The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 13, 1933 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 13, 1933
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Served by the United Press BEVTHEV1LLE COUKIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAl'ER OF NORTHEAST AltKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI HOME EDITION VOL. XXX—NO. I7fl UlytrjevlhV Daily. Mr*-a. lilslUcvUle Courier. Mississippi Valley l*»der. Hlvth^vlilr Herald. MLY'MIKVM.I.l-:. AKKANSAS, KUIDAV, OlTOP.UK I:!, li SlNGLli COPIES FIVE CENTS \. Loiiclor of Rand of Identified ;is tsc Indiana Convict. LIMA, O.. Oct. a. IUP' — killers, who invndi-d --- . ^ ._ ( local jail lo murder the sh'.-rid and j '' '"- 1 -'" !1 '••''• free a prisoner, were sought tortay in Ohio and Indiana. SheritI Jc.-w L. Sarbcr Uii-d a '•>-'- minuter, after ho was shot by gun- inon who freed John Uiili!i:j:-r. alleged bank robber. Eeioie ?•<•' he identified a- picture of Ilarr--' Copelfiiid, c-scaped convit-l from ill? Indiana slate pjrnilcn'.larv. A!', tin 1 others wert believed to have i-:-!-^ . taped with Coprl.-mJ several \«-ck:| IskC'i ago. , \ Dillingcr accompanied his li'jera-j tors in Iheh- flight. [ Sitrbci's wife and l>jputy S' p :i-r- : ilf Wilbur Sharp were with Barberj when three c! ihc men cir.'j:-eU tlr.'' jail. Tiie man identified as Cope- !;iiid (Itmand'Ki DiUin-jrr. Sarbs:' Slayer of Policeman i Dies in Chicago Chair; CHICAGO. Ort. 13. (UPl-M)!-' ris Cohen. :i8, Hie firs', man n b | j executed iji Chiua^o's inu-iibive | i-amimyn crime, launched; last summer, was cijttrcnilrd 1:1- ( to.j- '...e .-.byin^, m 11 [yil.rv-, j mail t'.vo months a-4:j. j Tne LOiKleinnecl man cnltri-d it:" : I i'lass paneled death dumber in til'.-; * | criminal courts biiihlin;; lit l'J:l/j' ,||ntn. ami was pronuiiiiied :1< ad b; ,1^ physicians .•-.evjn minutes later. Colicn was convicted and s'-a- lenceil lo dea'.h nine days ;ifl?r '.;• i v j killed Joseph Hastings v.-hcn '.rv :>'!• ,... I luv.-i»;an ,so!ji:h[ l-j am-sl him in Yes, They'll Be Man-inl-To^elher -. i Agrccmenl Unlikely. BY MOHKIS Cll.»i:KT SKA Serviic!' Curri-ypumli-nl GENEVA.—Over tin- world :lii armament conference, sciicdulfit f 0[X'ii here Oct. 10. li.ins; two ever deepening shadows. One is tlie shadow o! a fi.'::nan.. ; where the v:ur .spirit is sin(-;i:l:n- , like a raBins fever, a Germany I'nr.; | again feels powerful enough to 1111:. I the gngo of battle. . 'Hie oilier !s the ^hado 1 . 1 :. d.irk<:ii- | _ _ ing uho the eniire l-\tr Ka: ; '.. i.t .., S'J'nd ill Opposition Rutso-Japancw war. ,,. i , , • ,i • ! Staiesmen talk frankly of :i«\ to Hitlers Antl-UniOll. cr-nnicl 1 ;. C-argts and co'jnltr-j I -iivf Atlihirlf ;Char E es. mcrra-sinR m biV-irju-E-... l.dDCr millUtlC. •, ,, mimalo from r- Mn -M :00;n::. Olll i of Paris comes tt-.e aJlL-^aliun that | WASHINGTON, Oct. 13 (UP)-- ,, lllL11 . pla ,, s ,„ inva , lc Pr21! ,, lnnl , Tiie American Federation of l.abov '.oday declared Switzerland. Out of Berlin tomes! for his credent;^; ami Con-." • thcr t . omtt .. i( , s y declared a boycott against ft acman rt lo arm O ' n a " WC ap:n for! is inai!^ in Germany and In wcapon ^.,. ,,. uh p,..,,,^. Mor;;n .. v ; Go vcnior s Vvni Will Have Plenty of Opposition at Special Session. Collision Near Memphis Costs Lives of Two MEMPHIS. Tenn., Oct. 13. IUP) — An niitoinoblle collision last midnight on Bristol highway left two ]>c!>>tni.'> dead iind two others in critical o'nilltkm In n lio.spUul here. Vitlina Dawci'y. It), of Uawlinx, Cii'i'i-n. Ky.. und :in iinitli-ntllied in-- i |vu>. driver of tlio sccniul mar liv, [;;l| III thi 1 crash, wi-le klll'Tl •Jiilriijhl.', IV. U1 ' Had Rrai Missing Since I upsday. IIV HICHAKI) I. HAKKNi:SS I I'rcw Stuff Curicsp'llKlnil JEl'TEfiSON CITY, Mu. lUI'J-- A i.|X'cliil Kesslon ot the 4.7th %?»- crnl asM-inUly of MLwouri. OOP <i( Hi-.' imiwrliint in rrcenl years. will cunvciu: Mere 'IM'sdny "I '^K 11 noon. Tin' H'slsl-.unre '.«>s suinmow'd by Om. Guy D. Hark to: ' I ! 1. PaiB luldltlonnl tax inei\auros 10 net the stale an i-xtr.i $10.000,- [ W)0 ;i year for two years. 1'. FleiH'nl tlw Mlsriourl [iroiiiljl lion luw unit set up a system of : Mule Utiiior conirol. a. tnuibie cltlL's of 75.000 or lr.-.s InlhibllnnLs to increase U:eir bond- LX! Indcbtolncss (o finance public work proJL'Cts on municipal elcr- (rlciiy, t;ns and water pliints. ^. Submit to the public Hie miB> Miss Kmina llml, IM. ii! Naslivilil'.! Ls In linguist hospital 'Mill u b!"j::vii luck. Khc Is par.ityocd [rum the I rips down. ; Jcime.s 1". Compion of NasliviKi: I was Mill unran^-lmis this .iliiT-! MKMPIUS. Tain.. Oct. 13 IOP) noon with a niHi'-d skull. | --Dlscoveiy last midnight of tlie — -•• |iuKlv of Dr. E. A. Glllc.sule, who ' . was Ijeati'ii lo death In lh« Dack : of Ills home, solved, tin; <ik- of the 17-yras-oiil ic tired physician. nfll IflPi " e '""' ** cl1 "'i"' 11 " since 'liic-s- Ulll II L [duv Inil relatives toid police they [III Ihr llhomdit he va\ visiting his Misi u i- >»>>! sisslppi piniitfillon. An hour ;iflnr the body was ' lakcn to His Gi'Mvo at Early Mor- riino Hour. hour ;iftnr Ihe body found isvo M>iiii of the shiln man, Coinfid K. Gillesple, 4f>, piiatrna- i-isl. and Basil E. Olllesple, :I8, an unemployed automobile, mechanic, were inken (o police hearttumrterr, and detnlned for tiner.tlonliK;. Tlicy mado UH'lr home with their tttiv- yovernmciiL-i l:uiU prcdui-cd i pittol. When Sar-I havl , opl]C ^..',i ~ fm . ImJl . m ^ an or . li:-r Mrs. for hi-; !v_-^ .sha',. Stop ,?a:iivi:iion. 7,-eapon charges a CJilncso ":^ cv Jaoan. T tlon of J15.000.000 r-rn :-.\!!\vny j T[|>l:e.i in! Th toyco . t ^ ori lnal , y pIannH , ominons Icrm? (illicitly locked in a erf:. While or. - | for acrlli ; n y aloll( f was * ^tended Friincr Gl ' ls lnto Al '"" 1 opened Dlllinger's col', ihe stripped '.he jail o: nil nrnr; aiul arnm'.initlon. lo oilier countries when Ihe fcd- tralion's resolutions committee in- - .. . . ported Us belief that it would be P rcsc ' nt \ lmlic f f ™f- "="" m,wi,e to single out one govern- ™^ n ^,,,^'!;:| n ^.- ***. ' :3;1 mem. H-s K ni,,, to ,«. „,»„*.. blo^onu M»,I fcr Batey „,, Violet! «»• .-,*» the HLton slsU'rs. niiiiL-O HianK'se w.ui>.. univcu In Ken- York Jrom 11 tour of England, as rliown iierc. their .'•niliins iiiinounceinenl all public work proje.-ts. b. Puss Icalsk'tlon benefitling Pi-aiicc calls for Great Britain. Italy, and the- United states to .'. Ge'r- US OJtj the Soviet on Us stand In eveni ol j Ihreaie-ns :li•:-! wa>- thai 'hcy'il both be man-led in a double ceremony about Christ- banks and bank depositors, by iii- nntl Daly's husband, lowing the ,,lMtltnllon 5 lo Job llic fcileval Deposit IiuurBhcc Cor|ioru- !:i. : i. Vioit-t. (It'lli is to tni.rry Mi Eni;lish >alU. I", to /;wLv Clik-:i~.o orrhcMrn. Icudtr. much further in Hitler regime. Patrolman Kidnaped LEBANON. Ind., Oct. 13. CUP) — Ernest Richaixison. state police patrolman, was kidnaped icday b:' (T.'n mtn believed lo i.ave been connected with Ihe escape of Jo'nn Dil- linvcr frotn Hie I.:ma, O- ja:i la.. 1 night. Freed In Indianapolis . INDIANAPOLIS. Ind.. 'Oct. 13. (U'PI—Ernest Richardson. Indiana; patrolman, was kidnap:-;! near Lsb- .11:1011.. ImL.. toJfiy but was. re.- lcfi.sed in Iiidfaivajiolis. ?<? Cotton Plow-up j Chet-ks Received Here; Sixly-'.ix checks were receiver'. 1 inday by J. E. Otilz. county agricultural agent, today for disiribu- tio:i lo Chicknsawba disnicl farmers who participated in the government's cotton acreage reduction campaign. Receipts of. the group to.lav reduces to about 50C, Ihe number ve- iniiiiiin? oui of the original group j ped down from a colton «-a»on on ugly that virtually everyone In Gc- of 1750 yel lo be received here ' Hi^way 61 a mile south o! Osc:-' : iKva is rrr-Jy 'o ailniit—privaloly. Checks received here today repre-!ola at the home of hi.: sister at! at least—:r.a'. the French probably Discussion of the boycott center- a Hitler coup. She threatens :li•:- cd entirely on the German situ- closures of treaty by ation Prc'sidi-nt. William Green, many. exhorting the convention to tup- All the great European pur.. Ihe committee's report, (ie- are in a turmoil. Russia • clartd he himself would have b'one i'er ulmosi 10 avoid war. l)ui will condemning Ihe figiu. Back in' the wing= .,iaii£s Japan, her face a mask back ol winch no Occidental can s-:e. The whole disarmament structure K reeling. Japan announc-"i her withdrawal frcm the Lea jue of Nations and it 'is felt c.'rliin that, sin will refuse any proposal affecting her armament'. Rus'ln. In i'nat case, assuredly would follow srtit. If the Soviet look this course, tl-.en Poland and her neigl:b:rs al- liiticr Menai-e Groiis Until Ihe Japanese-Russian cri 1 sis suUilenly nrose. the one great . menace to world p?ae^ was nekncwl- OSCEOLA. Ark.. Oct. 13.—Luther edged to be Atloli Hitler. Baincs. 53, of Booneville. Miss., was. His menace has grown like the critically injured when he was. genii in the bottle. It lowers above struck by a passing ear as lie sl?u- Mont Blanc. It is so black I lion. — I 6. AlUw stale building nnd tan .ST. I.O'JIK. Oci. ill lUt'i — II itlves t'l CIU'; Winklir. tlie late Jhli'iivu BiinnMiT. executed a 1-VI-j Conrad and !Ja.sll Gillespic told - :lay-'.ni'-13lli maneuver Kitlay; police te nUht they were not SI tiliuincil over the dlsapiwanince of •In Oll- lyeii.frpln funeval toilav at 10 a. in. ' Mississippi ni'.U reported (hat their Arising ubmil R u. in., It wivj | itither was not on the nlnntntlon. arneil. the family went, tn the A billfold containing $£G In • Dr. tuiioml parlors and ordered sm - -1 Oille-sp!^-; hip pocket had not 1-5 ut (i u. m, Simultaneously sis men arrived from Chicago, ile.clnr- in, i 'which completely ouuvitied St. uliumcd over the dlsapiwanin uvu tjumi Loii(s ixjiu . (! unil ll( , w ,,pn iK , niu . n iheir fiither until Dr. Edwin itaiton u. lc|| , ( , U) wu(t:)l hls K .h(. c iii]ed ! lespie, a third son, arrived lienai in- fll .,, , i.,,. 0 .. ... if. n M . M!<i*,tssiiin\ nr.d rerxirted ilvjt ed they were friends of WlnVler. and took the body to Park Luwni dlslurbetl. The house, liow- cvor, had been entered and ; tw6 Coin-i Aullionzes ci Depositions Clerk at Hot Springs. i associations to guln aW from •federal government ihi'ougii t.'.e federal Home Ownfrs' Coriwr.-itlon. 1. Guarantee, of life Inxuiancr policies by the coJiipanlti. T.n Boosts Oppusetl jjtructlons lo-scnn the 1 Governor Park, juusin^ from all I |,inenil crowd for any Indications, will not find tlie path members of gangland wanted here. ,.... . „ . . v) . , nny too smooth In gaining passage -i-].,. winkler family, however, coin ' lllinCl c Man Charged \Vlln of, Ws enlire program. Ills tax rei 1 -1 [iielcly balked ihat plan. P - • • T D I, Ammendallons—Increase tho • cor- Ol'UClpailOll In \ taanK -poratlon franchise tax,.(ncreasc t:.o inlsslnu. 'This Is murder." wild Capuiin cemetery ' ' I Prank Glisson of the police. de- 1'olicv' and ncwr, men. tent. In. pmlmeiil. "I am satlfflwl Ihot l.-iicc the six frlciulK. inomcntiirlly' roblicrv was not the matlvr-.;^ reported llwy coultl not qml their men. The police were miller in- expected 31?n Feared Fatal- lv Hurl in Accident To-, dav Near Osceola. ::ntcd SU.OOO. Closing Stock Prices ': noon [oday. I The injured man's head was fractured and his life despaired of • points = were right. The Fivnri CA.RUTIIERSVIl.LK, Mo — A i nrellmlparv hearing will be held here tomorrow for Clyde Owen. hce brcn one of the two men who Zal B. Harrison of the Mississippi county probate court made an ov- der here this mornin? authorizing proof of the will of the Inte R. E. Lee Wilson of this county to be taken by deposition before Jam?s C. William's, clerk of the probate court of Gai-iand county. Ark., al Hot Springs, which is the place of residence of the four attesting witnesses io tlie Instrument-. The purported will was present- • bery. but the arrest of Owen Is sales and a erce'f sales tax, levy a tax on tobacco—will find opponents) aplenty In bath the centile. and the] house. ' Although the senators and rep- . ot DuQuoln, 111 alleged to rescntaUvc ,. ,.„„„ lnnl ift slnlc „,„„ c [ vl , held up the Bank of Sleele on AMMO lo July n und csonped with M Mfi. Two men. Arvey Hustings and {Q borrow list payroll and thai uneniploy- nELLK FEDEUL Sled-Barred ,,R a m > Raymond \ 1 ^n.l Iiave nlread ment work v.-inta $4.000,000 and '$0,000,- thews, former sheriff, has in the rob- ed In conn here .t' morning J. H. Grain and W. P. Wilson, .s^iil . first of nu alle^r-d inlnelnnl. Inxes. The people, they say. will p.ot stand the additional burden. ! Governor Park, anticipating this ' objection lo his program, has at- lo be tlie designated executors, nil' 4 , of the co-conspirators, has also M,,,. Aivev Hastings, wife of one l<»"Pt«l lo make the new tuxes as "' as possible. He urged e.ncl Cierman vicw- diametrically ojiposite A. T.'and T Anaconda Copper Bethlehem S'.eel . Cliryslev Cities service Coca Cola 117 1-8 . 14 1-4 . '32 5-8 . 41 1-8 .. 21-2 . 03 by physicians here.. He was rushed on the way to sun disarmament, to I'ne Bnutisl hospital at Memphis France calls for a four-year test a Swifi ambulance. period, with r.o reduction, and no Genera! Amwican 'Rink 30 l-'J General Electric 20 General Motors International Harvester Montgomery Wr.rrt New York Central Packard Phillips Petroleum .... Kadio Simmons Beds 37 19 5-8 3G I--! 3 3-4 15 1-4 7 3-4 20 5-8 ! E. J. Anderson of Memphis, tiriv- increases for Germany, under an I er of the car which siriirk Bamw. supervision system, •arranged for the in.iiired man lo b? Germany says. "Disarm now or | sent to the hospital. ; grant us armament equality." The accident was declared un-j Control of armaments, il is ad- avoidn'.ile nfier an investi-iatiou bv : milted, must b? a'.i'.omalic. crTcc- ,Jake Tlirailkill. dr-onlv s^erifT nu-1 i live, and ^rmaneiit. But it that ! highway officer, who indicated thai '. control icTeals that some nation I no charge would be preferred >-as been hammering its plowshares I against Anderson. , into icng-rangv guns and tossing j Riinw is the father of Mrs. H.iaway its jiriniing hoDks to lake up i Ccpel.ind. a lennut farnur ?n I Driver piace below O?ceoin. bv Iheir auomevs. Dagaett a.:U ! been urrostcd and accused of. nc- ">e legislature to abolish the sta e " ' rcssorv to Ihe crime. She will be "al estate tax. substituting lu Its the'coM-l's order to toko".he projf given "a lienrint! Ocl 20. • P !;icc '"<= sales and tobacco (axes. said to have been iden- Beer and liquor lie believes, should by de;K)silion. Tiie witnesses whs.^j Owen is s.... ....names were affixed to the purported' llfied bv Matthews, who confes.s«l carry inelr rlgntlut share will are Charle.s E. Garrett and H.'.his guilt shortly after the robbery WeU Want Wide Open Sir, e King Wade, bMS physicians. John -.-ntl vas r. prlncinal witness ngalnstl The wets and dr>s have drawn P. Mflnier and James C- Cameron. Harlincs and Michie. I t!:el,- battle lines for a fight eve. all of Hot Springs. The iuvestl««ilon lending to nr- liquor control. The wets, from SI The order authorizing the clirk's rssl of the DuQuoln nmn was con- Louis Kansas City and other mel- takin^ of the depositions provide-:.' ducted by Kercenl Reed of the ropol tan areas, want lo do away Ibai no person be pormltted to b, Missouri state highway patrol and with local option and turn the state present at the taking ol the der,u- Jim Stewart. Frisco special agent, almost "wide open to the now o sitlons which shall be reduced to I who have been the principal figures Intoxicants. T« drys. who repre- . wncu u ,-,,i!ln the entire probe. Owen was sent 51 bone-dry rural counties, nr- i" and \vni.U" uiJJ Miipiti nnrn it\ vii- IM • •*• ••••- • . . , - . . . and returned under seal nlon, w,t>,: viewed by Mattows at DuQito In I local ontion and stnc the will to the couri 111 iscjo'.i. [ before removal here. The former regulation. ^^^l^ ,as! wha^^rrn^uon £ the insUn^, -rniscot ^nty^deputy U now| ^^^-has^ven ..Pin i floor loader, tlie thankless task <; St. Louis San Francisco 3 1-3 Standard of N. J 41 5-8 Texas Co 25 7-8 U. S. Steel 4-M-l Farmers Osceola then? : Views Differ Widely i France says, "We should be able j to walk right in and confiscate I is pending. Tho body of ti:e -ad and no Barns With $25.000 LOSS ^°* weapons." Other nations rat.- New York Cotton NEW YORK. Oct. 13. <U!>1 Cotlon closer! very easy. Oct. Dec. Jan. Mar. May July open . 930 . 940 . 948 . S65 . 970 993 high 930 941 048 956 979 903 low 908 910 924 940 954 9G7 close DBS 913 921 042 95! 567 ed nt S25.000 was suffered In the destruction by fire Inst night of the Farmers Gin. located across er <Ioubt this course. And tlie break between tlie Flench and the British views comes in the rHHere:it ways in which they le/3k at crime France looks at crime through tents given. The court's commission to the clerk of the Garland coiinlv court wjs affixed to thi- ng in will was not ' >n or its con- D r [ VPr Answers Fire Louisiana Prison Break, Leader Arrested in Texas CLAnKSVILLE. Tex., Oct. 13. IUP)—C'nnrley Frazler, . accused. Texas bank . bandil 'and . nlleged ieadei! ..ol. Ilit AHsjolii,- 1,a'., prison <if seven men, was caulurc'd 18 mile. 1 ) southeast of here today, He wn3 the' tenth of •iivelrs'fu- glilve convicts to be captured. • The . 33-year-old fugitive was j taken prisoner by a posse led by .' Sheriff Ross Smiley v.hich liad road Iratletl Frti7lcr throtishoiit ' the Takes Kidnaper j D | s i>eveled and weak from, lack of food and waler, the notorious former Arkansas convict surrendered willingly. He wns hlkhis through the -woods when the oftl- | cors i-ommantled him lo slo;i. to Start Life Tcim. OKLAIlONfA CITV. Oct UP)—In an armored stcel-bt railroad car, George "Machine j _^ Otm' 1 Kelly, convicted Urschcl| _. " _ «r i •kidnaper, was starled on his nay i Slayers fll LeKOy TVOOfJ -a we 0 scntenc" I Get Long Prison Terms Suddcnlv switching from Its - -^ ;; HARRISBURG, Ark... Oct. 13 — Its spectacular method of transporting ciiinlnnls by nh. the [•overnmen 1 - adonted another plan Jttst as unusual. Swift secret nights to widely separated federal psnllcnliarles hail originally been planned for Kelly r.nd his young wife, Kjilhcrlnc. . J. L. Wllkersoa was sentenced to"a 10 year prison term, while his son, Fred, received n 21 year term and another,. Otl, received a 15 year term when n circuit court jury found them guilty In varyin" degrees of murder In the fatal shoot- Kelly was to be sent lo L-aven-1 Inn of LeRoy Wood, federal pro- worth prison. U. S. Marshal W. C. "•"•'"-• -•-•' -"••"™ 1 —•«"« "•"• Tall Tn Hi<t Own Homei ( ' d nlm «s « potential candidate ^,<W TO HIS UWn !«""»; fm . governor on Uc Democratic gover i ticket In 1936, will attempt to cm- lh- Fr^c-, t'rnr.ks 'from the muni- tlle si"icture of Roman law: The accused is guilty until lie proves his innocence. Tlu- lirillsh lo:k ciml lis'it plant in the part of town. "The gin proner. including the. 01 ' 1 f rom the background of co;n, engine and boiler' room, and a ™°n law and hold that the man is nearby office building nnrt sam- innocent until he is proved guilty, nlc room were destroyed. The cot- Hence tlie possible split, ton and sml houses escaped. Tlie : There is much talk of secret Ger- loss was partially covered by In- man armaments. There also Is surance. The pin was the proper- of vr>r ious violations of the treat Spots closed quiet at, 93s. oil 20 1 New Orleans Cotton ceiied his death. ..,,,,, ' llt-nvL 111 19OD. \\l\l ukllLII]'!. kl; (.III* purported will and taken for A-.- Enn lr Ed Anderson, city fire ^ u 12 comprom!se recorn . livery to him in person by the t's- . truck driver, hart been new on the, mcr f dattons of t he executive's ad- ecutor.i and their attorneys. .job he wouldn't have found ' l j vlso comm L«ion on Honor con- T!se mil. it is understood, w.>.s nccc&ury to study a city map when made by Xfr. Wilson at Hot Sprlms ; he received an nlarm lost inid- srorllv" b"fore he went to M?m-: night, phis for the operation which pn 1 - . it v-as Anderson's own house. trol In a single bill. Hearing for Huey Michie Geers said, with transfer liter to Atlanta or the new Alcatraz prlssn in San Francisco bay. Gen's Imd no orders for disposition of Katnerine, forced to discard modish dresses, furs and Jewels, bill Ihotight s;:e would be snnt to a prison for women at Cincinnati. New VrUon fnr Vicious Crlmlin's WASHIN'OTON, Oct. 13. lUPl — Plans were purJicd today to banish the nation's vicious criminals to an island prison from which escape 1; considered Impossible. Attorney General Cummin?.-; announced tl-al Alcatraz island. 12 in San Frfin hiblllon n«ent, several months ano. R. \V. Keck, prohibition ajenl/ who was with Wood, when he'Was shot Identified the three Wilker-' sons as Wood's assailants. The Wllkcrsons had been arrested- on a charge of transporting liquor when the shooting occurred. - . Wood formerly lived at Luxora before making his headquarters at Joneiboro as mi enforcement officer, ills vMdow. who lives -at Blytheville, and his mother witnessed Hie trial here. IV Services for M ., MJ M : to esfsire through a window. Mrs. rWargaret WalKer-i t was ttic housc W1S n imost » <£!;;!£{ Continued to Next Month_^ ^™ n £™™£ t ™& nblalnod from the war de- ; the way nnd got there in n hurry ,„,-,, ,.„„...„ .,„ ^ , his wife and daughter were forced Preliminary examination of Hucy i narlmcnt „ n D rlEon for '•-Irlilo nrnmtnrnr Cooler. 'Afo.. P™ 1 " 10 " 1 - as . tt P". . 'to escape through a window. As Mlclile, prominent Cooler. Mo.. crlmlnaU a ' n[ i rebelhous inmates ol farmer In connection with a fraud r d penitentiaries. As allegedly commltte In obtaining „._._. ..__j.J ...,i ,. ; . „,.,.,„ led. Services at Tabernacle for Church War Victim JONESBORO. Ark., Oct. 13. (UP> —On the spot where lie was felled by the fusllade of a Baptist minister's revolver late Tuesday, funeral services were held today for J. W. MaeMurdo, 68-year-old casually of jonesboro's prolonged church soon as a warden and his stall cJn war. NEW ORLEANS, Oct. 13. (UP) — Cotton closed barely steady. bpen High low close 917 038 94S 962 078 Oct. Dsc. Jan. Mar. May July 917 .. 937 .. 945 .. 961 .. 978 .. 931 88.1 911 919 936 952 9C5 912 919 936 952 3CG Spwts closed steady at 898. off 24. Chicago Wheat Auto Dealer $100,000 burl.1' was mat* at hold, goods at HOO * Fire Chief government because _of the a^nce.- Head. The loss was covered by m- develops that when the Allies of the federal attorney. Hmwood cemetery. capacity for GOO inmates. It i been used to- many years us n mlll- rcroi'cl . Q. Moss Undertaking company on German armaments ond Ger was hi charge of arrangements. Lonnie Overton Dies man military training that li'.ey left Patrol Jerusalem to Avert Disorders open 81 1-2 82 1-2 36 3-4 lou- close 78 7-8 • 78 7-H 82 7-8 82 7-3 Mined considerable headway. The Sin had conroleted Us day's run I ., r _ more than six hours before the made their stringent restrictions fire was discovered. Alfred F- Smith Likely to Refuse League Job , stead "oTthe less cmclcnt army ot conscription. The rcichswehr. Inslcad of being Chicago Corn Dec. M«y opc-n lil?li 41 7-3 42 1-4 48 1-2 « low close 30 1-4 39 3-4 « 7-8 48 6-5 ALBANY. N. Y.. Oct. 13. <UP>~ Former Governor Alfred B. Smith Ind'luted today lie wonU refuse acceptance of the post of hi3"-esnv- niissloncr to aid German Jevdsli a duster of local cops, has become about trie slickest ftghtina marr.ine yet evolved. And behind it Is an irreslstilJlc swing toward nllrfi- refugees shoultf It be offered l:im i militarism. by the League ol Nations. The subterranean activities cf Beaten by Warburton j EnuSAIjKM o^ , 3 (U! ' Armed police patroled the city LOS ANGELES, Oct. 13. (UP)- today with orders to shoot. If nee- Alice White, screen actress, was M- j essnry. to prevent disorder In Jew- verely beaten by John Warb;i:-;o:i. iish sections during an exiwctcd film actor, according lo icsiinmy ' puKic today as the count" "Why should 1 take that job when J already have eight others?" iw Inquire, the last 10 years in the conquered nation (ire Just comln? to light, say «;«ntinu«i. on ' Arab demonstration. Suddenly at Half Moon Lovmie Overtoil, 46. died suddenly at his home ot Half Moon last night. The Rev. w. Walters officiated at the funeral services this afternoon and burial was made at Sawyer ceifielery. PHILADELPHIA. Oct, 13. (OT) The Ford Moicr company of Detroit today was ordered by a Jury ' to pay SliM.fBO to the defunct Sw«e- Macon Passes Vickshur* On Flight to California, by tl-c Lincoln Motor Car company. WEATHER VICKSBURG. Mifs.. Oct. 131 (UP)—Flyins due «st. the naval | dirigible Macon dossed Ihe Mis-| rao demonstration. ^...-jt. w^.....-— ,• ... ., , , , , ~ ,„ . j Such demonstrations have been! The deceased is survived by his slsslppl at 2:18 p. m. today on a lluUE) f)UD. 1C lUUn y US LUC \,u,n»- • v^u^ii uvii^uii^ii anuiir> iui*v: uti_iii .--- — — — rand jury Investigated a story ih-it forbidden and the lileh commls-l wife, three daughters, three soiu. Miss Wr.lte's fl.Mice, Cy Bsrtlolt.. sloner relumed In haste from va- hlrcd two 'men to disfigure buriotii War- cation lo deal with the situation Iwlien he hcont ono was planned flight to California. »nd his fatlrcr, Ben Overton. . L. a. Moss Undertaking company i late lost lilshl en route to Its ne\v Tlie ship left Lakchursl, N'. -J., portion Saturday. . .. i. i., _.. . • -. <« ii f. vtnti> 1 \T^t«nn(c rtiin Aika lisas—Partly cloudy tonl?ht and Saturday. Warmer in ....,_,,„ _ ' ' . o ,,, to ch»r« of wr»n<eni6nla, [home bas« »t Suiinysldc, Gal, j tonight »nd Saturday.

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