The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 4, 1937 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 4, 1937
Page 10
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•HU3E-TBN 'Welsh Rabbit Rules Cheese Wee1( Table^l Ample ''Cause jFor Real Tha n k s g i v.i n g and Sumptuous -Dining Josephine Beardsley 111 this year of-good crops, (here is Indeed good cause for n day of •lhanklulness, nnd even a month of it, as the plentitudc of the harvest Is reflected on the autumns! board. Apple.?, nuts, and pumpkins are all at hand awaiting the magic l-.arid of a good cook : to : translate -them: into -delicious :reasc!is .-for: sumptuous • dining. 'While >Pumpkln • Pie Is undoubtedly tlie ?,culln«ry miotlf .of .the month, there are many -.other: late autumn specialties --which can riglUfull) claim .:our interest just • now, 'An .Apple '.Twist will make excellent use ^ot some-ofthose.ap- t ples in the cellar mud gladden the eyes of 'the -breakfaster lucky enough lo share :it. An Orange- date cake with toasted nut fllling is excellent justification f6r a say 'nutting expedition.and .an unusually happy conclusion for a holiday .feast. Pumpkin 1'ic Pastry: -2-cups soft wheat,flour 1 teaspoon salt 1-2 cup shortening Cold water .Sift the flour and salt together: cut 01 rub .the shortening intc Ihe fiour with the tips of tin iflngevs or a pastry blender; acic unto a n Ume, to maki a \en stiff dough, Do not knead -Roll the-dough thin and 111 Inlc pic'. pan. Cut o(I th? edges and ciimp with/the tines of.n-'Inrk or .pinch with the fingers. Tilling: 1 -cup pumpkin 1 cup broivn sugnr 1 : teaspoon cinnamon 1-2 'teaspoon mace •1-2 teaspoon cloves 1-4 teaspoon ginger 1 cup milk 3 eggs • • • • Mix -Iha pumpkin, sugar, and spices thofoughls'. Beat -the egg. 1 , and add the'-milk. Arid to Hit .pumpkin mixture and pour Intc unbaked pastry shell. Bake in V ; ol oven <460 degrees :F.) for 5 minutes, then in moderate oven (335 degrees "F.) 30 minutes. ' Apple rrwiii 2.cups soil -wheat-flour 1 teaspoon stilt 2 teaspocns bnkiug powder .' s S tablespoons shortening 2-3 cup.milk 3-4 cup sliced apples 1-2 cup sugar 1 ^teaspoon cinnamon Sift -'. flour, salt, and baking now- rdcr'together. Cut .or rub, shortening into the flour. Arid milk to rmake a soft -:riou»h. : Knend gently and divide .-fnc dough so ,lhat it .may be made • inlo, rolls about. one inch in diameter and-four inches in length. -Fit the -roll. 1 ; Into BLYTiroVILLE, '(ARK;) COURIER NEWS ean Stew 'For Whple Family Js Stilil.'Tyipicalily A-raerica-n' *• 'M. J The oldest cooked cheese, dish known to the Kiujlisli-s|icakiiiir world is, the Welsh Ifctbbit. Aiid now, it's about to receive its proper due, for it will lie reigning on table:; ;ill over the country as I ho official <lish of National Cliecse Week, November 7 to M. Although it is so ancient and venerable, tlio Welsh Kubiiit Ms JoriK had Iho reputation ol' beiiifr difficult to make, lint the National Cheese liiititiHe conies for- W'.rii 'I'iUi .1 Hover-Tailing recipo for luc .famoi::* cheese dish, -it's the National Chceso Week Kabbit —ami any nniafeur cai? '.vli'ip up .is smooth and melclug .1 triumph ot cheese copkcty as the first Welsh thietlain who invuhtcd the disli, Ity following iiio simple directions. Incitlcnlallv, the proper name lor this noble, chcfse concoction is "rabbit", iiot "rarebit". The "rabbit" originally ..not its name When you think of good things to cat. it man'.s mind invariably wanders back' to Mis mother's kitchen, claims Crosby Galge. noted Broadway theatrical producer uml one o( America's leading gourmets. : 'Here's a dish f remember from ,-f, eres a s rememer rom 7| i thil kitchen." said -.Galse. nt's nj •nourishing stew thai -will suffice, g stew thai -will suffice, for a -meal on a chilly autumn' evening. | Take two cans -of baked .beans'. \ put* them in a stew; pot .with two ; quarts of water, four diced potatoes, two sliced onions, two. mashed | cloves of esr^ic, one l)nlf>poumlVof ' shredded corn beef and one :half pound of finely dice<l-bacon, a soup I n _ _ bone with the it, season when an utiiiamecl Welsh Chief- 'with salt and pepper to taste, two ' tain .subsliluletl thc< Crjeese dish ]' or 'three -drops .of tabasco sauce,; for Hie B.-MIIO course at one of. his • and one half teaspoonful of chili banquets. i powder. i For ihc luiicheoii a»J .stimici-| Uet .this simmer slowly mull d;,h to please ^^ ^ j mMt ail( , potatoes are cooLl. Re- i dishes can we £i-Hibha: v iic^..ii"-triSS: nwvc Ulc ""'" bone - Wncn thc and es td r dpeforLJins u :> wrt < l « ls served. «, It will, f . .. .. *. ,. f> "-'" : i-nm-wrt roi'll lllnnl -tKat lint. . l-,r,o,i a perfect linbrnt every lime. National -Olircnc \VrSk JUkbil 1 tablespoon butter Jit ]b. dlccil clirr-Kc '.i teaspoon salt '.I t':a. T tioon dry niu.Ht.iril Fo\v jjji'ain* cnyennfl 1 teaspoon .AVorccstcishii'o imuce M- cup ci'O.-im or to[i mflk :l <W Melt Imltor In n HliHUt; Mr in nmt nu'H tlic- chcpse. Adtl wwniiinzj. A«)(] ( fo.iui Klowly. .Rc.inov*; Hklllrl fri-in 'Ire ,-jinl JjMt tjt the rgf. yoc lliln -tot toast. Crosby Galge coartc com meal that has -been; slightly broivjicd in n tin pan. ; "While ' baked beans have, always been considered a typical American dish," advises the goni'niel, "if dish,"-continued Gnige, "it is KUT- canned baked beans are used with prlsinj to find that tisere arc as 'he same seasonings -ml pork many variations of Ihe dish in chops." France as'th?re are Provinces. "One ot the most delicious- of tlie ; rrcn;h cassanlcls is made in .the i Pat for oar ties .are potato chips spread with .Roquefort cheese, •Fights itli^li -Footl -( following mimncr: Soak fat while ; peanut butler, or deviled bain. 'OH ; butter beans over night and then : put simmer .with a spoonful ••'. of la I'd or goose :fal. a-rasher, of i bacon, nn-onion, a clove-of :gartle, • j a pinch .of thyme, two ounces of f it bacon diced and salt and p&pper. ! Stew slowly lor about Jhreei hours. : I In the meantime roast a half dozen i pork chops slowly in the oven to; i bring out thc juices. Then put the ' heans into a big carthcrn pot with f the chops in thc center and the juices from Die pork poured over, i i Sprinkle the top with bread crumbs } anil place thc not in a slow oven for • i about two hours. A great deal of time can be anved in preparing this, Canned Ihnas and .Vienna Knusase conu>in? themsplvrs into a q o-cf.ofc civshiuglil against, the Iri^h cost cf meat. The saiifaje ;nly a few cents nnd Ihe fceanr supply lar^: fc6[| value cheaply. Is a valuable recipe In your battle r.^ the 5f. C. L. :cr,ts This $ : 1--1 teaspoon powdered sage, a ta; blespoons flour. Put spare ribs in a pan dredged ' with penper. add salt lo,water an'J pour in bottom cl pan.-rub pork with butter. Cook in a hot. *>vcn : UOO dcg. P.) for ten -minutes, rc- TP 11 .-> ,,,•• ' ducc heal to 350 deg. P. and scok \ IIo Use Cuts wnosr iwoiv Cost Won't Cause You i To Squea! 1 BY SIRS. GiVVNOIl MADDOX NEA Service StalT Writer Though pork comss hijh it is ours, basting frequently. Whcn clone rub with n little nawdercd sage. Add Hour to drippings o:id make brown gravy. Lima 'llrans ami Sausage Casserole (Serve about 51 Two and one half cups cooked i limn beans (No. 2 can). 1-2 tea- ? the darling of most American menu f p30n salt - tcw Brains pepper, l Si«a£cd..pie pan in trie, form of a makers. Roast and .chops from t he '^aspoon prepare:! muslaril. 1 small coil, starling at outside .edge ot fresh horns and loin are the most pan. Mix the-sugar and cinnamon, ; costly parts, Smoked ham runs :roll the apple slices in this mix- still higher. lure, and fit the slices between the There are relalivelv elieap cuts 1 1C PP C1 ' and mustard. Line a we noils of dough. Before :baking, top o f pork. A shoulder makes' a de- = lcn . sc<1 shallow heat resistant fjlv -with the following; licious roast. When smoke;! it turn; '""' ""'" 2 tablespoons butter into a smoked bull or cottage ham jar of .Vienna style sausage.. 2 table- rpnons butter. Combine -Ihe lima beans, salt. well , Koasf Shoulder of Pork ' (4 to i; servings) ! Six pounds fresh shoulder a! pork. 1 cup dried bread crumbs, 2-3 " cup boiling water, l tablespoon bul- ter. l tablespoon bacon ful. l cup shelled peanuts. 3--! leasp:an sail. i 1-3 teaspoon paprika. 1-2 teaspuon gralwl onion. Have bonr removed from pork : 1 tup-powdered sugar Cream together and brush on ; top of -unbaked twist. Bake in moderately "hot oven (400 degrees :F.) about 30.minutes, .Oraiijc-Dule Cake 1 large orange 1 cup dates 1^2, cup .butler 1 cup sugar 2 eggs 2 cups soft .wheat flour •1 teaspoon soiia 1 'teaspoon -baking powder • '1-2 teaspoon clnnanion 11-2 teasiicon cloves . • -I . cup sour • milk Squeeze juice .from orange and .put peel and dates : throng ;i ted !S P lcC(i applesauce. chopper. Cream butter and susir. • llnasl Spire llihs ' .Add egg yolks and beat thorough- , 14 to 6 wrvin»si ly. Sift flour, add sccia. bakm L : Six pounds spare libs, l teaspoon .powder -and spices. Sift together. p m , cl , , tl . a l }Kon „,, 3 . 4 ' c ' 'Add .nour alternately with milk, boil „» water 3 i.ib!'=r~m tult-i 'Add fruit: mix well. FolS in stiffly ° ...'... . cuii.i. beaten egg whites. Make into •smooth batter. Bake In two layer :pans for 40 minutes in moderate oven ;<350 degrees F.). Fill wit'. 1 , toast-xi nut filling and top with -f-cvei! .™!nulo mocha frosting. fTcattcrl Vccan or IValnut FiUjug': 1-2. cup light brown sugar. firmly packed S tablespoons butter I -.tablespoon water 3, egg yolks 3-4 cup walnuts or pecans 1 teaspoon vanilla extract baking dish—l quart size—with the sausages cut in halves crosswise. Pour the seasoned beans into Die '• casserole. UDt with bits of butter. Bake in a iriodcrate even. 350 del. P.. for about 25 minutes until hot throughout. Tork Chop Kakcil with Votalp (4 to 0 sen 1 ing s) Six shoulder pork chops, ti medium sized'potatoes. 1 teaspoon salt. "--' teaspoon oepper. 1 1-2 lable- shoulder. wash, dry and stuff, j spoons nour. 3-4 cup bolliiv* water. Mix crumbs \vith bDilin; water, • Peel potalcss and cut in thin bacon fat. and butler, add season- : slices- wash and drain, lav in a ings, and chopped nuts. -Whcn '. o^xing and season with salt slioulder is stuffed, season with sal! : ftlul Pepper. Caver with p:>rk and i«ppcr and drcd«e with flour, 'hops and -season ihem with salt Bake in a moderate oven (350 <le». i ""d Pcupcr and dredsc with Hour. P.; for 2 1-2 hours. Serve \vilh : ^d belling water and bake forty : irunutes in a hot oven i-IOO des- F.>. i Al Ihe snd of twenty minutes turn chops. thickened, stirring cousin ' move from fir?, add nuts and flnvoriiiB. Fill layers: top with: Srvci) JfiiiL'te Slocri Froslin;;: : a lo!:lcsix)0nr; co'rt ccifre 1 taolccpoon white syrup I 1-2 am- light brown sugar : 2 cgc «-iiitos- 1--I teaspoon salt 1 t:aspt)on vanilln cxti.icl Mix all ingredients in tcp nf Hull in li.vrrulh'c r»I.-insii»n KrtRRIJBURG. Pa. <upi—Thev: is a'bull in llic.Executive Mansion. • It's n fine, hand-carved bull which Re- has been Ihe cause of serious consultation and deep thought. ODV. George H. Hub conferred with Mrs. Earle. Some cabinet officers reportedly were draivn into the controversies. Evcryon? had different ideas as to where the bull should be kept, To strain orange jui:e relieves i; of considerable vitamin content double toiler. Dteolte well with' contained In thc pulp rotary beater. Place over l;ei»i- o; t^T± b ^e't Cr i *"}• «^«™"^**^« 1 *™$«K P.""" t^dlSo^^d^kT'w^ S,;:i^ n^ 1 ^^ •«** «^L^V- »*. Cook -until on cake. Read The courier News want addc.1 lo ,ives a more been beaten. '"£• E. li. Vanbiljbcr s • SAJFEE-WAY GHOCERiY,& 'MAUKET S91 S. •Franklin, Four ililoclis Soulli of Hospital Spceiiiis 'riiiil Will .Save :Yon Money 50 [ J>. Sl;iml 1'. ' Lard ;?(i. J 'Jfi; •Meat, Full C. 24 ,11) 42c tKiill.Ilciid, -10 )b ;i9c' Byvtii>, (i:illon ..liOc Sugar, il C. .10 IS 53c Apples, .Buslitl Ii5c CABBAGE, ll> 2c iVfiRCtOlo II) S '))) •IS ,'I.h. Sland . 89c S5.25 .CIUSOO, 3 Ib. .can . . ^).c Cooking Oil Sl;i2 OLlvO, .LI,. ..' 'I7c 0)l 'Snusnge, LI, 2!!t WIVcc, 10 II). hudict §1.9(i .Swot! .'Potatoes, .11) -. ..:2c For '''WB, ii). :i.-i '/jc; -Strcak.o-U'im, -Lb. f 7 1,1 1 c ' Rc - d ' -" " J- 2!k ' : MARKET MSICES SN5 1'i-y Sliced !)i .'Me- lliicon. -Sliced, : lli ..... 25c i»KAIi\S, 1'ork, Ib. . .lae: K(i(JS, Country, Do/. 2!lc I'tirc I'orU Jiccf Ruast. l7'/>c : ••Beef Stew .!2'/ 2 c 'Keef Slwik. Hi. . .20 & 25c Beef Liver, II) ISc Pork Choiis. Hi 25c ,'Pnrk Ruasl, ,lh. . . .'...2-lc Pure laril, m !b. teket '$2,85 SJHBLEY'S 'BEST •' : 12 ,Lb. Sack ... 50c 2<l ,Lb. Sack .... 90c IS U. Sack . S1.73 -Barrel ........ $G.9l) LITTLE GENEVA 12 .Lb .Sack ____ .15e a 'l W> Sack .... S5c -IS Lb. Sack . . .$1.65 Barrel ....... $6.15 HBANS. New Cro|), ID Ihs. -lite; ]()() II). Sack 81.20 TOiMATOKS, \\o.2 Cans. Jj-caiis lot; (.Vise S1.72 COUN. No. 2 Cans. 2 cans -Irk 1 ; Case Sl.G!) •HOMINY. No. 2 Cans. 2 cans 15c; Oisc -51.55 POTTHO MKAT, 2 Ciins 5c; Case Si.IS Macaroni, Case PUMPKIN", Can Peas. Can . .lOc .Hit Calsup, M (i/.. .HoU-lc 10c, Milk, 2 l s c. or -1 small !5c : Tomato Paste, 2 Cans «c A Complete Store to save you Money We :Havc lols of ft lends. »We want to ,Hc Yours. Don"; THURSDAY, •NOVKMUlill A, HERK ARK A FEW KVKRY DAY PRICKS •Every Jtem In Our Store Has Been Marked >Down :Blijtheville's Largest and Most Beautiful 'Food -Store APRICOTS/libby, :ZV 2 Can APRICOTS, Fsncy Evaplb. APPLE SAUCE, No. 2 can BRObM, Kitchenette^Eadh ;l9c| BIRD GRAVEL, Durkees, box :5c EGGS ; Strictjy Fresh, doz. I5c CREAM PEAS, Lb. ~ NAVY BEANS, /Lb, 6c GREATJJORTHERN 'BEANS Ib. :* PINTO BEANS, .Ib. i BABY LIMA BEANS, JLb. 5y 2 c REGULAR LIMA BEANS, lib. 8c BLACK.EYE PEAS, Lb. 5c BEETS, lihby'Cut,'No. 2 can 9. BEETS, iLibby, Whole,'No. 2 can He can I7c PEPPER & SPICES, All lOc size 5c LjHby:Grapefr.uit Jiiice,.No. ,2_can ,l-2c _ Garth Grapefruit Juice No. 2 can 9c Baking-Powder, Calumet, 16 oz. ,'22c CUT BEANS, No. .2 can 7c GREEN LIMA BEANS, No. 2 can J MILLO, Small, box '8c •:BRlLLO r Large, box 17c BLUING, Diamond, stick BLACKBERRIES, No. 2 can ilOc 'iCOCO 'MALT, V 2 Lb. can 23c Choc. Syrup -Hershey No. 310 can 4c CHOCOLATE-HERSHEY, y 4 Lfa. 6c CHOCOLATE HERSHEY, '% OjbTlOc Celery 'Salad, ;Lady .Betty, ,16 oz. 12c WESSON .OIL, Pint wn ~~' ~l WESSON OIL, Quart can 44c $1.65 WESSON OIL, Gal, can PRUNES, Evap. Small sjze 4y z c PRUNES, Evap. Large size :MlNCE'MEAT,;None:Such,.9 oz. 12c CANDY, All Kinds, 3 for lOc GUM, All Kinds, :3 for Cracker .Jack Pop Corn 3 ;for ,1'Oc TOMATOES, Standard No. 2 can 6c CORN, Pride Illinois, 'No. 2 can 1 Qc HUMKO SHORTENING^, d JEWEL SHORTENING, :Lb.crtl2Vc DIME BRAND MILK, can 10; EAGLE BRAND MILK 20c "Milk, .Pet & Carnation, small can 4c MILK, Pet & Carnation, Lge. en 7V 2 c COFFEE, Maxwell House, Lb. 28y 2 c COFFEE, Canova,'Lb. •RICE, Fancy Blue Rose, Lb. 3c VICTORY DOG FOOD, can 5c BANANAS, iGolHenlRipe, doz. ' ISc GRAPES,Whiter Red,.Lb. DELICIOUS APPLES, 3 for _7c lOc CRANBERRIES, Cape ,15c CARROTS, IFresh, Green Top Bch. 5c CELERY, iLARGE CRISP STALK lOc LETTUCE LARGE FIRM. HEAD 5c BELL PEPPER, ib. ORANGES. iFk ,200 size, doz. '25c — i PEARS, .Hand fancy, 3 {or _ lOc •) RUTABAGAR, Lb. LEMONS, :FuH of Juice, 4 for _10ci CQCOANUTS r Fu»of;Milk.sEa. ; fic 'CAULIFLOWER, Lge. 'Head 20c POTATOES, iNo. 1 Red,.Lb. 2c CABBAGE,'Pound PICKLES, Sour or .Dill,iQt. 15c ;RET1T POLS .PEAS, No. ,2 ,can lOc) iPEANUT BUTTER, Pt. .BRAN FLAKES, Miller, Pkg. GRAPE NUTS,'Pkg. CAMPBELL TOMATO SOUP, •17c 'MILLER POPPED WHEAT, Box 8c J MAC or SPAGHETTI, Box 3c •SALAD 'DRESSING, Pt. iPOST TOASTIES, Pkg. SOUP, HEINZ, Large 'can :13c GOLD MEDAL OATS. 42 oz. _15c •PICNIC HAM,,Pound ~ -BARREL KRAUT, -Pound SALT MACKEREL, Ead PORK 'BRAINS, Pound 6c .BLACK HAWK, Half or Whole, lb.,27 PORK SAUSAGE, Pound MIXED SAUSAGE, Pound lOc .BACON SKINS, Pound PORK CHOPS, Pound PIG :SNOUTS, Pound PIG TAILS, Pound 'J2y 2 c PIG iEARS, Pound . SPARE R1BS J? Pound BACON, FANCY, SLICED, , ;10c 19c BEST K. C. STEAKS, Pound 32c STEAKS, MED. GRADE^Lb DUDLEY CHILI, 2 for 25c WEJNERS & FRANKS. Pound 20c BEEF SHOULDER CLOD, Pound 22c i 14c; BEEF THICK RIBS, Pound BEEF CHUCK, Pound 14c; VEAL STEW, Pound VEAL CHOPS, Pouad WHITE NAPHTHA SOAP Gianl liar . CKtSCO $5f,<i8Q CONTEST BOILING SALT M&AT, Lb. He Arm & Hammer.Soda 4c '. CANDLES, 8 For 13c : ' PAILS, 10 Qts. 2ic PAILS, 12.Qts. .23c TUBS, No. 3 73c ' TUBS/No. 2 6k li),ooo m CASK rinti .. . i.joo -. iiic »o<.iH«s 1 , 0 ,WECKLY CONTESTS .«< IB los - • TUBS,.No. .1 53c LIGHT BULBS, Each 5c SALT, Square Box 3c ifeSi4 f A«,>" r.

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