The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 19, 1950 · Page 16
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 16

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 19, 1950
Page 16
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PAGE RI.YTHEVn.I.E, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS TUESDAY, DECEMBER 1», 1953 Home Modernization Expenditures This Year Estimated at $7 Billion Expenditures for modernizing and repairing homes are expected to run is hleh m $7.000,000.000 this year. This estimate Is based on reports of home Improvements from retail lumber And building materials deal- 'ers. Some 15.000.000 existing houses havt been extensively remodeled since the enrl of World War II. Improvements include new rooms: modernization of bathrooms and kitchens; Installation of insulation *nd weather-stripping; replacement of floor and flooring materials; construction of garages; repainting; finishing of attic and basement rooms. Tlits unprecedented volume of home remodeling is further emphasized in the annual report of the Federal Housing Administration. It reveals thai si in every $fi of loan Insurance written bv (he FHA is for home repairs, alterations and Improvements, of the cash disbursed in 1549 by financial instiutions under Title I of the National Housing Act, Ifi'j was used for exterior finish, IK for Insutntion, a% for roof- There are several strong factors which arc Impelling more people thnii ever before to modernize their homes. Widespread wage Increases, continued hicli rmnlovnient. higher dividends from financial institulions and serumies. 1 ™>!"P<' In a survey Ihat 37% of prospective house purchasers demand hiRh- Krade plumbing, picture windows, modern kitchen equipment fireplaces and other "extras." al>:i> express a strons preference for a hilly-insulated house. HcMrlrs the comfort, fuel saving, fire-resistance and other ad- which a Home insulated It veterans' insurance refunds - all I with mineral wool brings have afforded home-owners i h e I asked lor because it c fve, ,h P means anil incentive lo alter their | lii.u«e a high re-sale value'if Ihe iwehni;, lo nice, hl K h living MU,,-; purchaser should decide to scM daids. Ihere l s also a heavy move-[later, mem to remodel existing houses! l; in order to Ijrins; a bet'ier price for mem. Iliiyeis ivaul Cumforl Buyers of used dwellings want a structure com;>oscd of modern materials with plenty of room and more comfort than most new houses afford for the same ex- ,)cnse. The Construction liescaivh Bureau, national clearing hoiur- for building Information, found Real Estate Transfers Lawyer and Henrietta Dangerfield to Walter Anderson, south half of Lot 12 in Block 10 of Davis Addition, $2,120. Porter w. and Nellie Hue wil- banks to Green Berry and Fannie Bellle Ritch. Lot 2 according to re- plat of I^nslng Addition, $6.050. E.N. and Lucille Webb to Clyde J. and Edith Wilson. Lot 1 in Block t of Country Club Drive Addition, $10 nnd other considerations. Wagner w. and pearl Adams to Vernon and Rebecca Thomnsson. Lot IS in BlocU 2 of Highland place Addition, 110 and other consideration.!. ' Curtis H. Sr., and I.ula A. Downs to Curtis PC., Jr., and Betty Lou Down.,, Lot « In Block "K" In town ot DeN, |i »nd other consideration]. M»H>* Je»n cash to Howard and MM Webb, Lot a In Block 1 of Hay» Addition; and west 100 feet o* Lot J in Block 2 of Hays Addition; ^nd, west 50 feet of Lot 7 In Block 1 of Kays Addition, all In the town of. Lenchvilli:, $1 and other oonnkter«tions. Howard and Mae Webb to Grover tni Delphla McDnnlcl. west 50 *«•* o* Lot 7 and all of Lot 8 .hi Bfcxk 1 of Hays Addition to town ot L**chvlHe. »750. L. <X unrt LIdl« Riggs to I,. C. •04 L»nnl« Dorrls, NW!4 of Section »«-l«K-lt>E nut of easterly rlght- of-w»y line of the St. Louls-Soutli- weatern RallKay Company, contain- tn* MM sere* more or lew $1,600. w. J. and Gertrvide Johnson to Oscar Fendler, undivided half interest In Lot « In Block 1 of Hol- llpeter-Shonyo Addition, $1 »n d other considerations. Three States Lumber Company to Robert Malcolm and Alma Noln Koonce, jouth half of the iUjrih half of the NEW of Section 15-14t;- 10K containing 40 acres more or less, II and other considerations. Clyde J. and Edythe E. Wilson to Dale and Mary Horn, Lot 6 In Block J of Country club Drive Addition, »2,850. Ida Florence Moore to Samuel P. and Myrtle Manning. NW'i of the NW.i of Section 3I-15N-9E containing 2 acres more or less. M and other considerations. .Je.ssie C. and Lucimln Dixson to S. T. and L. H. Freeman, NE'i of B\VH and oil the still of N'VV^', south of the New Levee all In Section 20-16N-10E containing .17.60 ncres more or less, 51 and other considerations, . W, C. and Belly Milliard to Richard and Merdeda Osborne. Lot 3 in Block 2 of Gosnell Estate Addition. S10.000. Leonard W. and Evie Lou Johnson to Charles P. and Florence D. s. Bureau of Mines points out: "There is such a widespread demand for Insulated houses a.s flitarlcrs that In the event ale an Insulated house Is i more easily marketed. The insnlat- ! ni I s!> 's also a better irnirt- !?asc risk for the lender since the borrower's cush position Is improved by decreased fuel expenditures and because ot the less frequent need for redccoration. " Rambo. Lot G in Hloek "C" of Westgate Addition, exchange of property. Susan Moore to Alfred Parker. Lot 14 In nlotk 9 of Hollipcter Scc- omt Addition. $200. Annabel Bryant Kill to John Pill, Dr. Beasley „ to Hove New east 250 feet of SW", of thc NW",'!/^//. n . . .. of Section IO-15N-1IE. S:100. LJltlCf* Kllllfllnn Nordcna Lewis to Isaacs and Nor-1 '"-^ "till U/fiy ricna Lewis, Ix>t 13 in Block 2 of. Fulghnn Addition, $1 and other con- '''hat one-story red-brick building slderations. going up next lo the Blythcville , " r h ; s si ™"' red bri ; f a 1 ,'",7 "'""" 7 * '^" '" ' " * ''""'" ' "T "°" """" S *" W ' rovi " y niea " s of iin "*" °'*" S -. and Mrs. Wallace left mlo a carpeted dining room n in the rit;ht of the picture :l foyer Is white. The home a with inlaid IIm;!>>u m floors. Heal :t provided wifh an attic fan Wilk nf n™ i •! r ' " '" HviiiK room ,-an Ip-ely be -ecu the ' T " "'" m "' ie Of l>i "' U< ' tl ™*b™rd. To the right-of the to the extreme left i, „ 'brick- "'" , ScreC " Cd slre "" 1 K I'""* which extends from the living room and ™^."- ta ..nU^s^rr,:;« r™r u " d " ira " B " a uedrcom - The h ™ > faci\s the .south. d ° mi " C1U C °" Jr '" '" C Uvln « aml «"""'* "*••» "' rdU1XXl """" a "" ? k ' lC " e " »'«• "•«>««»' «"d I Uh intersect Yule Trees a Fire Hazard D. C. nnd Virginia H. Men! lo William L. and Anne Mary Whit- laker. Lot 20 in Jackson Addition S9.830.50. W. L., Jr.. and Martha Gatii to Coy Hoytl, NW", ot the SEH of Section 27-15N-8K conlnii]|ii|> -10 acres more or less, $11 arid other considerations. Charles P. and Florence D. flam- bo to Leonard .W. and Evie I./™ Johnson, Lot 5 in Block 4 of Marsh Addition, $9,150. George. W. nnd Ruby Irwln lo Vala Hawkins, all of Lot, 5 In .Jolly Addition, $1 and oilier considerations. C. A. and Nettle Lou Turner to P. B. and Cecilia M. Joyner, Lot 12 In Block 5 of David Acres Subdivision. $10 and other considerations. G. G.. Sr.. JUKI iHn.-y VV. Caudlli lo John nnd G. G.. Jr.. Caudill SW'.i o( the NE 1 /, of Section 27- and NWH of the NE 1 /, of Section 22. all In the 14N-8E containing 80 acres more or less, $10 and oilier considerations. Library on West Ls Garden Hose Should Hove Protection from Wmfer A good way to store the garden liose safely dUrlng Ihe winter is to coll It carefully in n tub or pall. When the hose is colled spiral fashion in the tub. other small garden tools can be stored in the center and the tub can be placed on n base- nicnt shelf. Tubs and pails have many garden uses and most homo owners ha%'e several. This Is a good way to store the nnd one of the tubs or palls at tlie same time. Bronze Finish Latest c or Metal Furniture Metal chairs In a distinctive bronze finish are the latest Innovation in the mclal furniture field. This is Ihe first time (hat a sails- factory finish Faithfully resembling bronze has been perfected. It Ls a heat-strengthened, baked enamel finish which is .said to be as durable as the steel tubing It protects. The new bronze-finished chairs arc featured in conventional, round-tube design or in Ihe new .square tubing. Tliey are a product of Ihe Royal Melal Mamilai-turlnf- Company of Chicnso. be the new clinic facilities of Dr J. E. Beasley. The building Is to he a ten-room structure and will include an office, reception room, an x-ray room, dark room and other rooms to bo used for diagnostic purposes. Costing an estimated $10,000 the building will have asphalt floors plaster walls, steel ca.sinp.ctl windows, and a flat roof. Present plans call for its pletion sometime In January, struction is being done by While and Sons. That Christmas tree you have set up m your home could be a major fire hazard unless you take few precautions, the National to Hoard of Pire Underwriters coin- Con- lien warns. If sis made by Underwriters' Laboratories, inc.. demonstrated that Christmas trees of average size are easily ignited and burn furiously. The blazu could easily start a dangerous fire in the home Engineers of the. National Board offer the Following suggestions for making your Christmas tree safe: 1. Choose a small tree. H will be less hazardous. . Dr. Bea.sloy's present office is at 411 E. Main. Durability Selfs Metal Furniture In planning mortem rooms In which the furniture will get regular, hnrd day-to-day use. consider the. new metal furnilure ns a practical answer to your problem Today's metal chairs, lounges, tables and other pieces are styled In simple, attractively modern lines and they offer the additional n.ri,iliUe5 of strength nnd durability which help Insure good appearance in hard service. The trend to metal Is especially noticeable in the reception rooms. offices, and other rooms of business cs.lnulishmcnLs where put to severe . 2. Wait until a few days before Christmas lo set up your tree. 3. Keep the tree outdoors until j ready to set It up. s where furniture is tests because of heavy traffic. Today's best metal piece's are offered in a wide variety ot colors, both In menu finishes" and upholstery coverings. Oil Heating Record? At the rate the oil heating business is going, this is likely to be the banner year for (he industry say the plumbing and IIeatin» Industries Bureau. Sales of oil burners for the first nine months of 4 Place the tree part of the house. in the coolest j 5. If a radiator Is near the tree shut it o!f. 6, Do not use colton or paper decorations unless they «re flame- proofed. I. Do not place electric trains around the tree. 3. Do not use candles. Use electric lights instead. 9. Make certain wires are not frayed. Choose lighting sei.s hearing marking which indicates listing by Underwriters' Laboratories Inc. 10. Do not plug or unplug the lights beneath Jhe tree. II. Do not leave tree lights burning when no one is in the house. 12. I! needles near the lights turn brown, change the location of the lights. 13. When needles start falling, take the tree down and discard It. Fire-Safe Asbestos Flat Sheets Are Adapted to Many Home Uses „ seored a home can be carried out success- u can I: cut saw S^'»««s^-rtsjrrt£ .... , . . '»»t to moisture, rate and deteriora- Usually the principal require- lion, rncnt.s. are merely common sense and ordinary fncilty with simple tools such as a hammer and a saw. plus Ihe right materials. It Is wise to acquire some knowledge of Ihe types of products suitable for various jobs. Often one material can be utilized for dozens of purposes. Asbestos-cement, flat sheets, for example, nrc unusuallv versatile Known as Ihe material of "a thousand and one uses," they are adaptable for countless interior and exterior applications. Asbestos board Is especially sull-. able for service as »n attractive. I fire-safe basement ceiling, as a wall and ceiling lining for closets, lor, shields and firewall parti- I lions. Produced In shect.i I ject tav S Plenty of Oil Indicated Kvery indication points lo plenty of oil for all industry needs and domestic oil heating in a war economy, says Ihe Plumbing and Healing Industries Bureau. There is no cause lor alarm about the availability o! fuel oil. The United states has more than a million barrels a day of excels capacity in crude oil production, refining, and transportation facilities. Time to Check Heating Units Now at Hand With cold weather just around the corner. It's time to clean out your heating system. The man of the house should be detailed lo lake care of the furnace and chimney, if he balks at thus dirty job and well he might, then call in a heating conlractor. He can check the whole heating system nnd advise you about needed repairs, too. The individual room heating units usually within the woman's province. A thorough dusting ot cast iron radiators is advised" for the rough surfaces usually 'nick up quite a nit of dust during the summer, if you were practical, you closed the dumpers on yaur convectors during the warm months. Now open them and swish a rag Ihrough the insides. That takes' care of convector cleaning. House Should Look Its Best For Holiday Season Ahead Christmas activities center around the home. So plan to have the house looking Its best before the busy holiday season arrives. Along with clean windows, freshly ironed curtains and general clean- Ing, it's a good Idea to give a little special attention to wooden furniture. Shining furnilure docs a great deal lo add sparkle to the house And giving It x fresh coat of protective wax also helps reduce damage which might be done lo table tops by spilled foods and beverages Building Permit Total Is Three In Week Period Three permits totaling $3.600 in bulJdinc roft.i ivere issued last iveck at ilio office of joe Carney, city engineer. These permits were issued to the Howing persons: C. I.. Anderson, to remodel a garage into a store at 913 N'orth Highway 61. {000. .Jesse M. White, add bedroom and extend living room to frame residence at 401 East Davis. $2.000. Irine Johnson, build, one stotT metal building to be used as a garage. Jl.OOO. anil sticky little fingers. (£' If wooden furniture Is dmey th. first step is a [horough soap-knd water washing. This must be don. with care, however, so ihat the ». ter doesn't have a chance to soak into the joints. The surface should be washed, a small area at a time with suds made from mild soap n nd ' lukewarm water. Then it should be ouickly rinsed with clear water and dried thoroughly with « soft cloth. The best way to speed the process .so that the wood is wet for th. shortest possible time Is to use two containers - one filled with soanv water, the other with rinse waler Place them within arm's reach al on » with plenty of soft c i otns -pJ' light-weight galvanized steel pail, with bail handle-s are convenient Or anew version of the two pall idea thats handy Is the twin pall set Iln.s Is-two galvanized s t<, e ! pail,' fastened Ly-ethcr .by a single carry- ins handle. . ' After a piece of furniture has been washed, rinsed and thoroughly dried, .apply furniture wax accord mg to the manufacturer's direr (ions. Polish thoroughly, rubbta, with the grain of the wood tinUNlt trace of the wax remains and tKV surface has a lovely gloss Open Trash Fires A Safety Hazard Open piles of burning rubbish are ! hazard;; to safety, say fire preven- lion authorities. Sparks from mi- guardrd fires may ignite grass, trees i or roofs. Even more dangerous, 1111- watched fires are n temptation to' small children and the results of- ! ten make tragic newspaper head- i lines. i To keep rubbish [ires under con- i trol, it |s wise to use an irtl-metal rubbish burner. Such containers are made of durable galvanized steel and may be purchased at any .store handling hardware. and Salt Are Good Remedy for Slick Walks H s no fun to slip and fall on an ley sidewalk. The Ihoimhlful home owner protects his family, neirrh- If you have a hot air system be ?. nd P AW "sby from falls'bv ,,-.r,,i n...i._t,.. . . •" - '- I spreading a thin coat of ashes or coarse salt on icy paths. An easy way to be prepared for winter's whims Ls to keep a pail filled with fine ashes in the basement or utility room. The hail handle is con- venienl lor carrying the pail and a large scoop, such a.s Is used for Slmir. is handy for spreading the ashes. caref\il. Probably a ! ot . O f (lus( lias accumulated in the ducts during the warm months when the system was irile. t .This dust will-be alown into every room through the hot nlr register, s o make sure your furnilure. is covered before you turn on the motor. INSTALLATION R E P A J R SERVICE CALL 2731 The Plumber i i\. I si. ^ .,,--. •" ^ "• ' timiiLvu in sjifci-R -1 (rcT rjv t ISoO were w per ccnl above I-,,!,, 'feel, the board can be nailed over 24,567 Plumbing Stores or the total of 6:u6o plumbing and healing contractors in Ihe Un-' ited Stales, it is estimated that I'l.-^fi" have slore.s. Good-bye to banging when SL ATS O-WOOD, Awnings go over doors, windows and vewndas tx?caus« they're iturddy anchored to Form a parl of Ihe house. Permanent as the fine wood of wKicd ihey are made, SLATS-O-WOOD vmfilnlcrf swnfngs bring lasting comfort al low «o*. They let in the ligfil_bg| keep out ihe sun. Co.x the breeie—bur repel rain. Custom-built to fit rfi« lines of your home, a personal call by •w designer ii essential for an accurate cslimale •»e»il. To insur. early installation, phone (« ihi fni some*. •§• !«>?•?, \^^IS3 J^ou M (\ fa .—•-» ~*. — iiMrtfipi) i Kemo Wljisenhnnt *. r 0 10t) E. Jlain l>| ume u G n j\. A Gift the Entire Family w j|l Appreciate! ON-A-DOOR MIHHDHS Here's a trifl "she" and the family will enjoy and aiinrcciale! Your bedrooms and bathrooms will lie treasured by all the family for their continual usefulness, their contribution lo good appcar- nnre. They're available in sues for all ifood appearance. They're availnble in sixes for all standard doors, minors of genuine polished plate glass with polished edges. One tlav installation service. 5 00 uw And Up Includes Installation Arkansas Paint & Glass 105 East Main Phone 2272 TICE Blytheville Water Co. Business Office Has Been Moved from 112 S. Broadway to 415 W. Main Street Telephone Number Remains Ihe Same 4449 Pay All Water Accounts at New Address in Future Blytheville Water Co.

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