The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 25, 1935 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, February 25, 1935
Page 1
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»4GE TWO (ARK.) COURIER M(t|e HOCH. parifamcii- tavlnii; atnl MVS. Pnnlcl Hon, Fort pi)} A's. first nap- mciiw at cnurm 4 cluo m^uns «iu( Mrs (JeorBO w livham, ?vo P. M ' l'jjg pal 14, ,llmlOr filgil P T A.-5 aMntormin, 7:39 p. M, Mrs. n. u ucuiiiau, 91' Hcin- ptys, ana Mis i v tor ,01 Jl'IIK'f. (i s l iret churcn nutting nt uuircn, i (lnj bnitge duo 0nit»uuii ft.. W(ii«i ti buaivji ciolc Qtudy o( Ihc Chtitcti ot yni-|st at me noinc 01 Mrs. E. u. oaucr at 3:'M p.m. •Music nt>iMiniiciK woman's cliil) rnccni'S at juuwi nigi| scfti^ol aq- wi^nnni, ? pm Mrs j. ijuuis cnerrj navliiB MlQ-Wcgn bimije cuio Mro n n iti>ior Ijavliis the Tiiurwiay bnuge CMIID. laiuouaj vllni.iK.Ml club mwt- Inij viiin inr* fv f. i\uti|nor pyp. vj. y, twi$sior\ary society inceuni; \V)(n MJS Lowell i), ? CO pm u i> t , 1% „ meeting 2 P Lauica xj ( uje class oi tho Fhsi Meiuixusi cpurcn »Keting «iUi »>tf cI<)(!K rtcoi>, 1 JQ nm C|ir)ti!an |ias p ifeasgrc }fui)(. ot ifte.viret unrwiwn cmircn nan a treasure Hunt. Tmirwiay even- \ne «»n ai tiiKing pan. •rue jiany mci ni , th c | lom ; ol tnc uev. mm Mis. V. U. uiu- MIS.I timn Lrwin aim me mv .Mr. buiwrwocin as Kudl-rs of ,tno. (o the < "'" i;> woK ( " c cum ni auouj, tnc t.-mnerj', uiu rirsi j^mai, cmu'Vu, >uu i.wi. uinuf, uio ivwrvr ti(M», qim lusi, 10 uunnns WdL'lv K-|r«ii, .nuns were suvim wiin ucurae w. uitriwm as mini. mioS m^ms. siuu;> luium uiu Measure. 1'Mscd lo MJCS Mary C fl?l5oji, seniors oi cou^c ^1 Jofiebooro, n«\c seen piuujed to the Tnein Kappa, jscno. jaUic iiatctnii) \sniCn 1110411,011 20 suc uom the wno will IIDI lie tc- tills yciir l(i?|udo Nfrs. jiu- (US N. OSffctt, El Dorado, slqli; I'CEcnl; Mrs. Homer P. Sloan, Marked Tree, vice r^cm; Mrs. b. ' I'tuKoy. U uoiacm, iwi Ins scciciuiy, MIS, ouy t, t°liwa,v, |i.0(uv|tjn; Mr?, BK-aicr. Lliue Hock, t Mrs. J. T. Jjloyrt, J^liile Koclt. ciir aior; Mra. Cliarics Young, ftocior, (ji-iieiiiospit. inciiidcil in Hn. prc- Braiu will bu u prctfiilatlon of Die pae«««5 "The Irail 10 Yesterday" by MW. }•'. i'. Jacoos, oi and Memphis, Mn<iclino winngton, (laughter o( Mr. and r.irs. joim \v. td- I'ingion, ami MISS Ann Sonnies ummure. ouiigiucr ot Mrs. Mar- (jiurct. Bi;inint> parMnji's, 0( utiv- ,. w»(i be pages, .a, vuiua, p. L-(i||'k Ij (he lo, C?,I regonl ' , Counly Cuunril Udmcnblruljoii Clubs SJecl At Itic ivountv O'oiinci| ol Home P«nionsiiaiio|) Unto, Hie point that licaiitl.tuj Dah | ia(i mish tbe grown from -'sted. " A (lltctwlon was lieM on transplanting and M,?, o, n. W(wd Trom Bxrcn club' told iho'oSSnSiW *nc pianwd |ic r flower wt-d'tn P» PCI «"tw oml transplanted them to flmc) beds In d, hTa i™J in danger of fioci (i> over ^!l!!, uora Leg colcm«ii, county home < emotvitiatlon agem Presided Jt tnc inismw inwnng in , nv ab-eiicc or Mis J«ry White, prcs- Went M, 5 White is Vlting in lloildd Motion was mad,« thai the Cciincl) to on iccoul as snonsoi- ing ai|veitlsmg a county MI A was decteci by iht Winded Rhodtf, Cajiitli- MO, wqs. aiso R Jldjilict^ Vi||l Stale CoaycHlloii, 01 ,mc ncttij oiganjjed chapin pf ttw Nnuijn, 01 t'ue uaujni^rs o|. me icyu me state mtaiug at dones- norq Inursqay ami iiirtuv, Majcli f aprt u, \\ncu uio Jonijsuoio onap- tci «itf( tfic \Viuiam bcroiig CHU]!- icr, winui'M,o? inqnoers ai UJQIOIJI, - ana '^lepipais, \\m be nos- . Mrs ,W. I penlon entcflalnwl ' Inc Tfiur^day pook duo at the home of,l^rs. A B. Falrflcld. Tho lout g^es^a were Mss aeorgc Pol- Jock,' Mrs RfJly ??a\e^, up A ft{ Suit, tuptl fri« JJ. q Good, win. Folloi-lns the, sewijig of_ a slats officeis «l|| be namelf Oltlcers vhose terms cspnc in- elude Mrs \vmi zn p Lato, Hot b P"nss, rccordiiifi secretary, MIE \V A 'laguad. Pine Bli|(I, treaa- lurer. Mlse Julia VauLx. Faietle, vllle, phaplaln. Mrs qeorgq F Mi? Jonn w. Ediingtou, prcelaciu Ot tho lon««t Olty Jedeiatton ot \voj)H'n's Hutu, nnci a >.m n:c cotui- ty Qnannion oi me j.nd liiipiavi.- ment HOUJ in Ihc county «as the lunicliiBi spcakci Ku Wnj- ipiia ial)c niciiwd "ine CIHUMI- tion vsunin w-oiu ^cn espressiO|i or sp.iil improvcinciii and ocauiy yittiout one's sol;: 1 Mrs. Edrlnis- toji's liilk vms lolloped by a 'round inoic discu&siou on Growing anil umnaimB iiimil? Mil, U»ln 0 - tfln ?«ye Qm(>o»;.u to jpuunauvn P(iini;i|g apq soaning x>i tne iiiwn dun pjantmg tnc annuals and per enniuis accg'ninig 10 1115 imin awl uwy niigja givu the niost pleao- UK. Tiioy 5nuui(l ue luantwi HC- tuixung to ncignt, ilraeiy uiooui- n^ ant} §rou,--ms 'Ua BEE<! men uu over ine (ounir;< cnis year are Mvcrtisinff foiii 1 new annuals wniirn-aii-s. turnigwn rccommcnii- ed to the cuio. The KiomiyKe cosmos,; Ovangc Flare, Nasuirtnun, Sciivlet Qlcam which Is a double tlower, plfintiila ^ B«n*?r ot 'the; Council members brought ouc , , ' isaifcsdalc, Mis 0. B M>". Walter Wood.qnd MI 5S Eu by Woortruir to consult witn cinr- eiicc Wilson, president of , nc fS"!", yh fa "' WW'WW. lo U|l Him that the control was eottorsiriB in, 6 project, and ask IhalV 'do , J I L ililng posslDlo to malse it possible o; us to ha\c a county fan this Ulll. uch of the thalmicir ciolhlns, loods, OannliiB. Poultry, Claulcn, me Inra Iniproveinent and Home Management, were mge^ by \(|« Bowman, county home dcmonsua, lion agent, to secmc all Slate L\i tension Biillctlifc and. all 'United Stales Bulletins on liei piojicl Also to get outline of . cacti contest o( hd pioject a\\t\ a^vertlic mis lj\ l\ei club, ! A landscape and Yard Improve. ment school will be helrt In ^U rlon, March 13th and Mjsa Cora Lcc Coleinau ui^ctl. each '' club lircsldent and yaid Impiovcmcnt (.haimian to fitcnd tnjs. scnool unlch w|)l be conducted by W, O Arnsteln e*cte.nti9n Uni\eisity College of and Miss Connie J I state homo denionstiatlon , At, Ihc close of the council meeting' Mii Edrlngton sans w- cral solo nuniD^rf "Pot Luty nmch was enjoyed at Ih.e noon hour. The 'next meeting win ' be held Ihc fourth Saturday in March, March 23rd. Training: Scr(oc| Cl»Htf foni^ul. The nrst classes l.n th,e second annual Ml«(«lnpl C'ountv B Y K u. lr.toJ ( . ]/ . 'rjtt tne t;ir«.B»j)|'|ji l ^r s "PVb»i? "I Qf 0. of Nashvnie, Tciin. Mr Hearn will nv« Tiwftccwf »' lr» (na . lyno will oi cms- <juri<iiiic'i' ( .. Tne members or tne E. E. Let innon .visiietl churche? 'in sQiitn- fttici those at Man- , >e«cr<lsy wi tne v, Moore's guefU (or the Kpie SIK^S Q1 ,; o ,, w a , numo« of allaicg while here Ihey arc schoplmistes of Miss Moore at Southeast Teachers cot- t'c at cape Qlrardeau, Mo in fuldmon to Inc. dance (it the American Uiion rTu.t Thmwiaji ocning, they weie gyests pf non<ii w a mailnie |»fty Frldiiv ji- tnnoon when Miss Mooic* inolli- ti, Mis L H Mooio, was h.oa- It6s, rv bridge partj IMday even- when Miss iviilja,, \WWK, n dip to wmroay wnen they were 01 Mr« Mooic. antl a' 'diop In battrflay evening at the Moore home. nas Dietijch hud 13 guests a, her party i|f whlcn sno used Inc St PfttilcK rjiotK ^IK, mv Hejdo «on llnaeilC fo; lust h,o«- ors and th.Q ' low score prize, a bridge set, went'lo -jjiss Mary Esmer Kigdon. .The hostess served chocolnte p|c, coirce, Bt. Paini- tiuuues nn.u ttjc gitests Si Queati 4t tho tjouic Pitts' were Mitsei Ipne Smith, Mar/v Sstter Higdon, Mais.irct tianiuiicr, Vigee Jcn(ciiis, Lily ffeyde, Jane HortST man und C/nthcrir\e Harris. They iciuriicd to ac|ioql yesterday. , 9 tup) ^ A o^er q,\'s piijiure led to tho (atal stabomg ol LPC Brqwii, 32, of Yo!i!)g5to«ii, o, here Dull Headaches Gone Simple Remedy Does U Headaches caused by constipation arc gone after one dose of Adlcrika. This cleans all .poisons out o. BOTH upper and lower bowcis Gives better sleep, ci)ds nervous ness Oliy prug gtofe 4uci K( rD Bros Drug Qo — Artv K- Wa|lei' Cioivder to ugai(i crlli- catly |U at Hie ^oQuQylile, -ArHi, 5nnlla|-|)im. Mr. and Mi'6. ; Charles crowclejr' antl Mis;; linogenp Crow- uer (iiotorcd over last, night. His mother awl fiMtr, :M)^ ,, Doris, ar(! H9w muhins their lion\o tricrc. Mtjs nilriam fSlaywji, pt Jollier, spent l lie weekend with Miss imo- tenc crowdvr and Miss Jen|i DIN MONDAY, PEqBUAByjgMMS S a i AnEj £sr*? ir aSS^^ i • ,„ , • ' ' Monagjinn, and family. 'ni cv .LIT rt- t. Clour lias returned'ciiraiifo to Los'Aneeles whc re iilr !P Union City, Tcnn., bcrt Chapman will visit • far ', Mrs.. ' c. \y. BaiTiaan and Mr, ami Mrs.: Samuel Owen Mrs.AV. !I. Stovaii has gone to Cape Ghardeiw, Mo,, for several days slay with relatives. Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Ingrain and Eluia Armslrons , MlK Ltteille, spent the ci-1-.cim in Ilot Springs. MJ-. a'pd Mrs. J. frncst JIasspu iciored to. ilojies'ooro Sunday accompanying inclr-Eon, James, who returi\«l to Ai'lfaiisas State col- g6 ?[ter ?jiendin?' the weetoid t h.o;iic. • ,"' "'''.' Edgar, 0. H^cis, formerly oj .nis cjty and now of West Point, ..{Iss., Is attending to'business here ' • : i Jj imic -8owiua\; vcturn«U to h.?r home l« Tcoy, "Temi., yes- lerday (fter 3 t-wo weefc §ta'y with her cousin, Mrs. Lfsljc Hoopfr, and cluughter, Miss Lois. She was accompanied home by Paul Bowman, who motored over Saturday. Hugh Nelson and Morris Ki»b' ^hompsoj.i spent, tn.c wee);e.rid In ' with. , relatives. They ,vere accoiTipanicd, by thei.r uncle, J. L. Thompson jr., who has been attending to business here. Mr, and Mrs. C. J. Meetwood ,nd children, of Memphis, spzni w that better taste and fragrant aroma Turkish tobacco leaf is s>o tiny (hat cuch qf these bales contains from 70 to SO thpusund leaves, But cheie's another and greater difference—Turkish is the most bpicy dtul .iroruatic tobaccu in thq world. "We ha\ e Chcbtcrfield buycti in all the tobacco markets of Turkey and Gieccc, including Xanthi, Cavalla, Smyrna und. Sa'wsouii. And when you blend and cross- blend aromatic Turkish tobacco with mild ripe home-grown tobaccos as M e do in Chesterfield —,)'<># hav& (t milder cigarette, a belter-toting cigarette „ Mrs. Gcorae Little ,al-i the Upilcd Stales ijngln- j . ,ice at the Colonial country 1 club of Memphis Friday evening. Mr. and Mrs. V. V, Turner liave sroe tp covlngton, Teiii)., to (iiwnd several days .with relatives. ' Mrs. Arma Bessie and daughter, Mrs. a. E. Thompson, left today for Hot' Springs where llicy will visit during the racing seasun: From there ihjy will go lo Beaumont, (Texas and Lake Charles, La., to' visit relatives. ii. L. Dedmaii, of Memphis, spent (he week-end with Mrs. Uedman : and . children who are hero for j ten days stay with Mrs. Dcdmaii'f | mother, Mrs. L o, Westbrook. •: Miss Margaret Keck, who attends Llnd.tnwqod college at si, ChavleE, Mq., hq? arrived home' for a week's v'aca.lion. She and hfjr mother, Mrs. G. E. Keck, ure in Memphis today. ; Mrs. A. comvay and Mrs. J A Lcecii are spsnding toilay jjj MCJH- t'cmnin in St. Louis until April i when she will join Mr, Chapman. ,Misscs Clara Louise Davis and Mariha Robinson spent yesterday In Memphis. Henry Humphrey was called lo Brownsville, Tcnn., yesterday by Ihe serious illness oi his father who was rushed from his home at dates to the Brownsville hospital lor an cmergciwy operation. {;coi< p s ifufc luimi! OREGON CITY, Ore. (UP) -A lemon grown near here measures 12 5-8 inches in circumference. It was grown on an eight-year-old tree grown in Oregon from a seed. Mr. and Mre. j. 'j\ Chicago, spent several <lay s wiili' Miss Zola Crafton and his brother, \ Jim. They were en r6ule home from a visit in Hot Springs. ' Herbert Chapman, of St. Louis,' ami Claude • Chapman, Jale of Indigestion, Sour Stomach -\yiIEN you fed run rlown, or your stomach gives trouble with RUS or "ioyr risins^." try that v.-eH-Unown tou.ic, Dr. Piercc's Got den Medical Discovery. K c a a what Mrs. A. N. -' *-,-• Alston gf Roulc 5, IJox W It. Musfcojjctf. O!:!x, said: "1 l;ivc been JLsulTi.-rci (ton; iittlifc'Cilion lor suiniliuic. At timf> 1 v.-c'jl'j click; ui> w{\]i ca;. I iNffcred from hcattltuin aljo. At liijirj tiiv food seeined to ^our in my ^lomatli 3»'l there was such ,1 bJ-1 mie in my moutli; cal DJii-ovcry I found ihal 1 oouM c^t al- uioit anyilimg—had wy Hlllc dijtrt(•:;.*' 3L2«. lal«5. or lii[ui<i. S1.J5. All dVugcisti **• • n<c Dr. Wfrvc's Clinic, ilurfalo, N. V. AT THESE Directive. March 2, 1935 the spcqiaf I' cqiaf I'uratonc oiler of TWO KCLMI- Fn ( ,TONB for the l ow ^i4 : of & \vili END. After tho abovo staled date, i.,, coupons from news•paper ailvcrti£in K , hand bills or any other form of advertising will be valid antl will noi be accepted by yny of the druggists listed T^rp'UnVr/ Ac i NOW -Sd back on .the road to health with PURAlONb, and romeiuber thesi: l.QW; PRICES will not 'be offered again. Head SPECIAL COUPON at bottom of page REGULAR $1.25 BQTTLE3 PUR A TONE r or SALE CLOSES...AT ALL DRUG STORES MARCH 1, 193S [SPECIAL COUPON! 2 6 BQTTLES FOR ONLY S fqr *hq$s pcopto \T!JQ i«e cbjx>mc ailmcDts, w,m« m , « o.fftr, >0.{\6 full- size 51.25 bottles of • PURATONE'fdr only 523Q. Thisoltci v cipirej on the (iato stated obciyc, .Bring « this coupon to »ny p{ lh? druggists shown 5 " In this a4yetti»«jnQtit. ' ' * BRING THIS WJTH Y@U! J'OK O^ccola, Arl;. City Drug store Ma*seneill Drug S(MS • Wclbonv Drug Sloro" • Davis Dmg stoic Pell, Atk. Heel Drug stoic Manila, Aik, People's Drug store leachvllln, Atk. • Ebliii's Pnig store ; Aimorel, Atk. Armorel Drue Stoic Sleclc, Jio. Highway Drug sioie Cily Drug Store Cooler, 51o. Cooper's Pliannacy {lolJand, Mo. Ccoper's Phaiii-.acy SALK UV Bljllioville, Ark, Bell Pharmacy Conier-'^Ialii fs Division Borum's Dmg • Slorc - 205 West. Main Fowler Dmg Sloic Coraei' Main i; First Klrby Bros. Dmg Store (;om«r Main & Bi'oadv;ay Kiiby Drug store Corner • Main & SecoiiJ Robimon Dnig store Corner Main & Railroad Robinson Pharmacy 1 -, 310 E. 'Main SI. Francis Drug • Store / 417 W. Ash Lu\ora, Aik. Wilkins Urug Store Kojan's Drug Slot? • NASAL IRRITATION NOTICE Any arln-lB bought of IJIJItKE UAItUWABli CO., nut salisfaclory lit every way we will re/mid jour money wilhqut rjuesliJii, proridcd ycu relurn it in the same conrtit.on as received and fu ii reasonable lengtli of lime, cay a week or ten days. Our flrst price is our best price, and We Have One Price-To ALL. Relieve the diyness and atlon tj applv nlhulaj«m nl and morning. Burke Hardware Go. 312 W. Main Blytheville. Ark.

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