The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 13, 1933 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 13, 1933
Page 5
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/ J'RIDAY,. OCTOBER ..t_3,_i?M PAGE WVE BLYTHEYILLB. (AM.) COUBM N1WB , CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Daily rate r>" line for consecu. IMC insertions: i Five average words to a line) One (line per line ID Tivo times r*> lino l>er day .. OSc •Jjiree times per line per day .. CWc blx times per line per day — 05c Month rate per line 60c Minimum charge 60o Ads oidered for three or six limee and slopped before cxplra- v-on v.ill be charge c'. for I lie uiim- ter of times '.he ad appeared and adjustment of bill made. All Classified Advertising copy Kit-milted by i^reons residing out- cid'-- of the city must 'be accoin- lanlcd by cash. Rates may IK easily computed from above table No responsibility will bo taken for more then one incorrect in- scition of anv classified ad. Advertising entered for Irregular insertions take the otic time rate. Phone 306 or 307 AUTO GLASS INSTALLED We Install glass In your car while you wait, call us for better service. Phono 035. Shout-Little Chevrolet Co. 10ckll-10 Gateway Giraee Good Mechanlre-Worfc Guaranteed I'rlees Right 18p klO-19 A $10,000 HOMER By Laufer '* Day & Night Service Station Complete Lino Shell Products Repair Work al Any Time Phone 605 Milton Sternberg 13C- klO-l'J i all 308—Red's Plate 118E. Main For Auto Fainting; Bcxly anil Fender Service Formerly with Shouse-Litlle Co. 26c klO-26 WRECKER SEKVICE Call us when you need a wrecker, Day and Night Service. Call 633. Sliouse-I.ittle Crevrolet Co. lOckll-10 TUJTOMOBILES, TRUCKS I In Hie Itnltnn I'uvlllon under con- ( Mtuil Kiia .BUSINESS DIRECTORY New and UKd Furniture DoughI and Sold Stoves repaired—Any make AMn Hardy 511 W. AsJ 20p klO-2 "Happy days are here aealn." Brink BUDWEISER, kins of _bol- 11«1 beer. 20 c Water-Proof Tarpaulins ^>ll $2.75; 8x10 *3.2C; 9x12 $1.35; 9x15 §6.00; other sizes and weights mde to ordei. Carney Awning Cs.. 113 S. Firs'. St. 18p klO-18 EXPERT Ttl)-writing and Adding Machine Repairing. U. 6. Elan i;enship, 116 E. Rose. Call "5-J. BUY NOW USED CARS HIGHER 1MU Chevrolet Sedan S2M 1930 Chevrolet Coupe $22: 1030 Ford Tudor $«< 1931 Ford Tudor *J5< 1931 Pontiac Conpc SS« 1931 Ford Sport Coupe 52*1 1929'Chrysler G5 Coup* ... S2W 1D30 Willys-Knight Sedan S25 1932 Chevrolet Truck §39 Ml Chevrolet Truck S35 Twenty other good used cars to s«- lect from. Never better values than now. Come in, inspect these cars. Open at night until 10 o'clock SHOUSE-L1TTLE CHEVROLET COMPANY 301 \V. Walnut St. Phone 633 Rare Exhibit From Italy Under Conitant Guard ,.„?,£" f persons Of 12,000,000 Insured i 10 iln England, 7,000,000 arc .... .. icm -1 If'iwuus CiUOAQO tUP( — One of the bore of the emit are alive » p lio I "f 1 '*? ''[' r .f writ and moil valuable ml ex- ... ; the secret JIIUCCM of Ulo | u ,!'' ,'";,,,;. OV er»"lour hlblts ul tho Century o( Pro-Brow, work, popularly known us "Flor- j """• 0 " c "'""'" "' ovcr y " >ur tilled "Wine, Music ami Love." Is ui - • Mosaic." _—— ——• lienvlly Insured neolnsl urcaltaBf- Wi explained thai In the cralt Tnc herd of 709 uuffalo bought The "picture" is « working of , i-olo.s. such by the Dominion of Canada in 1907 semi-precious stones into scenes nr agato. liipMiinill, iind mula- in TuWow. Mont., no 1 * numbers and flnircs by a process thnt has chile mv dcllciUcly Inluycd so us 10.000 head: most of these aic lot chm'eed since Its origin mi- t" rri.nxhiw all Ihe shades and loimilns the wilds hi the Fort ill-Its HBO H Is behiR dl.spluvid idiorhii! of oil p.ihilhiKs Smith district in Iho north. UOLSU Bejistered Spencer Corsetlere Mrs. J. J. Davis Phone 421 20c klO-2i> FtJENITURE Ne-w and .Used =1. j. Dodson 301 E. Maic 2CJC klO-2B FOR SALE nOME PLACE on Easl Main, rea sonacie terms. *rank fi. • Phone 747. Ihc BEER U'hibLK, «i^'J are drinilns king oj bottled Bee L. (j, SIoss UlvtlKvillc's Cut Bale Undertaker 10p-kll-10 rOR SALE—1B32 Chevrolet Sedan Good condition. X Courier New 7dh •,4EV, MAJOR 3 'I'.AtMV-iS ) A COUVV-6 OV-GUVS KT 'A TW fROHT DOPR 'xMVtO , AWENT COPS —*- < -l HEV W/-XNT TO SEE YOU J WONT GWE THEVP- NAMES, "B^T T^E^ H^E STOTP-UGVAT NOSES-"BOri- VA/WE POUR tiKV BEARD-: THW Vs/OULD SCRAPE -BfxRNACLE' Otf- i\ "BW^i SHOULDERED TO KtET• > THt^^^'D^rAT-v••aA V.E \WlNGj-THKi I UTTLE l ^<<. ., Icnched his bat more firm..'.as the next one came ay...and the Phillies had the le.ul on the Beimlown uni...Ciack! went the bat. and there went the b tv.o men had gone out...when from the crowded crossed the pan, the Brims won Icurlh 1" Berber, he will not strike out."...U formed a I The .score stood 1 lo 0, with two innings yel to 1» Ihui i!ay had quit his bed where n cold had miide nine that day...The Braves had filled the bases, midtol'his mace and visloncd...that n hit for "niib" stands arose a deep and mighty sliouir-'-Bergcr. Wall}'..Two strikes he toA. and theii two balls, and no perfect drama for the clouting Boston guy, who just like a speeding liuin he swung with a full body him lie.-.60 when the mighty cry went up, he graball. out in the left, field stand...nnd four runs would mean lo his mates a place in first division, ace. and Minrcd in that big ten grand. 'W TURN! Ulnrtir- "CLEANERS. TAILOBS_ ,'. For Quslity Cleaning "" I'hone 180 Barnes NuWa Cleaners Kolsleih Heifers, heavy springers Iresh soon, from heavy milkers. Stanton A. Pepper, Huffman, Ark. ; lip . klb Hals Blocked Loot Like New Ptonc 171 Unique Cleaning Service k.lO-2P 1 J5B5 Cable-Nelson player piano, S200; 1 $155 1-3 H.P. Dayton Electric Sausage Mill J50; 1 *35 Tenor Banjo $8. 001 S. Lake slreet. I3pkl7 REAL ESTATE SOWING, Alternations, Very Ke..- Minablc. Miss Louise Urane, Pi,om Come in, list your real esUtc See what we have to sell I!. .M. Terrj- Licenstd Dealer, I Terrj-Wortliin.uton Title Co. lEMhevillc rhonc 617 23c klO-23 Sl'ORTING GOODS V,'e are continuing; oar Golf Hn Sale Offer—Come in and inquire about it. Hulibord Hardware Co. 12c kin-12 BATTERIES FOR RENT 1 o'clock. r:wlroom. Call aCter .ri. Ed llardin, 10V' 21c ltlO-2 ISatlery & Radiator Service We guarantee you better battery or radiator work tor let's money. Any make radiator repaired or rc- cored. Get our prices on new- and rebuilt batteries. Call 633. Shouse-LiUlc Chevrolet Co. lock 11-10 M'.dern 3 rooin furnished or unfurnished "apartments, newly der united, over ICrby Drug Co. Alsi were buildhif adjoinhif Rox. Theatre #. Simon, 120 Vf. Davis C;iil 704. 27c klO-2. ROOM & BOAKD WASH EASY GETS'MAD! For l"roinpt Battery Service Vhonc 8 Bcn Clune 2ckll-2 1031 MAIN ST. Room. MCiils ani GaraGc. 56.00 per week. Mrs Handcrs, Phone 635-J. llp-kli WANTED Mvn mid Woir.en to solicit cos ovdeis. Apply Barlnick's Coa'. YJ., Railroad & Ash St. Phone 179 9p kK HUH 1 . TA^E A UOOK d,T HIS ?OOT PCINTS GAIL. NCM Fold Baltctlc.s i Drink the beat for the same price Ki'iital-KccharEirg-Kcpairing BUDWEISKU king uf bottled •;-,i TI;;K A: FATTERY STATION beer. 20ckio-z« 25c k 10-55 ^, J)OOS, PKTS Fur llealllij- DOB^ f ee<l M-llcr's Kaiicn k <!uick Lunch IIURBAHI) 1IAKDWAHK CO. lie klO-ll UUILDING MATERIAL \VALI, 1'AI'Eli dingle • lots $1.00 •J,MO lolls old patterns at Go l!t"'4 MAYFLOWER line lOc to 20C T. C. ROBINSON LUMBER CO. 20c 1:10-29 UMBFOUNDED, WASH , EASV, AN .aftlM S\ft«6 PUTUP.^UPPO'iSDl.V, JWH ClSCOVtBW Wt RWMOOH60 G TV. TUVIJ THAlt BU1HK6TV T'. ' Gfti-l&LER, CHEWE" USl HE ,|LIM; Cl-RlM! MB PUT UP THflT STflKt, a DISCOV6RV. BUT *Jllin u OOWT IHIHK rM 60IN&TO LET A TVXVB^-FOUR CftRO-S'.lftRP CHEM US OUT OF ^( J aD hint VJORIH TIIC iswicfi, MflNBC HUKlOREOS OP THOUSPKOS 0" L^.RS, DOWOU? WHS, ' HIS oRir- HIDE, I'LL H'.S BODV!' SALESMAN SAM WAY! BY 'we FOUND THREK KEYS on ring, Ijetweer ]':irnic»> Bank and Rnllroad Owner may have Mime by comtn[ lo Courier nnd paying for ad. llxx tl LOST ONE NAVY BLUE K1L> GLOVE— Gauntlet length. In Blylhevllle Tuesday. Call 217. Up kit Before you sivc money, nuiliuiiil anil Coal YHi-tl. COAL ri WOOD buy Coal— You con I'll one 170. Corner Ash bis. Bartnick's •J9c klO-^9 1'ilONE 107 BUCHANAN "Ciir Co«l i^ Black B'.iV WoTieat, You White." 9c kll-'J • STRAVEH OKI". BROWN MARE MULE, 7 yrs old, weight BOO Ibs., one Bin lloree Mule. 7 yrs. old, weight 900 Ibs Left H. J. Cole's place Oct Bill. KEWARD. H. J. Cole, Luxora R. P. D. 1, BOX 158. lip klB PERSONAL DUH& ^Ofie-/ . ._- , Oe To oo To SooM OS uJE. BLOBSEl \ FRKCKI.KS AND HIS FR1KNDS FHKCKLES I'UKDICTS BIG THINGS! \Ve arc exclusive azcnls for uris- in.-il Genuine Montevallo Coal and Sipsy, Arkansas Anthraritc and Kcntuiky Cui,\*. Hionc '111 v;. r. l-'ry AVumlcr City Cual Company Oc l:ll-a Will -arc lor children Ijy tin; dav ur hoiir. phone 713-J, Lorila Wil- iOM. He klB ^AUTOMOTIVE Auto GUu All Kinds insUllcd The ,\ik-Mo Clran, .scale, repair anil wash boilers, chimney's cleaned. Inspected and nmclc lia'-proof. Work guaranteed. CM W. H Helm at Wi lie k!4 Hues Cleaned, repaired, ..... Work siuiimntml. W. W. Booker. Call 'lOO. '3P kll-13 umber (V. UV; kll-IO IJAKOKST S7OCK. UbKl) I'AKTS Beiivccn Jlcp.iuhls and St. Louis Ab-0 Aulo Gliiss — IMioiit; tiO JACKSON AUTO I'AKTS CO. Kawir i'lanl CelebnK 5 . KKILSTU^A. Swtdtn. lU hr Home of the Swedish /.or." Ihu Hclji'-slrjud |)l.oit .. ha:: celebrated It* 126th minivers nry. Since the company was fomidcd in 1ROS. tl has been man- iiu'i'd iiicciasiM'ly by the four suli-s of the founder, nnd one grandson SWAOYSIPE HAS A RED HOTTEAW T>i|S yeAB...Hovi A8WT IT, PLEVJTV HOT. PAD...VJEHAV6 "A PLAV6E. VJMO 'CCWJLO LICK. KtoTRE.DAMe ALL ey HIMSELF: VJAITLL >tiU SEE CRASH DAVIS !I-'HE FlAVeP VJ1TH PRIUSUE L'AST VEAR,,. HE'S BETTER TWAt-4 <300O.' ^.~^/^^-^~\ HE'HAS"T sfeEH IM V£T gp. MOW 00 VoO 1VK HE'S SUCH A Hoy'SHOT'.? ' f/~ BA«Y, POP.' HE Ktorowty SAVS VK IS, BUT W£ BACKS IT UP'.! I S &£ US PLAY \ LOT p* i cr. in ' rk cJ f«xH rijTii '» lltilsrKUlMistVlTOxrilKeirfptf.liX 1 . l>Jijli i>A p'lri V>' ikf bMsra of a r- r )X.T.g ci *9 iS: l>f.!j cmplojol t> pw f[*x^. CV.r .y! rf 4 Wuy^e UwLMJ nwn > !w n l>Kl»s up ic t.« » d-lJotsyc^O-JI is s!r.l-j p A p!i;« caTj^n? iV bj in the i4« ai bt ,,..-, iK-n Hi llic bf. li's Ins I'm (">• tT liii^ .. ': .-.. I ill iW "•'-> Jo fj'J ill! 5WV .1 L'i-Vr.'. *-J OK.-, . A; p( 15 • u.l- rf .W.I i TK- :

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