The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 13, 1933 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 13, 1933
Page 6
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PAHK SIX ..Tech Favored to Win Over Chicks In Game At Haley Field Tonight W/miRVn.l.R, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS TEST WISH All member; of Hie Chifkasaw squaci w»rf dcclareil dlftlblt! fur • tonight's jjami- when sdinul authorities derided to po<l|ionc fur LI wtt't action on scliulastii' re„ qulrtm/nts and five pbvm of doubtful status a i-hante to meet necessary requirements. Paced with the possibility of bo- im forced to present K p.Uohcd tip line-up fliainsl (lie Tech high yellow-jackets o! Memphis by the j six-weeks scholastic barrier the; SLIDES fy BILL been definitely forced into thi 1 ncsllion of underdog in the annual tussle' slau-cl for tonight. The ijBme will start nl 7HS o'clock at flaky Field. Indications were this morning that proba'UTY two line-men who hsve been regular starters may not set into the same and a reserve line-man who has seen plenty of service is also a doulilfiil poN>ibll- itv. The scholastic status of one of the Chicks' Jjesl backs Is also Wslily doubtful. Hi'Mnllc anuouiKC- more stories about women of reasons Any more the Uni'.«l Slates tennis team did inot recover the Itavi.s Cup. I Any mo:v fights m which Jack Sliarkfy is supposed to be one of tlie contestants. TliOfae ceriso suspniilrrs of Kln'j- fish l.ovinsky. the Chicago box • fiijhter. Dear, Jovial Ufailers Any n-.ore letters from juvial jnenl as to whether trie players I renders asking me for. the formula have cleared the scholastic hurdli-s | whereby f picked l^e Giants lasl and will be able to play is anllei- April to flnlsh the jv paled late today. Ordinarily in the past scholastic difficulties have not prevented in seventh place. Any more letters from Jovial readers asking n:e to;' the formula members of the team from parii- whereby I picked Max SchmcHni; cipallng Hi n same with an onl of | to beat Max Bncr. stole eleven but, school officials| Any more pictures showing t"c fny i that the requirements this back and shoulder muscular ilcvi-1- Predicted Bobbyj Gravson Would Be Rct-i tor Than Ernie Nevers. IIV JIMMY HONAIIllr } NK,\ Sri-vice Sk'orts Writer | When Tinv Thomhlll linos up I his hi-.: SMnfnrd squad aeainsl- th- , K.<t Du-k Hartley e:m offer Irani j ^[iiMi'.vf.stern. the Illinois boyr, v;:'l fuci' two bis; threats -- a l!i:)lc ; '.viii^b.'ifi: formation devised by j rim- nnd Hobhy firay.son. l"'ll b" lough to figure which of! itir twu thrr'als v;it] loom lac* On. M. Himlr-y never IKI.S pit Ins h'.iin against n triple lini'u[>--nor have his boys Hubby Cirnyson. f:ic";l yenr apply to schedule. The gloom was games on I he tlilrk in ioinc quarters today us the chances of the Chicks Ruining revenue for de- ftats In 1931 and 1032 appeared rlim. The locals were on the losing end of a 40 to 0 score last year and 24 to 0 in 1031. The locals trimmed the Mcmphians '.!i 1930. Tech Is On Ramc Headed by Youne. a Une pluny- cr par excellent. Hie Yellowjack- cts were exoectcd to be at the top of thrlr stride when they swarm onio Halcv Field toiiMU. YounK. Cantain Jurtcl. -star lineman, ru«l another varsity back were niissins: from Ihe field when the Jom'aboro Hurricane swept over Tech by a two touchdown margin earlier chls • year. All three arc In shaw now and readv for action according to reports from the Bluff Clly On have workouts this week utter winninv their llrst opponents. opinent. of wrestlers. Anv more letters from jovial the other hantl the Chicks teen rather sluRgish In two starts over weak The locals arc certain to'be outweighed by the visitors nnd will resort lo a varied run- nine aud passing attack lo gain aeainsl the Teclislers. nay Beck, line plunging fullback, will be can- readers asking me for the formula, whereby I picked Tony Canzoneil to recover the world's lightweight title from Barney Ross. Slioush! EUswuiih! Any more denials, counter-denials, or super-denials fro:n Ellsworth Vim*, claiming new'spaper- nten mis<|iiolcd him when they uToir; hi; said "we were tr(HU'd like babies in 1'arls." Any more letters from jovial readers asking me for the formula whereby I picked Onllant. Sir to bent Equipoise at Arlington. Any more reviews of tr.e baseball season showlnK exactly why the Pirates did not win the pcn- uant and the Oiants did. Any more letters from jovial readers asking me for the formula whereby 1 picked Youni; Corbelt III to Ix'a'. Jimmy McUirnin. Any more letters from jovial readers asking me for the formula —but wny GO on? I did pick Cur- nera to beat siiarkcy—MH! that's something. l-' of Hi: re Hit' 'I' I'll .>!>|>i>- iionts Nnire D.iine will meet tliiM y.-ar will v.ivi- ill" irlsli all they i-.,.i] h.iuilK- in a jirlillron till oil. '-'i. Imli.iiia 1« lie nn.l ilie iwo l!')».l aiM»e. Ivan l-'miiia. 011 ie|i. a veteran half- 1'... I:, iiiul Luiii^ Siiilln'i-lainl, ..,,|,li'iimi-r.< luilf, tie lliiiireil U iiuiko (In 1 iii"-i (rouble. 1)11) YOU KNOW THAT— Gene Sara/en atul Joo Kirkwood traveled M.OOO miles on that recent tour of thelr.s . . . ar.d ployed 80 matches cu route . . . losing only two . . . It. seems that, a sophomove is nolng to steal Frank Prosc:!- awr's stuff aL Illinois this year . . . FV;ink, ballyhooed as the greatest, Illinl bick since Grange, was shelved in the. first tilt, against Drahu because of a .siraincd tendon . . . bnt along came this sophomore back. Les Lindberg. and won the. b'anie . . . Pitt probably will r.ave the largest gridiron heartache In 1C34 . . . seeing as how the Vanthers ate planning to schedule Notre Dame and southern California on successive Satur- rtavsl lluffalo Vlsyer.s del Chance | BUFFALO, N. Y. (DPI— Four lain of the Chicks tonight. Deck members will probably be called on lo do Buflaio baseball learn, rntcrnatioii- considerablc blockhii; for liis end ai League rimniii?. mate.' ionieht as liis 1 chances of getting somewhere against Ihe Yellowjackei forward wall are not excellent. Line' Question Mark The manner in which the com- a paratively green Blythevillc forward wall stands up under heavy punishment will determine if the Chicks have a chance toi upset their highly favored opponents. Tlie linemen have appeared to fair advantage against weaker opponents but will find Tech a different problem. The defensive ability of Purtle. BlytheviHe center, has made the Ghlck defense look good EO far but the red-headed center will have his hands full tonight. Bill Meriwether of Paragould. former Hendrix College star, will referee tonight's contest and Frank Whitworth will act 05 umpire. Merhvelher hns been signed to of- fictale in all eamcs here this year. chemist «ilk \\'.KK- frnm a dissolving out- the Referee ol Wrestling Bouts Meant Ruling ALBANY. N. Y. (UP) — When Referee Tommy Dorr orders wrestlers to break holds hi- means just what lie says. So determined \VRJ he the other night lo see that contestants did as they were told that he himself engaged in a bit of grappling, with (he result he pinned three men. Jack Sullivan of Boston was Dorr's first "victim." Jack (jrabbcd the referee after the latter had called for a break, but Dorr, went to the mat with his opponent and applied a top scissor hold. In another bout en the same card. Dorr pui both Erntc Dusek. Omaha. Neb., and William Renla. Finland, on their backs in his determination to part them. Kibitzer Coaches Get Leather Medals . TUCSON. Ariz. (UP)—The University of Arizona has football coaches to spare, but they all have a thumb In the "pie." in recognition of their support of the institution's team and their "hot-stove" coaching advice, vim cms alumni were presented, with leather badges entitling them to membership In the "Congress Street Football Coaches" Assocla Iton. Lawson Smith, who was named president, was given on 18-inch leather badge. The "coaches" ar entitled to sit in the front row o the bleachers during any non cecrct practice for the 1933 seasoi In the Annamltp language of southern Asia, the term "Ma" Sins six dlflerenl meanings: young rice, horse, ghost, but, tomb and mama; It all depends on the inflection HM<1.' KClalin, which he tmiirled through for major league «trc knit into a purse tlie Chicago White Thcmipscn. with the New York O"i- By Laufer BRUSHING UP SPORTS 3 , AWT Nofc DAME;}«- Tiny probabjy pot his iriu'i' wiimlucV. idea from Tuss Mc- l.:itii!hiy. who (list, developed the freak formation at Brown laM, fi'«;:on. It is a variation of the WiirniT A. or double wlnijback lornmtion, with dis'.lnct dt:vtlO]i- n:nts. i The line in unbalanced, and the ml-> ai<- split about a yard from he res; of the forward wall. Tin: hint wiimback is generally the [iiarlorhack. who moves laterally nearly every play to a atalion i behind one of the. holes left, by ll'.ff inllltiii{[ ends. Tiic -Stanford coach is exuberant «vr lliic new formation, although I has scored him onlv ten points j! two bits names this season—a Ttild (p oal nt;ahist U. C. L. A., and a icuchdown and polnr, after nsaln ( ,L janta Clam. Regardless of his deiiRhl- over his lift formation. Ttnv's widest smile comes when he talks about Orav- io'.i In nobby he inherited a sorjh- 'unore fullback about whom "I'ou" V.'ainer remarked last year: "He'll 'iiake Stanford fans forget all ibrnil Keveis" And von know what i fnllbaek Nevis wru;l Iji.^t ?enr,r,n Ciravson \vfts f. frosh. Th: l n "Po^" mourned the fact.' '-• "Oh, if I'd onlv h<ul Bobby car- rvit«{ tlie nlKSkin this year," lie moaned. "Stanford would have tfivcn the Trojans and other op- plenty to worry aboui with yomn; Grayson doing hli stuff. "I'm seriovis. This lad is a Ncv- i ers, Hoffman, and Hvlnnd rolled into o^e. He is by far the best freshman prospect I've ever seen. No need In worry about his making pood. He's eot a place signed. «raled. and deliverer!." Commit from such a guy as Winner, that Is u'cnlv of recommendation. And in the first two l)i? lames Stanford played this year, your car and pocketbook Noargumentaboutit! Here is the gasoline which has won friends faster than any other in the history of motordom. It is the gas with every premium ciuality you need, want, and are entitled to get for your good money in these days of thrift. As an experienced and observant driver, you cau prove for yourself that all gasolines are nut alike. Just try one titnkftii of Phillips 66. You quickly feel the tlid'e-rt'iice... your engine feels it... but your pockotbook doesn't! . . . lie- cause 1'liillips 66 costs not a single cent extra. It sells at the price of regular gasoline. Yet you get honest HIGH TEST—the gravity range this month is 63.5° to 69.5°. You get HIGHER ANTI-KNOCK-of- 63.5 ficial 70 Octane, highest, ami-knock vahiG possible at regtilnr price. ' You got CONTROLLED VCLATiMTV- the scientific method pioneered by I'hil- • ips which prevents weather-changes from alTecting power, pep, nnd mileaye^ Note that these statements are not vague claims drosswl uji in high-sounding words. But faeis, FACTS backed up by definite figures. Make sure that you arc not passing up far finer performance and actual savings in money, by stopping for gus ;tt the Orange and Black 66 shield. Phillips 66 is made by Ihe uorld's /argent producer of natural high gravitu ijaxoline Orayson partly lived uj) lo those a ( fiowei'y He's a hip, bad boy frotn Portland, Ore. Nr* earrie. 1 ; 105 |x>muls of ciynniniic clown tlie Held with ulcnty uf speed Last year, u-ith the frosh, he scored the majority of the squad's i>oints. being main- is' resiK>nslble for an undefeated nson. Dick Hanicy's sophomore squad this year looked anything but 'Illiant in that Iowa uuscl. which as plenty disheartening. If he in whin the toys around .and ie- ore their confidence, they'll put |i a battle ngninsl the invasion of Indian from the .west. But Stanford Is confident. That efeat at the hands of Pitt in icir only invasion of the cnsl last ear still smarts. It's likely the ombination of the triple wins- nek. Bobby Gravson. and the Stanford confidence will be too iinrh for Hanlcy's Wildcats. 'hiladeiphia Plans Pro Tennis Tourney PHILADELPHIA IUP>—N'aticml ncloor professional tennis cl'.;ini- piunsl'lps will be held in Philadelphia this winter if present plans to bring some of (he leading players here are completed. 'Iliis was revealed by K:lwin j. Faulkner, one of America's loie- most tennis professional.-, \\l-.o lais outlined a plan, in which Ice ftold will be limited to 16 of the world's most prominent stars. Tlw tentative field would include Henri Coclict. Frruch [vn- -.1s ace: William T. Tildnn. 2nd. recent conqueror o! Cochr.: Hans Nusselln. Oermiiny; Karel Ko;ei-,ih of Czechoslovakia. U. s. indoor ti- tlcriokier. Plaa. Ein^pean chaai- pion. and Vincent Rich,\r<ls. Ameriran champion :HIGHEST TEST ^ at the price of'prciinajw * ' ' ' ..**• ."^ Tinkling bells, and the clink of silver The art of biscuit making ployes some 8000" har.ils In Il ing. England. ^~^~- NSWERS TUKE CUESSEi Olil I 1 . S. imper money >< CUOI'SI) INTO I'l'l.r :niil MI],] lni Hay »:n an AMllUU'AX DIPLOMAT uiuU-r Pi ,-s.i,\, n :< Mi-Kinloy and Tlu-oilm.' i;i.,i~.-. veil. TKXAS lias iu,u,. mil, of vnllrciad tliau any o'h-v state,, i j. . . In a Chinese fairy slory one reads about the Empevov s garden, where rare and colorful plauls from all over .the world were con- slanlly flowering. Il was the duty of the honorable head,gardener lo watch for the most beautiful of the blooms and tie to the stem of each a little silver bell. As the flowers swayed in the breeze, the bells tink- led with sweet music. Thus the couriers and the distinguished vis- itors, strolling along the paths, were sure to see the finest speci- mens. This was the Emperor's way of saying "I have something extra fine that you should see: look this way and you'll be repaid." In the advertising columns of this paper are similar messages addressed to. YOU. Read them and you will hear the clink of silver. Our merchants are saying "We have some extra values. ,\Ve have some especially seasonable articles that you should see. Come to our stores and you will be repaid.' You have nothing to lose when you accept this invitation. In fact, when you fail to do so, you're missing .some of the very news for which you bought this paper!

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