The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 13, 1933 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 13, 1933
Page 4
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PAGE FOUR B1ATH13VILLE. (ARK.) COURIER 'NEWS FRIDAY. OCTOBER 13, 1933 THE BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE COURIER NEWS CO., PUBLISHERS C. B. BABCOCK, Editor Ii. W. HAINES, Advertising Manager Sole National Advertising Representatives: Arkansas Dallies, Inc, New York, Chicago, Detroit, St. Louis, Dallas, Kansas City, Little Rock. Published Every Afternoon Except Sunday, IR^V Entered as second class matter at the pos' ° mcc at Blytliovllle, Ar__ kunsas, under acl of Congress Oc£.-— tober 0, 1017. Served by ihe United Press. SUBSCRIPTION RATES By carrlci m me City of Blylhevlllc, 15c per week or $650 per year In advance. By mail within a radius of 50 miles, J3.00 per year $1 50 for six monllis. 85c for three month*; by iiiaii in postal zones two to six, Inclusive, $050 per year, in zones seven and eight, $10.00 per year, payable In advance. Consumption and Employment A lew weeks ago I here was l' lll) - lishuil a sUitistical shi<ly liy an instructor, al Uie llJirvsml School of Business Administration which showed that a lai-irc part of the unemployment in this country is in industries devoted to the manufacture of producers Kootls.. that i.s, goods not destined for tin; ultimate consumer foul for use in the production of consumers nouils. . The production mid .sale of jjooils for consumption, il was pointed out, fell off little iluriujf the depression compared to the decline in the production and sale of what mitfhl be termed capital Roods. People kept on wiling and wearing dollies at a fate up- preaching thai of butler times, hut Hiiiy pretty nearly slopped building new factories and installing new equipment. The conclusion readied by the author of this study, was that the program of the lloosevelt administration for eliminalinir unemployment by reducing hours of work and increasing the buying power of the ultimate consumer could be only of very limited benefit unless some way could also '»• found of pulling new life into I ho great industries devoted lo the production of capital goods. Thai there is a fiTtum amount of . truth in that avjrumiml is plum;, and the adiiiinislration, by its public works program and its efforts to make credit move easily available, is seeking to provide a remedy. Hut it is also true that one of Hie major causes of Hie collapse of 102!) was Unit in lite years preceding ioo'largo a part of the national income went for c; pilal goods and too small a part for goods for consumption. We expanded our productive facilities loo vapidly. While that expansion was going on everything went well, liacuusc the payrolls and other expenditures jnvo'ved in building and equipping new factories, oiwn- iiiff up mines and oil \vells, and constructing immense: hotels and apartment houses, supported U'.c market for the products of factories and mines :il- ready in operation and provided tenants for the hold-' and apartment • houses already in use. 1'ul this expansion had ID slop s'jir.etime, and when it did it threw millinns out of work and found us e<[ii!i>;>nl fur pro' dilution, on a scale which the buying power of the nation could not support. We don't waitl to repeal that mistake. There must ultimately be a revival in the production of capital goods, bill it would 1ti> milting tlu- t"trl before the; horse for Hint to conn. 1 Nirly in Uie recovery process. 11 should come us a result of increased buying power, not as part of (he effort lo nvale lhat buying power, and il should never be permitted, as it i!i<! in the years prior to lira, to interfere with consumption. We must learn lo spend more (if our income for consumption goods and devoir: less of il to the creation of new facilities for production. Foiling the Gangsters One of the by-products of the Dlue Kaglo's activities appar'iilly is going lo be a ruling whereby machine guns no longer will be sold lo gtmgsters. The code for arms manufacturers includes a paragraph mrler which the manufacturers agree not to sell machine guns to anyone except government agencies and sudi private corporations as maintain regularly organ- i/ed police departments of their own. Hern i.s a rule we hiive needed for a long time. Our complacency in permitting thugs of high and low degree to possess machine guns lias been little short of idiotic. Any scheme/ whereby possession of such weapons is restricted to those who have a right to possess them is bound lo meet popular approval. SIDE GLAINCES By George Clark •i, *.v V <.\> ",. .; '/.?.. .'N:/ :'•'"' m t •• ; „„. !j ^p._f ilil-i si-;"; t. tm\i< *'^.lf^l \ . V'Mt'*•'/••" ' • iffl *M* stnvite.J4-: ncr. u.? "She is gaining awfully fast, to talic after voiir mother." she's not Simple, But EjJediVe The foreman of a grand .jury in a mid-western eity recently startled the law enforcement officials of his town by initiating his own investigation into the activities of racketeers and gangsters. Among Hie things lie sought to liiul out was why the police were nut readier to move against criminals; for possession of firearms. "The |K)lice chief," lie- pointed out, "must know 50 racketeers and criminals who go about the city carrying guns, or accompanied by bodyguards who carry gims. Why can't these men be arrested and prosecuted for carrying concealed weapons?" Why, indeed? That's ';i iiucstion :• vast number of citizens would like to have answered. The laws of practically every state provide. penalties for currying concealed weapons. II is a trifle hard for the ordinary citizen : to undcrslmul why an alert administrntion could not use this law to put a very material crimp in the activities of an underworld which habitually goes armed. Effect of Weather on Human Body Studied by Physiciam KV l>li. MOItKl.S FISIUiKIN ' mini- to various disease condilioni ditur, .lournal iif the American JTl:i; climate mcliicivs lemperuUir Medical Assoeialiim, anil of Hy- | luiiuidity. uUiluilc. and siinila jjciii, the Health MLiKarinc [m-lors. If yon have u touch of rheuma- j [lul thr-ii 1 is .still hille. if an 5i« In your bones, yon probably o::a-i knowledge. Esixriinenls un ave amused your friends wllli mallj must be extended over our itif;i]llble pri'dielion of the Ions; period of tune and incliu L jier.sonnlly hnve .seen more KtiiByeiitiK diunk.s in the .streets iinco beer is hack than 1 dirt tolore there was tolnl prohibition. —Mrs. D. Leigh Colvtn, New York stnte president of the W. C. T. U. » * * No one need wolTy lest v/c. h.ivi: tw fc'.v prejudice. —President James Brynnl Coti.uil of Harvard. of bad uviillici'. And ! vu.-i. numbers of people. It is vei yuu. as ',\c nuliMV(J v.'hy I'liyiiciaiii, loo, liavc woiuiorcd: •hy tin- weather h;is had so much o tto not only with rheumatism, | uL 'Aith nujny olhur ills " if the ! ^iiiniLh iKMly. Tht'y only hnvo tc- ,1111 In di: 1 i:r>\-(H' Liu 1 readout;. In liic c;ixe of your rhcuiniUiMu. (.>: hittiincc, ihc Ucxrlui's IULM uutul lUal the bliKJtl cliiuiges wHU Kii'oiuctric ])rcbsuiv. :nul tlirvclorc vHIs iliu woollier. | .ShuilnL 1 iKnilinritirs uf thu liiiiiv : i;ivr bt'tn ilu^ovcret] v:iih rt'iianJ u rickct.s. ^uiu-r. and olhcr ail- n.s lliiry. have c'a:,y u> niisiiiU'rprel CHURCH EXCUSES By Gro. W. Bubam Wlicn Molher leao. in one ot the tapers that a bunch ot women had lanised lu raarcli down the aisle [ some church«l only In liclr sleeping garments, she said tiat it was UI.T guess lliat they were I Joe's faith and baptism and lliat U:ey had been propci'ly baptized hey would not Ihlnk of doing uch a tiling. Ot course, Muilier i rattier old-fa.shtoiied in l'.er views, ilic says tlint it she ever (jelj> out f lier room and so dial she can ravel and if Dint church is not too ar away, she is going there n under what faith and baptism .i'.cy arc working, and she doubt* it ihey are really doing cliurcl work. Mother MJ'S a lone time ago she heard a man make some kiw if siieoch and she remembers tha' ic sakl that under tile law n |ier- cn was permitted to a 0 to church and worship according to the dictates of their own conscience, ami thai she: had heard of nianv modes of worship 'tjul this was the first time she had ever heard of women ;oin« to church in iheir niqlu clothes. She .says she thinks ilie »per got it up wrong aixi maybe '.he writer.had been reading about- oaie or these countries uhere they ;o to worship wilh a little grass leu around llicin. (Copyrighted.i THIS CURIOUS WORLD - W1U.6E REVERSED/ BECAUSE Or v ACWN&E-. IM DIRECTION OF THE 17AE.TK'S A"1S P.'?'. \\ OAY TO QAV, THB SEASONS CO'AE. 2'j A' IKUfSi '''' '" " OUR P»153f;MT WWZ !} . BE OUR : CAN CHASJ&E A!-ID KILL A t \AM, AFTER. BEING* ffKOT THROU&H THS HEART/ Tfxas in Name Tocl AUSTIN, Tex. <UT')—The Texas Legislature will soon turn aside from measures to speed business •ccovcry nnrl imcmploymriU relief lo crown a port laureate of the .slate. A legislative committee lias listed candidates rot the liouoi lo siibmfl at least 12 poems each. IT1S FOSSi51-ii TO SAIL OP1HE AMAZON RIVER FOR OA/S •WITHOUT SEEING EITHER SWORE/ 10-11 If the earth's axis were pcrpcndlcutar lo the plane of the ecliptic, the iwlli of the enrlh In the sky. >ve would liiv.e no difference of .seasons tlic year round. The only change in temperature v:oiild be due to Hie fact lliat. ll'.c sun is closer to us in January than in July. Bui tile axis is afcoul 23 1L - degrees from • tlic iicrpendicular of Ihc earth's path. XEXT: How iivuiy "rattles" till rulllmiaki-s trtiw each year 1 .' BLYTHEVILLE 10 YEARS AGO iom the lilcs of the Blylbci-Ule Daily Courier It lonij has been knov,'n that icfa-ts is iiiou 1 frequent in i>ovcr- .y-Urii'kcn . k lu:ns. lint il is only recently that doetor.s have leartiwi Ihc sun to act on the naked skin of ihc body.' ' I Physicians know now tli:u goner' occur:, inoiv Imnu.nll.v in iireii.s in which there JH- hii^o bidic.^ of ((linkable vaU-r. Bui il remained for j-cience lo deKrmim- tl'.iU il was ihe lack of iodine in such'jr llial was responsible lor tlw incieascd amount nt goiter in' ttu-M 1 sections. Morr limn 300 years bvfori 1 UK bc;mnii:p of the Chrisllan ami. Hiii[xxi;itrs wrote a chapter on n. k . Wjitei'. :incl Places." \iointiLKi I uiiy 6on:c- regions wen: atom SaluiJjy. del. 13, l!>!3. The Cross i;ruL'ery tepoi'tti p'.n'- clsifini; a c-.n- U«<1 of giieklcs this week, vilic!'. «e eoiiUl have grown, bin did no'., oiviu.; I otbe Iroll weevils. There, v/ere 3.450 gallons, cl 108.000 pickles. These pickles, soiiie " ol llv_. etcrks (itrnred out. if plurcrl end to cud. uo'.iid iiuiko a ^trnif; flvt miles loiiy. or nearly to Holland. IIIXIN ui-iiiE TODAY the liest friend I had there." H,""°rr. W |'. :S 'y IS r w V"n",H aJ 5S li ; . "" """ "'^MU. "Welt, bate WAiiivB. tutu; Mcmiihu siri. " 3 ' cur wa y then. If 1 were Just iir km come 10 Mcuipki« IB COD- a little drunker I wouldn't listen rii-i-liun ulcli a icitllc rlanl on- .- ..„„,. cl<r .-...M-midion for kll fMkrr'» l ° ' °"' minium.'. He started Ilic ear and Joan reEiri: Si,,M,^^ t i"c" r i* l ';?«\"v«L' l' ascd Jn Unseat. The cagioe be- i--rliirraln; o] «in hi,,, unity tro™ ! san jerkins. Jim nulled out llic '""•"'•r. .i.iaii'. rimiietT .i.irr t« ' ullo!;cr and. Jammed it in asstn. n_r:iMinii-u mi!, jiviiiiv FOR- j Tile car. moved alous a few feet jerkily, then camo lo a. standstill. IM:»TI-:II. ,..„ ,n h tr .1IUS. WAIU.M:. Hni»-ful tlTnt krr tm. iliiuithttT* tiiJI marry nrll " cfenpe ihr rlrodfir^ry tlmi bn» uaru cauglit Ilia Hob, ynu arc mal-lng it hard (or Carol." "Cotne on in." said l^ni'.l, slriY- ing for {juyety. "I have, a dancs with soincoue.'' Jono slipped out or the UIK coat and haudcil it lo Jim. "I'm lip," ;=!lC "tlood uigul." SUo went inside and up Ilij stairs aluwly. As she rcaelicil inc tup she lieanl Carol's s'oiee. I'rinii tlir vir.T l,ci;iniil» K ,,| u,c hnuxc |»nrljr thfn^q en ITFOUK frr Ji>nn. she hn« nolblnic .In roin- lnun TT 1 t h t h R lUpfcljitliMlcrt "rnllhv Kirli . »)tii take It fur crrnnlrd (hal Hob IB In'tore'nhb "No gas. Joau," Jim said i i "Tlicro's notliiim to do ljut walk ' lo the store and get some." , j '"I'll ^o with you.-' sue Eaiil. They sl>ouldu'l liuvc iuvilcd her—Uar- I walked aluuj; in EHcnec until they i l)av;v warned me. Bloud will lell. . rcaelicd tlio eui-vo"fn tlie'ruail. '•'>' on kttovf - Whnt- cniild you ex- H^IU'^'JTI llilct ami a suici.).::" t l ir , j ra j|. Join utit out onu liaod slcady- «ore" aiul'' 11 " liei '::'elf ngainci ilic rallin;. I Wave upon wave of liumilialiou .arc wit In tlic ^tore. jaud looked a! Her. j white slippers she i groaned. I "I'ui all kinds of aii idiut:!'""' «" amo The '.uKr'.s will bcum 1'J Uirn niu! U'.r lira! seed will bo eriLiln.'d at (,\:n bii; JDDO.OOO Blyllie- ville Cotton Oil coiupany's plant next Tuesday cr Wednesday, ac- llrntTH HII ,loon'» mid*. Lollop- We'll hc-.e t'J «:jlk." £/"»,'&,,:',o^ a 'i.^"^i :"»••"•<'•" , isu -":'-'-' j ^"' |"-'>".I to .hoi-r ilmf ike Ii kt»l. I N'.arly tlirce link-; " 'iM'i"«'Ai r ,i!'.i"i," l ^L" 11 '' ntln " < "' "Let's start." S-lic snolii; litave- '•"- "M "'n"i i;™"Mlr"-*-Sr; »•• steadily, lint ,],e was iliiuliiiia >=nv. hiu picntT of 'r>nr<.ncr.i. Hoi>. ! "listralily. "Tliij is wliai COMCS o! . . Shame most of ni "! rOUB ? , l fo. heroolt. liad linniKhl I'lij tipun lierseH. Iryin^ to be tike the ulhers, seeking cheap i)'Mu;lari'5. 'l'r\iiijj to wia l!'jb--Yrhe'i lie wanted Barbara'. As ylic f:Ml'::'i:il 11i'.> room th^ ClfAPTKR XIV oai: ^iil'/" I-Yed t-nng ULU. :' "Will! Jim un Hi': porch iiroUa- : I MAX and lioli had b.irely circled 'bly 11 l J liifi ruwii when Jtm -piil-liia Innd 1 "Xo! »n '!,- p.jr-ii," sai-J IJur- ! on IJuli'.i arm. ciiltinn in on Ihe : barn. "Vl-.i-v ilruv« off In Jim's 1 ilniiie. Dob made Ills way toward ear ,n Imur'asu " - ^ there anything I c;ni do for i , ",""'>'• •' ;l ">' '""" liinrcl1 - L<1> - s;ii'l iij I'Jtiid. NVe're v ' Knirl "ITobablv went to the store for Onr 1 rouble tin- wroiu come.; trom Uii.,: —Irvln S. Cobb. I UUK WAY By Williams eck il iiiianimo'.;.ily . voted to olTer prizc-.s foi- essays on I "Atncriciin Citizenship" by his'n !<ct:<xil pupils, and .slinrtcr essays "U the taiiiu subject liy j,cvcnth and "I've liccn Iryins to set a word , alone wtlli you all evcniiiE." Jim : lul| 'ded ( mid .loan. "but. you're too popular. " IJCl1 nl! cynieally. "Jlni probably. : f en. I'm out of eigaret?- Will tnenl." one. He eerlaiuly didn't ', "jOAX besan uadr^soins niechani- ny more lifinid refrc^li-l'' t . : ,|| y . Once, |ia.iiin:; tbi mir- in,r,,i ,1, , ^11,^ i, . r ' 5llUl l:ntir p " pii> Ml ' !i ' ltobi "l >'"' BO with mo to. get some:, .illlifiil ih.ii; others.. Ik- -non- wbiuoi'lli. t-ounly Mipcrinwmlent. Tlierc's ,t Illtlo Bloro a few miles' i: V''i'°'-!' W11 '?l Mrs. C. l.. M;urc jr.. l'ro[ Daylr. MI-i av.-;iy Umi ttays upeu all nlghi." ! ^" h "" 1;i " 1 ' "- l ""n i»;i«:Ji •" >u. ,. . ci. nu:n :,n:. p..i-inti'ndi:nt of Q-ceola schools. H. | .1 ,,";,„ i.esitiaed. i '"?* u( Kossip ;nicl hifernal apctii- Tiinw, .UK! Itcn. Clv.rlcs K H:i!-i "Wl^no'tr^iie answered, (liink- ! ''c-innHuTi-!' I'viniiii'. T-c ! '"" u( " Ol ' : ""' ' !arta ' 1 '' u ' ivia s lllE i i, of thr •,<-ly 1" !;•-• of b;n iiliv.-iiiui 1 . \in.i ii.ilun- well ad.iiitcii (or i-iiiln:- ice mid i- . . ." IciiBcr. !>a|x-rs ,.„,,, ... : ror duur. she saw a strniii;'! v| r l ,<: luiriiril In Bull j h"art. lo : ... ,-. ,. letlins herstli in for a ] drained from licr Sho (el'. ^ a^'iilisl her l;ishi-.-i. ! And tlirc 1 .. 1 iliiyj lictnnt --\i". Iml 'dliveli fluli: ^t'Mlll>hi.^ 1 suro nt |l:|til)ll! • • • IU went out IT. I he ;>orc!i. 5t;ir- Mci'. t)\ i-v. IllpiHltT.lU 1 .. l-nnli ,.- lUs (>f hoi.] region.- m id. "If Iheio l.-r no riMT.s, .<: ic v:ater (hat the r.-'yplc (i'n lar.^hy and s':iv:ii.iiit. ili-' plv ((lie ol the people miiM slitj'.v pi; udiny lioliics ar.d ciilaiLji 'Ilie famous llrc-i-;:. f.iiher (.: icdi-m mcdich-.i. 1 . iieo/iii/ru il; ; iri.i which ulli-ctt. ]xop!f whv vi- in lov.-. iiKU'fliv :IIT,IS. v.iiiitn;: u:; ;iny clear nnd'-r^tni-.thn^. n.^ S\n-dcn li> Mntrr STOCKHOIAI. (t will participate llnrsc Slm».s ll'i _ Swvdrn i the interna- lionat hor.-x- .shows in New York. Hosloii. and Toionlo. Canada. Ibis autmr.n. ft li;is Uccu decided to send a :;roi;p of leading lo a dimly-llglitcd porch. "Don't twllicr alwut n ivrap," cei.s, fonr horse.x. groo s.iid .Piia. ".My overcoat Is in tile car." A fi;w ininiilcs lalcrUliey were spinning aluns the sniooth hiBh- The sniiill store, windows lato hour, Jim drove four c;ivaliT olh- 1 bright even iit this oms and dijIU : Icomcd up suddenly. read ti>warrt tho neighborhood • olorc. He looked al hi:i watch. H j Inn before was one o'clock. A halt hour lal?r; lie looked at liis watch again. | Some of tho others cnuic out un the porch. "I Cuii't imagine whai hag haptieiicd to tliein." Carol was savins. I'jckcd at tho dour reni.-hed il an 1:11- z \vai slipped llivouyh. J'jan and phkc-d IL up. On lh^ envelnji'j wa, written "Joan," and insiile was a liriel mcisigc. "I've ticen lodny. The do>'k ri'ccn'ly complete a; Southampton. Kngland. is Ihr Inri;- csl in Ihe noriil and is capable of lieithiug ciKhl of Ihe world's, l^rs;- : est u-:-.-,cls at the same lime. iua inyceU for this. I'm ted ! Uarhar.1. ".Notliius's hapiicned." i up with tlic wliolc hnneli and leav- "They'll b" coaling in prea-jiiiK tor Mcmpliio about seven in "\Vc nre heins very silly," said | iLtlint; yon in for cully," Kiiicl saifl. itlic innrnln;. " n 'hey iilvraya do." tuiil Charlie I give me, .loun. >on ran («r- I'll rail you lu- till 1 '.Dil I.o October 15^ 1609' Rubeivs, •••> pa-inte; marries Isabella. Branf 1792-Cor aentone of White House volio superstition .s" walk d-round " "Vonr ciuarols? 1 ' t-aid Joan. Jim laiiglisi).' "In ijiy pocket." "tn yoiir pciket- 1 ;" . irl ; lts (ir( ,,| c wiso vu | cc . , morl . 1)1v '•Don't us sMly, Joan. ^ You ktiev There were slniw on ilic drive |jim." Hint was an CSCIIKJ." ' — a white bhir In the darkness, j "I certainly 'didn't!" Joan on-|AiiJ 'hen, as the lisfo'. from the ;.-,...,',[ lol]( .j. 'cved. "You - aald you wanted poreli rrached out, a dark tiudow ! 110 i (;„;, wu ,j em." bcsiik the white. | UT . ] ltlb 1];1 j l;i)n( . | m ,. k "There rcre itlcnty a' !Rij Iwtuc, i -'o;i:i and Jim! win, |i ir |,., ri , n,. W!|u vu even It 1 Ijadu't been well supplied. ! Tl'iy came up on Ihr povdi.; ji,.jiji rri , u . „', i lcr » n \, : And lam" Ha reached inio his | Tlll = SV ?Irl of tuo hours betoro • Vrobitly ho 'jiuoily regreite-1 pocket. ' - : had vanished. Joan'* liiilr, blown l^j,,,.,,,,. , 1CI . 1u ,,. c- ( ;ai . ol _ wh - r ., "Strike a matcli for me. .lean." I'»' lll = 1o »5 w - nlk 1n lll ° wlud ' was ^hc t!|.,ii S ln ot i'an.1 Juan's iKn'n ni;;ln :u your home. ns al thi; Kies- H WLis Jiin, eou'jcrued auoul diinrc lie clicckcci tho ear's speed. Joani ln disonicr. There wcrn struck a match and as it Oarotl! ; vcar * ^»<\ava under her eyes, np sho saw his brlBlit, feverish i Hcr E"°ulder-=, under the manrs C ji-,-_ l coal.-s.ngKcd forlornly. '"Thaiiks." lie pulled Ihc car lo I Jim's faco suowM slrain. too. one Hdc of the road. Etopptng It. I "'a hair vas rumpled. Ills eyes It. "Yon know very well *bjr t ! «'«ro hrlgbt and fnvcrltn. bc you away." ho wcnl on.i iu s tho faces ou ihc ]>orcli. he snld coniratlrd as:iln. I'arot. -.\ltli 1!,.; veneer ol fviendlinr..3 renrjvi-:], her cj'cs ansvy and hnjlilr. Jonn \vcnt lo lli'j ^liiilo"-, ]^(. lius the cold air blow ngniusl her. llci- lacn sc:ui>:d to be burn 1:13 up - with ffcver Imt liur lian>l •T «anlcd you baro with nie-awayl^nte'iPtiO"^' " A f"^ 1 rci ' cp ' '"' u11 ""• S.'rdcn. :-h,.i uj, her Ironi llul crowd, ft Isn't your' 111 '"- »o»' 1 "^ yi)u ' clc really •*''"'•' l!l " " 11>1> " ll: "l ( "'".'l -Mrir cruwd. Josi). And I'm crazy about j a'"iaed about 1:5! b ODIH;. H «:,« t], r ro ,1,,, „•„;, . ou ,., "The sas ran out." he added ,11:11 hud ulU-d in (nc'rll-. C arr- ... islonl?. Anri then, n? no un? Icr, l:i-lil>):i oaiy j,'.-i--'!iiv. It ..... ..i...,.,. i,» i UTioke. "No* 1 , xvm°. dM'ii tuol S'J^IIIMI \e-n-- n-., .M,,. -., .,, ,,_,... islonl?. Anri then, n? no [I I.S arms ivcro aboul her and- i * IU>k ?' )11 " No *'' aum ° Jfl1 '' L l « nll \"! w "V' l ,' n ?H?:*,«f! "^^ ovidcnii/ >our me I'll iievsr this This rroi, i;i,-,rlK isn'l your ulc." s<id: "It you U lersivc you, .lim." ' 1'>u uon't tMrlk I'd Uxc this ",\obqd» bu 1 tf|inorliiiilly?'''>lc wag Uugbin;. nould-di'hn off-"ithi'iii ''n "1 liVii jou," Josh said slCdd- gas io lid- e^.r." M'd Bui: 'I?- "Wu jccniQSt dci-CHt ^ad un '".iiy oT. ^i' 1 JO'J, V' l dcr^tiiiidint ^ thought ;ou ntie,',.ijd Jitt :«T-I fioiu Hi-. tn-Mcnly J M . sion. Tin.mi- ! •lie I ii .,--ii ( In lie ,,..,1,1, v,cr llOOll: ,. I,,' 11

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