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Hartford Courant from Hartford, Connecticut • Page A12

Hartford Couranti
Hartford, Connecticut
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A12 TUESDAY, JANUARY 17, 2012 THE HARTFORD COURANT TM 3 SKIN REJUVENATION BODY CONTOURING CENTER Free Seminar "LASER BODY SCULPTING" Join Us for an Informational Open House Introducing Ulthera The Natural Facelift. No Surgery. No Downtime. Find out how lasers can safely remove fat and improve your look in as little as 1 day! Wednesday, Jan 18 at 6pm Marriot, HartfordWindsor 28 Day Hill Rd. Windsor, CT 06095 Thursday, Jan 19 at 6pm La DERMIQUE 1154 Springfield St.

Feeding Hills, MA 01030 Ultherapy is the safe and lasting way to look younger in just one single treatment. No lasers, no needles, just an advanced FDA-cleared ultrasonic treatment. Wednesday, Feb 1 from 3-7pm La DERMIQUE 1154 Springfield St. Feeding Hills, MA 01030 thera Register by January 25 to be entered into a raffle for an Ultherapy Brow Lift. $1,200 value.

Stanley Swierzewski III M.D. will speak about the latest developments in laser body contouring. FUN TO DO 1 CRYO-SCIENCE (The History of Pykrete) -121 Geoffrey Pyke (1S93-1 945) was a British journalist, spy and inventor. In 1 942, during World War II, he turned his attention to possible uses for snow and ice. One result was Project Habakkuk, whose goal was to build massive ships made of Pykrete, a combination of ice and wood fibers.

The wood fibers in Pykrete combine with the water to make it melt slower than regular ice, and to make it stronger. A lot stronger testing in WWII showed that Pykrete was bulletproof, and a large ship made from it was even impervious to torpedoes. Here's a recipe for the strange "super ice" called Pykrete. You'll Need: 2 (or more) empty cardboard quart containers (the kind used for milk or coffee creamer) Fine sawdust (ask for a bagful at a lumber mill or big hardware store A freezer Hammer; buckets; road salt; paint stirrer or ruler; a big bowl What to do: 1 Fill one of the quart containers with tap water. Put it in the freezer and leave over night.

This will make regular ice as a control (a comparison) for your experiment. 2) In a big bowl, mix 1 quart of water with about 4.5 ounces of sawdust. Mix well. You want an evenly mixed watery sludge. Pour this into an empty quart container and leave in the freezer over night.

When it freezes, you'll have a type of ice called Pykrete. 3) When both are frozen, peel away the cardboard of the container, and you've got a block of ice, plus a block of Pykrete. Make multiple containers of both ice and Pykrete. Now compare them in several ways. Herearejustafew.

1 Leave both blocks in a container buckets or a Rubbermaid containers of room temperature water. Check every 1 0 minutes to see how quickly they melt. 2. Put both blocks on the ground outside, and give each one a few good whacks with a hammer. 3.

Either outside or in the buckets, sprinkle some road salt on the blocks to see how There proved to be difficulties working with this new material, and Project Habakkuk never got beyond the planning stages. Pykrete was left as an oddity of history. this affects their melting. DID YOU KNOW? ICY FACTS Most matter gets smaller when it gets colder. Water is an exception; when it freezes from liquid to solid, it expands, or gets larger.

The fact that water expands when it freezes can mean big trouble. Freezing water is strong enough to break concrete or metal! Water freezing in tiny cracks in the pavement leads to potholes in roads. And if water in pipes freezes, the pipes can crack. Water can go through a change called sublimation, changing from a solid to a gas, without melting into a liquid first. A simple experiment: make some ice cubes in a tray in your freezer.

Leave them there for a couple weeks. The ice gets smaller, even though the freezer is too cold for them to melt, as the ice sublimes into a gas Is ice making waves in the news? Look for stories on: Icy weather affecting roads, power, or school openings Ice creating problems by damaging roads, pipes or power lines Stories about climate change. Small changes in earth's climate could lead to bigger changes in the amount of ice. Any inventors like Geoffrey Pyke, with ideas about how to do things in a new and different way LEARN MORE http:en.wikipedia.orgwikiGeoffreyPyke An online biography of Geoffrey Pyke http:dsc.discovery.comfansitesmythbustersarticleswhat-is-pykrete.html The Discovery Channel discusses Pykrete http:www.exploratorium.eduronhcoolexperimentsindex.html More experiments you can try with ice called water vapor. Over 90 of the fresh water on earth's surface (almost 70 of the planet's total fresh water) is frozen in the ice sheets that cover Antarctica and Greenland.

If both were to somehow totally melt, the Earth's ocean levels would rise by more than 200 For students who are blind, learning disabled or print challenged, visit CRIS Radio at and click Kids On-Demand for a free audio version of Communicate Your Character feet. PkiOO'-rOL V00(Z. HO It i I'll 1 11 Mil the I I Z. UlCy I 1 CJI II II It'll', lUHfl substances have to be much colder. Paint thinner turpentine children's fV- I If1 I I nitrogen at -346.

1 1 1 I suu ill flflrtfurt Whjfr NatlJi Arfl- fun 174 Trri-ucjiTrapr.

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