The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 24, 1947 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 24, 1947
Page 2
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jr/AGE TWO BLYTHEVILLB (ARK.) COUltlEIl NEWS THURSDAY, JULY 24,• 19-17 GOP Taking Care Of 'Emergencies' Leaders in Congress Agree to a "Recess"; Not an Adjournment 24. (UP)— Eyi;", Robert A. Talt, H., O.. an- n np-ed today • that when- Con press er-ds its session on Saturday, Republican leaders \vill tc pied to call it ta:k during the F, '1 . . H-J made the announcement to joicis'ncn i(t»r a pint n<:etinx ot 'Hcus? and Senate-GOP leaders. Trdinari'v only the President can jf'a'l. a special session of Coiwcss. i Buvlh<! the \V3V, lio'vsvcr, Dem- ccreti- leaders of Coneress we-.e "U" i z-d t*y call it back. Tart raid 'Ilia; the leadership Pint oaicecl that instead of ad- jcuining sine die. Cc'.isi'C£s could 1," su i -i in?cl tack in So sjKSien "at the confer 1 ot the fc:n- leaders," i T '^ idei 'ifieci the four leaders i?% S e?V i Joseph W. Mnrlii). Jr. i K <•? M-jorltv Leader Charles A I-H">V-"' H. Ind., Senate Presiden | p i Tc i) Arthur'-H. Vandenhen! "£nd E • > i!'> I e MsJDrily Leader \Val- 'li— ^ Whltfc n!. Me. ^t-L-'d \\hether. the foreign sit' vntion was the 'counselling reason 'r--r the decision ' not to adjourn sine dis, Tilt replied: ..-'•I wouldn't, say .thf'.. It .hist happened that more pcoule \vaiited it th-s \yc,y than tl-.e other way." .".Tilt siid that "iyc will co i>h»:«l . i'hi the Senate" with the resolution j • Uv E:n. J'-rjes P. K<rn R-, Mo., tor .on investipfition of the attor- -iiev general's "hoi'd'ini of alleged vole frai'ds in the .Kansas City fi-tinrs last year. • • - . He qlso f aid the-leadership aereed Olle Steps Out Alaska May Become $pur£e Of Newsprint for U.S. Publishers WASHINGTON. Ju'.y 24 (UP)-Sen Hoau-r E. Capeharl. R., lf)i)-. ycsleic; / eat'od lor prompt Senate <>a?s:i:;c c! a bill to cpen uj> rtih Uwberlantl's for newsprint CM tens of newsprint -a year." 1 Attractive Jeaimettc C!iry:l was Chavez said he ohjcctcd to theIwaltlikg for a street" tar m'.ien a bemuse he understood it would ir.'.'n (niickly sii'PCd a card C.'.pehail. dii!ir:rin ol a fjfiiale EUtcc:i'm:ttee iuvestltfJtlng the wqprln.'. shortage, sounded his call for action ns the House Newsprint Investigating Committee said inwspriii'. and paper prices have re idled their peak and any change in the next few months mint bo a. drop. Capchar'. Dennis Chavez, D., -N. M., objected to Esiialc coiisldcratloh or a bill that wc-'d authorize the Sccrc- '. '.ry of Agrhi'Cturc to sell .tiinbev v.ithin the Tanxass National' For- I est in 'Al-isku. Cape)iart said any' additional iitwsprinl lor U. S. us-: er.> must come rrom Alaska. He said ^ais2?c or tills or u similar bill before adjatr/nmr-nt Saturday "is of the Utmost importance" in view of the •"dire newsprint? shortage." "ir we- con:i: lieyeloj) Alaskan tiinteifr.nds." he .said, "ws could to "very cian:i'glne lo certain persons in A'aska." "Unless we ean srt this bill, or such 1>:V." Cipcliart told Chavez, "it will be Impossible to starl uny n:w. r prinl mills in Alaska." | Ur.drr the .measure .r.TOceeds Iroin UK: sale ol timbeiVmd> wbiild be h:*d in a ,*-pecltt! treasury ae- coiint i:ntll native claims liad been s-.'tlcd. The hous,' committee issued a report on newsprint i>rice ped in a dollar bill in her hand. rh'e card bore the 113:113, ad- tircss iai^d telephciit.- ntitnber of i n:an with the following information: "Call me —- am not mar.'icd. tx:use." Police haven't decided tnda;- v, p >other to place the call. Bashful Wolf? Read Courier Hews Waul. undersigned was on day ap- THE CIIICKASAWBA ItlSTRICT OF !MISSISS>ipPI COIJNTV, ARKANSAS. In (he Matter of the Estate of Nell Sniart, Deceased NOTICp TO CBEDITOBS Notice is hereby glve:i 'that t!«; pointed adjnlinstrafjr of the Esta'e of h'Ell Smart, 'Deccjtcd. All 1:01-- scns having claiiv.3 against said estate are hereby notified to exhibit them lo the undersigned administrator, properly authenticated, within six months fi'om the date yl the fiiit iKiblic'.uion of this notice or they will be forever baired o'icl precluded from any benefit in said j estate, The address of the iindcr- fiiljncU udininistralot- n Ulytheville, Arkansf.s. i This the 9 day of July, 1941. J. Mell Brooks Jr. Administrator of the Estate of Nell Sm'jrt, Deceased Holland & Taylor, Attorneys, for Administralor. 1 10-17-24 1 n-,timates irevcal t'int patrons of public iv'.ini! places waste 0 per cent ol the food served them. SCREEN DOORS NOW AT C. Robinson LUMBER CO. !,' Equally at home in evening clothes. Olle TiimlUerg, • the Swedish heavyweight who Snowball Puddings .Witt Peqch Saiice SrouJcufi: July 26, 19-11 seek o'pproval' for Iwo invesli-|- took a disputed decision from 1 to .„... sratinpr ercui:s—one' on hcusine und She ether'on consumer prices. Sen. Jcsccli R. -McCarthy, R., •V.'is., has intrcduced a. resolution tr> piovid" for a iointr conEressipn- al r-MiMviti'ce to study all phases of I he lie-using problem. Sen. Joseph H. lE'.'l. 'P.. -Minii., alcD has ?, resolution calling for the creation of a special su'rcc-n'.nittce of the joint economic committee to .study consumer prices. Joe Baksi in Stockholm, steps out for a night's entei lainment. Hunt's Royal Anne in Heavy Syrup Fhridqn, Fleeing From Arkansas Officer, Makes Quick Trip to Cemetery CONWAY... Ark;, Ju'y 24. CUP) — An att'emnt to eEcape rrorii on Ai-V«ns»« S'^tn Pntrohnan hascnd- rd in a ouick Itrio 'lo the cemetery for a Chrislwell, Fla., .resident.. State Patroljiian Buford Cha-m- 1-er-. f.!d' he vras chasin» Clyde Piirkivr MoKeniion en Highway C5 near 'here when .the lugitlve's or left the h.inhway and over- tio-pcd on tou of a hed^e on the cas'. side.".of'Catholic de-.neteiy. Sea Poison Along [Gulf Coast Kills Millions of Fish VENICE, Fill.. July 34. (UP) — Scientists today investigated a new mysterious sea poison attack along Florida's gull coast, beaches which fishciinen snld killed millions' 'of lish and threatened their multl- milllon dollar industry. Various federal agencies including the Foot! and Drug Administration and the U. S. Pish and Wild Life Service were Interested in the so-called "red tide" which occurs when the marine terror strike, miles of Florida's white beaches were cluttered with dead fish. I The "red tide," dormant sines 1015, struck marine life heavily in November of last year, and again in April of this year. A third attack Hart's, Wonder or Taystee 2 loaves 2 5t "The Dainty Cooking Fat" that \vliilc Me- • "occurred several days ngo. 10c Doputs Plain, •per dpi. perdoz.17^ Chocolate Glazed Tuni 0:1 oven; sec at moderately slow (350° F.). Resift Hour willl baking powder and salt. Mix shortening and vanilla. Add sugar gradually, mixing until light and fluffy. Beat in egg. Add ilour mixture alternately with mixture of milk and v/ater. Fill 4 greased custard cups 2 /3 full. Set in pan containing an inch of hot water. Cover cups v.-ith'waxed paper. Bake 35 min.,'or until puddings shrink from sides of cupl. Serve u-jth drained, sliced peaches and peach sauce made by stirring '/j cup peach juice into mixture of 3 cablesp. sugar, 2 teasp. cornstarch, 1 A te«p. sale and 1 teasp. grated lemon rlrvl. Boil and stir' 10 min.; cool, stiC in V> cup Pet Milk and 1 teasp. buc- ter. Serves 4. You Will Need: p?t Sliced Peaches, can can V3c Always Fresh — Always Delicious Cake Flour, linking v Powder, can I'kg. 35c 19c TWEENY WEENIES WHOLE KERNEL No. Can tt u Kinnon's shoes were /rung off as the ci«r ^overturned, he was not. inlnrcd.'He 1 'faces charges or drun- '•?n driving. Slayer to Fife Appeal From Death Sentence Alfred Woodcock of the Woods Hole; Oceanogrnphic Institute of New, England augmented a party of scientists headed by Dr. P. G- Walton Smith of the University o! Miami Marine Laboratory. Dr. Clyde T. Reed, Biologist at the University of Tamiia believed that tlijy oi'Banisms attached them- Ark., Ju'y 24. selves to the gills smothering IT~PI The ->id(?r5 who sentenced breathing. ?7-v"?r-o!d Harold Hvde of Ber- i Eniith advanced another version, rvville tn die Sspt. 19 at Turker ire said thai the organisms, Instead of attacking the fish's breathing, created a toxic poison which killed the fish TTn-'e quantities of the microorganism appeared periodically ' in rust-colored patches on the gulf. .Prison Farm, revealed today that H'vJe's altcmpv wi)\ file a iinatian for a new- .tricl—the rirst step in spn^r.' procee["irqs. Circuit Judge Mixipin Cunnnings Captain Held sometimes miles. covering many square f F.iycUe\'il!c said he was infcrni- d by Attorney H. O. Leather, hat the jiiation \vould be filet ^riday. 'A Carroll County Jury fotin Hyde Ruilly or first degree inurdc m June 21, in connection wit he fatyl Ehcotin^ and beating o Prank Simpson. Bcrryv.iUe rucr chant. Witnesses testified thalHyd shol Simpson in a dispute ove Simpson's refurnl to j:ennit Hyc to date his daughter HUNT'S PEELED APRICOTS No- 2 MNEAPI'LE Can L'ernarrt Marks, 24-ypar-o!rt t> Marine officer from Cincinmt Ohio, is under British JUTC:;', Hoifa, Palestine. Marks eaoiain c • etTturefugee ^ h 'P Exodus, 1047. fnr- merlyNhe President Warfield, which was seized by the British after a two-and-one-half hour batilo off the Palcstine'coast. The ship cnr- rying «CO reiugees, had attempfd to run the British blocadc . ——^•^••••v^^i^ tOOKOROCfRy 0> : MAO KIT ~"- jiiicf 25 CAUNAT1QN OR DCT Kill If ;1 Ta " or *? S F. ?1 H 3 ^ c S 1 7f> r C I InlLIt Large $izc Case V NO. 1 TALI, CAN SALMON OR MACKEREL 23 NO. 2 CAN HOMINY ^ctn, 25 DEL iMONTE Hi O/. CAN GRAPEFRUIT JUICE NO. 1 CAN JACKSON PORK & BEANS , V-S NO. 2 CAN VEGETABLE JUICES 94CHOICE MEATS USE PET MILK IN Alt YOUR Made From Pure Beef Can ADMIRATION COFFEE Lb. Jav STAFF O LIFE, NO. 2 CAN 15 II 1 43' GROUND BEEF DcLuxc 2 Lb. Box CHEESE - - For Boiling FAI BACK - Pure Pork SAUSAGE - Creamery BUTIER - - - - , Ib. Ib. 49c Ib. 59< BLACKBERRIES 19 VAN CAMP'S OR WILSON'S 1 OZ. CAN VIEHNASAUSAGE 15 :S ..»..oxc«>>>;:«:;»>>:<»:;.>::»>:>:>:>>>:>:>:>:>::«;>:>:>::»'vv-«->--«--«--»;; DO YOU HAVE $5 or $5000? "j THEN . . . THIS IS FOR YOU! |: Bring your savings O r investments to Blythcville \ Eedcral for sometliing better" much better! Increase 'i the rate of earnings on your savings; every dollar of ' your money from §1.00 up draws full earnings ro- ? gardless of the size of account. Every account is insured by an instrumentality of live U. S. Government up to $5000.00 BLYTHiVILLE FEDERAL SAVINGS & LOAN ASSOCIATION 124 Vf. Adi St. Phone 3545 FRESH NO. .-sn. 1 ? CAN DLACKEYE PEAS if. O/-. CAN ORANGE JUICE 2 For I Lll. CARTON PURE WH1TK LARD PURE CREAM MtAL jo Lb. Wag DUX. OXYDO1,. RINSO OR SUPER SUDS >,,, 10 Lb. RAG PURE CANE SUGAR 3 LB. JAR SNOWDRIFT 5 STRAND BROOMS^ 85 25 27 85 83 C 31 93 Wilson's Pasteurized SWEET MILK Concord VEGETABLES FOR CREAKING VECEUB1ES-USE FH Mill - 4 qt. basket 59C - - - 3lb$. Balances The Family Diet! Qt. 17c Elbcrta PEACHES - Crispy Jumbo Stalk CELERY - - No. 9 Size Honey Dew MELONS - Cannon Ball Watermelon - ib. 2k HOME GROWN TOMATOES GARDEN 1'RKSII CORN (;lrs UAUTI.ETT EATING PEARS Pound ir Pound Red Malaga, Thompson Seedless JUICY AND DELICIOUS GRAPEFRUIT . F TENDER HOME GROWN UnKA round WASHINGTON STATE APPLES ,,„„„,, CRISPY CARROTS 3 Hunches Sunkist 2S 19 1C Lemons - - - t15c Liberty Cash Grocery LOW PRICES EVERYDAY

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