The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 25, 1940 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, November 25, 1940
Page 8
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PAGE EIGHT BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS MONDAY, NOVEMBER 25, 194< HUS Sid's Zhdanov With Stalin the Stalin's Successor Believed Chosen To Avoid Bloody Scramble For Power By TOM' WOLF , NEA Service .Stiff Correspondent Molotov's machinations - make headlines, but the premier-foreign commissar is not second man in the Soviet. If Stalin has named his successor there is little doubt about the chosen one. He is stocky, round-faced, •- little-known Andre Alexandrpvitch Zhdanov. Although, for ; obvious "reasons, it has never been confirmed by' the Kremlin, there is good reason to believe that in 1933 Russia's powerful Politbureau ruled Stalin must select his successor. The moody •• scramble' for power ' v ihttt iollowed Lenin's death would .make the'ruling a: logical one. 'Without such a safeguard no man of position, could place much value on "his lite', should Stalin die suddenly. .•••'• If such a law does in fact exist, high-placed- Russians believe their enigmatic boss has decided to pass Ills mailed fist of''authority over 170' millions to the 43-year-old Zhdanov. 'HELPED ALONG BY ASSASSIN'S HAND Until six " years ago, Zhdanov lived in the -comparative obscurity surrounding many minor Commu- - nisi Party officials. He had been horn into an. elementary school teacher's family in Tver, between St. Petersburg and Moscow. He went to Moscow's Agricultural School, was attracted to the Bolshevists, soon quit school to agitate against the Czar. . Unimpressive in appearance, being rather short and pudgy, Zhdanov had two very, useful qualities for the Bolshevists: he was a great organizer and an elo- . quenty spell-binding speaker After the O:tober revolution he • was 'assigned to organize a small west Siberian district for the party Gradually' he rose through the •parly ranks, but it was an assas- • sin's hand that put Zhdanov on the road to' his present, teacher's-pet position. •„'•-'. " When, v in 1934, Stalin's friend, •adviser, and favorite, Sergei Kirov, party secretary • for / the Leningrad district, was murdered, Zhdanov was chosen to take his place. As secretary -of this important labor' district* Zhdanov became s secretary",of the powerful Centra! Committee of the Communist Party. Today he has moved, up to - the second secretaryship. As first secretary, Stalin rules Russia. An ardent nationalist, Zhdanov soon used his Leningrad position to agitate against the Baltic states near " his district. As early as 1936-he'urged"the All Union Con' grass to annex Finland nncl the Baltic states. FINNISH FIGHT WAS "HIS WAR" As secretary of Leningrad Zhda- nov ' formulated the "workers' demands" for bases in the Gulf of Finland that led to the Finnish "* war. Later,, as the state-controlled ,'praVda said: "Comrade Zhdanov was entrusted with the organiza- . tioiv of our front in the war with Finland." ' It was "his war" and upon its successful conclusion he was flooded with congratulatory telegrams and letters. Even before the Finnish war, Niece of Leaclivillc Man Wins Praise As 'Most Versatile Model' The Novernbfr issue of The Reader's Digest \vns ol special interest to C. L. Smilli, of Luachvillj-, for ash blonde of 26 with gray-green cyf'.s with delicate, neatly arranged k: run res and a lot of poise. Upon contained nn article telling o! i her liyure Mr. Powers likes 10 be- [{ is said thai when Xhdanov and Stulin .sit side by side at council s th'ftv look like son ami father. In this pictun- Zhdanov is on lt the work of his niece, Miss Oeie.s"' Ghcen, oi New York City, who H called -AinerScii's Most Versatile Model." The article is entitled -You See Her in the Ads>' Miss Gheen, who is a leading model of the agency run by John Robert Powers and which enrfp'.oy 4fjp beautiful girls, has been .<•/•- lected by Mr. Powers and other authorities in I he line "of beaut v as. the "typical-American-type girl" So widely known has she become thai she was recently written up in The New Yorker and it wt.- from this magu/iiu; thai The Reader's Digest look a review for Uv November issue, a complimen: sought by all wriiers and subject.-, Mr. Smith visits his niece eac-h .spring v,hen lie is en route to Nov.' Scotia for fishing and again in !h< ' fall when he is reluming home. Miss C»neon's face has*launched a million Camel. 1 ;, Old Golds :tmi Spuds; she has lent her charms lo Clack, Starr and Gorham jewelry, Community Plate, Cellophane, Log Cabin Syrup, Schaefer's beer, Packard. Buick, Beech-Nui. Riaso. Simmons Beauty rest 'Mattresses, l|)ana and Castoria, according to the article which says she has decorated covers of many on "Investing Our Heritage." Those who took part were: Mrs. C. E. Goddard, Mrs. Etchenson and Mrs. Ross Moore. Prayers were offered by Mrs. 'Henry Young and Mrs. Dan Roberts. The next meeting will be at the home, of tthe Rev. and Mrs. A. L. Riggs Wednesday at two o'clock. stow, such adjectives as 'liquid' 'and 'flexible'." It is saicl that she can look anywhere from ,18 to 35 years old by adjusting her hair and makeup. Miss Gheen, like many oilier models sprang into the profession surUlpniy bui, unlike others, soon reached 'the top. She was born in Cleveland and while working as a secretary fcr a paint, company there, .she went, one day, to have her picture taken. The photogra- i pher suggested- that he put her in ' ;s General Electric: ad lie had been | commissioned to illustrate. Adver- \ ii>infc men, on the lookout for a ' fresh face, noticed her picture and usk^-d Mr. Powers to produce her. Steele-Cooter Society—Personal Entertains at Bridge Mrs. Tom C. Lewis was hostetss to her bridge club of Cooter and two guests, Mrs. Velmer and Mrs. Jerry Holly, at oin'mir 'Visit of 'Stnl'l'y' Doweling, RAF Hero, Caus " s Washington Stir She also works for expensive dress designers and smart magazines of high fashion but catalogui-.s and illustrations are her specialties. Every recent Sears, Roebuck and Mortyomery Ward catalogue as used from 20 to 30 pictures of liss Gheen. The author of the article, E. F. Calm Jr., describes her as a "dark American airplanes 'for Britain and to give the manufacturers the benefit of his practical knowledge. Dowding. universally known in the air force as "Stuffy," is u rugged Scot of 58. The World Wai- found him an artillery officer. But he soon joined the old Royal Flying Corps and had active service for the whole war period. Later ho had commands in the Near East ancl India. In 193G he was iacle chief of the air forces. The efficacy of British fighter lanes is largely attributed to him He fought for and got eight syn- hronized machine guns on fightei lanes. He had the cockpit on Hurricanes" • placed behind the engine, thus giving the pilot th Maximum of protection. He studie glass • manufacture and got com sanies to make a glass that shed rmchine gun bullets. Yarbro News Woman's Society Meets Sixteen members of the Woman's Society of Christian Servicr of the Yarbro Methodist church met in i.he home of -Mrs. Louella Wheeler Wednesday for a Dutch luncheon. Because it was her birthday, 'Mrs. Wheeler was honored with a shower. The meeting was opened with group singing followed with prayer by Mrs. A. L. Riggs. Mrs. C. B. 'Etchenson, who presided over the meeting, gave the devotional. Others on the morning program, based on "Scan-ill College" w ere: Mrs. George Bunch, Mrs. Lee Stiles. Mrs.. Riggs. Mrs. C. J. Little. Prayer j was offered by Mrs. A. S. Deen. Mrs George Swain read the scripture from the fifth chapter of Romans for the afternoon program second high, bath powder, went to Mrs. Holly, and bridgo award went to Mrs. Carolyn Armstrong. The hostess served' open face pimenio cheese sandwiches, salad, fruit cake and iced drinks. ff » # Has Birthday Party Little jeanetia Brown was guest of honor at a parly Wednesday afternoon at her home in Sieele in honor of her fourth birthday anniversary. Her mother,- Mrs. Gas- Ion Brown, was hostess. The affair started at 2:30 o'clock and lasted until 4:00 o'clock when a large of number of little friends were present. The guest of honor received a large assortment of beautiful gifts. Dainty refreshments were served * *• * Entertains at Bridge Mrs. Harbert Hud gens and Mrs Bowen Travis were hostesses to four tables of bridge guests Tuesday afternoon which included members of the Tuesday Bridge club. The high score award went to Mrs. Byron Weaver, second high to Mrs. R. J. Tatoum, and bridgo to Mrs. Ralph Hall. A salad .course and coffee was served at the close of the evening. , * * * Mrs. Tucker Hostess Mrs. C. C. Tucker was hostess to her Thursday- Bridge club of Cooter at 'a 7:00 o'clock luncheon Thursday evening when she also 'had Mrs. Floyd Wagster, Mrs. Sidney Miller r. and Mrs. Tom flopper as guests. The high score award, gloves, weni 10 Mrs. Wagsler, second high, a "what not" shelf to Mrs. Carolyn Armstrong'and bridgo to Mrs. Hop- 1 who received a potted plant Noise is a major hazard in mod ern existence, contributing chrcnic ill health and ; prematur old age, according* to Dr. FosteJ Kennedy of Cornell. Relief At Last For Your Cougl Creomulsion relieves promptly cause it goes right to the seat of tlw trouble to help loosen and expel germ laden phlegm, and aid nature to soothe and heal raw,.tender, irvj flamed bronchial mucous membranes. Tell your druggist to sell you a bottle of Creomulsion with the \a\\ derstanding you must like the way i\ quickly allays the cough or you ar« to have your money back. 4 YOUR 4 NOSE u EASE THE SNEEZE ANDi CHECK THE DRIP WITH THIS QUICK-ACTING'TIRSI THOUGHT"RRST-AID- PENETRO NOSE DROPS. Vow Manv Wear FALSE TEETH With More Comfort FASTEETH, a pleasant alkaline (non-acid), powder, holds false teeth more firmly. To eat and talk in more comfort, just. sprinkle a little FASTEETH on your plates. No gummy, gooey, pasty taste or feeling. Checks "plate odor" (denture breath). Get FASTEETH at any drug store. Adv. 1 for Couehs, Chest Cotds, Bronchitis TOP PRICES PAID FOR SOY BEANS CORN RUSSELL BARHAM'S RED TOP GIN Phone 273 North City Limits On Highway 61 WHY PAY 1.—Short terms considered as cash. 2.—Everything, everyday, the best for as LESS. 3.—Largest variety in town—Meats—Poultry—Groceries. 4.—Prompt delivery town or country—No lone waiting. 5.—Quality unexcelled—Never undersold any day. All These & More at the One & Only RITE PRICE GRO. & MKT. 111-113 E. Main in Blytheville Phone 23 •SELLING LOW-PRICED CARS .... V: *>ifc -v,, ' •>-- t ;i-;,j,«'V •••*•*-.• ..*-••»• Sir Hugh Dowding Great speculation h n s b uroused in "Washington milltai circles by the news that Air Chic Sir Hugh Doweling, is coining t this country on an-unspecified mission. At the same time Dowding was relieved of / his command of, the Royal Air Force. It is not believed this is n demotion. To the contrary, it is thought. Sir [lujh has been sent to trv 10 speed up production of; Clears the . for BREATHING COMFORT I F a ftopptd-up condition In your noitrlli due to a cold prevents you from breathing throush th«m, inicrt Mcntholatum. Soothing Mcntholatunt clears th« mucui-elosMd passages, lets In the air. It clear* the way for breathing comiurt, Opens STOPPED -UP NOSTRILS due to colds MENTHOLATUM COMFORT Daily It oof-powers all other biggest-selling low-priced cars.... 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Reason: Its Valve-in-Head "Victory" Engine is fops for all-round efficiency—wrings the greatest amount of energy out of every gallon of fuel—is built to serve longer and more dependably. Get more power at low cost—more beauty, more comfort, more luxury, too—in this newest edition of America's biggest- selling car. See it at your Chevrolet dealer's— today! Zhdanov was gaining 1 .power rapidly. He became "unifier" of the Communist Party Press Section and the / Agitprop (Soviet Union Propaganda and Agitation Department). He became a. member of the Praesidium of the Supreme Soviet (parliament). And. most, j* important, he was elected chairman of the Commission for For• eign Affairs of the Supreme Soviet, where he could "advise" Molotov. Pull the Trigger on Lazy Bowels with herb laiative,combined with syrup pepsin to make it agreeable and easy to take When constipation brings on acid in digestion, ..bloating, dizzy spells, gas. coated, tongue, sour taste and bad breath, your stomach is probably "crying the blues" because your bowels don't move. It calls for Laxative Senna to pull the trigger on those lazy bowels, combined with good old Syrup Pepsin to make your laxative more agreeable and easier to take. For years many Doctors , have used pepsin compounds, as agreeable carriers to make other medicines \ more palatable when your "taster" feels easilv upset- So be sure your laxative contains Syrup Pepsin. Insist on Dr. Caldweli's Laxative Senna, combined with Syrup Pepsin. Sec how wonderfully " its herb Laxative Senna v,T,kcs up laz$ nerves and muscles in your intestines, to bring welcome relief from constipation. And see how its Syrup Pepsin makes Dr. Caldwell's medicine so smooth and agree^ able to a touchy gullet. Even finicky children love the taste of this pleasant family laxative. Buy Dr. Caldweli's Laxative Senna at .'.your druggist's today. Try one laxative that won't bring on violent distaste, even when you take it after a full meal. v FOR SALE New 1941 Chevrolet «/ 2 Ton Pickup Driven only 80 miles. A-l condition. 'Will sacrifice for qvfck Mkfc^v-,, ^ : ;~ ;,:• • Hardmway Appliance Co. 2« W. Main Phone 233 TEAM WORK WINS The Ball Game The stands roar ns I lie home team crashes I li rough for a touchdown — the payoff for the teamwork of a charging line. blocking hack* ami a driving hall car- £? r.ier. In everyday life, ihe state watches intently from the sidelines as our Committee drives ahead* towards its goal of elimination of any undesirable conditions in relnil heer outlets. Running interference in this drive we find public opinion, public ofticials. and the beer industry itself as * J0* '"* represented by their Committee. teamivork. too! 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