The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 22, 1935 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, February 22, 1935
Page 4
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^ -''••— V ~7 ; ^—^ : --,,. . ' •"'•••>•. + fWli.U>J&, (ffi, Parlaying the Birdies . . By Krenz aM^»^»Mji^^Mair -f~ ^i^^=^^^i^mgv=i^i^!. '.-,-... /' .. . Golf Wonlfl Bo Ensiesi ol All Games lo Appear Fixed BY ITAIiUY OIIAVSON NEW YORK.-Genc Sttmzon predicts an annual pilgrimage of professional golfers lo Australia as the ir-ult of tlie success of the troop movement In thai direction last fill American crowds arc fed up on exhibitions, and there is no money :n England for them. Australia Is the place lo ciish hi on a British or an American Open lillt!," say.s Ihe sawed-oir Sarnxen. •naileries In Melbourne, Sydney, and Adelaide will pay lo KM fnr- '-•1411 champions." Fnriizcn is resting at his Banbury, Conn., farm, following his journey to the land down under and his participation in the California gold nidi. The winter lour ended abruptly for him when he objected to the ininxlnctlon of pori-mutiiel belling m the Agua . Cf.ltente Open. "When T slow away my clubs for keeps I waut lo feel Unit I've done my pun toward koepliij. fi o)f clean and honorable," declares Sarazcn, in rvplalninjr his withdrawal from (he competition- in Lower California. "My conscience couldn't stomach the p.ii'l-nuiluo) 1-ackel. Kai.urn I'roffrs In I'lny Without Jloily Ciiiai-il.s "Golf and public gambling don't m!x. Golf Is one jjiiui« thnl has nc\ci been contaminated by the gambling'dement. H would JOSH ILs Iniegrily if pari-miituels became a feature of protauiona] lonma- menls." ; ; Saiaxcn recalls vividly the scandal at Fresh Meadow In the 1032 Open, wlicn a Bamblliig clique tiled lo how up (he club authorities for bookmaklng- c'oiicctsioiis a 1K | re - wrtcd to sabolnge on the j;resns afior being refused. "T«o big policemen were detailed lo walk beside me on the final 3C holes- as a precaution against trouble-makers," recounts the former caddy who scaled the heights ' The presence of these uniformed 1 STEELE, Mo.—Superintendent C iniards upset my concentration I' E - Mi.Ucr. president of Ihe I'cmi- plascd so poorly that Ihe cops were. scoi lll «l> -wliool basketball league \\ltlidraivn at the 44th hole, when lllls released standings or the 1 appeared hopelessly out of the tcnms '» both ulrls and boys dl' '" ' • -•-- ' visions ot Ihe Jcnguo at Ihe end of the league season. Copter Kirk wnn In the Rirls division , with n record of lo victories and no defeats, irollnnd's boys won the boys' title with a record of 3 victories anil 3 dc- fenls. , —— •' ' '-^——^j^-^. . I *"•".^•^•^^l^^^^^B^^^*T*^^^?^T^*S^ig^ Cooler. Hollancl Peniiscoi Connly ,Leaue •Winner^ _ -Immediately i relaxed. .. an unmissable streak, and plajed the last 20 holes In 100 strokes, to win." » # * Open Gambling .Would 11 ail to .Vicious Talk ' 3,-rtazen polnls oht that ff olr would be the easiest of all games la tliiw or fix, rtiid that the way to keep it free from vlclous'talk-is-iioi to permit anything that would give the slightest excuse for u. "Suppose-I i i c.q,ulrcd'i''n,4,'lo lead me field on a given 'day'at the-home hole under (lie pari- m iitu,.|'system ol wagcrtng on. each round " asserts Savavn "Nobody could leli whether a Hooked iron or a sliced out! wns pieiiKditeted or involuntary "Let us say (imt ] hooked my time anjl missed a 1)lltt to rmistl »'lh a c. I'm entirely capable ol such errors, but weasel - minded gamblers might insinuate that I had thrown the medal deliberately , acting in cahoots with some b^lliii!! "Even if'my'i; was'acknowledged to be acciOenlal I might. aliemu D a section of the public which had bet never forgive my- mistakes. Team Cooler Girls Holland .... Stecle Wardell ..... Caruthersvllle Dee ring Team Holland ...'. Havti. Cooler .,,.; peering .... BniRRadoclo follow: Division W. I .-.-10-jo .. 7 3 ,. C 3 .. 5 7 .. 5" 7 and other holdovers of established ' n, T I «'<>rth. in Bill Swift, Hal Smith, JjV ' Helnto Mcine, and Re ( ) Lucas .. . , J .,*••• jrj • f-\. Three Strikeout Kings HarrV VJrnrYSOll Tr aynor's introductory remarks J J "do not have to do with Bush and _i Weaver or the holdovers, however. Pic Tra'ynor is optimistic about The> ; " re <icvot « (1 to three right- i Pittsburgh club's pilching lor "" ndcrt , recruits who led as many Ihe first limn in seven years, and ™° r Ica 8 ues In strlkcouU in 193-1. lias n sneaking suspicion that he ' ley RIK Mncc Brown, who may become a miracle man like -" lr " ccl "' 19 victories as against Mickey Cochrane lu his first full }*, ™ vcracs ' f° r Tulsa while e.siab- senson as a manager If,, B hllllsl!lf M Ihe : strikeout high Jump standard'of 6 Inches during the New York Ath- l«le Club meet last year. This nail, however, is endangered by Ihe L-angarot)-like leaping of Cor- nellns Johnson, the wlsl coast Negro, w|,o is finding himself a f- JT a rslliH- unnerving debut In 11 in east during the ^5IJIro.w mrei Allhoiieli lie won the Jump tn!U . lime out, he Is <Wisfilera1>1y lieltrr I linn l.if. | M p of C ffr-l 7',j inelips Indlentfs. Tf there wan a vaui[ f . r | n n, 0 isi. capable prwllct lliat he crack ills riltllmie reeotd of 14 feet 4 mcnes Hill Unless he Is out to prove liis assertloii tliat a height of 14 feet II Inches Is [w.Miblc, it is likely »hm '•'•• old fiRiirc v;ll) stand. TRIPLE IN fl, U. IET ~. >' a,c k Miclciie-Dislan'rc precalented Fcai HV IIMMV DONAiriJK ,,,™, A * fnlcf Sl'orls Writer NEW YORK, p cb . 20, - When .liailcy Honibostel won both the | 000 and COO.yard evcnls in the Mllror* Games the other t>lg),i tlie bespectacled Hoosler turned a -rick thai, only one'other man In he history of. American middle-! distance . rumiln,- .'previously find : accomplished; -. ,..• . ' Abel Klvlnt Was the other dou- -e winner. ;Klviat's remarkable ccnlmTago ""* P ' MC " " ll! " to '"" ™--'PP< county senior '«C. X= ^vxS^- fc s,c reatrcsUai rnhs; fr V^«^- d - at Madison Srinare bSdcn o, Bht n CSi " l0 " lela ttml morn •23. The former Indiana Unl- on Saturday " " tRht s( * slolla o. ft ^ C^oTme^- L,KS C'^'r S""" '" Tlie first two slrclches are "" ''--- ' ° f tllc most ;nowledi;e<| to he Hombostel's ,..„- n !' C1!S '^P untlt the'Mlllrosc Biith- •«nif. (i<K> meters was bolieved to >o loo short, for-the mid-western flyer His victory |,, Uln( , rnfc was learly as impressive, as (he 1-iri "ark he set In the 1000-yard <-oii' " 0| however. , . Ic-dlstjinec men ,MHCC tho start of the Indoor season nr 1034 '"n Brown of Kansas City' won the 1934 n.ilohial A 5' County Tourney G(;ts U'ntlcrwiiy Tliis Al'lcrnooii FBIDAY, FEBBIUKY 22.. On The Outside = Tournainr-m When HIP MiKlMippi enmity But. the boys had better bs careful as to what MliHsslnnj Yc-riv team they pick out, lu "'>'> JVhirlirlnii Champions? Coach Ace Pnckftl, who*- i,, n lor high hoys wre wlitlewa.shed by Whirlwinds several (uiy.s ' " Ihe stale Junior will prow ataif ' wn " tl woy far Ihe Jonosilofn •-•«"'i>iij<|j[ r<iiii*L'y • ) , nrnlor high basketbfil]' uiiimaiiieiii. 1 ", > ' s " B °' is foropwcrt on,! ilio Winers r*-" 1 " 11 ""'""" 1 line honors let's hope theiv he no four note or wranp> to mark the proceedings ' I ' llok ™ «iy» Joncsliorn has a Ovor In Cralgheml county they *'"""• lilgli HBRnwitlon iha( could ./e still Riumbllng nbonl tbeii- ' Dfote , thn " hol(1 tts °- w " w "« most •eecni county tournament Jones- ? r ""' s "" 01 ' hlel1 " >nms Perform- 'Oiiiid iijjset Ijy Bono. boro was el7m!iiatc7ryiV'anTaTh~' '" K '" tho slntc ' - •- - ! '''he tournament Is (o bo hem j Jonesboi'o which should give ' ,, i. , - ^ "^ V »'L ui LIIC most . i">lCTratlnB games in the boys' din;_ i i.r n t n >. Cooler To Play TTayii; Deering -To- Face Holland H may take the slate athletic ?. 1 .... ..'r ,' afsoclatlon; headed by ix)iiis Mann lllc Whirlwinds a blfi former Hlytbcville coach, to' de- 8 t0|) llnnor ?. cldc the wraiiele. Tho eligibility of a Joncsboro player, a nono ) 5 !ayer. and two Egypt players has been questioned. The Egypt players were bl-'k- HslMt from the tourtiey after they had piuycd I,, scvemi B |, mffs tjc . cmw Uiey we,, over the 2, yea,, Ilie biggest dispute growing nut or the tournament, however is oi'or the winner or second HuMlp, Jonesboro coach, contends that Jonesboro, who finished third should meet shy, SK:on( | p)n ^ wlnnoiv for the nimicr-,,,, |MS ,. tioii since iloubie elimination was teing played and both teams lost only one name each.', v,ma won the counly title '-.•>,' Incentive ' Last Time Today MAT.— 2:fln . ]0c & 25c - 10c & 35c ET SULLIVAN' the era," Clarence who T. Pet. I Herman, who (his season switches -0 a.OOO.-hls-alleBlarice-to Pitliiburglv..aiid.. •I a 3 .5 1 -7 Hoys Division W.. I,. n aiulhcrsville- ft'anlell 3 2 :' 4 . 4 , G n 5 10 .607 without,- (i hcadguarrt. "For Ihe last two years,-pur .417 pilchers have been -strong- in- the .417 spring and fall, but have faded'in .333 llic hoi months." ' •j™ Hranise-.pittsburgh Innclcd ~ ; ,»Mi ii -•»>")"' uiiy, ami asclmll men generally crcd-. osbo : ' - 'ordinary course of events, a manager., could • expect at-least nne of- three suclr expert handciifTers to be ready for the majors." comments; the affable Traynor. - • • Pittsburgh also . has acquired Jack Salvesou from the oiants, anil Lloyd Johnson and Wayne ••™> broilehl Hie oiit.saiidlng - right• -^ , handcr, Ihe giant J|m- Weaver and •°™ "Herman from tlie Chicago Ciibs «r- ln cxc l'ange for. Larry French and •™jj,Freddie- I.lndslrom. ... .... "-- Traynor ponus to tlie tact that ""' ' Weaver won .231 Of this group of 14. Tmynor fells ccrlain that lie will bo nblc to find a balanced staff of five starlcrs 'and five relief workers. Traynor :knows .that lour oiit- - fielders who hit. left, the U. junior 800 meters'In 1:535 and i -- —- - ..>-..... «. <..«., then headed Hornbostel for sec- i R M - " Ild B;M P-;«[- on (he lOOi ond place In the senior 800 behind '. ' llvv of Mawl'. 1033..: at which lime the electors of said Districl will vote UIMII the question of electing 2 Directors, and the question ot voting a school tax including a 7 mill building .fund lax lo be collected annually on the ALLEY OOP _ ' - IILIUCI^ wuu int. iyi|', uif: wiUICrS, for tho ".Bniitis ToV ifmrn-c limn Herinnn - "'"> Forrcit Jensen, isn't - . .French was nblc >to account for T " ic;l1 situnllo »' hul confesses -in an cf- in BIICCO livery. Pltlsburoh nlso ° ' s r -°thing he can do is Into Hie has the veteran Wiiltc Hovt who nbo " t "• so wil1 so along and do club, Jack grabbed 15 decisions after''belli" " K ^ " c cn »- T "c Pirates of- thal Inter- given his initial startup nssieii • Boston Braves a pitcher, , is going to mcnt laic n June; Ralph Blrkof- ' cntcllcr . lvlltl an inneldcr for Hal lo cash cus- cr. a soiillipaw who showed \m~ [ Lc(; ' 1)llt ' * ! '" McKcc ' 1 nie mid no. Unislakable 'signs of devclopln-" ! P , IM Plc vlslons ncrmal1 Eivine Ueu En.slman, Is expected to furnish the Hooslnr's chief competition in the national meet. * » 4 Vriuke Hits Strlilc The third meeting of Glenn i ----- - ...... — "j "" *•• ^ Cunnlnehnm and Bill • nonlhron ' Bs£pss(!d vnl »a»on of the .taxable this year is scheduled to take ulacc prop(M '^ 1 in Ihc Districl, beginning during WAHFAUE ON THE HOHDER! AINT SO HOT ON THISOUTPOST/MAYBE ORTH-.WA IFANYOFTHEM RUNT& SHOW UPAROUWD THIS POST " JHEY'RE LIABLE TO- ITS TH' WORK OF THAT MOOVIAW OUTLAW WHO (?IPE5 TH- DINOSAUR.' TKJUKJGLE.'I DON'T SEE WHY KING TONK DON'T DO SUMPIN ABOUT "EM THErVE STRtXKA&AlW.'- UMB6 'EM- Todd Tug Titanic ,'clonln 11 ' ' i.o.^ii.j yiMut^ ."' Ih6 Buccos a needed long-dislniice punch',-'nnd considers the ta(l rest- By Hamlin ricul of Glendale an excellenl Ijase- •unner. .'•(' Traynor Is nol satisfied with his catching, cither, om Paddcu. Hal Fiiincy, and Earl Grace arc back, with Aubrey Epps, from Birming- hani, and Walter Van Orofski, from Liltle Rock, attempting lo :<lge in. Pittsburgh sought Alfred Chester Todd. Ihc large Trojan who hit .318 In dividing the Phillies backstopping .with. Jimmy Wilson, in a lhree-.corn<Ted deal that, also would have-';-lassoed Lee, the Braves' rlght-Kand hitting outfielder 1- ."M'V-V^li tlofntinslH COOTEB, Mo. (Special)-Cooler'cfli • will take the floor against Hayti in «v. the clmmpionship' ganif of the |in Eh'ls division of |)m Pcmiscot county tournament here tonight and Holland will play Deerinc in the boys final. ' ' ! -The firsl game, life girls' final .will start at 7:30 o'clock. I Cooler girls won llicir way to the finals by disposing of Wai-dell in a free scoring tilt last night 54 to 45. Cooler's star forward, Dor- rls Barnell, and oilier regulars fouled out in the. first half and Wardell fought vainly against lime to overcome the big Cooler lead in the last half. i The Hayti girls defeated the Braggadocio girls 26 to 23 after the Braggadocio girls had led until late in the game.. In the boys' play last nighl Holland and Hayli baltled on even Icrms thru the regular playing period and one extra period. The score at the end of the regulation game period was 9 to 9 and 10 to 1C at the end of an extra period. 1 With the first team to register 'another point being allowed the victory Holland sank a Held goal, winning 12 U> 10. Deering boys easily defeated Cooler boys 52 to 28, .Tofkeyin? for i>nsilinn Probably the principal renson bad: of the dispute .-Is that llio two teams arc Jockeying for position in the district meet nt Trn- inmm. Tim Cratghcnd third place .winner must meet "Bono In the tipper bracket in- the openinu round. The Crnlelimd second place '''""r , W01 " 11 I ' 1 " y " Mls » f «slPI)l ^ V .'"" (h ° lowcr bl ' nckct - r Z" ^, "f 10 ™, •' <m " s J "'ixlons In meet ROXY Friday & Saturday MAT. & NIGHT—lOc - 25e NOTICE OF~ANNUAI, — . SCHOOL ELECTION •hereby given that'life aiimial school election in Gosnril Special School District No. 6 of Mississippi county, Arkansas, will be held.between the 'hours of 2:00 'THE GOOD FAIRY' •I ; Slav CmiHiily 1 : Musical Short Saturday Only MAT. & NIGHT-lOc - 25c meet, probably at a. , tha t!tXK collected in 193li : mile. Cunningham dcfentcd the ta rc|>fly tlie l' rincl Pal and Interest former Princeton luminary In the , 1 !,, 1 i r ° pD3C(1 ''^funding bond issue Wanamaker mile of the Mniroso "' S1S ™ "^'^ "'" '- "" mcet. The Cimnlnghnm-Bonlhron c «- eagemcnt no rioubl will draw the spotlight. Ii should be packed with action, iliasmuch as Gene Venzkc, whom bolh Cunningham mid Don-' Ibron have beaten consistently, apparently again has struck 'his stride since he headed off Bon- Ihron lo flnish second behind Cun- nmgliam in the Millrose meet Tlie Pensylvania ninner will be rifht- ing for a decision. J The big indoor meet Is expected lo draw hie cream of (he country's athletes, and at least three records are in danger. Jack Torrance, world shot-put record holder. Is expected to heave the IG-pound sphere for a new indoor mark. Holding the outdoor record of 57 reel, the Louisiana lad may easily crack the mark of 52 feet S'.i inches set by Leo Sexton itch will run for 30 years, or through the year 1985. en-" ?," ch cteclio " 'shall be held in .. - said District on tho day and at = time above set out. and otherwise m the same manner as provided fcy imy f or holding annual school elections, at the followin" polling places in said District towit: GOSNELL SCHOOL BUILDING. Given under authority of the Board of Directors of said District, this 2lst day of February, 1935. WINNIE VIRGIL TURNER, County Examiner of Mississippi: County, Arkansas. 22-1-8-15 Hearing that Todrt might be on lite i market, BUI' Terry, of the, Johnson After x cw Mark Giants, made the Philadelphia Waller Marly chalked ur> a new outfit ,a proposition- and received! -— "' ll|> " " cw a counter one In the way O f a : - prlce that knocked hfm riuht back' inlo the idea of stringing along' with Harry the Horse banning and Gus Mancuso, And Traynor departed for California, hoping to nnd a first-class catcher 'neatli the shade of an old orange tree. Phone 644 IN THE BLYTHEVILLE MUNICIPAL COURT, BLYTHEVILLB ARKAefSAS. Arthur E. Gamble. Plaintiff vs. ' C. T. Boonc, Jr., Defendant WARNING ORDKR The defendant, c. T. Boone Jr Is hereby warned to appear within 30 days n this court lo answer lie complaint of the plaintiff Arthur E. Gamble. PRANK WHmVORTH, Harrison, Smith & Tnvlor C> "*' Atlj-S. . ' 3M-8-15 ill Now l-ocatcd at 101 North S«ood ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU DON EDWARDS, ProprWor kw nf mbnllt Trpcwriters, »ddtng Machines anil OalccUton —NOTICE , Ues for operating all motorized and horse arawn vehicles including: automobiles, trucks, drays, motor .cycles, ambulances, etc., without payment of city license fees will be in cifccl after midnight Saturday, March 9, 1335. j fy your license fee, secure and display required t ags i n ort ) er t 0 avoid penalties as provided by city ordinance. Signed ROSS BEAVERS, City Clerk last 'Episode'of "The Jhstorv Squadton" Sunday - Monday MAT & NITE—lOc - 2ic Cartoon and Serial lohnfiv Mack Bro»n m "Hustlers of Rod Dog" Sunday • Monday MAT. & NITE—lOc - 35c Muilcby Jetomt K«in ' .Oicof Hammerikln, 2nd owanson .»d JOHN BOIES DOUGIASS MONTGOMERY JUNE IANG AL 5H£»N RESINALD OWEN .HOJAKTIOSWORTH JOSEPH CAWTHOKN An Erith Pommer Production /lorn th> rtcord-bitokirj ftroodwox ilcge hil) Dumbbell Loiters No. 2 Coo Coo News Comedy^—"Water Rodeo" CAPTURES YOUR HEART! Shirley TEMPLE Lionel BARRYMORE '7& LITTLE COLONEL' Put-amount News iMusical Reel Red Nichols and His I'amous Red Pennies Orchestra Carlooa_"The China Shop" NOTICE satisfactory in every )f BURKE HARDWARE CO., not ivillmul question, provided HC will refund your condition as received Inuc, SA>- a week or best price, and We 1| ; !«' ynn return H In Hi, '• money '• same «„,,,. irsl price is our Burke Hardware Co. 312 W. Main Ulytheville, Ark.

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