The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 14, 1933 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 14, 1933
Page 1
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Served by the United Press BEHHEVILLE COURIER NEWS TIIE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI HOME EDITION VOL. XXX—NO. 180 Bljthe?111« • Dally, Newi. BlytheTllle Oourfcc. Valley Letder. BlTthtriUn Htrald. m.YTHKVIU.R, ARKANSAS, SATURDAY, OCTOBER M, l!WJ SINGLE COPIES JIVE CENTS I AND ARMS 1,-ncl Owners of Drama(j;C| Dis'.ricls 9 and 3 Gain Relief by Agreement. II ;:ll aC! 1 : vau-l'.l l^rtdlfll .li :i:i;hS '[in,: 1 •!:.-.- by a (oiMis in- ol laiui i,v,TH'i.s ol C;m I L ','i' HKC'I T}Ti;nz:i Divii:x,'e l Uli'. !.'o. 9 J'.rf Kilb-Di.-.lricl ,v:h r.--j.-i ispnl-.iiivc-s of bn:i(l!iold- ,:• -..::d thv i.-.dvcr< for l!-.i- c!is- i;.^L is ;p;;!OV(0 l:y l-'tt!s;ri: Jurtgi: .lir!-.:! E. Muni.K'iiu, '.a:v.' o.vncrJ v.ho aiv abl? to pay onc-lialf ol •..;:'• yr-ar's tif ^:ujnnnt iitxt-.s wi;. I, lire ft: :; vcir !rn:7i !lu ''.'i.!' •)! !ii:-..:-.i :>..:( tor ui 'Ilic nt!i-i;ir.i-!i'. provides '.hat (ho i o:-<l:;c!dv:-s -.v:\l bcl'J olf prosccn- ticn ol lax ::'.:lt: tin 1 .:! Nnvinl)?]'. iGi'4. if ii::!f of tlii- '.use-s of l.i.irt before the i-r.i of Ihii year. Land aircf.dv forfri'.i'tl for fiiil- '.:re to pay i^r-;--:: -.vil! t:e rt-'^iriicci :o the :;:"< roi-i il t::i'-. p-iymunt is made, and 1:0 ;u!e-; for uxr: will be he!i! j' (ivlinti'.ieiit iirop- crty not yet forfeited where a-:-ecil payme'T. is made. Will Serk It. r. C. l-oai The apire:no::t involves no re- 'n.iliiishmer.t by tli 1 .- bondholder ol their rishi 10 i-nforte the ultimate payment of all hack laxes r.:r. is intended merely lo r.iopt:iy o-,ui:r- relief for :•. year (luring'whlcli time efforis will b- 11>! he.d to BblKin refinancing of ihe rtistrlu's indebtedness throuL'l rn li. t". C. loan such as ahead} been appioved for Drainag- District 17 in lias county. I U. oi A. Student Dies Under Wheels oi Train CONWAY, Ark.. Oil. 14 iDI'i — Cuttuim of lini Spi-liil;. 1 !. Mual the E-'iuveitily uf Arkansas, wns crushed Ki dwiih today IK in alh ihn wli"(-N ol a .spi-chil I rain rarryinK studi-iiLs lo tin- 1 Mil hull Hilllll: HI l.ltlli- HOCK. "file .-UUK-llt U-l! or w:is p-,ishi-U under ll:c- Iniln us it siruU-d fo: 1 Lit Hi- H(K-k I'fler pnuMiu; hi-IT lor a lev. liiiilliU s His holly was iiluc- iil:'J;iJ'd 111'-' Iraill nntl lairu-d 10 Link- Hock. In'connection-with this njree- mfnt^ the" bondlicldei-s gave theli' consent to llir u?e hy the receiv- irs for the cleaning out of ditches ol any delinquent tax collections in excess of the 50 per cent of (J:IP year's taxes. The agreement will be siihmil- uti to Jiulgf Marline.iu within llr- nexr few days. Lru-al .Mm Allfiul The coriiiiiiuji' of land owners \\liieh worked oui ihi' agreement resisted of n. E. LTO Wilson, Jr.. of Wilson. G. B. Segraves of Os-1 ccola. and C. W AIHick and C. > O Smith of Blyiheville. Others] from Mississippi ronnty preseiu i at. the nieelinn Thursday wcrej Mn.i. ]•'. J. Ji-rob'i o! Gi'idev. J.. '['. Cos!on. W. W. Preuill and I Mfc.MPHlS. OU i Ci'lu. scared o: n-' of oO al'.c:- .yccret ^trvlce a^cnls under John Marsh, nc-ad of Lh:- Memphis secured inclicimcnis in federal LOUII in Arkansas againsl about 25 of ihe ^ang who f.oadfd the stale wilb count-:r- lios a \vaiTiinl iorycry. . I, Wil- Woman li'tms. Cliades Lowrance ami J. E. U/y.ell. 'ells Slory of Murdering Ohio Medicine Show 0|)cv;itor. ICH!' •s nuvi- .mnmiliced inr, UI'l'EM KAXUV'SKY. O.. Ol'l. 14 • livi- S',. Fnuic-is l.c\et- iL'I'i—A 4 i J->f.r-i>Ul mother wlio .fnrd iiivmbi-rMiiDs alloU'd to Mis-! Ul>d a im-i!;eim- show owner .•-bxpp cn-.inty which \vi!l b:- lllled'ihrii ihove all iliiy -.Mill lih Ixul; ,il i-ieciion to be ::-;vi-i;ila-:- H. All four :i! .iu- camlklali-s arc! fioin ditfeiem illsirk-ls providing un i-unter;'. to fur !n any di>:ii let., j J I.. \Vililimis of Oiccola. pi-esi-j dent U ihe levee board, ha nounued us a nn-mbi-r from 30,904 Bales Ginned i in County to October 1 MK"issl]ji>l county Binned 30.504 i'inilm l:ali-.s of cotloi) prior lui Oiliil>i-r 1. ll WHS annoi.nct'il lo- <iuy by C. C. IJuneliowiT of l.u\- ur.i. cuiKiij burf-iiu ii'prf-sonlnlivi' 1 l(,v this umn'y. Lost >var iluvciinl: •.-hiiicd V.',6ti(J bile.-. pi-n:r 10 Oi-lubir 1. Roosevelt Will Appeal for Reliei Mobilization I'aslor-Sluyn /- • r- T\ V U'ic'. Thine. which includes Osce- ,|, m . lu -|,.L Lain. LiCtS Ihree tear O l:i. Clmrlos I.owrance Jr.. of Drl- :cUlrll in :; l-:il rilllipiLTlLllenl 0 ,t- .shii'x Nil-,.'-d iiiu .ul her ^;,-r(l s'.ury lo u? luduy. 'J 1:1- Mrs. EVH i'esi-'il I'ctthiiii'.n. ().. ab.iiidonid ihv an-: i.,-(]y in ; t n\\ -h near here i-ui ly Ills-• li (!uv ;niu v...s in resti-il .shoiily ill!'' Ly Kheritf I lurry ami H'u-nil depulles. HOO.'-l-'VRl.T WM.U-M WASHINGTON, Oct. 14 A ll:il:nn wide address to sixi''i:- f/r Ibr olMMlln 1 ? of lllc mobill.-'i 11011 lor rcllel of luiniun ivrcls wl!l 1: ' m ' lli|1 lonwrrow by I''' 1 '"" 111 '!! Kixwvell. »'' ^ I-X|KTI:-! to uppi-al lo lli ior co-nrriitlon in forward relief work . . IV,,,, I,, Rnmu- vpr te a candidate f<«' ll; e board 1 n t .,. victim \.as iilcnltfieU iis U.i 10 ' l ' vit 'w «''•>'- already ICHIl 111 DOgll,, from nlsui( ., j.-.,,^ wllil .i, includes. v . m-own. SJ. former I'owhaum I '''""' '" lhls and has I , V.'llsun. John E lto.e.11 of 1'ccun i .,:urOiul and :-.ow opi-i-.uor uf aj ' lni ' address will h'i ul B I • Point has announced us a caniH- [ in,v;]iii-{ im-ilu-iiie siiow uiul In-1 ;1| 'iUral Miindiirrt (Tint. It *'.\\ ' '""» Lll)m " mlnWus. , ilule in Diblriel 5 which includes' . lun u ,n t ,.,!,iijHlon. He ihe terrilorj 1 in Ihe cmisuy southj.-| w ; ; ,i;ovi! the rijjlu . cyi; ondi r- — .ol Wilson. I v.-iu-. dad only In miderclolhinx \ n , . » CL I c. c. LaiiL'uon has nieti hi.S| V |, u . n r , )lMi ^ • i Lonstruction oi anoals •pledge wllh liiu county clerk htiej -|i t ,. \,;omun ehiimci - u:;i!i'r ihe corrup'- pjiicticc act and'. ^ lt ,v,n in i.t-h-ik-Lem ly will oe n candidate forj u^j (o ailaeU hi-r. ,,i , n •>„..» .-»-,,.• ;ho District Two dii-ectorship. This, tr , r .., ..uga^ed ,,,. ),[„; ei. lo tti I.P .-eai'm^ri^ mehKler, niythc-vlllp. So far' the , u.; known ihe Number Nine farmer the only candidate, who has llle.d u coimut praclic'j act. pledge, as iji'iierally required. 30 days before an election. Candidates for levee i b'-tiril directors have until 10 days re liie eleellon lo file svith tin 1 ihi- inpdipini she .sholl afler he! .Sim liudi lo alii In . c how. Mie' Dam Gets Roosevelt O.K. Uravc t'.uropcan Crisis I'rccipilalccl by Berlin's Announcement, iu t'niti.i rrrss tie] many loilav jjrccIplUUcd :-;I.LI;|K: mid Hi. 1 world Into LI KIUVC trhis by v. llii:!i-;i'.\ liiii from the Liable of Gallons and tile rtls- rnnff-i-enw. In I'.i'i-lin 111!' Nu/i :!OvermiH-nl ;:iuinuiicrd its drastic aellon in un altnospheie of billor dlsiippolnl- 1111:111 al tin- failurL.' ot tlie, ftorld win- ullles at HIP Gnieva dlsarmn- The Hev. Dale S. Crowli'-y. p:i:.- inonl. confi-ri'iioe to Brant, lier thr | lor of ,lonr-.sboro lliiplisl TainTUa- cle. loduy wns held tn tin- Brand July for Ihe murder of the tubcr- nuclc. Junilor. '/.ul 11. llnrriKon ol lilylheville. Is i>X|»rcted In ifpve- teni him In an ap])eal for release imilcr bond. WASHINGTON. Oct. 14- V^Wcm lloo«-;clt hns (ul'i-. mid. Thuriiloy nighl they park- i-'inslrucUun nl darn No. :i ut Mus;6 tl'.i- bus :ilonysiiie Ihe roud lo s|K-inl the nlijhl. Enrly Frl- ci;iv ,<, K m iMmm\. Brov.n'enter- ompiirlmenl in Ihe -uKiii-? his advances ^ '.h'j finally shoi him yiioaLs as iiarL ot the Ton in-. 1 see Vnlliy (iuvclupinvnl, UK-] . I While House baiii line loiinv. Mr. Itooscvell, il was explaLiii' •njge.'itcil lo tin- Trnne&seR Vnl Ainhorliy that li.F.lcaU of nllncat- CHILLI HLLD TO . for Disturbing Peace , T — ' ---Luther Smith WR.I fnior) five dollars for disturbing the peare and his wife n similar rnnoiuu on a like charec by Municipal Judge O A. Cunningham yesterdny. fined S10 for i public drunkvnniiss and Hie $10 ! fine of annlbpr wns suspended. A 're-re v::is cleared of n charge oil CHICAGO, Oct. U (UP) — A public; drunkenness. komb or other liigh explosive Experts Decide High Explosive in Baggage .Compartment Caused Tragedy Kidnaper Maintains Cocky j Air .As He Enters Leav-' enworth Prison. LeRoy Fatten was fined S20 for .'•recked the transport plane that LEAVENWORTH. Kansas. Orti UP>—Predicting lie would be J.!:iul in a "weofc or by ClirisLinas. larceny days in Jail. and sentenced to 10 plunged seven persons lo death Thirty Osceola Home I.. Williams of Osceoln. Jim Grain : i'liyway." George "Mochlnc Gun 11 poration. r.f Wilson. J. W. Spann of Lux- j Kelly eniered the federal pcni'.cn- ,1. F. Toinpklns or Burdette.i nary at midnisht. ?nrt J. W. Meyer. C. G. Redman I The. gangslor. r.enlcnccd lo life : nd Charles Ramcy of Biylhe-' imprisonmciu for kidnapinu Clur- viik'. ' IK F. Urschcl at Oklahoma Cily. Mr. Cosion is alioioey for the was in high spirits. He spent icceivcrs fo- Uic districts, ore of I-:ILSI of Ihe irip en roule from \\ r . R. Humphrey of St.! Oklahoma Cily in '.he govern- loins, aitemied the Memphis meet-I ment's armored railroad ear writ- iii!;. A number of Chicago nnclji'ig aiito?rap''.icd w^.wci/.icks on j fl. IiOiiis tank.:i-5 represented the I'ipiares of tissue pajwr which he I ;to;k-holdcrs. i passed out to newspapermen and) The dislricts have about S659.00o! oflice;-s at, f.talior/. on the way. ir. onl.=tantiiii2 bonds. S20.000 ofj;';!' were obscene. • which are in" dcfaull. and' On Friday th» !3lh ihe special <n;e in'c-rrsi an:oi:nls lo S85.050. ! car CUIIIP in on track Hi al Ka:i' j >as City wiierj a crowd o[ cur- i icus viewed tin 1 desperado al a New York Cotton I wmdow. ^ i-™ v(stigatio:is said lodny. _ . I Explcbion of soinething in ihe Ov/ners Seeking Loans i taggajc compartment, cither by o'rsigr. or hy accident, wrecked O=CEOLA Ark.—Thirty apph- il-.; pbne in mid-air and sent -irts for loins unaer provisions .1 rocketing lo earlh. dcpartmenl of the Home Owners Loan corpo- | u r justice and United Airlines rr- r.ilion were in'.c;viewed here Fri-, polls s'.ated. i.ay and their property inspected] Previously Carl Davis, Indiana '05 Joteph N. ilarlin of Jones- j iroio. disuict nuiKasev of the cor-; ."nd SELK BGRELIIJI ON PRICE Announcement oi Administration Decision on Retail Code Delayed. WASHINGTON. Oct. 14 lUPI- ficcovcry officials groped for some middle ground of agreement on •lions problem of price control today. wit:\ efforts to restore iKlustriol peace causing equal concern. The national labor bonrd as:med Jurisdiction over sever strikes bill delayed unlil next weel decision on . how it will meei a ubnl. Jones- i coroner who conducted an inquest, experienced airplane plio:; France Will Default Debt, to United'States joncsboro-Tabernacle Pastor Bound Over for 1'u'sl Degree Murder. JONKSMOKO, Ark., OcU 14 'UP' —Arraigned befc-rc Munlcl|Ul Juds: Vvilliam Carroll leduy on a chni|je o( llrst dejrre murder, Llie Hev. Dale a. Crtiwley was ordered held I i-llhont bail ix-ndliig iiclltin of I ihe grand Jury. Hearlnt! for Ilia minister *os ntlendert only by '.court atlarhea, lo rearm or old nk'dgr.s lo iltsinin. _ iiu I'nvidenl. I'aul von Ifinilenb'.irg iniineillalely dissolved life Kclcii- .stn^ atul railed new elections -by v.-hicli the goveriini."nl Intentol lo pixne Ihe nation's snlWurlly I.L-liInd tbe chancellor. Adolf liit- Ki. and Ills Nazi cohorts. Defeat fur Dh.mnuinent In T Wn.':hliiKl')U Americiin offie- lai^ Interpretpii ihe dramatic gp.s- tiire II.H virtual 'leftat lor the sln:ii- ! r.uiis dlsarmamenl cil'orls of the 1 tiLsl iwo Yaars, in which all the i alions of lljc world hud engaged :;iul ii which America had a leail- uifr | rt. '[lit-, cliancc-ries of timopt* wore iu lininediati. 1 fnimriU. Heads ol i ovornnrnts. uncertain what the :-;ou- loretold. pvEserrcd a wor- i:eii silence. In l/Jiiilon iilltnlals Mill Hie PARIS, Oct. 14 (UP)—French default of the December 15 war (icbl Installment due the United attorneys, wit nesses \<iml. nev. p jiix>n- cfineii. " 6lficVi"3"TS:W : TV'~l'ilH'<iii!> nbwd au-ay fiom Ihe clly jal anil (lie i-mmroom windows \vpr-- Crow-ley, accused in the Inlnl •.espoiuiblllly for whatever, might 1- f.ccur bc)6Si(jeiI lo Germany. Tliey I hoped Hint Klie might be persuaded ? lo relmn'. but should her with- - ; liniwal imply a ile.tcrmlnutian to \ Ttarm despite the Versailles peace' ;• treaty U wtis admitted the form-. "• j cr allies were in the most profound ; .dlll?n>mn since French troops, mar- •/ Eltttfs was made almost certain S | loo , ing 'rif j. w. MacMmdo. fiB-l'-"3'«s odny when a coiincl of minis-, ™. ok f JOM5bol . 0 Uni)tbl Ta))c[ .. l.oldlnjs ters approved In final form the 3 ., . ., , . Tlesl | a ,, lv , ri ic.meva ^i ( ... rt f ui.rin^i * n t r ™f.\*,»~*,t ... Kn nacin januor. nisi IIUMI.IJ. \\.i.i plan of budget retrenchment to be submitted to parliament next Friday. There was no provision in the plan for payment o( war debts. France defaulted the payments of last December and lasi June. 31.000 Bottles oi Beer Sale With Byrd for Pole of ir.s powers presented bj :be action of nino Kentucky coal operators who ignored a summon.'! 10 explain charges thai they discharged workers for joining the United Mine Workers. Some hitch prevented AdmtnU- Plan Vigorous Drive For Funds r ro \\c\\) Lihrarvl'sj: i-ho viewed the wreckage, had ex- i'rcfsed Ihe opinion the huee air l-.ner was bombed. Witnesses al the inquest lesti- [icd ao explosion in mid-air preceded Ihe crash. The tail of Ihe .ship was torn olT the explosion and flung to j earth a mile from where 'he lie larg-iplane crashed. j . i-theviiln! Mclvin H. Purvis, dcpriilmeiu ct j Can't Ban Cocktail SaVS agent, announced n detail-1 to a -pos-1 something foreign to, NEW YORK, Oct. 14 lUP) — 1-cople have evor donated to thejjislice agent, announcei ISIvthevillc library, u corpi of. ctl led him " .nil women 'will be al work itive belief something orti-1 Monday morning in the annual i the airplane expioded." trator Hugh S. Johnson from carrying out his announced inten- iiou of rcvenlin° ivliat tbe administration policy will be on price control clauses of retail codes over which ranking officials of IJie administration have disagreed. Rockefeller Report Jacob Ruppert. flagship of '" expedition. The the Byrd •.<nctcd for antarctic Norfolk. Va., today: ly laden for a long slay iu Hie soulb polar regions. Anchor was hoisted late lasl night. Among her stores were 31.000 tot tics of beer and Ions of fuel oil and grvase. Two cows were in the livestock cargo, which Included 25 i)a>$ for sled work. Hope nr fV^rcFment End.i Almost fit- the" very moment Ih? Nail Bovernmeut made 1U moment- ti::. aimonncenicnl Hie novern-. of the former nlllss were out the peace branch In Sir John Simon, British' inken lo HIP Cralshead 'county I I'-rclsn nilnfst^r. siwaklni; only for- (ivpal Britain b:eniisn it wns fear(Ci Clerniany would suspect u unilett fronl if he spoke for more, offered n compromise disarmament plan which It had been satisfy Germany's armament equality rum tin; Juckson county Jail alh 1 '" 1 France's desire fur securltyT Newport where lie had l«en held ' Scrinnn Davis, American ilclegale. u\o\u "* * 1 KICS later .Hie . r hatlering news ar- lived from Berlin which seemed to end any hope of agreement. In Paris II wns hinted Fiance might publish her famous secret documents which purport to contain indisputable evidence that Germany lias been .-tcudily and secretly cIL'nniiing for years despite her Ireaty obllgn- i lions. '. jail here following Hie preliminary hearing. Zal Ii. Harrison of Blylbevllle and (vie Spcncir. defense counsel, next week will seek Crowley's release on n writ of habeas corpus, hnpcu would He was iplurii'Ml here early today I c-emand for - Crowley's whereabouts „, kept secret imlii I.e had been was taken from Ihe Jackson comity Jail at 7:30 A. M. Icday. Shen^T Houston Johnson and Deputies John Dort- and Luni Eddin.s. prisoner. y.ent aftnr Macon Crosses Texas on Trip to California Cotton Problouis To Be Discussed At Wilson Fair The cocklail Is ?o thoroughly cs- Oct Uec ,lnn March May July Spol.s cicwf-ti :il 910, up New 0^ e 7/7TCo»o»! B f hl - £ " s f hid ^,TT of the All giv- NEW ORLEANS. Oct. 14 CU'.on closed steady. iv,;en high low .UP Get Dec Jan March May Julv Sfi2 93-J ni5 931 91i 955 898 922 930 945 058 910 882 69i 002 020 D34 948 , niss liriiis. Mi.-.. ". <\ • librarian, Is in charge )«!"""—r" r"""" v'i'r o" i ' lioiisc to liciise c -'"= ;;Si: ' ,_; tor St. LOUIS r.l.t. Dank;i;v.; donations and those taking j i memberships will be announced close I OJ5CEOLA. Ark.—H. A. Bell- day by «97 jicns. examiner for the Federal 015 i Intermediate Credit Bank of St. MO 1 Louis, has been promoted lo the P40 ! ixfitlon of cinef examiner and' nofi ! field adviser for the bank. and screen. I Mrs. Beatrice Powers Ktrkwood husband descried her lo i hi- birth of lhe:r growth of the cocktail habit has n.tccmpanijd prohibition and has tten sllmulateil by it because coul-l more readily fur- day. the library has a large number Joan.'and that he h as|nl:'h alcohol in concentrated form 'iiltable for innkin; cocktails than _ ..... ^ ...... ....... __ ...... o! books despite 11 not ccing a vim , al po vcn y. resulting in tax supporter! institution. There : ^^ c ^; ctcd j mm thclr hom( , •;; 5-152 hookr. I with Spots closed 970 " ^ Mr. ens. who was assist-, uon - i:i the ih,«e aciull fl:of Ihe rest are never s"cn the child, now nine months old. She WBS reduced to her she h Cloniiifj Stock Prices A. T. nnd T 118 1-2 Anaconda Copper Bethlehem Sicel Chrysler Cities Servicr Coca Cola American Tank General Elecliic General Motors Inlrinational Harvester Montgomery Ward Sew York Cc'ilval Packard Phillips PelroHim Radio Corp Simmons Beds Standard of N. J Texas Co U, S. Steel eV -e,t ore tccomliw associated with the. intermediate Crcdi', bank, \viii.ureulation. ,„ .?! 0 c,o;,i,,a, are fo, 14. 32 3-4 41 7-8 2 l-'J M 1-Si 20 I-*; 28 7-8 37 19 1-al 30 1-8 3 3-4 In 1-1 20 1-2 42 20 Ilrst of His new 11 have teen 552 added In past three years, some of but mrop than rriu.- The spit, alleaing estremi ty. seeki custody of the child. Town's Rattlesnakes To Be Dynamited CLASTONBURY. Conn. Chicago Wheat library maintains a rent Dec open 76 3-4 clO',: Dec 371-4 I The !,'.licit I icm for len cents each for four days. Tills shc'.f is «se<l only as I a feeder for general circulation j shelves. Wlieiw-ver new books arc purchased thn .--ame numbpr arc ipmovcd from the renr dopart- to ihe Bfiituil circulation. | arpioximatcly is.', books having (keen added in Ihu way in the lii.'li low . close * p.v.i thi-L-p ycfila. Fine.; 'collcclrd 39 7"-3 37 1-8 38 3-,ii are used for '.lie urchasp of chil- tonbury arc due for n rude awak- 25 new books which cnlng this .foil afier they 74 73 Chicago Corn \ > -\ May 44 3-8 46 7-8 IS 3-4 « 1-2| 1'rcn's hooks. have letlrld for \hp winter hibernalior pcrio<l Icy could ixverage. r .. the bulkier alcoholic home producls will be given ami anyone may try for the prizes. On the program will be nationally known speakers. W. E. Ayres director of the Delta Experiment Station; a representative, yet unnamed, of the secretary of asticul- Austria Alarmed ' • VIENNA. Oct. H lOP)— Alis(i.ia EL PASO, Tex., Oct. 14 (UP)—! tonight began to prepare against The naval airship Maeon crossed • ihe possibility of armed conflict ;tlie wide expanse of Texas lust with Nazi Germany. j night en route to Pacific naval j Barbed v/ire ousvacles were placf-^ maneuvers and her new base at ed oil roads. Soldiers and mem- Siinnyvale, Cal '| bcrs of Prince Starhemberg's home Two thunderslorms of moderate guards patrolled the smnlt roads intensity, reported in her path, and mountain trails as well .as passed northeastward of the, highways. 'hip. The big airship left Lakehurst. I Secretary Hall Slknl N. J.. at 6:05 p. in. eastern stand- WASHINGTON. Ocl. 14 IUP1— srd lime. Thursday. She is in Secretary Hull and other state de- of Commander Algcr R.I partmcnt officials read with dls- Drescl. i may lodny. United Press dispatches It. circled Dallas al 1:50 p. m. I from Berlin telllne of Germany's Friday and at 11:45 p. in. the Ma-'action. They withheld quotable con had passed over Abilene. : comment pending a diplomatic report from Berlin. Italy Nol to QaH ROME, Oct. 14 (UP) — French rumors that Italy plannod to follow Germany's lead and withdraw fiom the League of Nations or the world disarmament conlcrenci- were without foundation. It wns said aiithorllUatlvely today Local Talent Made County Fair Success HART, Mich. (UP)—Local trlent was directly responsible lor the o the thls^l. nounccd speakers The. represcnta- i claim. Pilot Escapes as Pane l tive from Washington win discuss _ v _. n 1 1 the cotton acreage reduction plan Crashes ThrOUgh KOOt'for 1934 and ma. Mr. Ayres. wide-, fly known tor his work with cot- WILMINOTON. Del.. Oct. 141 ton. sngraln. and soy boans. will in discuss whal the farmers can do In previous years, the directors of the exposition have engaged stage (UP)— Two airplanes collided in oiscuss wnai me mrniera can uu mld-alr here today, sending One [with the acres released by the plunging through the rool of a i cotton plan. Congressman Driver house In the Central City section. I will talk briefly on the work of Its pilot balled out safely. The plane, piloted by Roy Hunt of Oklahoma City, became out of control In the air. crashed Into » _sliip handled by Len Povey. and ; dropped earthward. Feeling ll(e snakes are giving; Hunt took to his parachute and the town unkelcomc publicity, thohanded safely as his ship went ninstonbnry \ rhamtei- of Com-1 through a —-' —-* --- J - j •- - ir.cice lias vjit d tn purchase dy-l hlichpn, roof and landed In a r.r.mlts for fu; in biasting As the 1 cracked up plane In the of the locks. The blast::;?! kitchen was being examined by po- bo done drier the first heavy 1 lice ihe gasoline tank exploded. which .;enpia!ly i intb livir dens fo . j Pour officers on the roof of Ihe the N. R. A. Ivlr. Ayres and the Washington representative will lead a round-table, discussion at Ii30 p. m. for the benefit of farmers and extension workers who have problems they wish discussed. Each of the two will be available for personal Interviews with anyone having further problems. There will be plenty of good old soi;them barbecue. Following Ihe morning betwsen events and the barbecue -dinner will be a football game between the s n nas iiieiruur ouiccrs on ine ruui ui iuu »iu ^ * iu%,^o.. B -....- «- — -.—-.... - -- - - r the coldihouse were blown off the dwelling Osceola Indians and the Wilson,broken off the nan Cbm Trapped KinjOshcr UTICA, N. Y. (UP)-Hcw he saved a kingfisher from being kill, . ed by a clam at Oneida Lake is be> 1933 fnlr, however, hemp talent , ' to , A b ,. Dr . Robert Sloan, who secured and profits netted *'.-'i,^ a picture to prove It. Out in I front of Ms camp on the lake fcs I saw the bird ttutterin? In the wa- ,, , , „ ; ter with Its head held under tlw Vermont Lake Boasts . | surface. Oolng out to Its rescue, lie 01 Two Floating Islands.;^ *d^^iTeiKddSS j in th" mud, cTJmped down Us sides WHITINOHAM, Vt. (OP) -Sa-| over j hp b!nl - s beak, holdta! It un- dawaga Lake now has two plc-jdj,. wa t«r. turesque floatlug Islands. ' — Reresmbling a huge ship with I trees as high as 30 teet for masts, f a large Island has shifted Its position considerably in the lake over! a period of years. Now, as result ot a i-eccni heavy storm, a three-acre section has WEATHER months. •, I and two were seriously Injured, I Bulldogs, gone floating by Itself. ARKANSAS - tonight. C "vcr.iphls anrl Vicinity — Fair. remewlisl wanner tonglhl. Sunday partly cloudy. ; '

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