The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 13, 1933 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 13, 1933
Page 3
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F-MUDAV, OCTOJiF.U I:!, .i.E, (AUK.) rouitiER NEWS PAGR THKER World Talks Peace But Prepares Tor War JS*:^ ' ,- — ——•---.-~-'*: '-* L<? RA. •V" wt DO oua i AM SPECIAL PRICES for FRIDAY SATURDAY and MONDAY KROGER STORE Jfc-iiWSSMlii Wyoming Best, Red Triumph Pound 2c Stau-'-n-cn talk of disarmament . . . world conference follows '.vorld conference . . . lip service Is given peace . . . . Mil arsenal': feverishly are twin? filled. . . . Powerful neiv figlitini; machines :i:c being built, for air. iai'.d and sea nrotr.c:no;xt o. man ^ on every tongue, b'.H every car is attuned to the call of Mars. • Library Will Receive P.T. A* NCWS Carnegie Peace Booksj;^ ••Continued rrom Page One) • officials in high places. They disclose these alarming iheorles and facts, hatciir-d in tin: land where }!iller nov/ rules: The next, war will be a "shock" war. t'.ot a war of "mass." A hi?i!ly- iraincd force of arti«an-y)Mi< j r;:. | technically expert in ir.eir trades.] would be- viiihrd in to prevent , huge enemy armies from a?.'.em-1 The Blythevi'.le library will ."-or. I Tl;e Junior High school Parent-'obtain a gift, of a shelf of book; Teacher association is sponsoring sent out by thc Carnegie Peace Fai- , •the annual "Safe and Sane" Hal- dowment Fund. Tnrse bcoks are • ! Icwc'i'ii carnival lo be held next given to libraritn ir« and are month. Miss Velda Adcock's pu- rarely given to any but tax .SM>- | pils are making posters for the event, and more details will be announced later. ported libraries. Application made in October. 1W1. These bucks arc about i>eop!<:*. customs and politics of other countries, new books being given from tiir.e to time until about 15CO vo'.- umes liave been received. This i» j being done in carrying out an idea a number of special entertainment of the members of the board for features. j this fund, of which Dr. N'k-ho'.as I This group also plans a rummage • Butler is president, mat thc be it i sale for Saturday of .next week. I way to promo'.*? pcacs is to dilhiv The members are also having the a thorough knowledge of the peopl rinK from an iiii'.uiw VI. Clluss visited hn'i •. John "tal. and family mj Cilrardi-:iu Tuesday Wicincsday. Mr. and :\ir... D. A. Rulfin di'.ughier.s, Sue and HorciiU'. wei'v i:. Blytlievill": Thurstlir-:. George S. Urov n. Mrs.. Can was ] lic-s.-. and Mrs. \V. 11. Mi/i'll Iff- I S.mciay nioriiin; for St. Louis The txMiutivo board of the Sud- Uirv school will have a carnival on Hallowe'en night- in the playroom of the .whool! There will be Mti'ml (lie Extern Star m inaptrr meeting. Mis. A. J. I/ingdun n:iil il&i it:'. Miss Maud, ar? sptndiii:-; "i* m Memphis. huge enemy nom JSA..I- , .. Vamshini , par Li c , £i " a plan Inaug- • O f otner countries both :hroi:-.'!i bllnr. woik.n- so rapid:? any i.- | .^^ , jv thc sl . u , 0] . hjgh p T A ( s ))v .^ . Mj ,. M firii-ntly cini tuey v.-o-.ikl eliminate, MI . S G( , m ^ e D y s i, lg er. member- poli'ics i::e dreary stak-male oi ' ! ''-' !CI! j ship chairman , has announced the! ' .ship JIKULIIIB. , membership campaign will be corn- No Warning of \Wr ! pleU' by next month's meeting.' Then- would be no warning, no . Ench rcom wiU ^ ,.j vcl , n pr j.,, e iKuuiUzalion. Hit first and explain • o( ^ fQ| . 10( j pj^em meinbevship. afterward would be the method. " . Such is thc pet principle of Gen. 1 Jn lh[ , f u t ure th c executive \on Scekl. author of Germany's j bo!M . d of t i lc Junior High P. T. A.; i:cw and omjnqus |\ |!U! of warfins. ^. M mcct nl 2:45 p. m. on the Close ••conuic'fbeuveen Industries s( , con<1 Wednesday of each month mid army, with methodical peace- , j m ,,, P ,|jalclv before ihe P. T -A. preparations for conflict. ] ]n( , el i uc( which will lie hekl Rl 3:30 urged Lo be ITornersville Society-Personal toward eliminating : 0 -(.; ;: ...v : Members arc lime. would go far Ihe inequality bciweeu countries now uurmittcd to manufacture war supplies without limit and Germany, forbidden so to do. This would mean that stored-up armaments would not be so important us believed in ihc past. Finally, the matter of heating plowshares Into swords is a matter of organization rather than of bulk. Tlie most innocent articles, available for peaceful purpose, couon and glycerine, form explosives. War chemicals are produce:! from the satr.e materials as is grandma's rheumatism rub. Germany "Makes Hay" So Germany is not laboring un- .Mr». M. A. <:anghtcr. Mary !!av Mrs. C. , Mia. Marvin Massey and he: Julia. Mr.s. T. A 1-". Kirkniiin and H:iir.-> .shopiwd in Scop Loss Provisions of Retail Code Debated! WASHINGTON'. Oct. 13 ITJP)-A J definite announcement as to i whether disputed stop loss provis- j ions will be included iu Ihe i:en- i-ia! retail cotle wr.b promised lor hite tcxlay by Recovery Acimiinr;- irator Johnson. I Johnson conferred today with Secretary of Agriculture Wallace. .. Secretary of Commerce Roper and other Vliigh administtUion officials in an effort lo reach an agreement on the price regulation te.i: lure.s of llic code. Today's c'onfcrence was I stood lo have considered the possibility of mortifying the provisions ; to exclude certain commodities j The Junior Hi?h I'. T. A. met Wednesday afternoon with Miss Velda Adcock, program chairman, presiding. Miss Sample gave a reading, Miss Annie Maude McCorvey. home economics teacher, Save a talk on "Diet and ils Relation lo Good Health." In the business session thc treasurer. Xfrs. W. I. Osborne, reiwrtcd S52.7I5 In the treasury with S'24.74 made on tag day and $19 from thc nimrnage sale. Room .sponsors gave I sood reports of calls mode It was replenish the medicine Biythevillc Wednesday. Rev. C,. P. Comer of Gideon visited friend.; hetc Tuesday and Wednesday. Dr. E. G. Cop= attended the j , mny a , a[n &>iithcasi Missouri Medical asso- 1 '_ nation meeliiv; at Cape Girnrdeau n n _>. T..:| i Tuesday. He delivered a paper j l/ "" l ll " , Among Ihc Moms, if n wife K'ovs not IjL'LOine the [uollu'i of a j toy. she may be divorced with the consent of the tribe and may \VifK »min j non'l hnid. I- let thrin get a --i germs guickly. and that time has not been waste:!, in thc view of experts here. The shadows of Germany and th; crisis in the Far East hang heaviest over the conference, but tr.ey are not the only clouds. As delegates prepare to settle o'o'.ui at the council table, there | at the inecling. Or. Cope relum- ed to his home !iere Wednesday. Mis F N. u™ham. Mrs. M. W. Walter, and Mr and Mrs. Law- j —^— — rence Moore of Laurel. Miss., vis- . , . ., pll itvd their sister and aunt, Mr.s. ^ ^" » \"^ ^ ^ \f. A. Massey. Sunday nljht. They ! - lo nnrio ' lcs - vmlr en route to Chicago to ai- | tend the fair. i Mr. and "Mrs. Peed Wicker, Mr. j uid Mrs. L. X. Regan and .Mrs.! R. E. Anderson drove lo Gideon Sunday nigh; to attend the ser- ilcc.s conducted by the Rev. G. I'. Comer at the Methodist j voted to cabinet and lo pay SI for National Education week literature. Sub-' lcle stantial payments were made on football equipment. Several members volunteered to clerk at thc National Brokerage company on Wednesday ami Thursday of next week when the j P. T. A. will receive 5 percent of! church. i ! the net profits on goods sold. p B. P. Parks sivnt last week-end j Mr. Steadman's room won thc ;n St. Louis on business. i , attendance pri/e. Mr. and Mr.s. Leonard Etimon- comcs tlie full orchestral accom-1 : llo|1 am , Mr , u[] Mrs M i!ford jianiment of high explcsives bursi- ; Thc Oc[0 j, c ,. meeting of thc sen-', Surdeis visiled in Ca|>c Girardeau crattering. ior hiRh P T A. was held with ;.nd Marble Hill Sunday. | Mri. B A. Lynch presiding. Miss! j,j rSi Hattic Shumate and Mis:;' Lima B. Willielm presented a pro- i j]f.rla Bunch returned Tuesday '• gram with Miss Selma Lentr, giv-1 njgin from Chattanooga. Tenu.. | ing an introduction of the pro-1 V :hcrc they visiled their brother, l grains for Ihe year. J. Louis Cher- i p trt j^-nch. «-h» was in LI lios- ly spoke on "Recreation in a Day 1 of My Youth" and Byron Morse M>cke on "Recreation of a Youth . Todav." Miss Winburn sang "My i at thc pi- I ano. Crcn- Help.- iciiCv-. Power- isaiil Kf take, own authori^Td (o refund yo::r tiroi'.ev thc si:ot if yoiii' cou'/h i.r cole; not r^K'ived hy C:-ro:nu!siun. Adv. Paving and Sewer TAXES mg. machine guns bombs hurtling irom the air. and machinery huimninx on overtiint* work in ihc world's armament l?.c- torics. This music can be l-.pord from the northwest corner ol India, where British planes lly out- irom Peshawar to drop Ijombs on turbulent Afghans. it can be heard from Iraq, where Task" with Miss Lenlz. the Assyro-Cntildeans. a stubborn folk, must be chastened. And from Morocco, where (ho French Foreign Legion and native 1'or 103S i now due and <;. (;. CAUDH.I. fcilliTlor '.ice ICC N. ext to N'e'.y Rciwrt.s were Riven by all slant!- i ing committees. Outstanding among Ihcsc was the membership rc- iroops are ••uacifyliio-- th- BcrO'-rs 1 port. Thc "Vanishing' pnriies rc- of th. 1 Alias " • porl made by the flunnce coinmit- Oliicr Wars Rage I tcc showed $56.30 having been And from Cuba and Soi.lh Amer- i Il11 ' necl '" l ° d:HC for tllcsc affairs, ica where guns roar and rX'.ith walks. Addcxl to tiiis. the French plan a major "pacifying" expedition into Maurelania. probably with Span-1 A rummage sale was planned for a Saturday in this month. Miss Lenlz's and Miss Frances Miller's room lied for the attendance j prize. i ish aid. which may [or two j Thc Central r T. A. Is having ' building program lo t'ne tve.Uy limits: .Japan begins a feverish mimicry; so docs Britain. So. on and on and on, goes the advancement of world pence-. Meanwhile, (re conferees confer. And nobody notices—or. at least, seems to notice—that each o[ the comfortable chairs in which d?lc- j gates sit is rigged with a j mcdcrn and interes;l:i«r device—a l char-rr of TNT. ' j « ,he is meeting Monday o'clock, at the Central Ward afternoon. 3:30 .school. The regular meeting of the Central Ward group will be held. Wednesday at 3 o'clock In the as- r.embly room of the school. ftntrs Patients atimlucd to the Three Beatings in 24 j Years Caused Suit! ST. CLAIRSVILLE. Ohio. (UP)- i Twenty-four years ago her hus- j band .gave her Clairsville woman beating, a St. contended In a i \Vordard. Stcele. Mo ; Mrs. R. A. .DcWilt. I-cachville; Mrs. , W. C. Mrs. Clarence . EUlt fllc(1 ilcrc He repeated the process 12 years later. And when another dozen Prttchett, Bragg City, Mo. Dls- y«&rs had passed and the husband mlsECd: A. E. Smitli, Little Rods;;beat her again on Sept. U of this Mrs. A. G. Brock, Canithersvllle. year, she filed suit for divorce. WE CAN NOW SELL HOME Belonging to Ameri can Building & Loan Association Cheap For CASH Morse & Kirshner, Agents California Vali'iieias 20D's 2 Dozen Guaranteed ('(iiiiilry (.'lull, J3 2 !c' HninU. I'nmul 9c I Vinegar Slnkli-y's finest I I-O/.. I lot Hi Kit fh APPLES Yurk '"""SI" 5 i: BANANAS "IS? 1 ,r 8 C ONA'KKT I'OTA'l'OES 19 O- Nuni'V Hitlls, 5 l.lis. It) fli'im 'I'nr- 911.' nil). I,'.. £li TOMATO JIJK'K C. t:. or Finest 8 rand 6 Boxes For -(i/. \V Whc':tl lll \l-rn. lii'.isi in- fi i,l)H. Kvajior ;tlcd 1'eac-hcs Standard No. 2 Can, 2 for Country Club 1 Pound Tin Standard (itiiilily No. 2 Can :i for CHERRIES K'Sn 12? MILK L-'e. Can lie; Small J SALMON *"•' TllH ,S!! 10 L j-AT licsl Cmim C/lL 2I-U>. Satl PURE LARD Si, 64 C NigRcr Head 1A Can 1U 1'I.AKKS C. C. I ")-(!/. ('['III. CRACKERS J/^ 25 U FLOUR l>hli " i ^, s s The liest No! Toti}, r h • A I'«u ml . • / Genuine Himlqtrs, Mi. !2V 2 c 's. Pound Swift's Cured Outer Culs If) Whole or half. Hi, cni 1 Cuarantccd Nnf S:illy I'niintl Fresh Fish and Oysters, Mackerel, Sauer Kraut and Pi£ Feet Pure Pork Links. M). 12SC .Mixed. Piititul K. C. Prime Rib Roast, l.h. IT'i Thick Hih, l.h. 12',c Shoulder, l.h. !.«• Round and Loin Steak

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