The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 7, 1931 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 7, 1931
Page 6
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COUKIKK XKWS UP YANKS •$& SPRING AIU5ST Dapper jock aims Petrolic and Rfitzlaff at Pair Fight Titles. By XEA Service Superior, Wis.. y.UTh 1. ••will hear more :ib-:;it the :i'.[!: firm cf Jack Hurley. Inc. Tor dm- per Jack, the Hwui IJrimnne] of Fis'.tana, pl.ins lo !)occ/mo Hip p!i<,: o( two champions at one and tin.- same lime. • uvo iltlf pros;>cc:ts rive named HiH.v PrtrclK". the l'au;o Kv-' press. nan- cliKteiH? nul of I);:- ; lull). Minn., under a full head i:t > and Chflrley n<!tz!nlf. erior pjant ,nn up-and-eomui'; j heavyweight who turned in :i iU;-! cislvc victory over lint "spoiler of champions.' ,l-.;;:iuy Riska. a few ivc-ckr, Uefr.rr Walker tc»nce:l the inb';i-r ,nnn in Pa Strlblin^'s recent M::Mi>l sh'jw. Though tliere 1*5 .sad tn Lo nn honor among thieves, rr.ri r niTk- cd scarcity of it in lite lichl there Is decidedly a KEET-M6, HELD IM CINCINNATI - "Tlie secretary was instructed to communicate with Mr. I.. H. Mftnn, of Boston, anil inform him that the league tlesireci him to manufacture for their use a harder nnct livelier ball; that the ball at present in use was far Fhort of what they desired, in this, that it is too dead and soft and fails to retain Its original shape." LEFT LEG CFF BELOW K&EE. IS A SvJlMMtR y«l) KNOW THAT— SATURDAY, MAKCil To Show up Cochrane . v B!U,Y PETIIOU.K ! aereeirijnt involved In iho man-' ip'ulatlmis of Hurh'.v, Inc.. Enrh cf tlic .nihicri. lakes on the cnp;n nis. Hurley names, while their nsso- • ciation.-, are so frier.iily nnd straightforward that no commit* are : dccmcd nccec^ary. ''TBack in Far^o some yean; n:4d. Hurley was a young lighter wi!h n- pailicuiar ability and Billy rc'.iolle was an ambitious, tneugh not ov- erljskUIed, rallrcad worker, But Felrollu one day wnnderrci in'.o t::> Syni for a workout and thc-re Hurley Immediately catalogued him as a "comer." .Thcy.laikcci of a tour of the tank tpivns with liiln of them nshtlnj. Tho partnership was formed and conducted successfully until Petrolle's class began to nsscrt itself; then Hurley retired as n tighter; and" look over the minacemsnt Billy. ' Gradually th.? Fargo Express oh. Die inaiD line of the lighln-dEhi j . division, only to he side-tracked by King-Tut about, c year ago. Petrolic decided to retire and get nnr- --sfflifc^: Columbia's cem-of-lho Hudson crew for the roniltig season c!:s up as the heaviest. In year.'; . . . the vaislty uoMload iivc-rnsra !8'j pounds io the man nt this stage o! (heir training . . . the only livnvlef cue Yoi !)ick G'.er.don ever tutored ol Ya'ij ill 1925. . . . They're colt crazy In the Orient, re- I»rl5 Hobby Crulckshnnk. vhn recently concluded a pbyln;; tcnr of Japan ami Cliinu with Bill M'.'liH-.Oiii . . . Wee Bolibv says Kulft-rs frnn the Far Fas will he coming over here for our taunmmenls tofcre htng, . 'S-^lnr t;f ch(* f.i-iejitnl fnur.^es vory linin'c.ulve, i-ciiorts tin. Sect. . . . There will be plenty of barr-cs nt Polnion'.'s spr mectlii;; . . . every one of IQilO still. 1 ; lias been reserved for tlr. haybuincrs . . . Mrs. Payne Whitney, with 90 stalls In threo barns, p.parenlly ivill send th incst horses ... Hack Learns to Hurdle I two fighters into hcuvvw^ight and P tu M U^ht'.vci^hl cliainpion^hips appar- ' 'cully ore justineil Hcli-.laff scon. \vi!l be dinwlnt; consldt-r:;tlmi from : Ihe S'.riblings, Sharlieyr. tinci Uchmehngs If he ccnt!m:os at his 1 resent piic.?. And Pctrnlle. de- the humiliation of thai 34- • kncchout at the hands of i 1113 Ttu. his old nemcsic. showed ! caliber in his lights' v ilh Canznneri. McLarnin and in: Ir.s' New York bout when hej n fivra Tut by flatlening that: iin^ nun in four rounds. ! Sox Have Another "Shires" in Frank Gruhe Loquacious Catcher. FIIANK OHUIli; 11Y Cl.AIHK IIURC'KV NKA Scr.'ii-e Spuds Wrller ' Those fans who nsiist, (he White .Sox In uslicrin? the'1931 haseball r,(;ason Into Mr, Cojnisk?y's park . may .suspect that they are seeing i Ihe sliotit of An (T!ii! Greal) ! Shires. But really Iherc will -I)? j nothing weird about It, This seem- apparition of the- Oreat One will be another as loquacious and Frank Grubs, wtio candidly admlis he will usurp Mickey Cochranc's c.itehini! hnnorsl ere world scries time:. Manager Donte Bush may not know at (his early stage that his tr-um is ijiaced with the presence of a so illustrious, but by the time the White Sox complete their exhibition scries with the Gi- anls lie certainly must, realize lie I has an extraordinary youth union? I his rookies. I Of all the freshmen coining inlo itlie big leagues this semester, none !appears finite so sure of himself as Gnibe. To hear him expound to any (Treat length on his chances iof making the grade, you must bc- 'iteve lhat lie will do most of the : catching for the Bush clnn. * * * When McQrnw took Grubc, fresh out of college, to hts Giants in June of 1028. the little Napoleon I wns informed that his catching I \vorrles were at an end. Grube cx- | plained (hat lie was ready to work i regularly behind the bat. This amused the McGraw dander. . | In his customary blunt phrasing, i the Giants' l:os.s informed the rook- j le (hat he. was not even a member ! of th? team, tut that he might ; hang around the Polo Grounds dur- j ing the summer and warm up pitchers. Grube grimaced and swallowed this rather bitter pill. How- cver. he always look off his uniform as soon a.s the yamc started and. In company with friends, stit in the stands where he minced-no wcrds hi declaring that he was better catcher than any on the New York roster. Grube signed with Bridgeport's I Eastern League team In 1929. His ifinc ralchlng and .350 hitting help" led that club win many a gnine. | lie was too jjood for the Eastern Hoop, which he admitted, and 1930 .found him with Buffalo In the In- : i tcrnalional wheel. No bands blared | when he reported to the Bisons, but such was hardly necessary. Ha slarted tooting his own horn and shortly was catching regularly. He j finished the season with a .348'bat- | ting average and was purchased by i Ihe White Sox, who had to bid'high I for his services. •I Bill Coiighlin. former Detroit star who ccachcd Grube at Lafayette college, says the youth has one of Ihe strongest arms in baseball. Grub admits that his throwing is nothing short of sensational, tut adds lhat his best work is done "at the bat." District Title Decide:! Toj nighl; Elyihevilie l.uxora Rp;<t?n. ' Tiuniann hiph schools w<!! cl:.:;| in lh- finals of th? fourth Arkansas district hays' ease meat! here tonight. Jonccboro rntrrcd tin; Una's by disposing of Bor.o to 12 and Tiumnnn Ijv downing Earle SO to 12 last !iii;ht. Jcne^boro had a early leail on] Hie Bono l>oy s and \v:rc- nevcd threatened. TrunmMi was cuml plctJly in-charR? of the W.IK wi'.lj 'Earle from Marl to fii:::;h. Blythcvllb wus dmima'.eit ycsj terday by Marion by a sco.v 32 to 13. TriHiiHiin latei pr.t Mart ion out of ihe tourney. Jcncslxifi eliminated I.usorn. 43 to 13 Blythevllle lest, lo Earle 'in i\~, consolation series, 10 to i« Rec;o and Bono will probably clash in consolation finals. The Blytheville Chicks, Coach Hemy Hudson, return from Tiinnann this afternoon. Tn made Ihe trip through the conn) try. Hayti, (Steele and ] Garuthersville in Pemiscot Finals CARUTHERSVILLE, Mo.— <Special to the Courier News)— The Stceie and Caruthersvilie boys and the Hayti and Cnruthersville eirls will clash in the finals of the annual Pemiscot county tournament here tonight. The Caruthcrsville quintet moved into the finals by disposing of Cooler in the semi-final round last night 32 to 26.'- Steele gained place In the finals by beatng Hayti l.l to 17. Caruthersvllle defeated Dccrlng In the first round 38 to 32 while the Stceie boys eliminated Holland 36 to IB. The Hayti girls entered the finals by trimming Deering in the semi-finals. 43 to 7. The Caruthersville girls took the Steelc lassies into camp In the semi-finals 46 to 20. •!•••• The Carnthersville girls upset the dope in the first round by winning easily from the highly touted Cooler team,'31 to 19. • - ; • Slump Didn't Hit Autoist BOSTON. (UP)—The business epression apparently'failed to'dis- ourage Massachusetts, .motorisis last year. On the basis of gasolins tax receipts there was more motoring than In the previous year. In 1930 automobillsts paid $10,547,800 in taxes on 544.871,983 gallons .of gasoline, compared with $9.195.527 on 472,397.802 gallons In 1929. ''"art Courierx News want ads. NOTICt; All prisons and concerns Here;:! take notice that I am no! r,n;| will not be from and after H-.iJ date, responsible for any debts contracted or made by my wifjj Azia Moody. And all persons and concerns extending credit to hej for anything must not expect i| hold me responsible. ' •Dated this 3rd day of March 1931. R. M. MOODY. Fir..— It may b? quite th? balk of the think . "He means 10 to win and 10 to ried. but h? soon found that hnrr.c- mafclng had nicked his bankroll. He returned to the rini by the firm of Max Inc.. is accomplished by .~r;wd little. ,!o? Jaccbs. Ihe pen- nunrle-nnd-ch'.sel man. But [•'. a race track. Max can think! 5 " mil «? his famous frown. isvlly v.-.3ll lor himself • "Skipping the bal" is the name of a now game invented on Catalina Island by rtogers Hornsby. new Cub manager, and designed to subtract loose avoirdupois from the walsllines of the Bruins. Here we .see Hack Wilson taking the harrier like an English thoroughbred a water jump. Charley Grimm is the olhrr part of the picture. handed it lo the messenger with (his instruction: win and S5.80 to place. After that Jr? Jacobs tossed his racing form nway, and decided to let Nfaxle do thu "sinking" for the firm that day. At a race track. Max Is a great "sinker." Maybe it's u gift. resembles money ttiat you car. cash it anywhere. i 1 sink I lake 10 to win nnd 10 j Max pocketed his winnis-'- took I to lose on Hapeerson." . j up the prcgram anil procv<v:led to ^ "Ten to lose?" nskod the young ( do a li'.tle more "sinking." There •fHow. - | were only five horses In the next Joe Jacobs interrupted; . [race, and ono of them. Trait' , was i even money choice. ace." The champion took out another "Yah, dat's It. Jce," said Maxlc. twenty and afkcd the mcs'en^r to buy 10 to win and 10 to p:ice on RITZ THEATER Sunday and Monday Charles Farrell In his finest i-olc— Elissa Land! Europe's Sensation in any languagejfy, Gherry & Railroad Phone 123 WILLYS MUSICAL MEMORY HOUR ' . :S|atioif TLW.(700Kc.) . MONDAY PVENINGS, 11 p.m. E.S.T. cned a gymnasium in Dulmu aitd there Cairo to his knuckl" thna one day a young hu^ky from Superior, Charley Rctzlaff by Never had Hurley seen one so nwk- \ word, but the newcotncr's punch caught and h?ld his attention. Dapper Jack look the bi^ yciui-- Kter in hand, drilling him" week after week without letting h!pj out of the q_vm. Then ccme amateur fights, followed by preliminary matchis in {tie I • , shows. When "Smiling Charloy ' Iorm had mastered the niAi-.ctivcr'ini: cf his feet and had leirnjd to deliver a knockout b!ow with etthcr hand. Hurley sought the upper flight cf heavyweights for him. To date, Rct7laff has won 2-1 ot 28 fights by knockonis, half of them in the first round. Bcsir.?; Risko. he was unable to keep Bombo Chevalier en the canvas, and BombCs you remember. Is the dusky Bill Morris, a horse thai w.i.s third | Hageerson won tho race, ,,, , ., , , ,,Mavc, n his hroketi sprech calls ? '"' "l'""-- > "0ii Cli fall lucky Dutch." does his "r.inkin':" ot a rocc ••-.:\t',: with no arlifk-isl aid otter than a prcjram to guide him. "c:ne cf the people In the party 1 Service i .Switch Hoard champion program, Classified 308 —For an Ad-Taker Ill 'Body and Soul' Matinee and Night gent Camera experienced tro-jbb with In that fizht of the "Fluttering Towel" In California. R£t7!rf! dropped two Bouts, one en a foul but In return engagements ho was able to administer the knockout his foes. .Hurley's plans for hdvancing his Kcny-Mecny-Miny-Mo The heavyweight merely thumbed his glanced a few- times at the. board shew-in? the approximate odds and said. "I tink I take this oiv." The first horse Max "souqht" wcutci like to back was Hnsgerson The form sowed that Hnggerscn. in his !ajt appearance, bansup terith. One of the young party was buying UK pardon me. "the stock' as they call It. atiHIaleah. Max- dug iiito a vest pocket, took out a $20 bill and HOME THEATRE Sunday and Monday Snappy Skecls Gallagher Handsome Norman Foster Beautiful Carole Lombard 'It Pays To Advertise' Mntinee nml Xigtit. than ALL other love-priced curs! • lit* new VUlys Six is the speediest car in iU price clues.'.. It also excels in pick-up, hill climbing nnd long life ... You must drive the Willys Six to appreciate fully the »p<v.d and power capabilities of eucU a low-prited car ... All the neiv Willys cars are notable for bril- liance of notion, economy of operation... They bring you comfort and safety . . . Prices ar« lower, some models are S700 less than lost ytar'i timilar types . , . The new six-cylinder truck* bring Willys dependability ami econ- omy to the field of commercial transportation. WILL 1 A DIG SIX, prlccit '.Ike- a four A POWEHI-ft EIKI1T . . . A BRILLIANT KMRIIT . . 2 NEW WILLYS TlirCEkS . . and up t /. o. &, Toledo, 0. Tlllj-i Six . . $!95 to $350 Willys Eight . 993 to 1093 ^illys-Kiiigln. 1093 lo 1193 Willyii W-ton chassis . 393 IH-ton clmssl* . 593 SAFETY GLASS IX ALL WINDOWS AT ST.1G.UT EXTItA COST FOWLER MOTOR CO, Blytheville, Ark.

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