sink with fitting*, delivered Jo you In one package. V/ail cabir.eis are packed ceparalelr. Both bases and wall cabineis arc easily installed. Ono ol our standard units will fit your plans and make it posslbl* {or you lo hay* • CUSTOM BUILT KITCHEN without iha expend of cuiiorn built pIanning._Ei3hl sizes from 0'/ z f J. lo 8 ft. In length. HOKE Your G.E. Store in Blythcvillc RADIO REPAIR 1 AND 2 DAY SEriVlCS ON ANY MAKIi Oil MODUt,. 1111- LIA11LE W \Vc PHONE 2642 rail for and Deliver FRED CALLIHAN Klcetrical A|i])l)«nce Co. Aullmrl/cil Motorul.l ll Hull's mill Scrvlre IOC Sliutll First Sit. Attend PARAGOULD'S HORSE SHOW Sponsored by Kiwanis Club, ',"':. , July 28-29 -8:00 p.m. Benefit Underprivileged Children Best Horses in MidSouth to Be Shown 25 Classes, including JUMPERS, ROADSTER, FINE HARNESS and GAITE6. 12 Piece Orchestra to Play Continuously General Admission $1.25 plus tax Plenty Reserved and Box Scats ' JULY APNTF AKlllrL Pul yb'ir t on rubber;. ro*r thi. tow ler. •mftr, «t puUinir for t«am tractor. from Rl-i n». ! Th Haul* 17% heavier G.OOQ-Ih. <Irt>v, Ix>w-I,ffi .Style ('onipii:tp with tires, 50-tn. IlitchI . nnly 1H Inchri fr<im R round tor low lilt. Qujillty ft.fCKtK balloon tired, and luWa.,lncluilr<l Regular Price $209.50 - Now 19950 RDWAR ,„ ;io». HC«. 100 I-'l. 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