The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 19, 1950 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, May 19, 1950
Page 11
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FRIDAY, MAT 1», 1»M Nation Today—What f fo «PC Law Wou/rf Do; Marlow Explains How FEPC Law Would Work When and If It Passes By JAME8 MARJ.OW WASHINGTON, May 19. (fey-Tor two weeks, Southern Senators have fought the FEPC bill which President Truman says he wants Congress to pass. But wlial is the bill? what precisely would it do if It became Jaw? (There »re strong doubt, that that will happen, at least this year.) explanation. f. ___ BLYTHEVILLB, (ARK.) COURIER would set up » Fair Employ- ......... . , men! Practices Commission of five ?, . hlm ta hlre the man or re- men to be appointed by the President, If the senate approved. The chairman's salary: $20.000 a year. Salary for the other four: $17,500 each. Purpose: to make It unlawful for an employer or labor union to discriminate against a worker, or a man looking for a job, because of his color, religious belief, or race. This would make it unlawful for an employer to refuse to hire a man. or promote him. because, for example, he was a Negro. Jew or a person of Jananese descent. Not All Employes Covered Likewise, it would be unlawful— for those reasons—for a labor union to refuse membership to such a person, or segregate him if he was a member, or In any wav limit his chances for advancement. Would the law applv to every single employer in the United Slates? No. It would apply only to: • 1. Every agency of the federal government. 2. Every labor union which had 50 or more members. This would tn-an practically every union. 3. Every employer who had 50 or more employes and—this Is very important—-who dirt business across state lines. That is. if he was "In Interstate commerce. That needs exnlaining. I/ an employer had 50 or more ei»i>yes and shipped his product act^s state lines, he'd be covered by the law because he definitely would be in Interstate commerce. B'lt suprjose lie had 50 or more employes but sold what l:e nndc entirely within his own state. V>"tri the law apply to him? That mi«ht denend. Court Would Have to Decide For example, if he got his materials from another state — even though he sold what he rnarte from those materials entirely within his own state—the courts might rule he was In interstate commerce. That would have to be decided by the .courts. But if all his materials came from wltl-ln his own state and his product was sold only In that state, the law would not apply to him, even though he had 30 or more em- ployes. But—the law definitely would not Rpply to anyone with less than 50 .employes, whether or not he was in Interstate commerce. j!—the law would not npnl.v to re dim with back pay if he ha :en fired. If the employer refused, the PEPC mid get a federal judge to order ie employer to obey the law. This deral judge would be In the dis- ict where the employer did busl- 3SS. The employer could still to comply and riant ti le case all tl-e way up through the federal courts lo the supreme court for a final decision on whether the law was constitutional or should be thrown out. If the PEPC bill in the S-natc ever became law, there'd be many court fights. 'The bill nnssed by the House is ditf-ront from the one now before (he Senate. Under the House bill, the FTPC wouldn't have anv power to order an emnloyer to do anv- thing. All If. could do would be to ask him to stop discrlmlnatin". (But, before there's any PEPC law. both houses will have to agree on a single bill. That's not easy. It's one more reason why the chance of an PEPC law this year looks dim.) Leads In ITU Election INDIANAPO'-TS. M?.v !0. W) — Late returns from smaller locals apparently held the balance today in the bitter contest for the presidency of the AFL International Typographical Union. Woodruff Randolph, seeking his fourth two-year term, held a lead of 708 votes over C. Q. Spark-man of Detroit in returns from 65 locals Tl-e count was 19.812 to 19.104. The same 65 locals gave Htmd"lnli a 7.000-vote advantage over John R. Evans of Washington in 1948. The tabulation vote represented almost all the nation's major cities and more than half of the expected total vote. e. city or town government. Nor would It apply to any nonprofit, fraternal, religious or social organization, no matter how many emnloyes they had. How would the law be carried out? Tills »•»)•; n man could complain to the FEPC if hr felt he was discriminated against in a jnb because of hts race, color or religious belief. If. after an Investigation, the PKPC thought the complaint had merit, it could ask the employer to stop discriminating" and hire the man. If the employer refused, there'd be a hearing. Would Seek Court Order If then the PEPC was convinced tiie employer was wrong, it could Out of the Mouths — PHILADELPHIA, May 19. (/TV- Principal Jack R. Dichter decided lo impress hit pupils with the historical background of the Ellwood School. There has been a school at the Ellwood site for the last 205 years, Dichter told the youngsters yesterday. One little girl was duly impressed: "Have you been- hcre-that long, Mr. Dichter?" 'int-Size Mechanical Irain Proves to Be Dud At Simple Arithmetic NEW YORK. May 19. M>) — They put one of those mechanical brains on display at Columbia University yesterday and w^at a dummy it turned out to be! Couldn't even add two and two. It's the world's smallest mechanical brain. It took five months to build ana cost $150. It weighs 60 pounds and Is eo inches square, —quite a blockhead. Edmund c. Berkeley invented it. He doesn't «sk it to do much- just uses it as an example of what the bigger—nncl brighter— mechanical brains can do. It can't count above three. Tell it to add one and t;vo and it grunts, wheezes and finnnlly gives the right answer—three. But tell it to tackle two and two and a bright red light goes on — that means, the brain Is stumped. Berkeley told neusmen "an In- telegent fox" could mobably do better- than that with two and two. Guaranteed Fishing Worm Getter Pour » liitle EARLY BIR1) where worms are—on rich, damp toil, unrter larjfe rocks, boards, etc Worms crawl lo surface In a ftw minutes. Doesn't hurt Knrrns Sar«s money, time. work, also from running out ol worms on trips Fun to use. Guaranteed re- salts or monpj b:\ck. Lons last. in( botlle T.AKLY BIltD onlj S1.IMI al- UHl Godwin Sporting Goody Enough to paper a WHOLE ROOM! • Sp«<l«l purcrM<*> C.mpar. at *1 • Many faUpr**! p*t*mi Included! Mojf <i*>irab!« room lott offered m a long tlm.l Atlrocllv. pott.m In each bundM • WAiHAtlt HOOM LOTt.. . .1.98 WHIR WAUPAPERS FOR IKS, AT WARDS, AlWAYSI Ask for FRtE Paper-Hanging Folder! PAGH ELEVEN •"~- '' '• ' " •'!•!• ^••••i n"ii»»i ._jrnaa»L-ai 'r ATLANTIC PACT IN ACTION-While lhe "nig Three" foreign mmlslorTof the Ion Allanlir S g'uTfT 'iT U -t°| " S"7" WayS l ° C °- 0rdinale °"'' ««»»'*"» their allegiance the over the side at Zeeb^gge. Be|gium. ^^^^^r^^^ 0 ^^^^ aid pledged by the U. s to the defense of Western Europe. minify Home Building Booms Hike Lumber Orders PORTLAND, Ore.— (If)— The size of (his spring's home building boom throughout the United States is in- dlcalcd by lumber orders pouring into 103 mills checked by the Western Tine Association. Orders up to April 15 showed an Increase of 21per cent over the similar period a year ago. Shipments for the same period were up 29 per cent and production increased 16 per cent. Lumber orders received at lhe 103 mills up to April 15 totaled 1,023.362,000 beard feet compared with «25.091,.oao board feet up to April 15, IS4D. Substance in Human Milk Is Found To Be Fatal to Poliomyelitis Virus CINCINNATI, May t». (*•)—A substance In human milk, the Identity of which still U unknown, h«» been established as a destroyer of the virus of poliomyelitis. That report came yesterday from Dr. Albert Sabln, director of Infantile paralysis research in Cincinnati's Children's Hospital: Dr. Babln declared, however. th»t studies are Mng continued In «n effort lo learn Just what the «ub- strmce Is lhat destroy! the pojld' virus. He said the same success in fighting polio has been achieved with the milk from a few cow» in a herd of 20 now being studied »t two farms near Lebanon, O. There »»»ln, more work U to be done, he explained, because researcher* have not yet been able to tell why aooM cows give the substance-»e*iUrnlnf milk and others do not. Dr. Sabln said that one thine which led to the discovery of the properties of human milk wai the experience ill a polio epidemic la*t year In a Canadian Eskimo »ettle- ment. There were 275 casen of the disease. Twenty per cent of the victims became paralyzed and 14 per cent died but In no case did a child \ under three years old, when chll- ilrcn normally are being nursed by their mothers, become paralyzed. He wld it first was determined lhat Immunity with which all babies are born was not lhe contributing faclor. Then It was found that luimnn milk coals the mouth, throat a bar- of nd r)i»esth'e tract lo set up rier to the polio virus. That, It was explained, was o particular importance since It Is by way of the mouth that the polio virus enters the human system. Continuing the studies, 30 Cincinnati mothers were asked to give Ixilh blood and milk specimens. The human milk was mixed with polio Are Termites Ruining Your Property? Government statistics say that Termite damage was second only to fire in the United Stales. We will make HII inspection and give you an estimate, if needed, without cost. Our work ia licensed by the Arkansas Slate 1'lant Hoard—we have 12 years of experience to guarantee you satisfaction. • FREE INSPECTION • SUPERIOR TERMITE CO. H, C. Blaiikenship |_ J. Zeller 309 East Kentucky Phone 2350 or 3579 IN SALES! FORD F-5 outsells every other truck in the Wi ton field! The first choice of smart truckers who us« 1'/i ton tracVi It the Ford F-5. National registration figures prove this heavy duty truck has outsold every olher make in its class —bar none —in lhe poslwar period. Since lhe war it ha» outsold the next leading make by a ralio of 5 to 3. Cash in on the experience of men who know trucks. Switch to Ford and ieel the difference — in your pocketbook. ••*•"*<-„„ Fotd Mid-1 F-5 sJurwn. .wimble wi!fi 55 h.r>. Sir of 100-h p V-8 It flit of cvn JJ5 Ford lnitrvfiiwJ«lsYir;rirtjrrom95-h.p, Pkkupsto lis-Ji.p, BijJabfc TEN WAYS BETTER than the 4 other leading makes in the I'/s ton field I ford is first in sales because it is first in value. In addition to low Firs! cost, the F-5 offers these 10 advantages over the next (our leading makes in the P/2 ton field. (1) Up lo 1,720 Ibs. more payload capacity. (2) Up to 1,500 Ibs. higher G.V.W. rating. (3) Up to 310 Ibi, lei* chassis dead weight. (4) Widest O'/j-inch) r«ar brake sho« lining. (5) Highest compression ratio. (6) Only Ford offers > a choice of V-8 or 4-cylinder engines. (7) Oil Filter at no I • xlra cos). (•} One quart oil bath air cleaner at no «xtra cost. (9) Biggest clulch lining area. (TO) Only ford hai j worm and dual row needle bearing roller steering. In the 1 '/i Ion field and in over 175 other modeli from 95-h.p. Pickups lo M5-h.p. Big Jobs, Ford is America'* No. I Truck Value. Switch to Ford Trucks. See yourfordDealertoday. IN VALUE! fortl Trucking Cosf* test 5*eooitf-« FORD TRUCKS LAST LONGER PHILLIPS MOTOR COMPANY Fifth & Walnut Phon« 4453 Our Telephone Number 4438 Sh«lton Motor Co. virus and Injected Into mle«. Mice which received the mixture survived without p«r«lys!s while those which were Inoculated with only polio vlru* developed paralysis. "The findings have opened up many, many more fields of study." Dr. Sabln Bold. "Where we had only problem before, we now have many to solve." The odor of truffles has been described as a "truly fragrance." Hiy< the National "^graphic Society. PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Stock Guaranteed B«*t Pric«« Kirby Drug Stores CORNER LOT FOR SALE Located at 1600 West Walnut Street—on. of the best residential sections la Blytht- ville. Good elevation, welt drained. For Salt at $ 2750 C«h *r Ttnm RAY F. PRICE Day 2271 Telephone Night J7.1I AMMONIA FERTILIZER EQUIPMENT 1,000-Gcllon Storage Tanks with all hose and fittings $497.50 '26750 '29150 BarksdaleMtg.Co. South Broadway Phone 291 1 GASOLINE — TRACTOR FUEL — KEROSENE FUEL OIL — DIESEL FUEL OIL & GREASE G. 0. POETZ OIL CO. 2089—Phont—2089 Office: llfi W. Walnut Hulk Plant: Promised Land In England — It's the Chemist Shop In France — It's the Apothecary Shop In Blytheville — It's BARNEY'S DRUG Foi Expert PRESCRIPTION SERVICE Ar« You Protected Against TERMITES? Your house is worth a lot of money so don't lei Termites cause expensive damage. G e ( protection now.. . but... BE SURE YOU GET THE BEST! H. C. Walls, a churlcr mcmhcr and director of the Stale I'est Control Association, can do your job ripht. Here's why: 1. Uccnscd longer than any operator in Mississippi County 2. longest continuous satisfactory record of STATE inspections in Northeast Arkansas. 3. Your individual needs honestly diagnosed. 4. Conscientious workmanship. 5 Sane plan of upkeep. WALLS 924 East Main CERTIFIED TERMITE SERVICE H. C. Wall* Phone 3792 Call 6911 for Blytheville TIN SHOP 111 North First We offer complete Shccl iMelal service gin, oil mill * feed mill work, house gutters, duct work. Call Taykir Lay Ion, shop manager.

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