Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on January 31, 1891 · Page 1
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 1

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 31, 1891
Page 1
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DEWENTER THE HATTER. HOBJRM IN OHIO, Fire Almost Destroys the Town of Cygnet, Little Seven Buildings in Ashes—Three Persons Known to Have Perished, and Others Are Missing. •—in ""-*-qg= — JOHNSTON BROS. "The Corner Drug Store." Johnston Bros, have removed to the Cor. of 4th and Broadway, (Strecker Building.) A Full and Complete Line of DRUGS ON HAND PRESCRIPTIONS CAREFULLY COMPOUNDED. • HERE WE ARE Ready to thank you lor your Hop This next new year you will find me at Usual Jewelry and Spectacles, With a large stock of Watches^ D. A. HAUK, The Jeweler and Optician. IF YOU WANT A FINE DRESS SUIT OR BUSINESS SUIT O R 0 VE RC 0 AT, Fu, Beaver, Melton, Kerseys or any kind to suit the, customer English Yankee, any Manufacture, you can find it at 318 BROADWAY, Silk lined and got up in the very latest styles to suit the purchaser. Come and e^Jne Goods and prices. Goods sold in suit patterns or pants patterns at reasonable 'pates and cut and trimed to order. easonahle rates and cut and trimed to order. JOS. CRAIG,' The Tailor. .VET BKATJI IN T THE FLAMES. PITTSBURGH, Pa., Jan. 30,—A special to the Chronicle-Telegraph from Findlay 0., says: At 4 o'clock a. m. a disastrous fire started from some unknown cause in the little town of Cygnet, fifteen miles north of this city, and before .it could be subdued six blocks were burned a-,vay and three persons -are known to have perished in the flames. These are P. Muloney, Frank Satterlee and Gertrude Maloney- Others are reported missing and several more will probably be found to have lost their lives in the fire. The loss will exceed 8100,000, with little or no insurance. The fire broke ont at 5 o'clock in the millinery store of Mrs. Leon Maloney on Main street. It is supposed that it caught from a gas jet back of the stbre-room. On the ground floor was a sleeping room which was occupied by Mrs. Maloney and her son, while upstairs in the rooms above were Mr. Maloney and their daughter Gertrude, and a boardei named Michael Slatterly. These three last named were cut off. by the fire and perished in the flames, while Mrs. Maloney and her little son barely escaped with their lives, and will recover, although painfully burned: From the millinery store the fire communicated to the barber shop, of William Davis, which was also totally destroyed, the barber escaping in his night clothes. The next building was the grocery store of H. D. Hahn, which was destroyed, with all its contents. Above this store were sleeping-rooms, occupied by E.. J. McCullough, a school teacher, and William Milburn, a clerk, both of whom were rescued but are badly burned abo ut the faee and neck, and are in a critical condition.- After burnins the grocery store of H. D. Hahn, the flames next attacked the : dry-goods and clothing store of Jacob Fenberg, above which the proprietor and family were sleeping-, bnt: all escaped without injury except Mr. Fenherg, who inhaled the flame and smoke, and is in a critical condition and will hardly recover. The dru°- store of L. G- Myers came next and" met the same fate as the other buildings, as also did all the contents. In a sleeping-room above the store was the drug clerk, a . cripple who was rescued after his night clothing had caught fire. W. H. Belknap's notion store followed the drag store and was soon in ashes. The building occupied by the Buckeye Sup- pVy Company and owned by Shaw, Kendall & Co., of Toledo, was the last business house : -on i this street, and the flames soonj had it and its contents reduced to ashes, making seven I; business houses the sum total of tbie disaster, with three persons dead and half a] dozen or more seriously injured.! ; All the buildings were frame, and, as the; village has no fire department arid a strong wind was blowing, bnt little; couljd be done in the way of controlling the flames. The total financial loss is.. .estimated at -S60 000, with no insurance except on the stock of the store »f the Buckeye Supply Company. As| these stores embraced all the "business houses of the village, the fire has .absolutely wiped out the commercial ; ifeatures- of the place. - - ' !';-.' ' , ' Cygnet is in Wood 1 : County, and has. 1 only 200 or 300 inhabitants. It was first heard of' two years* lago, when the Standard Oil Company! .made it. the headquarters for pumping, its oil from the Lima oil-fields into Pennsylvania. WITHIN OUK BORDERS. News from Various Points in Indiana—Work of the Lawmakers. The Legislature. SDjAXAPOivrs, Ind., Jan. 31.—The House on Thursday passed bills changing the time of filing deeds from forty- five to fifteen days, abolishing the office of State oil inspector and establishing the office of supervisor of oil inspection. A hill limiting- passenger fares to two cents a mile was acted upon favorably after a long debate. There, was, however, strong opposition to it, and the charge was made that many of the legislators were under the influence of the railroads. An adverse report was made on a bill requiring- railroad companies to build depots at all stations, and a measure to compel the use of air brakes on all passenger trains was indefinitely postponed. A bill to fix ha- bilitv for loss in the handling ot freight by one road when received from another was engrossed. Under the existing laws the. railroad receiving freight and turning it over to another is not responsible to the shipper for its safe delivery. lhe leo-al rate of interest in Indiana is llniost certain to be reduced to 0 per tent The sentiment on the question has been tested by an attempt to indefinitely postpone the bill making all (interest charged over 6 per cent, usury. The motion to postpone was'defeated .'by a vote of 23 to 12. ' The Senate passed the bill which gives the appointment of members of the State Board of Health to a board composed of the Governor, Auditor and Secretary of State. Bills were introduced to prevent county and State officers, judges of courts and members of the General Assembly from accept- in-r railroad passes, authorizing the incorporation of loan, trust and safe deposit companies, prohibiting any person holding stock m any syndicate or corporation from holding a city office compelling life insurance companies doing business in Indiana to file semi-annual statements and pay to the State 5 percent^oftheir premiums. BY REQUEST Of Many of Our Customers Who were unable to attend our Semi-Annual Clearance, Sale! The past week, we have resolved--t<r' continue the same during all;] of this weefc£ We have added other departments, and MARKED DOWN! Many more goods to add to the general sweep. The largest of them all-will be found in our CLOAK DEPARTMENT. Be on hand Monday morning. WILER&WIS.E 315 Fourth Street. E. F. KELLER Tailor 311 Market Street. CHARLES BR^DL-AUGH DEAD.' THxe GrcatjCommpnci.' Breathes His tiurt at Jtonrtoiv After la Severe Illness. . I^-DOS, Jan. 30.-4Charles Bradlaugh, Member of Parliament i for Northampton, who had been critically ill for sometime past, died! at 0 o'clock a. m. rcbarlos Bradlauprh was ;born in .London in •1833 He was a working-rian m Ws earlier days, being by turns 'emmd.; boy, tailor and coal dealer on a small scale. ; Later He became a -trouper • in an Irish regiment.-. In 1833 be began writing lot - tUe . press, turning out liberal pamphlets -in sreat numbers Ho established-a paper called the^a-.. tional Reformer. In 1S76 he was sentenced to «lx months in jail and a fine ql £330 because ol his Dublication, fa u*;;ociotion wits Mrs. Annie Besant of a pamphlet entitled . "Fruits ol Philosophy " which was offered as a solution ,ot the overpopulation problem. Mr. Bradlaugh raised a fund for .Garibaldi when Italy was fighting for freedom,. and . was- S*avs a friend of Ireland. His personal pop-, klarity was very great. He was fleeted member of Parliament for Northampton m 1880. but was excluded from'the House, ond-was elected aeveral times since and as often denied Sis seat. Since 'his illness Parliament passed a resolution seating him.] ireitn ot a CMeago Banker. CHICAGO. Jan:50.—ChaunceyB. Blair, president of the .Merchants' National Bank of Chicago,,died at 12:30 o'clock a m. at his home, 1611 Michigan- avenue, Mr. Blair was born in Blandford, Mass., -Tune rig,- 1810. Thomas J. Keenan, Jr., of Pittsburgh, was elected president of the International Press Club League at Pittsburgh Thursday. San Francisco was chosen as the next place of meeting. 'Warden Murdock Vindicated. Mi.cinc.vN CITY, Ind., Jan. 31.-The Legislative 'committee appointed to investigate" the charges of Governor Hovey against Warden Murdock of the Michigan City State prison, finished its labow Thiirsday night. The committee an-reed upon a unanimous report favorable to Mr. Murdo.ck.'. Experts fiave thoroughly examined the books 'and accounts,' and Republican as well as Democratic members of the committee express themselves as satisfied w-ith the administration of Mr. Murdock. The committee left for the capital im mediately uponagreeing_upon a report. Prohibitionists Confer. INDIANAPOLIS, Ind., Jan. 31.—Prohibitionists began a two days' State conference here Thursday night with ex-Governor St. John, of Kansas, as the •rt-incipal speaker. About half the counties in the State are represented at the meeting. To-day the conference will devise ways and means for reor- franizin"- the party throughout -the State. The State Prohibition League went to pieces a few weeks ago and the party is in a bad way generally. •* Many of the expenses of the last campaign are : still unpaid. _ . Both ISadly Disfigured. CoviXGTOJf. Ind., Jan. SI.—Two accidents occurred here' Wednesday. A. Currier, a woodman, went out early'in the afternoon to split -rails., and while fellin"- a tree was struck in the face and -terribly disfigured. Late Wednesday night George Martin was walking out on a scaffold about fifteen feet from •the Around. It being dark he fell to ' the "round, his head striking a saw•buck? the corner of. which tore one eye and terribly mangled his face. .guioUle «l' ;i Sick Man.- GOSHEX. Ind., Jan. 31.—Frederick Elwert a.n-ed 00 years, committed suicide Wednesday night. He had been sick : -d£or several days, and at his own request was given a room by himself. At 8 o'clock his body was found hanging by the neck. He had taken a strip of ..bed ' clothing and tied his neck tight to one of the hinges while standing on the floor. He then pulled his feet up and hung- till dead.' He was a German and ..had no' friends in this country. TWO PERISHED. ITirc Breaks Out In a Michigan Mine, and T\vo Miners I-ose Their Lives. IBOX MOUNTAIN, Mich., Jan. 30.—At about 0 o'clock Thursday .evening a part of the Chapin ' miner-^hi: largest and most productive in Michigan caught fire at the sixth, level and the fire ' spread 'to an alarming extent. Six miners ' were m the shaft at the time, but four, were saved by rescuing parties. Jeremiah Bennet and Thomas Edwards died shortly after beino- brought to the surface. The tops of all the shafts are now covered, so as to render them air-tight with a view of smothering the flames. THE MAEKETS. Coiln. Provisions, Etc. : CSIC'AGO, Jan. 30. Wheat Flour, «.00@5.00 lor Patents, «.40®4.M iled firm early and weaker. No. 2 c;, -Fairly active ana lower. No. 2 and No 2 c; February, 49K®SOj*c; May, K* ®S«s-Stoaay. No. s'oaso, «@«J*c;W, BAR-Slo W wid-eaw. Poor, m oifto?air, 63®03c^good,65®08o, and cHolcO, e-Market quite , , sasao-per ID: Live Ducks, : Live Goese, S3.00®5fO per ;**. OiLS-Wisconsin. ^me Whlto, 8c, White, 8J4-C-, MioWgan Pnme White, 9/ 3 s, Water White. 10J£o; Indiana Prime WMte, 8HC-, Water White, We; HeadhBlit. latest, 9 Gasoline, 87 deg's, 14c; 74 flee s, .fee- SHORT Difficulty in Maiming War Vessels-Many Ships Entirely Without Crews. NEW YOKK, Jan. 30.—The fact 1 that ^ the Yantic in leaving the Brooklyn - , navy '-yard'--Tuesday was obliged to borrow men from- the Vermont wito , which to fill out her complement ^ emphasizes the present greavctearfb- « of available sailors in the navy. *• and' shows how fruitless it is to ; think of putting the nev? ships into * commission within the nest few _ . months: This lack of material has been-, • a constant source of complaint imthe ^ navy during- the last year. An officer ^ of the navy yard said that the present ^ condition of affairs had never been par- ,; alleled in .the history of the service. ,„ The Yantic. Concord, Miantonomah, \ Lancaster, Monongahela, Newark, Ben- -» nin<-ton and Boston are each without - < fulf complements. Five of the ships,-" named have no crews at all The Monon. Ditch. ^ IKDIA.XAPOLI8, Ind., Jan. 31.—Tho. v Monon ditch. 35 miles in length and 100-' ,| feet in width and 16 feet in depth. ^|| located in the counties of Jasper, Pu- ^ laski and -WMte, in this State, when.,' t completed will reclaim over 100,000 g acres of f aiming lands. 'J Dciith of Br. Ortli. *' LATAYKTTE, Ind., Jan. 31.—Dr. Will- '* iam M. Orth. eldest son of the late *? Godlove S. Orth. died here Thursday, of j? consumption. During the rebellion he ^ was- a surgeon in the army of the P°- S N tomae. ._ j . Fire'at Fort Wayne. FOBT WAVXB. Ind., Jan. St.—Early i Thursday morning the grocery owned < by Jacob Pfiefder was destroyed by x fire. His residence adjoinrngr was badly ',•? damaged. Loss. <>,000'. partially in- i, sui'ed. „ Coming Prize Fight. ISDIAXA.POETS, -Ind., Jan. 31. - A match has been arranged between Abe Lloyd, of Brazil, champion featherweight of Indiana, and Tommy Warren. The contest will be for ten rounds, &500 a side, and will take place in this • city "February 26. The'men will meet at 113 pounds, give or take two pounds. Shot an Old Soldier. FEASKFOKT, Ind., Jan. 31.—Ike Me- Bride a young man, and ' 'Tip;' Baxton, an old soldier o'f Jefferson, this county, engaged in an altercation which resulted^in McBride sending a bullet-into the breast of his antagonist. .The wound is perhaps fatal. McBride is yet. .a fugitive." . . Senator Cameron Censured. HABKISBUEG, Pa., Jan. 30.-The Legislature on Thursday adopted a resolution calling on the United States Senators from"Pennsylvania to support the Federal elections bill by all fair and honorable means. This action is regarded in the light of a censvae of Senator Cameron for his recent vote in the Senate. Spirit, ruled nvm $1.14 per sal. for finished goods, , NEW YORK, Jaiil 30. ,Wn E A-r-?j@^e lower, weak 1.09X- May, $1.0B®r.O« ; June / ; July,'99K@*1.00S; August, 9flJ£®Wc, dull, firm. Plate, S7.00® ixtra Prime. ».50®W.OO. Lard quiet,, firm. Steam-rendered, S8.05- , , PEMOI,KTO-Qu,tet. Standard white, 110 deg. tcstfsMc; M gasoline, 8J4c; 80 gasoline, I2o; ;63 naphtha, 8V-c. _ Live Stock. CHICAGO, Jan. SO. CAWLE-Market only moderately^ active, ranged at $5.00@5.SO- for choice to- Steers;. «.30®4.90 for good to --' to fair do.; for • The Black Diamonds, at DOLAN'S OPERA JEIOUSE. Tuesday Eye.,Fel>. 3. WS. CLEVELAND'S Colossal Colored Carnival MINSTRELS. "w V CLEVStAOT, Sole owner. THe Big llonth Comedian, TOM MelNTOSH, Elgliest salaried^Colo^ arjist.ta M ^ . Sockets; SS-l(X8ia.70 for Feeders: S1.25®875 tor . or lisw; «8.«as.»*>rJ^rt ing- ja.W@3.70 for mixed, and $3.60^3.80 lor heavy padring and shipping lots. "Darkest Africa,"! .^^^Miss^fissar rStlc,clasic.ni-st,partspectacle, _ -A THE TOREADOR^ sSo» »SSL, Avoid the-l. 1^ v

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