The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 7, 1931 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 7, 1931
Page 4
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I PAGE FOUR JLYTHBVILLB, (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS THE BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE COURIER NEWS CO., PUBLISEKRe C. B. BA13COCK, Editor H. W. HAINE3, Advwlblni Manager Uc!e National Advertising Re;iresenlailvei; The TJiomas. F. 01 ark Co. Inc., New York, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Dallas, San Antonio, Sun ?iancisco. Chicago, St. Louis. Published Every Aiternoou except Sunday. Entered as second class matter at Hie post oHIce at Blythevllle, .Arkansas, under act or Congress October 9, 1917. eerved by tho Dr.Hed Press SUBSCKlTTiON RATES Dy carrier lu the clly of Blythevllle, l&c pet week or 56.50 per year In advance. By mall within a radius ot 5t mUes, $3.00 pti year, {1.60 (or s\x months, 85o for throe months; oy mall In pcstal zones two to six, Inclusive, W.60 per year, In seven f-d eight, »10.00 per year, payable to wSvanc*. Mr. Rasi^ob's Plan We do not see wJiy any Democrat, no matter liow linn a hclicvur in tliu prohibition of ulcoholic bcvfnijfcs, should take exception to John J. Kaskob's proposed solution of the liijnoi' issue. ' Mr. Itnskoh proposes not repeal of nntional prohibition, nor its modification with respect to those states that desire it, but simply urges recognition by the Democratic party of the fuel that the United States is a large nation, embracing many kinds of people living under widely different conditions —a nation wlios: strength and unity can best be preserved by permitting to its constituent parts a maximum'of self determination on all iiue.stions which do not involve the safely and integrity of the nation as a whole. New York and California do not wish to be told by Arkansas or Kansas how thciv local affairs arc to be manage:!. Nor do we in Arkansas wish to have our mode of life determined by the idsas that may prevail in Ohio or Montana. Tl is good common pense, as well as good Democratic doctrine, to permit the states of the union a maximum amount of freedom in-the handling of their own affairs. It is just this freedom that Mr. Ki'.skob proposrs the Democratic party should advocate with respect to prohibition. But he •.goes farther than this. that : control of the liquor traffic, even in .stales thai. dry in sentiment," is a difficult "problem, he would not withdraw fedci'al assistance .in niforcemcnt from the states which, wisli to retain prohibition. In brief he advocates simply this: modification of the prohibition amendment to permit the sale of alcoholic beveragus in states which desire it; vigorous federal co-operation in preventing shipment of alcoholic beverages into states which retain prohibition. Adoption of such a plan ought to satisfy all hut the small minority who have a passion for imposing their views on other people. It would also.,have the bnielicent effect of taking prohibition out of national politics. Science vs. History Ambitious biographers, by their relentless r.scarchi's, arc not the only ones I: i'nl on exposing the unreliability of traditions \vu havu come to associate with the niiikti's of American history. Science, it now appears, lend a helping hand. At tin. 1 University of Wisconsin the • other day, Dr. .(. II. Ma thews, an ox- perl in ballistic^, announced that Daniel Boons, that hardy pioneer whose- hair- raising exploits among the Indians thrilled us as youths, was really a terrible shut. The smooth-bore .gnus they had in those day.--, the professor contends, weren't at all ' conducive to accurate shooting. So Dan'l couldn't possibly have dune all those things attributed to him l>y the writers. Thus another tradition bitts trie dust. If wn must concede that this colorful Indian lighter was a bum .-hut, most of us will right fully continu?. ID regard him as a pood si-out. That is, unless additional ivcoarch reveals anything to the cnntvarv! SATURDAY, MARCH 7, 193 SIDE GLANCES ' By George Clark The Insl word in women's fashions invariably puts married men under Us s|i:!L WhOL-ur ui'.ul you cannot gel anyA'hcve til a crawl appatrntly fcivuts the swimmer. Siinllc: As likely as the. appearance of Gandhi in a full dms suit. Dorothy went'; to know Ihe howl of what nnl- mal Peruvian bark'Is. You don't catch anybody dod;:in<; hit 11 new low. when Circen fuca powder, a news Hem '•ays. Is tlio rngc in Paris, Perfectly killing, this I'p.rla crrcn! Congress just passed an act makir.; the Ster-Spanglcd Banurr air official iiatiniMi an- thcm. Ycu'l! simply have lo stand for this. Johnny Weissmuller. swimming chump, who recently man led a Broadway beauty, probably regards this his stroke of good fortune. Uorolliy thinks that the Romance !ansi:n?es arc Ihe baby-talk convcisaliuiis uf love-sick youths. >• c They are saying nbout (hat ao-ycnr-old NortM Dnkola blacksmith who recently was :iwardod n doercc. that lie "forged" his \\.\v thioiish college. A court l-.^s decided that u man tas the rigli! to open his wife's letters. It. will be safer for inojt men, how'-'ver, to asV; for 1101-mission first. An easlcvn iinlvc-i'slty is paying student.-; lo swallow balloons in a diet experiment. And to think that in a few months teieb.ill pitchers will blow up free of clurgc! Bin Bill Thompson, mayor ot Chicago, Li Boston born. His vccnU politirril opponents, however, probably didn't notice any special rciinc- ment in his speech. Sonic critics deny Charlie Chaplin is a gcnhn. But v.lial would you call » niovii- actor who u'incs witli n prime minisU-r ni!ti r:\tOh a l.r^ion of licuur av.-arO from the French govcmiv.'jn 1 .? OUT OUR WAY expressed by the diaenoslj |,ype r I thyroidlsm, Is i'.self a serious con- Iditlon regardless o! the effect It [may have on the blood pressure Certainly it Is associated u-lth an unusual increase In the chemlslry of the body, with speeding of the pulse, overstimulatlon of Ihe nervous system, and other serious symptoms. Hence there Is plenty of reason for applying modern scientific medicine in its control, Including removal of the thyroid gland, in the presence of such symptoms. The direct relationship between hyperthyroidlsm and changes In the blood pressure may not be clear, but, as has been stated, the other symptoms ore so definite that the absence of any effect on the lowering of the blood pressure need not be taken as a reason for avoiding proper surgical measures. The Editor's Letter Box "She won't admit they're engaged, but she's dropped her uisk 1 and started it business course." WASHINGTON LETTER alllliift- Norris and the Jl.inl-flit- ting "1'owi-r IVuiit" Appear IT U;ue Fouyht Anotbcr UVLIW lie- spile Fact That Kufcruc Ilo;vcr C:illtd On" the liout by :t Vets. HV KUU.NKV I>lii'C»ri( WASHINGTON.—The laiicii v/.iy ne can describe the Muscle 3hD:ils ituatlon Is to say lhat Senator orris of Nebraska and the "Pj-.v- r Ti'iitt" have fought anol'.'.er draw. Allhoi gh. you miglu also s-.iy resident Hoover was the refcre? nd lhal he stepped In nr.:l ca II the fight just as Nonis hati i; Farmer to Merchant in Answer to Dun Kind Sir: 1 u-ish to state that my deflated bank account makes it impossible for me lo contrlbule to your fund lor the aged and decrepit army worms. My financial condition is the effect of federal laws, state laws, county laws, and outlaws that have been thrnsl upon the public ihru these various laws. I have been expected, inspected, suspected and disrespected, sand bagged and laughed al until I don't know who I am, what I am, or why I am. Lord, Lord, what is we gwjne to do. These laws compel us,-direct or indirect, lo pay a business tax, cap- ilal stock lax, excess profil tax, income tax, real cslate tax, property tax, auto lax, gas tax, yep and more gas lax, light tax, amusement tax, cigar, cigarct tax, levee tax, drainage tax, school lax, road lax, and —ah, carpet tacks. Great Caesar, in addition to these iaxcs I am supposed-to give to every sc-ciety and organization under the stin, the young people's sociel*', the women's relief, the Navy league, the children's home'fund, the official's benefit, the Y. M. c. A, the Boy Scouts, the Jewish relief, the Near East relief, also every hospital BE SURE YOU'REJHGMT^ exm corJcRbaks fey "breast Dories' iafekultte of, ei/ik h\steid..Gik>-,i i only pdek-HteAvdic, as KtaMj wjgkltk Tkei"e ar^asyo sec, foua 1 cfes. whom the Democrats nominate. Governor Roosevelt of New York, w!:osu attitude toward Hie power issue in New York has been endorsed by Norris. might favor such a bill as Hoover vetoed. Owen D.! and charitable institution 'in the U. Young, associated with the power i s. A., the Red Cross, the White Interests, might not.. Chairman, Cross, Black Cross, Yellow Cross John J. Raskob, who appears to be | and double cross, courting the support of big busi- i The law iias so governed my bus- ness for the party, probably would i iness that T do not know who owns net declare for government opera-jit. All lhat 1 know is that I am tion. But there seems to be •j chance the friends of the [Supposed to provide money for cv- CHURCH EXCUSES By Ccorje W. Bfirha^ "Bring ye the whole lithe into the store house, that there may j be fcocl in my house, and prove me now herewith, saith Jehovah ' of hosts, if I will not open you the windows of Heaven, pour you mil a blessing, lhat there shall not be roam enough to receive it." - MalachI 3:10 ATTEND CHURCH SUNDAY to £ EVERETT DAVIS. iR Announcements Writes Family Afier 13 Years UDINE, (UP) — The family of, o Museprje Oeiban of Marlborghet-; c i" cc tj'o n -^,™« „ j,. u<lul : inuiLcj iur cv- [0 w! . 0 „--,. an Auslr j an soldier c a real!cry known need, desire or hope of during the war, and is new an re Norris ;.«e human race, and because I re- Italian subjectfi received a letter a Muscle i '"so to donate all I have and go from him from Siberia after 13 > The Courier News Has been ai .j thorizcd to make ;thc followh 1 announcement, "subject to the w. the people at the municip [a be held April 7: •'• plan will be able to pass . •on, through the veto of the Nor-1 shoals measure OV.T the prcsifi^r. - ™" and beg, borrow or sleet money years siience. Gei"an wss trkm : is measure which Imd been passed |u a i veto after Congress ecnvenes y both houses of Congrc.-;?. Thu consolation again. The Senate voted 49 to 34 N=:ris and —less than the two-thirds vote re- he congiesiional mnjorilivi is that .quired—to override the veto and he big SlsO.000,000 develcpmenl on ho Teliues&Ee river been kepi nit of the hands of the public utili- ie* corporations through 10 lo:i? .ears of the fightin;;, whereas the 'Power Trust" can celebrate because while the government siill owns Muscle Sho.iK it i:. still un- ible to produce and distribute elec- ricily. In 1(1 years the country has V.e.irJ tile lineup in [he next Senate prom : L«cs the possibility that the necss- j f^,^^ fary change of six votes can be had., Face Real I'icht. in House | It probably will be harder to override p. veto in the Haiisc, hut conditions ir.cre will be infinitely more propitious. There will certainly be an increased number of voles for the measure. And there will be no administration control to give away, I am cussed, discuss- | prisoner by the Russians. Tie ad- ed. boycotted, lulkcd lo. talked | dressed his letter to Marlbor»hetto ' about, denied, lied to. lied about. | Tarvis. Austria, ignorant of what robbed and cheated, unlil I am j has happened to lh» map of Eur-> nearly ruined. So the only reason ' ope since 1918. • i for .MAyor A. B. PAIR'PIELD NEILL KEED (Re-Elocllon, 2nd For City Treasurer ROSS" BEAVERS (re-election. 2nd term) lot nboul Muscle ShiKiK Whether of the House machinery to enable enemies, of the bill to tie it np un- any large proportion of the vclL';s c\en yet understand Ih:"- issue may be a matter of argument, but i: has had enough publicity to be given very serious nt'.enticn as a probable campaign issue for 1032. Un- 1'jss Ihe Is'orrLs measure is p.isscd til well along in the second session. And if a vole lo override the veto comes at the first session, as i; probably will, the administration have no contingent of "lame ducks'" lo depeiKi upon. the presidential vr.o in tie The president's suggestion thr.i first session of Cougros:, beginniuij Ihe states of Tennessee nnd Ala- next December it is f.uily certain j bama form a commission to take to become at least one o! the cam- over the Muscle Shoals planfs and p.ilgii President Coolidge pave the Muscle tjhoals bill !> ;;,:ckct veto when Congress gave it ;o him two yeais ago. President Hoover, however, made the issue n-.uch mori By William A DiPTV 1 THAT POOR WAS TAuvvlW' AMD HIM VV/MT L TAv<tS CARE MG-S -BuT DIFFE.REMT, IM SOOt T OO _ -UGneR ^(CoR STAMOiM ,TvY MOME. Au<Vii.E A 1V\' MORSE l\Vl \Mvttut. or- A S MOME^. ISTT-IATLESS V -JUO 'Re. STAND! M DEMOCRACY? MOUR definite in his veto message ji)s: before tile close of Congress, and put the adminUlratiiMi on record lo its position. In l".:c IQ28 <iisi:osc of lhe!!i probably will attract no strong support, but it will ul least give his friends in Congress a talking point. Just to refresh your memory, the bill which the president vc- riaign he ppjd Muse!? Shoals tUlii lo his com Iccd called for Ihe building o! InniEiulssion lines by the govcrn- inent so (hat it might sell iKnver i- i to others than tin Alabama Power was j Company, to which it now sells. exception lo his commonly I I'nc building of a dam nl Covi- :nowa attitude ag.iiusi -jvcrnn'.ent j Creek (o double the amount o' and opi-ru'.ici!. But it is i power available the year around rr.isonably certain ii-.v. his 1931 ami the sale ol curreiu by a gov- •it.ind rather than h:-: 102(i slaiv 1 1 enimenl owned o;icraUng corpora- will be I'.Ls position in '.J32. \ tion viith pvcfc;rcncc given to mu- How much of a figl:; he will go; 1 nicipalilies and farmer and other 0:1 that issue seems to depend en [non-profit organizations. Thyroid Gland Overaclivily Increases Pressure of Blood r,V DH. MOUiUS HMiltKIN" .sure, which is decreased in atom Lilitt.t, of Ihc American 150 per cenl ol Ihe patients alter Jlnltoal Assnci.itlRii, ami of Sty- | Ihe removal of the thyroid gland Km, llir Hcallh Mai-a/in:- i There arc cases also in which pco- It is j;t'ner.illy kno\\r. ihal over-• pie with low or noimul blood prcs- activity ot Ihe thyroid r.!::nd i? frc- jsurcs who are loxic and emaciated fiurnlly assnciated with • hnngcs in i have a distinct vise in the blood b!r-o;l prrssiirc: in;''cd. there (pressure afler- the ovcractivity fc some physiriar.s wii.i feel that j the thyroid is relieved, ovciaclivity of ii'.t- lh>: jid gbr.11 However, it must te bonie ir. may b.- rcspCHsililc for ihnnges in | mind that (hers pa::cnts arc pu' !!• bleed vc.ssols. • ! to bed for a long time usually b:- Tn r;;:;r lo sctt!e s^mr of Ihosc ' fore uudcrpolng operation, an;i donbtln! pslii'.s. L)r. L. M. Uurx- '.ii.'.l cf I5o r -U:n fludicd :i that there is a fall in the jHessurc usii.iily when there it and | marked emaciation, as occurr, with [Bitrr pi\rti.\l rcmnval r! the thy- j starvation: htncs thrs? factors may icirl eland, r.nn ,il:-.i :•!..: rciitic-u- ' be rcsixnisib!c for the rise in blooil f:-,i;) l,.::wccn the bnsai :r.ctabMit:n, : pressure. i the type cl goiter and the bloJ.1 1 It was found that in pilienlr : i:-'. r --iiri-. .with Jiijh blood pressure' nnd over- • i T, it Ijjir of ;nvc^'.!;.!lion which ' activity (if the thyroid, the bloa:i i t;:.- ;icci:r.ito i.-cordin--' u£.pri.-sine may be i-hcmiy higher al- riv.::;,r. i:i t-v.' i:cdv l::u;tio:ir, im- i tcr operalicn for li'.c removal ol thr ! ii.-r v.nicus conditioi:.; . represent:;! Ihyroirt tl-Mie. • | :,.-.n:-,Iii; icscaiih i:i th? llc'.ri cf ] 1» general, ll-.c iuveslijalions In-, ' jdlc.v.c that ihere H uoihing about I '.nd ovcr.ictlvily ol ti.c thyroid gland .•itabU-he.i | ti'.at .will load to permanent chanc- V,. t'.'.o'cs in Ihe bloixi vowels or lhat Is blocxl pros- ; entirely respe.nsibie for hHgh b'.ood tivancins aje. ; pres«»rc i:ni-ci;l gljnd : The cvidciice i-, quite clc.iT that MEASURED IN MILES Suppose for a moment that advertising didn't exist —that there were no trade-marked goods — that everything-you bought had to be judged solely by its lool^s or feel or taste. Imagine yourself setting out to do the morning's shopping under such conditions.You'd drive down the street, looking in windows for the articles you needed - -the blouses for Johnny, the half-dozen bath towels, the toilet soap, the ginger ale for tomorrow's picnic. You'd stop, ask questions, examine the towels, smell the soap, wonder if here was your money's worth or if you might mid something better farther on. And though you followed this procedure mile after weary mile, you could never be sure. Computed simply in terms of gasoline and tires and shoe-leather, advertising saves you a startling sum every year. And if you add the value of your time, the amount is vastly increased. - When you buy a product Lhat is advertised you know in advance what you will get, how much it costs and where you can obtain it. That is why, in millions of modern homes, the newspaper advertising columns are a daily guide to purchases. Read the advertisements, decide what you need, then buy with assurance. : nn<.-'.!.;.ii<,js l 5V,ys:r:ai-o h.ivt :-.i.u-y \IUV.M ii.nv. : : :u-u-.lit of th? :r..-. IM.-.' >, \Mih ati oi.iri.'. i;y ,.-; t; 1: - Let advl'rltsintj save you time and money . is increase In the puHc pros- ; cveractivity of the thyroid

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