The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 5, 1937 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, November 5, 1937
Page 3
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FKIDAV, NOVKMHKR BLYTHEVILLB. ,ARK.) COUHIER NEWS Society — War Tunis Settlement; Into No Man's Land PAGE THREE .llrs-. ICIir-iiliiisli SfU'aks. "Crucial I.^.SDI-.S In Education" was (he .subject of the address by Mrs. 1(. M. Hhc-iil;ush at the f'rv- £ Club on Tuesday in :x IM-Cfjriim on cdnciitinii nidi Mrs. <ieoree H. Door as h-mlir. Mr.;. Ji'lin -,W. Edringloi) presided during ihe business session in the ab- i Miitr ol the president. Mrs. A. | 1'. Spiesf. ehalrinnu of Juniors. H-pcitcd Ihree new members lo lliar department makin-j IS. six. Ilia i tlify hfid cr:mp:<:t:d mnkiiv.' i Ibi-ir yearbooks. Airs. L'. M. liar- ' v,-:ll, Mrs. J, B. Biinn. Mrs Sipleso and Mrs. George H. l>.^-r ut-re named a ccminiure ;o confer with the jnnvor and spni-on ii f::ll dr-an-ni) . v ei.'k as well a' ' I - aip;lt <> Chinese 1 the spring elran-up week. The l :ll «'«l Shanghai's I: club feels that one general cnm- piiisii is not su/licient. Mrs. K. W. Packard, motion picture chair-' man. reported that the film. "The Devil Is Driving." endorsed bv all CHINESE UA.LT JAPANESE ADVANCE AFTER RETREATING FROM CHAPEI lily ih e vi 11 c Sch oo'l the poclry purpose mill llonnlc .Icnniw Ihu-Ii lor ational Srtttan ,e M in new peril '!> o he ,-,t alous So:ehow Cre.k. the Chinese ",,ng «'..,,. d,re r ed at e.Htin, the Chinese off from S1 un g hai. es ,he "No Mnn' s lM ,,r of ,„<- wn r in" ,6 halt the Japan,™ Mt v lt nc c From a warehouse i, ,„,,,.,«.„ traffic organizations" nnd law encorcemeiu agencies for Its Unchinfi ot traffic and safety measures, has been hooked nt the Gem Ihealer. Two numbers by the hiah .school trio. "Home On OK Hange." and ••Summer Night's nriam," were suiiu by Don-is Counts, Marie- Mayo, and Jen Chile. Hostesses at this meeting were Mrs. D.viiiht BlacUocxl .Mrs Hugh Craig. Mrs. j. H.. I ovewell Mrs. George Dickerson, and Mrs E. W. Packard. Aitnistic! Day Program IMaimed. Moving the meeting date up one week. Welby Young, president of the Civic club, announced at the meeting yesterday thnt the nex mecling would be held Thins day, Notcmber 11, with a pro eram in kc.-plng with the occasion. A goal of 50 has been sr. and Ben Butler, Ben Bluestein J- B. Buiin. and Joe Rhodes, win were appointed a commitUe t. • '.work uiit the arrangements. < « c * Organize Itoyal Ambassador Chapter. "We Are Ambassadors Fo- Christ." II Cor. 5:20. is the watch word of the nnyal Ambassado chapter organized Wednesday aft crnaon at the Baptist church wit! Mrs. K. J. Kearney as counscloi The list of members includes 1! boys from ages 9-12. The loca chapter is one oi several thousand other similar organization: in the Southern Baptist church fo- missionary training of boys. Tin soutlnvide hymn is, "The King': Business." and the colors puvpls and gold. '/'Several sub- .wri[)l|on r 'i^,. ;lieen. secured Ibcir . 'mtssfona'ry 'magazine called World Comrades.; : Regular meeting da;-.s Wednesdays at four c clock. Chinese "Lost Ba.Ubcn" ws evacuated, after he.ivy ,osses. Japanese preeipH.ted „ , ! .nvathn, Se,t,e,nen, bou.Klaries ,3, heu, by U. S . marines. ,o capture a ChLe ,u , k J pm chiiie-eunnin- o f British ctit|iosls' (4i also tlrr.v of the Settlement was from ,, d f ni'' m misdirected which diplomatic lire. Latest danger to inhabitants fhells ot j.tpancse warships IS), anchored I'.av: supported the land mtack. in the HKill SCHOOL .Viillimal llonnr Suelely Hus Imliii'lluii .Sen-lir' ' . , , Indiu-tlon sorvii'e for the rcccp- j SH, „,.,. (•]„!, lion of i\vi> new members Into Ilie'llus Wrlmr. Uimsl Blytlimlh. chapter ol ilir Na- ' Tin- Hcknri' club wont Itoni, no,,,,,' soelely was Held i k«,- |. m i: for « woiner Monday morning. November i. ril)m>diiy. Oct. 2« ll<>r«i 'Ihose elected to membership were: Winifred Crawford, Kllxnbeth llux- ter, car.-i EiTnrvl. Murjorie Wnnvn. nnd I'ami-iu Wood. The members innivhi'd In foriiiul lonal lo the slaue. eiu-li one . - >t « liijhtcd candle. After ! I bey had uikcn ihelr pliici'.s Die culled the neophytes to (he Muse. Then I lie members ex- initiates ttie meaning of each phase »f t),e Niillonnl Honor Soi'iely; the (onr crtrdiiuti ijonus foi-- I'lirllon. scholiirsiiip. lender- ship, diameter, and tcivice; (he ['iininii of thi; emblem nnd t)u; .slgnllkanee uf the colors. Tlu 1 riles uf Hie new members were then lii:hu>d. After (he members sung "Follow Ihe Gleam," tliey nuuchi'd in formal reCL'sslomil to Ihe cillice where the presidunl. liormie Jeanne Uuchiiniin, adniln- Islerrd the pledge lo the new luembvrs. The old members ate; liiinnlc Jeanni' lliiehaniin. president; Marion T<mi|)kin.s. scci-cluiy-trciisiuer. I Hildn-d Ihiiu-b. llelly Kbcrdl. nnd 1 or ' Okla ' <"P> - August of "<•'>'«'• Garlic-Id County' farmer, li l" 11 "" 1 ^ the grnln from a double- bi'ndcd stalk of volunteer wheat wwcJi grew on his /arm, He hopes Hie stalk's "on.sprlmj" will dup||i cute Hie feat. prose, were for telllnij the boys thnt' the oilier ."•Indents were wishinn them luck "! Hie gniiic with orceinvood. .Icrs wtro pificnled from Ihe fol: lawliiR (troiips; freshmen, mu : Ci:iiiiil:llii; sophoinoics. Mnrvl Mciiniic Allliek' juniors l-rrv' Wi'l-ICnhni; seniors, Todil iinrrl«ojr i ^ ™ I « r -|>''ererenM map guides the H.-.l Hawous, l!obe,t Jont"; »e'ii n " t0 " ln . m ' fM ' l '»"'- Each week re- l'f|)|)L'is, Mnrjorle Warren; Pep K(|iiud, Alary l-'rmirr's (iucrln; and Ooiim-ll, /ijslia J.-HJ. |j,'ck. Sue liniiiey. Klcclloii to the National Honor Society Is one of the greatest honors (In: school can confer on liny of it.s students. To be eligible the student must be In the upper fourlli of his class-mid exccll In the Qualities of leadership, scholarship, character, and service. Only seniors und high juniors may be chosen. roust ---. li'iU'lnit the purl; the iiu'inbers held 11 •ihiM'l bii>lness fievilon, rtiier lho|fjl'u"iienl llii'iili- nt Ilir park (.!!« i;roup re- liirncd 10 Ilnlcy j.'|,,|d (( , s t, l( |y ( | lu -tair nnd viirlons cniisli'llnlloiis. I A very slight iiilMill'jiiineiit fie- I i clnn-.s upcn slurs were v.lven by | twron lamp tihunciiL ii'nd relleclnr MKs I.mira l.eo Camnijrl] nil,I Mr. | muy (leslit.y Hie beam pattern en- C. O. Mi'Kn: I tln-ly, nnislna UK- lislit to shoot v * * i "l> hili) Ilic I'yi'.s of ii|)pr<wclilns( N'rw .MiiKnvliirs Onleri'i) : drivers willioiil Illuiniiuiilii!; |hi> ll.v Hie jr.i:l Mirluee. .Siibm:]tplions have been uuKli^ ] - • --In lurMly-fvitr niii[;n/lnes K was aniiounei'd by Miss Amy llulley. Itbrarlnn. The muuu'/lnes iiK'lud- cd on the llsl me: Anu'rlenn Hoy; ( ' ul> - Popuhir Mi'('h:inh-.s; Aincricnn Girl; Hoy's Life; Current History; Harper's; Forum: Scvlbner.s; lly- gelu; lieailev's Ultesl; Poplar Sei- eiicc Miinthly; Aiiicrlciin Mn«n- zlne; The Digest; ciood Jlousif- kcephH!; Natlonul neOnruphlc; Science Dlnesl; Amriican Home: Science Leaflet; Outdoor Life; I'oplnr Aviation; photoplay; liet- ler Homes and Gardens; and Pcip- Inr Hoiui'eralL The moiifv for tlu-se sulisi'rip- . of ciisloiiicrs 1 prcterencc-s In colors me posted so thnt Iho trends may be seen at a glance. Inside (he headlamps ol cur; involved In an lu'ddent ut night you will often [(IK) (llriy or laniisiied reiiv'ctor.s, blnckened lamp bulb.i. inud-spalteivd lenses. Alfallans lo J'rntect lllrds STKAKIlOUItCI. Fiance (UP)-Protection of useful birds is the ulm of n new society .slarlcd by more than HOO AlMtllaiiH. Next year the "!• i tends ol Useful lllrds" plan lo visit every Alsatian school to explain to children how they can (tlve prnclical aid lo the crusade. lions was (urnlshcd by Hie Senior f. T. A, Heine KnmmnlcK Classus i Move to Ni-w lllillillng I The home economics classes of Blylheville senior high school were transfene;! to the new home ec- oncmlcs building. Monday November i. Tre building consists of n 'la r sroom-!nboraloi.v, llvlni; room, bath. lilting room nnd pantry. No ni-w coulnmeiil has been received yet but the old furniture WL . re and classroom equipment has been 1 letter renovate;!. I'lans are being made to hold open house as' soon as the buHiting Is entirely completed and furnished. Srhnliirililii Cap Prnmti'il The scholarship on;), which ts presented by the National Honor Society lo the home room having (he highest average, was awarded lo Mrs. Oeoi'ue Pulmer's t-ioup for the first six weks. The yroup uv- erase was plus .811. The senior group sponsored by biimx li. Wll- helm held second pliicc with nn aveniRe of pins .541. J1 "' to -]Ladies' & Men's Tailoring Clout Alterations Barbed wire fences which American marines are shown, left nbove. stringing along the bank* of muddy xjcchmv CrcEk. did not halt Japanese troops who Invaded (he International Settlement boundaries defended by inarmes, to capture a Chinese junk during the battle of Clmpei, directly across the stream ?ract!ca,,y destroyed in heavy artlllEiy fire, concentrated on Chapel ,-„ the beautif,, "new North Nation, shown m ruins at right. Heaviest fighting of the Shanghai battle was concentrated thoro ^ City Schools Will Observe , ed --'' ••::•• "' • Education Week, Nov. 7-13 Mr. and Mrs. D. S. Laney and P. A. White drove to Little Hock yfsterclay afternoon to attend the Homecoming- football game between Arkansas State Teachers College nnd Howard-Payne College of Brownwood, Tex. Mrs. Laney and Mr. White are graduates of the Teachers College at comvay. Mrs. A. F. Spiese accompanied Mrs. w. J. Driver and granddaughter. Peggy Jane, to Memphis yesterday where Mrs. Driver Peggy Jane will spend ',he week ' I* dy. Miss Blanche Cleere end at the HoUl Pea- visitor Among in Memphis yester- otiiers from Osceoln there for the ay were Mrs. A. VV. Nailling 1-rancis yra- Bowen. airs. P. "A. White, Mrs. R. I. Nailling, My/ra Mae .,'csephine b'curlock and E'aine Jatre. H. A. Blanchard of Bernie. was a business visitor liero tcrday. The following Otceola members of the William Strong chapter. D. A. R., arc in Memphis today to attend the luncheon meeting at the Hotel Pcalxxiy: Mrs. John Edrington. Mrs. C. A .Davis. Mrs Hugh Craig. Jjr.s. Susie Kelscr, Mrs. C. M. Harwell, and Maggie Barbiers. Thc city schoals will observe Nn- ional Education week, from November 7 to 13. with special programs ."ach day in all of the schools, to which oarenIs and other citizens .vill be invited. This week nas ueen set aside by Hie schools as the one week in all :he school year when visitors are especially welcomed to visit the •schools. W. D. McChirkin, superintendent, said today: "We want the parents and friends lo hear the orograms. and visit the class rooms to observe the work we are doing." A register will be keot at each school to record names of visitors. The Dud Cason post of the American Legion is cooperating with the schools in this observance, which comes during the week ot the Armistice Day celebration, which car- rics out the education theme, it has been pointed out by Jim P. Harwell, post commander. Hundreds o! school children will take part in the Armistice Day celebration November 11. The theme of the observance this year is "Education and our National Life." Education week, first observed on a national scale in 1921, grew out of a series of conferences which began in 1019 between the American Judge Serves in Egypt -i.n.1, ut-giui 111 lyiy uc Mrs Commission of the American Legion and the officers and committees of the National Education Association. Later the United states office of Education joined the movement and now is ' one of the co-sponsors of the annual event. The local .schools will attempt lo carry out- the purpose oi the observance which is to interpret the SPECIAL Morchanls Plate I.nnch 40c HOTEL NOBLE "Where Hospilalifj- Is a Rralil.v." Mary Outlaw; Lange, Mrs. Herman Rimer; junior .high, Miss Monta Hughes; high school, Mrs. George j • '•'" L. Palmer, Mrs. Farmer England |Ilmit Miss Luna B. Wilhelm. I'antomlnc In Assemb "Frankle pnntonilnc l're:enlcil npcd.5. aims and achievements of the schools of America. The day by day topics for the week are: Monday. "Can we Educate for Peace?"; "Tuesday, "Buying Educational Service"; Wednesday, "The Horace Mann Centennial" in memory of the first great professional advocate and interpreter of free and universal public education; Thursday, "Schools nnd the Constitution"; Friday, "School Open House Day"; Saturday, "Lifelong Learning". Members of tl>? committee in Woman Is Tractor Kxpcrl WILBUR, Wash. (UP) — Miss Esther Menke, of Wilbur Is starting her 13th year at a job as tractor repair saleswoman. She Is a state normal school graduate but prefers to handle machinery rn- Ihcr than do any other work. War Steed Defended MONTREAL (UPI—The horse Is still the most valuable engine or wnr, believes Lord Motiistone, former British Secretary of state for | War and famous during the Great i War as Gen. "Jack" Seeiy, commander ot the Canadian Cavalry bury school, Mrs. O. E. Quelma,,; j ^^cU^o STpXTe Central. Miss Lena Mae Oliver, Miss lor the horse. eicrence charge of the programs »>-e- Slid-' and Johnny" was a presented In assembly Friday. October 29. Mrs. L. L. Hiibmer read the poem as a musical reading while the parls were pantwiilncd by: Wyncttc Shepherd, and George Grcar as "Fninkie" and "Johnny," The sup- cast included: ,Mal . Mc. Marian Tompklns, Winifred Crawford, Sue Rainey. Mary Frances Gucrin, Colcman Stevens, John 'I'ruln l.c(li>is I'lTNeittril 'l'i> Fuiillinll Hoys tolllisliy? cliiolu Klirdlu cinfwyp by, A sprclul iissi'tnhly was called nt «:30 Thursdny mornliif, Oct. M. In order to iirescnl soiiic^ imln letters lo the lojtliiill hoys who were leaving for Ort'cnwoo<l. The were written by dllferent Wanted Pecans Highest Prices Paid WOLF ARIAN 128 E. Main rhone Harvey Stewart Dr. F. A. Robinson STEWART-RORINSON Succeeds City Drujj Hlorc .We Specialize in PRESCRIPTIONS Medicinal Wine & Liquors 2014 w. Main Phone 20 Shown in Ksyplijn court robes .'UK! the kv he wears while presiding, is Benjamin Howe Connor, American lawyer who was appointed lo the international tribunal at Cairo by (ho Egyptian King, upon iccommencKitio.'i of iV-.-mCiit Rooscvcll. Connor, pictured above in Paris, will be on the- tribunal which hears . ew« ot Cairo's forti|n citizens. We Specialize In ^PRESCRIPTIONS^ rhone W FOWLER DRUG STORE Drs. Wert & Wert OPTOMETRISTS Over Joe Isaacs' Store "WE MAKE 'EM SEE" Phone 540 A TIP FROM THE TAPIR! The careful Tapir, in her fair, Guords all her brood with watchful care; If you'd use care each lime yog serve- Buy CALVERT Special or Reserve! ~7~ ^TEX. THESE DRINKS AHE I'THE SMOOTHEST i EVER TASreo i HOW DO YOU DO ii ANOTHER EASTERNER PUT ME HEP...HE TOLOME THAI SKIUWL SLEKOIN&MAK8S A UHISKEV . . . MID HE RECOMMENDED CAWERT...SWD THOSE CALVEM PEOPLE ARE REAL OLD-TIME | MASTERS AT THIS 15 THE PROOF./Ill RISHT .CALVERT li THE PERFECT fllEND FOR A PERFECT DRINK ! CLEAR HEADS fCLEAR HEADED BUYERS] CALL FOR WHISKIES , E ««J)T1VE OFriCES; CKRVSLER '.THIS P«OOUCT IS S VtAR' OLD, MORE M UK/ D RY and Freshening Cow Chow pats new life into cows. Milking Cow Chow gets up (o 25 per cent more raillc out of a cow yearly. Come in and let us show you how you can feed the Purina way without extra cost under Purina's exclusive "More Milk Insurance" offer. Ladies' Custom Tniloral Suits AllnrnlioiiH of nil I'hotie fi.'t HUDSON'S Attfie fusts .. .Qulrkl use this specialized ,-ikl for nose ami upper throat...w! ic ru most colds stun. Helps /tm'fni nujiy corns. VlCKS VA-TRO-HOL FUKB INSTRUCTIONS In Lnlesl Btyles Knitting ''KlillNAT" KNJTTJNO YAKN.S Mrs. Leslie Hooper 1109 Chleknsnwba PJione 7B3 fJ.KCTHIC & ACETYHINE WELDING AT BEST PRICES PROMPT SERVICE Barksdale Mfg. Co. PHONE ID — LADIES — Wit HEALTH'S SAKK BOWL Hnwlliiit Will (live Vim That I'crfccl Figure SUDBURY'S PLAYHOUSE T. Suillmrjr Harold Sudlinry Wliy lluy n riuitd-CdUiiim from Illueiunt ercws when THE SOUTIIWOKTll STUDIO will issm. you one AnsOI.UTEI.V HtKK, eivinjr ynn nn-rrmt. I-IIOTOOKAI-HS, QDIOKKU SERVICE AND HKLIVKHV nnil 1111 Absence of to Increase, your firilcr. I'ATUONIXE YOUB HOME INSTITUTIONS SOimnvOKTir, Maker Of Flue Soybeans - WANTED - Soybeans We l';iy Hljln-sl Market Vrlccs For All Varieties MALDEN GRAIN CO. ^V, ,O. llecves, Agent So. It. It. SI., Nex ttn'Masnoltii Planl—niylhcvllle, Ark. ' DAY I'HONt; BSS -NIOHT PHONK 5C9 fil ' Market for all Kinds of SOYBEANS & CORN IN ANY QUANTITIES Cici Our Princs Hcfore Suliing E. I BROWNE GIN CO, Ilitfhwiiy Norlh |»honc BEST BUY IN TOWN (i rooms, with hath, ;! lictlrooms, large front ! . porch, living room 1,'i.v.lO. Weather-stripped throughout. Cnol in summer—easily heated in winter. .Price $2251). Loan with (,'corgi;t Stale, or more will handle. !>1 i W. Hcnrn Sf. MORSE & K1RSHNER 1M N. 2nd. 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