The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 22, 1935 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, February 22, 1935
Page 1
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•ACE TWO they will icinaln utill| Monday. After several 4ay» hm n«*t week Ihey Plan to.nrtum.forTto.Kr Miss Lena Bell Weds J. H. Bvitt of Memphis Announcement has been made of the marriage of Miss Lela Bell of this city, to Mr. J. H. Britt, of Memphis. The wcdlng service w«, Eojemnlzed at tho First Unitarian church of Memphis - Sunday : al high noon wilh (he Rev. Mr Petrlc, pastor, performing the ring service. The bride wore a'sprlng mode; of a black suit with n hip length coat with a while collar for Irim- mlng, Her corsage was Talisman roses, valley miles and freeslas. Their attendants were Mrs. Gordon Brown and Mr. Clifford Britton, of Memphis. After a brief honeymoon spent in Jackson, Miss., 'Mrs. Uritt has returned hero to reside for (he The bride, who Is the daughter of Mr. and'Mrs, B. H, Bell of Crystal Springs, Miss., Is a graduate of the Mississippi State College for Women at Columbus. Since last May she has been connected with the Arkansas-Missouri Power company of Ihls city as home economist. Mr. Britt, who is the son'of Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Britt of Hertford, N. c., received, his 1 at the Noitli Caiolma State college at Raleigh,. He. Is now' connected with the Memphis Power and. light company, • * * Given .Birthday Party. Mrs. G. s.. Barnes surprised her daughter, Miss Nina, wilh a party Wednesday evening because It was her 16th birthday. Gay balloons decorated Ihc three rooms thrown open for dancing Lasc in the cienlng I\\K birthday cake.wns cut and served with PUncli tq the 25 |niet,t{> • i • Visitors CompJImtDfed ' The party ot seven girls who are guests of Miss Mildred Mooro for a house party this weekend were guests ol honor at n dance »» IhfcYAmerlcqn Legion |iut Uat evening The;? arrived yesterday afternoon from Cape G'inrdcaii, Mo, vhere they attend Southeast Missouri Teachers college James Eawaids, Charles Smith and Dick- Potter sporisoied the uf- f8{Tssnd the iniwio was luf|i|tjieij by Harold Sudbury and ' his' leii piece oichestra, 'Tho Southerners ' with Miss, Belly McCutchch as entertainer."?" 18 '-''*" , Included in the seven guests Is Miss Margaret JIammioker. This evening the girls will lo guests o( honor at a bridge party to be gheji-by Miss Lillian Dietrich, who formerly lived at Capo Girardeau Tomorrow they \sll| go to Memphis, for tlio day before returning to icliaol Sunday afternoon This Is their tint trip south. . O fy y Has Club. ' » J u 5 ,, Gwrec R Calhoun, of Nashville, letm, nlw u, vlMlinC her daughter. Mr(> rtuHcl) Phillips, and familj, and Mrs A Conway were guests of Mrs. Ross D. Hughes when she enteitallied Ihc Thursday Luncheon cjub. Jonquils and colorful tallies afforded spring time decorations for the living room where a two Solution to Previous Contract Problem BY WM. K. McKKN'NUy Secretary, American lirlclfc League This Is the last of sis Interesting hands from the Terrace Bridge dlub of New York.. H was given to mo by Fred Kapton, who enjoys the weekly duplicate game at,the-Terrace club. •Fine defensive plays seldom ffitl Io bring forth a word of praise from 21'cn ft declarer whose contract is dcfealcd, while I believe that, tho entire lino of defensive play Is easier than the play of (he dummy nevertheless the real bridge player often Is Judged by his ability to recognize exceptional defensive sit- mllons. in today's hand, Kaplan tul In lie. East, and I uin sure you will Wee, after looking Ihc hand over, hat Ihc defense he put up was unusually fine, The Play In response to East's bid of ft First Class Defense Required to Defeat This Slam Contract Duplicate—All vul, i'outli West NOrlh East i if. Pntij i y I'A ^ A >'°ss :\ « p'asa 4 * Pass 5 4, Pans 0 <fi Pass Pa.t3 Pass i Opening lead—49. 31 Today's Conlr,i4 Problem Sbutli Is plDylng t|ie (ion- tract at r.lx spades, ami Webt opejis Ilio '(uceii of (llamoiulb, Tliero are two cllelinct ways of mnkliig Hiis iiinul Can you sea Jjo (li nio(hod« of. 'play? A AKJ 10 5 1 V Q7 • A 1C A AQ J In next issuo. lit Mostly Persona. Mlw oincjyf.- jJorteiv of'Memphis, will spfnd the weekend: with Miss U'utW Biaylock. Jim Saliba leu today for his iiotii" In Florence, Ala., nfwr several days visit with relative.?. - He formerl!' '•"•= - lr --t\ lierc. ' " , > Orecnc, of Reiser, atioiiiled lo oiisiness here lor|ay. Mrs, Carcol Afeycris aiid baby, 'of Eudorn, Ark., will iirrive today to oe me guest of Mrs. Meyers' sister Mrs. Winter Rosemhal, and family lor a week. i*. li. uednian und two i, of Menipliis, twve arrlv. io spend ten days with Mrs. Imaivs mother, Mrs. i o Jior" br0< *' ' Lticy Iwmcr 'y resided Osceoia >cjcty^ Petfpnfti Mrs. p." -D. : »fas5ey' eritertained her two, Uble bridge duV a* M ,Tl e ,,± P £ h * ixy W ' Wednesday utternoon., Mrs; •!,. 0, D. young Mrs, Charles Hose, and Mrs' Miu I™, h?$ J*'* r *' ^"''f' Mr?: Young won high rtore prize, a Blsss basket, Assembly of God Church Rejects N. ^ H. Rhodes Tho Rev. N. jt. Rhode* w «e vleol. ed pastor of th»'A«e»iWy orqil church for another y«a r at a meet ing of the coWatlw- evening. Bev,«hode,,| S to deck of cards 'is; cut: prize 1 ,'' A salad course w»s served •. "' i • -. «•• .*'' '•• . • "Tills Day and -.Ago'- 1 wax the subject:or the IcWUslucfM' « tlie liteh-. school P.iTV. A study *?"{«•; ^'^mel'fejfeiclubrSSs In the, Osceola club house Tuesday a ternoon. Mrs. A. ^. Barpani Jed tne discussion, George Deer entire .lesson, and OT1Bg auBcnia SS 1 !?*?*& 7*" McTodXot Ihc Tent-Show." John Blatkwood is i,> Llu i c ' padc, West's opening lead was the nine of spades. The singleton five va s played from dummy. Itcmcmber lost the contract is spades If yoii l held tUo £Jast will admit that the aver- age player will certainly jump In with tho ace, but before making thLs play Id's analyze tho hand. Eost IIM bid spades and West .Js opened Ihe 11)110 of spades showing thiii, lie tioes not linvc four, otherwise he would have opsnecl his fourth best, to give his partner rt count. • At Ihls point Bust knora that Soulli holds at leasi four spades io the king-queen. To cash the nee of spades will establish. lh« kln B and queen for South, and all South will have lo do Is ruff one spade with the five I of cluUs and hi: still will be nblc to I pick up West's four clubs to tho ten sppl. But If aoulli is allowed to win the trick, what Is lie going to do with his other llii'cc spades? U he uses (lie king i| ( i ( i five ol clubs in dummy for miring, he will still lose a spade and then be forced to lose n dull afeo. While Ihe heart suit can be established for n discard. Bust will force Soilfli 10 ruff wllli the jack, and still "a spade and a club must, be lost. White retail to w !n the nee of spades against a six contract with a singleton In dummy looks almost like a double dummy proposition you can sec that It ' ' • sound card reasoning. Miss acss H-iil t0 pioi, s to ' , iM,, b J lc L' liEtor y of "»> Bljlhcvillc -axw^ '•*«•* r? 1 ^"^^-^ S^^SA feSSSA- w Fied Snnilcfiii- arc In Mcnimii. to - J .-* llctl the c hades we're holed In-(he re fresh- nents served.- oon at the country home ol Mrs been arranged, on u clothe;; line nd (ho biiilc-cleot, upon her ar- tviil, donned u rnin coat and col- cetetl her gills.In n clothes bag lesscs. There were a-l present, n new member, and three gucsls. Mrs J. U. Barksciale led the Bible study. ''''"•••- 17. members III (lie bridge games Mrs ph|l- hpi Vron hosiery loi tho pn«; imd rtmk, p . alhoun was Presented a double deck of cards Club His (jucilb Mrs, Fred Ri]thertoid entertained jnefntlprs of the Tiiiirsody Bridge - club. a»d Mmcfi K B Woodson a}ax B Reid, C H WHIM, ,„,— H)I]( Hlmm Wj]( ^ ..loj), JJwry w. Habies „,- tT —"" ^''^fsoij this week at her suburban home, The birthday of Ihe first preii- dent was used as the theme - for he decorations of red "roses, miniature intuition the fables and tiny flags in gum drop holders on me Mfreshmeat plates A salad course was sened with individual pies and coffee ' An antique vase ftas, Mn, Roland Green's sward SOT {he club pr.z« ana Mrs. Woodson recct\ed ash trays (or gu»t high Bride-llect With Sorfal ' . I J ' •*""«5iii^ llUMt U heart, for the acnlcrnlcce and the Pink and white inotji was cmphn- sieecl In the rolled sandwiches tied with pink ribbons, canapes and mints served wilh tea. Mrs' R t, C. Mrs. A. M. unit and Mrs. M. O. Goodwin cnlcrlnincd circle -I. whlrfi Had 20 present, at tile home or !\frs Mull. MR. A. C. Haley gave the Mrs. 1. O. Wcstbrook, molhcr of llic brirte groom, and his sister, Mrs. B. L. Dedman of Memplib, will cnlevlaln wltli a tea at the Westbrook home here sometime next week. Another affair to be Bivcn next week will be a dinner parly by another sister, Mrs. Don Fletcher, of Wilson. Has Club. Mrs, Louis Greene was yncst ol Mrs. Edgar Uorum when she hud «ne Thursday Contract club this week. In ti, c Bridge p, mcs Mrs » ^ » a s«)ii won U)o prize, a silver pitcher. Ttio liostca served a delicious sal. d Plate al tables decorated with swcctpeas, in paslcl shades. llilghcs of - March TOm P»mented with ^'B'wul ev« ls week. ' • i ^^^ * dinner -her Memph s home at ' \cl' -four course menu. vyas -, Boy ce , w Bb ,,^ «« a Ilojerle shower WedneMiy f "»T, Mrs...V»t. Boyce, pf Wilwii ^ed nowirs were used in yHn< h qi«.fb«ik W, Poslt)ye ,r For Itchy Skin Intel nrtdirfnes i Into pores —• -tetUr, [Worm. WIs, ' Macabccs I,c; 1( lcr Here. Mis. Lillian Mason, .smlt Held director of tluj Women's BTOCIU :LV soclatiou of the Ladies of Maca- ices, is m -the city to Initiate „ daw or, candidates and to itad »«Ung »l which time do ^ VJH be clec.(e<l to the state convct Ion in Fort smith on May 2 , d o the iialtonal convention In Clove- land, o., Hi July. !!*' 6tasoll ;" as "«» toiulug Iwrc formed"" S " CC IU<: erou " was • « « W":lti> Meet, • ' Circles of llic .Woman's ; had .-Fcrgtison when \VINDS BRING WINTER Ifc cross salve on , applied to the -.chest. qulc-My .pene- ts to the (nflamed tksues brings resu'ul ease' .1^ if or more Ulil11 power accounts for success on the most neglect« a "* " ^f'^sly conjestea es 30o & sou at all dealers Fcraiiioii iiiul'-Mi-s. E. A. Oooelvlcll ""' ' ' JO members, Mrs. study. Circle a met ' 1>OW Armotcl Scouts Mcel. The Armorcl Girl Scouts inct Wednesday altcrnoon with Mrs. diaries Criguer Jr. The duties of a Jiosteis were discussed and In the social hour refreshments of hot chocolate and sandwiches were served bi- Lucille Abbott und Mildred Eudcs. 'H is ia|tl that there are U835- 780 different hands possible in tlio game of bridge. Peace of Mind To those who have lost loved ones the cotviolalion of having buried (hem in Metallic caskets 'is priceless. M 0 'dem In design • and- beauty these Mclolllcs form a permanent. .waterproof, ,•)„(,. pixipf. barrlen against external - .. :" ' ' We have inked ihe SE Jicl- 3 tic C;ukcls.viihi,n| )c rcarh ot L.G.Moss, Undertaker Plioiie 3'f)' : . ;:;V" l , lWsll ! l10nw| e to *Ptn<l'nio ' M ' 6 t^'i WilliamtT and-Mis L weekend with Mrs. j, • o. west. W. Wnlleia tpent Vedwwl.v nook mother of her flanco, I. o. Memphis ' « ec »K«ijy Westbrook. • »«-- Mrs. C. W. Dealc, of her return Rock Work Completed .on C. fMbbott Home . . "• JfPl)' cobblestone mason from As'n Flat, Ark., has completed the rock work on the c M Abbott home on the Bnrficld road, "'* '" a slioi't. .time will have FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 22, . 1935 Leachville Baby Dies .. pianist;" Mto Lob Akin. ,or president; prpsldcnt; 'and min ?( ,, Christ tary*(ren. 5 urer. e o kin and i " in lllls »« "' rock ? lMlppl ' COMnty - " ,? f 8rey flcltl stolle - 5 l y cf A5h Tlat '«( ! n engaged- in this l " sl 2Q ™ m of Ihe 'best rtobcrl Lee peters, Infimt son O f Mi', aiid Mrs. K: E. peters died ut two o'clock this morning nt the family .home, jn the. Leachville section..,;- "•••*• j '_<",,. huferal. service's were held, at ur >'o(o<!k tills luoriifiig.'and interment made at Majple.Grpve cemetery. The L.I a. .Moss'Undertaking company was', In charge of funeral arnuigo- and , llio past year. A financial was given by the outgoing ' 6W . Miss Lois Davis. his son, Hall. Chevrolet Dealers and Salesmen at Dinner Here . . ^v,,«> r ^^"^M *n : auLy.tiftu .W> i [)C- , sides his parquis/,,t<ai' brothers arid sisters. •••••;• . UP o "town's "P 01 'owns ransas and southeast Missouri, attended Texas Cuts Cost oj Producing Rabies Serum ; AUSTIN, Tex. (UP)-Rablcs serum which formerly cost the state $12 per treatment is now being manufactured In Ihe slalc laboratory, Austin, for about 60 cents, according to State Representative u. L. Reader, San An- salesmen i' onl °- i'y, made | Hep. Reader two years ago se- Arkansas cured a small appropriation lo (^^^^AIIcc^a'n'r'Bclle WhitsUl A. L." u,-^-. 81?fi i 6 y c . st . er day Mrs. «„»..„ AOldlV 13th «own Monday for lessons Mrs. Paul uuckuis Jr., on «'. J. pollard motored lo I'liis (his morning.' 'Mrs. pearl Bricnccr !• now (lecea-sed, \^cre guetls of the club and were introduced. frio club wus organized |''ebr»- ary a I, 192^, with 25 meniboi;,. of his number five still retain then A Mr. McCiitcueu is rest- . ;* lle Mrs. hospital following . an opcra- utchen, who luiiTb'ccu \vlth nei since she went down several flays ago for examination, returned yesterday. They plan to bring lier home Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. a. J. Cohen spent yesterday in Memphis, Waller Logan has gone lo Lll- e nock for the weekend Tom Little attended to business it New Madrid, Mo ., yesterday. , Max Logan is In Memphis to auy. Mr. and Mrs. Ay", A. Wcideniey- e., of Little Rock, will arrive this iitcrnoon for an overnight 'visit with UiL'ir daughter, Mrs. Neill «ecd, mid family, cnroutc to ! 31. [ of;the -local club's<an". coincides with.that 23, Uw 30Ui anniversry ' f<»'n<«n? of Rotary, . wliirt, w Si ?« celebrated in. 3,700 elites al i over "*' world. The romide. wa plul Harris, Chicago attorney, who form- ed-thc first club'in that cltv ' ' ' • " Six Mississippi 4 ,n County Chut'che-5 Representec at Quarterly 'Session Six Bapturt churches-of Mississippi county sent 65 women to-the first quarterly meeting of the county woman's missionary inilon at the First Baptist cliurch' here vcstcr- day. ' The all day meelinj was attended by representatives from the Bly- Ihevillc First church, Osceola Lnx- ora, Manila, Leachvillo and -Anno- yel. There were ako 19 reprfsen- lativcs from the youns iwopic's group of the hostess churcli. Miss Margaret Hutohlnson of Little Rock, state" young people's'lead- er, led the conference oil the Italic "Knowing and Doing." In the morning; session Mrs. Lloyd Stick- mon conducted the devotional, Hie Rsv. Alfred ' C^fueiitef,. pastor of the First "church lierc,.gave a re, port or the recent' stale Baptist convention at Pine Bhifi, Mrs. Annie Harmon, of. Wilson, spoke on 'How lo use.the Hand Book," Mrs. B. L Cole, of Osceola, djajusscd "Calendar of w'. M. U. Avtivilies." In tlio afternoon session Mrs. Theodore Logan, president of tte hostess w. Ml U., spoke on "The Circle Plan" and a draniatio presentation of the-year's r hyimi, "Fijns; put the Banner." was g'lvei) by tlio Luxor, sscfety, directed by Mrs.'C. B. Wood aiid Mrs. B. D. Wilkins. Mrs. Murray Smart played organ selections.:.Mrs. O. w. Sellers,-of Manila, told of the importance of .he executive committee and Mrs. M. W. LemX-of D»U, epoke on "the. Conduct of Meetings." Miss Hut- ohinspn took up the work of officers and.cpinriiltteEs that function and the W. M. .U: plan of work. • Lunch Mis served at noon. . _ flunt h Temple Speaker '„' ' -- - Oorgc M. Hunt will speak at a "'-^"U! Pf HUT Jewish' congregation i ut W' 0 Temple Israel this evenlne 8 ^'^ evening,, . 1 "" cllds 0[ l ''c congregation are llmtcd - CLASSJFV ki BRINK FOUR LEAF COFFEE The Roasting Date Is Your Assurunct! of FRESHNESS 'i'licrc arc more GOOD cups of -coffee in every pound of P'OUR LL'AR fiach Jar is plainly DATED the day Roast. ' cd and Packed, Your BEST. Assurance of. FRESHNESS. We will redeem each one pound jar at C cents and end) Ihrre pound .tat:at 15 cents in Cush at,.oUr plant, or in cft^h or trade 'at.your local grocer. '"•'.'•'-.• • . ' Central Coffee Go. li]ytheviJle,:Arl<. COUGH a Viir,^;., ., i«i«vm-|, aciciltiert permit ur. s. w. Bohis iTircrlor bio d la"sT Sf »tt he " olel No - ot tte "'"Wto* to niHnu'Src v"re from ! n 8 ' , C 85 " rracnt £crltms ' vaccllles ailtl toxins used Paragoin-r •Sr§ fth £$£ tiot * ^' -^ ^ a " d di *^« ^ Arkansas, ""---• •- . • , Kennett, Sikeston, 'Poplar Carqtlicrsvillc, Bluff, Hayll, •- • »*•*•>-• "ru*v, IlitV Stcelc and 'Dojitcr, f n .Missouri. Ben Jones, dealer at KenhcU won the prize 7 or t nc bcst rec .' ord in 1034. Second honors went to J. W. Sielert of Dexter, and third to Allen Garner of Paplar Bluff. Twenty salesmen were also awarded .prizes for excelling In used, car conlesli. Mosc Smith of Memphis sales promotional manager, presided at the meeting. Another speaker was J. P. Prewitt, of Memphis, GMAC representative. Achievements of the Chevrolet company hi 1031 when . tills linn led ill passenger car and (.ruck sales, and plans for 1935 activities were discussed. ^Read Courier News Want Ad.- Burton Service Sta. ARK. MO. STATE LINE Super Shell Gas at Missouri Price; Fran ces' Sho in connection . . . Real Throat relief I Medicated with ingredients of Vjeks VapoRub OVERCOMES BAD BREATH permit Dr. S. W. Bohis, i7u health authorities in various counties. The Texas laboratory Ims since ?row» until it nosv ranks sccoiul only to that of New York, Rep. Reader said. A new addition wnlcii is planned will make it the argest laboratory of its kind in we Union, Rep. Reader said ^ POISONED — - --- »— M IH^W. .***^^^m&szizL^ ,^^, v| BY CLOGGED SYSTEM FARMERS BANK & TRUST CO. INSURANCE DEFT. Now P?| this Fall Get Out Terms Co. /or Spring --PERFECT -STREAKLfesS NO-SHADOW CHIFFON •HOSE Pe'rKct;. , Uiiblemlshcd SMccr- hess! '4hesc lovely. Np-Sliaddw '. Chiffons ar? A.llcH-A'ji conlrli blition liihosiery pti- Secltonl.'tiey. Spring colors -7T 1 l|n|s!icd imartly dul|.:— and available.In q.vact degree of .; soberness you - pfcfer. .. '•••"• 1 PAIR GREY DUSK Greyed iioulrul DISTINGUE Warm, light tan TEADANGB True, imulvul •New. Spring Shoes Arriving Daily FLQYliA. WHITE r THP NEW YORK STORE Popujar. Price Shoes, Hosiery, Too! ,—.__.. -.-ut.i system caused bv faulty e immation. A clogged sys- c-ni full of poisons may cause headaches, indigestion, stomach /wins, loss.of weight ai d appetite I dizziness eall bladder trouMe and ' other distrc3sing symptoms. ., "you suffer frrfm these- or : ' liar troubles, let PURATONE K ivc your system a thorough cleausi,,y —Make up your lazy Jivcr an <i build up your run-Jown coiislitutioii The Wortd's Cr»atestBI«ssing -sayjhousands of Sufferers. PURATONE is the urai Tonic nnJ LinuiiJ i,, r ,, n live Ss-sl« m ctcoiiscr fur ow »nil yonnc—men. v^'onicn find cliiUrcn. It ,lna lirouglif relief irfcca »U cUg iaj fiilcd. Our special orfcr makcj it e.iay for you to net back on (he roaj (o health. UeaO it Iclorr an-J ACT ^^ TODAY. ( WeCiveYpuaBottfetoTry I ^Vith every full size bottle of I »""""""" TONIC and LIQUID mi 5 ' cu u y- wc 1 OU a full size bottle ABSOLUTELY FREE. .And. to make tlio offer still jnorc attractive, we arc offev- injf. the regular full size bottle (which usually sells for $1.25) at the low price of $1.00. This way J'ou.KetJWO full size bottles for only $1.00. Ask your druggist for— PURATONE TONIC & IIQUID LAXATIVE •iiMiiiiii ...... mini VALUABLE COUPON JIOTTI,B 1'URATONB KRI5B «(' linrcliasc of One Full Siic Boltlc TONB (Jierulnr Price I! "» al tho «,c 1/1W Trice of JI.W. Act twiav-btil" I COUTOn-2 full JI.Z5 bolllcj tor only »1 . REGULAR 5125$-f PURATONE I ' CHIS OFFER EXPIRES MARCH 2 FOR SALE ttV Blylhcrflle, Ark. Bell Pharmacy Corner Main & Division Bonnn's Drag store 205 West Main Fowler Drug siorc Coniei Jfain & First Klrby Bros. Drug siorc Corner Main & Broadway Klrby Drug Store Corner Main & Second Robinson Drug store Corner Jfain & Railroad Robinson Pharmacy U10 E. Main 51. Francis Drug Store 417 W. Asli -Lu\ora, Ark. VVilkliis Drug Store Bogan's Drag Store Osceola, Ark. City Vmg stoic • Masscngtll Drug store Welborn Drug store Davis Drug store Well, Atk. Neel Drug stove .Manila, Ark. People's Drug Store Leachrillc, Ark. EWm's Drug Store Armorcl, Ark. Armorel Dius Store' Steele, 3tf. .2 Highway Drug Store \ Oity Drug Store Copt«r, 5Io. Cooper's phannacy Holland, MO. Cooper's pharmacy

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