The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 4, 1937 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 4, 1937
Page 11
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TJiUilSDAY, NoViJMBEil '4, 103? I Pllli IS sit m f _ PIT! Has No Age Limit In •Its lEnleitainmcnl Appeal •BV BETTV CUOCKlill With November already IMC way ?ruuud- the corner, it's 'high time we -began considering November birthdays. Ami. .because November slid Thanksgiving: are always soj closely associated with (lie Pilgrims and tilings icavly.'Amcrlcan, we like to-give our entertaining an old- fasiiioued atmosphere of simplicity and warm sincere hospitality. So I'm ctioosing an Old Time Candy Pull for tills November' birthday • paHy. That makes it the kind of party that lias no nge limit to its appeal. Or course the candy pull is the main entertainment feature. If it's a small group they, may enjoy making the candy or at least silting riround in tli L . kitchen while it's being made. Then they can return to tile living room for old-fashioned Barnes while the candy is cooling. The candy pulling will be much niore fun for tiie—and (lie older groups—if they are di- •vidcd into couples. Here is one way of matching partners that is in keeping with the old time party. Give'the men the 1 names of. different fowls or cuts of meat^-and the women names of different sauces .or dressings inevitably associated with those meats—such as Roast .Turkey — Cranberry Sauce, Roast Goose—Baked Apples, wild Duck and Grape Jelly, Beef Steak nncl Onions, Leg of .Lamb and 'Mint Sauce, Hani and .Horseradish Sauce, etc. The hostess should read the list of affinities to M. sure that each man has founcMiis-right sauce, When this is settled, usher them into the kitchen-where each couple is given a piece.-of candy:to pull— and don't forget to provide a bit of butter to .put on their fingers. And let each couple have tlieir own v candy to cut into pieces and wrap in .waxed paper and do with as they please. Be sure to provide the waxed paper and scissors beforehand. Here are two old time games to fill in will) while the candy is cooling or after the pulling. i My Grandmother's Pantry: Seat the group in a circle. Have someone start the game by saying: "In my grandmother's pantry is currant jam." The next person says, "In my-' grandmother's pantry are currant jam and cucumber • pickle" and so on. each person adding one morc-aiticlc- to those already •men-, lioned. When any one fails to repeat the list correctly, lie drops out of the game, which may be continued until only one remains, or the list becomes too long. Train of Thought: one plnyer chooses a word, He says the word to the person on his right who, in turn, will say the first word broughlsto his mind by the first player's word, and so on around to the last person. "For instance, the first player says "car," the second "speeding." the third "policeman," Ihc fourth rticke*,-/' flien '•'•Jiii),". "mice," "cheese," etc. There 'arc no limits to the possibilities of this game. An old-time -spell-down— ir if there is someone who can play the accompaniments for such old lime songs as "Aunt Dinah's Quilting Early"—"Working- On -the Hail- road," etc.,—a singing school of fun. Of course, there will be considerable tasting of.the candy during the pulling—so loo-hearty or too sweet refreshments would not be welcome. So I'm suggesting a Cinnamon Cake with Orange Icing for the Birthday Cake. Certainly it will Have candles! Big red polished apples and coffee or cccoa will complete the lunch. Here arc the recipes for the cinnamon Cake with Orange Icing and Butter Taffy: 1-2 cup shortening 1 1-4 cups sugar 2 eggs l-.B cup milk. 2 cups all-purpose flour or 2 1-4 cups cake fiour 1-2 Isp. salt 2 tsp. cinnamon 1-4 tsp. cloves 1-4 tsp. nutmeg 3 Isp. baking powder Cream shortening, add sugar gradually and cream together thoroughly. Add eggs which have been beaten very light, and mix well. Sift flour o-.icc before measuring. Mix and silt flour, baking powder, salt and spices together. Adtl to the creamed mixture, n little at a time, alternately with the milk and blend well. Give the batter two or three quick stirs as a final blending and pour into greased and floured oblong pan or layer pans. Bake loaf 40 minutes and layers 25 minutes in a moderate oven. 350 degrees F. Size of Pan. Two 8-inch layer cake pans or one oblong pan 8x12 inches. Orange TrhiR- 1 1-3 cups sugar tl cup plus 2 Ibsp.i G tbsp. water 2 large or 3 -small egg whiles •* 2 tsp. orange Juice (or 1 1-2 tsp. orange extract* Boil sugar and water together without stirring until it spins an 8-inch thread, 240 degrees t 1 .— BLYTHEV1LLE. -(AHKiV COUH1EU NBW8 BY CAROL DAY plele sew chart with full in- ITS a time 01 dramatic fabric slructi ° ns - 1 contrasts, and Pattern 8308 interestingly expresses . . . this vogue. The skirt with simple front .panel flares gently at the hem and the bodice which buttons down the front like a jacket lias a snug waistline and prettily flared .peplum. The short puffed-sleeves accent the feminine silhouette. It is a dress for luncheon, lea or dinner. For street (year, use live dramatic shades in wool, plum or deep will enjoy": ' : Let'thi'charmin? ;giecn, for instance. ]£ for after- designs in . this new book 1 e"f) noon wear, use lame or metal •- >--- ~ .' brocade blouse on velvet skirt. | You can make this dress easily, (he pattern including a com- •Pattcni .8008 ,is .designed for sizes. 14, 16, 18,,20, 40 42. Size 16 requires 2 1-8 yards of 39 inch material for the blouse and 2 yards o£ 54 inch material for (he skirt. The new Fall and -Winter Pat-' tern Book is ready for you now. It has 32 pages .of. attractive designs for every size,and every occasion. 'Photographs show dresses made from these-.patterns being worn; a'feature,you you in your sewing. Ona paf- tern and the new Fall ami-Win- ter Pattern Book—25 cents. Fall MdWinlerrBook alone—15 cents. be SIU '° '° MENT ' ION THE NAME address your envelope 'to lllytneviiifr coun»r Ncivs Today's Pattern . > Bureau, 11 Sterling Place, Brooklyn, N. ;V. 24?'degrees p. pour hot syrup into stiffly Ijeatcn egg whites find heat j constantly with rotary beater.mien add orange juice, and contimie beating with spoon until mixture is -fluffy and will hold Its shape'. Spread between the layers, and on top and sides of cake. Uiiltcr Taffy 2 cups light brown sugar 1^4. cup molasses 2 tbsp. vinegar 2 tbsp. water 1-4 cup butter 1 tsp. vanilla Boil sugar, molasses, vinegar and water together. When nearly .done, add buttci-. Ccok until it forms a -You'll .Fincl 'Gold sin : Budget After "Steaking" This Claim fiw Miifi. OAVNOK STADDOX -NBA ^Service Staff :Writer Writes a young business wife My husband and I botli work nn- hard ball in cold water, 560 degrees j til five. Then I have to rush home P. Remove from heat and add va- | and get dinner. There isn't much nilla. Turn into ,-»ell buttered pan; time, so I usually buy round steak. and m'ark -into squares or pull. -•• •• Temperature: 260 degrees p.. hard ball stage. Amount: 20 pieces. Whip one-third cup brown sugar into Die beaten ,'ivhite of one egs, spread on lop spice cake flough in an 8-inch square pan. sprinkle with nuts imd bake in j moderate oven (350 degrees). i It's.the only, quick cooking meat I can afford today. I serve it much more. I know -I'll ilose ' my appetite and I wouldn't. blame my husband if he .left rap. Can you .help xis?" ^ The menus, shopping" list, and recipes given below -will certainly hcti> uuy young business wife to put • both variety and sliced In her menus despite the high cost 'o f meal. WEEK'S MENU >'OR TWO BUSINESS PEOPLE SVNIMY Toi)wto Juice rockUill, roasl cross rib of beef ((j pounds), brown potatoes,, browned .onions and ciurots, green salad, pumpkin pie. MONDAY Consomme (canned), roast 'beef eu casserole, -baked - patato--brusset sprouts, pumpkin pic with whipped cream. TUESDAY Vegetable soup (canned), macaroni and elictse, salad bowl matoes, cucumbers und chicory, chocolate ccInlrs. WBDNKSD'AY Half grapefruit, hash of remain- dcr of roast beef and potato with it, grilled tomato and iicas, crackers and cheese. THURSDAY Orwiined dried beef with • cheese, steamed rice, string beuns, plnc- apple-.salact, pound cuke ami coftee. FHIDAV Tomato bouillon (canned), broiled diet of flounder uise fresh • or frraeii), potatoes with melted butter, baked- acorn squhtsh, canned apricots, coffee. SATUK11AV Pineapple cup. Boston baked beans und brown .bread, boxvl of cole slaw with Roquefort cheese dressing, apricot whip, coffee. Saturday Mrs. Jones buys 11 six- pound piece cf cross rib which she has the butcher roll and tie. She gets all the staples for the following week.,Sunday morning she seasons the roast ami puts a little water in the bottom of the pan. She starts it with a hot oven 1400 dcjcrees p.) and after one-half hour reduces it to 350 degrees p. or iv moderate oven. They both tike rare meat so she plans to cook it about two hours. At the end of His first hour she adds her scraped cfivvols. peeled potatoes and onions. She bastes frequently. When the roast Is done, there's u'Sunday-feast and a head start on the week's meals Monday she cuts four slices from her roast, covers them with grnvj and cooks it for about one-half hour in a slow oven (325 degrees P.), her potatoes • having been put in when she first eame;liotne. Tuesday is a vocation from the beef roast, but ; macaroni am cheese are quick to ! make. 'Vacation 'Vrapn Hoist She cooks the macaroni first then udds milk (beaten with , ar egg, If she feels extravagant) and cheese. '.While it is baking, she set. her table. hcaLs . soup- and make an attractive- snlad bowl. Wednesday she makes b; chopping meat and adding cqua quantity of boiled potatoes, n littl chopped onion, one tablespoon o butter and about one-fourth cm water. Note, On Monday a couple of extra potatoes could be. baked and left for Wednesday's hash. Thursday she makes the creamed dried beef with cheese: One-quarter pound dried beef, 1 1-2 tablespoons butter, 2 tablespoons flour, 1 cup milk. 3 tablespoons grated cheese, 1 1-2 tablespoons tomato cntsup. ' Pull beef. npart in small pieces removing .fat, let stand a little while'In cold water, remove water, cover .with cold water nncl bring to, n boil..drain. Melt butter, add,beef and cook until .beef starts to curl at. edges, add ••flour, and milk, stir nnlil smooth; add cheese and catsup and when cheese-is well melted serve at once on toast. Squash and "Fish -Fillets Friday. It's baked acorn squash and fish fillets. Peel squash and split. .Remove seeds. ParboH for five minutes. Lay iu a baking nan, sprinkle generously .with brown sugar and, butter. Bake 1-2 hour in moderate oven (350 degrees F.). Saturday, baked beans aiul brown bread. Just pick them up at your bakcrs'-or grocers', on 4ue way from, the office and reheat them at home. /ELEWEfiL I Botli liens nnrf torn turkeys are good, although tlic liens have a wider <lce])cr lircnst. Turkey can bn roasteri on the broiler pan placed in the oven of an up-to- date range. Cinnamon , raEK INSTHUCTIONS '; In L;ilctt Styte Knitting ''BtaJIAT 1 ' KNITTING YARNS )Mltf. Lt-'Slic llt'UjR'l MIX) Ulittteavba I'lionu 702 i'ausc it makes ''better fcl A PRACTICAL 9'/2 1 ^»<W'fclTCHEN BOWL] Widened shoulder pro- .vides ease in- handling. I |«j Special lip makes pour- 1 ing a pleasure. LIMIT 2 TO • A^C'ltSTQME'R SHOUSE-HENRY HARDWARE CO. "THE 1'ROGUEaSlVE STUKli" J. W. Sliouse I'hoiic: 35 WiLsott Henry TOMATOES , Sttl. No. t 5c •(:» Can 'Limit) Clock BREAD 2(1 ()/.. -Loavos for ISc Snowdrift 3 Ib. Can 55c I.idle King CORN FCGS Country Club No, 'li C'«ns Guaranteed I'. & G'. '(iii'tltt IT 15° HUMKO MATCHES •I ilbii-s .|cc; Nti. .IJiA -Cans, 'lU. ' I 1,1). CfiHoi! .((it;,' <S 1,1). Onion ;«0c 5 C t''iiU'St Urancl M oil I u it i Size ftXICOCIIIf* UntoMnu •Cluck 12 tn.l'ackiiuc 'Kn. ,1'hK'. •2 J.b. l!»x :5 C \T JUICE ' <! -s',,??,,,, 1'lciin or Self-Kisitt}; 24 Ib. Bag 85o •CdHulry -C'lnli 'Drip "I' .1'i'rcolatnr Cruam Z\ hb. \h\ 43c (12 ;U). |{a(4' 27«) Avnnilalc :I'fc No. 2.Cans 2for25c mm SUDS COFFEE Cuncviitnrtcil Krone li •Hrand AlyJcs 2'l O/.. Hnx Dun •1'tll'O CHIU' Cotiiilrv Cltili 1 !:.!>; Wllo. Can II) Ijlis. W ,jc. 25' 10°! •5°'' 55° W Texas Seedless 3forlOc i'triii 'Haril 'Heads Ea. 4c Crystal White 'Uirtjc liuvH -«r (j Por«V 20 Mule Ten m PDHIT f*ftKC 'Wi !'i>. <-ni n .rrai UAr.t , f . llchcl , hl Klltu $i 2 Bars (!utirunl«!i!cl 'to Hop H lib.ll'kK. IKk; .•Standard Nu. 2-'C'tins 2 Kor PINEAPPLE •T*fc No. 2|/j CiuiK No, -21/ 2 Cans -2'For •1 !lll> Carton •S Lh. Carton S .Thin ,Skin Klorida mm •lOxtru !Fancy iD.elkioim ••' Yellow Globe 3lbs.lOc Arkansas Wincsap 12 Ibs. lor 29c Bushel 99c AT A SPECIAL 1'OW'PRICE ; It's Guaranteed 'for >a 'Lifetime Fancy Sliced Bacon < Mindless •lib. Kind On J,b. Koilnd or •l.oiii, Lb. • liroukfickt Link Sausage •Swifl I'rvniitini Kox Extra Large Select Oysters, Pt, 43c Tasty lorn, Ib.. ./..2Jc Oysters, Sm M Pi .. 29c Whiting-J. Salm. Ib. lOc Comp. Lard Ib. IljG 'Pure .I'urk Sausage Ib. 20c Beef Roast Thick ltil>, )b,. 17|Ac .< Jiri.sket, Ib. Fresh Pork Roast, Picnic, Ib, 17c I Mix Sausage/3 Ibs, for . , 25c Daisy Cheese, Ife. . . . 17|cj Chili. C.C s! «oll 25, Dudley stk;Wc fl B H S^S^^k rf%B^'v' if I < if ft ^ I IfMSI POvlll! Ko!}0ne V n o waste, a perfect fish to fry i 4 CH '.

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