The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 7, 1931 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 7, 1931
Page 5
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SATURDAY, MARCH 1, 1031 BUTNEVILLE, (ARK.) COUKIEll NEffS CLASSIFIED ADS Two cents a word lor first lu«rUon and one «nt a word <or each subsequent Insertion. No 'advertisement taken tor less than 50c. Count the words and send the cash. Phone 30C -/ PAGE I LAURA UOU BROOKMAN Author, of WART HUNGRY, e£ '. FOlt SALE FOR SALE—Baby Chicks. All varieties. Custom hatching solicited. Marilyn Hatchery. Blytlieville. 20-CK-TF FOR SALE—Alfalfa, and timothy hay in car load lots or less. W. H. Werner, Canalou, Mo. 27F-K13 SPECIAL liARUAINS USED CARS Spring is here and Now is the time to go places and do things. Our prices on GUARANTEED USED CARS arej 550 lo ?75 LOWER Ihah ever before. \Vc have USED' OAKS and TERMS that will 1 suit you BEST. It will pay you well to see our USED CARS before you buy. '28 FORD SDORT KDSTEH §125 '2!) WHIFFET COACH $155 '30 CHEVROLET COACH .. 5*35 78 CllltVSLEK. "52" 4-l> SUN j 95 '30 FORD IV- TON Tlll'CK 5285 '30 CARTER 4-TON TRAILER S2S5 '28 FORD BUSINESS COUPE $125 'Z8 CHEVROLET ItOADSTEIl S 80 '23 FORD TUUOll SEDAN .. 5185 78 CHRYSLER "62" COACH '29 FORI> TOWN SEDAN .. $285 '28 CHEVROLET 4-D SEDAN $185 '30 FORD SPORT KDSTER $35U '23 FORD C-CAB riCK.-UL' 5185 '29 FORD STANDARD COUl'E 5155 See us TODAY. Every Car in Good Running Condition— READY TO GO. Phone 811-810-777 PfflLUPS MOTOR COMPANY Authorized Ford II HO IN IIKHK TOIIAV OVPHt McIIIllOP:, lU-jcor-old lyplm, UOK9 Co Birft Ikr liuM MLU'k !• l,tlnc!«i« ALAS CHOSIIY liumr from n yf«r imJ n half nl • Ind^ltic nrl In J'nrll. The i-uui'lc tire nut mc«j:fd but Ibrre ba« been nn nadcrilnndlBff hrim-ru Ibem. On HIP pier Ihf clrl «e»« n lir.iu- flful »» iinvlnK lo rronljy. lit- »nj, hrr inline t. SHIS. I.AXtil.liV nnd lh:n fchc I* u i-aaaal «hlii'n nrqUMtntunrr. Tbr couple Urlve lo JIUS. O'HAlllVii tnumlnK liuu.t %iTirre r. cflcbrallop hfinorlnK Ihc yrmuK irllit (!«• btrn prt'pnrril. Jutl u» Itie dinner !• lo !'«• m'ru-rt Crtixb) 1 ninUfa n lelrylmnp i';ill nn*J Trliirn* in i.n) hp Juu^l lenvc lin- nu'dlnlrlv. He poea to Mr^. l.tiuK- lr)'» filM.h ,l|.:ir[nicnt nnd nu"'" to nlu-nd a dinner r:*r>y witl1 **/• l( Ik vvldfiit llinl Cr«»l>7 I" dernly nllrnctid lir iLe licaulirul tll- vort-cr. njpny *>cnil« M plnonir rvrnlitK nlone. Neil mnrnlns »» *!ir is jrnlns Uli llie. »talr»iiy Cn:j.Iir cnlla in her. .S'lW CL l>.% WITH t'HE STOIIV CHAPTER IV . G YPSY down tlic sUIrs one j i step. "Wlial du yuu vvantr' Elic; asked. ! Crosby stood In tlic dnonvny. liui!i j on his hips. Ills ilark li::ir was lousc-lcd as usual and Ills CJTS iked sleepy. -Now Is lhal the way lo speak lo an old Iricud who's licon liaiilslioil . J..; from Cod'3 coui:tty for <0 years?"! i'.il he clildcil. "Gypsy, my child, where are your mcnnersj" t _ It was Impossible not lo respond ] ('•. to lhat goo'J-iialurtd Krln. Uyrsy smiled, cainc down tho two remain- iii5 steps. "Ees pardon, ray lord!" slie taid • : wllli mock humility. "I'll see tliat j j~ it doesn't hapiieii aeain. my lonl!" , |-. Slio dropped a deep curtsy. Crosliy laughed. "Impudent llttk npslart!" lie scolded. "l)r C Gypsy, you're looking pretty this moriitriE. Sny—I've got a lol of thiiiKS to lalkrto you about. Have you got anything to do Tight now? Wlir.t do you Bay u'e braro the elements? Tnltc me out anil show rcc OUW BOARDING HOUSE By Ahern walk tlie way we used to." "VA'herc'll \vs go?" "T/icrc rtas a girl K'fio nW (o conic !/:crc D'/IS maJe me lli:n.'( ot jou. Only she icasnt io pretty. ^ li u'os ifie wnji lfi« (augficd, 1 gucjj, that marfe m: llr.nk ol you." "Ariy«"here." Have-they still sol O'Harj was fllsappoarlns tlivouEli, cnl.s. The left hcc-1 was besUiiilns the liatlcry?" Tlie girl nodded. "And the Bronx Zoo?" Another nod. Riverside Drive?" tlie door ol her prlrale quarters, j to li;'i "Good mornlni;!" Croslty called' pucsFc-il No one would have i t!iis. however, from the girl's smite. She nuddcd toward Ihe Avctiue Only i-'.o wasn't so pretty. Slic hml \ dark hair nnd eyes hut her eyea vcro too (ar apart and her hair lldn'l i\nvc the wtiy youra doea. It was I!i3 way sUo laughed. 1 cuess, .hat inatlc nio think of you. You look av.-tully cnto when you Inush. \Vlial was (he ansiilsh ol n l)]ls. Lercd lied?" "Mr.!: —Jo you really Itilnk sot" ''Of course 1 do. Now don't lell rao you duii'i >:ii3«- m Kny —whnt'a llie iii".tter with yo\ir foot? Vou'ro "It's iiollilni:—jusl —ncll. Mils shoe :'."CJns a lllllu ligtil. Il's nil rlBlit." "Iliirip, rtoisii'l 117" "Y".". 11 "\V!ij- ilii'.ii'l ytni trtl me? Osll, I'll lu-t It's mado a lilialtr. Now. why 0:1 oarili illiln'i )im speak 11:1 alwut Ui.il7 We'll Kd a cab rli;hl uwny." i:if?tly I ilon'l niliu!—" flyp^y i lint tio sllcciccd her with a uuw t'.i.:^esilon. " livre! Could ymi iiassllily wulU nue block rarlfior 1 .'" lie men- lioncil :i nearby Inaisrli ol a na- lional chain o( toslauinuis. It «« a iibcc vvliero they lincl dined uticn. "How p.bout havliii; dinner thorc?" pYl'SY wiia dcllslltcd. Whl'll ^ llu;:lly tl:cy had vouched the plate anil a waitress liail lirnushl llieni bo-.vls of steaiah.K .snup and the rut o( llio dinner was nnlcrcl Gypsy McHride Ifaned bacli lii lir.r chair and looked acros.i al lor Km. Her t-)es were shining. td wonderllll lo tiavo you Iicio r,^;iln!" Blio nuiriniircd. ' U'.-i wn:idcrful 1 can't belicvr it'4 true!" One o(- Crosuy's hands readied across tho table, and overcil Gypsy's. "Yon're a sweet kid!" lie said. "\\Vru guiiis lo LKUB tumo Bi'cal times tosetlier. Tell y ju what — tomorrow let's liavo dlnror duwn at that Itallau rlaun. Yon know — Joe'a. Where the raviol' used to he sn good. Shall we?" "I'd love lo! Haven'l 'jceti then for mnntlir,. Alan." Altogether Sunday wis a fcst!vo day. And the lliouslit ol tlic ivo- nin^ ahead luade ^!o•](hy at the '*' wei-i., I'LL Mcrf PAV TAILOR B':U- ! "~"friA"f V A6EUO/ CAU GO Art 6 AD T VoU -•"- SEMP GU~T A POSSE i votJ — se-f -fl? TOR VQU / SMOKcf VOU GIST" GF A I ~- BLrr" I VJaMrf COME \ -fa -we Rescue wttH Ev/e^i A. ( - YLUGGEP J)IME] ^^- Vail COLlLP VERY WEIL ; — IF, MORUIUCi , I AM (JOT* UERe T Vou WIUL -Trfe OLD is AFocrr TOR CMMES .' — I WAV UP AS A rlERMrT Ikl HIMALAYAS — OR AS "Trie H/W£ PA IP BILL cA^ lou! IKl 51^*3 APOT?S, BOQTS AND HER BUDDIES STKVB GIVKS U1M By Martii) FOR SALE— Trees and shrubbery. Keaaonable. Will plant and guarantee to grow. W. S. langtlon, Highway 81. 27C-TF losscil her head la- to t!ie entrance of Central Park had "I'd love to!" slie' said Instantly, roomers. Ih-y turned north, swinging Into! "'Walt— I'll bo ready In a minute 1 ." Tlie youns couple wenl thrn'j;-: r!tp. There ivna a slight wind. FOR -SALE-Trash ^^^' coat. Gypsy had already -She was wcarlus licr bat and tho front door and loused ii-1 v;..3 cr.lder jp'nt; $10 per ton. Re O B. Maiden, Mo. William Duva. . 4P-K11 FOB SALE—Trigidnire. never -been used. Less than half price. E. G. Hankins, 123 Missouri Ave. 6C-K13 r'GH RENT FOR- RENT—Furnished room with bath and furnace heat. NO. 1110 Cliickasawha Ave., Phone No. 645. FOR RENT — Bedroom, private bath, close in. rhone T85J. Mrs. Belle M. Wood. 18C-TF FOB RENT—lu Dell, 3 room bungalow, $5.00 per month. -4 room bungalow. S10.00 per month. L. Fowler, Phono 450-J. 4C-TF FOB RENT—One of Elianc Apartments and 5 room house, S3C.W per month, which includes yard service. Shades are furnished. Bwt. of heating plants and fixtures Telephones 191 and 571. 4C-K8 FOR RENT— 3 room furnished fiat garage and coal house. Cal 678-W. - 1C-TF WANTED 11) blocks that morning. She ran up the Might 16 lier own rootiiT • • From il:e.depths of a tiny closel hung wltli clothes the girl drew a pair of brown lizard pumps. They made ivtlh short i Ciitau heels. Tlie pumps u'erc obviously new. kicked off her worn oifords walked 1 de.'ceuding tiio EtB|-5. [t waa nnrly I uiuil vv]ii|ij:c-d llicir faces, lleyond : wer; subtly vamps ami aii noon on one of those bright, rare'y them gleiilninp lowers of Ivory ayU warm daj's Ihsl sorueticies occu.j silver—tlm city's ninn-mnde iriar ,n,ate February the Crosliy throw hncl: tils lienO burned like while firo. . "Why, it's spring!" ho salrf. -ri:i= Abu exrcumled the Dorics of , isn't New York in February. ' spring!" It's.Xcxv York. "Hut tl-.pre must iey gbnccil up happily at her \ things you Si^eJ in i'arisi" Hie girl i None but liic pulicci on the pumps. Tiiey were I commonpince o! iihrases cause to flattering to licr small 'eel. She [ lcl . paused before the drcs?ins lalile tn I "]t' S a beautiful i!ay!" dab powder on her nose. N'o need I E0 ftly. Slio meisril It. V to waste time on ruugo—her checks, IJ L .| ( I S O f ^assies against an az'j were warm with color. A moment I sky could not liove teemed so l':-ai;.! a perfect BCIII ol before the mirror, palllns auil uok- tiful'as the grimy city street that | cerlttry design. tnorntng. They talked east lorcnrd Fifth . Vo;iM lovo tu Gypsy!" Avenue, There was a Sunday quiet i "I'i:i sure I would." about the streets. Men, women am! ! "Say. there's another place children walked leisurely, enjoying • irsed lo make mo thin!; of you— " Hie surifiitDe, ing at the waves of hair wliich showed Iwneath the brown beret. Then slie was ready. "I'm coming!" Gypsy called. • * • rpHERE was no one in sight but -*• the door ol Crosby's room was open. Ttirougli the opening Ciypay caught a glimpse ot the young man struggling to get one arm into his overcoat. lie heard her, turned aud came Into llio hall. j lieloro and found them comfortable Tlicy went down the stairway I but it had K-cn a spendthrift occa- JTiiira a girl who used to come j laughing. On th« flist floor Mrs. | sion when she had patronised uxi.[ there who made nic think ot you WANTED — Family Washings. Washed and Ironed by competent white woman. Mrs. Brown, 704 S. Lake St. 17CK-TF WANTED TO RENT—Small furnished apartment bath and garage. l>y couple without children. Wanted about March 15. Wrilc full details and price to Mills. 9M> West Popular Street, Poplar Bluff, Mo. GP-KO ALL KINDS OF MACHINE WORK Electric and Gas Welding done OSHRON KLACKSMITH .SHOP : 115 X. Franklin St. ' FAY 0. DAVIS Phone 4J1 Vo<bT, YI DROPPED *2OO.°° SVffi. CfvR TEVX \\t\R "TO GVEPrttN . W.U\T xoo e>fsx TO BOCA?. "Alan baa lo pnl business first." She dined al a cheap restaurant a Eiltiivay for Times holiday cjcurelona. Ueiulioua! ^™ n : A1 ? Cul ' r6! . 0 ^taDlishmcnt 'rciicii cooking, irienila ILO it school, tho lilllc clnpcl hi dsias hm: 6 o nesl«l«l bv tourists crowded 4=th 5trc:t. Suddenly one of those fantastic incidents \vhich liappen only In llic world's most crowded city took you could see the place. Gypsy lurncii licr licad nnd sa.w '""°iar.shy'toid"about an"ourdoo-"res I b5£illl! hcr - standlns near tho curb, when ! Inurant v.-hero there was music and' "' c ™ n .' a " wl "> . Il! " 1 « nvc " al Al3n delicious food and all tiic nairons ; Croslli ' on "Wiitch way?" lie aslicd they reached Fifth Avenue. . , Sllc ,™ s h while tur and her till.™ ha r were friendly, llo told her about j Uvpsy glanced down at her feet, E av- cveninas there with other slu Tlic new pumps wors not walking formal evening clothes, atoou Alan 'You'd have liked Ihem, Gypsy ; Crosby. She hod worn them once ll was Alaa—no doubl alioul tti <To Oo Continued) OSCAR'S THINKING! FRECKLES AND H1H FRJKNDS SA:/ IT A1WT f2ISV',T FOR FBECUL6S PAV A 81S SILL ALU RIGHT... BOY S LAD THAT LISOV'S ITVJAS ME'S OOT in TP.S BACK-... ALL FED AW3 RSAUV FcR TO PKOV.PT 1VJ PAYIK'S THAJJ A r LOT OF OTVl^RS TVIAT ""' CONS. OH, ossie...<5ee' so vtoasss Foa isJ THIS TBVM TUAKIX. TICl^LSD 71W uwoys LES IS O.V.. •su ocxv>as THAT, cf Mississippi county. No Investment necessary and selling exper- no', required. McCONNON & \ COMPANY, Siiccial 510. AKmplus,! l'a\ins Distrlcls 1 and 3 The TJX Bosks will dose in a| very short ti:ne. Tliercafter thej penalties and other cooto will add C. J. EVRAR13. 21C-KI3 New Orleans Cotton NF.W ORLEANS. March 7 lUPl — Cotton rlcr,rd steady. lilsii lov.- close 1CS1 10!) 1 IftSf 1112 1115 IIGS 1133 1140 1130 1163 1161 11S9 1181 1180 HI? C?vN'TUK>rjE.RST?.MO IT, 05U-id TOO fAIJCU O'JT .USi;-!G -K) tMLCMS, VlE' LOOKOVJERTHE SIDE. THOSE COPS VIEPE swxsTiN Marclv May July Oct Doc Jan 1189b <no salts) Spots closed s'.rady al 1069, off 6. SWIMDLER, 0\!£W ToPOUCr. COSTft O New York Cotton NEW YORK. March 7 Cotton closed quiet. opon high !o\\ 10t5 1003 1035 1110 1116 1132 11GO 116C 11CO 118S 1131 1195 close 10D3 1115 1133 ncn 1188 1189 March May July Oct 140 Ml. P£R I'OUR PA«. SHOULD ENOUGH, ''/mtSTUREM THEIR UjhKE.. Europe has filteen 1-ctr.ninsf man- arciis and foiuleen piesidcnts. POULTRY WANTED—Market prices, any quantity. Marilyn Hatchery, 210 S. Fourth St. UC-TF WANTED — HottF.e-keeper. Apply I WANTED—Man to rare of Frisco Hooras, opposile Frisco I an cs'.aWislied busings in tlic Station. 21P-K4 sale of our products in north half POULTRY WANTED — Market prices paid at C. L. Bennett Co. Feet! Co. 210 N. Railroad St., west of courthouse, J. E. Fisher, Phone Coals Kclincd Dresses Ucmodclwl— Everything Cleaned. RE-NU CLEANERS rhonc 170

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