The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 25, 1940 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, November 25, 1940
Page 3
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MONDAY, NOVEMBER 25, 1940 BLYTHEVILLE (ARK) COURIER NEWS PAGE THREE ::I How U. S. Tanzer 9 Divisions Will Be Equipped American Youths Take Naturally To Armored And Mechanized Monsters By WILLIS THORNTON NEA Service Siaft Correspondent PORT KNOX, Ky., Nov. 25.—A complete of gray gumbo dust hid the face of the kid from .southern Ohio a.s he hauled him- .sell out of the turret of a light tank. He had to crack the dust with a smile to register satisfaction in this thought: Three months ago he \va.s driv- j ing a tractor on hLs father's farm. Today he Ls in command of a tank in an outfit that is at least the equal of any armored unit of ^qual si2e in the v;orld. American kids know and like machinery. Their grandfathers tinkered with bicycles. Their i'atheis mir.sed the first one-lung auto.s around the block. Tanks are duck- .soup for these boys. The armored force of the United States is small as yet, but it Ls safe to say that no other country ever developed so good a mechanized unit so quickly. Lieut.-Col. Percy G. Black, who as assistant military attache in Berlin watched the whole development of the German '"r.vinzerv divisions, 'io confident that they have nothing better than this U. S. first armored division, organized last July 10. There is a second at Fort Benning, Ga.; on March 15, a third will be ready, and June 15 a fourth, plus 10 general headquarters tank battalions. 11,500 MEN, 19,000 WEAPONS This kind of progress is possible only because officers can't shoo these kids away from the garages. Saturday afternoons and even Sundays, they'll be there, poking around the tanks, eager to get it all figured out, quick. They're observant and critical, and several minor improvements in the tanks have already been made as a result of their shrewd observations. This first armored division in. action is a grim thing to watch. Attacking a hypothetical enemy marked by targets drawn on a track across a distant hillside. 155 howitzer shells whir overhead to burst with dull detonations around the target, already spotted "by flights of observation planes. De- tacliments of .30 and .50 caliber machine-gunners whirl up in armored cars, dismount, slap their guns into position and spray the target with a shower of tracer bullets which ricochet at odd angles, hundreds of feet in the air. Suddenly great puff-clumps of smoke appear off at the right, so fired by howitzers that che smoke drifts directly across the front. Then come three successive waves of tanks, nosing their way like de• te'rmined iron ferrets through the smoke, dust and brush. The concentration of fire ahead of these tanks Ls tremendous, for the 11.500 men of tins division have at then- disposal 19,000 weapons. Having "captured" their objective, the tanks wheel back to the starting point, pausing to put out the grass and brush fires inevitably started by the tracer bullets. Rule is, every crew puts out the blazes started by its own fire. The Fort Knox reservation has been recently enlarged enough so that there's plenty of room for this kind of exercise with ball ammunition, aand even the small grass fires don't inconvenience anybody overmuch. Back to the garages go the tanks, with the dust-masked soldiers happy in their mastery over a new and terrible gadget. "MAE WEST" IN THE ARMY Expensive playthings they are. too. You begin to get the idea when you realize that to fill just once all the gas tanks of all the vehicles of this armored division requires about 100,000 gallons of gasoline. 304, gun; 387, Clifford Ausustus Mc- Kin/ie. 383. Eldridge Elliott Boron; 389, Harold Delmer Kin^; MO, Horace Henry GurneU; 39U Bulls Errington Piokens; 392', Wesley Howard Cm-dwell; (m, John Anderson ler; :UM, Lloyd Eurnest 395, John Paul Jackson; Ml). l*irlis Vernon Lancaster; '.',01. William Pircy Duvall; :i«J8. Rus.sell l-'iem- Ing M; H90. Claud Chesiei 400. Vai'daman Uilbo O~,ncr p ™'!; Housing Project Site On Glacial Lake Bed CINCINNATI, O. (UP) — Engi- H'Ci's at the Winton Terrace low- "ont housing' project fn«» u prob- em whose origin dates back thousands ol' years to the (ilaeial pc- Dan Jones Fined Is Not Yarbro Resideni lie IJ:m Jonas reported ivocMily have been 1'ined in municipal conn lor currying a rom-oulfd weapon is not the Dun Jones who resides ;u Yurbro, ihi> Courier has been advised. COURTS ing ntithority, to meet tills problem, recently approved a proposal whereby dor]) ditches, carrying regular'sewor linos, will be filled with gravel or rock to carry away excess water before reaching the building foundations. Qmnion Spruybmy, '24. :uid En- Wilson, '11, were unt'sU'd Saturday niyhi, on a diary<• ol grand larceny in connection with Hit: ;ii-' Mr:i]mj.; of itii nutumobili 1 from (A\ (]),> .slm.'l.s of BlyUx'vlili'. Thi-ir (.' were continued today in Municipal Court until Tuesday. They lire charged wiih stealing a cur belonging to V. E. Tomlinsbn while ihey told oHicers thoy thought; they wen. in ix "drive jt yourself tn.xi." he housim 1 , project site was once the bottom of a rlaeial lake where P.iU 1 particles of mud and •and sHik'd into connive layers, lulay .rain which falls on ccm- i:artivi'ly hiyji ground nnu, ihnmyh underground layers of sand, then accumulate, 1 ; at the connive» uirniiiy layers of cluy into mud tut, sott ii> Ijt'iir foundations, (..'incinnai !'.<•> metropolitan huus- \VAKNl.\f! OKDKlt IN TllR CHANCKRY COURT OV CiJICKASAWHA 1) I STR 1 0 T, MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, ARKANSAS, Rnuort r.alvin UenelieJd, Plainf.lfL vs. No. 7:M4 Nellie .1. Beneflt'ld, Dej'endmii. The defendant. Nellie J. Uene- iield, and (he keeper of the Mis- .Slule rnsune Asylum at ., Mississippi, are warneii it) appciir wilhln thirty day-, in i.he emirl named in I lie caiitloi Df, and imswi-r tin- com))lainl .if i lie plainlilf, Robert Calvii Ut-nelleld. Uaied lids -I clay ul Nov., l!)-IO. HARVKY MORRIS, Clcrl By Ellwibeth. Ulylhe, U. C Partlow vfc. Bradley AUys. for Pltf. Percy A. Wright, Ally, ad Lltcm 4-11-18-2 Co-ed Engineer Works With and Directs Men LOGAN, Wall i UPi—Visltors W Hit! Lofcnn campus of the Utah 5Uiite Aui'k'ultui'jil College were pnum'd to s"^ an attractive woman sttidnit. peorlny, through a tian.sit uud slioulln^ engineering nn.s at. men sduteuts, The ".survfynr m .skirls" is Marl- equipment of Hew armored divisions of the 13. S. Army, principal much fire power and more ability to maneuver than have the German Panzer divisions, mechanized corps will have 5G reconnaissance cars. 68, 75 mm. howitzers and 80 m.m. mortars, in addition to units pici.ured. as two-division The division Ls then good for about 100 miles on the road. Since the division strings out for nearly CO mile's while "on the march." it would take forever to "pull up at the pump" one at a time, to refuel. So trucks speed down the halted column dropping off drums of gasoline, which each vehicle then takes on individually. To keep moving a super-gadget like this needs not only actual training, but also the kind of love for the machines that prompts the j men to call a certain type of tank ' with twin circular turrets a "Mae West." An elaborate system of schooling turns out 100 tank mechanics every Selective Service {Editor's Note: Below is published a list of registrants d.s they are sent questionnaires by Mississippi county's three draft boards. Earlier, groups have already been published in their order number and others will follow.) Board A 265, John Womack; 266, Otto Wenzell Schaeffer;/ 267. Waino Vnl~ fred Talo; 268, Eddie Ray Kerbough; 269, Walter Davis n; 270, Claude Gilbert Briley; 271, Charles __ ., i * . W 1H. 1AM *_• V,* 1 A i^L- 1 L AJ* * »«u. V . i-li t \V l*l»» 1«-.J 10 days. 800 raoio operators in one • ".-.vrvnovc" miH n Rnnn-jst.udfmt, "uni- ._.. _ .-'._., .^. .. process" and a 5000-student "um versity" of tank lore where only a 273. Romie Park Butler: '274. Merj Words Are Not Big Enough trained in the kind of -panzer" ,. , ,->„. , ._ warfare thai served Germany so well in Poland and France. Brown trout spawn only in the early spring, brook trout in the fall, while rainbow 'trout spawn both in spring and in fall. . to |iraisr ADLKKtKA. Am .", ::n,l 1 t-ivd: j :ilw;iy> i-iu-ry ADLKKIKA \villi i\i«-.' I ((>. l^.-t'alif.) lias hlontinir. sour .slum ilim Al'hKRIKA. Crt it TOl>AV. Kirh> !ii-i>s. l)rui: i'o. ami Itiibinsou'^ Dnii; C> Old "Draft PHILADELPHIA (UP)— A ,youu« assistant librarian of the Historical Society of Pennsylvania lias found a draft wheel used duriuy the Civil War. Nichulos Wainwri^ht. who registered under the pre.scnf conscription act. discovered the tin wheel in the ailic of the society's headquarters. PILES may cause FISTULA One of the tragic results of neglected Piles frequently is Fistula, which may mean loss of bowel control together with nervous disease and general Hi health caused by .sell poisoning. Thousands could save themselves Jrom humiliation and serious illness by taking proper treatment in time. The Thornton & Minor Clinic—oldest known rectal institution in the world—oilers a FREE Book which explains Piles, Fistula and other rectal diseases; tells how more than 51,000 persons have been benefited by their mild, corrective institutional treatment— without hospital confinement. Write for this Free Book and Reference List. Address Thornton & Minor frond Moseley; 279. Otis Cole; 2&0., CUnic - Suite. 1119, 920- McG'ee' St.. CftWC fll c on OH HE l2evo,yUM|. of Kits—Tiuik car to your ear. (Tctraethyl diw) JOYNER Oil, CO. U. S. Highway 61. North ,„, . 24-1 lour is shown above, will have The new 74 CO or ine LeRoy Woods; 27.5, Tom Neely n; 276. Albert Carl Crismaii. 277, Robert Tobiars n; 278, Ray- THE SMOKE OF SLOWER-BURNING CAMELS GIVES YOU- Alfred Leroy Coonich; 281, William Clyde Moser; 282, Frank Zelmore Murdough; 2H3, Hubert U. Jackson; 284, Michael Joseph Bombolaski; 235. Ruby Ruden Brogdon; 286. Charles Robert Penn; 287, Lewis Graham Thompson Jr.; 288, Grover"; Cleveland Tankersloy. ISourcl F, 376. Scibert Huey Haley; 377. Fred Thomas Powers; 378, .John Gussie Bird; 379. Aron White n; 380. La ranee Greer; 381, Robert Lansing Statler; 382, Aron Bed Kidd: 383, Charles Edward Met- Kansas City, Mo. IT7 LAST TIMES TODAY S KIN CH EMICl TROUBLES OF EXTERNAL AL CAUSE help and healing aid helped by antisepsis of Black and White Ointment soothes out burn, itch. First try does it or your money back. <i>'Vital in cleansing is good M. i soap,get Black and White Skin Soap, The Gulf Stream travels only about 40 miles per day. TYRES LIONEL BARRYM3RE URAINE DAY . Samuel S. Hinds • Gene Lockhart »aiPefi(3leton-Emma Dunn DirecleiJbirHjroldS.BucqucI Paramount News, Lnvry Clinton & Cartoon Continuous show from 1:45 lo p. m. TUESDAY BARGAIN DAY Matinee lOc & I5c Night lOc & 20c WORLD'S LARGEST SELLER AT 10* with Penny Singleton, Arthur Lake & I.firry Simms Also N 7 ovelty Short & C'omHv LISTEN TO KLCN 10:00 a.m.—12:45 p.m.--i:30 p.m. Phone Koxy 322 IT'S THE BASIS OF ROXY LAST TIMES TODAY HUSH HERBERT OUTFI BOOKS WILL BE CLOSED AFTER NOVEMBER 30TH Lyn P. Gooch, Collector Office of G. G. Caudill, BIytheville LESS NICOTINE than the average of the 4 other of the largest- selling cigarettes tested—less than any of them—according to independent scientific tests of the smoke itself. The latest sensation in Power Farming is Tru-draft. It is the newly discovered, correct principle for drawing farm implements with power. Tru-draft relieves unnecessary strain and greatly reduces operating costs. j Your new tractor must have Tru-draft to be up-to-date. It is a truly great contribution to Power Farming. OTT MULL INS TRACTOR CO. YARBIUX ARK. Come in AND SEE THIS NEW PRINCIPLE IN THE NEW AVERT. PEGGY MORAN • JOHNNY DOWNS - , .„ ^-^^S^SftvS^^-ii^^^^*^ A UNIVERSAL PICTURE 1E Fox News & Comedy BARGAIN DJiY TUESDAY-WEDNESDAY 10c & 20c HEART-THRILLING! UTHT1 *iis EDITH FELLOWS .M**^-T^rnm A Columbio Pic.ur. ^mW^AXTE Also Places" and light. n Fculner of Msigna, Utah. She : . nrollecl in an ordinarily all- malej" urveying course, because it. was av n-erequislte to a degree in land— cape architecture she is Read Courier News .want ads. HEADACHE use liquid CAPUOINE' For over 40 yoars Capudine has besn • ivtiiK tliuuhunda iiuiirk r«'!ipf from hf-ad- ucho, iifurulKiu, muscular itches, and uiujoi. ni>rv<-a. At:Is fait Ireause il'fl liquid. Follow dlrcclioiiii on lab*l. All (JruKglgU, iOc, aOe, 6(Jc bottle. Liquid CAPUDINE America's Newest Sandwich TKY ONE TODAY Ole Hickory Inn Acrou From nifb School Dr. Saliba's Clinic KYI-;, I«:AR, NOSH ;md THROAT 12H M, Kentucky Avi'., Coi'mT Franklin A Id-mucky CLASSICS I'Trrrcn .T. A. Salllm. IM.l).,, Ph.(i. Offke I'homs 418, Kes, 410 MR. FARMER We have a demonstrator MASSEY HARRIS TRIPPER COMBINE AT A UAKiT.AlN PRICE Either Power-Shaft Driven or with new motor assembly at bargain prices WE HAVE NEW MOTOR ASSEMBLIES FOR 1939 MODEL TRIPPER COMBINES AT MONEY-SAVING PRICES $220 F.O. B. Wilson, Ark. WK HAVR UP-TO-DATE REPAIR STOCK TRIPPER COMBINES WE APPRECIATE YOUR BUSINESS LEE WILSON & CO. WILSON, ARK. FOR OTICE NOVEMBER 30th LAST DAY To After November 30 penalties will be added as required by law. Unnecessary Expenses and Costs. Sub-District No, 1 of Carson Lake D.D.No.8 Orassy Lake and Tyronza 6. G. Ko.9 Sub-Districts No. 3 and No. 4.

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