Palladium-Item from Richmond, Indiana on January 25, 1913 · Page 3
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Palladium-Item from Richmond, Indiana · Page 3

Richmond, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 25, 1913
Page 3
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TITE TUCII3IOr;D PALLADIUM AND SUX-TELEGRA3I, SAT UK D A Y.-T A XL' A i? Y 1913. PAGE THREE. (SEEKING TO CHECK ALL TRADE STRIFE 'Millionaire Business Chiefs Would End War Between Capital and Labor. WILL HOLD A MEETING 'Favor Forming Each Industry in One Unit with Joint Managing Board. (National News Association) NEW YORK, Jan. 25 A plan of governmental and social industrial readjustment as far-reaching as the socialistic propoganda of universal brotherhood -will receive acceleration at the hands of the Efficiency society, which will hold its first annual meeting here Monday and Tuesday of next week. Headed by James G. Cannon, many times a millionaire, who is president of the society and of the Fourth National Hank, of New York, one of the largest banking institutions in the world, the Efficiency society is composed of a long list of millionaire1 captains of industry who banded together last March to cope with the growing dissatisfaction with industrial condition which has held the country in its grip. Keynote of Policy. The keynote of the society's industrial policy is the organization of an entire industry into a single unit with a joint board of administration on which employers, employes and the public shall be represented. Such an organization, states the society, could prevent strikes, prevent seasonal fluctuations, secure uniform sanitary regulations, solve the problems of employing and unemployment and effect joint purchasing and joint distribution methods as well as uniform accounting methods. The society also expects to show how the Government can add to national efficiency by the regulation of currency, of the tariff and the enactment of measures for reducing the cost of living. It will also urge the government to establish a National Bureau of Health, with the object of perfecting national hygiene and thus increasing individually the efficiency of the workers. To establish its far-reaching reforms the society will propose at its annual meeting, that the government establish an industrial relations committee to investigate and report recommendations for this readjustment. Active preparations to incorporate the proposed reforms on bills to be introduced at Washington will be begun In the near future. Other Reforms Sought. : Other reforms advocated by the society are: The enactment of laws making possible a "true industrial democracy"; the distribution of labor by governmental regulation; a readjustment of wages by the government; and the enforcement of safety standards on land and sea. ADDITIONAL SOCIETY MRS. LINDLEY ENTERTAINS. Bringing the week to a most fitting elose socially, the party given this afternoon by Mrs. Harlow Eindley at her home In College avenue, added to the pleasure of the many, affairs given throughout a busy, busy week. The party was in honor of the Senior girls of Earlham college, Mrs. Lindley also entertaining at this time the wives of the members of the College faculty. Red and black, the senior colors, were used in decorating the KANSAS WOMAN WHO SUFFERED From Headache, Backache, Dizziness and Nervousness, Restored to Health by Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound. Lawrence, Kans. " A year ago I was suffering from a number of ailments. I always had pain and was irregular. During the delay I suffered a great deal with headache.baek-ache, dizziness, feverish spells.nervous-ness and bloating. I had been married nearly three years. I took Lydia E. Pink -ham's Vegetable Comrwinrl nnrt nnm 1 feel better than I have for years. I recommend Lydia E, Pinkham's Vegetable Compound to all who suffer as I did." Mrs. M. Zecxer. 1045 New Jersey Street, Lawrence, Kansas. Montana Woman's Case. Bums. Mont.-" Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound cured me of awful backache which I had suffered with for months. I was so weak I could hardly do my work and my head and eyes ached all the time. Your Compound helped me in many ways and is a great strength-ener. I always recommend it to my friends and tell them what a grand medicine it is for women. You may use my name for the good of others.' Mrs. Joilv Francis, Burns, Montana. The makers of Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound have thousands of uch letters as those above they tell the truth, else they could not have been obtained for love or money. This medicine is no stranger it has stood the pest for years. Millionaires Who Have New Industrial System ' ' II'-'- 1 ' if 1 L1 . -. - - - , ; ' - - V: ? f ? jj .,v'-; - r - A X v. - p vs; ' .v: . - U.xyj J '';.$ :-r ,,.:v '-:'.:; ' Prominent members of the millionaire Efficiency Society which holds its annual meeting in New York, January 27-2S, for the purpose of accomplishing the universal brotherhood advocated by the socialists through greater efficiency in the administration of civic, municipal, federal and industrial affairs. On the extreme right is President James G. Cannon of the Association Mr. Cannon, who is also the president of the Fourth National Bank, of New York, is one of the leading spirits of the society. On the left at the top is Robert Hoe, the millionaire son of the late inventcr of the Hoe printing press, who heads the general committee of the society. At the bottom on the left is William Jay Schieffelin, of the firm of bai-"?rs of that name who heads the board of directors At the bottom on the right. Schuyler Skaats Wheeler, president of the Crocker-AVheeler Electric, Co., and also a member of the board of directors of the society. house. The dining room was especially attractive. In the center of the table was a basket of red flowers. At either end were pretty bow3 of black ribbon. During the afternoon Miss Laura Gaston played several numbers. Miss Agnes Kelly sang and Miss Ruth Scott, violinist and Miss Martha Scott, pianist, played beautifully. A delicious luncheon was served. The guests were: Miss Ramona Cox, Miss Margaret Hampton, Miss Cora Hocker, Miss Rubie Jones, Miss Florence Long, Miss Harriett MeMullen, Miss Mabel Neal, Miss Gertrude Simms, Miss Alice Rees, Miss Mary Taylor, Miss Isabelle Thomas, Miss Ora Wright. Miss Caroline Sharpless. Miss Vera dome. Miss Agnes Kelly. Mrs. Mary Kenworthy, Miss Helen Kenworthy, Miss Mary-Morrow, Miss Martha Scott, Miss Al-thea McClelan, Misa Mary Elliott, Miss Hazel Oler, Miss Mary Emma Smith, Miess Sallie Raiford. The guests invited to meet the seniors were Mrs. R. L. Kelly. Mrs. W. N. Trueblood, Mrs. D. AY. Dennis, Mrs. K. P. Trueblood. Mrs. Elbert Russell, Mrs. A. M. Charles, Mrs. A. D. Hole, Mrs. Edwin Morrison, Mrs. J. H. Coffin, Mrs. H. N. Holmes. Mrs. AV. O. Mendenhall. Mrs. M. S. Kenworthy, Mrs. AV. C. Woodward, Mrs. Glenn Thistlethwaite, Mrs. J. M. Gluys, Mrs. May J. Ballard, Mrs. M. S. Markle, Mrs. E. A. Fisher, Mrs. Minnie Cox, Mrs. DeArmon, Mrs. Rea, Mrs. Glenn Friermoood, Mrs. Finly Newlin, Mrs. Harvey Wright, Mrs. Ellsworth Ellis, Miss Elizabeth Conrad, Miss Elsie Marshall. Miss Laura Gaston, Miss Agnes Johnson. Miss Bertha Miller, Miss D. Elva Mills, Miss Edith Leb-betts, Mrs. Maud Peterson. FOR MR. JOHNSON. Benjamin Johnson will Mrs. enter- tain with a dinner this evening at her i pretty home in North Eleventh street, ! day is celebrating his eightieth birthday anniversary. Flowers and ferns wlil be used in the appointments. Waivers will be laid for fourteen guests. DINNER PARTY. Mr. and Mrs. John M. Lontz gave a pretty informal dinner last evening at their beautiful home in Westcitt j Place complimentary to Rev. and Mrs. j Thomas J. Graham. Ping roses adorned the table. Places were arranged for Rev. and Mrs. Graham, Mr. and Mrs. P. W. Smith, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Lontz, and Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Lontz. ENTERTAINED CHOIR. Rev. and Mrs. Stoval, entertained the choir of the First Baptist church last evening at their home in South Fifteenth street, complimentary to their neice. Miss Corinne Bacon of Detroit. Michigan. The house were spent socially. Refreshments were served. PROGRAM ANNOUNCED. The following is the program the Epworth League of First M for E. church Sunday evening at 6:30 p. m: Leader Miss Bertha Brown. Song "I'll Go where you Want Me to Go." Song "The Morning Light is Breaking." Prayer. Song "The Wonderful Story." Lesson. Piano Solo Miss Vandora McGee. Cornet Solo Mr. Ralph Brown. Song "The whole wide world for Jesus." Benediction. All members and friends interested are cordially invited to attend. TO ENTERTAIN CLUB. Mrs. Carl Meyers will entertain the members of the So-So club Friday afternoon of the coming week at her home in South A street. NEW RULE. There is a new rule in regard to the hat pin and that is that it must match the bat. With a white hat a white pin must be worn, but it may be rammnded with jewels of the color i of the plume. A black hat pin of jade. About two hundred and fifty-ebony or of jet goes with a black ! guests will probably enjoy the festivi- hat, but it also may be relieved with jewels. In fact, many of the spring hats will have the hat pin of the same color as the hat or as part of the trimming. TO INDIANAPOLIS. Mrs. Mary Landwer and Miss Jean-nette Landwer went to Indianapolis this afternoon to see "The Daughter of Heaven" at the English. DANCE LAST NIGHT. Many of the young people of the city attended the informal dancing party Fourteenth street. The members are given last evening by Mr. Cari Haner j invited to be present. and Mr. Wray Draper, in the Pythian j Temple. This was the party which! ENTERTAINED CLUB, was to have been given at Christmas i Mrs. Thomas Williams entertained time, but was postponed. Piano and! the members of a sewing club Thu re-drums furnished- the dance music. ! day afternoon at her home in East There were several out-of-town guests. jMain street. The afternoon was spent ; socially and with needlework. Refresh ATTENDED ASSEMBLY j The assembly held last evening in the i Odd Fellows hall after the Friday evening dancing class had received its instructions was well attended. Piano and drums furnished the dance music. PARTY YESTERDAY. The ladies of the Reid Memorial Presbyterian church enjoyed an informal thimble party yesterday afternoon at the church. There was a large attendance. Refreshments were served. A GUEST HERE. Mr. Grant Shaw, of Trinidad. Colorado, formerly of this city, was the guest, of Air. and Mrs. S. C. Byers. of South Eleventh street, the first of the week. Mr. Shaw was called to Eaton on account of the death of his brother land stopped in Richmond enroute to ibis home. While here he called on manv of his old friends. MEETS MONDAY. A meeting of the Mary F. Thomas i W. C. T. IT. will be held Monday aft- ; ernoon at the Morrisson-Reeves li-1 brary. The members are urged to be ! present as this will be a business meet-! ing. I ENTERTAINED CLUB. j Mrs. Will Campbell entertained the I members of the Thursday bridge club j this afternoon at her home in East Main street. Bridge was played at sev- J era! tables. ! I! " MEETS MONDAY. The Ticknor club will meet Monday afternoon with Mrs. Harry Mather at her home in South Eighth street, in- stead of meeting with Mrs. I. M. Hughes as announced book. in the year ENTERTAINED GUESTS. Mrs. Walter Eggemeyer entertained lnformady yesterday afternoon at her apartments in the Arden out-of-courte- j sy to Mrs. Ralph Hinkle of Chicago. I Mrs. Hinkle who has been visiting! ... . , , . , , .. .miss tiazei rtoaca win return oouie today. TO INDIANAPOLIS. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas M Kaufman j of the Pelham apartments will go to .Indianapolis next week where they will attend a house-party. They will be guests at the elaborate ball to be given by the Maennerchor society at the Maennerchor club house. This is an annual ball and will be a masquer- Blood Humors Commonly cause pimple?, boils, hives, eczema or sait rheum, or some other form of eruption; but sometimes they exist in the system, indicated by feelings of weakness, languor, loss of appetite, or general debility, without causing any brakicg- out. They are expelled and the whole system Is renovate, strengthened and toned by E-iood's Sarsaparilla Get It today in nrual llq'i'd form or Chocolated tabiats cUi4 Saratbs. V t f i - i i it ties. They will be guests of honor at several other events while there. PARTY AT MURRAY. Miss Hazel Roach, Miss Grace Smith, Mrs. Hinkle, of Chicago, and Miss Jeannette Landwer, formed a box party at the Murray theater last evening. DORCAS SOCIETY. A meeting of the Dorcas society will be held Monday afternoon with Mrs. j William Seeker at her home in South ments were served. TO REPEAT PLAY. The play which was presented this week at the St. Andrew's church by i members of the Hymettus Literary so ciety will be repeated Sunday. WHEN YOU ARE BILIOUS. Food ferments in ycur stomach when you are bilious. Quit eating and take a full dose of Chamberlain's Tablets. They will clean out and strengthen your stomach and tomorrow you will relish your food again. The best ever for biliousness. For sale by all dealers. Pe-rn-na for A great many leases of rheuma- !tism take no oth- ,'1'er remedy than i' Pe-ru-na. I am in receipt of testi-"I'monials frequent ly from rheumatic subjects who Koon v.ptip. fited by the use of Pe-ru-na. A f n-pat manv recov- ! eries have been! made, although I J have never re-j commended Pe- ! S. B. Hartman, M. D., ru-na for rheuma-, j Columbus, Ohio. tism especially. ; u is ea,y for me to efi however) how Pe-ru-na could be used as a remedy j for rheumatism with very excellent t ! rpK,,n 1 Acid Stomach Makes Rheumatism. x uuuu.t: id, r. mi uifctuuu. i ine digestive organs have not done I their work properly. Or if thev have i the appropriate organs are sluggish. ! Or the excretory organs. Now. what I should do is to give Pe-ru-na in these cases. First because Pe-ru-na w:ll certain - . - - - - 1 ly stimulate digestion, sharpen the ; ic rheumatism or acute rheumatism be-appetite. increase the relish of food. gin the use of Pe-ru-na, after they have Second, Pe-ru-na will quicken the taken a bottle or so, if they wish they circulation of blood, thereby making i can consult me. appropriation better. The food after j u js digested must be taken up by the glands and carried to the tissues where it is needed. Third, Pe-ru-na will stimulate the excretory functions, the kidneys, the solitary glands, and the liver, as well as the bowels. Fourth, should there be a catarrhal R. ai sorra Rjrra t, rickmoxix rxta, orncB OATS mo5dat, ttesdat, ry AJTD iATlRUAT OP EACH WTEK, v r- 'I . KICNHT?. t? ur-v aibKiFSlA t: - 1 r. -r lor tm!l M, Pemal Ptowaaaa Lavsa of A. r-'.nrv ra i i'Ttriait nr tia ntttirrt wunnf atutiu r m GET A TEN GEHT BOX OF GASGARETS Insures you for months aganst Headache, Biliousness, Constipation or a Bad Stomach. Put aside just occe the Salts. Cathartic Pills. Castor Oils or purgative waters, which merely force a passageway through the bowels, but do rot thoroughly cleanse, freshet and purify these drainage or alimentary organs, and have no effect whatever upon the liver and stomach. Keeu vonr inside orsaus pure and t fresh with Cascarets. which thorough jly cleanse the etomach. remove the un - j digested, sour and fermenting food from the fiver, and carry out of the systfm all the constipated waste matter and poisons in the intestines and bowels. A Cascaiet tonight will make you feci, great by morning. They work while you sleej- never gripe, eicken and cost only 10 cents a box from your druggist. Millions of men and women take a Cascaret now and then and never have Headache, Biliousness coated tongue.' Indigestion, Sour Stomach or Constipated bowels. Cas-carets belong in every household. Children just love to take them. (Advertisement) Amusements At th Murray. Vaudeville Matinee and Night. St. Andrew's School. Sunday Afternoon Play. Coliseum. Feb. 16 Minneapolis Symphony Orchestra. At the Gennett. Jan. L'9. Recital at Gennett. Feb. 17 High School Minstrels. "The Seal of Confession." The great success of 'A Victim of the Seal of Confession," given on Wednesday and Thursday evenings of this week by the Hymettus Literary-Society of St. Andrew's in the new Parish Hall, caused many requests for its repetition and it will, therefore, be given again on Sunday afternoon at three o'clock. The same admission w ill be charged for adults with a small entrance fee for children. "The Cat and the Fiddle." The attraction at the Murray for one week starting Monday is the pronounced success and beautifully staged musical extravaganza, "The Cat and the Fiddle," which has scored a series of triumphs in all the larger cities throughout the United States and Canada the past three seasons. There is nothing small about this production from its magnificently equipped stage accessories and mechanical effects to the large and capable company with its well trained beauty chorus. "The Cat and the Fiddle" Is on the order of "The Wizard of Oz," "The Top of the World," "Babes in the Woods," "Mother Goose," but in its own peculiar line stands in a class by itself. It combines all the attractiveness of extravaganza with the beauties of the spectacular. Its nine scenes are j marvels of beauty, illusion, transform- j ation and mystifying stage craft. The Rheumatism condition of the stomach or bowels rheumatism is almost inevitable. A , mucous membrane affected by catar- j rn cannot pertorm its function proper-. either in furnishing the appropriate digestive juices or in absorbing the j product of digestion. Pe-rn-na, there-1 fore, is an excellent remedy, as it j tends to remove the catarrh and to produce a normal condition of the mucous membrane. Pe-ru-na Protects Against Rheumatism. A remedy that will do these things does protect the system against rheu matism. Even after the rheumatism has begun it is helpful if not absolute ly necessary that such a remedy be ; taken, in order to prevent the further accumulation of the morbid materials j in the food. j This is the way I should treat rheu i matism, i do not regard Fe-ru-na as : a specific for rheumatism. Not by ! any means, l woum not can it a j rheumatic remedy. But it is a remedy I for di I tion. When these functions are prop- ' rlv stimulated and rprntatMt thT cause of rheumatism is removed, and jn this way much benefit is derived. ! swt ,rru,f ; . . . ... . c. V i j i j 1 1 Pe-ru-na, Man-a-lin and La-cu-pia, j manufactured by the Pe-ru-na Com- j pany, Columbus, Ohio. Sold at all j drug stores. No. 41. ASK YOUR DRUGGIST FOR FREE PERUNA ALMANAC FOR 1913. A. WALLS SPECIALIST oa mostb'i Treat tavent OP TTT3 THROAT, LCTTOf LIVE it Tj BU.DDER. RUE CM ATI Sit PISSASES OK THE BLOOD. Ei - v rilal fa r. rmr Tri- ,r. mm X. m. v n. . Ylf&itt - r from IattineT'amm Pi'.m mam atmosphere created affords delight to j both old and young, stimulating the happy davs of childhood to the form. I rd for any ce o Catarrh thai can-er , isot bi cured bv ljall s Catarrh Car. The pricipals are said to have been ! J- CHENEY. & CO. Toledo. O st-lected from among the best timber in musical extravaganza. Many clever new song numbers are introduced throughout the action of the piece, among the number being 'My Maid in the Moon," Mother Goose Fables." "In the Shadow of An Old Date Tree," "I've Never Keen Introduced to You," etc. Hiqh School Minstrels One vt the interesting events of the ; amateur season will be the minstrel shiw gien in the Gennett on Febru-j ary 17th by a number of the high j i school t-tudents. Mr. Howard Mes-j i sirk a cVvpr aniatpur and hn was! ; a hu in (he la,t mhl8trel9 Kjven : j ....... ! will be the interlocutor, ami other popular amateurs, including Edward Ryan, Clarence Turner and Benton Barlow, will appear. The affair is be ing given for the benefit of the V. M. ; C. A. at a popular price. The Murrette. i The usual big Saturday bargain day j will be in vogue today at the popular ! Murrette theater and tour excellent ' subjects are arranged for. "The Silver t Plated Gun" is the title of a Western) in the leading role. Photo fans will J recall the artistic work of Mr. Kerri-ean in "The Awakening." which was shown last Thursday. Other subjects j are. "The Masqueraders," a Majestic ' drama, "Sir Thomas Upton," a Key- j stone comedy , and "For Lizzie's ! Sake" another mirth provoking Key stone. MOTORCYCLE NOTES Mr. and Mrs. B. F. Faust, who have arrived on their motorcycle in Canton, Ohio, having ridden the 2,000 miles from Fenix, Coahuila, Mexico, are relating a story which illustrates one legitimate use of the open muffler. During their journey they were at- Sore 1 evry mother could j rp. . realize the danger that j I rirOfll lurk behind every case of j Wisdom re throat, she wouldn't rest until she had efiected a cure every time a cniia naa it. Your family physician will verify the statement that it is a positive f uct that every child with sore throat is in immediate danger of contracting Croup, Quinsy, TonfilitU or Diphtheria, arid is not remove! from that dancer until the throat Ucured. Think of it! Liniment or outward application of medicines do not and cannot cure the ailment, though they may offer temporary relief. Neither can you cure tcrs throat with a cough eyrup or a co! 1 cure. j To cure, you must pet at tha scr.t of J the disease, removing the cause. ?votli-i in; does that so iukklt, safely and j surely as TONSILIN'E. A single dose of j TONSJLINE taken upon iha ir?t apper- j ance of sore throat may f avo lone weeta ot sickness, prat expense, worrv, even death. TON51L1NE is the stitch in time. Use a little cre throat wirJom ami buy a bottle of TONSILINE tocla3 You may need it tomorrow. TONSILINE is the standard sore throat remedy bet known and most effective and mtt used. Lock for the Ion? nocked fcilow on the bottle wl en vou bo to the drug a tore to pet it. .j cents nn 1 .'0 cents. Ucspital Size $1.00. 5.11 Druggists. MURRAY Musical 20-PEOPLE-20 Singing Girls Dancing Girls NO ADVANCE IN THE PRICES 7S1B t1 JT V . F f V.7n I KmWJ wis nn THIS WEEK MOONLIGHT THURSDAY NIGHT it : Popular Excurslosis Round Trip Rates to New Orleans, Mobile or Pensa-cola, Florida, only $23.43. Account of iMardi Gras celebration. Selling dates January 26th to February 3rd. Final return limit, March 3rd. Round Trip Fares to Washington, D. C., account of Inauguration, 21.85. Selling dates Feb. 2S and March 1st and 2nd. Final return limit, March Oth, with stop over privileges. For particulars call n C. A. BLAIR, HOME TELEPHONE 2112. How's This? We offer One Hundred Dol'.ars Rt F. J. Cheney for the lus-t 1T years, ana believe him perfectly honcrabl in U business transactions and f:natclUt able to carry out any obligations mad hy his firm. NATIONAL. BANK OF COMMERCE. Toledo, O. Halls Catarrh Cure is tak.-n itte:-rally, pot'i-.g dirt -tlv vpon the rlol raid mucous surfacfrs of th stttv.. Testimnr.ials sent free. PrU-e jcorS per bottle. Hold by all Pri'fc:t-, T?ke Halt's Family Pill for icuslh latlon. (Advert"' it', ont) tacked by a pack of coyote. In tt emergency Faust turned Kx t, muffler and iucrvasd his pid Th noiso of the open nniftVr soured tb animals away and the increased fpeed soon took the rider out of dancer. Motorcycles have been adopted bv the public library of the City of Angeles, Cat. rjfU The Storekeeper t , i Must be pleasant and eourtwus to hold trm.i. Ileetn't be bright c I Kwart if he is unfitted headach. Don't let b.iche Impair you nsfulnes. HICKS' CAPUDIT4E CURES HEADACHE enablei yon to ran on high ped get at the btadache cause, whether heat, cold, nervouenesa or grirP Capudin U liquid. rlean to tftkac ffwtiv. Aftor i furi Jon. yoo II pity th roi mho don't kww Iku 1'apuJLaa. 60c at drag atorM. Trial aia. ltta. MURRETTE TODAY-WEEKLY BARGAINS "THE SILVER PLATED GUN" (Western) "THE MASQUERADERS" (Pramal SIR THOMAS LIPTON (Comedy) "FOR LIZZIE'S SAKE" (Comedy) Don't Be Late Today Honey to Loan Ue our money to pay your little outstanding debts. We w511 give you plenty of time to pay it back, from one month to one year. We make loans from "$10 up on household goods, plano, etc., and all business strictly confidential. Mail or phone applications receive prompt attention. THE STATE INVESTMENT & LOAN CO. 40 Colonial Bldg. Phone 2560. Richmond, Indiana 71 rv nil. vpy II k m i mm BflONDAY PuUGIC AND FUN Poster Girls Sailor Girls NO ADVANCE IN THE PRICES ----- - -- - -- ----- - Oo ! City Ticket Agent.

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