The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 5, 1937 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, November 5, 1937
Page 2
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PAGE TWO j[ABK.) COURIER NEWS >»e^ Bridge Clufe FciTOCd A )>.e>3'. bridge club lios been forined here among a group ol \6urg matrons sonic of whom ha\e giov>n up together and olii- ers have moved here within recent years. They- ha,ve ; played bridge in the same gioup for one time mid ihis has led to the iicgliinljig of (lie cjcb nhtch «lll meet' .tii'cli IhuVsdaj >rhe prpup, to be known as the Thursday Afternoon club' lias (or its members Mis Randolph Smltb, tors. Chailes Crlg'g'er jr.. Mrs Perry C Rotlirock Mrs. C. \y. OaiTlgan \nd Mis Mas' \Vofjten, , \«lo ha\e lived in Bljtlicville for a number of \ears, MiS, A. i, Cloar and Mrs. . Roscce Crallon, J both of whom came here, as brides. j move<r away and have returned ]n?re . rff tatty. 'Mr.s. - Louis Ap'ple- baum. wlio was reared in Osceola nnd. mpved here last year as a { bride, and Mrs. Eddie Rcginold, ! who resided at Wilson for a iiiiin- i bcr of y.eajs before she moved to Armprel some time ago. ' , Kir?.. Roljii'.ock entertained the I club this Vcck,' She used fall flow- eri to decorate lier- living rqojn aiid the same ' shades were noted i in the salad plate served alter the j i'flines. .... ^Mrs. Wopten won tlu ' Thursday ?ridfe,C)uli SJccis Mrs. Hiram Wylie. entertained members of Die Thursday Bridge clulj,.yesterda-y when one sucst, Mrs. C. H.'WUl.ey, was present. Mrs. Roland Green won the prize, hand painted ptoQues. At the end "of the games Mrs. Vi'He served n salad plate and coffee.: * • . Entertains SJidweek Clul) Mrs. 'B. A. Lynch entertained the Midweek club ill her home yeslcr- day. she served n three course lunch'''at a. dining table' decorated with .varicolored chfysa ' Mrs. J. Louis Cherry won the prize, a crystal mayoiina'ise bowl. FLAPPER FANNY Bits of News Mbstly Personal ".hmmy s;i\s li 'Hull! \\lini il o't\i£ tu j]Viii his lithiinlcss'hc m'l >ny tv.inis ii .1 1' "ci-lvi'inl, Lltlle motored to Coluni J.'Jn, Mo., .yesterday aiu) ,ivas nc- conlpiinled he me last night 'by ['any hi us. Mlssep Frances and Virginia UtIJe. who are' iitlpndlJiE t'ht'lf-llnti t'oll.ege. Nfi'ss Frances rule jy'IH miirii Bumiiiy Jjul/hfyss Virginia will remain fp>- a "lojiyje'i .lime ID undergo treatine»t fff'fv-r i.vis. Sljc is consulting a specli'l- Jst h.i MC))i}jbi.s todny. Mis. J. A. Jj?fcji and B.wsls, Mr, and Mrs. l.c'c Brown, 'ft! Saiigus fciilff.. Jii-jf iii Memphis Idday. ' Jplifi Fiijley. of AiempbM, vviic fu-rncVly Jived in this city, is h'cj'e today, ' ' tyrs. Jfurilcr Sims and so)i J}un- I i' jr.. nyc in ^pmplils today.' ^^l•s. Allen linddleston. of Br'jijk- Icy fiiTlvc.d last night to 'visit 'hei ion. Lctpy iUidaicslo'n. fat the miiMliKler of the week. Mrs.- M. C,. Goodwin, Mrs. Randolph Smith niicl soil!'Marion ftan- dolph. aiid Mrs. is. R. BniitlV.'''g'r Crccola'. will spend [biiibiTow Jfi •F1HDAY, NOVEMBER 5, I<W7 Fo'othall To Be drowned ' ^ vl v V x X ^ . VX X ^ -0 \\ ANC?R€A LE-EPS one ol the 12 Eagle Scouts out of 5!5,ooo Jamboree scouls who composed the guard of honor tor President Roosevelt at Ihe all star baseball game. ceiv/ep CHANCE. IN MOVIES &ECVJSS OFAMATEUft Fi A'Apg. BY STUDENTS AT U.C.U.A. . Ciilirlps «M Jimmy Hall of nnndp. Miss!, spent, last "jilglit ijiid ' ll of jqr- jilglit ijiid their fati'ici- 4-H Club Will Disserve Day Saturday! todny Jier; visiting J. T. linl). Mrs. Harriet Tiilkcnbcrg of Cookesvllle, 'p.. and' Mr. aiid !yjr£. Joe Shaiier of Mnrfoai O.,' 1'cft ip- dny visiting Mr. jilid Mrs. W. W.Sivaver for a few days. ' Kyle sick . Misses Blmiclic and .••pent yesterday In Meiiipiils! Mrs. c. 6. Hires lias been from In'lluciizii i Tuesday.' i JArs. H. A. at- her lioiue since Miss U'niiffcd Crawford Elected football queen of tiie city i high school this week, Miss Winifred Crawford will bis crowned tonight at Jfalcy "field prior lo Ihe ""-- "•--•--'-•'" football game. Giy,e WAS SfiOOGl-'.T TO LOS ANGELES &v PLANE f H°M MEXICO ^E To i Ai Nov. 16! Frit/ Krelslcr, who will be In Memphis' for (i concert at the Audi- j toiiuhi, Nov.')(il)i. is ;, Jiviiu refutation of •.the theory that' child ' prodigies rarely fulfill their prai- Isc In hiiUiirlty. Kretslor himseK was ? chlld-wbnder. His interest in the violin began almost with speech. He appeared In concert in Vienna nge 'of seven, and entered same year. nt flic evn, tlje .Conservatory that The annual Achievement Day cf. profits and other Ihlnijs she has To Dance at Hut A group 'of high school students will have an informal party at the American Legion hut tonight alter the Hop2-Blytheville football game. Thursday Contract Club Is Entertained , Mrs. F. B. Joyner was hostess to the Thursday Contract club at licr home yesterday. Her. home was ' decora ier! in chrysjnUiemums and roses and she. served a plate lunch for refreshments. : .Mrs',.. Carroii j?. Blnkemorc won the 'prlzel a pair, of plnci'iies'. : uccoiuieci! ''"- "v i" 11 JMULCVCJULIIL IAIV _ . . 'chfysanlhemuins. j M l .<i a °y s "rid Girls 4-if clubs Iii "done through her club" work this Mississippi county will be observed -ycnr 1ms iisttcd her $106.30. Her in special programs' SaluVday. ai: most oiitstnmUng activities hns I the snmc time other groiips In ihc'liecn In leadcrsht)), .she has been state arc having similar programs'. '• an officer of her club for four years. Here, members from clubs nl Dy- Wils sc crctnry of Ihn county council ess. Blackwnter. Annprel. Proiiiised ' r - or two >' cars '.hning ivliich time Land. Forty and Eight-. Wlilitgn, slie " cvc1 ' missed" n mcethi: •nirec y'e'm-s later he carried off the Lynch nnd Mrs. M. o. honors' for violin playiiW at Hie 1 M "'»' J >'" ""»*••' 1 CoiiEcrvntpry, and then he went to j Paris to cpnlliiiie Ills studies. Here 1 he stayed fpi- two years and at tii: j'piid of that brief period bf sludy i lie v.'pn the Grand Prix d« Rome Usi-ey nio hi MeaipliLs- today.-' FinaJ Rites JieW fpr The valve springs ran be tested with a meter without removing- the engine head of your car. Pressure is shown in pound units on a direct reading scale. s avc by Having hoes Repaired at milh Shoe Shop 115' So. 2nd M^^Hi^MME^^BHmH^ fEir.ii Everything for your entertainment and comfort. , VVElGHT.llO POUND HBGHT; .. STU DlO IS iRYiN S TO STKAi-GnT£ N. Blytlieville's Scouting Program Enjoying increasing Success I A, B. Alexahii,er; '62 i» violin " ' ' ' * : pclltors. -.fcluh.. , . ., : - :h-. Enfert^iji^ Mrs. Marvin RobiiiEon ei>ter- tarn.ed;the niembers'of the Hatcher. Stlllman n'iid Yarbi'o will take part as winners in ths various contests lo be announced over the special Achievement Day rncii'o f'lii lrl V,II)l(l CECEOLA, Ark., Nov. 5.—Fu; .:wi services \vcre held at tijc Pnfsetl i;h!)ic)i yesterday for A' S. j Alexnndcr. aged (32. who died nt ihts home west ol Wilson Wednes- i-<»i lLtl special Achievement, nay rnilio! 'P A ; i 1j j /'••.. urogram from Kl,CN. beginning at j 4-0 A«».<1 JA-fsd L.l'OSS In Ma/ard Snrvev i Say night. Hr IVBS born . 12:30 o'clock. Tliis program will be ! impart of the. rational, stale aii:l' co«nj,v Pioii'iirn oulHwsd for 4-H i clubs throughout the United States.' in GclcoiKla, Jl!.. rcming lo Wilson in 11)81. iii 1900 Kc \vas ninh-icd lo Kenny of Joiner 'Jcu'ny survives All 'enstern Arkansas Vchapl; Winners '(n iho various conlcsis | dents arc participating "in an jvili apuear In person ftiid receive j spcciloli of their homes' and' their nwnrds nl that I line before cluck vvcrk hnmrds on thcli- p.i'r- spcnking briefly of how they tic- cuts' farms during the week of compHshed tlieir acliievcmenls. I November U, Judge Doyle Hendei- Tlic four champion winners for)™"- chnlrninn 3f the Chickasawba " '"' "' """ ' ' lic^ ,v him. Of their ten children .six are • iliving: H. p.. Jean and Serena of -'•'" —- Mrs. E. "D. I.-HW of Mn- . 'Stain after this Krclsici 1 undertook liis first concert tour, and it >vjis ro'iit.e'd through (lie United Elates. The American tour was WpU successful; but at its close Kreisler did an astounding tiling —he announced his intention o'f giving up the violin and of study- Ing tr be a physician as his fnthcr ,»vas. His Intensive' study for this ITPfcssion \Viis intririiptei by a Ti-c Eastern Arkansas council; , ta . llle leadership O f Flovd A of Boy Scouts is beginning its WhU c. chairman. Durin- the past third vein- with Blytheville troops i t wo ycnrs 84 s=ollts lmvc com ., let . playing a big: part in its present.^ their teiiderfcot requirements- success and in its auspicious put-, 34. second class requirements- and look for .the coming year. j 38 'their first class requirements During the past iv.-c years the j Tiierc have been n star, 4 -3agle Council has increased in size from | and 3 eagle palms awarded during 50 troops AM cub packs with Q!M ] this period. There have been : Scouts and Cuts to 4G troops and ; total of 413 different merit badge r jiib packs with a membership ol given. 9C<3 Scoiits, Cubs and Sea Scouts, i Thirteen scouts and one sc-jt The council Imd conducted courts, master from Blytlieville attendee ol hpnsi. campovees, inter-troop I the national Jnmbbrcc This ns cfflclcncy contests, stock safety i the largest single delegation fron =f Osc'oia, a'nd R. . bllVg, MJES. SjVift vuiivini iiyiu--!f j was Iii charge cf arrangements. !'j Mississippi county are: Eli Castle- { pislricl pliaplc man and Eileen liagen for north ] , Cr oss Roll Call. issSLM».i&. m s^. -u, School children were given Ucd I In club work consisting of projects which mijht cause . . ac cidciil.s if not used with ;xtrcme In cotton, hogs, soybeans nnd potil- :ry. showing a net pront O f S384.50 Judge Henderson stutc<i Forgiveness?'" 'described sin National American Red Cross which Han Cff Rabbi for Dec. II . The Jewish iadies' Aid met night at Ihe home of Mrs. Max Meyers with Mrs. Walter Rosen- thai as co-hostess. Twenty members and two guests, Misses Rosa Hubenstein and Fiieda Nichols of Osceola. were present. During the business fols, but he «-,is not sntis- 11 and retired into the country i.w.prk for eight months.—work :bnly a Kreisler can work, His l-eturn this time to the concert sta^e was riiarkcd by brilliant, recc-ptions .where eve,- h e went. The same year lie ret.uriiecl lo America and was .verywiicre acclaimed. Since then liis fame, bus rown until )i c is the c e toiye.ring figure In the violin world tile games. Her house ated in chrysanthemums and the * C ai£± monr" 1 kC6P5lS Wil " P U "^ ««°P«l"wr"ne"n«lar": autumn motif, [idpate;( |n al| M(ivltics Qf ^ ^ and has completed t!»' tenth jrrade in school. He was a member ol the cast in the play tournament, nt- , tended 'he judging school, took part in Die community and county fairs. Indicated that in 1936 home accident fatalities Increased to 38,500. which surpassed the number of deaths from automobiles dtirlnj was a special delegate-from the | that year, and that over 4500 tad county to the Mid-Soulh fair and j died from Injuries received in con- has given several demonstrations' iicction with forming iii 1936. In of a model club meeting. „ . addition, the figures Indicated that Eileen Hagen is the 10 year eld ' 110,000 were pn-mnnentlv injured „.•-!,._.. •_, .... ..... -. ... •_ : . llln( lrioi , e thaji 50000QO wprc PlaT^re ™ rf *? inl Vf -T d " g tia "" !UCT * >'r. <"* Mrs. W. t i and that iriore tior?nf fJp St,h° 'mstalJa- ffa s en. of Huffman, she finished ill,'otherwise hurl. UOD of Ine rabbi, m a snprfai ^i-- MI, « „> ,_i.'__, ,... . .. .....j ,-. . _, _ tiorj of t'ne rabbi, in a special ser^ rS. , , ' ' l " s been The hostess served spaghetti.! lour coffee and cake. B. P. p. .dub jictfr 'June Workman 'was Imess to the B. P. p. club yesterday'after- noon at,tier lionie...wJ!tn Nannie Mae Craig was- a guest. ' There is not a city of any impor- lance in Die world.' where this grant 'Bi-tlsl has not been heard again and again. | November ictli will mnrk the third i time Kreisler has played iii Memphis. Die last lime being about five • . . , . years "ago. The concert Is under Die • W n ,i >S '° C?1 Action of Martha W. Aii- hi or!aches of the milveysallty , Armorel .sd.ocl l bVliies nl least some of Its dc- •truclive results into every human iifo. ' " He said: "All human agencies lire lio|)['l'essly "tnc.iMinfclc of \vr;s- Ulnj with this problem. Mail; -— , ..*..-.„.^ s ., ,,, t - „,., „-,„ -- , cannot ty his own efforts get p'utj bB Bni «n animal observance of •-. Thomas R. Ivy. county school roin under the burden. Either man] "Cnmpus Day", to be held Monday Bier, Inc.. 1324 Harbcrl Aye., Memphis, and advance ticket tnlc is now open through mail orders. Schoois To Observe Campus Day Nov. 15 All public schools c f the city will —^ ^."..^—,,.„, ..^ u -... -...-!j , v*t». 'iiiftt^L. oiii^iy uumgsHion ] campaisiiE, sinmer camps and hud the Eastern Arkansas cpiinci! 67 Scouts and leaders attend Uic Leon Smith jr., W as chosen to 'rirsi naticnnl jamljorce at Wasli- 'nglon. p. p.. tiiis summer. The dcbgaiioii from the Eastern Arkansas Council was the largest from this region which is composed df Alabama, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee and Northwest iehnessc. ft was tile largest delegation from Arkansas. Two years ago ijlytlveville had three troops of which tine was inactive and with a membership of 66 Scouts. Today Blylheville has five Scout units—three troops, one Sen Scout Ship, find one cub prick —with a membership of 130 boys. Curing the past two' years Ihsre have been 212 boys identified with the scout movement.' Amon ville are . the activities at Blythe- the weekly meetings' of After'tbe business meeting the Jjlrls played tames. Later Mrs. . er rs workman served refreshments of . grape juice. olives, cookies for . examiner, aiid Miw Winnie , Hint this form deals with hazards i fair when she exhibited a complete bf'doors, stairways, porches, lioiise- wardrobe. She has held various ot- Cte Entertains i}' I.nncheon Club and (ices in the Armorcl and county Hubs and nlayert the leading rob foodstuffs, poisons, in the plav in which lier club won ' ' ^ ' " ' ! Ihe plav tournament trophy. ' The cliaminon 4-11 boy of South hold appliances arid CQiiipiiient. 'Weds. toys, fires, trash, rtrearnis. foodstuffs, poisons, enrages and 'yards. ;T1ic .children will be in- , 0 ,3 poimds'pcV'liend'or'lhc 1 structed to return the forms to their i allon . -n 101 . c hns becn „ stci|<u . HrHnin Dips 3n!o Tin Cans Jt ,' 5 planned tr> have a competi LONDON (UP)—Consumption or '' v , c . SP'r 11 '" lhis movement with canned and bottled fruits in Hi" : "}V a ' m W make all ol Ihe campuses United Kingdom has' risen during \ mor . c «". r activc. tlir 'six yehrs from 6 1 ; pounds • >fo: Everett" B!"entcrtainea' ™>* Thursday Lunciieon club yes at her home Brown of Mrs. The champion 4-H boy of South teachers, proper] v filled out and i ^; c ,„,",; „ \, ^ I Mi^issippi comity Is Ihe 19 year old signed: A M.mmary ol the results! CtUri f,!!i,? KrrL" "i ^ son of share-crooper parents in tlio will be amiounced by Judge Hc'n- Hatclier coininuiiilv. TliLi he ' dcrsoii at the close cf (his «c:ld'cut produced nine bales of D.' and P. prevention campaign. nith since the . , .- . Calif..] T.. cotton on three acres ol lard. A two course 'lunch was served ai Small tables In robins decorated .with- fall flowers. Mrs. R. p.' Kirshner .won high !• and Mrs. Ross D. Hughes second ; to'omcn Pasters to Front ORA^GEVILLE. I!!.' .'(JPi-Tsvo of this town's largest churches are now served by women paslors Bnd In both instances it is Die first lime Ihe churclies have had women ministers. "Ru\».My~TliMi''-World s Liniment checks COL&S aiid FEVER ftrsl d.-iy Ifcatfai-ut, 3J Be-1 club member, he has made a net profit of 4506.40 in his pig-and cotton projccl. He has held various offices In his club, was a member At the Hospitals Mrs. Luther Burton, ci Jicniinii- dalc, MO., underwent nn ope'ralion bf the 1935 judging team and won >~di>y at the Bl.vtnevilie hospital second place in the state contest The champion girl of the south cni district lives in the extreme comer of the county, six miles from Lcpatito. Mary Frances is the . .. Mrs. Willie Clark, oi Stccle, un- dcnvcnt a'majov opcrayon today at the BlyUwvtl'lc ixcspital. Sirs. tViiteerl Ada.ins. of Hnj'li. a iMtipnt In the St. Joseph's cpatito. Mary Frances is the * a iMpn n e t. daughter of Mr. and Mrs. GcoVge • hospital in Memphis. Neai. of the Stlllman community. - : ----She lias completed her work each Special trend lires are belli; jirj- j-car in clothlns. cookery, colton, • duccd tc inirca;o Iraclion. Improve gardening aiid canning. Her net power. DR. BLACK'S EYEWATER .FOR PEOPLE, kORSES, DOGS, •AND POULTRY Contains No Poison iiAn.Miniss AXD I-AIM.IC.SS Will not injure. P.clicvcs unicUr. Use it for Inflammation of the Eyes, For Burning. Strained, or Aching Eyes, and ?in* Eyes. .'• Kov Sale at Drug; Stores the scout linite. Hike's, local rallies', juninicr 'cainp. courts of lionp'r, un- HOllYWOOD ?-.cup PfRCQUTOR be YOUNU'WOMANHSOD QUOWING girU arc often sniTcr- ers frotii female ir- re?jnl;irUics, pain s, [ r o m nervousness, irritability niul discomforts associated with functional cUs- t u r h a n c c s. Dr. I'icrcc's Favorite Vrcscrjption is the -, vcjjclahl.c tonic Jo your dauslitci ai sucli times. Kcad T,-lial Mis. M. Hynl t-f I301 Hilvrston SL', Mu«fc«scc, Ofcla., s:itd: "M>- thiiglitcis hive 'L^ed Dr. VicricV Kavurilc rrcsrripliob as.'a ionic aTiU_i1 Mtrcly Jn<i done (lien a lot 6! lo iclicvc one of ncrrousitcss n.^ocialcd with Buy nn-.vL Xcvv i-i«, labtels HV. I.irniid SJ.CO ,ind 51,35. L>rug stores cvcn'ivlicrc. TONIGHT PAL NIGHT! 2 Adults Admitted for Price of I Back in Circulation with Joan Hlomlell & l';it O'Hrieii Also selected Shorts Admission Malinee loc A- 2tic Admission Night IGc & 3lfc Saturday Only HOT-WATER ^•^•^^•^^^••^^•^ Dad is boiling...the kicts are in a stew.'.! and the [ whole ifomiry'O steamed up over the their; most f uproariously human hit! JSO MOVTY -.. SHKltX of«HB smno jyworoK.tusiot etasow .KCNNHH HOWEll . 8IO8OI UKISt JUNE CARUON'. HOJSNa 1OBKTS ^lllT MAH4N . JCiK MAISH -. ' MAUdlE WEAVES from your grocer Fd'r 6fily 24 Wfop- per coupons from deli'ciousbuikees *FREE GIFTS Given A\v;iy Only liiiljil FREE GIFTS a Short Time Left in Prc'par.c fo,r Uiv STATE MT9TE"" •Save 31»Hf v ' (Ji) .Auto ('art ; - iii.Vsj! ARIAN AUtt'-PAltS Hemprrhoids^Piles CURED' WITHOUT S.UlJGJEpY & GUAI(.\,\TKKU -Safe sure and wllli less iliscomfort. All Jlscosfj! k/td conditions of ncrvnus orisin. foot VrJImciils aiiil sVIn cancers ircatcs anil lured at out clinic. MS. &N1ES 1'liont OS nivlhcvilic, Aik. SPECIAL CHILDREN ADMITTED TO MATINEE AT ROXY THEATER FRIDAY & SATURDAY AFTERNOONS ONLY 5c NEW SERIAL BEGINS ATTENTiON, MERCHANTS Of Hlythcyiljc and Surrounding Towns It has tvcen brought tp the attention of the American l.cRinn Advertising (.'omrnillce fnr Ihe Armistice Day 'Celebration that solicitation of advertising anil store ticcimitions h;is been niade. The American I.tfcion )ias Jint authorized any .so- Jicitation of store front decorations, neither docs it d.csire any such decorations other than the American najfs in the sidewalk standards. We have appointed special committees to solicit certain advertising from merchants throughout tl\i.s territory, each committee being comprised of American Legion members, \vi(h all advertising secured to appear in a special Armistice Day paper lo be published by the IJlyfhcvillc- Courier News on Alou- oay, Novcmbei- Slh. \VE \\1l,l, AftUKCIATK MKKCHAiN'l'S RKI'ORtlN'G IMMEDIATELY ANY FRAUDULENT SOLICITATION TO , Floyd A, White, Chairman Ainierican Legion Atlvertisiiig CfliijmiUcc Use Cartoon Menace," with & Serial, "Jungle Frank Buck. Ccnlimioils ,Shou»i^ Adirission lill 5 r..m. lOc *. ZGc .UiiDirsion after 5 p.m. IGc & Sir. Sunday • Monday Irene Dutme & Cary (;r;int in 'The Awful Truth' with Kiiliih Ikllaniy mid Alexander l)*Ar'tv. .licet (he Most Delicious, I)c- Invcly Uivcvccv who ever gat her >Ian| Irene's a Scream! Cary's a. Scream t in the ir.crricst romance ever seen. Selected Short & N'civs. I'animount Admissi ission .Sunday Miillncc and Mglil tGc i- S6c. Atlnii.'i.sion Jioil. Ji a l. lOc & ZSi: AamisSnn Jion. ,Nig)it ice * Me Conlinuells Showing Suuflay ROXY Admission Always ICc * Mr ?'">«• "'cry niglil. illaliiiccs Fn- y. Katurday s- Simrfaj. Only. Friday A Sunday Matinees sla'rL S p.m. Saturday Continuous ii'ng from 1 to 11 : ;g p . m . iglit slioivs stnr! j:Co |,. m . Friday - Saturday 'Stars Over »ilh Hie Jack Randall iJiginj- Cowbuy .Use Cartoon & serial -naclio ]'«- f" 1 " »ilh Cram Wiltim j Atlniis-ion fni- children I'M. & Sal. Maliiv.-cs only .(.JP. Kiglii io<.. I Sunday - Monday 'Navy Blues' ttith DifU I'urccll. illai-y liriiin, Warren Hynier ;nt;l .Joseph Sawyer -M'.r> lu\ iS'tvs k .Ccmrilv

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