The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 23, 1935 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 23, 1935
Page 1
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TWo BLYTHEVILLE. (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Social Calendar SUNPAY'S EVENTS Sunbeams, First Baptist church, Il't in. MONDAY'S EVENTS Woman's-Council First Christian church meeting with Mrs. John C. Mchanay, 'i.X\ pm W M S Ural Met|iodlsl church meeting at church, 2:30 p.m. Clicles l, 3 arid 4 of First Baptist church W. M. \J, meeting at church, 2:30 p.m. Circle 2 with Mrs O C Crockett. Ho W Ash. TUESDAY fa JEVKNTb Mrs. Chester R. Babcock having Tuesday Contract .club. Mrs, Lloyri- SUcksiwn .enlcttftln- Ing Young Matrons, Bridge club: | Intetmediate O. A.'s first IJap- tlst church meeting nt churcli 4 p.m. WEDNESDAY'S EVENTS Junior O. , A.'s First BfilHis. churcn meeting at church. !!:iw>. pjn. Wednesday Bridge club meeting with iyirs. Fanisworlh Ulnclc. I Mrs. C. H, Wllley liaving brids; luiwlieon. ^iJRSDAY'S EVENTS Mrs. J. Louis Ohefry having Mid-Week Brloge cluij. Mrs. H. A. Tnylor hiivlng the Thursday Bridge club. Thursday Luncheon club meet- Ing .with .Mrs. H. F.. Kirslinci 1 . Mrs. Q, .O. caudlli ciuel-talii- ing Ihuioday Coiuract ciuo. C et On Training ^chool Faculty QJ Ncu,s iVlosti) Hersoim Mr, and. Mrs- Kansas city l»«t Nslsop, of nnd Coanlry Club Has 1 Masquerade Dance Spa'msn-eenurs and scnorltnii, tolonlQl dames, clowns, (hugs, gypsies, convicts, , Russian Cossacks, pirates,. gigolos," and • Dutch glrlS weie amun^ inosc prcsant" Jt ino,. lust, annual masmieiadc dance of|.' The Roc. Alfred Carpenter, (lett), piis ureh, and 0. Aubrey Hearn, of Nashvllfe, faculty for the second annual Mlalalppl County B. Y P U Tmlnlir school to bo held at the First Baptist church beginning surid today with Mrs. Nelson's Djrolhei W. J, Wundeilich, and family They will St.-Louis before returning home after having tjeen .11 Memphis. Those wno ,:Ufemlcd tho (Vrbat Hug match, nt Carullujfs'yllle ihursdny cVcnlng; included MrV.snd Mrs, c.ilyde llarils, Mr and Mrs vdvjii Hardy and son W i , Mr ami Mis. Clarence Kolwyck, Wood- i'ow Hardy and Clarence Holder. J. I 1 . Edmund'!, ot Little: Kock and (h* R«v. ISdaar Williamson of Puragotild, were In the -city yesterday. Donald Wcrtz,. of MoncUeYiwIl f.pcnci the weekend 111 the city us ..tie guest of. Miss .Leone Calllc'ott Mrs, J. A. Orlndcll. who... hns Uecn crl'tlciill} 111 Is now mud) better. Mis;) aiafillie Crook has as Tlie Woman's Ml^sioiiary society of tho Methodist chur® met for the inOJltllly social program wft|i Mrs. W. a. Thiveat, w|tn ad prcs- . The j»ro$rari! 'wap In charge ,f Mrs, 0. Q. Councq, who road .he scripture leejon folipwed by '' ' uCtll." ''Homebody n . Golden Matosue was given by jyrd, JJearden, Joyce, . Tuesday, 1;30 p. ni. Slcwards. , , ,»icn(te, Mcdro, Kfenneif; Howard .inith, Wilkcns, Cornweil, Rods- m,- and Threat. The society decided to start a ,/enny inarch nt next nec(lii(f, which \yiii be' next Wcd- ' '- B. Y. P. U. School ' Opens Tomorrow at First Churcli All u. V. K U. uwoclitaons in "Luxor a Society -- Personal 'the country ciub Friday evening. The spirit, of the, birthday of llhe first, president was blended .with iho costume. -thoino will] Ihc guests dancing ;lr|6. Virglniti Reel for the opening dance nnd Ih tho .decorations of nags about the ball : room, , In the contest for the inoit clever costmries Mis Jnme8 B. Clark, ns a colonial lady, Won h wall flower pot, and C. o, Lsns tile rola of have been te.u, the secon to !r. ..t,d Mrs, Cha, Howard are , e nm i s!slci--ln-l heme, "Magnifying His Church," D 0 WkrL ' ' ' Cossack, won the men's awaixl, BEII (ray, Mrs. Hurry Kirby, -i!s "Th6 'lullp Girl from Holland,'"' and Samuel F. Morris M u Mexican ; grca'Rtf, - receive^ honorable . attractiori ot the party v,as "Ladlre' Tag" follcwing the t i 0. A. Cunningham attended . lo Hislncss In Hnrrlsburg, Ark;, yesterday and today. H. L. Gaines,-who returned yos- lerday from a biief business'trip to Little Rock, Is'111-at his-home on Holly street Mr. and Mrs. H. L Sleek of Seymour, Mo will aiiKc tomoi raw Tor several week's stay with their daughter, Mrs. Raymond Es- FarJ, arid family, bvloia going to Boston Lake WIs, to apehd the F|vst. Daptilil (ihurch. « , , complete "° W " rd Jolin Martin . of Mr. and Mrs. ing today In Memphis. Miss Noll Ifarils will Icate tonight for t. Louis to attend lUe the iiml .Hlsler-ln-lnw, Mr. ami Mrs. les dui'atidii. Members of [|io O. . Aubrey Heafh Ira r, - »•«« rin t ""'- Bll l j(iiil .Twenty-live members' of Ihc . M. U. hair lomenUon James Terry is spending the waeRend at rayetteVlllc attending the mUl-tevm: (liinces. Miss Minnie Matthews uid fa Frank Whltworlh attended Ihe 1 ' iskelball game in •OScebla;:|asl SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 28, 1985 MKE STREET MKTHODj Vcnion K. ChaJfihVPai'to . Sunday Services: School, 9^5 a , :n< IvcVwn Morris, General 'fcupl. Church, 10;50 a. tn. . ' yoi|ng People's Evening " scrvic.1!, 7;00 o'clock. Unirch, 7:?o p. m. Monday, Rartlp Devotional, irj:;jo 1 ' ' Board /of . Mrs. A. fi Church will have charge of (he devpi(cna| service of the Wonder class. ' A real welcome awaits you at all at these opportunities (or religious enrichment. encc and Heallh with Key fo the 'give the beautiful story O f iih Scripture*,'' by Mary Baker Eddy; mcther's conversion; Don't foil Vo TJle Indestructible faculties of liear (Ills touching address -The Spirit exist without the condl- Dixie radio quartet wjll dqtilcata ions of matter, and also without a program lo all mothers. «'« Ihc (alse belief^ of a so-called ma- Invftc you to bs with tho gr ^rlal'existence" (page 163). number who"^'1)1 be present.'•A, Christian Science message is orosjdcsst, every Wednesday 10:30 a, m. over ICLON. FIRST METHODIST- CHUHCIf W. Main & Seventh Sis. W. V, Woinufc P4kto- Church school, 9:45 J'UGKIM U1THKRAN CIIUUCU II. J. Kleindiensl', Pastor; ..Sunday school, 9 a. m. ... ... Morning worship, lo a. 111. Sermon theme: "Typical of Two Great. Struggles." Evening worship, Sermon theme: '•The God-man," At. the close of the meeting re> .reshmsnts were served by the hos- .tss, aissied by her daughter, Miss jcssle. Thu next meeting will be nili Mrs. c. C. Cornice. Monday afternoon ut 2:30 o'clock meeting Will bo held 31 the daptlst church 16 form.a cemetery association to look, after Uic city -emttery. All who arc interested ,ir (he beautifying of the cemetery are urged to attend. hev. J. W. Moore, pastor of the r»»mu ^.ujrciiitr, rasior ^oaclwlUo Methodist church,urla Sunday school sttuts piolnplly .ilrs, Moorf, :arid Missfciizaoecti at iilud thirty wllti a class-for have rjeeri attending the Stan- caoh member of the family. This I Training school at Blythcvi'.le ,schbol teaches the .JVORD wooorow Huttoj) church worship, 10:55 a.m. Ser- '""'W M™ by 'he audience ii.ori subject: "Going Forward.-" wllen L vn n hieh school presented Injured Leg Made Actor '' Realistic in Role LYNN,.Muss, (UP)— Francis Mc- Jimerney WHS acclaimed the most "~ ' -'•'•' by the audience .- Peoplev. -.yorshh), (i:30 its ns a vrlpplc In (he piny, . . "» m ..n. |,m;, C|wch worship, 7:30 p.m. Ser- Mflnnerncy limped reloistlcaliy. men subject: "Receiving the Heav- Unknown to the audience, lie had only Race." fallen the day before and Injured Visitors are Invited and wcl- llis coined. FULL GOSPEL .•CHUltCH Lilly Street ; II,. D. Montgomery, Faster FREE SHOW TICKET You are muted U> our wrvlus "We pieaeh Christ and Him crucified" 1 Cor 1, 23 FIKST BAPTIST CHURCH Walnut and Kighlh Alfred ' ' ~ ' II,. O. Monljjomci-}-, Faster """ " **~m" Suhdiiy school, 9:45 a.m. N. W. G " e » frec , two tickets (a any Trantham, .Sunday Gchool supcrin- sllmv a<f " Ic f"'' 4 ar ll0!J y with lendent. ' •', . - the purchase of one ton of X-CEL Preaching seuice, u am and 01 ' ' tlchct w ' th ll 'f purchase of 30 p.m. : : li ton, of X-CBL, the World's 7:30 p.m Preaching services also Friday at V.30 pm Best Coal. We give tlieec tickets ,- .-... , In order to introduce X-CEL Choli pracilce Tuesday at 7 JO mcre 1"lekly. See ad over pm comics on the Want Ad page. , i Coal & Mng. Co, flionc TOO ' help our vices grow school and -; ' CIll'KCH OK '»HL . -------- — .rviv^. i Eupha D. Beasley, Faslur The assoclational tralnins school Sunday school, 9:45 a.m. E. L ; student nt ft'Jth Aubry Hearn of Nashville nsi Eva "s. Biiperintcndcht ThB. . Biptfct. Woman's * ary eqolety : |ji?t Wednesdw alter' ' '- ' i6.i'mbsloi'i seiKfiviclicji ,(ind umiKs : were .served at (ho small (aoles arranged -hi night club a.wa «ac.ut_'tfle Ball room : Harbld Sudbury ant) his 3outh- Linus, with Miss Betty Mc- OUtehen as entertalnci, (urniKlic'd we music. Out, oi town guestj, \\eic. Mr. and MrE Kafold Nelson, o! Kansas city, Mo, hoteo guest* df Mr. .i«i i.f.i, w j Wunderlich, and Miss Dorothy Evans of St Louis, •*'»' no given Sa who Is Visiting Dr and ftfrs C. ' supper mooting. ~, Slavem arid family. "- " ' Lllerary Dept, to Study Scandlnn>lzn Lilcraturc ecandinavian literature will be stvuiea b> members ot the Literary department o{ the Wbman'i ciuJ in a meeting Tuesday after^ noon at ths homo of Mrs George W Barham Mr? Otis Shophsrd will, be'leader. She will dlsouss the tendencies of modern literature in Scandinavia, Mrs J Cecil Lowe will give a resiew of 'The Wild Oichid," StgHd'Undset,-Mrs.-Tlicodorc Logan; will.. discuss "Seven Gothic Tales," isak , Linesen, In a throe lUitvute Uiik, "the ROM Leads On," HainsUfi, will, be-'Mrs. B. F. Blb- rneyer's :subject, and ^^rs. S. s. Sternberg will speak on, 'Lite of Hans Chilstlnn Ajylenon" The program will be cohcluded with u round iabia ' . . . Fishers. There' were 20' memberf IJr, ima-Mrs. It; A. Klmbrotigli, ' ., Tin- ? u< V sc V! en visitors present ' ..w u ...u,f j&u^tvjji u MuueiJl/ HI njvu nuviy XIL^IJJ Wi i\fl.vflVJJIe US. . .lie University- of, Arkansas, Fay-.leader-starts at six, thirty -p.. m. N. Y. p. s. 0:30 p,ih. •tllcvjllc, - spent a, few days in continuing - Uirbugli the week.' Evening Service, 7:15 p.m. J eacnvlllo, 1 .wlth his sister, Mrs, There will be a-.class.for each-asc! A great Sunday school rally •annie Aitstoii. - : :' • group. -- . ' : held Sunday morning fce- -••'."• '- *;' * : *•'• |--'i'"C pastor will- preach both Sinning., at 0:45. o'clock- at which - LEAC1!VIU,E' CHURCHES morning and • evening. Morning' "-'me the Rev. Chester Morgan will Baptist cmirch:,Sunday school at subject is -"Christian Science." 10 o'clock, p.,:!>;.Fjsher, superin- Evening topic is "Taming Wild Iciirtent.-.At the close of (he Sim-'Mo'n." ,' . u»y school iioiii-. the; congregation - - Wednesday is Church Night with ••ill call a pastor. This church sevvjces besoming n't, seven, nas been 'without a j pastor for -Viitjors are .always welcome at tour nionths.'..'.../ God's^housc on God's-day by God's Methodist Church; J. W, Moore, pcojile. ' liastbr. Sunday school • at to o'-. ' — —clock, Mrs. A.-A. Anderson, gen- FIRST PRESHylERlAN CHURCH cral EUperinteijdent. Tlie pastor . " Stuart H. Salrripn, Paslor wjll . preaCij -Sunday cvcnlpg on Suiiday'seliobJ, 9!')5 "Loiigtilen ihe-Epr'ds and Slreng- 'Morning worshjp, a a.ui. sut* then the Cord?.".-The pastor will ject: -"Why .UnaiisWcrcd Prayer?" prcacli Sunday morning at Ma- Young People's Society, 0:45 p.m. Evening worship.' 7:30 p.m. Subject: "The-King, oft HIS Throne." c^tv^BY BAPTIST cHtltcii We -wish' to invite' you 'to 'attehd the, Baptist mission "or Calvary Baptist church 6il Lily street Sunday. . • ' ' •-'.'• •"•;• .'Siiiidny scfjdoi,.'O.^g 'a.m. ivith sctipturo atici adniohitiori iti Acts 3; 1 • 16; : . •! :&• J2.; • Cbrjectlon,'' petei did Hot. Heal''the-'la'iiid: nian, 'Acil 3:11-10. '"' :, ..- '•;•"••>.•- ;,'.Rr'en'v 1 nng scn'icsO'.'p.'lii. iby the Rev, Alfred Car'penter, pastor of ihe First Baptist church. An'in* terestlng message is to b^i brought. All -are welcome.' •". ;• : -. FIKST CilKISTlAN CHURCH Sisith uiitl Main Biiest,5 of llielr parents. " ."j Phillips and Alberto Cornellsoii ^' Emiiiclt Bultenrortjt, Pastor Bob Burns who is foreman of O . e " 1 °' LeacjivjUs, and Glavls .-'fho Bepipj- clQss, tfltight by Mrs. His CCC camp 'at DerricS, AfH is °T' ^ LeaChVIIie, imd Verna Crbts,-will conduct tlje opening. weekend. "•:. -.'-•owan, of Aroyrd, -MO. senlco of; Bible school in honproi I Bryant, who is qiilte) ~ '—* —- George;: Washington, at'a:" - " ' Last Time Today MAT. & NIGHT—lOc - 20i jack Perrin In 'The Cactus Rid' Cartoon Last Episode .of "The Mystery Squadron" . Sunday - Monday MAT. & NITE—lOc - Saturday Only MAT. & NIGHT—I0c l - 25 George O'Brien i" 'When a Man's a Man' C'aftoon und Serial Johnny Muck Brown in "Hustlers.'of. Red Uo.i;" MAT. & NITE—lOc - Contiinious showing from i:<15 to 11 p.m. Show lasts about 2 houiB. " .'orsely, Mrs. R. H. CKven meeting will bo Held Wallingsford, Boy Dies Sermon at, ll : a. m..service: "The 111 at ho rhome in the -Ward apart- H Ires Was htelcss to Gr-efttest.'DJviriii Event In Recent his, degree from Vunderbilt where If ha is not able lo Mrs. Jesse Brown was ic devoted several years to «o k th Tn'vtSL ^J, IS llKsnHalo nrfllAi. „!• iv.- <r-_.,-,.. \'"- '" E walQ COfltraCt «tnrn homo within | • "• J ,,LW. j-. . Jitjiiioi I Mrs. Louie Walters, Bill Walter Yarbro M'omen Jtcci, Mmes Will Lalernc>, Mas Koohce ahd Ross Moora enlef- lained Sle.nlx'is of the Yatiiro Woman's Missionary society Tinirs- dav atterUooh al the Lafernei lidmt,. , , ( (^ ^l^s Barbsr odcreti prater, Art O. B. Etchleson gtiva Uie devo tional aiid Seven of the rnemCci's present participated in a discus •"slon of the Oicm4 "Wells My fa. w ther 0Ug'' , PIS arid Coffee ^* c served ' : >To Ucar PUns A ' '* :6rdlally in«tcd _ i — -• •juun, ntuniiij, uiii vvniiDr** j *i <> ~' —»..—..... r. A. Harial Play | p - s Xf *S% ^ f^ X^'S^^K "raised by Audiences Hirc!) »"<! Dr. Hudson " ' i;" c:e "«W attended to buslnes. I The Home met v Cobb - CHRISTIAN SCIJJNfJE SEIWCE3 company -Is in cliarge :"MIND" is the subject of the r . al '"? 1 ! selnen!s - ' Lef6on.6eYmon which will be read f deceased ..Is survived by his' in' all Churches. of. Christ,, sclent- parents, one 'brother and two Sis-, 1st; Sunday -morning at U o'clock ters jHotcI Noble. - ' Tne Golden Text- is "Behold, the ifwr pt tho -Lord, that is wisdom; - and to .depart from' evil is mider- ._ ^i^ — Jj ___ „ it., _j ^'i " . r** ters - ? d - lf them mzor blades. A fat Among the citations which com ?r on the farm of Tort prise the Lesson-Sermon is tile [Jnines, near here, tried lo swal- following (rom the Bible: "The low one. H tul filK; tlTOf. IlieUriiiff ear, and Hie Meiiiij eye, for 1 — '— I|K " v " '- ' .'airy who imd tlic leidlng rolc.s ic eng rolc.s , yng They feme supiic-ifcd by a cast | OTm """ilty kltclien grounds wn f 13 and u chorus ol Ic hteh ""BScsled by the president an >f .M t ..iv. ,l ulLUIUd Ul 10 JltHII .^^""-" " b -,..„ chixil glrk wlio danced mid smii( plu1vs werc i"»(ln lo nrgln work ot s a part or ih c | r w \us imil t " lcc - *'''*• W- »- Dysss was f-n- *" roile <l "s a ncwmcmber. The nest ' Tne director of. B, '1 0 s ol • ths First feaptist ohUlch has urg- _cd all members of unions and .'otJiei' taSmbers of UIE churcli to .b« present tomorrow eretilng.tii l the lespsttlveiunlon roonia of tlio church at 6:30 a clock, and' hi the general assemblj of nil, imiorts U 7'IS o'clock, lo'hear plans-'for participation "In the county study course to cs c6nductcd each evening nexl Wfck. , >mv - sturfy oourie Bill be in •ple»' wrHer? oi ths stale mid of ^ijie southern Biptist conventions. 10 OtBtTTO Cf j . — _ »-. uniting, In Dsytof ^tic« nunioers. *w,n.u ut> .1 ncwmeniDer. UK As a part-of Ihc show there mccll "e of the club will 1; VBS a Baby Popularity conlcsl i lira Wednesday In Mnreh. (Tiursdiiy evtihlng til v .-|iich ,/ufiks 1 — Wendoll Pluilirvs won (he 6 n V rf ovlng ^cup tiiid hla sponsor, MI« ?nulitie FowlsY, w^ns presented n i el let work. Mr. nnd Airs. Harry w, Hnlnas ^nn.nre In Hot Springs tor the week" I end where Ml'. Kitlnes is ntHiidlng' a ncwspajier riien's nictftinst. [ Mrs. W. T. Oberst nnd Mbj Co- Hie 1'nt Duck Vrorcn Into Pouil i'ORT WOKT]t. Tex. ----- ' - -• <ui i n in- jyn-.TCllltll U :llvcr loving clip, Tlilrlccn clill- ren wcro entered in (),,- tontcsi nd votes were sold al one mil :ach. ••"• - ''' LhSl . uiir- how . .J llltr- • itiart t^'ity cpoperalcd In u fatliloii '|»"cliliig iibnnul'. s a pjirt of the program. , "* T.^IXIJI, 1CN. VUl't — Gluck-Gluck, the pst duck In For- fm Park Zoo, a terrible lime m (he wlnlcv. Twice tlnco cold vreather started he has been found frozen.into'the Ice-on, Ms'pond A good thaw restores -him t u ),i s . The. show .was. staged :by. .the iayno 1'. Sfwt\\ coiii'pany. of At- anta, Ga. ra Lee Colcman, accompanied by Mnifs. Hiigh Craig, Mngg| c Barbiers and d. M: Harwell, of Osceola, attended the limcticon nuet- • i«S 'of the Commodore Perry cliap- lor of (he Notional Society of Daughter of Iht American Revo-' lullon al the Hotel GSyo.w fecni'- plils, vc.ltctdAiv "'"..' 'nsulated Sidewalks May fejimm«{e Ice NEW.HAVKN, Cwni. (UP) -A local Itfiii .te-expcilnltnLliig-'with Hwi)lated-6!do*alks-to prevent the lonhalioU' ot Ice, wlilch -ctiutts ., ,.1'rcak, 6arfish Cauclit -NASHVILLE, 'TCIUI.- (up) - A B«v«sl], -Wltuaut eyes or any sock' ctl " 8lu '" C'u of the. world on Jlarch 8 iHe e ^ to' be Sponsored by (tie FirsV Chrislian .-church .and tht program? is to-be he!4 .there al -Jitt/pm '. Plans "are t being made ,at present' »r the, program which ,, is to be tteselittd, will) all churcli- « Melsflng. - i ^ «uniBav O1MIO U£U city-- and .jirppcrly owners. Asbestos ihsulatcli lead s leating cable \\a-i laid one inch •lelo* lha silfface and was found lo c«alc a l«m|ii!rature of 20 degrees, consuming 40 watts of electricity pet 'square foot.- The halation , was effective (o 15 degrees below zero ^ . CROP LOANS NOTICE B^ginnjng- Monday February 25. The Roxy will IDISCQNT.INIJE MATINEB'S O^MO^DAY, ^TUBS- PAY, WEpNESDAY,'THURSDAY But .will :|-jiavQ 'matinees- on .FRIDAY, SATURDAY AIs T P SUNDAY and SHOWS EVERY. NITE AS USUAL. ' •> ' ••',-•-. ;-.'•' •" : .«v . r^^'-ITY'*^- ; Mutic by Jarbme Kero ' Lyrlci and Librello by Otter r!amrnenlein,'2nd C GLOR[A owanson :;;0 ,;,jpHN BOLES . ooucUss WONTGOMERY - :JUNE IANG ' Al JHEAM RfOINAlO OWEN HOBART BOSWOSTH 40SEJH CAW1HORN An Ertch ?omnnr Produdiort /ram lh» record breaking - I)nnil)bi!ll letters' Nu. 2 Cou Coo Nuw.s Comctly— "Wilier Roclco" CAPtURES YOUR HEART! Shirley TEMPLE Lionel BARRYMORE COIONIL' a G. p. Dlll Piinimounl Mubic'al Reel M'ilh U«] Nichols and His riimoiis He<l 1'cniiica Orchestra CiirlOod~"The Chinii Shop" BLYTHEVaiE LAUNDRY Phone 327 SSSB j „ L

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