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Wichita Daily Times from Wichita Falls, Texas · Page 1

Wichita Falls, Texas
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Sunday, June 14, 1914
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"Our Future ind Yours" We might bore you with a ;. lot ot technical talk about our bank, how our large cap- ~nai ana surplus, our deposits, mean this and that, but if you will give us some of your business we will please you. We pay 4 per cent quarterly on savings deposit. CITY NATIONAL BANK ·iiiniii Volume VIII WICHITA FALLS, TEXAS. SUNDAY JUNE 14. 1914-PARTONE Place your surplus dollar* III the savings department with us. H IB available instantly will fa. We you 4 per cent quarterly. CITY NATrONAt BANK] ' ' Number 27 J?IHIIIIIM»IIII«»MMM»MMIH« STRIKERS CARRY ON RIOTOUS CAMPAIGN IN MANY TOWNS-BLOOD IS SHED This Give* Grounds for Hope for Peace /.. Following Day of Excestl/e ·*.. Disorder. * #.* * * ·»·*.#· * * * * + + + + . ' · . · ' " . . . · - · · * * CESSATION OF RAILWAY GTrtlKE. Rome, June 13.--The s-yndi- cate of railway worv-ra this afternoon ordered a cessation of the strtke throughout Italy. As the strike of railway men is the only serious cause of anxiety-in the general strike movement, the tension was greatly relieves. + 4 4 * * * *·*·*' + 4 ASSAULT BUTTE MAYOR WHEN HE ATTEMPTS TO QUlET MOB + ' + * * * *.*. GOVERNMENT PREPARED FOR EXTREME MEASURES By A»sot'lat«1 Press. Home, Italy, June 13.--Detachments of troops were ordered today to take ofi'lrol of the railroad station and flSW'ks in Rome. The'seriousness ot fl:o situation was indicated in a lengthy explanation given by Premier Halandra in the Chamber of Deputies toddy, he hinted that the government was prepared' to suppress with a.Btern uand any revolutionary movement. Preparations for eventualities have been made, tie said, and 10;000 men would be concentrated in the disturbed districts today; he said the disturbances which had occurred .at Bologna had caused no serious trou- He. At Naples, however.'the military had killed two strikers and had wounded others. The police suffered twenty-three wounded and . the carbineers th.lfjiees.,^^ . ^ ^ : u The premier asserted 'th'e' troops In Naples were now endeavoring 'to quell the disorderly element and it was hoped they would be able to do ·r,o without shedding blood. The premier, declared the.'.revolt .In Ravenna and Forlix to be, o f - a n anarchistic character. Rioters are. reported to have posted detachments ,to prevent tbo troops gaining access to the town, ORGY OF DESTRUCTION REPORTED AT RAVENNA, · Ity'.Amorlitfri Press. .-··'.'. ' Uologna. Italy, June 13.-Jlepubli- ·dlnti. socialists and anarchists who fS-uierly have fought each other vehemently joined in a riotous campaign against government authorities nt Havenna, it was learned today, un- .til retnltrcements .of troops/drove the revolutionary leaders into the labor exchange where they are besieged. After a mass meeting, mes- , rtingers'.-were dispatched to lb,o sur- Toimding country jto anncunce the r-fnc'luslon of the alliance ajid to in- Blr'uct the- three partfes adhereht to Kather and oppose the authorities. Mob Burns National Flag. Simultaneously the rioters Invaded i\ nhurch, destroyed the sacred objects and removed the confessionals. -. Braiches and pulpits formed a barrl- : .raile"across the street fof the.'strik- . "era. Another mdh invaded the con- si'lftutlon'ttl club, where the orgy of · : destruction - continued, the furniture being used to u«lU another barricade on which the national flag wa's burned,. · .- . " . - - ' V - . ' . Cavalry and Infantry attacked the barricade while the.rioters shouted . "Long live the revolution!" On the third charge the. revolutionists took Wj.iigo In tlie labor "exchange. / . .Prefect of Polite Killed. Meanwhile another band moved on tho pnla.ce 'of the prefect of police Tho pret'":t was struck on the head 'mm killed. The troops fired on the mob find dispersed. Serious riots, are reported from Villa. Mezzano, Glorle, Villanova and jyfonsine. ANCONA CONTINUES IN A STATE OF TERROR By AMorlatcd Prem. Ancona, Italy, June 13.--This town continues In a state of terror owing , to further attempts at looting by the I.strikers. Troops are on guard In the streets, and.detachment^ of blue Jack cl.s have been landed from the Ital. -Inn cruisra to assist the soldiers in maintaining order. Cavalry patrols · tho outskirts of the town. There 'has ben no further bloodshed, how ever and the authorities appear to be masters of the sltuatnlon. Union Members Hurl Rocks at Union Parade and Besiege' Union Hall Bjr Aiwoditted Pre«ri Butte. Mont,, June 13.--Rioting minor.-s..intent on wrecking vegeance 'on dicers of their union because of al- leged'mismanagement attacked Mayor Frank Cfirran here today when be sought to prevent; tlie wrecking of the Miners Union Hall. The mayor was hurried to a hospital unconscious. , · ' . . . ' · , Deputies Sworn In, . .While the riot was at its height, Mdermah Charles Lane made .a de:and on the acting mayor that h'e sk the governor for' troops. The ounty commissioners hastily ; as- embled and authorized Sheriff Dris- oil to swear- in deputies to control, he situation. Several hundred min- rs refused to mareu today -in a. jmr- de in celebration ot the Miners Un-J on today. Their protest was against envy assessments . levied HOT . .the trike in Michigan and othW funds aised by; the Western .Federation o'f Miners. They .attacked the marchers nd hurled, rocks at President Reiily t the Butte union and his subordin- te officials. The latter were rescued y the police .and found shelter in he sheriff's office. Mayor Attacked. The mob then attacked the Miners Union Hall, wrecked its furniture, estrbyed the .ballot boxes, holding ie votes cast in a recent union elec* on and carried off the books. Act- ng Mayor Curran was set upon when e tried to quiet the rioters. He \Vas brown to the ground and rendered nconscioUs. . : The ; rioters continued their dem- nstration in the vicinity of the sher. fTs ofllce where all of the union bffl- lalB remained in hiding. : ' RIOTING AT BUTTE CONTINUED LASTVNIGHT By Associated Press. Butte, Montana, June;. .13,--Rioting ncldent to a revolt of 2000 union men gainst the 1 orders of their organiza- ion continued tonight , despite ramad rule set pver the city after a eries- of riots during the celebration if Miners Union Day. All saloons were closed and hardware stores were leered of arms and ammunition by \ftie mlice, 'While extra guards were sta- ioued throughout the cityi When order seemed to be restored, fith darkness and the extra precau ions against further troubles, a crowd if miners surrounded by .'the''police tatted.-.to draw the safe of the Western Federation of Miners down Main street to keep it out of Hi© hands of liejibters tonight. Foiir hundred men ook the safe from the federation members and police guard, put it on a pii, carted it away, and announced hey were going to dynamite it. Trouble began when : a parade started in. celebration ot.tlie establishment if the-union. More than 2000 men, ,ecause of:-a heavy assessment refused o recognize 'tlie Western federation any longer. Under tiie leadership, of ·rganiaers of 'the Industrial Workers of lie World, the seceders attacked the iiirade, which was broken, oip and speaking exercises' in a theatre were abandoned. Then the rioters' moved on the union hall In the center of the ·. Every piece of furniture was tie nolished and thrown into the streets. STORMS FROM KENTUCKY : SWEEPS INTO TENNESSEE .'li» AMOfldted t*re»«. · . Niishrvllle, Tenu., June 13.--' : .windstorms went Into Tennessee thi afternoon from Kentucky. One storm originated around Bowling Green an BwHp on to (jallatin, Tennessee; lilt! damage was done, so tar as can b learned, though all wires are down between Gallatin and Bowling, Green The second storm came from.Barling ton, Kentucky, and all wires betwee Karllngton and HenderBonvfllo, Ten pcRMe, ftreJlpwn,. . _ f '·,, ORIGIONAL AMERICAN FLAG THAT INSPIRED "STAR SPANGLED BANNER" SAVED FROM AGE LOOKING, FOR MAN WHO CAN MAINTAIN PEACE AND ORDER IN MEXICO Washington, June 13,--To preserve t from disintegrating due to age the original flag that flew over Fort Me- iienry at Baltimore during the war of 1812 with England IB being repair-, ed by the expert needlewoman of .the government.- It was this flag that inspired Francis Scott Key to write "The Star Spangled Banner" in 1814, just 100 years ago, the centenary of which will be observed . with a elaborate celebration at Baltimore. WILL PASS THROUGH CANAL ON BATTLESHIP OREGON WITH HIS CABINET Secretary Daniels Announces President's Party Will Leave Wash' - . - · . . ' t o n March 5 Eight Zeppelin Airships Have Been Wrecked By AM«Intci-Pr?ss. Dledenhofen, Germany, June 13.-Another Oqrman army Zeppelin airship the Z-l broke in two near here to day: while trying · to effect an emergency landing during a storm. A lieutenant Was injured.: This is the. eighth accident to a Zeppelin army airship in one of which the entire crew of twenty-eight was killed and In another , of which the fatalities numbered f i f t e e n . · . : By Associated Press. Washington, June 13.r-:President Wilson will leave Washington v on March 5, 1915' for Panama to, attend tlie formal opening ceremonies of the Panama Cunal at a date to . be determined later.' . .He will pass through the canal with the cabinet on tire old battleship Oregon and then proceed to Saii Francisco.. Secretary Daniels today maile a formal announcement of the president's plans: so far a.s they, bave been: completed; Inasmuch as 'the date or departure is niore'than .eight months off, minor, details may be ;('haiiged but the essential details have liecn definitely: determined. 'Mr, Wilson will, leave the capital. the' day. after Congress adjourns. He probably, .will- make the journey to Panama' on a warship. . 'The date of ' tile .lortrial . (/pening ceremony for the canal will be decided before the'president leaves here and the.'exercises .will .take-plate soon lifter he reaches the scpno. On .the bridge of the buttles)." p Oregon' which, attracted world-wide .attention on her farhoua run around- the Horn just before the Spanish . war, . t h e president will, with · mcT.l.'ers of his cabinet, make tlfe first official passage .through the-canal.and-'then proceed to the Panama-Pacific Exposition at San Francisco. . The date -of the president's arrival there dad riot been determined today, nor the date of his return East. All Unit will be arranged later and' to what-extent is dependent on events intervening.' Insane Italian Stabs Twenty-Five Aboard Steamer By Pro«!i. Pttnta Delgu'do, Azores, June 1-3.-- BIG STEAMERS III COLLISION HOLE 12 FEET HIGH AND 32 FEET LONG RIPPED INTO NEW YORK LOSS OF LIFE IS AVERTED Collsion In Heavy Fog 400 Miles at Sea Occurs Without Loss of Any Lives By Associated Press On Board C S S . New York, via wireless Siaasconsett, Coan., June 13. --While the American liner New York, westbound, was motionless in a heavy fog :400 miles east of Ambrose lightship" early today, the Hamburg-American liner Pretoria, bound east, rim into her and ripped a hole twelve feet high and thirty- two feet long, in her port side, The hole is flush with the main-deck and is fifteen feet above the water line. So great, was the force of the collision that the Pretoria's anchor was torn from her bow: and left hanging inside, the gap that had been torn in the Ne\v .York', passengers on Practically all the both ships ' w e f e asleep: iimediately after the collision the engines o f - b o t h ships wfere' ordered- Juli Sped astern and passengers came hurrying to the decks. The passengers of the New York were able to .touch the bow of the Pretoria as she pulled away from her dangerous position. There was no A! ALMA MATER 'KEEP STEP THERE, TOMMY," OLD CLASSMATE COMMANDS THE PRESIDENT HE MEETS 11 President Attends Alumni Day Celebration of Princeton--Treated Like Rest By Associated Pre.u. Princeton, N. J., June 13!--Greeted uproariously by a great crowd of Princeton alumni ftnd under-graduates yelling "locomotive" and singing old songs, President Wilson, Princeton !79 returned to his alma mater shortly 'after noon today -for tlie annual ''alumni day" Celebration.. For the day the president was "Tommy" to the eighty-five member's of the class of '79 who returned for their thirty Ifth .graduating anniversary and-was ust like any other "old graduate" to he remainder of the Princeton people. ' : ' . . · ' . . , . ' - , . . . ' : . : . Slapped On Back. He was slapped on the back, cheer- flf hurried about and treated little Ike .a presjdi4nt : of the . U n i t e d States.- Waiting at the station was a crowd of several thousand persons, many of them dressed in fantastic Twerityrflve, Bteerage passengers on , board the White . Star Steamship .-...,,,,, ,__ ' ' . ICanopio wero Blabbed b y . i m Italian. ruueven, ow ,.»«/.e fellow Passenger who suddenly be- A N N E X E D BY GREECE C atne insane and ran amuck-while on - .the voyage - f r o m -Boston. Five of 13.--Formal i'be wounded are in a serious Condi- Passengers Assured. Captain Roberts and Chief -Officer Tanner a«sured\ the. frightened · passengers there was no danger, Members of the crew, also urged them to Jie calm. . The-bulkheads of the New- York were closed at 12:52 o'clock this morning because of the density of the fog. This was about ten minutes before the collision. During this period the Pretoria replied constantly to fog sirens blown by the New York. Suddenly there was a crash as the steel plates and wood: work of the New York were shattered by. -the Pretoria's shajrp blow. Fortunately the watch which .occupied.the quarters behind that part of the ship which was .crushed in was on duty in the stokehold: Had the collision occurred while the watch was off duty many lives .would. have. been' lost. .After it had been determined ta serious damage was done to either of the ships both proceeded on their way. ' . - ' ' , ' . By Assoplntod Press. Athens, Greece, June ^viuciio, \_ii t=e\;o» 'iiuuo lo.^^r ui nun t "··-- ..-*·««··-*.«« .«·· ~ ·«· ·- w .^-..u- .»«». announcement of the annexation of the I Hon. The incident happened shortly Turkish Island ot Chios and Mttlenei Before the arrival here yesterday of by Greece was gazetted today. The:" 16 Canonic on her way to Naples. Hellenic government thus further e m * f M - . r i n M A | M onTAnv UPETIMF* phaslzed Its'determination to ignorei N A T '°"£f- H QU 8 TON THIS WEEK Turkey's contention that toe posses sion of thesejfilands wag necessary for the defense of the adjacent Ottoman j territory in Asia Minor. In diplomatic circles here. It is feared (hat this actioft of the Greek government when the' tension. between the two nations is so great may bo regarded, as especially provocative by lurkey. and force a. crlBis, Houston, Texas, June 13.--ideal memberi* of the Rotary Club, and co,m- mercial organizations have concluded all plntia fo rthe national convention of Hotary Clubs to meet here June 21 and continue in sessio'n most ot the week. Five thousand visitors are expected and elaborate plans tor the gathering have been made. STUDENT IS ACQUITTED FOR ASSAULT ON TEACHER .Fort Worth, Texas,.Tune 13.--Manning .Pitman, Central high school student who engaged, in a fight With Prof. A. \j, Pearce of the faculty, was acquitted late yesterday of assault after an all-day trial before a justice of the peace. Students and teachers were the principal witnesses. * * . + + + + + 4 * * * * * * 4 WEATHER FORECAST Sunday--F A I R . . costumes for the Some wore plain alumni parade dominoes, some JEACE fIRST PROTOCOL IT TESTIFIES U. S. WILL RECOfr NIZE PROVISIONAL 00V- ERNMENT Huerta Delegates Will Oppose Selection of any Man Active on Side of Rebels Annflclatefl PreflV Niagara Falls, June 13.--The .crux of the Mexican problem, the selection of a man for provisional president acceptable to all factions In the Mexican /and foreign governments generally was reached today In a confer, ence between the mediators and the Mexican and American delegates. Various names were dltcutsed, but. there was no agreement. Details of the peace plan are virtually set aside now for the greater task of Finding a man who can. maintain peace In Mexico; while a constitutional election Is held and normal order resumed. V ' ' · : . - . .'· · General .Carranza's note advising the mediators that constitutionalist delegates were on their way to t h e ' mediation conference with full Instructions arrived today. It contains no reference to en armistice-. and there was nothing to show that the mediators had altered their determlna tion not to admit' offltjlally Carranza's j-epresentatives unless an armistice was declared. Some other'way of dealing with them, perhaps through the American delegates may be found.. Make Up of Government. · The composition of the new pro- .visional government, its form and personnel was discussed today by. American and .Mexican delegates. in an informal talk with the mediators. No agreement was reached, but it is believed this plank in the peace plan will set forth that the new government shall consist of a provisional president and four cabinet members comprising the portfolios of foreign affairs, finance, war;and Interior. Today's discussion showed the Americans that Mexicans of prominence who have been active in the constitutionalist party will meet with' Berlous opposition from the Huerta delegates as presidential possibilities. Various plans for the form 01 the new government are before the mediators. A commission of five, with one executive, a Junto der gpberiler- nlo or commission of three and provisional president, are being considered. The last will be insisted on by -the Mexicans. : The American delegates probably will offer no · objection to this. Balloon Smashed into Top of Tall Pine --One of Aeronauts Knocked Unconscious were dressed as playing cards and others as sailors. As Mr. Wilson stepped from the train he was handed a hat band .with a purple '79.on t and a Princeton button was pinned |o his coat. .A reception committee escorted the president through the University groilmls to '79- hall. · . They passed through cheering throngs and many .bands struck UP Princeton airs as the. college's most distinguished alumnus: went by. As the president arrived at '79 hall,, a buffet luncheon was served. - After the luncheon the alumni parade was staged on the college campus. All the classes were massed in front of "Old North" and from there marched to the baseball field with bands play- Ing. . - . " · - . - ' '·· : Addressed A» Tommy The president marched-to.tha baseball field With thousands of other graduates. As he walked around the field the spectators arose and applauded. As the parade started. T. W. Miller of Philadelphia, one of the" marshals of the '79 class, shouted to the president: "K«ep etep there; Tommy." . "Certainly, 'I'll obey orders today," replied the president. While the teams were warming up, class after class marched in front of the president's section and cehered. CHILD'S BODY IS FOUND IN CREEK N E A R COLUMBUS By Ansfwlnted Prcw. Columbus, Texas, June 13:--The two year old son of -0. W. Brlckson. mip«rlntcndent of a gravel pit a few .miles north of here, left home about » o'clock Friday 'morning and was found late In the afternoon drowned In a foot and a half of water in Rocky Creek about a mile from borne, By Press. . ·Portland, Ore., June J".-- Captain Tohn Berry, 'pilot of the mission balloon Million Population Club and his side aide George Morris, walked .Into Dl-egon City at 9: 45 this morning. Their .balloon was wrecked In .- a tree In the forest some miles from Oregon City Thursday night, accord- Ing to a brief telephone report received In Portland from Morrison, and Berry was rendered unconscious but w.as no.t seriously injured. ' Smashed Against Pine Tree, The balloon was smashed against a tall pine and collapsed in the branches. .Neither of the aeronauts was thrown o.ut but Berry was hurled against the side with such force that he was made unconscious, While rain came down in a deluge and lightning flashed almost continuously, Morris revived his companion as they hung in the tree top a hundred feet above the ground. At length Berry was able with the aid of Morrison to descend the trail rope to the ground. , Message -Sent By. Pigeon. Before ther 'descended Morrison wrote his note -asking for aM which he attached to a carrier pigeon arriving here yesterday. 'Thousands of persons throughout Oregon's mountainous region continued today to search for the other missing balloons the Springfield and the Kansas City 111. Awaits Reply.From Mediators Before! Starting Representatives to Niagara Falls By Aasnolnlod Press. -· - - ' Washington, Juno 13.---Further.do*. Unite'-result!* in the Mexican mediation conference at Niagara Fulls are looked for ly otlkiiilij ot the Washing ion governnieui early^iiext yveek, their conrluBiona -being bused on communications received from the American representatives who w e r e - i n touch with Secretary'-Firyan late today. No word of any actual progress-at the joint conference today was received by officials here, but it la 'stated' that mediators and parties, to the confer- .enca had Uilkeii over the character of the iiropotied provisknuil government to be instituted In accordance . with the procotol signed yestjirday by the representatives of .Huerta and the United Statos. · . ' . : . . . . ' - . The. attitude of the constitutionalists toward mediation, was declared to be diliatory in view"of the aunouuce- nient from General Carranza's headquarters at Saltiilo that a reply to the latest note of the mediators woula be awaited before the repri,- . scntatlvos of the constitutionalist chief would proceed to Niagafa Falls to confer .Informally witli the American! representatives and American commissioners. That an answer was expected from the mediators to tho communication stating that 1 the constitutionalist delegates would ne seat plso 'was declared by Curmriza'a agent In Washington. . Frst Protocol Signed. ·' No reply from the mediators hail been received tonight. President Wilson just before leaving early in the.day for.Princeton wa* notified oC the signing of the first : protocol whieli testifies that a provisional government should be established in Mexico to succeed the Huerta regime, ; such government to bo recognized by the United States. · · ' - . ' · : Always.Favored Conference. According to announcement today General Carranza made it Plain that he always had -favored the conference In principle and had accepted the good offices of the mediators but that'this understanding "bad influenced him to delay the' appointment of representatives. It was said on good ajilhortytiiat General Carranza had requested the mediators to outllna to him the questions to be Considered In the conference. M was not stated whctnpp the request was complied or wheti!(?i- partlciptation In the Niagara conler?ih-p would'preclude discussion of Intoi'iiai Mexican affairs but the. delegates will he thoroughly Instructed. This is generally understood Banning coiistltutlunaliBt leaders as not giving any indication 'whatever of abandoning any provision of the plan of Ouadalaupe and that the plan, provides that Huerta and his entire, party must be eliminated. Carranza Delegates Selected. Tho names of the Carranaa delegates have been selected and will made known as soon as* the «nswer to. Carranza's last note Is received.- As :to the extent of the powers of constitutionalist Representatives, It s said here on good authority ^that the /Carranza note expressed a willingness to-discuss International questions which have arisen. , SLAYER Of BARBER IS GRANTED BAIL By Amortnied Pros. Corptcana, Texas, June M.--H. T. Marr was granted hall In the sum of 110,000 today. He is charged iclth killing George Costillo, a barber last Wednesday. . s SWITCH ENGINE STRUCK WAGON LOAD PICNICEB9 Br'Asmrlated.'PKMk.' Muskogee, Okla., Juno 13.--Mrs. Alice Cox was instantly killed, J, Collins and Anhls Collins were, it is thought, fatally injured and Miss Torrey. Crawford and Mamie Collins hurt, tonlghti when, a switch engine in Midland Valley railroad-yards str«c)c a farm wagon containing a' crowit of ten persons returning from a pi riic. Two other persons were slight!, hurt. The driver of the wagon start to drive across tho tracks' beblhd passenger train- and .the wagon wai struck by the switch engine on a parallel track going :n an opposite direction. Mamie Collins owes her life to tha iact that she fell on the pilots! engine where she clung'.until'it came t o a stop. . · · · ' + + + + + + + * * COTTLE COUNTY * + . WILL -REMAIN DRY* * * Paducah, Texas, via Quanah, » June 13.-- Cottle County by a + vote of practically two to one + today chose to remain dry. * This proportion was holding * good with' only three small + boxes yet to be heard from. + .The vote was not available. * * iNEWSPAPERl iNEWSPAPERl

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