The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 24, 1947 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 24, 1947
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VOI,. XL1V—NO. 103 BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NORTHKA BT ARKANBAM AMI* .™™.._~ ..,„„ ^"^ Bljthevllle Dallj Newv Bljtbevlll* Courter BlyUievllle Herald Mississippi Valley Education Board Approves Three District Mergers Milligon Ridge Group to Appeal To Circuit Court r The Mississippi County Hoard of Education yesterday approved annexation of three school districts to two larger districts, defence! action ou a fourth petition until next week and had filed with it an appeal taking to Circuit Court one of the de- ci.sions. Kcccc School District No. 33 and Hal Lake District No. 4(1 will be dissolved and consolidated with BJythevillr District No. 5 as a result of the Board's decisions anil Milligan Kidcc District No. 8 will be come par( of Manila District No. 15. Alter hearing protests against the petition to consolidate Brown School District with the Manila District, the Board decided to defer action on that request until next Tuesday, when it will again meet In the Circuit Courtroom in the Court House at 2 p.m. Petitions for dissolution of the Recce and Flat Lake Districts met with no opposition- ami this consolidation were the first approved by the Board. Action bogged down, however, when opposition to dissolution of the Milligan Ridge District arose and attorneys for the remonstrants challenged the validity of signatures on the petition asking consolidation with the Manila District. When the'Board decided to approve the consolidation, however, notice or an appeal taking the decision to Circuit Court was filed by A. F. Barham and J. E. Hyett, Jr.. both of Osceola, attorneys for the remonstrants. Because of uncertainty as to the Board's authority to set the a- nunmt of the appeal bond, an arbitrary sum of $150 was agreed upon by the members and Attorneys. The appeal will'Be-filed with Circuit Court cleric Harvey Morris. Court to Act Next Year This will leave it up to the Circuit Court to decide—probably dur- ina the January. 1948. civil 'division term of court—whether the Board's decision will be upheld or reversal. Until a reversal by the court, the Board's decision will stand. Petitions and counter-petitions submitted during the Board meeting showed apparent indecision on tin part of many electors in the Milll Ban Ridae District and led to i flurry of signature examination, and arithmetic juggling before !t wns determined exactly how man; valid signatures were on the origf nat request. The original petition containci 114 signatures. Mr. Hyett submittec another petition with u, c signature, of 49 remonstrants who had sign- rd thi^first petition and were asking names be stricken frorr THE DOMINANT NEWBPAi-ER OP NORTH** BT ARKANflAB AND SOUTHWT MISSOURI HLYTHKVlU.r:, AUKANSAS, TllUUSDAY, JULY 24. 10-17 ^Aid-Summer Cold Wave Moderates and Mercury Ilimbs, Not Too Much The mid-Su inner cold wave that ins sent the mercury here stend- ly downward this week subsided n lit yesterday—bin just n little bit. 'Highest temperature iicre ye.ster- lay was 82 degrees, no anise lor leat-slroke. The lowest reading during last night showed an 8- rtegree Increase over Hie preceding light's chilly 51, according to Rob- :rt B. 'Kaylock, official weather )bserver. Cloudy Ekies today Insuhiled Ibis crritory frcm whatever warmth he sun Imparted as one of the oolest Julys on record went en Us rhilly way. Motorcycle Used To Nab Speeders Policeman Alley Assigned to Patrol Streets for Violators A motcrcyrln to hr used in p:i- rnlling the city's streets has been dded to, the Hlytheville Police Jepartmenfs drive asninsl spced- ng. and will be put into service immediately. Po'ice Chief Charles Short and 'Mayor E. R. Jackson announced tcduv. The motorcycle was hrouqhi here •csterday from st;ite Police Ilcad- ouartcrs in Little Rock, Chief Short said. Policeman Elbert Alley has been lamed to "serve as motorcycle ol- ic<-r. he announced. Uso of the motorcycle will implement Ihe two pclirc cars in the drive neiinst wceriing in IBIytlie- ville and has been felt :> "nec- essiry addition by police and cilv officlals to enlarge covcra«c of the city bv ipo'ice. Cooneration of Ihe St:ite Police in the anti-sneediif: drivr- lias been assured. Chief Short iind M ly- or Jacfc'on' said. The Slate Police have Ihc authnritv and will nr- rest rpeeders within tlie city limits, they ixiinlcd out. The "walking police." too, will have their p»rt in l)i« campaign against speeding, they said, for lotting down a liccns? number can bring as effective results as run- nine down a speeder. Officials si crn in pointed out that the speed limit in residential sections is 30 miles per hour. While 20 miles per hour has been advanced as the speed limit in the business district, they pointed oat that there ore niany r.arls of that Portion of the"cliy in which sucli. i speed • would be too f:»st. A 'reasonable" rate of speed in the business district is more ::pp i cable, they said, and the l:>w i\ be enforced on that basis. On the subject of s^fc driving Blytheville motorists were also reminded of a city ordinan:e which states thai, alt Eist and 'West thoroughfares are throutrh streets Drivers ifsing 'North-South street. 1 imaisl relinquish the riglil-of-waj to cars on the East-West streets the ordinance states. Only exceptions to this, it was pointed out, are -such intersection.' that arc specifically marked otherwise, such as (lie corner ol Chickasauba and North Higliwaj 61. that thcii it. Judge V. 0. Holland, attorney fo Milligan Ridec residents seckin ,'itl Dutch Continue Push In Java SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS JF '':*!!•! *ff^ <«-h-A* *t**»» «.>>'."•:.''i-1.'• Western Powers Sent °^ okays US May Propose n i- Unification osmg Patience ot Army, )ver Balkan Row Colombian Proposal To UN Challenged By British Delegate l.AKK UUC'CKSS, N, Y.. July i& ? &'5i££'^ Dutch iroops have cffcclcd seaborne landings at Danj,,cwan(;i and Pi&r IMIih <i, while other Dul.'ti forces, advancing south from Scimuang ,2) arc dnving toward Jogjuljarta, Republican capital in nn attempt to ciil the island in h,,lf. in Wesler Java, heavy artillery fire [was In progress at Sukarbnm, o, and Republican claimed they damaged one of Ihc Uutch warships which slu-llcd Mcrak. , NKA Telephotn , Guerrillas Only Harass Greeks Bands Armed With Machincguns Must Ward Off Airmen I'.V HOBKItT a MIU.KK United 1'rrss Slaff Corrrspondflit WITH 0-RPEK BORDBFi 'ARMY N'OK.'I'H OF IOANNINA. July 24. i UP)—This is ipancho Villa 'warfare. The Greeks are pitted aealmt lieavily aimed bands of mountaineers who arc fighting a modern war in the ancient guerrilla tradition. The battlefields arc the Jagged mountains and steep va'Ieys of Ihe the consolidation, countered a third petition which contained the signatures ol 17 electors and stated that they had .sicned the oriKinal petition, then sleucd the protest and now were askine. that their names be stricken from the .second petition. This put them back at Ihe stand they originally took- favorme the consolidation Signers Change 'Minds Mr. Hyctl introduced the second petition to .show that with the subtraction of the 49 remonstrants- names. ti, Prc w . olllri , K)t hp a m . ( .lority of qualified electors that signed the first request, in this case, he said, the Board would have no jurisdiction as slannlures of a majority of U, c electors were required before it could take action • n ii Ct \, a - r ir 222 " Uilliricrt ^lectors m the MilIiRan Ridcc District nc- cordniR to noil books and assessment records, so I1 2 .si s naU,res were required for a' majority. JudBc Holland's counter-petition launched a check of the validity of he siena tnres and many names were dropped because signers were dead, non-cxistanl, lived outside the ' Lost Cone 4-H Club Girl Wins All-Expense Trip to State Meet Senate May Hold All-Night Session Overtime Work Necessary to Meet ' Adjournment Date WASHINGTON. July 24. (DPI — The Senate may work all throim tonight on bi-Hs which have lo b Mis-; Freda Pincher of I, Cane*. was awarded an n!l expense trip lo the stale .1-11 C:nn;: lo !;e held in P.iyctlevillc in Auuust. by win- nine first place in the style dress I' held yesterday afternoon at the 4-H Club .Rally a i Walker Park. Sccmd nn<i third place winners were Dixie Sutton from Promised L-.uul :in<l Joyce Lute of Lori Cane. Mrs. Hazel C. Jordan of ^Itlie .Tfeick, District. Home Demonstration Agent, and Mrs. I,->e Stl(es of Yarbro were judacs in (he contest. Mrs. Stllc.1 said thai. Inawnrd- 1,'ic prl?.?s three things .were considered: Rcncnil appearance, workmanship and neatness^ The welcome nddrenV-. to the Greek "Alps." where mules nre still the best mode of transportation — mile's you walk. If it Is an ideological war of Oirmunlsm • ' against Democracy, vcu sec oAugiu of it. It is a iku ttian hoeing corn The Tact thaMjiere mre mi and Yugoslav elements siTplv them witji onus and ir.U'liUon lo fight a political leeks to bo a -coincidence heartily wlio members of the \-u clubs and Ihc nrlnlt. Irt'iicrs was ,-given by Phi'- lip D>?cr, ccjunly Kuocrvlsor of Scliools. Cncar Hpz--lbakev. assistant county ucnt \ us mi lei of ccrcnonles issislcd o> Jack oi the Coimtj Congress adjouri ixisied b?foro on Saturday. Republican Whip Kenneth : Wherry told the Hennti- about tl night .srt-sion plans. He said thr 'he 'line has come when we nun PVifortfi every effort" lo spec _.^WHaio^ xM.»^rr iaU011 n '-' ollic trip elite 4-H CMtf\ Agent aM-irtmtfe s iinri Senate -nc'iHiblini rtiirtrd -i nov^ltj pru e entitle 11 leaden, decided that, when Coi 'Truth or Consequences -AT lint two ciirV.7 of North County were represented at the gnth- ac=nr.}Bl>le~"lo"suofrmc7rns 'MarcnV 1 crl " K ' 1 . mkiu « II ioinl ° r -*B2 club T,,..JI—is- _.. , .. _ .. ... mcinccts and 2-1 adult leaders present. Each club was .--cored on attendance and place wins in the gnincs r A "7i •."" '"""" an(1 45 "1'nntcs nf addition nnrt -ihstraction. it found that 59 electors had rmvcd frnm «h c rti 5 t r i ct so a ma _ J " r V" , "" y K w 's required. Tlic final total of -qualified c|r«- tnt^ 1 names on the petition was Mr. Hyett then told the Board lhat the MilliBan Ridge Dlst H ct wanted to retain its individuality and independence and have control of Its own activities. Pour members of Ihc district's Board of directors favored the consolidation, however and only one did not, it was pointed out. Judge Holland pointed out that consolidation would provide students with belter high school and Junior high school opportunities with transportation furnished them. The Board retired to make it.s See SCHOOLS on Pace 6. Schoolboys a MI- white ihhls, • r>t Eton may now dickeys over colored 7}risoncrs at 25 cents an hour last year. (W. T. Morgan, .superintendent of the County Farm, s-.lid thst the .prisoners wern hired out onlv a'tcr worV: on the county's own farm and county roads Ipsilandis and other Balkan brigands. It i.s a civil war of Greek against Greek, with no evidence yet of foreigners takine part. The rebels are recruited in the Greek mountain .villages, and nromised fame and fortune as warriors. If they are reluctant to -inin up. they are drafted anyway. 'What pnrecntaee is drafted against their will is unknown, but it shows up in battle. fThc Greeks face the same military problem the Americans did Villa. Ihc Mexican brii>alld who wouldn't sta-y on his side of Ih^ border. The Greeks .have tbe men, rqnip- menl and arms, but their Job is sti'l tough. . Mcst of the Greek equipment ceirs the modern British iwrinl. Ark.. July 24. 1 Uniforms, arms, nmunition. all arc County cannot British, even down to British mannerisms and the walrus mustaches of junior officers. The skirls in which the Greeks somc- tr:res parade ceremonially are in mothballs now, and seen only on IM'tfce guards. TJie Guerillas do not dcminnlc any area of Greece. In fact they never have ben at'c to -stay in any populated area lone: enough to s?t up a "free government" their leaders repeatedly Official Rules Against Hiring Out Prisoners i mi E ROOK. (UPi.-Au Arkansar legal'}- hire cut rr-.mty prisoners to work on privately-owned fauns. Fi:!aski Prosecutor rcdwin E. Dunaway ruled yesterday. Commenting on complaints that certain conntv prir.^ncrs '.vcrc (in- plcyed on r.rivale farnrs in Fu- laski Count.v. Dunawsy r.aid that under a 193D law the practice i.s unlawful. Pu'aski County roali/ed SI.O'Oj^,, ,.„ fr-.'il its practice of hiring out ! wliicli claim to be their first objective. Pistol Packing Veteran After 'Bifi Shots' Bui f/ot President Truman WASHINGTON. July 24. I UP) — A desire for revenge against "the big shots" was reported today to have sent a gun-earning war veteran to Ihe U. S. capitol on a visit have sent a gun-carrying war vcl- big shots" was reported today to that coincided with president Truman's presence in the building yesterday. The man. identified as Clifto'i R. H. Spires. 3D. of Agusta. G.i.. was arrested on a charge of carrying a concealed weapon. He told questioners: "Everv time I would get a job, I would get laid off. They told me the big shots in Washington were the cause or It. However, Secret Service Chief James J. Maloney said agents who talked with Spires reported that he showed no ill feeling toward '.he President. Maloney said It apparently was a coincidence that both were in Ihc capitol at the same time. In Spires' pocket police found a pass to the senate visitors' gallery issued In 1942 by Scn._ Burnett Maybank, D. S. C. The senator identified Spires as a former constituent w!ib had livr<( unlil recently In Hamburg, S. C. , (•'<• s quits work this week end, will do FO subject to possible n call by the GOP in the Knl-1. O eiimirlly only the President ca call a special session. There has been .-peculation Iliat special se-wion in the Pall may ' and contests which took place during the day. Promised L, p mr| won first plnce with lit) points. Gosncll. second p'aec with IC2 points and Lost Cane, third with 96 rolnls. Stimt ])ioLirams were furnished in the aftci.'ioon bv Yarbro. Flat I,akc nnd Shady Grove. New Automobile For Use by Police Purchase lodav by the rilv of a 1947 Mercury sedan for use as a police or was annrunred this Er.oniintf by Mayor E, R. Jackson. As as negotiations were. rr'!>u>lc'cd this morninc. \vork was bcfum on couippiiiR tbe new slale- prev car with siren and two-way radio and it w r i'l be placed in service immediately. Mayor Jark- .scn said. T:he oldest of the two po'icc cars in .service the past year was trad-1 ed in for the Mcn-ury. it i.s a blue 5!M5 Chevrolet sedan acquired bv the city, in March of last year. It had fcccn driven about 15.CCO miles, the mayor said. The city obtained the new car at a cost of only J3;o pins thcold police csr which was delivered to- nay to the Still and Young Motor Crmpuny. Miyor Jackson contacted mc4ii- fccrs of the City Council by phone this niorninp; to get their approval of the purchase. Order Naming Receiver for Club Appealed George Ford and W. A. Bick- erstatf .yesterday asked the Arkansas supreme cr,i;rl in Little Fleck to pet aside a Mississippi Chanrcry cnnrl decision ordering liqtiidatirn of a partnership between them and Mitchell n Mnore. M-ore had obtained the order c^/lint; for liquidation and (iie appointment of C. 'A. D;ivis as re- reiver after complaining that Pnrd an ( i nickcrslaff liad failed lo account for his rharc of the proceeds in a business enterprise. fllic nr:n denied that the ar- mngemcrl was a partnciship and .smd insteati they were c>;>eratin^ the club under a lease agreement Tho litigation was instituted June 21 when Moore sought an order restraining tbe two defendants frcm operating the club. The receiver was appointed, made a flC.Ofjn bond and lias been oprrnl- ing the place since July 2. ary lo consider foreign' dr vclripmcnls. Mr. Truman has sail however, thai so far he sees n need for one. Other coiKjrrssionnl news as U: session's end pppronctied: Appropriations— The House ti| proved and returned to the Ker ite for final action n compromb ?8. 189.122.027, bill for operation < Independent agencies llirniiQli (I: cal ll)«. Most of thir, i.s for vcl trails. Livinc rorls— The House-Scmil •i-onomlc ccmmitlrc votc<l to sen four subcommittees around t.l (oiinliy this Fall In search n! ii foivnalion nbr.ul why it cosUs •• inlicli ,to live. Chairman Robert . Taft .said llio cfH)Hre. c .snieii won ke testimony "from biisincv-;me consisrnrr croups, and anyone el who wants lo be heard." Grain movement — Sen, Ciyi Heed. at.. Kan., said railroads we doing a "bang-up jcb" r>[ •-•cllii the record wheat harvest moved. Vole Fraud Sen. James p. He: TV. Mo., praclit-nlly cave "P ho of KCtling the Senate to authori before ailjournnient an invc. L :tiy;i- lion of the way the Justice Department handled il.s initial inquiry into allcpcd Missouri vole frauds last year. •Taxes — Rep. .Hertrnnd W. Gearhart. R., Cal.. intrndi:::cd '.i-Kisin- lion to cm. prrsoiuil Incdinn taxes by tn.70D.CCO.COO a ypiir nnd lt> impose a in i»or cent mainifact.ur- meeting illrilalii's Lnufonl ers' excise tax lo fully r.n>:-e.s.scrl coeds. iHe would doniile present, per:cnal in?ome Inx exeinplions. Congress will do notliii';; ar/ml the bill in this session. --Oreut IJriliiln today chiil- nged n Coldmblnn proposal lo •Ing pence In tln\ troubled Hnl- ins by fsliibliMilug diplomatic re • lions helwri-n Greece and Its orlliern nciiihbdis. ]iolnllng out nit neither the United Stnli-,s nor »• United Kingdom hns such rc- lions with Albania. Hpenklng In a inoining I Ihe Security Council, cling di-legnle Valentine .skcd: "Is It proper f«r (he Hi'curily .'imiu-ll In ask (iiviri- lo do liing which we ourselves have not ."lie? My country dcicii nol have inr does the Uniicd Hlales. dlpln- iinllc relnlioiis wilh Albania am inn not sure that U would In iroper for the council to reciun- iK'nd sucli relations fnr Greece." Ijiwfonl, .serving us deputy foi he absent Sir Alexander Ciidognn ddcd thai Greece, al leiist tcch- ilcally. already hud diplomatic real ions with Yugoslavia. "It I.s not tcchnjcally pus.sible foi Greece lo establish dipkitnntli: ro- ntions with Ilulgnrln." lie snld. "mill n praco livnty belween Ihc twc iiitlnns hns been ratified. They arc till nl win- with iMicli olhri." V. S. Stresses "(Itmil NrlKhlwris" The Colomblnn delrgale, Dr. Alm/.o l/)pe/,, made the proposal yes. eiday in coniieetlini with nn Amcr din resolution proposing the eslnli Istimenl. of an 11-inan "pt-uce-kecp ng connnlsslon" In Ihe U:ilk:ins. Spi'iiklng today. Dr. Ijipe/. snli lint he believed diplomatic rein .Ions should be established first am that more 'good could bo accoin >llshed If Ihe Security Councl 'looked Inward the capital" of Hi 'our angry nations, rather than al .esnptlng to settle the problem n the frontier. iKchcl Johnson, United Stale delegate, spanking Just before fold, said Hint lie fell the establish it of diplomatic relations union — Dnlkan quartet was "most dc slrnblc" but he did nol believe sue relations were necessary l>cforc re< cimmcndlnu the il-nmn cornmlssloi '"Col. W. R. Hodgson, Austrnll was 'Lrlefand to the point. Ifcsti the establishment, of "good nclgl burly" relation* between the Bn kan countries was more imporlni than mere diplomatic iclallons. There a|i])<iarcd little dlspositlo mince words over Ihc Dnlkn problems, ospeclally as regard u niissln. Diplomatic niceties were sii| planted by personal accusations In the bluer Knsl-Wcsl debate over nghtlng in the Unlknns, the world economic sltunllon an cltho bogged- down iipgotlnllons fctr world atomic conlrol nnd universal disarmament. Western Towers l.nsc riitlf!iicc "It's not n get-tough policy." an American official snld, "but, by coincidence, we all Kccm to l>o losing patience at Hie snmc time." On the other side, mission officials and Ihc minority which supports them appeared ready to talk back wilh n bhuitness yet unheard even in the council chambers and meeting rooms Of the UN. The smoke, of verbal warfare hung heaviest over the Security Council, which convened for Hie third successive dny of attempts to pin together the Western countries proposals for UN peace-keeping machinery in the Balkans. The United States set the lone fur Ihc rest of the Dulkans debate last night by asserting flatly that Communist-governed Albania, Ilul- gnrhi and Yugoslavia were menaces lo world pence. Wilh a vehemence which prompted Soviet Delegate Andrei Oromykr to express his "aslonlshinenl." Deputy Dclegaln Tlcrschcl Johnson of the United Stales pounced on the three Balkan .stales for their nl tucks on "monarcho-fn.sclst" governments and charged tliat there was "no evidence of any civil lit)- WASHINGTON, July 24. (UP) — lie Henati! tbdnv approved Con- TSS' final version of the Army- nvy unification bill establishing irce military tli'piutmirnu under a iblnct secretary o( defehsc. House approvnl of the bill was x|iccted lo send It to the While mise- later todfty. The Senate approved the measure S' voice vote KHd- n brief delay equcsteil by sen. Henry Cabot /Hlgo, Jr.. it., MJH.S., Ixxigo said le feared acceptance of & house ii'ovlsion would fieeM the tactical onccpl.-i of world War K Into the tew armed services organization. Lodge, a veteran of World Wai 1 II. omplalned thnl (i Hou«o provision 'lulling the functions ol the Army, Navy and Air l-'orcc would "create milling inn. (rouble." The Somite, however, made no hangc.s In llic measure BS n result 'f IXHle's objecllon. for Enr- Plans Studied President Truman Sees Need for Buying Agency WASHINGTON, Jti'v 21. (UP) — President Trimtan told a now conference totlily thill, he I.s coi sldering n rirarxW that this government .set up a trade nreiuilzn-1 tlon to purchase SU] openn rclialillltiitliin, Mr. Triimnn gave no details of the -i-hiii. A rejxwlur said he understood Hint through Iho world I rail™ crcunlKitlnii tills govcrn- mcnt would purchase nil focrl supplies to be used for Implementation ol the Mirshall Pum for European economic, recovery. .The President's rmly comment was Hint It wns under consideration, plan \vns understood 16 have been suggested in the cabinet by •Secretary of l Agrleullure Clinton r*. Anderson. In nn otherwise listless news conference thcro were these developments: . • . ' 1. The'President .snld ho hurt not heard anjlhiiii about reports that Secretary of Nftvy Jstmes Forrcstal wonM be Hie bend of the 1 unified nrmerl services. Mr. Trumai$ said ho would announce- lib p.ppblnt- ir.rnt when the time comes. '2. Ho had the sa,mc answer for i'e|Kirters who wauled- tn |inow nlirmt n report 'lhal M. Mead, former Democratic sopator from New York, might .succeed Robert E. IMnnegan as Democratic Niitlnnn) chnlrmnn. Cagy on ^n-nprrutlon 3. He aiis nskcd for nn opinion HI how much coepcrntion there ind been In this session of Con- :rrss tin" ween the executive and CKlslnllve branches. The . ! Prcsldnnl. in let his Dleii for cobperMlon h'tirt >ccn realized to si;nc extent, but n w-iulcl not siiy iiqw much. 4 Mr. Tr'Ufnuii .-challenged tho issei tlon of several fciwHcrs that hud promis«l lo ''remove credit contro's lilmseU it Congress fnll- •d to lake affirmative iicllra on Ihl.s foii-ii of econnmic control. Mr. Trillium said thai, he mlended lo lake some action If Congress failed to. but thiil. he imd not snld he would remove credit controls. Ho would nol. sny what form his .... lion would lake. 'Hie has . ctl a bill to almllsh the con tro's. The Renntc 1ms nnt ncted. f>. The President was imnble to say when he wmi!d visit Drnzil. B. lie dnes not think c.xcculiv_ action to facilitate tlie movement, of displaced porsons In Fnropc to this rountry will b-; possible in the absence of legislative nilthoriLv which Hie tins rcquestet but. not received. The chief cxecu- I Ive ccin'iiented that If executive action bod been iwxssible, he wouU have taken II long ago. Mediation ol Indonesian War Marshall's Advisors Divided on Idea; Fighting Continues ».v It. II. KIIACKFOIU) • United I'rcss HUff Corrc»poiiilnit WASHINGTON, July 2-1. 'U.I'.)-—Some of Secretary of SIntc George C. MAfsh'nll's advisers arc urging hini to Jcniiuid U. >S. mediation of Dutch-Indonesian "war" on gi-otinds it is a.threat tb world economic recovery, it WIIH lenrncd autlioriUtivuiy today. iliall's advuors have not hucii ;ii)]<j to ngrcti on what to recommend to him. Those wlio deal with tho Dutch are inclined to be syniiialhoUc witli the mother country. The men who hnn- dln affairs in the explosive^ Far KiiMleni areas have lit-' lie .sympathy for the Dutch, The present '.'war," which the- nutch claim Is only "limited police action," came after the Dutch had received, according to some American officials, about 05 pur cent of all their demamls upon tlie Indonesians. But it basically Is a colonial w;ir The Dutch dislike giving 'up their predominant political and economic position In the rich Islamld. The Indonesians likn most Asia- lies, are trying to eke out of the Uutrh maximum independence and Iiwdun frcm colonial control. Tho Indonesian Independence movement, Intent for years -before ic colonial powers lost faco by war, became full-bloomed when iiimblnff to he original Japanese ows. Defeat r>f .Inpan failed to dim ntlvc aspirations and few of the inner Asiatic colonies hn've been Illlng to return to their colonial 'lalns, however enWglilened their Americans to Get Behind-Scene Glimpse of Civil War Saturday ttv IM1ROTHY \VIT.UAMS Unilril I'rrss Slaff CTnrrcspnmlriil WASHINGTON, July 2-1. ' UJM — Students of the life of Abnihnm Linro]]] liclirvc hint oi\ Saturday tlicy will learn for MIC fiist Mmr ihc rcason.s behind -sonic of the history-making actions of llic Civil Wur president. Al lhat Ihne mmc 20,fjOO of his long-secret i);ipcr.s will ho opened al Ihc Library of Congress in accordance wiMi Iho wtshrs ot hi.s .son, RubcrL Totkl Lincoln. SUidcnl.s t!o nol expect Die papers lo add whal i.s already known about. Lincoln's persona] lile. Dnvid c. Mcnrn.s of tho Library*of Congress nnd other Lincoln Weather rtly cloudy with a few scattered showers in extreme West portion today, nnd in Northwest and extreme West portion to night and (Friday. Warmer in Southwest portion today. scholars believe the six Irunksfu] of betters and records, which -were removed from the President's Wlutc House office after his assassination, 'ma;- 1. Why Lincoln at a critical hour relieved the skilled strategist. Grn. George iB. McClellan. ns commander of the 'Anrny of the Potomac 2. Further details of his attitude toward sViVeiy. 2. Further details of his attitude toward slavery. 3. What he originally planned lo say In tbe last half ol his Gettysburg address. There i.s evidence that he rewrote it. 4. Many ot the pressures and jealousies within his official family. •And. if some of the 20,000 items date back to his youth, s:ho'.nrs hope [licv w'ill add to what i.s Sec i.INCOIiK tin r:\Kt. f, ortic.s" under HIP present Albnrihn Du1^i\E i;in and Yugoslav fjovcrn- motit.s. "A diclntorship." Jolin.son said "is diclntorshlt)—no mailer by whiit iKinic you cull it." Joluison, pre-S-sing for adnplioi <f tho A PUT term plnn for a lony rniiRc UN Cotnmission In Ihe Bnl kans, warned thai "ihc whole work would sufler" II Mir M|iinljhlini IJntknus novcmtnrnts loiielictl oil ; war in Southeastern Europe. N. Y. Stocks ! Ctiising Stnrk Trices A T ,V T lr,7 3-B Amoi Tobacco 773-4 Anaconda Ccpper 38 1-0 lielh Slcel ..» 92 Chrysler . ., fit 2-8 Coca Cola 173 1-2 Gen Electric :tf Gen Motors 01 1-1 Montgomery Ward 64 N Y Central n Hit Harvester a'2 North Am Aviation 8 Republic Steel 2R 1-4 Radio 9 Pocony Vacuum 17 SUidebakcr 23 1-1 Standard of N J 70 5-3 Texas Corp 67 3-4 Packard 51-2 U S Steel TO Osceolo's New C. of C. Secretary Assumes Duties Harry D. Pauhis, newly apnnlnlcc secretary of the Osccoln Chnmbci of Commerce, arrived In Osccoln this week to assume his duties. He was formerly secretary-manager o Ihe !3rlnklcy Chamber of Com morcc. Mr. Panlus recently completed an advanced course In Chamber o' Commerce management at thi Southwestern Institute in Dallas Tex. He Is a graduate of Universl l-y of Texas and attended Colorndt University where he studied crcdi management. Prior to his appointment as sc crclary-managcr of the Osceol: Chamber, Mr. Pauhis held a similar position with Ihe Brinkle; Chamber of Commerce, where hi served for 18 months N. Y. Cotton NEW YORK. July 24. (UP) Colton closed barely steady. open high low clos March 3375 3400 3340 334 May 3345 336* 3303 330" July 3270 35*0 3234 323 Oct 3467 3489 3425 342 Dee 3415 3434 3375 33 Spo'ls closed al 3112; down 02. In onner mnslcrs had been. Indonesians (jounlrr Attack DATVIA, July 24. (UP) — Dutch 'roops have ocniplcd' the' North iiva bofl of Chcrlbon, but In'dd- cslnii countortacks In other parts- f Java havo cut off two Important Hitch forces. It was reported today, An Indonesian communique sain umibllcnn counter attacks rccnp- ircri Samarang, Dutch supply basa i the North coast, and Lewang. mi ilnnd town In East Java. J The communique claimed the re- ipture of Gamnrang "means In™ estructlon of the whole Dutch' rmy" which left Snmnrnng In a outhwnrd drive toward the Repub- cnn capital of Jogjakarta. The nrtoncsliin communique also snid lie recapture of lewahg cut off avc occupied Malang, In East Jniv. ~>ulch forces which 'it concedsd •here the U. S. 19th Air Groim i'«s based during the war. A Dutch comumnimio announced Netherlands forces entered Cherion without much trouble ,nnd In- icatcd that tiie Dutch offensive vns going according to. plan. Dutch aircraft were strnling in West, Java, while a Dutch avlil- cry and morlnr bombardment of lie North Java villages of Djatim ml Oewang failed, the 'Indonesian :ommunlquc reported. Wife-Beater Put Under Peace Bond, Fined $70 naymond Schuholz or Blytheville vas fined a total of S70 and costs n Municipal Court this morning on charges of disturbing the peace and assault and battery and ordered o stand under a S'SO peace bond after his arrest late last night for allegedly beating his wife. Schuholz was found guilty and 'iticd $20 and costs for dtsinrbing the pence and $50 and costs for issaiilt and battery, He entered >lcns of innocent to both charges. A petition to have Schuholz placed under a bond to keep peace- was filed by his wife Thclma, vyho told officers she feared further trouble. ' Officers said Schuholz was under Uo years probation from the State or Michigan for stabbing his wifp (here. He admitted in court that he .slapiwd her because she "sluyert out late" nights and refused to Recount for her actions. Two Youths Arrested; Held for Investigation Two youths Charles D. Alley and mond, Inrl., are being held in Nfiss- Kcnncth D. Organ, "both of Hain- Issippl county jail here lor investigation. The two youths wc<? arrested early this morning near Walls Hospital whea their actions became sus- picous." At the time of their apprehension, the youtlis were drlv.- Ing a 1938 Chevrolet, sedan Tearing Illinois. Hsccnsc plates and had in their possession, a .22 guage rifle and $10.78 In pennies. Record speech is one imds by W. -H. V. Chancery of England during a &»: case. The kisterf for 50 days.

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