The Danville Register from Danville, Virginia on March 25, 1966 · Page 1
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The Danville Register from Danville, Virginia · Page 1

Danville, Virginia
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Friday, March 25, 1966
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WEATHER COLDER TODAY THE DANVILLE REGISTER JTOUNDED.FEBRUARY, 1847. NO. 26,990 (AP LEASED WIRES) ·--··^^--^-------- · * ---- ·" ------ .. -- -ONE HUNDRED AND NINETEEN YEARS OF PUBLIC SERVICE- HOME DELIVERY 35c Week DANVILLE, VA., FRIDAY MORNING, MARCH 25,1966 (AP NEWSFEATURES) PRICE: SIX CENTS WINTER RETURNS - Snow blanketed de- serted downtown Minneapolis as the first days of spring brought a blizzard swirling out of the Rockies into Minnesota, Kansas, Nebras- ka and Iowa. (NEA Telephoto) Views Levy As Form On Economic Discrimination High Court Kills Virginia's Poll Tax In 6-To-3 Decision WASHINGTON (AP) -- The Supreme Court killed Virginia's poll tax Thursday and said such taxes anywhere are an unconsti- tutional burden on the right to vote. Violates 14th "We conclude that a state vio- lates the equal protection clause of the 14th Amendment whenev- er it makes the affluence of the voter or payment of any fee an sjon. At the heart of the ruling striking down the Virginia poll tax--and by application the use of poll taxes as a voting condi- tion in Texas, Mississippi and Alabama--is the view that it is a form of economic discrimina- tion. There was only passing reference to race. Admits Authority Douglas acknowledged that |ing any person of life, liberty or I And yet, Black said, the ma-j "Property and poll tax quail* law. properly without due process ofijority has given that clause a new meaning "which it believes represents a better governmen- tal policy." : 'There is no constitutional support whatever," Black said, 'for this court to use the due fications, very simply, are nol in accord with current egalitari* an notions of how a modern de» process clause as though it pro-ithe majority is reading current vided a blank check to alter the!social views into the 14th meaning of the Constitution." 1 Amendment. mocracy should be organized,'* Harlan, like Black, assertedjHarlan said "It is of course entirely fitting See COURT, Page 2-A * * * War Comes To Saigon's Doorstep As Reds Attack Two Miles Away SAIGON, South Viet Nam (AP) -- A hamlet battle brought the war to Saigon's doorstep again Thursday night. Flare planes lighted the sky as de- fenders beat off a Viet Cong as- sault on Tan Phu, less than two miles from the capital's Tan Son Nhut airport. Artillery firing could be heard clearly within ths city. A mili- tary spokesman said the raiders attacked with grenades and small arms. There was no re- port ·ide. Battle reports Thursday told of the death of 501 Communists of casualities on either Vietnamese troops, planes and artillery were reported to have accounted for 222 of these in turning back heavy Viet Cong night attacks on two govern- ment posts 100 miles apart. U.S. air squadrons hit again at Communist targets both north and south of border. Pilots reported that, among 67 mis- sions over North Viet Nam Wednesday, bombing and straf- ing attacks left the wreckage of 19 trucks clogging Mugia Pass, one funnel to the Ho Chi Minn supply trail. Gunners aboard U.S. 7th Fleet destroyers in the South China electoral standard," Justice'.states are given authority by William O Douglas said in an- ! the Constitution to fix voter nouncing the court's 6-3 deci-'qualifications. But they may not impose standards "which invi- diously discriminate," he said. "To introduce wealth or pay- ment of a fee as a measure of a j voter's qualifications is to intro- iduce a capricious or irrelevant factor." Douglas said. Degree Irrelevant "The degree of discrimination Tax Ruling Expected To Bring Special Session To Revamp Election Laws in widely scattered actions. | Sea joined air and ground forces in hammering at Red holdings between allied coastal strong- holds. Bodies of 32 guerrillas were lined up for exhibition to pass- ers-by on Highway 13 near a government armored regi- ment's headquarters at Go Dau, 12 miles north of Saigon. In all, 71 from an assault force of per- haps 700 were reported slain in that area. The raiders temporarily seized four of the regiment's American-made tanks, but the Vietnamese destroyed two and recaptured the others. A post at Bu Prang, 112 miles northeast of Saigon, was the other Red target. A Communist battalion struck before dawn. Flare planes, combat jets and distant artillery batteries joined the defense in a five-hour fight. The Vietnamese said the Com- munists, in retreat, left behind 151 dead and a variety of weap- ons including a recoilless rifle tne nead tax is an old and is irrelevant 'In this context--that is, as a condition of obtaining a ballot-- the requirement of free paying causes an 'invidious' discrim- ination that runs afoul of the equal protection clause." Douglas also acknowledged Peking Balked When Soviets Refused To Promise To Publish Statements MOSCOW (AP) -- Communist jit would boycott the congress,! up to Wednesday's blast from sources said Thursday Pekingibreaking a tradition of foreign rejected an invitation to a So- viet Communist meeting he- refused to everything have said Communist parties' being rep- resented at such Soviet party conventions. Peking: Invited In February The Kremlin invited a Chinese Communist party delegation to cause the Kremlin promise to publish the Chinese might here. The Chinese apparently had [accused them of working with that the Chinese would send a planned to use a greetings [the United States to dominate delegation headed by one o: speech at the Soviet party con-jthe world, of selling out the their party's secretaries. gress opening Tuesday as the. Communist cause in Viet Nam, ' and three machine guns. Losses 'Light' Vietnamese losses in both en- gagements were described as ight. South Viet Nam's armed orces, however, are still suf- aring most of the allied casual- ies in the war. Announcements today dis- closed South Vietnamese losses rose last week while the Ameri- can combat toll declined, along with that of the Communists. The U.S. military command said 80 Americans were killed, 816 wounded and 17 missing or captured, against 100 killed, 808 wounded and eight missing or captured in the week of March 6-12. The American death roll since Jan. 1, 1961, rose to 2,639 from all causes. Of these, 2,186 form of taxation and "we say nothing to impair its validi ty so long as it is not made a condition to the exercise of th The announcement was con- the congress in a letter dated tained in a scathing Chinese'.Feb. 24. Soon after, the Soviel denunciation of the Russians. It i ambassador in Peking was tolc occasion for an attack on Krem- lin policy, the sources said. Peking announced Wednesday and of slandering China. j. JIG vjum in u m 5t- fit* vc were killed in action. South Viet Nam's armed forces lost 232 killed and 73 Elections The 24th Amendment to the LJ.S. Constitution outlaws use of a poll tax in federal elections out says nothing about its use in state and local elections and the levy survived in the four South- ern states. Earlier this year, lower feder- al courts ruled the Texas and Alabama poll taxes unconstitu- tional. The Virginia poll tax of $1.50 yearly was brought to the Supreme Court for review by five Negroes who appealed a 1964 ruling by a three-judge fed- eral court in Alexandria, Va., upholding it. Two Dissenting Opinions Saturday's decision was ac- companied by two dissenting RICHMOND (AP) -- The Supreme Court decision nulli- fying Virginia's poll tax Thurs- day is expected to result in a special session of the Legisla- ture to revamp the state's election laws -- perhaps eight to 10 months hence. No Immediate Word There was no immediate word to this effect from Gov. Godwin who said he and At- torney General Robert Y. But- ton would make a careful study of the legal impact of the court's 6-3 decision. But there had been earlier intimations the state would have to act if an adverse rul ing by the high court left a void in the voting laws that had to be filled. Poll tax lists are a proof of residence and -- proponents of the tax argue -- are the prime check on the purity of the state's election lists. Generally Anticipated The court's decision was generally anticipated by friend and foe of the tax and pro- voked no surprise. And per- haps the most pointed com- ment came from W. Lester Banks, executive secretary of the State Conference of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored Peo- ple. "The complexion of the Gen- eral Assembly will be mater- ially altered as a result of this decision," he said. State Sen. Edward L. Breed- en Jr. of Norfolk, who sought in vain to have the recently adjourned General Assembly take the initiative in repeal of the poll tax commented: "The court's decision in eliminating the poll tax as a prerequisite to vote is a re- sult which the majority in Virginia will applaud, al- though many, like myself, will regret it had to be done by judicial rather than legislative and popular action." New Day For Virginia And State Sen. Henry E. Howell, also of Norfolk, who challenged the tax in the courts, said repeal would mean a new day in Virginia. Tt will stimulate competent candidates with fresh ne\tf ideas to offer for public of- fice from the courthouse to ! the state," he said. I In Washington, the state's 1 9th District Congressman, Rep. W. Pat Jennings, a long time poll tax foe, said the de- See REACTION, Page 2-A Anglican Primate Ends Visit To Pope Paul Archbishop Says Catholic Concessions On Mixed Marriages Still Inadequate missing. That compared with, . = : , t . TT 131 killed and 97 missing the' opimons onft by Justlce Hugo L - - 'Black and the other by Justice previous week. Commie Losses Communist losses reported by Po " er , Ste *? r * joining him ;. I j-fio.i,ik aiJLi nit. ULXIC.J. ujr u uonv-t mail. v^oiuwi.iv «,vuv,k,ijjAuu.jj vu. John M. Harlan, with Justice mixed marriage are inadequate. But, the ambassador was told -------------- . -- ^~, ^..^^LCU uj . _. ., , a written acceptance of the invi the allies were 627 killed and 59 B . lac . k said ° e a §. r ees with the " tation with designation of which! captured, against 1,224 killed . - . _ . , .^t this Soviet version of what led : Chinese secretary would attend! and TM6 captured March 6-12. "disliking the poll tax" but does not find ROME (AP) -- The. Archbish- op of Canterbury ended his his- toric Christian unity visit to Pope Paul VI with a parting complaint Thursday that Ro- man Catholic concessions on depended upon a Soviet guaran- tee. The guarantee requested was that the Soviet press would print the full text of any Chinese statements at the congress. More Than Greeting "Fraternal delegates" from other Communist parties who attend Soviet congresses are By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS.was predicted. Many cars were;given chances to make speeches Raw spring weather plagued'tied up on Interstate 81 in the|of greeting. But the Chinese ap- Frost, Freeze Warnings Up Arctic Blast Bites Deep Into Heart Of Southland A detailed study of B52 raids^ 5 a Justifiable reason to hold led American official quarters I 036 po11 tax unconstitutional, to conclude that, in addition to! " Such a noldin 8 on m y P art ripping old jungle hideouts much of the country Thursday night in the wake of a death- dealing blizzard which swarmed across the Great Plains and north-central states. While the blizzard country lay under deep sheets of snow, a new storm swept into the North- east and loosed traffic-snarling snows. The storm dumped 9 inches on western Pennsylvania. Corry was the hardest-hit spot. One person was killed in a traffic accident during the storm. Three inches fell in Pittsburgh *nd Blairsville, Pa. Me a n wh i 1 e, cold wave warnings were posted for North Carolina and inland areas of South Carolina. Deep snow al- erts were sounded for western New York State and Pennsylva- nia. The cold bit deep into the South. Frost and freeze warnings were issued for Loui- siana, Mississippi, Alabama and Georgia. In New York, 2 inches of snow fell in Buffalo and a band of ·now moved across state from Rochester to Utica. East of Uti- ca, rain fell. Up to 5 inches accumulation lilly sections south of Syracuse; jy icy roads. Swinging into the upper Mid- west, four inches of new snow fell on the 18 on the ground at Marquette County, Mich., Air- port. And rain fell from the Caroli- nas to eastern Pennsylvania. The storm swept into West Virginia, dropping 2 to 4 inches of snow across the state's north- ern and central sections. The storm was over, but the parently planned to do more than extend friendly greetings. They wanted to reply to ma- terial on the Moscow-Peking dispute which was given to So- January to some viet Communists in and later circulated would, in my judgment, be an apart, they have sharply re- exerc j se o£ P°wer which the duced the Viet Cong's will ant j! Const i tution aoes not confer ability to fight iupon me," he said. -- -- - · | xhe majority relied entirely The light-flying, eight-engine The ma ]° rlt y relied entirely jet bombers, based in Guamj u p ° n the 14th Amendment, have staged 191 raids since last June. They were controversial at the outset because ground reconnaissance rarely showed any enemy dead in areas they cratered. But Viet Cong defec-! tions have doubled to 2,000 a month and many have told in- terrogators that the B52s make which bars states from depriv- Hubert Says To Work For Unity Archbishop Michael Ramsey, leader of the world's Anglican communion, made the state- ment at a news conference after tie and Pope Paul had prayed together and signed an unprece- dented joint declaration com- mitting their churches to workj together for unity. j He told newsmen that he had expressed Protestant dissatis- faction with the Church's ad- justed stand on mixed marriage to the Pope himself. Not Satisfactory "I have told everyone I've that have separated their churches since 1534 could be overcome. But they acknowl- edged it would not be easy. They pledged to inaugurate "between the Roman Catholic Church and the Anglican Com- munion a serious dialogue" that "may lead to that unity in truth for which Christ prayed." "The dialogue should include not only theological matters such as scripture, tradition and iturgy, but also matters of practical difficulty felt on either side," the declaration said. Dr. Ramsey said a joint com- mission, made up of members of the Roman Catholic and An- glican hierarchies, would be formed to put the program into action. The commission will Sec VATICAN, Page 2-A Opposes New Anli-Red Group Sukarno Apparently Stands Firm On Cabinet Question foreign Communist parties, the guerrilla life intolerable. See WEATHER, Page 2-A Sidewalk Looked Baek At Sweeper CHARLESTON, S.C. (AP) -- "I was looking at the sidewalk and the sidewalk was looking back at me." That was the way a prisoner at Charleston's jail told it. He was sweeping the sidewalk outside police headquarters Wednesday when he spotted a glass eye looking up at him. He turned it over to the desk sergeant for safe keeping for the owner. sources said. The material included accusa- tions of Chinese border provoca- tions against the Soviet Union, Chinese obstruction of Soviet aid for Hanoi and a Chinese de- sire to push the Soviet Union into war with the United States. Chinese Knew The sources said the Chinese knew about this material some time ago, but refrained from replying to it earlier in hope of getting a congress platform for their answer. After pondering over the Chinese demand for publicity for any congress remarks, the Russians rejected it recently. The Chinese followed this with their rejection of the invitation and a long-delayed attack on the Soviet material on the Moscow- Peking dispute. The sources also said that the In Flights Of 10 They ordinarily operate in Tights of 10, which drop more nan 180 tons of explosives ^ach carries fifty 750-pound bombs. A Peking broadcat said four Communist Chinese organiza- lons -- THE National Peace Committee and three other poups -- accused the United States of trying to extend the Viet Nam war "wi ts principal target. A joint statement was report- See COMMIES, Page 2-A 13-Year-Old Shot Through Heart With Part Of Ball Point Pen On Road To Recovery TWIN FALLS, Idaho (AP) -- A 13-year-old boy shot through the heart with part of a ball point pen is on the road to re- covery. The boy, ·aid he had agreed with his par- Timothy Williams, father, George--sales manager of Twin Falls radio station KEEP--told the story to a newsman in a hospital bedside interview Thursday. Timothy and a friend, Stanley McMillan, had discovered that ents to avoid dabbling with the lower half of a metal pen home-made rockets any more. As a reminder, he carried in his pocket a 2%-inch section of pen casing which doctors re- moved from his pulmonary art- ery in an operation March 15. Timothy, his mother and his shell could be launched like a rocket when stuffed with paper and gunpowder and ignited. The boys were experimenting with their discovery in the ga- rage of the McMillan home. Good Morning 6 Section Page Amusements ..... B Classified Ads . . . . B Comics . ......... A Crossword Puzzle B Editorials ......... A Local News -- B Markets ......... B g Radio-TV ......... B 9 SjM»rts ............ A 10-12 Women'! News .. B ft uemocrais Need Labor Veep Declares Meany Right WASHINGTON (AP) -- Vice President Hubert H. Humphrey said Thursday "We Democrats need the labor movement." Humphrey told some 4,000 union building tradesmen that "George Meany was right" in "with China as say j?*i the D . e TMcratic party 0( , t ,, needed organized labor s sup- port in Congress and at election time. Meany, president of the AFL- 'spoken to in Rome that the new stood iirm i : instruction does not satisfy the appointment i consciences of Anglican Chris- Imunist Cabinet. JAKARTA, Indonesia (AP) -- President Sukarno apparently stood firm Thursday against the a new anti-Corn- tians and other non-Roman Catholic Christians," Dr. Ram- sey said. He was referring to the recent easing of Roman Catholic reg- ulations for both parties in a mixed marriage. It was an- nounced by the Pope five days Before Dr. Ramsey's arrival Monday for history's first offi- gunpowder, the boys told Mrs Williams that Timothy had been hit by a bolt which flew off a go cart wheel. Timothy walked to the car, and from the car into the Wil- liams home. Nearly 45 minutes later, Mrs. Williams began to suspect that her son was seriously injured. She had Timothy walk back to the car and took him to a doctor's office. There Timothy told what had really happened. "We built several tnat day," said Timothy. "The others just circled around and landed.' "Stanley held the last rocket while Timothy bent over to light the fuse. The charge went off and the pen sliced into Timo- 9 jthy's chest. 10 i Tomothy was knocked cold. 8 He still felt rocky after young; Se« PEN, Page 2-A ed to add, however, that 'should the U.S. aggressors ,j dare to impose war on China, !j See VIET NAM, Page 2-A Driver Charged With Murder CLEVELAND, Term. (AP) -- A man whose wife is suing him for divorce was charged with killing his paralyzed father-in- law Thursday by driving his car into the older man's wheelchair. The victim, Simon Bryant, 47, was thrown tlirough the plate glass window of a store he owns here and died in a hospital. Sheriff Sam Cannon said Bryant's son-in-law, George Er- nest Delay, 30, was charged with murder in the case and is held without bond. Cannon said Delay apparently had waited for Bryant to appeal at the shopping center. He saic Bryant was helped out of a car into his wheelchair. Then, the sheriff said, the car allegedly driven by Delay ran into him and knocked him through the window of the empty store. told the same group need labor more than labor needs the Democrats. And he charged that the Democratic party was unable to deliver on ts pledges to organized labor. 'Quite frankly we were una- ble to deliver" on some labor Sukarno met with the Presidi- um of leaders civilian without and military reaching any agreement on the composition of the Cabinet the new regime has been trying to form for four days. While Sukarno has been shorn of all real power, the govern- ment of Indonesian strong man cial contact between a pontiff ; Lt. Gen. Suharto still wants his . _ J if ·_ _ _ j _ i j _ _ * _ * and Anglican primate. (assent for important decisions. Revised Stand j Suharto has respected Sukar- The Pope lifted excommuni- : no's constitutional position as cation for Catholics married!chief of state and officially outside the Church. He also eliminated the written pledge previously required of non-Cath- olic marriage partners to raise children as Catholics. But the Church still insists that the chil- dren be raised as Catholics, Anglicans seek full equality between both spouses in a mixed marriage and ask that the children have the right to choose their religion for them- selves. In their unity declaration both ~.^ its ut~l*vi~*. wu OUlllf^ Aafc/l/i. All LJldl UUllJT UG k-ldl a I.1U11 UUkll|"K ""· w v egislation, Humphrey conced- expressed hope that differences (munists. ed, but added, "We will not fail!" n the long run." Humphrey teamed with Speaker John W. McCormack, D-Mass., in telling the delegates to a legislative conference of the maintains that the new regime is acting under the president's orders. But Suharto and his backers know they have to make a start, with a new Cabinet, on restoring Indonesia's sagging economy. Unless the new regime acts soon, the anti-Communist stu- dents may again take to the streets indemonstrations. They are the ones who toppled Sukar- no's old Cabinet, largely made up of Communists or pro-Com- Parliament met and demand- id that the new government sack all members of the now- dissolved Indonesian Commu- nist party and its sympathizers from government and from mis- sions abroad. The members also supported Suharto's decision to detain 15 pro-Communist members of tha See INDONESIA, Page 2-A It Cost $2,000 To Park Her Car SAN FRANCISCO (AP) -- Tt cost Katherine Nichols $2,000 to park her car. She withdrew the money Wednesday from a loan asso- ciation to transfer it to a check- ing account in a bank across the street. En route she paused to feed the parking meter. When she got to the bank, tha one hundred $20 bills, held to- gether by a rubber band, were gone. Police theorize the roll pop- ped out of her purse white she was rummaging through it for a parking coin. AFL-CIO Building and Con- struction Trades Department that they had many friends in the Democratic party. I don't mind telling you," Humphrey added, "that the President of the United States is your friend, too." At a news conference Tues- day, President Johnson showed no concern when asked about labor's stand. "I would say that as far as I have been aware," Johnson told a questioner, "labor has always See HHH, Page 2-A Gunman Holds Two Hostages Eight Hours, Kills Self As Police Start To Move In :he hospital was his wife, who in two weeks is expecting their second child. As Acree fled, he saw lights in the Fawbush home, knocked at the door and was let in by Faw- bush, 46, an automobile sales- man. Police Lt. Alfred Hartman, McDonnell Says It Has Developed Device Tliat Can Eliminate Collisions Of Planes SPRINGFIELD, Ore. (AP) -- A gunman held two people hos- tage in their home more than eight hours Thursday, then shot himself moments after police lobbed tear gas into the house. The gunman died in a hospital himself in the mouth at about 2:20 p.m. "He shot himself but the other people are all right," was _the swift word from a state police- man who ran into the house mo- ments after a shot rang out. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Faw- bush were the hostages. Harry Joseph Acree, 33, was the gun- man His sister, Mrs. James Me- M p a w h ^ f , Cutcheon., was in the house too; .,, . _.__!.. ;_ *\ who had been with Wilson when Acree's car was stopped for haying expired license plates, said it was Acree who fired tha shot that hit Wilson. Hartman called for help. He and other officers arrested Acree's corn- See HOSTAGES, Page 2-A The Weather Report AH Readings From Station Atop The Register Building VIRGINIA: Mostly sunny and [warmer in west portion Saror- . . . , at the close of the tense and near 40 m mountains to around ; D OWNTOWN WEATHER LOG ST. LOUIS, Mo. (AP) -- Mc- .Donneil Aircraft Corp. an- McMillan brought him around inounccd Thursday it has devel- 4 by applying cold cloths to his J oped a warning device that can 1-3 jhead. So he telephoned his eliminate collisions of airplanes. mother and asked her to pick him up in the family car. Unwilling to admit that they had been playing around with The device provides a 60-sec- ond warning to airplanes con- verging at speeds of up to four times the speed of sound, and it even tells the pilots what eva- sive action to take to avoid a collision, a McDonnell spokes- man said. McDonnell is the firm that warnings to airplanes one and a half miles apart. The cockpit indicator has up and down ar- rows and a level-off light. "When a collision warning has wearying wait. Acree had fled police bullets in the darkness of 5 a.m., and sought refuge in the Fawbush house. builds the Gemini spacecraft, jbeen evaluated by the system," The device is called EROS for the McDonnell spokesman said, "Eliminate tern." It Range Zero Sys- gives collision See DEVICE, Page 2 A 50 on the coast. Fair and cold Friday night low in 20s or low 30s. Saturday fair followed by increasing cloudiness and not as He left behind in his flight a wounded policeman, shot in the stomach with a small cal- iber pistol bullet. The police- man, Terrence Wilson, 24, was in fair condition. With Wilson in \ cold in the afternoon. NORTH CAROLINA: F a i r Friday, colder east of the moan tains. High temperatures 37 to 44 in mountains, 45 to 57 else where. Fair and somewhat Thursday Hoar Temp. Bar. Wind 7 p.m. 49 29.M W-7 » p.m. 48 29.99 W-« 11 p.m. 43 39.01 W-9 Friday 1 a.m. 40 30.82 SW-2 24-hour low (tc 1 a.m.) 44; high tt 21-hour precipitatiM, .IS inch

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