The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 19, 1950 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, May 19, 1950
Page 9
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FRIDAY, MAY 1<>, 1950 Senate's Crime Probers Plan Dual Attack on Underworld BLYTTTKVrU.E (AUK.) COUTUKR NEWS Politico! Tie-Ups, Evasion of Taxes To Be Checked By DON WHITKHKAI) WASHINGTON, May 10. (AP) — Senate Crime Investigators made "J>Jnns today for a two-pronged at- 4JT^ O1 * the undersvorld, aimed at iwreUng out any signs of either income tax evasion or links willi ix>lltical groups. Chairman Kefauvcr (D-Tenn), of the Senate's special crime!- gnting committee, disclosed both projects while tnlknig to reporters. He said the committee has decided to throw the main' spotlight on "the alleged concentration of property, money and wealth In the hanris of organized criminal elements." Along that line, Kefauvcr -suid, the group may ask President Truman for an executive order permit- tin? the Senators lo check the tn- come tax files of suspected nals. Numerous mobsters in the past have been sent to prison even when their gangland activities could not be proved, when it was shown that they made more money from undisclosed sources than was reported on their income tax returns. Kefauvcr said the investigation Into how the underworld piles up Us wealth also will ctea) with or- panizwd crime."; "connections with governing bodies." Including Politics "That means iLs connections with politics?" a reporter asked. "Yos," Kefauver replied. At least a dozin undercover agents will be sent into the field "very soon", Kefativer said, to be- gifcwording with city and state cnms commissions, and with federal and state law enforcement Rgencie.s. Except to hear testimony from t\] oh witncssc,5 as Attorney General McGrath and chairman Wayne Coy of the Federal Communications Commission, the committee Ls not expected to hold any public hearings in the near future. Evidence first will be sifted behind closed doors. A.i the Kefativer committee plunged into its work, another Sen• ate group showed keen interest in the business records seized by New York police from big-time gambler Frank Erlcksou. Senator AlcFarland (D-Arizl, subcommittee chairman. Mid Senator Tobey (R-NH) both said the commerce group will consider the possibility of perjury action in the Erickson case. Escape Injury in Crash WEST CHESTER, pa,, May 1!). W)—An Air Force jet plane crashed and exploded last night after the pilot and his passenger had par- schuted to safety in a heavy rainstorm. The pilot. Major Richard H. Burner, 31, of Washington, escaped without Injury. His passenger, Second Lieut. C. H, Criscivene, 23, unstained a cut lip. The two-seater jet fighter training plane crashed near Lloiivllle, Pa—about seven miles from where the two flien came to earth. The wreckage was scattered over » mile »rea of farming country. BEGINS MFi: SKNTKNCE-Jamcs D. Hcer. 21, of Euclid O., entered Ohio Penitentiary at Columbus. O.. to begin a life sentence for the slaying of a fellow Ohio state University student. Jack T McKeown, 21, of Norwood, o. He was In the, custody of Sheriff Ralph j. Paul <left>. Heer was convicted of second-degree murder (AP wire- photo). Egyptian Princess Fans King's Ire With Plans to Marry a Commoner SAN FRANCISCO, May 19. (ff-i— Comely young Princess Fathia fanned (he ire of her brother's Egyptian court anew last night with hints that her Moslem wedding ceremony with commoner Rlad Ghall is imminent. The prcsty 19-year-old hud San Francisco's fashionable Nob Hill a- tiviltcr as she unwrapped and donned the white nnrt perfumed wedding trousseau newly arrived from Paris. She also Indicated she has chosen the Iman (priest) who will seal the civil ceremony performed here last mouth. But she refused to divulge the name of the iman or tell when or where the religious rites will be held "The king's, agents here might slop it." she said. In the meantime, the beleaguered lovers continued to share separate quarters in their Nob Hill hotel— Fnthia with her queen mother,, and Ohaii, the queen's secretary^ alone. And last night from Cairo, where Fathia's brother. King Faroufc, has Issued Blmost a barrage of decrees aimed at wrecking the romance, a new blast was leveled at the queen mother. Crown Prince Muhammed Ali, heir apparent to the Egyptian throne, tartly described the queen's behavior a* "incompatable with her situation of wife and mother of kings of a Moslem country. Farouk already has shorn JTathl* of her title and wealth and ordered her, Ghali and the queen mother home. A.A4.&N. to Graduate 193 PINE BLUFF, Ark., May 19. Iff)— Arkansas A. M. and N. college will graduate the largest class In Its history—193—here next Tuesday Dr. M. Lafayette Harris, president of Philander Smith College Little Rock, will deliver the commencement address.. Livestock NATIONAL STOCKYARDS 111 May 19. (AP)—<USDA)—HOR.S 10000; uneven; weights under 2-10 Ibs opened steady to 10 higher; later sales 180 Ibs up steady to 25 lower; sows steady to 25 lower; 180-240 Ibs 10.85-20.25; top early 20.25 sparingly; 250-270 Ibs 19.25-50; 270-300 Ibs 18.50-19.3S; 140-170 Ibs 17.15-19.75; 100-130 Ibs- U.OO-7.2S; sows 400 Ibs flown 16.75-17.50; 410-500 Ibs 15.7516.75; heavier sows 14.75-15.50- stags 10.00-12.50. Cattle SOO; calves 700; meager -supply ol cattle finding slow drag?y sale at weak to unevenly lower prices; odd lols mcriium lo gcod heifers and mixed yearlings 25.0028.00; few good cows 21.00-22.00; common and medium beef cows 18.50-21.00; canners and cutters 145018.50. JUST RE A CARL RECESSE GYPSUM Size 4x8x3-8 ; Size 4x8xi" 168 184 Per Sheet Per Sheet 25 Racers Toe Mark to Qualify For Classic 500 INDIANAPOLIS, May 10. H>) _ About 25 cars have racing rubber on their wheels for the 500-mile Memorial Day lace qualifications tomorrow and Sunday. ' The opening trial last weekend left- 22 vacancies In the 33-car sfartlng field. The first 11 cars In the lineup made a required speed of 115 miles a" hour look ridiculous. They averaged better than 131.6, a record performance that sent most of the other cars back to the shops for more "soup." A qualified car can be eliminated nV' f!ts( " °" e atter lhe "» CII P is \VnIiarri of Altamont,, NY "riving (he newest of four Blue Crown Specials, was clocked at 131- plus In practice this week and probably will be the first nt the starting line tomorrow. Owner Lou Moore. North Hollywood. Calif., got his three other cars In the lineup-last week with drivers Bill Holland. 1010 "500" winner; George Connor, Los Angeles and Tony Bettenhausen, Tinlcy Park, II], Novl Specials, holders of the in- nmnapolis motor speedway competitive records up to 50 miles, will make qualifying runs whenever owner l^ou Welch gives - the word Duke Malon. early lender in tlw 1949 race, is back in a rebuilt Novl In which he was badly burned last year after an axle broke. Chet Miller, replacing the late Rex Mays will start his 15th Memorial Day race in the other 550-horsepowcr monster. Myron Fohr of Milwaukee, second lo Johnny Parsons In the AAA championship racing last year probably will try to qualify in a special. He was fourth In the Indianapolis race last year and his car Is new from the engine back, Including a novel two-speed axle. Wolcott Calls RentControls Unnecessary WASHINGTON. May 19, (/p)_ Rci>. Wolcott (R-Mlch) expressed roiibl today thai Congress will continue federal rent controls, saying they are "no longer necessary," Wolcott, top-ranking Republican Jin the House Hanking Committee. Is a loiiRllme foe of federal rent ceilings. He said a rent bill approved by Hie committee yesterday "is a political face-saving compromise and might cause chaos." By a 13 to 4 vote, the committee approved a one-year continuation of controls—with the provision that cwlms.s- would be lifted automatically December 31 In nil localities wnere the governing body, or the citizens did not vote So "continue Ihem until June 30, 1951, The present Inw covers 11 000 000 dwelling units throughout (he nation. By June 30 local decontrol actions nre expected t o reduce the number to 8,000.000. At the peak of controls In 1916, there were 16000,000 dwelling units under rent ceilings. House Democratic Lender McCormack (Mass) said he expects a vole on the bill within two weeks The Senate Banking Committee has yet to ,report a rent bill on the other side of the capltol. Insurance Agents Elect HOT SPRINGS. May 19. W'l-W Dan Cotton of Little Rock was elevated to the presidency of the Arkansas Association of insurance Agents here yesterday. He had been vice president. Warren Means of Pine Blull WHS elected vice president. The U.S. produced nearly 5,000.- UOD.OOO tons or coal between 1040 and i!M8. • Saturdays Open from 8:00 A.M. to tO:Orj P.M. • Sundays Open from 9:00 A.M. lo 6:00 P.M. • KIRBY DRUG STORES Industrialists Pledge Creation Of More Jobs BOSTON, May 13. M>,_A group of the nation's top industrial chiefs were pledged today to stabilize employment and create more Jobs. The promise was made at Bos- tons mid-century jubilee by 42 Industrialists representing firms with assets of 24 billion dollars After meeting in Boston's historic Faneuil Hall yesterday, they Issued a declaration setting forth these pleclecs: 1, To stabilize employment by leveling out seasonal peaks and valleys in production, by diversification of products, and vigorous fienrch for new markets. 2, To crealc more Jobs through research, new facilities, new equipment and new methods, to keep pace with the needs of (he country and its rapidly expanding labor force. 3, To keep Improving lools and production efficiency, so that the earning power of the individual will be Increased. . To give to each employee the opportunity | o develop his abilities recognizing his right lo Improve himself as he Improves the business. 5. To maintain the healthy competitive spirit that results In new Dog Receives Medal For Guarding Master GRAVUTTE, Ark.. May 1!). </F>J— A dog food manufacturer has bestowed n medal on a Ihicc-yeur-oliI collie who guarded her young master while he was lost Recipient i, "Ginger." who was with liuee-year-ohl Gary Sctser when he was found unharmed In tlie woods early May 2. He had wandered away from home the previous afternoon. "pinfier" wouldn't allow memlx-rs , i i lc se:>rchin K imrty In touch the child until Gary's fatlier, Jim Sct- scr, arrived. New York Firemen CHICAGO -«•,_ N( , w York „.,,. more ihun i) lrcc jj m( , s ,, s „,.,„.,! firemen as any other big town. A ' survey by tlic int-rnational cily Managers Association show the New York [ire department has lam •• c , m ''! oycs - CIlicaRO IIFIJS 3,288, Philadelphia 3M2, Lo s Angeles 2.505, Boston 2.310, Detroit 1.821. San Frands-co 1,720. PAGE Ml>m Political Announcement Hie Courier News has been »uthor, l/crt to announce the following cin- didatcs. subject to the Democr»U« primaries, July 25 and August 8. FOR COUNTY JUDGB ; Roland Green I P OR STATK ItEI'RKSKNTATIVB L. n Autry Hc-clectlon Post No. > John J. cowan Kenneth S. Sulcer Post No 2 R. C. "Gene" Fleenian (for re-election Post No. 4) Fnr Slate Senator W R Nicholson J, Lee Bearden Ideas through betler product* ni services (n (lie public. 6. To cucourasc more widespread Investment in common slocks to the end that more millions 01 Americans may become owners 01 Industry as well as employes. HOUSE-CLEANING TIME IS BUG-KIUING TIME' COOK Kill " KILLS MOTHS • ROACHES CARPET BEETLES CRICKETS • SPIDERS FLEAS . SILVERFISH ANTS • FLIES WASPS COOK-J TODAY! Qf.... $1.19 KIRBY DRUG STORES FOR A BIGGER YIELD THIS FALL SIDE DRESS YOUR COTTON NOW wifh RESULTS OF COLLEGE EXPERIMENTS Rcsulls of cjtrcful experimental ion by colleges show that: • NITROGEN in fcrlili/cr promotes plant growth. • PHOSPHOROUS haslens maturity. • POTASH keeps (he plant healthy, prevents rtist in colon, prolongs the period o) productivity, helps 'Kills lo open well. Mixed Fertilizer It's not (no late to use mixed fcrlili/cr on your collon.. .and phosphorous and potash are im- porlanl (o your crop. Plan now lo side dress for an early-maliiring, bigger crop (his fall. All Regular Gfodes of Mixed Fertilizer* Are Available BLYTHEVILLE FERTILIZER CORP South Highway 61 Blytheyille, Ark. Alabama Woman Recommends HADACOL "I'O I'OI.KS SIIPFKniNfj WITH [>i;i-'icii;Ncn:s OF VITAMINS Bl, |J2 AND IKO.N- Mrs. Cassady inrf Children Mrs. R. E. Cassndy, 4WI Tennessee Avenue. Easl Gadscn, Ala- irama, has suffered for some llm« wltli loss of weight, nervouiincxi mid ens pains. After taking HAD- ACOL, she snys: "I W0 llld wholn- henrtedly recommend HADACOL because II has done «, muc h for me." Mi-s. Cassady was .vifTcrlng from n dendency of vitamins Bl, BJ Nincln and Iron, which HADACOL contains. She says, "t wouldn't tak. -lythlnu for the complete change ADACOL hnji made In my home Here is Mrs. Cnssady's statement! For some time, I hnvc been under- "•elKhl, nervous, Imd terrible he««. h"d ."ke.rall'kl'nil/of mldicC" hen a friend told me how she got '"'' .wonderful result,, , rom H AD-•. After two bottles. J could R lerrlflc rilfTercnce. I now have " fine nppclllc, have gained weight nnt t«st or nil. hnve , ost th0!w Kas pains n ml headaches. I'whale- lenrlcdly recommend HADACOL. has done so much for "lie CTm'"etB n cl, tnlt<! * n * lMn * <<»• OI-. has made In my home." Snlil On A Strict Money-Back Gnaranfc* so Kive this remarkable HADA^UL, medicine a change to heln If you suffer from stomach distress, nervousness, insomnia const pallori, acbes „„,, , ^ neuritis, a general run-down eon- dltlon, and are sick or nlllng b,- eniiso you have deficiencies of Vlt- mins Bl, B2, Nlacln and Iron R». member Ihnl HADACOL Is amV. Inch- different and amnzingly ef 'e because it treats the re»"l of such troubles. Make im mind to take HADACOL rtg. HADACOL. You can't" los.""'^" hnnanse it's sold on a strict morfey- MCK gunrnnlcc. You'll feel Break with the first few bottles you take 51.25' lot Trial s ^" 1ey b " ClC - ° nlr Copyright, 1050. The LcBIanc Corp. RADIO AND TELEVISION REPAIR i-'aclory -Trained Mech«n1cs Any Make or Mode) Prompf Service Reasonable Pricei Phone 2642 We Pick Up and Fred CoHihan MO So First St., Corrugated Mefol Culverts Sites on (o 84 tn. Automatic Klood Gates Concrete Culvert Tile Sizes up lo 3S fn. Concrete Septic Tanks Mela) Seplic Tanks Scwcr Tile Best Trices «'e DcllTer A. H. WEBB nichwaj 31 at SUt« UM rhone>7U

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