The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 23, 1947 · Page 12
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 12

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 23, 1947
Page 12
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PAGE TWELVE BL-YTHEVILLE (ARK.)" COURIER NEWS WEDNESDAY, JULY 2'}, 1047 Potato Crop May Be Short, Officials Say 1 Mystery Fire Destroys Greek Aid WASHINGTON, July 23, (UP) The government 'today n id a price support propraiu ready Jor Uw 1947 potato crop but for the li«J.- tune in two years was hopeiul none would be necessary. Consumer demand is expected to take all the potatoes that wn b3 put on the market — and maybe more. That cutlook is in -sharp contrast to the situation in the past year when the government, Ixnmnl up. an ovorsupply of seine 103,033,000 builds to meet legal promises to maintain producer prices at SO per cent ol parity. The 1947 crop Js expected to be 352,OCO,OCO bushets ,-i'ccul Uircr- fours -as large as last year's, ter their unlwppy surplus experiences, farmers cut their potato acreage last Spring, In, addition adverse weather has cut into the prospective yie'd. The announced 1S47 price support, based on the mandatory 90 psr cent of parity required by law, ranges from SI.85 to ?2.45 per 103 pounds m July. The top in January will be $3.25. Fayettcvillc C. of C. Hires New Secretary FAYET.TEVILU?. .Ask, July 23.1 (UP)—The Fayctteville Cha'.nbcr of Commerce I f-s a new secretary today. He |is Wesley Gordon of Dayton, Ohio, and lie succeeds James Holder who resigned June 1. A native of Oklahoma, Gordon WAA Sells Off Surplus At 35 Cents on the Dollar ILT'ILK ROOK. Art.. Ju'y 23. (UPI — Surplus urcjjerly totaling more HTSI S20COO.C03 was d/sposed ol by inc LiMIe Ro:k Region, War A scis AiViur.'.straticn during the lust ]is<Ml year, regional director C. S. Christian said today. lie rxr.':iincd clhri the WAA inventory in Arkansas Is virlu cair.pli-'U'd. CJ'.ri^'J:in .'.aid thai ac/auu sales <!nrm'4 liic 1 year amounted ito :5".<KO, or some 33 per cent of the criminal cost. He ct'.decl 'that figures ci: rr'.c* in Ihe district do 117 inc'udc real propen'y salci suc!i a the ; ile *>! the Gzirk Ordnanc Plant :it I!! Dorado to Root w- .tri'lciim Co. Jones Mill and Utir ricar.e Creek plants to Residue C;i of Fort ffnVlh, or Hope Provin; (.•rounds and Arkansas ordnanc plants as industrial dcvclopmcr sites. Ut-stioycd HJrels A tcrnadu that ."track the little town of Porlr.mouUi, la., on July 3. ]'J4U. tcok no human rife, Inn destroyed 1000 birds within the 100-acre limits of the town. When the Soldiers' Pension blaz Ui'.K cnus'.hf fire in Athens, the coniumed virtually ;,)! Check aid and UNItlfA records. The hcadfiunrlers of both UNKHA iinil the Greek-Aid Mission were in the Ktruelure. CnnriictinK reports on casualties list anywhere from llnee to 11 killed in the hla/e whirl., the government says, was set by Communists. hns for the ]>a. ••'• tihrct; yi-ar.i, he.ul- 1 cd tin- I>p:u[aH'ii!. ol publij .Intor-' ir.ntinn 01 the ol Commerce. liiylon DERTH " O by Hilda Lawrence; Distnbtifed by NCA SERVICP, IMC. n<Ii. (lu-ro N llrndy nnd ^ ulsii ;nid ^o iV " XIII "" ""'-•:- r\N the following morning young ^^ Mrs. SuUon, back ironi Pinc- 'hurst, welcomed two elderly guests from upstate. The Misses Pond and Petty, both in their laic GO'S, were not strangers lo travel or anything. The; loved life and hod a passionate interest in death. Oilier peoples'. Along with their contemporaries they read the obituary page daily but where the contemporaries accepted the printed Tact. and Beulah challenged it. They didn'l believe that natural death was n^ common <is doctors and coroners made it out to be. In appearance, Bessy Petty resembled an aging Cupid and liesi- 'lah Pond a rejuvenated hawk When Roberta Sutton met thuh train and walked between them to her- car, she looked as if she were being preyed upon. But the} were oniy loving her. After breakfast Roberta offeree: a shopping trip, to be followed bj lunch with Mark East. This was accepted with little cvies o[ pleasure, and they started ouU . . ' • * * » WW/E'LL go to Blackmail's first if yon don't mind," Robert: said. "I need soap. Then hmcli Then anywhere yon like. do you want to see?" Bessy said, "The Litltc Chnrcl Around the Corner, the Little Ba at the Ritz, and Grant's Tomb." They drove lo Blackman's and j Roberta made straight lor Ihe toilet goods, beginning to smile before she reached the counter. But Miss Miller wasn't there, A strange clerk with bleached hair was rearranging Miss Miller's .Of.'k. KobcM'la com pn reel IHT atoli with Hlru'kman's b]i* (lock; was only 11:30, and Miss Miller over went to lunch before 1, She lioke briskly to the strange clerk, "Will Miss Miller b» buck boi-lly?" Tlie clerk looked blank. "Who?" 'lien ^bo appraised Hoberta':; coal, ml, nlovr-s, handbag, nnd all that •ould be seen of IILT blouse. This • i\'l a |j(jr:;ona], this \vas a cu:i- omrr. "I'm ru?u* in Ihe depart- ncnt," L'he said formally. "U'oukl •on like me lo inquire, miulnm?" "Yes, I would, pleas?. 11 Roberta wanted Mis;-; Miller to meet Hussy ucl Bouhih, Miss Miller would enjoy lhat. "Perhaps, if she's been iinsferred—" "If madam will wail," the clerk ?aicl. "I'll ask our section inann- •er." * * * C1IK pressed a button under tlv *~^ counter and a (all young m:u Idixi lo Ilobcirin's side. "M.idam ij> imiuiriiiK for a Mis:. Miller," Ihe clerk explained. "This is nur Mr. Ben/, madam." * Mr. Ijeiix replied willi nn equal mixture oC pleasure and rugret. Miller is no lonncr with us, but I'm sure Miss Collins will do very well," ''I'm sure Miss Collins v.-ill do very \vcll," Roberta ngreed, "but T want to ECO iMis.s Miller ji:st the same. Cun j'ou tell me \vhcrc she Mr. Ben/ also appraised Roberta, and ho hesitated before he spoke pcl Ilubcrtn insl;m 11 j\ Horn H'hani, oil; intirrk'd Silt Inn, nt-v. Tycoon hlooii. Don't sUill. Vhon ho spoke it \vi\s in a discreet i is per. "If I m;iy speak to you pnvntely, \!rs. Sullen. Tho situation is umcu-lKit imiisnal." iJnborla jiiilhciTcI up Jier bn£. f Ihoy had lirccl Mis., M tiler, sin: vaa t;omn \o clu. something about H. For Complete Protection Against All INSURABLE HAZARDS Phone 3545 W. J. POLLARD . AGENCY Glcncoe Hotel Bldg. 124 W. Ash St. gESSY *-* down uul Iloulali followed her the* aisle, Bcj.ssy plainly i;;o.^ aiul Ilculab in llic Bailie slalo )Ut nut showing it. Mr, LJonx \vns •vailing for them at the main door. He indicated that his information was private, aiu! he nnd Roberta noved out of earshot. "In deference to the elderly la- ics," 1;* explained. "A regrettable filiation. Miss Miller is uitfor- tunately dead." A fjlow pnin look possession of Roberta's henrl. Dead, she thought, and 1 never r.lid any of llic thingu I meant to do. '['hat poor girl, nloiic in that dreadful place uhc was movini; to. "When?" she asked. "I believe, let me sec, several weeks iifjo, before Tluinks^ivinf*. Wo \vero not informed directly, 1 inenn tbnrc way no family involved. Uut we have other cm- p[<iyc;; rcsictiiu; at the same nd- tlre.s.-;, and they told us. They wanted permission to open her locker and remove such possession;; a;; were; left, the shoes for wcarim; behind the counter, the extra umbrella, and the !i!;2. We valued Miss Miller highly and wore sorry to—to lose her." Mr. lien/, hoped Mrs. SuUon would let him slop with that. "Before Thanksgiving? Then I must have talked to her iust before .siif died. She wasn't su'k then, .she looked even belter thnsi usual. What happenedV Mr. Hen/, knew there was no help for it. "She killed herself, Mrs. Sutlon." Uobev'n said nothing when she herded lic.^.sy and Deulah out to Free Delivery Call PICKARD'S GROCERY Phone 2043 1044 Chickasawbm Corp. 1M7 DV N A SER7ICF. tSC. T. M. PCC. U. S. TAT. CFF. 7-23 A child l:;ttrn by (lir s'."s ;n\ Cni! K'-l :• clou lie the uniount an adult. v'. I'ciiii:! In u.j-.i !:v Dr. old, Dlylhcvllle. Arkansas -— IllKliwiiy Cl North Dine and Dance Couples and Patties Only w. Open 6 Nights Weekly Cnvnc'd JJy A. (Red) Blckt'isutff and C3c'oi p i:e For Reservations Telephone 6U P.-jrd GATEWOOD GROCERY "You tok! me to cnl! lior downstairs to do the dishes, and all I said to tier was she was wanted on the phone!" FRECKLES & HIS FRIENDS By MERRILL BLOS3ER The 1'ayoff YOU TCEL WAV. OFFICER.' CH DlDI-If M To STAP.T A f 5. WHEN FOLi;-; HEA7O "HI 15 DCUM po-\c; ArJO THOL'.SHT IF\VAS A I ION LOOSE FROM 'WE ClpCLiS , IT WAS -THE? BIQSEST 1K2ILL TMEY'VG HAD SINCE RACTdRV BURNED DCWJU: Ark.-Mo. State Line on tlic left at the Arch K ft. 7 Crown 1.35 Calvcrt 1.35 Schenlcy 1.35 Cream of Kentucky 1.35 1 Three Feathers 1.35 ; Hill& Hill 1.40 ; Old Taylor [ Four Roses I S7o Beer : GAS, reg 17.9c;. 2.65 2.65 2.65 2.63 2.65 2.75 4.35 2.85 Dth ^.15 4.15 4.15 4.15 4.15 4.40 6.90 4.50 . per Case $3.35 Ernyl 19.9c • • :All BrandsCigarets, ctn. $!.35: OF COURSF, AS AH OFFICER. ) YOU OF THE LAW, i. KWE .^ 'V.eA V DUPY ' Roberta sn\v the lip^iUitioii. .Sho £nve iMis.s Collins licr shcippinji list. "Chm'pe niut spiul, please." -And s!ic lulcied her name :ind act- dross. Mr. Bcn7. wns ,T you::;; nini\ with practical dreams ot a little busi- [ the car. and they asked nolhmi;. ness ot his own rmnMlay, and in i They Uneu- it wasn't necessary, preparation lie had made"a earctnl I Mark would lake one look at study of Hl;>.rl:i\ian's carriage I Hohcrta's while face nnd she'd teli trade, lie rimed thr,.m:li the list |1'''» cvcrytliinK. .. . of Snttons he !;ei't in lii^ he:ul and I (To lie Continued) ';"-'^_ INSURANCE dial 2311 For Complete Protection • Accident & Health • llospitiilix.aUoii • Fire • Automobile • Liability • Burglary O Plate Glass • Tornado O Surely ISoncIs • Aviation First National Insurance Agency '- 103 N. 2nd Charles G. blUncrW. M. (IM1I) Wtiso \ *S3* LH K'OPE; ! I'LL JUST ARREST THE DRUM — FOR DSTURBlHG- THE PiTACE AMD. INCITIN&- "'O RIOT.' soioi i Soles Inc. Saks S cr vice Fifsi- by Far \ViJli a Postwar Car Moflcrn timc-ssiving Iciuls arc ])rovitlccl for our train" ?d mcchanic.s. 'i'iicy use Uuiir skill and the correct. tools to give you bettor service. \\"o repair all rnaUos at' cars and trucks. Guaran'rccd UsecS Cars irilfi Ford Super 2-ilcor 1011 riyniouili 2-cl<]or 1911 riymoudi 4-<loor I!tlO I'onlhic 1'k'kuj) Lois oT Oilier:; ISiO flirvrolol '.:• inic f;>.:c ii ion l'5':i Dod^eli 'I'on I'tckiip l!;Jt C^iievrol^t > t ton I'ickui) o Solccl From CHAMBLiN SALES COMPANY Your Studcliiiker Dc;ilcr "First by Far \Vith a Tustwar Car" Bill Chamblin —KU & Ash St., * Phone 2103— Clutr.ljl'n WASH TUBES THESE SCCIPT WRITER! VJASiT THE srOP.H OF SOUR LIFE, MISS ROJWN... KiTH ML THE tVNO GlAWCt OF VOUE. CI5C FOE. THE INTERVIEW \ THM WILL IWTBOPLlce XDU TO THE IJM1ON OW HEM WEED'S KP-INSLE WE'LL BE WITH SWELL PHOTOS FO£ THb FRESS WJD FICVUE.5 (.\hSMIHES. 1 A ;$& TURN (it ^ :^-v< ^ KVDER Plans A foot WDGAK Our Boarding House with Maj. HoopJe Me FOR. A E LOCAL 6UW STUMSLI^S AROUND ibi HERS I COOLO LOCV SS sorr o^ TV^E TOO BOSY FIGL5RIN' A VOiiRSELP (MS A. DIAUOMD SO LfVRSB IT \S ^OONTTED INi ICE Out Our Way By J. R. Williams IT RE- A . X! HA.VF ALL THAT V. ia-VER FALL CIO I OS 'to FALL ON! IT.' C^! THE SC o ^we tril^G L^G.V.-'.IKE PJlinj^imtt^ feii^fev. •••i^*%£.tf7-l \^M/~\ >^j$i^^ ^<z ! '^ -i \v \I.I,KY 001' I'roiik'in JJy V. T. 1IAMLIN ,VIC FLINT ICxit One Shyster BY MICUAKi, O'MAI.LKY ;inil KALl'lI LANE EITHER WHAT YOU TOID ME ABOUT THIS SHYSfER, CATILINE BREVITT, 15 TRUE I'D HARDLY SAY 1KAT' WHi\T I WANT TO DO, BRIEF. Tfhat was all tlic hint I needed--there comes a time when talK gets tiresome.' WHEN YOU KNOW ACTER 15 AROUWD, KESP THE DOOR TO WJR OFFICe LOCKfO r IM [JOT TOO SHACP ON LEGAII1Y, MR. MOGUL, BUT t HAVE SOA\E ADVICE I'D LIKE TO GIVt YOU.. \\:SO EASY, Not To oil

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