Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on January 30, 1891 · Page 8
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 8

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, January 30, 1891
Page 8
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SPREADS-ALE. 100 Honey comb spreads 2-|-yards square only 100 Crochet spreads, extra value only 150 Crochet spreads, Marsailles pattern • 75 Extra value spreads largest size only ...$ o2 .. 74 . 99 .. 1 34 These are Real Bargains, You are invited to call and see the goods. SCHMITT&HEFFLEY. J A CO B H E R Z The Liberal Tailor is willing to Divide his Profits With his patrons in the following manner: I will fopen a new measure book the 1st of Feb. and on every tlptji suit measure, suit not to be less than $30.00, the ^customer is presented with an .00 Pair of Pants Gratis, Providing he is a cash customer. Same offer to stan 3 for 3 months. - :-: CALL AND SEE ME :-: Harry G. Tucker, The Pearl Street Tailor. BEN FISHER, The Druggist. |Keeps a full line of Trusses. L r •••••">' :-:•' 311 Fourth Street. :-: ; LADIES' warm Slippers and Shoes. CHILDREN'S Warm House Slippers. WALKER & RAUCH, 42O Broadway. For»the Next Four Weeks I will sell you an elegant suit for $22OO CASH. I d0 ihis to make room for the finest line of Spring Goods ever brought to this city , Pi J. HOOLEY, Tlle Daily Journal. FRIDAY MORNING, JAN. 30. Pearl Street. Try Hoosier Cough Cure, eod&w Grand ball at the rink, February 5 New spring styles in. Scotch dres ginghams.—Golden Rule. Mrs.'James McKaig is visiting a her former home at Joliet, 111. We quote the prices, the public buy; the goods.-—Schmitt & Heffley. Mr. E. Bunnell of Milford, 111., is visiting his daughter Mrs. V. C. Han- await. • Louis F. Wander and Nettie Clinck John W. Burns and Nettie Morrow are licensed to wed. Mr. and Mrs. John W. Barnes have become domiciled in. their elegant new home on the southeast corner of 12th and High streets. Rheumatism is like sand in the bearings'of machinery. Hood's Sarsaparilla is the great lubricator which cures the disease. . •- 11 In 'Squire Smith's 'court Wednesday, Albert Erwin, of Deer Creek .township, was fined and costed $26.80 for obstructing a public ditch. Lawrence LL. from early .morn till closing time 5 cents pe:- yard., and we do not limit the amount of yourpui- chase.—Schmitt & Heffley. Misses Louie and Gertie Holman returned to their home in Marion today after a two week's visit with Mrs. A. C. Scott on North street. Mr. A. J. Straw,., of Long Cliff, and family, departed yesterday for Jefferson vill to attend the funeral • of Mr. S's brother, who was drowned at that place Wednesday. Great rush on all kinds of laces and embroideries, bed sets, table linens, towels and silks at reduction to-day, at the Trade Palace special sale from 10 a. m. to 4 p. m. The Chosen Friends will give the grandest ball of the season at tHfe rink on next Thm-sday evening. Prof. J. M. Gulp will furnish the music, and Byron Wilson caller. No half-way business at the Golden Rule; we place no limit as to time or amount of purchase. Come .and see us at all hours of the day for Lawrence LL. and Lijffisdale muslin.—Schmitt & Heffley. Don't miss the muslin and sheeting and bed spread sale to-day; 1.6 yards Lonsdale muslin, $1; 22 yards LL Brown muslin, $1; 16 yards I0-cent gingham, $1; prints, Scents a yard, at the Trade Palace. The party given by Miss Mollie Courtney and Miss Mollie Hazel Wednesday night was largely attended. Refreshments were served. The evening was spent in dancing. ; . and card playing. Music furnished by Prof. Pierce's serenading, party. All had a delightful time. George Miller, the popular Fourth street barbel 1 , was the victim last evening of a' complete , surprise which had been quietly arranged by a large party of his friends in commemoration of his 33d birthday. Among the' guests present was the Military Band, and the stirring music thus: furnished was an enjoyable feature of the evening. Elegant refreshments wer.e served and the entire evening was most enjoyably .passed. •_:"'-,•."." At the competitive drill of Canton Logansport No. -15, Patriarchs Militant Wednesday night the prize, a beautiful P. M. watch charm, was awarded -to Chevalier W. ' C. Routh. These competitive drills and inspections will be held monthly .hereafter, besides a weekly practice drJll. Canton" Logansport made a great record at the last two National cantonments and Capt. Chase is. determined to get the Canton in better shape than ever for the next Cantonment. WILL INJURE THE SLATE. View* of Cons;re»Ni»ieD Owen and JUvmiM oil the Proposal to Tux ForelffiJ Capltul In Indium 1 . A recent Washington special says: The action of the Indiana Legislatur in proposing' a resolution lookin towards the taxation' of foreign>capi tal invested in the State has create considerable surprise and brough about much comment among- Hoosier in 'Washington. They believe th step is unwise. An. action somewha similar has been taken by the Leg-is lature in Kansas, and the statesmen here from that State regard the "by their Legislature as injurious tc the progress of the people and thai institutions in Kansas. Representative Owen said to the Journal correspondent to-day: "The persons who have mortages upon thei farms will have to pay the propose! taxation, and they can least stand it The money-loaners of the East wil simply raise their rate of interest, fo the taxation of foreign capital*invest vested in Indiana could be made to come from the creditors, who woulc heartily favor it, but we know tha there is always a demand for all thi money there may be to,loan upon rea estate, and while the loans that hav been made would have to stand th taxation I am afraid that the ^esul would be a withdrawal of much, for eign capital, and an advance in the rate of interest upon local capital Looked at in my view, I do not see that we could derive any benefi from such a movement, and am afraid that those who are already paying interest upon loans on their farms would have to bear the burden.'.' Representative Evans, of Chattanooga, Term., who is a large real-estate-owner and has wide experience in financial matters, was present when Mr. Owen made these observations, and he said: "Instead of taxing the :apital of aliens invested in the various States I would be in favor of a law to induce capital to come into a State or Territory and invest. Capital is always , wary. We have for many years been striving to educate the people in the East up to a point of be- leving that 'jur . leal estate in. the middle Southern States good security, and that mortgage loans are the best investments; but some legislatures have seen agitating all sorts of propositions ;o Eastern and alien capital, and we again 'find ourselves involved in a necessity for taking up our securities, and I • think the result is that the debtors always have to bear the burden. There is noth- ng which yields so quickly to the ;ouch of competition as capital. It adjusts itself readily. The only way to reduce interest is to have more capital than can find investment. Vhen money is scarce interest is high. It would be lolly to attempt to force eastern capital or foreign capital to >ear any considerable portion of the mrden of taxation. As soon as we ,ax this capital up will go the interest. 'I- we would abolish all interest laws ,nd leave the rate of interest to take care of itself we would get money cheaper than by any other process. There are a number of States where he lawful rate of interest is 12 .per cent, and loans' are as low as 6 per cent. The reason for this is that the security is good and the laws fair to he creditor. Mark my word, if Indiana passes such a law as it proposes, he people who borrow money will lave to pay the tax." THE AMOUNTINCEEASING Two Thousand, Two Hundred ami Fifty Dollars Readied and llie Stibxcrlption Still Golnjr. A phenomenal" part of the subscrip- iion list for the. park is the marked peculiarity so far of-its generosity. No subscription in the history of. our city ever kept its tone as has this. It attests the rich metal .of progressivism if which Logansport is made. It is prophesied that should the park suc- 3eed,(and what is to retard it) ? it will wove the entering wedge to a succes- ion of public enterprises that will make Logansport a boom city. By the year of the World's Fair Lo- o'ansport perhaps will be started on er fame as having the largest and most beautiful park of any inland city n the'United ^States. The following >eople were, seen .yesterday and each' ubscribed liberally: T. A. Spry, S..P. jheerin, ' George Harrison, George unk and W. T. Giffe. Each man wants no division ;0f the grounds. Salesmens' Union held an enthusias- ic meeting Wednesday evening and ubscribed $100 and one hundred good ishes for the' success of the plan. • W. W. .Peru Sentinel: ' Michael Wolf, formerly city clerk of Logansport, is olding down a position in the Wabash freight office at .this • point. GEN U.I N B Red Letter Sale. It will eclipse all are former efforts. Our' entire Stock of Scarlet Shirts and -Drawers and fancy striped *• -1. ' -;' ' Underwear, ' 00 i' ONE-THIRD OFF 1-3 From Original Price. Ladies and Gentlemen! In order to reduce the whole line of Underwear, we make the most gigantic reduction ever quoted here. (SELLING TRICES) NOW. Fine all wool scarlet shirt arid drawers.. , $1 50 $1 13 ' Fine all wool scarlet shirt and drawers 1 25 1 00 , Fine all: wool scarlet shirt and drawers 100 75 Fine all wool scarlet shirt and drawers : .... 75 57 Fine all wool scarlet shirt and drawers 50 38 Fine all wool fancy shirt and drawers. 1 00 75 Heavy white and mixed shirt and drawers 50 25 And all other lines in proportion This is less thauo. Manufacturers prices and less than you can buj them at Auction for its done to make room for Spring purchases. Buy now, for never will you buy as cheap again. This is a Cash Sale by the enterprising One Price Clothier Harry Frank, Logansport and Delphi. Our grand distribution of Presents takes place ,;next. month, all are entitled to it, come and see us. City Orders bought and sold. 16, O O O Letters go to the Dead Letter Office Every day and most of them are destroyed by the government. NATIONAL LETTER RETURN STAMPS, RETURN INSURING THE SAFE RETURN - • ; Of all Non-Delivered Letters, adopted to every class of people under all lircurnstances at 'any place and at any time. Endorsed by the Post Office Officials and by all who are using the stamps. For sale by; Wilson, Humphreys & Co., UEENSWEAR iosts you 20 per cent more elsewhere than' McCaffrey ask you. Is not this statement worth the proving? One dollar out of every five you spend for' Queenswear .t will pay you, and investigation may give you pointers on other of McCaffrey's prices, Our Queensware . era-, braces every grade and style, and 'tis honestly repre] lented. "TINWARE / Is more plentiful at McCaffrey's, and cheaper than a^yj where else within your reach. Plenty means much for it s certain to give you just what will please you best. Price means liore tor everything that is made of tin em-- braces a large share of household expense. This statement is worth investigating, too. WOODENWAfE At McCaffrey's offers all in it's line that a housekeeper needs from a washboard to a churn. The , best and argest, the cheapest and smallest, and all at just; ;tfie owest prices that can be made on them. There's many another lines of ours we'll .mention ater, but what is true of one is true of all, and bottom )rice is one thing true -about them. . / M. McCaflrey & Co,

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