The Monroe Journal from Claiborne, Alabama on November 21, 1918 · Page 2
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The Monroe Journal from Claiborne, Alabama · Page 2

Claiborne, Alabama
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 21, 1918
Page 2
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TEE MONROE JOURNAL, MONRCZVILLE, ALABAMA A CHILD CESII'T IAC3IIOPUV IF C:iSTIPATED LOOK, MOTHER I IS TONQUI COATED, BREATH FEVERISH AND STOMACH SOUR? 'CALIFORNIA SYRUP OF FIQf CANT HARM TENDER 8TOM-ACH, LIVER, BOWELS. A laxative today oaves a sick child tomorrow. Children simply will not take the time from play to empty their Vowels, which become clogged np with waste, liver gets sluggish, stomach our. Look at the tongue, mother! If coated, or your child is listless, cross, feverish, breath bad, restless, doesn't eat heartily, full of cold or bns sore throat or any other children's ailment, give a teaspoonful of "California Syrup of Figs," then don't worry, because it is perfectly harmless, and in a few hours all this constipation poison, sour bile and fermenting waste will gently move out of the bowels, and you have a well, playful child again. A thorough "inside cleansing" is oftlmes all that is necessary. It should be the first treatment given in any sickness. Beware of counterfeit fig syrups. Ask your druggist for a bottle of "California Syrup of Figs," which has full directions for babies, children of all ages and for grown-ups plainly printed on the bottle. . Look carefully and see that it is made by the "California Fig Syrup Company." Adv. Fair Offer. Mrs. Clymer (giving a little dinner) Oh, Julia, the maid just walked out on me! Won't you serve? Cook (firmly) Not in the dinin' room ! But I've had cafeteria experience, so if you'll line up your giiests and shoot them out here with their plates, I'll see that they get all that's comin' to them. Buffalo Express. STOMACHJPSET? PAPE'S D1APEPSIN AT ONCE ENDS SOURNESS, GAS, ACIDITY, ; . ' INDIGESTION. When meals upset you and you belch gas, acids and undigested food. When you have lumps of indigestion pain or any distress in stomach you can get relief instantly No waiting! As soon as you eat a tablet of Pape's Diapepsin all the indigestion pain stops. Gases, acidity, heartburn, flatulence and dyspepsia vanish. Pape's Diapepsin tablets cost very little at drug stores. Adv. An Ominous Outlook. "Brace up, young man !" encouraged the dentist. "It will be out und all ever in a minute." "Yes," solemnly replied little Clarence Callipers, who was in the chair, "hut one day with the Lord is as a thousand years and a thousand yenrs as one day." Kansas City Star. VCoId In the Head" Is an acute attack of Nasal Catarrh. Per-ons who are subject to frequent "colds In the head" find that the use of HALL'S CATARRH MEDICINE will bulla up the System, cleanse the Blood and render them less liable to colds. Repeated attacks of Acute Catarrh may lead to Chronic Catarrh. HALL'S CATARRH MEDICINE is taken Internally and acts through the Blood on the Mucous Surfaces of the System. All Drusslsts 75c. Testimonials free. J1W0O for any case of catarrh that HALL'S CATARRH MEDICINE will not UF? 'j. Cheney & Co.. Toledo, Ohio. Patriotic Convicts. The inmates of Sing Sing prison subscribed $2,000 to the fourth Liberty loan, $1,000 being donated to the Ited CrosR. Prison walls have not smothered all the manhood there. TO GUARD AGAINST INFLUENZA Keep a little Vacher-Balm in your nose, it is antiseptic, and kills germs, though harmlass to rise, internally, or externally. It also relieves the distressing symptoms. 25c In Tubes, and Jars. Avoid imitations. Adv. Our chain of life is forged with little rings ;:'.tttid.'Iittle. fords and acts uplift the Wl.'' ' h v When Baby Is Teething mows Bihy bow bl MlMciMt win mm t&e stom&b and bowel trouble. JPwlocU nana IMS. See directions on tt bottle. After a man runs into debt he either walks out or stays In. . "V---- Granulated Eyelids, our 4 J Bye Comfort. At Tow OraniM or by nil Me per Bottle. rot mum m bh its to wnts Eye FRUIT PITS MAKE A HIGHLY POROUS CHARCOAL WHICH ACTS AS FILTER TO GAS MASK "How does the government make gas mask out of peach stones?" is a question that every school pupil has asked of puziled parents since the schools naare begun the collection of peach and plan stones to fight German gas. The answer is that the stones are nbt made Into masks, but are trans formed Into charcoal that Is used In the masks. The American Chemical society In a bulletin explains the matter in this way: "Peach stones are used as the raw material for making the best grade of absorbent charcoal ever produced ; and the charcoal is used In the respirator for absorbing 'the deadly gases in the Inspired air. "How does charcoal act? In the first place, it is exceedingly porous. It is produced, by roasting wood, dried blood, or other organic material, and this roasting decomposes the material into two parts, one of them gaseous, which passes off from the retorts, and one of them solid, which remains behind as charcoal. Every minute cell of the wood and every part of a cell gives up some of the gas during the operation and thus leaves minute pores all through the material. Thus the wood charcoal that we know is very bulky for its weight and contains innumerable fine pores. Now this highly porous charcoal has a remarkable property of absorbing certain kinds of substances. "In the gas mask contaminated air passes through a layer of highly active carbon before it reaches the mouth, and the poisonous material Is absorbed. It is apparent that tie more active the charcoal Is, the more the absorbing power can be packed into the small box on the front of the mask. Now, all charcoal from all sources 1 not equally active. Hence, before char coal was used successfully in masks a very active form had to be produced. And it was found that the bard, dense, compact substance of nut shells and fruit stones formed the most con densed and actively absorbing char coal. The pores of the charred material are infinitely fine and numerous attd hence a given volume of the carbon will do far more work than the same volume of other kinds of charcoal." Words of Wise Men. Man le the glory, Jest and ridi cule of the world. Pape. I admire the coarse arts fall as much as the fine arts. Anon. His steps were taken with the deliberations of destiny. Holland on Lincoln. Words, at the touch of the poet, blossom Into poetry. Holmes. . An acorn cannot make much headway in a flower pot. O. F. Train. Montana Farmers Are Badly In Need of Water on Land. - "Water on our hinds during 1917 and 1918 would 'nave meant thousands of dollars to this country, to the farmers, and to the city people," the ex-, ecutlve committeeman In charge of Irrigation in the Flathead county farm bureau, Montana, writes. The Flathead county farm bureau Is determined that the drought conditions of the present season shall not be repeated and has made irrigation one of its major lines of work for the year. Dif ferent localities will handle the problem In different ways. Irrigation in this valley will make it possible for the farmers to change from straight grain farming to the practice of a diversified system employing live stock as well as the necessary crops. FOR THE POULTRY - GROWER The air In a tightly closed butlduu soon becomes laden with lmpurttle from the breath of the fowls and from the filth that accumulates. To breathe this air over and over again is to take back Into the system many of the Impurities that the system Is trying to throw off. 'As the oxygen of the air becomes exhausted it can give less and less heating elements to the body of the fowl and gradually the fowl's power of resistance to cold Is reduced. Unless there Is sufficient ventilation to keep the air reasonably pure tba house becomes damp and -In time moisture collects on the walls, which in cold weather turns to frost. Thes are some of the reasons why sufficient ventilation should be provided at all times and why the hen houses should not be closed tightly at the approach of cold weather. Drafts, however, must not be allowed to blow on th fowls, particularly when they are on the roosts at night. ' pld Boots and Shoes Used To Make, Useful Articles. The old boots and shoes that are cast Into the dustbin have consider able value. They are soaked in watei to remove the dirt, all the nails and threads are picked out, and the leather is reduced to a thick pulp, from which wall papers; screens, etc., arc made. The finer the original qualltj of leather the better It takes th bronze and old gold of the deslgni which make these hangings things ol beauty. Bookbinders and framemak-era also know the value of this pulp and carriage builders press it int sheets which are, invaluable for tlx roofs of the most luxurious vehicles. Great Demand in Vienna for' Watchdogs and Prices Have Been Raised in Proportion. The Increasing insecurity of life and property in Vienna has brought about a great demand for good watchdogs, according to the following interview with an official of the Vienna Animal hospital, printed in a recent Issue of the Neues Wiener Journal: "It Is a fact that persons frequently come here early In the morning seeking dogs before our office hours begin. Most of them are wives of business men, foremen, professional men and others, who have. been called to the colors, but there are also women who have learned that we have nice dogs for distribution and, consequently, come looking for these faithful and trustworthy guardians, especially in view of the wholesale robberies and the sinister activities of numerous gangs of youthful thieves. As you know, a close watch has to be kept over the power belts in the factories to prevent their disappearance, as is also the case with lumber In the yards, and all kinds of goods in the stores and warehouses. "Many women, whose husbands are at the front, are afraid to stay alone and wish at least to have a watchful animal with them to give warning of the presence of strangers at the door, through growling or barking. So the dog has become a much desired animal. People willingly pay the $4 tax and don't seem to worry about the problem of supplying the dog with food If they can thus get a keen-eared end loyal guardian. Such dogs are very dear now. A 'Doberman costs from $90 to $200 ; shepherds, up to $120; coachdogs, up to $40; fox terriers, from $15 to $20, and pure-blood 'Dackel,' from $12 to $20. Greyhounds and poodles, on the other hand, have gone out of style." When the first cold weather of the season comes there Is a temptation to close the poultry houses quite tightly in the belief that the fowls confined in them need that protection from the increasing cold. It is true that the fowls must be protected, but If they receive so much protection that fresh air Is kept out of the house they will suffer more from breathing bad air than they would from a little lower temperature. Boy Scouts Locate Walnut At the President's Request. About 15,000,000 feet of black walnut timber has been located and its exist enee reported to the forest service bs the boy scouts since they were called upon by the president to assist th government In locating this timber foi gunstock and propeller material. Thi boy scouts send the reports to the for est service, where the information Is compiled and then forwarded to thu war department. The government it self is not buying the walnut, bu sends out the information to manufac turers working on government con tracts. City Built on Islands. Ghent, in Belgium, is built on 2t islands, which are connected by 81 bridges. Camouflaging Mutilated Faces Wonderful Work Being Done to Hide Hideous and Shattered Features the Surgeons Cannot Help "Camouflage of Mercy" is the term by which many describe the work being carried on by Anna C. Ladd, the sculptor, under the auspices of the American Red Cross. It is a wonderful work for soldiers whose faces have been hideously mutilated by German of the mutile's face, and then from pre-war' photographs, or - descriptions furnished by friends, builds up in clay or plaster the missing parts until the cast is a good likeness of the man as he was. From this cast a thin copper mask is made and then plnted with silver. This is fitted perfectly and the camouflage is held in place by a pair of spectacles. The final stijge is to paint the mask so that It is practically indistinguishable. ' . In the accompanying Illustration it will be noted that the mutilation has not been so general and the pair of spectacles with eyes painted in disks behind the glasses serve to change this Whale Meat Has Been Used In Japan for Many Years. For hundreds of years whale meat has been used for food in Japan. In the earliest books of Japanese history, there are accounts of the capture of whales, with nets, and the ceremonies which followed a successful haul. Nowadays the whale fisheries are conducted on an elaborate scale with modern fleets and expensive equipment provided by the government. Whale meat looks and tastes like beef. People's Home Journal. Mother's Cook Book "Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof." and also the good. It is our faithless reaching after tomorrow's ills and blessings that makes today unbearable. .. Food for the Family. ' ' Macaroni, rice and spaghetti may he served in various ways out of Jhe or dinary.- A cup of cooked macaroni' may be -combined with other foods, ' making a good substantial main dish. Soy Bean Loaf With Tomato Sauce. ' Pick over,-wash and. soak for 12 hours one-half pound of soy beans. Cook in simmering water until tender. When done, mash and cool ; add three teaspoonfuls of salt, two cupfuls of milk, one small onion chopped fine, one-fourth of a teaspoonful of pepper, two well-beaten eggs and two cupfuls of dry bread crumbs. Bake In a moderate oven for half an hour. Serve with plenty of well-seasoned tomato saoce. . In the studio Of Mrs. Ladd of the American Red Cross in Paris. Mrs. Ladd is shown working on a mask for a soldier whose face was mutilated in the war, his bravery having cost him his eyesight. shells. Mrs. Ladd is the wife of Dr. Maynnrd Ladd, medical adviser of the American Red Cross, but her work has nothing to do with medicine. In many hospitals, of course, plastic surgery Is doing much to build up shat tered faces. Mrs. Ladd, however, finds her subjects among those whom the surgeons cannot help. They, are soldiers whose faces have been so shot to pieces that they present a hideous spectacle, one which their friends and relatives prepare to shun. The sufferers realize this and become very unhappy and sensitive and are inclined to hide themselves away from their fellow-beings. Mrs. Ladd has become greatly interested in the work of Captain Derveut, who improved on the gelatine and rubber formerly used, and made meal masks. To make these masks, Mrs. Ladd takes a plaster cast Irish Stew. Cut two pounds of meat In small pieces; fry one sliced onion In a little fat; when brown add the meat and brown that; then add boiling water and seasonings desired. Add two cupfuls of chopped vegetables, using carrots, turnips, tomatoes or other vegetables. Cook slowly until nearly tender, then add a few sliced potatoes and cook until tender. Thicken with a littA flour before serving, if desired. Deviled Chftken. Make a sauce of salt, pepper, dry mustard, paprika, grated lemon peel, lemon juice, Worcestershire sauce and a few drops of tabasco. Add a large lump of butter when the sauce begins to boll. When very hot add some cubes of cold cooked chicken and rook until heated through. - Cold cooked veal, pork or beef may be used in the same way. ' ' . Codfish and Macaroni. To one cupful of cold cooked macaroni add a cupful of flaked codfish that has been ps-Holled If salt fish is or boiled . If fresh codfish Is . in. i.,. .-.j.; i.ubje lace was mutilated in the war, wearing the mask made for him by Mrs. Ladd of the American Red Cross. man from a fearsome evidence of war into a pleasant-looking Poilu whose friends easily recognize him. Of course, when painting the eyes on the disks great care was used to get the exact color and to get a natural appearance. The masks, of course, do not restore the functions, they only camouflage these poor faces so that their owners will not hesitate to go about among their friends. used. Put into a baking dish, sprinkle wnn salt, pepper and crumbs. Dot with bits of butter, sprinkle with a little grated onion and moisten with a little milk. Bake until brown In a hot oven. . Macaroni seasoned with a little chopped green pepper and chopped onion, with a cupful of white sauce; bake until well heated. The Western Reserve. When Connecticut, In 1788, cede her western lands to the United States she reserved a large tract adjoining Pennsylvania, now forming several counties in the northeastern part ol Ohio. From this the region came to h called "the Western Reserve." i-Th reservation by Connecticut only lasted a few years, as in 1S00 she completed the transfer of all the lands to tut United States. The Western Reserv soon became famous fur its gnn clti zenship, fine farms and determine opposition to slaverr. dour iiERVEs L1ADE STRONG By Lydia E. Pinkham'a Vegetable Compound. Winona. Minn." I suffered for more, than s year from nervousness, and waa , so bad I could not rest at nig at would lie awake and get so narrow I would have to gat up and walk arouni ana in tne morning would be all tired out i I read about Lydia B.Pinknam'a Vegetable Com pound and thought I would try it My nervousness sooa left me. I alee well and feel fine in the morning and able to do my work. I gladly recommend Lydia E. PinkhanTa Vegetable) Compound to make weak nerrea strong." Mrs. Albmt. Sultze, 60S Olmstead St. Winona, Minn. How often do we bear the expression among women, l am so nervous, l cannot sleep," or "it seems aa though I should fly. " Such women should profit by Mrs. Sultse'a experience and giva una lamona root ana nern remedy, Lydia E. Pinkham'i Vegetable Com- pound, atrial. Forfortv Tears it has been overcom ing such serious conditions as displacements, inflammation, ulceration, irreg ularities, periodic pains, backacne, cus-sinesa,and nervous prostration of women, and is now considered the Stan- oara remedy lor such ailments. I if No Doubt of It . Recently some two or three thousand negro draftees arrived at Camp Devens. During their examination one of them was asked who was the president of the United States and he replied, "Uncle Sam." "How do you know Uncle Sam Is president?" asked the oflicer. "I'se very sure," he replied ; "be cause oh've seen hiin mahself." . A SOFT, VELVETY SKIN should be the ambition of every woman as there is nothing so attractive as a fair, smooth skin. Neither soaps lor powders can give this. Thou sands of southern women know from experience -that Tetterine will quickly rid the skin of Its disfiguring pimples and blotches and give it that bright clear appearance so much admired, Tetterine is sold by druggists or sent by mail for 50c. by Shuptrine Co, Savannah, Ga. Adv. We need greater virtues to sustain good than evil fortune. Maxim, 25. A torpid liver condition prevents proper food assimilation. Tone up your liver with Wright's Indian Vegetable Pills. They act Cleveland pupils this year cultivat ed 9.000 school war gardens. Suffered Terribly! "Every Step a Torture," Says Mrs. Whitenack But Doan's Cured Her Mrs. Florence Whitenack, 84 Armstrong Ave., Jersey City, N. J., says: "I suffered with rheumatism for six or seven years. My limbs and joints were so stiff and swollen, I could walk only with difficulty and the pains in my hips were so severe, I could - hardly bear them. Every step I took was torture. My feet and limbs were swollen and eo sore, I could hardly bear my weight on them. Dur ing the night I would lie ,A awake for hours and be- come so nervous, I would ' have to get up. Dizziness Mn- w," came over me suddenly and my sight blurred. I was never free from the miserable backaches and rheumatic pains. I used different remedies, but I didn't get any better. Then I commenced to use Doan's Kidney Pills. The swellings began to leave right away and I continued to use them. The pains and aches left my back and hips and I am cured of the rheumatism and all signs of kidney trouble." Sworn to before ROBERT KING SEIDEL, Notary Public. Gat Doan's at Any Store, 60c a Box FOSTER-MILB URN CO. BUFFALO. N. Y. 1 Get the GenuinerfjlyjV and Avoid 58lJ(T4?J lj'gAin Every Cake Fall Cabbage Plants Early Jersey and Charleston Wakefield, Succession and Flat Dutch. By express, 600, tl.25; 1,000, $3.00; 5,000 at $1.75; 10,000 up at f 1.50, i. o. b. here. Parcel post, prepaid, 100, 85c; 1,000, $3.50. Wholesale and retail. D. f. JAMISON, Summerville, S. C. MARCHO FOR THE FEET Cools, soothes and relieves Corns, Bunions, Chilblains and Tender Feet, and instantly relieves tired, burning, aching and sweaty feet. Atyonrdrnirgist'8orbymaU25c. Send lor frea sample. MARVELLO CO Monticello. Iowa. wnpaiasoYoung V.l TV J tt JT kilo vanunui ana Itchina with js. Gitiaira Ointment SsusM WRk Citicm Soap ISPS 0LLTE!1KS fsli tar SP Tan. m MUII1, fWlli AH FFTFJL IjsiruisfaasralSinittfciiilTiaic ltaUDrtStana. Baby Colds require treatment with a remedy that contains no opiates. Piso's is nila but effective; pleasant to take. A your druggist for PD80-' inn if lasaaaiBBBBBal - faaaaaaaBBBBl KAJuraTM, Wnn UVMIi ThbMi Our Latch String .. Always hangs on th, outside to aliwho wish first-class banking ao- . commodations. Don't j hesitate to lift the latch , when we can serve you. JWe deal liberally yt 1 with conservatism and j safety. . ( v,,-' No das of business requires more careful steeV or Insist! on more rigid rules than doea the eaakia ayatem. It hat always been our earnest enaeeve te ceafonn to the requirements! Safety tnt, eraltty stext an4 Boneaty at all times. The art of money lukinf Is har4 work. AvaM debt, ecMoralze, Improve small epaertualttee.-asal iaveat your savfnts. ' Meney kept aout the house, hkUea hi eu4 ef the-way corners or buried, Is iiaaafe. MeMf burns holes la the socket and leaks out: Ms possess about the person Is a constant temptaaM t neeeV less expenditure. Open an account with us mm check it out as yeu have occasion. Atlbeotritf the mental you win have a correct racerd of ever transaction and an Indlesutabls rscesat far each aw I tnat nas been paw. I. Mm MONROE COUNTY BANK MONROCVUXE, ALA. MONEY ! MONEY! WE REPRESENT AN UNLIMITED AMOUNT OF MONEY FOR LOANS ON IMPROVED FARM LANDS 5 T0 10 YEARS TO REPAY CALL ON OR WRITE US Barnett, Bugg & Lee MONROEVILLE ALABAMA Low fftzdc Material and Low Class Workmen can only Produce Inferior MONUMENTS! Tas Mark QUALITY B a Etory PUc a Wtrk W, Turn MtsWlltAta mfml AJrfc Sclma Marble and Granite Works SELMA, ALABAMA lt Qayayyaya Barnett Insurance Agency GENERAL FIRE INSURANCE ' . , REPUSENTING NINE COMPANIES WITH AGGREGATE ASSETS 0 $180,ooo,ooo FIRE, TORNADO, ACCIDENT, LIABILITY. SURETY and BONDS , UVIIPOOL AND LONDON AND SLOBS OLIN FALLS TMI HONS. eiRMANANERICAN NEW HAMPSHlm MLAMLPMIA UNDKWMTIM CONTINENTAL, HARTFOBS ATLANTIC NATIONAL FIFTY TEAKS IN BUSINESS J. J. FINKLEA & SON Buena Vista, Ala. DRY GOODS, OROCERIBS NOTIONS, HARDWARE SADDLES SHOES, HATS, CL0THINO OtOCKERY, BUQ0IES COFFINS Everything Kept fn an Up-to-date Store MARBLE AND GRANITE MONUMENTS Of Superior Quality When you are in the market for a Granite or Marble Monument, see my designs and g;et prices. I handle the best iron fence on the market for yard or cemetery work. More than twenty years experience in. selling and setting. All Work Guaranteed First Class No cost to look at my designs add get prices. All communications will have my prompt attention. . H. LEE mU EVERGREEN, ALA. Route B Box 108 C. B. VINCENT, COTTON FACTOR (Formerly Secretary aoS MaBaar Planters' Cotton Company) Ship your Cotton to Mobile where the Storage and Insurance rates are Cheaper than any plaee in Alabama and your Cotton ia Graded Higher. Liberal Advances Made on Consignments of Cotton. ' ' MOBILE, ALA. P. O. Boa, 488 i nvSjra " Office No. 87 St Michael Street

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